SAP ABAP Domain - Index B, page 9
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 BPR_OBJ_TYPE BPR Object Type CHAR   
2 BPR_SNAPSHOT BPR Snapshot CHAR 75    
3 BPSOR Sort indicator for selection list of order item CHAR   
4 BPSTA Status of the item of a pricing document CHAR   
5 BPSTA_EL Item status for competitor price entry document CHAR   
6 BPSTF Postal code fusion CHAR   
7 BPS_ACCTY Benefit point account type CHAR   
8 BPS_ADDPT Additional point DEC 10    
9 BPS_AWART Attendance/absence type CHAR   
10 BPS_BASPT Basis point DEC 10    
11 BPS_BPACC Benefit point account CHAR   
12 BPS_CABPT Current point balance DEC 10    
13 BPS_CCPTS Calculated carryover points DEC 10    
14 BPS_CROPC Maximum percentage of points can be carried over DEC   
15 BPS_CROPT The number of points can be carried over DEC 10    
16 BPS_CVRRL Converting rule CHAR   
17 BPS_FABPT Available points DEC 10    
18 BPS_IABPT Initial Balance DEC 10    
19 BPS_MXCPT Maximum number of points can be carried over DEC 10    
20 BPS_MXDPC Maximum percentage of deducted point per time unit DEC   
21 BPS_MXDPT Positive points DEC 10    
22 BPS_PNTGR Benefit point grouping CHAR   
23 BPS_PNTRL Benefit point rule variant CHAR   
24 BPS_PTSPR Benefit point prorating method CHAR   
25 BPS_RDESP School period CHAR   
26 BPS_RDPUR Benefit request purpose CHAR   
27 BPS_RDRCN Confirmation number CHAR 10    
28 BPS_RDRES Employee staying or not CHAR   
29 BPS_RDSTA Benefit request detail status CHAR   
30 BPS_REDGR Benefit request dependent eligibility grouping CHAR   
31 BPS_REEGR Benefit request employee eligibility grouping CHAR   
32 BPS_RQCAT Benefit request category CHAR   
33 BPS_RQELI Benefit request type eligibility rule CHAR   
34 BPS_RQLGR Benefit request type limit grouping CHAR   
35 BPS_RQLIM Benefit request limit rule variant CHAR   
36 BPS_RQOPT Benefit request type option CHAR   
37 BPS_RQPER Indicate who can enroll this request type CHAR   
38 BPS_RQPMD Benefit request processing mode CHAR   
39 BPS_RQPRO Benefit requests processed by payroll CHAR   
40 BPS_RQSTA Status of the benefit request CHAR   
41 BPS_RQTYP Request type CHAR   
42 BPS_TOTPT Total point DEC 10    
43 BPS_TUNIT Time period unit CHAR   
44 BPTAXNUM Business Partner Tax Number CHAR 20    
45 BPTAXNUML Business Partner Large Tax Number CHAR 60    
46 BPTAXNUMXL Business Partner Large Tax Number CHAR 60    
47 BPTAXNUM_BR_KK Tax ID number for BP in Brazil CHAR 16    
48 BPTAXTYPE Business partner tax number category CHAR   
49 BPT_FORMSEL Bihar PTax Form Selection CHAR 15    
50 BPUEB Adopt requisition price in purchase order CHAR   
51 BPWMODE Mode for special features log IS-U move-in/out CHAR   
52 BP_ACTION Availability control actions NUMC   
53 BP_ADDTYPE Information Category NUMC   
54 BP_ADD_DIM Additional Dimensions - Sender Recipient Cover Eligibility CHAR 34    
55 BP_ADRE_Q Conversion: Address information field NUMC   
56 BP_ADRNR Address Number CHAR 10    
57 BP_ADR_REF Address ID CHAR 10    
58 BP_AKTYP Activity Category CHAR   
59 BP_AKT_ART Availability control activation type CHAR   
60 BP_ANUM CBP Conversion: Delete Target CHAR   
61 BP_APPL Business partner: Application CHAR   
62 BP_APPLIK Budget / planning application CHAR   
64 BP_ASSI_NR Allocation Number CHAR 30    
65 BP_ASSI_TYP Assignment type CHAR   
66 BP_BAL_FLG Balance sheet display indicator CHAR   
67 BP_BAL_SH Balance Sheet Display Indicator CHAR   
68 BP_BELNR Document number from budget allocation & structure planning NUMC 10    
69 BP_BILL Resulting Billing Period CHAR   
70 BP_BSTAT Document/Document Line Item Status CHAR   
71 BP_BUSINESS_PURPOSE Category of Business Purpose CHAR   
72 BP_CA_BAS Budget/Plan Calculation Basis NUMC   
73 BP_CA_CB Calculation Amount Commitment Budget CURR 15 
74 BP_CA_PB Calculation Amount Payment Budget CURR 15 
75 BP_CDOC Partner-object relationship: Create change documents CHAR   
76 BP_CHANGE Conversion: Change type NUMC   
77 BP_CHAR1 One-Character Field Without Check CHAR   
78 BP_CHAR2 Character Field Length 2 CHAR   
79 BP_CHECKFC_D Check Function Module: ID Number in the Business Partner CHAR 40    
80 BP_CHNG Change CHAR   
81 BP_COMP_RE Organization relationship CHAR   
82 BP_COMP_RE_HOL Company Relationship: Holding Company CHAR   
83 BP_CONSTANT Key for a Constant CHAR   
84 BP_CONV_NO Status of Conversion CHAR   
85 BP_CORR Change to SAP BP CHAR   
86 BP_COUM Change SAP BP or Create New Partner CHAR   
87 BP_COUNTER Counter NUMC   
88 BP_CRITER Differentiation Type Criterion CHAR 10    
89 BP_CRITER_FIELD_USE Usage Type Field Differentiation Type Criterion CHAR   
90 BP_CT_FIELD Business Partner Acquisition Data: Customizable Fields CHAR 20    
91 BP_CT_FIELD_FMOD Usage for Customizable Field CHAR   
92 BP_CURR Currency Amount DEC 17 
93 BP_C_ADDATE_FMOD Field Modification for Additional Date CHAR   
94 BP_C_AMNT_FMOD Field Modification for Amount CHAR   
95 BP_C_CRITER Differentiation of Additional Information CHAR   
96 BP_C_CT_FIELD_FMOD Field Modification for Customizable Field CHAR   
97 BP_C_DATA_TYPE Dependency of Counter on Information Category/Type CHAR   
98 BP_C_DATEFR_FMOD Field Modification for From-Date CHAR   
99 BP_C_DATETO_FMOD Field Modification for To-Date CHAR   
100 BP_C_TEXT_FMOD Field Modification for Text Field CHAR   
101 BP_C_TITLE_FMOD Field Modification for Headings CHAR 20    
102 BP_C_XFELD_FMOD Field Modification for Checkbox CHAR   
103 BP_DATA_TYPE Information type NUMC   
104 BP_DEBTOR_GROUP Debtor Group According to German Law (BerVersV, Template 5) CHAR   
105 BP_DEPART Business Partner's Department CHAR   
106 BP_DIF_TYP BP: Business Partner Differentiation Category CHAR   
107 BP_DOCNR Entry Document Number NUMC 10    
108 BP_DOM_AMOUNT_HELP_FIELD Currency Amounts in BAPI Interfaces DEC 28 
109 BP_DYING_PLACE Place of Death CHAR 40    
110 BP_DYNNR Business Partner: Screen Number CHAR   
111 BP_DYNP Screen number CHAR   
112 BP_EEW_BUT051 Field Extensibility BP Contact Person Relationship CHAR   
113 BP_EEW_BUT051_SP Field Extensibility BP Service Performer Relationship CHAR   
114 BP_EEW_BUT053 Field Extensibility - BP Relationship Company Investment CHAR   
115 BP_EEW_BUT0BK Field Extensibility BP Bank Details CHAR   
116 BP_EEW_BUT0CC Field Extensibility BP Payment Cards CHAR   
117 BP_EEW_BUT0ID Field Extensibility BP Identification Numbers CHAR   
118 BP_EEW_BUT0IS Field Extensibility BP Industries CHAR   
119 BP_EEW_DUMMY Field Extensibility General BP Data CHAR   
120 BP_EMPLOYM Employment status NUMC   
121 BP_ENTITY_QUOTA BP in Meaning of Par. 4 Section 2 Asset Regulation CHAR   
122 BP_ENTITY_REPORT Legal Entity for Reporting Insurance Supervisory Law CHAR   
123 BP_EQUITY_CAPITAL Dec. field w/ 3 characters before & 2 after dec. point, sign DEC
124 BP_EXTE SAP BP Assigned Number from Conversion Table CHAR   
125 BP_FCODE Function Code Budgeting/Planning CHAR   
126 BP_FELDGR Business Partner Field Group NUMC   
127 BP_FELDMOD BP: Field Symbols for Field Control CHAR   
128 BP_FLD_TYPE Field Type of Unrestricted Field CHAR   
129 BP_FLG_DIFTYP Differentiation Type NUMC   
130 BP_FORM_COMP Legal Form of a Company CHAR   
131 BP_FUNCTN Function of Business Partner CHAR   
132 BP_GEBER FM: Sponsor/Fund CHAR 10    
133 BP_GRADE Rating CHAR 10    
134 BP_GRADE_METHOD Rating Procedure CHAR 10    
135 BP_GRADE_RANK Rank of a Rating Level CHAR   
136 BP_GRADE_TERM Term of the Valuation Procedure CHAR   
137 BP_GROUP_D Partner grouping CHAR   
138 BP_GROUP_FEATURE BP: Partner Grouping Characteristic CHAR 10    
139 BP_GRP Group key NUMC   
140 BP_GRP1 BP: Group key 1 NUMC   
141 BP_GRP_ID Business Partner Grouping CHAR   
142 BP_GRP_TYP Group Type NUMC   
143 BP_HIERID Hierarchy budgeting/planniung indicator NUMC   
144 BP_IDTYPE_D Name of Identification Category CHAR 40    
145 BP_ID_TYPE Identification Type CHAR   
146 BP_INOUT Debit type NUMC   
147 BP_JANEI Yes/No indicator (four possible entries for transfer) CHAR   
148 BP_KARDIN BP: Cardinality CHAR   
149 BP_KATEG Category CHAR   
150 BP_KEY Budget / Plan Key CHAR   
151 BP_KWG_CRE Credit standing information acc. to German Banking Law (key) NUMC   
152 BP_KWG_ORG Indicator: Loan to Manager NUMC   
153 BP_LEG_ETY Legal Form of Organization NUMC   
154 BP_LEG_ORG Legal Form of Organization NUMC   
155 BP_LET_TIT Salutation Key NUMC   
156 BP_LIABIL_RISC Liability Risk Category CHAR   
157 BP_LZB_COUNTRY_ACRONYM ISO-Alpha-2-Code for German Federal Bank Country Indicator CHAR   
158 BP_LZB_COUNTRY_KEY Numeric Code for German Federal Bank Country Indicator CHAR   
159 BP_LZB_COUNTRY_NAME Country Abbreviation for German Federal Bank Country Indic. CHAR   
160 BP_LZB_COUNTRY_TEXT Country Referred to by German Federal Bank Country Indicator CHAR 60    
161 BP_LZB_FOREIGN_STATE_ALLOWED Foreign Status Report CHAR   
162 BP_MARITAL Marital status NUMC   
163 BP_MODUS Partner-Object Relationship: Processing Mode NUMC   
164 BP_M_INC_M Business partner: Months NUMC   
165 BP_NODE_KEY Current node CHAR 12    
166 BP_OBJID Object ID for partner - object relationship CHAR 30    
167 BP_OBJID1 Object ID for partner - object relationship CHAR 30    
168 BP_OBLI Compulsory relationship CHAR   
169 BP_PARTNR Business Partner Number CHAR 10    
170 BP_PAR_REL Business partner - release indicator CHAR   
171 BP_PAVIP VIP code for contact person CHAR   
172 BP_POSIT Budget item CHAR   
173 BP_PROFIL Budget / Plan profile CHAR   
174 BP_PROJEKT Bus.Partner Conversion: Domains for Code Conversion Project NUMC   
175 BP_PROPRTY Marital property regime NUMC   
176 BP_RATING Rating indicator CHAR   
177 BP_RELAT BP: Relationship Type CHAR   
178 BP_RELNR BP relationship number CHAR 12    
179 BP_REL_TYP Business Partner Relationship Category CHAR   
180 BP_RETURN Workflow Result CHAR   
181 BP_RETURN_CAPITAL Decimal Field with 3 Predec. Places, 2 Dec. Places, +/- Sign DEC
182 BP_RISK_GROUP Risk Group CHAR   
183 BP_RL_TYP Business partner relationship category CHAR   
184 BP_ROLE Role Type CHAR   
185 BP_ROLETYP Business Partner Role Category CHAR   
186 BP_RSTAT FM Reversal Document Status CHAR   
187 BP_SEX Gender of business partner CHAR   
188 BP_SIGHT Data view NUMC   
189 BP_SIGN +/- sign for availability control CHAR   
190 BP_SOLVNCY Credit St. CHAR   
191 BP_SOL_INF Status of credit standing information CHAR   
192 BP_SOL_INS Institute providing credit standing information (key) CHAR   
193 BP_SOURCE Source Key of Business Partner Data CHAR   
194 BP_STAFF_G Employee group CHAR   
195 BP_STAN SAP BP: On Behalf of Grouping Internal/External No.Assignmnt CHAR   
196 BP_STEP Workflow release step CHAR   
197 BP_SUBVO Budget Subtype CHAR   
198 BP_TABI SAP BP Assigned No. of TR BP (if Not Yet Available) CHAR   
199 BP_TABLE Business Partner: Table Management CHAR   
200 BP_TC_DOM_APPL Application CHAR 10    
201 BP_TC_DOM_ASSET_LIAB Asset/Liability Transaction Indicator CHAR   
202 BP_TC_DOM_CAT_KEY Identification of Product Category CHAR 10    
203 BP_TC_DOM_CONTEXT Call Context CHAR 15    
204 BP_TC_DOM_EVENT_OF_LIST Total Commitment: Events for Output List CHAR 10    
205 BP_TC_DOM_GROUP_KEY Grouping Key CHAR   
206 BP_TC_DOM_GROUP_STATUS Grouping Status CHAR   
207 BP_TC_DOM_GUI_FUNCTION GUI Functions for Total Commitment Display CHAR   
209 BP_TC_DOM_MAP_TYPE BP Identification CHAR   
210 BP_TC_DOM_RLTYP Business Partner Role CHAR   
211 BP_TC_DOM_RLTYP_SET Role Set CHAR 10    
212 BP_TC_DOM_SACTIVE Activation Status CHAR   
213 BP_TC_DOM_SELVAR Selection Variant CHAR 20    
214 BP_TC_DOM_TYPE_KEY Identification of Product Type CHAR 10    
215 BP_TC_DOM_WERTV12 12-Character Value Field with +/- Sign CURR 23 
217 BP_TECH Budgeting/Planning Technique CHAR   
218 BP_TENDENCY Rating Trend CHAR   
219 BP_TEXT42 Text of Length 42 CHAR 42    
220 BP_TEXT5 Text (length 5) CHAR   
221 BP_TIME Number of years in budget/planning timeframe INT1   
222 BP_TITLE BP: Form of Address Key NUMC   
223 BP_TITLE1 Academic Title (Key) CHAR   
224 BP_TITL_LT BP: Salutation (key) NUMC   
225 BP_TRGKZ Object indicator CHAR   
226 BP_TYP Category for business partner authorization object CHAR   
227 BP_TYPE Business partner category CHAR   
229 BP_UM_USER_TYPE Type of the user as either Internal or External INT1   
230 BP_UNW_REASON Reason for Undesirability CHAR   
231 BP_VALKEY Validation Key Budget/Planning CHAR 10    
232 BP_VBELNR Document number: preliminiary planning/budgeting NUMC 10    
233 BP_VERSION Budgeting/Planning version CHAR   
234 BP_VERSN Budget/Planning version NUMC   
235 BP_VGROUP1 Availability-control activity groups, external CHAR   
236 BP_VGROUP2 Availability control transaction groups external to FIFM CHAR   
237 BP_VIEW BP: Business Partner View CHAR   
238 BP_VIP VIP Partner CHAR   
239 BP_ZEILART Line Type (Sender/Recipient) Budget/Planning NUMC   
240 BP_ZTPKT Time CHAR   
241 BP_ZTPKT_U Conversion: Time periods CHAR   
242 BQPRA Selection of source of supply on price grounds CHAR   
243 BQSCL Source of supply key CHAR   
244 BRABEZ Name CHAR 30    
245 BRACO Industry code CHAR 10    
246 BRAN Industry CHAR   
247 BRANCHE Industry CHAR 10    
248 BRANCH_KK Branch CHAR   
249 BRA_FUNC BRARCHIVE function defined by a call option CHAR   
250 BRA_PROF BRARCHIVE profile name CHAR 24    
251 BRA_VER BRARCHIVE verify option CHAR   
252 BRB_PROF BRBACKUP profile name CHAR 24    
253 BRB_VER BRBACKUP verify option CHAR   
254 BREAK Break CHAR   
255 BREFN Field selection reference key CHAR 20    
256 BREIT_C Width CHAR 17    
257 BRELGATTR Object relationship: generic attribute structure bin. relat. CHAR 250    
258 BRELRZ Indicator: posting-relevant billing line items CHAR   
259 BRENNWT Calorific value of gas (per standard cubic meter) DEC
260 BRE_DURA Duration ( DDDDHHMMSS ) CHAR 10    
261 BRE_SOLUTION Solutions CHAR 10    
262 BRFCLUSTERALIGN BRF: Network Graphics: Cluster Alignment CHAR   
263 BRFDEPFLAG BRF: Network Graphics: Display Dependent Nodes On/Off CHAR   
264 BRFEBDDVER_KK Brazil: Febraban Direct Debit Layout Version CHAR   
265 BRFFLTTYPE Reduction type of field for BAPI reduction NUMC   
266 BRFGN Workers' compensation association CHAR   
267 BRFLEGENDFLAG BRF: Network Graphics: Legend On/Off CHAR   
268 BRFLTTYPE Reduction types for reducing BAPIs NUMC   
269 BRFNM Letter Name CHAR 15    
270 BRF_ACTION BRF: Action CHAR 20    
271 BRF_APPLCLASS BRF: Application Class CHAR 30    
272 BRF_BOOLE_D BRF: Space = False, 'X' = True CHAR   
273 BRF_BOOLE_T2 BRF: True, False and Don't Care CHAR   
274 BRF_BOOL_RES_D BRF: Boolean Result (+ Identification) CHAR   
275 BRF_BUFFER_STATUS BRF: Status of Expression Buffering INT1   
276 BRF_CHANGE_FLAG BRF: Type of Change to BRF Object CHAR   
277 BRF_CHECK_STATUS BRF: Check Status INT1   
278 BRF_CLASS_CATEGORY BRF: Type of Implementing Class CHAR   
279 BRF_CLASS_ID BRF: ID of Implementation Class CHAR 20    
280 BRF_COLUMN BRF: Column Number INT1   
281 BRF_COND_16 BRF: True, False, and Don't Care, 16 Digits CHAR 16    
282 BRF_COND_32 BRF: True, False and Both, 32 Places CHAR 32    
283 BRF_CONSTANT BRF: Constant CHAR 50    
284 BRF_CONSTANT_X BRF: Not for New Development CHAR 30    
285 BRF_CONTROLLER_ID BRF: Active Controller INT4 10    
286 BRF_COUNT BRF: Count, General INT4 10    
287 BRF_CREATE_TIME BRF: Time - Obsolete; Use CRF_TIME TIMS   
288 BRF_CURR BRF Currency Field CURR 31 
289 BRF_CURSOR_FIELD BRF: Cursor Field (30+1+30 Characters) CHAR 61    
290 BRF_DATE BRF: Date DATS   
291 BRF_DEBUG_MODE BRF: Debug Mode CHAR   
292 BRF_EDIT_MODE BRF: Processing Type (Display, Change, Create ...) CHAR   
293 BRF_EVENT BRF: Event CHAR 20    
294 BRF_EXCEPTION_DETAIL BRF: Exception Description INT4 10    
295 BRF_EXPRESSION BRF: Expression CHAR 20    
296 BRF_EXPRESSION_BUFFER BRF: Buffer Setting for Expression INT1   
298 BRF_EXPRESSION_PS BRF: Expression CHAR 20    
300 BRF_FIELD Local field name CHAR 30    
301 BRF_FILTER_VALUE BRF: Filter Values for Expression/Action BAdI CHAR 30    
302 BRF_FILTER_VALUE_ACT BRF: Filter Values for Expression/Action BAdI CHAR 30    
303 BRF_FILTER_VALUE_EXP BRF: Filter Values for Expression/Action BAdI CHAR 30    
304 BRF_FLOAT BRF: Floating Point Number, General FLTP 16  16 
305 BRF_FORMULA_LINE BRF: Formula Line CHAR 255    
306 BRF_FUNCTION BRF: Function CHAR 30    
307 BRF_IMPORT_STATUS BRF: Import Status CHAR   
308 BRF_INCL_EXCL BRF: I = inclusive, E = exclusive CHAR   
309 BRF_INT1 BRF: Domain with Category INT1 INT1   
310 BRF_IS_TABLE BRF: Table or Structure CHAR   
311 BRF_LABEL_SHORT BRF: Short Text CHAR 80    
312 BRF_MARKFIELD BRF: Checkbox (for ALV Lists) CHAR   
313 BRF_MNT_CONTEXT BRF: Context of a Maintenance Object CHAR 128    
314 BRF_MSGSEQ Sequence of message variables NUMC   
315 BRF_MSGVAR BRF: Message Variable CHAR 50    
316 BRF_MSGVAR_CATEGORY BRF: Category of Message Variable CHAR   
317 BRF_MSG_DISPLAY BRF: Message Output INT1   
318 BRF_MSG_TEXT BRF: Complete Message Text CHAR 255    
319 BRF_NGR_FLAG BRF: Network Graphics: Object Also Used Elsewhere CHAR   
320 BRF_NN_ACT_FUNCTION BRF: NN - Activation Function CHAR   
321 BRF_NN_I BRF: NN - Number of Current Neuron NUMC   
322 BRF_NN_INPUT_CAT BRF: NN - Type of Input Node CHAR   
323 BRF_NN_MODEL BRF: NN - Model CHAR   
324 BRF_NN_N_INPUT BRF: NN - Number of Inputs INT4 10    
325 BRF_NN_N_OUTPUT BRF: NN - Number of Outputs INT4 10    
326 BRF_NN_OUT_FUNCTION BRF: NN - Out Function CHAR   
327 BRF_NUMBER_EXECUTIONS BRF: Number of Executions/Repetitions INT4 10    
328 BRF_OBJECT BRF: Deputy for Events, Expressions, Actions, and so on CHAR 20    
329 BRF_OBJECT_NAME BRF: Object Name for Title CHAR 30    
330 BRF_OBJ_GROUP BRF: Grouping of Rule Components CHAR 20    
331 BRF_OBJ_TYP BRF: Object Category (Replace by BRF_CLASS_CATEGORY) CHAR   
332 BRF_OPERATION3 BRF: Operation CHAR   
333 BRF_OPERATION_TYPE BRF: Operation Category CHAR   
334 BRF_OPERATOR BRF: Operator, General CHAR   
335 BRF_OPERATOR_CATEGORY BRF: Operator Category CHAR   
336 BRF_OPERATOR_PRIORITY BRF: Priority of Operator INT4 10    
337 BRF_OPERATOR_UNARY BRF: Unary Operator CHAR   
338 BRF_OP_FOEV BRF: Permitted Operators for Time Functions CHAR   
339 BRF_PARAMETER_COUNT BRF: Sequence Number of Operand (Parameter) NUMC   
340 BRF_PROGRESS_STATUS BRF: Instance Status of BRF Maintenance Class (Internal) CHAR   
341 BRF_RANGE_OPTION BRF: Permitted Relational Operator CHAR   
342 BRF_REF_DDIC_OBJECT BRF: DDIC Reference Object CHAR 30    
343 BRF_REF_DDIC_TYPE BRF: Type of Reference to DDIC Objects CHAR   
344 BRF_RESULT_LENGTH BRF: Field Length/Structure Length INT4 10    
345 BRF_RESULT_TYPE BRF: Result Type CHAR   
346 BRF_RESULT_TYPE_CAT BRF: Categorization of Result Type CHAR   
347 BRF_RULESET BRF: Rule Set CHAR 20    
349 BRF_RULE_ID_D BRF: Rule ID CHAR 64    
350 BRF_RULE_PROCESS_MODE BRF: Rule Processing Mode CHAR   
351 BRF_RULE_TYPE_D BRF: Rule Source Type CHAR   
352 BRF_RUNTIME BRF: Runtime INT4 10    
353 BRF_RUN_MODE_D BRF: Runtime Mode Domain CHAR   
354 BRF_SCREEN_STATE BRF: Status of Maintenance Screen CHAR   
356 BRF_SEQUENCE_NUMBER BRF: Sequence Number NUMC   
357 BRF_SEQUENCE_NUMBER_SHORT BRF: Short Sequence Number NUMC   
358 BRF_SHORT_TEXT BRF: General Short Text CHAR 80    
359 BRF_STACK_LEVEL BRF: Trace Hierarchy Depth INT4 10    
360 BRF_STOP_PROCESSING BRF: Controls Rule Processing at Runtime INT1   
361 BRF_STRING BRF: String for General Applications STRG   
362 BRF_SUBEVENT BRF: Subevent (Sequence Number) CHAR   
363 BRF_SUBSUBACTION BRF: Any Other Criterion for Subactions NUMC   
364 BRF_TABSTRIP_TEXT BRF: Text for Tabstrip CHAR 20    
365 BRF_TCONTEXT BRF: Technical Context CHAR 20    
366 BRF_TCONTEXT_ELEMENT BRF: Context Element in General CHAR 128    
367 BRF_TCONTEXT_ELEMENT_TYPE BRF: Type of Context Element CHAR   
368 BRF_TCONTEXT_REL_CAT BRF: Type Related to Contexts CHAR   
369 BRF_TEST_C30 BRF: General CHAR Field with 30 Characters CHAR 30    
370 BRF_TEST_CUKY BRF: Type M Currency Key CUKY   
372 BRF_TEST_ID BRF: Number of Test Data Record NUMC   
373 BRF_TEST_M BRF: Type M.10.2 CURR 10 
374 BRF_TEST_MODE BRF: Test Mode CHAR   
375 BRF_TEST_P BRF: Type P.10.3 DEC 10 
376 BRF_TEXT32_ALV Text with Length 32 for ALV Table CHAR 32    
377 BRF_TIME BRF: Time TIMS   
378 BRF_TIMESTAMP UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
379 BRF_TINY_TREE_MODE BRF: Maintenance Behavior of Simple Decision Tree CHAR   
380 BRF_TITLE BRF: Maintenance - Full Title Line CHAR 70    
381 BRF_TOKEN_TYPE BRF: Token Type CHAR   
382 BRF_TOOL_TYPE BRF:Tool Type (Workbench) CHAR   
383 BRF_TRACE_BUFFER_STATUS BRF: Buffer Status for Trace INT1   
384 BRF_TRACE_ID BRF: Trace ID INT4 10    
385 BRF_USERNAME User name in user master record CHAR 12    
386 BRF_VERSION BRF: Version NUMC   
387 BRF_VR_ACCESS_TYPE BRF: Data Access Type CHAR   
388 BRF_VR_TYPE BRF: Type of Structure (Table or Structure) CHAR   
389 BRF_WF_CONTAINER_ELEMENT_TYPE BRF: Category of Element in Container (Workflow, BOR ...) CHAR   
390 BRGEW_VEKP_C Total weight of handling unit CHAR 19    
391 BRGHIENR Hierarchy number for settlement NUMC   
392 BRGRU Authorization Group CHAR   
393 BRISTATY Static Table Classification for Bridge System CHAR   
394 BRITYPE Table Classification for Bridge System CHAR   
395 BRNET_CA Amount Entered Is Gross or Net CHAR   
396 BRNG Bearing DEC 15  12 
397 BROBJ Object CHAR   
398 BROSTMTYP_MD FS-CD: Broker Report Category CHAR   
399 BRPGROUPING_KK Grouping criterion CHAR 10    
400 BRPICONUPLOAD_ICON_INT Internal icon CHAR 10    
401 BRPPERIOD_KK Balance reporting : period (fiscal year and posting period) ACCP   
402 BRPSTATUS_KK Balance reporting : Status CHAR   
403 BRREF Industry reference CHAR   
404 BRR_BEHAVIOUR BRR: Response in Error Situation CHAR   
405 BRR_BOOLEAN BRR: Boolean Flag CHAR   
406 BRR_CFLAG Indicator for the Use of a Class CHAR   
407 BRR_ERRORMAP BRR: Comparison Result in Error Situation CHAR   
408 BRR_EXPRNAME BRR: Symbolic Name of Expression CHAR 32    
409 BRR_EXPRTYPE BRR: Type of an Expression CHAR   
410 BRR_OPERATOR BRR: Comparison Operator CHAR   
411 BRR_OPTYPE BRR: Type of Operand of a Condition CHAR   
412 BRR_PTYPE ID of Persistence Mechanism of a Rule CHAR   
413 BRR_RELAT Type of Relation Between Two Rules in BRR CHAR   
414 BRR_RESTR Limited Visibility CHAR   
415 BRR_RSTAT Release Status of a Rule CHAR   
416 BRR_RTYPE Indicator for the Technical Type of a Rule CHAR   
417 BRR_TOKENTYPE BRR: Type of Token of a Condition CHAR   
418 BRR_TTYPE Indicator for Usage of Texts CHAR   
419 BRSCH Industry key CHAR   
420 BRSTAT Industry status CHAR   
421 BRTYP Amount rule type CHAR   
422 BRUCH Ganzzahlige Integerwerte für Zähler und Nenner von Brüchen INT4 10    
423 BRWS_KEY Key for Authorizations for Data Browser CHAR 10    
424 BRWS_NAME Object Name for Authorizations in Data Browser CHAR 30    
425 BRYTH Call frequency CHAR   
426 BR_ATTYP Distribution Rule Type of Posting Rule CHAR   
427 BSAKZ Control indicator for purchasing document type CHAR   
428 BSAMBU Yes/no field CHAR   
429 BSANLY_APPLICATION Analytics Application CHAR 30    
430 BSANLY_APPLICATION_INT Analytics Application (internal) CHAR 30    
431 BSANLY_COLUMNTYPE Simple List Reporting: Column Type CHAR   
432 BSARK Customer Order Type CHAR   
433 BSART Type of purchasing document CHAR   
434 BSART_VX In-force bus.type CHAR   
435 BSAUTHOR Author CHAR 120    
436 BSAVL Available CHAR 40    
437 BSA_BO_NODE_LINK_TYPE Link type for service adaptation CHAR   
438 BSA_PATH_BUFFER_MODE Buffer mode for path CHAR   
439 BSA_PATH_CREATE_BEHAVIOR Create behavior for target node of path segment CHAR   
440 BSA_PATH_DEFAULTS_BEHAVIOR Default values behavior for target node of path segment CHAR   
441 BSA_PATH_DELETE_BEHAVIOR Delete values behavior for target node of path CHAR   
442 BSA_PATH_FILTER_MODE Filter mode for path association for service adaptation CHAR   
443 BSA_PATH_LINK_TYPE Path link type for service adaptation CHAR   
444 BSA_PATH_MAX_EDIT_MODE Maximal edit mode for path (segment) CHAR   
445 BSBP_ESA_NODE_NAME Node Name CHAR 30    
446 BSBP_RELDIR BPR: Detailed Indicator for Direction of Relationship CHAR   
447 BSCHL Posting key CHAR   
448 BSCL_PACKAGE_NAME Package name CHAR 16    
449 BSCURR Amount Payable to Bookshop CURR 15 
450 BSDM_MAPID Mapping Id for Bol Service Data manager CHAR   
451 BSDM_MAPTYPE Mapping Type for Bol Service Data manager CHAR   
452 BSELEMENT Budget structure element NUMC   
453 BSEQF Sequential number for documents NUMC   
454 BSETI Info set number CHAR   
455 BSEXT External purchase orders allowed CHAR   
456 BSFAK "Material to be provided" factor DEC 10    
457 BSFC_ACTIVE Structured facts capture - suspense flag CHAR   
458 BSFC_ANSWER Structured facts capture answer CHAR   
459 BSFC_APPLICATION Structured facts capture - application CHAR   
460 BSFC_CAT Facts capture category CHAR   
461 BSFC_HIERARCHY Structured facts capture hierarchy for multiple answer mode INT1   
462 BSFC_ICL_SUBOBJCAT Claim Subobject Category CHAR   
463 BSFC_NEXTQUESTION Next question CHAR   
464 BSFC_NO_UNKNOWN Facts Capture: Radio Button "Unknown" Deactivated CHAR   
465 BSFC_QPOSITION Sequence of starting questions NUMC   
466 BSFC_QUESEQ Facts capture: Question sequence CHAR   
467 BSFC_QUESTION Structured facts capture question CHAR   
468 BSFC_VERSION Version of question sequence NUMC   
469 BSFC_XFREETEXT Domain for free text field with fixed values CHAR   
470 BSGRD Capacity Utilization Level DEC
471 BSGRP_VX In-force business group - pension funds CHAR   
472 BSGRU Reason for ordering CHAR   
474 BSIEEIND BSI: Employee Indicator NUMC   
476 BSIELSTIND BSI: Elected State Indicator CHAR   
477 BSIEMPLYEIND BSI 8.0 - Employee Indicator NUMC   
478 BSIEMPTYPE BSI: Employee Type CHAR   
479 BSIERIND BSI: Employer Indicator NUMC   
480 BSIEXEMPTST BSI Exemption Status CHAR   
481 BSIGARNDUR BSI: Garnishment Duration CHAR   
482 BSIGARNLMPSUMIND BSI: Garnishment Lump Sum Indicator CHAR   
483 BSIGARNLMTIND BSI: Garnishment Limit Indicator CHAR   
484 BSIHASSOE BSI: HasSOE Parameter CHAR   
485 BSILMPSIND BSI: Lump Sum Indicator CHAR   
486 BSIMESGLVL BSI: Message Level CHAR   
487 BSINT Internal purchase orders allowed CHAR   
488 BSIORDAMTF BSI: Ordered Amount Flag CHAR   
489 BSIRNDINDI BSI: Rounding Indicator CHAR   
490 BSISELSTIND BSI 8.0: Selected State Indicator CHAR   
491 BSISTATRYEMP BSI: Statutory Employee Parameter CHAR   
492 BSITAXENIND BSI 8.0: Tax Enacted Indicator - Char 1 CHAR   
494 BSITYPDEBT BSI: Type Of Debt CHAR   
495 BSIT_RATE BSI: Rate decimal 7 with 6 positions DEC
496 BSIVARIANT BSI: Variant CHAR 100    
497 BSIVOCTION BSI: Vocation CHAR   
498 BSIYESNO BSI: 0 = NO 1 = Yes CHAR   
499 BSI_AMOUNT BSI 5.0: Transfer data in char.format for C type BSI_AMOUNT CHAR 24    
500 BSI_AUTH BSI Tax authority CHAR