SAP ABAP Table - Index T, page 4
Table - T
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 T357A Effect of malfunction on the system TRANSP C
2 T357A_T Texts for effect of malfunction on the system TRANSP C
3 T357G Permits TRANSP A
4 T357G_GR PM: Permit groups TRANSP C
5 T357G_T Text for Table 357GT TRANSP A
6 T357M Machine operating condition TRANSP C
7 T357M_T Operating condition texts TRANSP C
8 T357Z Syst.Condition TRANSP C
9 T357Z_T System condition - Text table TRANSP C
10 T362 Service Categories TRANSP C
11 T362O Org. Status: Service Category TRANSP G
12 T362T Service Category Names TRANSP C
13 T362U Name of Org. Status: Service Category TRANSP G
14 T365 Initial values for PM notification transactions POOL S
15 T365A Start values for notification transactions - Customizing POOL C
16 T370 Start Values for PM Master Data Transactions POOL S
17 T370A Activity Category for PM Lists POOL S
18 T370B Technical object authorization group TRANSP C
19 T370B_T Language-dependent texts for authorization group TRANSP C
20 T370C ABC indicator for technical objects TRANSP C
21 T370CLC Fleet Consumption Calculation Keys TRANSP C
22 T370CLC_T Text for Fleet Consumption Calculation Keys TRANSP C
23 T370CON Fleet Consumption Unit Group TRANSP C
24 T370CONV Fleet Consumption Units TRANSP C
25 T370CON_T Short Text For Fleet Consumption Unit Groups TRANSP C
26 T370CON_TOL PM: Tolerance for Consumption Control Check TRANSP C
27 T370CON_TOL_T PM: Tolerance for Consumption Control Check Texts TRANSP C
28 T370C_T Language-dependent texts for ABC indicator TRANSP C
29 T370DMP Default Measuring Point For Technical Object TRANSP C
30 T370ENG Engine Type TRANSP C
31 T370ENG_T Engine Type: Multilingual Short Texts TRANSP C
32 T370F Functional Location Category TRANSP C
33 T370FLD Fluid Types TRANSP C
34 T370FLD_GMOVE PM: Goods Movement/Account Assignment Usage Transaction TRANSP C
35 T370FLD_GMOVE_T PM: Goods Movement/Account Assignmt Consumpt.Transactn Texts TRANSP C
36 T370FLD_MAT Fluid Types TRANSP C
37 T370FLD_STN PM: Gas Stations for Fleet Management TRANSP C
38 T370FLD_STN_T PM: Gas Stations for Fleet Management, Texts TRANSP C
39 T370FLD_T Fluid Types: Multilingual Short Texts TRANSP C
40 T370FLT Fleet Types TRANSP C
41 T370FLT_R Fleet Types: Reference to Technical Object Types (Equi/FL) TRANSP C
42 T370F_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370F TRANSP C
43 T370K Type of technical object TRANSP C
44 T370K_T Language-Dependent Texts for Object Type TRANSP C
45 T370L Default value type for start transactions (two-character) TRANSP G
46 T370M Category default value for start transactions TRANSP G
47 T370N Object link category TRANSP C
48 T370N_T Language dependent texts for T370N TRANSP C
49 T370O Object Categories Allowed for MeasPoints and MeasDocuments TRANSP S
50 T370P Measuring Point Category TRANSP C
51 T370POS Valid Measuring Point Positions (Sort Field) TRANSP C
52 T370POS_T Valid Measuring Point Positions (Sort Field) - Short Texts TRANSP C
53 T370POS_USG Fleet Objects: Counter Usage TRANSP C
54 T370P_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370P TRANSP C
55 T370R Reference Functional Location Category TRANSP C
56 T370R_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370R TRANSP C
57 T370S Functional Location Structure Indicators TRANSP C
58 T370S_T Language-Dependent Texts for T370S TRANSP C
59 T370T Equipment categories TRANSP C
60 T370U Language-dependent texts for T370T TRANSP C
61 T370USG Fleet Usage TRANSP C
62 T370USG_T Fleet Usage: Multilingual Short Texts TRANSP C
63 T370Z History-related fields POOL C
64 T371A IB: Installed Base Category POOL E
65 T371A_T IB: Text table for T371A POOL E
66 T371B IB: Groups of Database Tables TRANSP S
67 T371C IBase: Authorization Group (Not Currently Analyzed) TRANSP C
68 T371C_T IB: Text Tables for T371C TRANSP C
69 T371D IB: Installation Component - Object Type POOL E
70 T371D_CMEXT IB: Object Type Additional Attributes for CM TRANSP S
71 T371D_TEXT IBase: Text Table for T371D TRANSP E
72 T371F IB: Owner-Observer-Object Category TRANSP S
73 T371F_T IB: Text Tables for T371F TRANSP S
74 T371G IB: Installed Base - Structure Reference Category TRANSP S
75 T371G_T IB: Text Tables for T371G TRANSP S
76 T371H IB: Relevant Fields for Action Log TRANSP E
77 T371I IB: Classes for Installation Rules TRANSP E
78 T371K IBase: Object Families per IBase Category TRANSP E
79 T371L IBase: Characteristics of Object Families TRANSP E
80 T371M IB: Customizing Whether Partner and Address Inherit. Active TRANSP E
81 T371N IB: Control Creation of Installed Bases from Transactions TRANSP E
82 T371N_PROC Trans. Types and Item Categories for IBase-Order Comparison TRANSP C
83 T371O IB: Restrictions in Object Families TRANSP E
84 T371P IBase: Assignment Object Type/UI Type TRANSP E
85 T371P_CRM IB: - Not Used Anymore - Partner Determination Procedure TRANSP C
86 T371P_CRM2 IB: Partner Determination Procedure per IBase Category TRANSP E
87 T371S IB: Screens Per UI Type TRANSP S
88 T371ST IBase: Status Type TRANSP S
89 T371STA IBase: Status Transaction TRANSP S
90 T371STS IBase: Status TRANSP S
91 T371STV IBase: Status Assignment Database Table TRANSP S
92 T371U IB: Permitted Object Types per IBase Type TRANSP E
93 T371X IB: Function Modules for each IBase Object Type TRANSP S
94 T371Y IBase: Tabstrip Control TRANSP S
95 T371Z IBase: User Interface Type TRANSP S
96 T371Z_T IB: Text Table for T371Z TRANSP S
97 T372A IBase: Permitted Component Type Change TRANSP S
98 T372B IBase: Customizing Folder Templates According to IBase Type TRANSP C
99 T372C IBase: Customizing Folder Templates Acc. to Component Type TRANSP C
100 T372I Network identification TRANSP A
101 T372I_T Language-dependent texts for network ID TRANSP A
102 T372M Medium TRANSP C
103 T372M_T Language-dependent texts for link medium (T372)M TRANSP C
104 T372S Screens for Relationship Types TRANSP S
105 T377 Criteria for Material Serial Number Management TRANSP C
106 T377G Criteria for Serial Number Management (Group) TRANSP C
107 T377P Serial Number Management Profiles TRANSP C
108 T377P_T Texts for Serial Number Management Profiles TRANSP C
109 T377X Documents Allowed for Serial Number Management TRANSP S
110 T377X_T Texts for Serial Number Management Documents TRANSP S
111 T390 PM: Shop papers for print control POOL E
112 T390D PM: Destinations and database names for download POOL C
113 T390_O PM: Shop paper control by order type POOL G
114 T390_OT Description of shop papers per document type selection TRANSP G
115 T390_T PM: Shop paper description POOL G
116 T390_U Print control by user TRANSP C
117 T392 PM: DDIC structures for print diversion POOL E
118 T392_V PM: Detailed selection for print diversion TRANSP E
119 T399A Control: Automatic Order Creation TRANSP C
120 T399C Control: Service Assembly Processing TRANSP C
121 T399D Control Parameters for MRP TRANSP C
122 T399G Maintenance Plan Sort Field TRANSP C
123 T399G_T Descriptions for Maintenance Plan Sort Fields TRANSP C
124 T399I Planning plant parameters TRANSP C
125 T399J Maintenance parameters (client) POOL C
126 T399P Maintenance item category parameter POOL C
127 T399Q Default values for maintaining independent requirements TRANSP G
128 T399U Control: General PM/SM settings TRANSP C
129 T399W Maintenance Plan Category Parameter POOL C
130 T399W_T Maintenance plan category descriptions TRANSP C
131 T399X Parameters dependent on order type TRANSP C
132 T401A Material: MRP profiles (definition) TRANSP A
133 T401I Fields in MRP profile that can be initial TRANSP S
134 T401M Transaction control paramters: MRP profiles POOL S
135 T401T MRP Profile Descriptions TRANSP A
136 T401Z Collection of changed profiles for batch framework POOL W
137 T405 Purchasing Value Key TRANSP C
138 T409 Relationships between task list types and material types POOL G
139 T410 Engineering Workbench: Working area TRANSP C
140 T410T Engineering Workbench: Working environment (text) TRANSP C
141 T411 Task list usage TRANSP C
142 T411T Language-dependent texts for T411: Task list usages TRANSP C
143 T412 Task list status TRANSP C
144 T412T Language-dependent texts for T412: Task list status TRANSP C
145 T413 Spare Part Indicators TRANSP C
146 T413T Spare part indicator description TRANSP C
147 T414 Explosion Types TRANSP C
148 T414T Explosion type description TRANSP C
149 T415A Alternative BOM Determination TRANSP L
150 T415B Alternative Determination by Unit of Measure TRANSP A
151 T415M Material Types Allowed in BOM TRANSP G
152 T415S BOM status TRANSP C
153 T415T BOM Status Texts TRANSP C
154 T416 BOM Usage - Item Statuses TRANSP C
155 T416K Copying Defaults For Item Status TRANSP C
156 T416T BOM Usage Texts TRANSP C
157 T416V Copy defaults for BOM usage - item statuses TRANSP C
158 T417 Material Provision Indicators TRANSP C
159 T417T Materials Provided Indicator Texts TRANSP C
160 T418 Item Categories TRANSP G
161 T418D Definition of Variables for T418F TRANSP S
162 T418F Variable-Size Item Formulas TRANSP C
163 T418G Formula Texts TRANSP C
164 T418T Item Category Texts TRANSP G
165 T418V Item category proposal for component assignment TRANSP C
166 T419S Change Master Status TRANSP C
167 T419T Change Master Status Texts TRANSP C
168 T421 Wage groups TRANSP C
169 T421T Language-dependent texts for T421: Wage groups TRANSP C
170 T423 Wage group qualification TRANSP C
171 T423T Language-dependent texts for T423: Qualifications/Wage grp. TRANSP C
172 T425 Setup group keys TRANSP C
173 T425T Language-dependent texts for T425: Setup group keys TRANSP C
174 T426 Setup group categories TRANSP C
175 T426T Language-dependent texts for T426: Setup group categories TRANSP C
176 T428 Setup Type Key TRANSP C
177 T428T Language-dependent texts for T428: Setup type key TRANSP C
178 T429 Standard Times Calculation Type TRANSP C
179 T429T Lang.-depend. texts for Tab. T429: Types of std. val. determ TRANSP C
180 T430 Operation/Activity control key TRANSP C
181 T430T Language-dependent text table for the control key T430 TRANSP C
182 T433 Milestone Indicator TRANSP C
183 T433T Milestone texts TRANSP C
184 T434G Stock determination group TRANSP C
185 T434H Texts for stock determination rule (T434G) TRANSP C
186 T434K Stock determination: Header table TRANSP C
187 T434L Texts for stock determination - header table TRANSP C
188 T434P Stock determination: FS item table TRANSP C
189 T434R Stock determination rule TRANSP C
190 T434S Texts for stock determination rule (T434R) TRANSP C
191 T435 Standard texts for routing/ref. op set items TRANSP G
192 T435C Configuration Information for a Table Control TRANSP S
193 T435I ID for Program - Table Control - TC Context TRANSP S
194 T435T Language-dependent texts for T435: Standard text key TRANSP G
195 T435W Pull list control TRANSP C
196 T436A Floats for scheduling TRANSP C
197 T437A Table for Field Selection: Repetitive Manufacturing TRANSP C
198 T437D Control Parameter Plant for Repetitive Mfg POOL C
199 T437E Withdrawal Sequence TRANSP C
200 T437L Linking Production Version and Cost Estimate Version TRANSP C
201 T437P Planning IDs for Repetitive Manufacturing TRANSP A
202 T437R Description of the Repetitive Manufacturing Profile TRANSP G
203 T437S Repetitive Manufacturing Profile Table TRANSP G
204 T437T Documentation Element for Repetitive Manufacturing POOL S
205 T437U Control Table for Further Processing of Goods Receipts TRANSP A
206 T437V Distribution key in MRP POOL C
207 T437W MRP distribution key (texts) POOL C
208 T437X Cost Collector Strategy TRANSP C
209 T437Z Row Texts for Maintaining Run Schedule Headers POOL S
210 T438A MRP Type TRANSP G
211 T438M Control Parameter for MRP -Material Level- TRANSP C
212 T438R Range of coverage profile TRANSP C
213 T438S Text describing the range of coverage profile TRANSP C
214 T438T MRP description TRANSP G
215 T438U Absolute Intervals for Range of Coverage Profile TRANSP C
216 T438V Period Profile for Safety Time TRANSP C
217 T438W Text on Period Profile for Safety Time TRANSP C
218 T438X MRP group text TRANSP C
219 T438Y Absolute Periods for Period Profile for Safety Time TRANSP C
220 T439A MRP Lot Sizes TRANSP G
221 T439B Scope of Planning MRP Unit: Header TRANSP C
222 T439C Scope of Planning MRP Unit: Sequence TRANSP C
223 T439F Handling of planning flag at abnormal termination POOL G
224 T439G PPplanning periods: header table TRANSP C
225 T439H PP planning periods: long texts TRANSP C
226 T439I PP planning periods: schedule lines (periods) POOL C
227 T439J PP planning periods: calculation rule POOL C
228 T439L Warehouse costs for MRP lot size TRANSP C
229 T439P Split-up for forecast requirements TRANSP C
230 T439T Texts for lot-sizing procedures TRANSP G
231 T440A Change fields for MRP TRANSP S
232 T440B Control table for creating MRP record POOL S
233 T440C Planning file entries for goods movements TRANSP C
234 T440F Exception messages for the forecast POOL E
235 T440G Weighting Groups for Finding the Moving Average Value POOL C
236 T440L Correction Factors: Forecast POOL C
237 T440P Profiles for Function Module PROGNOSE_DIALOG TRANSP E
238 T440X Allocation of forecast model to model groups POOL S
239 T440Y Forecast weighting factor TRANSP A
240 T440Z Allocate error -> error class in the forecast POOL E
241 T441A Forecast profiles TRANSP A
242 T441C Profile - availability check TRANSP G
243 T441CT Texts for Profile "Display Availability Check" TRANSP G
244 T441G Checking Group Values TRANSP C
245 T441I Fields in forecast profile that can be initial fields TRANSP S
246 T441M Forecast transaction control POOL S
247 T441R Values Table for Checking Rule TRANSP G
248 T441T Texts for Material Forecasting Profiles TRANSP A
249 T441V Availability Check Control TRANSP G
250 T441W Checking Rule Texts TRANSP C
251 T442B Start times for MRP background programs TRANSP G
252 T442C Control: activity reqmts transfer MRP/SOP -> CO TRANSP C
253 T444A Navigation Profile for Flexible Transaction Calls TRANSP E
254 T444B Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls TRANSP E
255 T444C Settings for Flexible Transaction Calls for each MRP Element TRANSP E
256 T444K LIS Planning: Screen Sequence Control Table POOL E
257 T444M Planning: Control Table - Key Matrix Screen POOL E
258 T444P LIS Planning: Key Matrix Selection Control Table TRANSP E
259 T444S Text Table for T444A TRANSP E
260 T444T Text Table for T444B TRANSP G
261 T444V Text Table for T444C TRANSP E
262 T445A Planning Configuration for Info Structure TRANSP E
263 T445B User Parameters for Planning Type TRANSP L
264 T445C Assign Time Bar - Technical Period TRANSP C
265 T445C1 Allocation of Permitted Periods for Planning TRANSP C
266 T445C2 Planning Period Units of Info Structure TRANSP C
267 T445E Units for LIS Planning TRANSP E
268 T445F Texts for Line Definitions (SOP) TRANSP E
269 T445G Texts of LIS Planning Macros TRANSP E
270 T445I Planning Attributes: Information Structure TRANSP E
271 T445L SOP Planning Table Definitions TRANSP E
272 T445M Macro Definitions: LIS Planning TRANSP E
273 T445N Executable Macros TRANSP E
274 T445NK Storage of decimal points TRANSP L
275 T445O Operations for LIS Planning Functions TRANSP S
276 T445OT Short Description of LIS Operations TRANSP S
277 T445P Planning Types: LIS/SOP TRANSP E
278 T445Q Prices for Price Band Categories TRANSP C
279 T445QK Prices for Price Band Categories (Key) TRANSP C
280 T445R Characteristic Fields per Info Structure for Table T445Q TRANSP C
281 T445S Collision Matrix for Locking Product Groups POOL S
282 T445T Texts: Definitions for Planning Table (SOP) TRANSP E
283 T445U Sales and Operations Planning/Initial Settings per User TRANSP C
284 T445V Plant Distribution TRANSP A
285 T445Y Profile for SOP Transfer to Demand Management TRANSP A
286 T445Z Period Split for Display of Time Axis TRANSP E
287 T445Z1 Period Split for Planning TRANSP C
288 T445ZT Text for Period Split TRANSP C
289 T446F Assignment of Data Elements to Hierarchies TRANSP S
290 T446H Hierarchies for LIS Statistics and Planning TRANSP S
291 T449A Period split TRANSP C
292 T449B Period split: language-dependent description TRANSP C
293 T449F Control of sequence of the extended header in the MRP list TRANSP G
294 T449S User Settings: Sort for Table TRANSP L
295 T449T User-Setting For Field Sequence To Display A Table TRANSP L
296 T449U Settings for Collective Display of MRP List POOL S
297 T449V User Parameters for Traffic Lights Settings in MD04/MD05 TRANSP S
298 T450 MRP transaction control POOL S
299 T450A Control Table of PF Status for Run Schedule Modification POOL S
300 T450C Table for Controlling the PF Status for Repet.Manufacturing TRANSP S
301 T450F Field selection maintaining independent requirements POOL E
302 T450N Transaction Control MRP With Object TRANSP S
303 T450P Transaction control for maintaining ind. requirements POOL E
304 T450U User exit material selection - MRP TRANSP C
305 T457A Processing key for planning run POOL E
306 T457C Transaction calls control TRANSP S
307 T457G MPS evaluation: evaluation profile POOL E
308 T457H MPS evaluation: hierarchy of MRP elements POOL E
309 T457I MPS evaluations: long texts POOL E
310 T457J MPS evaluation: user-specific layout POOL E
311 T457K MPS evaluation: user-specific schedule lines POOL L
312 T457L MPS evaluation: receipts/issues texts POOL E
313 T457P Text Table for Order Types in the Planned Order TRANSP G
314 T457S Block table for MRP and forecast run POOL L
315 T457T Description of MRP elements POOL G
316 T457TBLP Description MRP Elements for TBLP POOL G
317 T458A Exception Messages in Material Requirements Planning TRANSP G
318 T458B Description of exception messages TRANSP G
319 T458C Selection Group for Exception Messages TRANSP G
320 T458D Texts for Selection Group TRANSP G
321 T459 Availability Check: Requirements and Planning Types TRANSP E
322 T459A External requirements types TRANSP E
323 T459C Default values for independent requirements POOL G
324 T459K Control table for customer requirements TRANSP G
325 T459R Reference requirements table POOL G
326 T459S Period splitting TRANSP C
327 T459T Availability Check: Requirement and Planning Types: Texts TRANSP E
328 T459U Settings for Maintaining Planned Independent Requirements TRANSP L
329 T459V Version table TRANSP G
330 T459W Texts for requirements types TRANSP E
331 T459X Text table for ind. reqmts reference table TRANSP G
332 T459Y Reqmts types for sales and distribution: texts TRANSP G
333 T460A Special procurement key TRANSP C
334 T460B Special Procurement Key Conversion POOL S
335 T460C Order/Purchase order types for planned order TRANSP G
336 T460D Order/Purchase order types for planned order POOL G
337 T460P Procurement and Special Procurement Check TRANSP S
338 T460Q Special Procurement Types per Procurement Type POOL S
339 T460T Texts for special procurement keys TRANSP C
340 T461P Planning strategy group TRANSP G
341 T461S Planning strategies TRANSP G
342 T461T Planning strategy text TRANSP G
343 T461X Planning strategy group text TRANSP G
344 T462 Customizing Table Selection Rule / Display Filter TRANSP E
345 T462A Logical Destination for Parallel Processing TRANSP C
346 T462T Text Table for T462: Customizing Selection Rule TRANSP E
347 T463 Customizing Table Display Filter - Settings - TRANSP E
348 T463T Text_table for T463 : Customizing Display Filter TRANSP E
349 T464 Customizing: Order Report Profiles TRANSP G
350 T464T Customizing: Order Report Profile Texts TRANSP G
351 T465 Evaluation Profile Ranges of Coverage TRANSP C
352 T465T Texts for Minimum Range of Coverage Profile TRANSP C
353 T466 Customizing: Extraction Mode for Planning Situation TRANSP C
354 T466T Text Table for Extraction Mode TRANSP C
355 T467 Stock/Requirements List: Material Groupings TRANSP C
356 T46AC Action control TRANSP C
357 T46AS Action code text TRANSP E
358 T46AT Action code description TRANSP E
359 T46PR List layout and print parameters TRANSP C
360 T476 Parameterization of the Configuration Editor TRANSP S
361 T476T Parameterization of the Configuration Editor TRANSP G
362 T482 Table of scheduling types TRANSP C
363 T482T Texts for scheduling types TRANSP C
364 T488 Assignment of Table Fields to Groups TRANSP S
365 T488A Language-dependent texts for Table T488 TRANSP S
366 T488B Value table for T488: "Option types for routing history" TRANSP S
367 T488C Texts for Table T488B TRANSP S
368 T488T Texts for the fields of Table T488 POOL S
369 T490 Transactions PP - orders - order category POOL S
370 T496B CIM order: Assigning document types to reference doc. types POOL C
371 T496D CIM: Destination/lists/spool parameters per user/plant TRANSP C
372 T496F CIM order: Form description of the list POOL C
373 T496K CIM order: Entity table of possible table identifiers POOL S
374 T496N CIM order: List descriptions POOL C
375 T496P Print PP documents: Determination of output device TRANSP C
376 T496R Print PP shop papers: Report control POOL C
377 T496T Print PP shop papers: Transaction control POOL C
378 T496V PP Print: Default Value for Printing Online or Background TRANSP C
379 T496Z CIM order: Table-controlled table access TRANSP G
380 T498 Distribution function POOL G
381 T498T Distribution Function Texts POOL G
382 T499P Reduction strategies - texts TRANSP C
383 T499Q Reduction strategies TRANSP C
384 T499R Reduction levels for reduction strategies TRANSP C
385 T499S Location TRANSP C
386 T500C Currency for Public Service Sector TRANSP C
387 T500L Personnel Country Grouping TRANSP S
388 T500L_ADDON Indicator Country Grouping Add-On Solution TRANSP S
389 T500L_CUST Customer View of Table T500L TRANSP G
390 T500L_SUBCOMP Assignment MOLGA -> Subcomponent TRANSP S
391 T500P Personnel Areas TRANSP C
392 T500T HR Country Groupings TRANSP S
393 T500W Valid Country Currencies TRANSP C
394 T501 Employee Group TRANSP C
395 T501T Employee Group Names TRANSP C
396 T502T Marital Status Designators TRANSP C
397 T503 Employee Group/Subgroup TRANSP C
398 T503K Employee subgroup TRANSP C
399 T503T Employee Subgroup Names TRANSP C
400 T503Z Country Assignment for Employee Group/Subgroup TRANSP C
401 T504R To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
402 T504S To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
403 T504T To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
404 T504U To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
405 T504V To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
406 T504W To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
407 T504X To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
408 T504Y To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
409 T504Z To be deleted - no longer used! TRANSP C
410 T505K Grievance Levels (NA) TRANSP C
411 T505L Grievance Level Texts TRANSP C
412 T505M Military status TRANSP C
413 T505N Military Status Texts TRANSP C
414 T505O Grievance Reasons (NA) TRANSP C
415 T505P Grievance Reason Texts TRANSP C
416 T505R Ethnic Origin TRANSP C
417 T505S Ethnic Origin Texts TRANSP C
418 T505U Residence Status TRANSP C
419 T505V Residence Status Texts TRANSP C
420 T505X Tax Authority Table TRANSP C
421 T505Y Tax Authority Texts TRANSP C
422 T505Z Bonds (NA) TRANSP C
423 T506A Loan Categories TRANSP C
424 T506C Controlling Loan Allocation TRANSP C
425 T506D Conditions for Employee Loans TRANSP C
426 T506L Loan Wage Types TRANSP S
427 T506P Assignment of Wage Types to Loan Payments TRANSP E
428 T506R National Reports and Screens for HR Loans TRANSP S
429 T506S HR Loans: Value Date for Each Payroll Area TRANSP C
430 T506T Loan Condition Texts POOL C
431 T506W Technical Characteristics of Loan Wage Types TRANSP E
432 T507A RHC: Delimitation of Employees Affected TRANSP C
433 T508A Work Schedule Rules TRANSP C
434 T508S Text Table for Work Schedule Rules (T508A) TRANSP C
435 T508T Texts for Employee Subgroup Groupings for Work Schedules TRANSP C
436 T508Z Assignment of PS Grouping for Work Schedules to Daily WS TRANSP C
437 T509F ID type TRANSP C
438 T509G ID type text TRANSP C
439 T509H Type of work permit TRANSP C
440 T509I Work permit type text TRANSP C
441 T50BA HR-B2A: Valid Transfer Formats and Classes TRANSP E
442 T50BAT HR-B2A: Text for Document Classes TRANSP E
443 T50BB HR-B2A: Standard Transfer Format TRANSP E
444 T50BC HR-B2A: Transfer Format for Customer TRANSP C
445 T50BD HR-B2A: Status Management TRANSP E
446 T50BDT HR-B2A: Texts for Status Management TRANSP E
447 T50BE HR-B2A: Assignment Returncode-Group TRANSP E
448 T50BE2 HR-B2A: External Return Codes TRANSP E
449 T50BF HR-B2A: Method Table TRANSP E
450 T50BFC HR-B2A: Method Table TRANSP C
451 T50BG HRB2A: Manual Status Switch TRANSP E
452 T50BK HR-B2A: Constant Table TRANSP G
453 T50BKT HR-B2A: Text to Constant Table TRANSP G
454 T50BS HR-B2A: Client-independent constants table TRANSP S
455 T50BV Logical Connections for Distributed Reporting TRANSP C
456 T50C_XML XML-Convesion routines TRANSP E
457 T50DST_XML Document Subtype Texts TRANSP E
458 T50DS_XML Document Subtypes TRANSP E
459 T50F0 HR-FORMS: Assignment of Standard Texts to Forms TRANSP G
460 T50F2 Control of Statement Functions TRANSP E
461 T50F8 HR-FORMS: Statement Functions TRANSP E
462 T50F8T HR-FORMS: Statement Functions - Text Table TRANSP E
463 T50F9 Permitted Tables TRANSP E
464 T50F9T Permitted Tables TRANSP E
465 T50FA HR: Message Type Definition TRANSP E
466 T50FAT HR Notification Type Text TRANSP E
467 T50FB HR: Mapping Program Fields to Structure TRANSP E
468 T50FC HR: Permitted Conversions per Area TRANSP E
469 T50FCT HR: Text for Conversions TRANSP E
470 T50FD HR: Time Dependency of Message Type Versions TRANSP E
471 T50FE HR: Mapping Internal and External Structure TRANSP E
472 T50FF HR: Change in Field Content TRANSP E
473 T50G_XML XML-Global Schema TRANSP E
474 T50L_XML XML-Local Schema TRANSP E
475 T50V_XML XML-Versions TRANSP E
476 T50X1 Type of Expatriate TRANSP C
477 T50X2 Type of Expatriate Text TRANSP C
478 T510 Pay Scale Groups TRANSP C
479 T510A Pay Scale Types TRANSP C
480 T510B Appraisal Constants TRANSP C
481 T510C Adjust Bases for Calculating PScale TRANSP C
482 T510D Dynamic Standard Pay Increase TRANSP C
483 T510E Dynamic Standard Pay Increase II POOL C
484 T510F Assign Pay Scale --> Currency TRANSP C
485 T510G Pay Scale Areas TRANSP C
486 T510H Payroll Parameters for Time Unit TRANSP C
487 T510I Standard Working Hours TRANSP C
488 T510J Constant Valuations TRANSP C
489 T510K Constant Valuations TRANSP C
490 T510L Step Table POOL C
491 T510M Valuation of pay scale groups acc. to hiring date TRANSP C
492 T510N Pay Scales for Annual Salaries (NA) POOL C
493 T510O Cost-of-Living Allowances -BAT- POOL C
494 T510P Premium Table TRANSP C
495 T510Q Cost-of-Living Allowances TRANSP C
496 T510QN Guaranteed Payments: COLA/Family-Related Bonus TRANSP C
497 T510R Pay Scale Reclassification TRANSP C
498 T510S Time Wage Type Selection TRANSP C
499 T510T Premium Texts TRANSP C
500 T510U Pay Scale Groups TRANSP C