SAP ABAP Data Element - Index H, page 12
Data Element - H
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
1 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_EXTENSION Proxy Data Element (generated)   INT4 
2 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_FORE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
3 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_LINE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
4 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_NUMBER Proxy Data Element (generated)   INT4 
5 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_P11FIGURE Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
6 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_POST_CODE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
7 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_REFERENCE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
8 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_SCHEMA_VERS Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
9 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_STATEMENT Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
10 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_STATEMENT1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
11 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_SUR Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
12 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_SVR Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
13 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TOTAL_PAY Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
14 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TOTAL_PAY_1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
15 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TOTAL_PAY_2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
16 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TOTAL_PAY_T Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
17 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TOTAL_TAX Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
18 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TOTAL_TAX_1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
19 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TOTAL_TAX_2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
20 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TOTAL_TAX_T Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
21 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TTL Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
22 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TYPE Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
23 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_TYPE1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
24 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_WEEK1MONTH1 The value indicates that a Week 1 or Month 1 basis for tax c   STRG 
25 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_WORKS_NUMB1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
26 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_WORKS_NUMB2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
27 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_WORKS_NUMB3 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
28 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_WORKS_NUMB4 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
29 HR_GB_EFO_INMV_OUT_WORKS_NUMBE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
30 HR_GB_EFO_RESP_OUT_CLASS Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
31 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_ADVANCE Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
32 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_AGENT_ID This identifier is for the agent's own reference and is not   CHAR 
33 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_AMOUNT Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
34 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_AMOUNT1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
35 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_ASPPRECOVERE Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
36 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_ASPPYTD Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
37 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_AT_LEL Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
38 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_BENEFITS_NOT Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
39 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_BENEFITS_SUB Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
40 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_BENEFITS_TAX Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
41 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_BIRTH_DATE Proxy Data Element (generated) XSDDATE_D DATS 
42 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_BIRTH_DATE1 Proxy Data Element (generated) XSDDATE_D DATS 
43 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_CISDEDUCTION Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
44 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_CLASS Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
45 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_CLASS1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
46 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_COMPANY Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
47 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_DEDNS_FROM_N Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
48 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_DEFAULT_CURR Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
49 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_EMPEE_CONTR1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
50 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_EMPEE_CONTRI Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
51 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_EMPEE_PEN_C1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
52 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_EMPEE_PEN_CO Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
53 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_FORE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
54 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_FORE1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
55 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_FORE2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
56 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_FOREIGN_COU1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
57 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_FOREIGN_COUN Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
58 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_IRR_EMP Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
59 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_ITEMS_SUBJEC Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
60 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_LEAVING_DATE Proxy Data Element (generated) XSDDATE_D DATS 
61 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_LELTO_PT Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
62 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_NICCOMPENSA1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
63 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_NICCOMPENSA2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
64 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_NICCOMPENSA3 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
65 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_NICCOMPENSAT Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
66 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_NICS_HOLIDAY Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
67 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_NON_TAX_OR_N Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
68 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_OLD_PAYROLL Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
69 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_OSPPRECOVERE Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
70 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_OSPPYTD Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
71 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_PASSPORT_NUM Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
72 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_PAYE_REF Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
73 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_PAYE_REF1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
74 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_PAYE_REF2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
75 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_PAY_AFTER_ST Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
76 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_PAY_ID Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
77 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_PAY_SUBJECT Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
78 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_PMT_DATE Proxy Data Element (generated) XSDDATE_D DATS 
79 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_PTTO_UAP Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
80 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_RELATED_TAX Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
81 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_RELATED_TAX1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
82 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SAPRECOVERED Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
83 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SAPYTD Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
84 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SCHEMA_VERSI Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
85 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SMPRECOVERED Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
86 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SMPYTD Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
87 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SSPRECOVERED Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
88 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SSPYTD Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
89 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_START_DATE Proxy Data Element (generated) XSDDATE_D DATS 
90 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_STUDENT_LOA1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
91 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_STUDENT_LOAN Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
92 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SUR Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
93 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SUR1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
94 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_SUR2 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
95 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_TAXABLE_PAY Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
96 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_TAXABLE_PAY1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
97 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_TAX_DEDUCTED Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
98 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_TOTAL_EMP_N1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
99 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_TOTAL_EMP_NI Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
100 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_TOTAL_TAX Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
101 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_TTL Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
102 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_TTL1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
103 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_TYPE Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
104 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_UAPTO_UEL Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
105 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_UKPOSTCODE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
106 HR_GB_EFO_RTI_OUT_UKPOSTCODE1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
107 HR_GSTAT Delimitation Status ISTAT CHAR 
108 HR_HISTO Historically Recorded CHAR1 CHAR 
109 HR_HOLDONL Display Position Holder Only CHAR1_X CHAR 
110 HR_IBAN IBAN (International Bank Account Number) HRD_IBAN CHAR 
111 HR_ICON_TEXT Status Texts for Icons TEXT40 CHAR 
112 HR_IDOCSEG Name of IDOC Segment or Structure for Data Transfer AS4TAB CHAR 
113 HR_IS_LEADER Chief Position Indicator FLAG CHAR 
114 HR_KAPID Capacity ID NUMC08 NUMC 
115 HR_KONTONUMMER Account Number CHAR18 CHAR 
116 HR_KTOSL Transaction Key for Posting Trip Cost Results CHAR3 CHAR 
117 HR_LAT_ROL Recipient for Missed Latest Start CHAR1 CHAR 
118 HR_LCK_TXT Lock Flag CHAR1 CHAR 
119 HR_LEAD_NR Prefix Number HR_LEAD_NR NUMC 
120 HR_LINE_COUNT Line number NUMC4 NUMC 
121 HR_LOAD Switch: Load all Infotypes CHAR1_X CHAR 
122 HR_LSTVIEW Indicator: List Viewer CHAR1_X CHAR 
123 HR_MAN_FLG Switch: Manual Transport Connection for PD Objects Active CHAR1_X CHAR 
124 HR_MCSEARK Search Term CHAR52 CHAR 
125 HR_MCSHORT Object Abbreviation CHAR12 CHAR 
127 HR_MFLAG Indicator: Entry Selected CHAR1_X CHAR 
128 HR_MODPOOL HR: Infotype Module Pool PROGRAMM CHAR 
129 HR_MONAT Special Period for Posting Trip Cost Results MONAT NUMC 
130 HR_NAME Name to Be Output in Addresses TEXT40 CHAR 
131 HR_NEW_INF Infotype to be Created or Edited INFOTYP CHAR 
132 HR_NL_EIR_DATE Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
133 HR_NL_EIR_INDICATOR Proxy Data Element (generated)   CHAR 
134 HR_NOREC Indicator: No Recursiveness Check CHAR1_X CHAR 
135 HR_NOT_ROL Message Recipient for Completion CHAR1 CHAR 
136 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_ICORRESPONDENC1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
137 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_ICORRESPONDENCE Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
138 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_IINTERMEDIARY_1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
139 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_IINTERMEDIARY_I Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
140 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_IRECEIPT_EXTER1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
141 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_IRECEIPT_EXTERN Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
142 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_IREPORTEE_ELEM1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
143 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_IREPORTEE_ELEME Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
144 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_ISERVICE_META_1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
145 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_ISERVICE_META_D Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
146 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_ISYSTEM_AUTHEN1 Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
147 HR_NO_ACF_TEST_ISYSTEM_AUTHENT Proxy Data Element (generated)   STRG 
148 HR_NO_BREAKS No Breaks Included XFELD CHAR 
149 HR_NO_SEL Indicator: Entry has no Relevance to Selection CHAR1_X CHAR 
150 HR_OBIDEXT Extended object ID for personnel cost planning CHAR16 CHAR 
151 HR_OBID_IN Number of Object with Which a Person is Related HROBJID NUMC 
152 HR_OBJ Object ID NUM08 NUMC 
153 HR_OBJIDH Number of organizational unit (interval maximum) NUM8 NUMC 
154 HR_OBJIDL Number of organizational unit (interval minimum) NUM8 NUMC 
155 HR_OBJIDT Text for extended selection of organizational units CHAR1 CHAR 
156 HR_OBJ_A Indicator: Display Copied Objects CHAR1_X CHAR 
157 HR_OBJ_SEQ Object ID NUM08 NUMC 
158 HR_OBJ_STR Object ID of Structure Root NUM08 NUMC 
159 HR_OBJ_TXT Text for a Workflow Object TEXT32 CHAR 
160 HR_OM_ACTION Processing Status CHAR100 CHAR 
161 HR_OM_DIAL Object Method with Dialog CHAR1_X CHAR 
162 HR_OM_IOTX Technical Interface of Task CHAR1 CHAR 
163 HR_OM_TXT Object Method CHAR1 CHAR 
164 HR_ONLY_SHOW_PROPER_OSRS Pushbutton: Immediately ignore canceled payroll runs XFELD CHAR 
166 HR_OPERA Operation Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
167 HR_OPERATOR Relationship for Selections HR_OPERATOR CHAR 
168 HR_OPTION Operator to Restrict a Selection CHAR2 CHAR 
169 HR_ORG_P Include Persons Without Position CHAR1_X CHAR 
171 HR_ORG_STR Evaluate Organizational Structure CHAR1_X CHAR 
172 HR_ORG_VAL Value of Key Entry CHAR32 CHAR 
173 HR_ORT Location to Be Output in Addresses TEXT35 CHAR 
174 HR_OTYP_IN Type of Object With Which Person is Related OTYPE CHAR 
175 HR_O__SRK Organizational unit - Search string and interval minimum TEXT12 CHAR 
176 HR_PAID_DUR Paid Break Duration DEC2_2 DEC 
177 HR_PAPD HR: Indicator Personnel Adminstration or Personnel Planning CHAR1_X CHAR 
178 HR_PBEGDA Start Date for Cost Item Increase DATUM DATS 
179 HR_PCTYPE Cost Item (Matchcode) to be Increased COTYPE CHAR 
180 HR_PC_ABT Personnel Cost Projection Period ABRAR CHAR 
181 HR_PC_ACT Take organizational changes into account (activate) CHAR1_X CHAR 
182 HR_PC_ADM Plan Scenario Administration CHAR1_X CHAR 
183 HR_PC_ANTL Frame: title for personnel cost planning: view CHAR1 CHAR 
184 HR_PC_AWTL Frame: title for personnel cost planning: selection CHAR1 CHAR 
185 HR_PC_BEG Start Date for Planning Period DATUM DATS 
186 HR_PC_CALC Calculation mode in personnel cost planning CHAR1_X CHAR 
187 HR_PC_CFLG Personnel Cost Planning: Calculation active / inactive KREUZ CHAR 
188 HR_PC_CHKF Field string for check-off indicator TEXT60 CHAR 
189 HR_PC_CSRK Search string: Job CHAR12 CHAR 
190 HR_PC_CTYP Cost Item (in Personnel Cost Planning) COTYPE CHAR 
191 HR_PC_DPT Depth of organizational structure DEC5 DEC 
192 HR_PC_ELST Checkbox for output of individual list CHAR1_X CHAR 
193 HR_PC_END End Date of Planning Period DATUM DATS 
194 HR_PC_EXCL Transfer data to spreadsheet program on PC CHAR1 CHAR 
195 HR_PC_FRG Release of plan scenarios CHAR1_X CHAR 
196 HR_PC_GLST Checkbox for output as combined list CHAR1_X CHAR 
197 HR_PC_GRAF Edit Data in Graphic Form CHAR1 CHAR 
198 HR_PC_ICON Button with dynamic icon TEXT50 CHAR 
199 HR_PC_INDX Reference index for scenario comparisons CHAR5 CHAR 
200 HR_PC_INXL Reference index for scenario comparisons CHAR07 CHAR 
201 HR_PC_JTIT Title: Costs per cost object CHAR1 CHAR 
202 HR_PC_JTXT Name of a cost object (position, job, ...) TEXT40 CHAR 
203 HR_PC_LBVW Checkbox: Cost Breakdown by Cost Items CHAR1_X CHAR 
204 HR_PC_LTIT Title: Cost Item Valuation CHAR1 CHAR 
205 HR_PC_MARK Checkbox for selection (lines and columns as well) CHAR1 CHAR 
206 HR_PC_NEW Perform new personnel cost planning CHAR1_X CHAR 
207 HR_PC_NUM Number of records with the same start date NUM4 NUMC 
208 HR_PC_OBDN Current amount during planning WERTV8 CURR 
209 HR_PC_OBDO Comparative amount for reference planning/original amount WERTV8 CURR 
210 HR_PC_OFF Offset in an internal table (records with the same key) NUM7 NUMC 
211 HR_PC_OSHT Name and search string for cost objects TEXT25 CHAR 
212 HR_PC_OTIT Title: Personnel costs per org.unit or cost center CHAR1 CHAR 
213 HR_PC_OTXT Name of an organizational unit or cost center TEXT40 CHAR 
215 HR_PC_PCVW Checkbox: total personnel costs for objects CHAR1_X CHAR 
216 HR_PC_PLS Display All Positions CHAR1_X CHAR 
217 HR_PC_PSRK Search string: Position CHAR12 CHAR 
218 HR_PC_PTIT Title: Percentage Increase of Cost Items CHAR1 CHAR 
219 HR_PC_PWTL Frame: password: title for personnel cost planning CHAR1 CHAR 
220 HR_PC_REF Load reference planning (for personnel cost planning) CHAR1_X CHAR 
221 HR_PC_RESV Personnel cost planning: Reserve field TEXT100 CHAR 
222 HR_PC_RFLG Indicator: Selected line contains reference values CHAR1_X CHAR 
223 HR_PC_RSHT Reference object for cost object TEXT25 CHAR 
224 HR_PC_RTXT Reference value type (absolute value or percentage variance) TEXT15 CHAR 
225 HR_PC_SAVE Save scenario group CHAR1_X CHAR 
226 HR_PC_SCVW Checkbox: cost breakdown for cost objects CHAR1_X CHAR 
227 HR_PC_SEL Cost and object view CHAR1_X CHAR 
228 HR_PC_SHOW Display overview CHAR1 CHAR 
229 HR_PC_SHT Use object abbreviations only (no long texts) CHAR1_X CHAR 
230 HR_PC_SOTX Frame text: Organizational data CHAR1 CHAR 
231 HR_PC_SPTX Frame text: Planning data CHAR1 CHAR 
232 HR_PC_SRTX Frame Text: Editing Options CHAR1 CHAR 
233 HR_PC_STIT Title: Save current planning CHAR1 CHAR 
234 HR_PC_STR Maintain existing personnel cost planning CHAR1_X CHAR 
235 HR_PC_SUBT Salary Surveys (Subtype) SUBTYP CHAR 
236 HR_PC_S_NO Number of assigned positions (organizational units) DECV4_2 DEC 
237 HR_PC_TIT Title for personnel cost planning CHAR1 CHAR 
238 HR_PC_TOT Total number of pages NUM3 NUMC 
239 HR_PC_VTXT Variable text CHAR25 CHAR 
240 HR_PERIOD Text: Selection Period CHAR1 CHAR 
241 HR_PERNR Personnel Number PERNR NUMC 
242 HR_PFZUW Supplementary Pension Liability for Special Payment HR_PFZUW CHAR 
243 HR_PINFTY Maintain Infotype as Normal Infotype (HRPnnnn) CHAR1_X CHAR 
244 HR_PLZ Postal Code to Be Output in Addresses CHAR5 CHAR 
245 HR_POSHIER Include Reporting Structure CHAR1_X CHAR 
246 HR_PPMAINT Indicator: Cannot be Maintained via Standard Transactions CHAR1_X CHAR 
247 HR_PPROZN Percentage of Increase for Cost Items DECV3_2 DEC 
248 HR_PROZ_IN Staffing Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
249 HR_PROZ_OCC Staffing Percentage Totals DEC_6_2 DEC 
250 HR_PROZ_OCC_VAC Percentage Vacancy of Occupied Position DEC_6_2 DEC 
251 HR_PROZ_UNOCC Percentage Unoccupied (Position) DEC_6_2 DEC 
252 HR_PROZ_VAC Percentage Vacancy of Position DEC_6_2 DEC 
253 HR_PTYPE Posting Type HR_PTYPE CHAR 
254 HR_PWD Password for scenario group to be stored CHAR12 CHAR 
255 HR_PWS_BREAK_OVERTIME Parameters for work schedule function modules: breaks CHAR001 CHAR 
256 HR_PY_BEG Start Date of Payroll Result Period DATUM DATS 
257 HR_PY_END End Date of Payroll Result Period DATUM DATS 
258 HR_P_DAT Print Additional Personal Data CHAR1_X CHAR 
259 HR_RECURS Indicator: Check Recursion CHAR1_X CHAR 
260 HR_REF Reference NUMC10 NUMC 
261 HR_REF_INF Reference Infotype INFOTYP CHAR 
262 HR_REF_TXT Name of Reference Infotype TEXT25 CHAR 
263 HR_REHA_GRP1 Rehabilitation Acc. to Sect. 5 Para. 1 No. 7 SGB V XFELD CHAR 
264 HR_REHA_GRP2 Rehabilitation Acc. to Sect. 5 Para. 1 No. 6 SGB V XFELD CHAR 
265 HR_REHA_GRP3 Other Rehabilitation Acc. to Sec. 5 Par. 1 No. 6 SGB V XFELD CHAR 
266 HR_REP_FLG Substitute CHAR1_X CHAR 
267 HR_REP_PER Personal Substitution CHAR1_X CHAR 
268 HR_REP_PRF Substitute Profile HR_REP_PRF CHAR 
269 HR_REP_TXT Text for Substitute Profile TEXT25 CHAR 
270 HR_SAPOTYP SAP Organizational Object Type OJ_NAME CHAR 
271 HR_SELID ID for Selection Condition   CHAR 
273 HR_SELTEXT Description of Selection HR_SELTEXT CHAR 
274 HR_SEL_GROUPID Grouping ID for General Selection   CHAR 
275 HR_SETGD Transfer Parameter for Structure Condition CHAR49 CHAR 
276 HR_SETSW Switch: Structure Condition CHAR1_X CHAR 
277 HR_SET_A Indicator: Display Copied Records CHAR1_X CHAR 
279 HR_SFLAG Indicator: Intersect CHAR1_X CHAR 
280 HR_SHOR_IN Short Name of Object TEXT12 CHAR 
281 HR_SINFO Indicator of Whether Object is Node or Page CHAR1 CHAR 
282 HR_SOBJID Object ID of Standard Object HR_SOBJID NUMC 
283 HR_SOFLAG Indicator for Standard Object Type CHAR1_X CHAR 
284 HR_SOTYPE Standard Object Type HRSOTYPE CHAR 
285 HR_SOULAN PD: Source Language SPRAS LANG 
286 HR_SOULTXT PD: Name of Source Language SPTXT16 CHAR 
287 HR_SPRPS Lock Indicator for HR Master Data Record SPRPS CHAR 
288 HR_SPR_INF Language-Dependent Infotype CHAR1_X CHAR 
289 HR_STABSTELLEN Number of Staff Positions NUMC16 NUMC 
290 HR_STOKZ Indicator: Data Record Canceled FLAG CHAR 
291 HR_STRASSE Street to Be Output in Addresses TEXT40 CHAR 
293 HR_STRUC_SEARCH Enhancements to the Structure Search HR_STRUC_SEARCH CHAR 
294 HR_SUBSTIO Substitute TEXT40 CHAR 
295 HR_SUBSTUT Substitution For ... TEXT40 CHAR 
296 HR_SUB_MOD Substitute Maintenance Mode CHAR1 CHAR 
297 HR_SUB_TXT Frame Text: Substitution Data CHAR1 CHAR 
298 HR_SYNC_OM Synchronous Object Method CHAR1_X CHAR 
299 HR_S_EVENT Event of an Object SWC_ELEM CHAR 
300 HR_S_INFTY Infotype for Standard Object HR_S_INFTY CHAR 
301 HR_S_RELAT Relationship Type Between Standard Objects HR_S_RELAT CHAR 
302 HR_S_RELID ID of the Related Standard Object HR_SOBJID NUMC 
303 HR_S_RELOT Type of the Related Standard Object HRSOTYPE CHAR 
305 HR_TABIX Index of Incorrect Entries in Mass Update SYST_LONG INT4 
306 HR_TAB_INF Table Infotype CHAR1_X CHAR 
307 HR_TARGLAN PD: Target Language SPRAS LANG 
308 HR_TARLTXT PD: Name of Target Language SPTXT16 CHAR 
309 HR_TASK_CL Classification of Tasks HR_TASK_CL CHAR 
310 HR_TCLTXT Text for the Classification of Tasks TEXT25 CHAR 
311 HR_TCL_TXT Classification CHAR1 CHAR 
312 HR_TEST Test Run: No Change to Database Records CHAR1_X CHAR 
313 HR_TEST_SW Indicator: Test Run CHAR1_X CHAR 
314 HR_TEXT1_007S Name of value-added tax TEXT50 CHAR 
315 HR_TFLAG Indicator: Supply Texts CHAR1_X CHAR 
316 HR_TIME_LIMITED Temporary Position Indicator FLAG CHAR 
317 HR_TP_011V Payroll calendar schedule VEREH_011V CHAR 
318 HR_TRANS Transaction Parameters CHAR2 CHAR 
319 HR_TRAN_TB Create Transparent Table CHAR1_X CHAR 
320 HR_TREX_FREESTYLE Displays Whether Attribute is Freestyle-Relevant FLAG CHAR 
321 HR_TRFST Pay Scale Level TRFST CHAR 
322 HR_TSKMODE F4 Help Mode for Tasks CHAR1 CHAR 
323 HR_TSK_GNL Indicator: General Task CHAR1_X CHAR 
324 HR_TS_OBID Number of Standard Task HR_SOBJID NUMC 
325 HR_TS_TXT Standard Task CHAR1 CHAR 
326 HR_TXT1_IN Reference Text CHAR9 CHAR 
327 HR_TXT2_IN Time Text CHAR9 CHAR 
328 HR_TXT3_IN Target Object for Relationship TEXT40 CHAR 
329 HR_TXT4_IN Operation TEXT40 CHAR 
330 HR_TX_FROM Text: From CHAR1 CHAR 
331 HR_TX_TO Text: To CHAR1 CHAR 
333 HR_UFFUNC Assigned Reference Function UFFUNCTION CHAR 
334 HR_UNPAID_DUR Unpaid Break Duration DEC2_2 DEC 
335 HR_USRFLD Customer-Specific Field CHAR40 CHAR 
336 HR_UZEIT Time of last change UZEIT TIMS 
337 HR_VERSN Version Number (Plan Scenario = Plan Version + Version No.) HR_VERSN CHAR 
338 HR_VFLAG Indicator: Supply Relationship Information CHAR1_X CHAR 
339 HR_VIA_SEL Standard Selection Screen CHAR1_X CHAR 
340 HR_VNAME (Cost) scenario group - Subdivision of a plan scenario HR_VNAME CHAR 
341 HR_VWERT Variable name VWERT CHAR 
342 HR_WF_EXEC Lock Indicator: Locked for Execution CHAR1_X CHAR 
343 HR_WF_LOCK Lock Indicator: Locked for Instantiation CHAR1_X CHAR 
344 HR_WHEN_TM Text: Date of Occurrence CHAR1 CHAR 
345 HR_WS_TXT Workflow Template CHAR1 CHAR 
346 HR_XBLNR Reference Document Number HR_XBLNR CHAR 
347 HR_XK_SUB External Application (Subtype) SUBTYP CHAR 
349 HR_ZEINH Time/Measurement Unit MEINS UNIT 
350 HR_ZUONR Assignment number HR_ZUONR CHAR 
351 HSAL2 Balance in Local Currency 2 WRTV7 CURR 
352 HSAL3 Balance in Local Currency 3 WRTV7 CURR 
353 HSALD Balance in Local Currency WRTV7 CURR 
354 HSCABS Absolute handling surcharge WERT7 CURR 
355 HSCABS_BI Absolute handling surcharge CHAR16 CHAR 
356 HSCHP Type of origin used for the comparison value HSCHP CHAR 
357 HSCKZ Handling Surcharge for Goods Issues XFELD CHAR 
358 HSCMAX Maximum handling surcharge WERT7 CURR 
359 HSCMAX_BI Maximum handling surcharge CHAR16 CHAR 
360 HSCMIN Minimum handling surcharge WERT7 CURR 
361 HSCMIN_BI Minimum handling surcharge CHAR16 CHAR 
362 HSCPE Percentage handling surcharge PRZ32 DEC 
363 HSCPE_BI Handling surcharge: percentage of base value CHAR06 CHAR 
364 HSCRTP Subscreen Type - Header SCRTP CHAR 
365 HSDAT Date of Manufacture DATUM DATS 
367 HSEQNUM_KK Sequence number of the creditworthiness history HSEQNUM_KK NUMC 
368 HSIZE Number of the header lines in the layout DEC2 DEC 
369 HSKON_DEF Cash Discount Amount of Payment in Local Currency WERTV8 CURR 
370 HSKON_DEFTAX_ITEM Cash Discount Amount of Payment in Local Currency WERTV8 CURR 
371 HSLPP FI-SL: Data element for HSL key figure in planning WERTV12 CURR 
372 HSLVT Balance carried forward in local currency (currency 2) WERTV8 CURR 
373 HSLVT12 Balance carried forward in local currency WERTV12 CURR 
374 HSLVT9 Balance carried forward in local currency WERTV9 CURR 
375 HSLXX Total transactions in the period in local currency (curr 2) WERTV8 CURR 
376 HSLXX12 Total of transactions of the period in local currency WERTV12 CURR 
377 HSLXX7_GR Amount in Company Code Currency, Group Valuation WERTV7 CURR 
378 HSLXX7_LG Amount in Company Code Currency WERTV7 CURR 
379 HSLXX7_PC Amount in Company Code Currency, Profit Center Valuation WERTV7 CURR 
380 HSLXX9 Total of transactions of the period in local currency WERTV9 CURR 
381 HSLXX9_6 Total of transactions of the period in local currency   CURR 
382 HSLXX9_GR Amount in Company Code Currency, Group Valuation WERTV9 CURR 
383 HSLXX9_LG Amount in Company Code Currency WERTV9 CURR 
384 HSLXX9_PC Amount in Company Code Currency, Profit Center Valuation WERTV9 CURR 
385 HSLXX_PCA Total transactions for the period in company code curr. WERTV8 CURR 
388 HSME_BLOCKSIZE Packet Size for Hazardous Substance Master Filling HSMD_BLOCKSIZE NUMC 
389 HSME_CHKA Hazardous Substance Checks Active X CHAR 
390 HSME_CHKM Hazardous Substance Check Method CHAR5 CHAR 
391 HSME_CHKMD Hazardous Substance Check Method Description HSMD_CHKMD CHAR 
392 HSME_CHKORD Sort Sequence of Hazardous Substance Check Methods NUMC2 NUMC 
393 HSME_CHKS Hazardous Substance Check Schema CHAR5 CHAR 
394 HSME_CHKSD Description of Hazardous Substance Check Schema HSMD_CHKSD CHAR 
395 HSME_CHK_START Start Mode for Hazardous Substance Check NUMC2 NUMC 
396 HSME_CHNPO Change Pointer Evaluation CHAR1 CHAR 
397 HSME_COMPHAZSUB Complete Distribution of Hazardous Substance Master CHAR1 CHAR 
398 HSME_DELETE Hazardous Substance Deleted in Target System Before Distrib. CHAR1 CHAR 
399 HSME_DESC Comment on Hazardous Substance CHAR30 CHAR 
400 HSME_DESCTXT Comment on Hazardous Substance Description TEXT132 CHAR 
401 HSME_DSTATTR Attribute in Target Table FDNAME CHAR 
404 HSME_DSTVAL Target Object Value CHAR30 CHAR 
405 HSME_FKEY Artificial Foreign Key in Specification Tables for BAPIs SYSUUID_C CHAR 
406 HSME_FLGMULT Text Type Can Have Multiple Values Assigned ESDBOOLE CHAR 
408 HSME_FLTDATE Search via Key Date or Validity Period HSMD_FLTDATE INT1 
409 HSME_FLTDELETE Filter to Delete Hazardous Substance Data HSMD_FLTDELETE INT1 
411 HSME_ILPHRCODE Output As Phrase Code in List for Fire Department ESDBOOLE CHAR 
412 HSME_ILSORT Sort Sequence for Field Output in List for Fire Department NUMC4 NUMC 
413 HSME_LOGTIMELIVE Validity Period of Entries in Application Log HSMD_LOGTIMELIVE NUMC 
414 HSME_LOWVAL Lower Limit of Interval HSMD_NUMVAL FLTP 
415 HSME_LOWVALTXT Lower Limit of Interval HSMD_VALTXT CHAR 
418 HSME_NAME Hazardous Substance Key CHAR30 CHAR 
419 HSME_NAMETXT Description of Hazardous Substance TEXT132 CHAR 
420 HSME_NUMDEC Number of Decimal Places INT4 INT4 
422 HSME_NUMTYPETXT Description of Numeric Value Type TEXT60 CHAR 
423 HSME_OPLOW Operator for Lower Limit of Interval HSMD_OPLOW CHAR 
424 HSME_OPUPP Operator for Upper Limit of Interval HSMD_OPUPP CHAR 
425 HSME_PKEY Artificial Primary Key for Specification Tables in BAPIs SYSUUID_C CHAR 
426 HSME_REAC Response to Result of Segregation Rule Check CHAR005 CHAR 
428 HSME_RECEIVER Logical System of Receiver LOGSYS CHAR 
429 HSME_RVLIDPRIO Prioritization of Validity Area per Country or Region NUMC2 NUMC 
430 HSME_SCEN Access Scenario HSMD_SCEN CHAR 
431 HSME_SEGREG Segregation Regulation CHAR12 CHAR 
432 HSME_SEGREGD Segregation Regulation Description HSMD_SEGREGD CHAR 
433 HSME_SENDER Logical System of Sender LOGSYS CHAR 
434 HSME_SENDING Data Record Being Sent CHAR1 CHAR 
435 HSME_SIMU Simulation CHAR1 CHAR 
436 HSME_SIMUDEL Simulate Deletion of Hazardous Substance Data ESDBOOLE CHAR 
437 HSME_SRCATTR Source Object Type CHAR30 CHAR 
438 HSME_SRCOBJ Source Object Category CHAR30 CHAR 
440 HSME_SRCVAL Source Object Value CHAR30 CHAR 
441 HSME_STMA State of Matter CHAR30 CHAR 
442 HSME_STMATXT Description of Aggregate State TEXT132 CHAR 
445 HSME_STOCATTXT Description for Storage Hazard Type ACCHAR40 CHAR 
448 HSME_STOKEY1TXT Description of Hazard Rating 1 TEXT60 CHAR 
450 HSME_STOKEY2TXT Description of Hazard Rating 2 TEXT60 CHAR 
451 HSME_STOKEYTXT Description for Hazard Rating TEXT60 CHAR 
452 HSME_STWA Hazardous Substance Warning CHAR30 CHAR 
453 HSME_STWATXT Description for Hazardous Substance Warning TEXT132 CHAR 
454 HSME_TEXT Text or Phrase Text TEXT132 CHAR 
455 HSME_TEXTKEY Text or Phrase Key CHAR30 CHAR 
457 HSME_TEXTTYPETXT Description of Text Type TEXT60 CHAR 
458 HSME_UNIT Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
459 HSME_UPDFLG Relevant for Update ESDFLAG CHAR 
460 HSME_UPPVAL Upper Limit of Interval HSMD_NUMVAL FLTP 
461 HSME_UPPVALTXT Upper Limit of Interval HSMD_VALTXT CHAR 
462 HSME_VBF Combustible Liquids (VbF) Hazard Class CHAR30 CHAR 
463 HSME_VBFTXT Description of Combustible Liquids (VbF) Hazard Class TEXT132 CHAR 
464 HSME_WPC Water Pollution Class Is Legal Requirement ESDBOOLE CHAR 
465 HSNM0 Employer's house number CHAR5 CHAR 
466 HSNMR House Number NUMC6 NUMC 
468 HSNMR2 IS-M: House Number Affix CHAR8 CHAR 
469 HSNMR5 House Number CHAR5 CHAR 
470 HSNMRWWW IS-M: House Number in WWW (Contains House Number and Affix) HAUSNUMMER CHAR 
471 HSNPOS Item in Superior Serial Number HSNPOS CHAR 
472 HSNUM Number for history HSNUM CHAR 
473 HSN_IND House number ID (even/odd/all) HSN_IND NUMC 
474 HSN_SEC_NO No. of house number section HSN_SEC_NO NUMC 
475 HSN_SUPP House number affix TEXT4 CHAR 
476 HSN_SUPP_H House number supplement - upper limit of an interval TEXT4 CHAR 
477 HSN_SUPP_L House number supplement - lower limit of an interval TEXT4 CHAR 
478 HSOLL Debit/Credit Indicator   CHAR 
479 HSPART Higher-level division SPART CHAR 
480 HSPCL Sponsored Class Group YNFLG CHAR 
481 HSPOS Item according to the Harmonized System HSPOS CHAR 
482 HSPPR Sponsored Program Group YNFLG CHAR 
483 HSTAG Statistical Key Figure Group YNFLG CHAR 
484 HSTNN Scope of Job (Denominator) DEC4_2 DEC 
485 HSTRG Cost object group YNFLG CHAR 
486 HSTRU_DEF Backdated Tax Calculation Amount in Local Currency WERTV8 CURR 
487 HSTRU_DEFTAX_ITEM Backdated Tax Calculation Amount in Local Currency WERTV8 CURR 
488 HSTUF_AM01 Application monitoring: Function hierarchy level HSTUF_AM01 CHAR 
489 HSTZL Scope of Job (Numerator) DEC4_2 DEC 
490 HSUM_KK Update Currency instead of Transacton Currency XFELD CHAR 
491 HSWAE Local currency key WAERS CUKY 
492 HS_DEF Default Value for Workshop LABOR CHAR 
493 HS_Q1 Source for Workshop SYS_DEF CHAR 
494 HS_REP_ACT Indicator: Substitution Active CHAR1_X CHAR 
495 HS_SY_SRC System Source for Workshop CHAR1 CHAR 
496 HTCODE Transaction code for help system HTCODE CHAR 
497 HTEIL_DEF Part. Amt of Gross Amount in Local Currency to be Reported WERTV8 CURR 
498 HTEIL_DEFTAX_ITEM Part. Amt of Gross Amount in Local Currency to be Reported WERTV8 CURR 
499 HTEIS_DEF Partial Amt of Tax Amount in Local Currency to be Reported WERTV8 CURR 
500 HTEIS_DEFTAX_ITEM Partial Amt of Tax Amount in Local Currency to be Reported WERTV8 CURR