SAP ABAP Domain - Index B, page 11
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 BUPLA Business Place CHAR   
2 BUPOS Budget item CHAR 14    
3 BUPRD Product value for appraisal criterion DEC   
4 BUP_ACTIVITY BP: Activity (for Formatting Properties) CHAR   
5 BUP_ACTVT SAP BP: Activity for Authorization Check CHAR   
8 BUP_OP_HOURS_CATEGORY BP: Indicator of Operating Hours Category CHAR   
9 BUP_OP_HOURS_HOST BP: Host for Operating Hours CHAR   
10 BUP_PART_LOCK_SHARED_OWNER BP: User of Shared Locks for Business Partner CHAR 30    
11 BUP_PART_LOCK_SHARED_USAGE BP: Use of Shared Locks for Business Partner STRG   
12 BUP_PRIORITY Processing Priority NUMC   
13 BUP_PROPERTY BP: Field Property NUMC   
14 BUP_RELDIR BP Rel.: Detailed Indicator for Direction of a Relationship CHAR   
15 BUP_TRANSACTION_STATUS Status of Transaction Process NUMC   
16 BUP_XPARTNER BPR: Indicator for Assigned Partner CHAR   
17 BURB_CALCRULE Calculation Rule for Revenue Increasing the Budget CHAR   
18 BURB_CHECKIND Indicator for Checks With RIB Rules CHAR   
19 BURB_LOWLIMTYPE Type of Lower Limit in a Calculation Rule (RIB) CHAR   
21 BURB_RECIND Type of Receiver for Revenue Increasing the Budget CHAR   
22 BURB_RECNR Sequential Number for Receivers in the RIB Process NUMC   
23 BURB_ROACTSTAT Activation Status of Reference Object for RIB (RIB Object) CHAR   
24 BURB_TRANSGRP Transaction group for RIB CHAR   
25 BURB_UPPLIMTYPE Type of Upper Limit in a Calculation Rule (RIB) CHAR   
26 BURNH Burning hour for lighting unit DEC
27 BURNHMT Type of burning hour maintenance CHAR   
28 BURS_EI_VERSION_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Address Version Type CHAR   
29 BUR_EI_ADDRESS_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Address (Relationships) CHAR   
30 BUR_EI_GENERAL_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator General Relationship Data CHAR   
31 BUR_EI_OBJECT_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Relationships CHAR   
33 BUR_OVERVIEW_ID Private: View in Relationship Overview CHAR   
34 BUR_VALIDITY_ID SAP BP Dialog: Validity Type CHAR   
35 BUSAB Accounting clerk number CHAR   
36 BUSCASE Acc: List of business transactions CHAR   
37 BUSINESS_AGREEMENT Business agreement CHAR 12    
38 BUSINESS_AGREEMENT_UI Business agreement CHAR 12    
39 BUSPA_TYPE Business Partner Category CHAR   
40 BUSPRO_ITAGCY Business Transaction for Creation of Open Items Agency Coll. CHAR   
41 BUSTGR Börsenumsatzsteuergruppe CHAR   
42 BUSTM Posting string: Quantities CHAR   
43 BUSTR Posting string reference CHAR   
44 BUSTW Posting string values CHAR   
45 BUS_DA_SELECT_VARIANT Variant for Selection of Data to be Archived CHAR 10    
46 BUS_EI_COMMON_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indic. Time-Dependent Central Data CHAR   
47 BUS_EI_HOURS_TASK External Interface: Domain for Date Task CHAR   
48 BUS_EI_STATUS_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Status CHAR   
49 BUS_EI_TAXCLASS_TASK External Interface BP : Task for Tax Classification CHAR   
50 BUS_EI_TDAR_TASK External Interface: Domains for Appointment Task CHAR   
51 BUS_EVENT Business Transaction Event (Publish & Subscribe Interface) CHAR   
52 BUS_LOCATOR_OPTIONS Locator Settings: Options CHAR   
53 BUS_PROC Business Transaction Event: Process Interface CHAR   
54 BUS_STATUS_TYPE Business Partner: Status Type CHAR   
55 BUTAG Posting day within period DEC   
56 BUTB_LINESTATE State of a line in budget totals buffer CHAR   
57 BUTCOL_MODE Visibility of Button and Associated Column CHAR   
58 BUTGR Budget type group CHAR   
59 BUTP_APPLICATION filter for TP BADI CHAR 15    
60 BUTX_TAX_GROUP Tax Group CHAR 20    
62 BUTX_TAX_TYPE_TEXT Tax Type Description CHAR 40    
63 BUTX_TGRP Tax Group CHAR 20    
64 BUTX_TTYPE Tax Type CHAR   
65 BUTX_TTYPT Tax Type Description CHAR 40    
66 BUTX_V4BP Indicator: Tax Type Valid for Business Partner CHAR   
67 BUTX_V4PR Indicator: Tax Type Valid for Product CHAR   
68 BUTX_VALID_4_BP Applicable to Business Partners CHAR   
69 BUTX_VALID_4_PROD Applicable to Products CHAR   
70 BUT_QKURZTEXT Short text quality system CHAR 40    
71 BUVAR Company code variants (screen) CHAR   
72 BUVORG Posting procedure Asset Accounting CHAR   
73 BUX_SCR_FINDBY Filter Label: Find by CHAR 25    
74 BUZCM Line item schema CHAR 15    
75 BUZEI Line item NUMC   
76 BUZEI6 Line item NUMC   
77 BU_ABLSO Change document sort sequence CHAR   
78 BU_ABSNR BP section CHAR   
79 BU_ABTNR Department CHAR   
80 BU_ACTCN Business partner control: Configuration activity CHAR   
81 BU_ACTCNWHU BDT Where-Used List: Configuration Activity CHAR   
82 BU_ACTION Action CHAR   
83 BU_ACTION_TBZ0M BDT activity CHAR   
84 BU_ACTIV_FSTAT GUI Function Active and Visible (Depending on Field Group) CHAR   
85 BU_ACTYP SAP BP: Activity Type CHAR   
86 BU_ADDRTYPE BP Address Types for Key Conversions CHAR   
87 BU_ADDR_STYPE Address Search Type CHAR   
88 BU_ADEXT Address number in external system CHAR 20    
89 BU_ADRID Address ID NUMC   
90 BU_ADRKIND BP: Address type CHAR 10    
91 BU_AKTYP Activity Category CHAR   
92 BU_APPLI Business partner application CHAR   
93 BU_APPL_DESC Application Description CHAR 80    
94 BU_APPL_NAME Application name CHAR 10    
95 BU_APPL_RV Application Rule Variant CHAR 12    
96 BU_AUGRP Authorization Group CHAR   
97 BU_AUOBJ Authorization Group Object CHAR 10    
98 BU_AUTYP BP authorization type CHAR   
99 BU_BKCCNAME Freely-Definable Name for Bank/Credit Card CHAR 40    
100 BU_BKKIND BP: Usage Type for Bank Details CHAR 10    
101 BU_CALLBY SAP BP: Used in the interface of BAdI BUPA_ MASK_LIST_ITEM CHAR   
102 BU_CALL_TYPE Value to determine call type CHAR   
103 BU_CARDIN Cardinality NUMC   
104 BU_CHAR50 Character field length 50 - lowercase CHAR 50    
105 BU_CHIND Type of change (U, I, D, M) CHAR   
106 BU_CODFTTR Indicator: Transfer differentiation type specifications CHAR   
107 BU_COLSTAT BDT Message Handler: Message Modes CHAR   
108 BU_COMM_TYPE Communication channel CHAR 30    
109 BU_COMPANY_CONTROL Indicator: Shareholder controls company/partnership CHAR   
110 BU_CONSVAL Consider Validity CHAR   
111 BU_CONTACT Business partner: Contact permission CHAR   
112 BU_CONTEXT BDT: Business context where-used list CHAR   
113 BU_CRTIME Unblocking Request Time TIMS   
114 BU_DESC_TEXT Description for the reason CHAR 256    
115 BU_DEV_OBJECT BP Developments: Application Object CHAR 10    
116 BU_DFREL Maintenance of Standard Relationship Indicator Permitted CHAR   
117 BU_DFTELEM Differentiation type elements CHAR   
118 BU_DFTYP Differentiation Type CHAR   
119 BU_DIALOG_JOEL_EXIT_ID SAP BP Dialog: Key of a Dialog Extension CHAR   
120 BU_DIALOG_MODE SAP BP Dialog: Dialog Mode CHAR   
121 BU_DIRREL Direction of a Relatinship NUMC   
122 BU_DNC_STATUS Status of an Entry in the "Do Not Call" List CHAR   
123 BU_DNC_TYPE Object Type in Which the Telephone Number Is Used CHAR   
124 BU_DTE_BKR Differentiation type element like company code CHAR   
125 BU_DTE_SPR Differentiation type element like division CHAR   
126 BU_DTE_VKO Differentiation Type Element Like Sales Organization CHAR   
127 BU_DTE_VTW Differentiation type element like distribution channel CHAR   
128 BU_DUAL_OBJ Object id where dual control would be imposed. CHAR 10    
129 BU_DUAL_STS Status of dual control CHAR   
130 BU_DYART Screen type CHAR   
131 BU_DYNID Screen CHAR   
132 BU_DYTYP Screen type CHAR   
133 BU_EI_ADDRESSREMARK_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Address Remark CHAR   
134 BU_EI_ADDRESSUSAGE_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Address Usage CHAR   
135 BU_EI_ADDRESS_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Address CHAR   
136 BU_EI_BANKDETAIL_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Bank Details CHAR   
137 BU_EI_COMMUSAGE_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Communication Usage CHAR   
138 BU_EI_COMREM_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Communication Remark CHAR   
139 BU_EI_CREDITCARD_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Credit Card CHAR   
140 BU_EI_CURRENTLY_VALID External Interface: Data Currently Valid CHAR   
141 BU_EI_FAX_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Fax Number CHAR   
142 BU_EI_FRAGMENT Fragment Name CHAR 40    
143 BU_EI_IBAN_ONLY External Interface: Data in Source System IBAN only CHAR   
144 BU_EI_IDENTIFICATION_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Identification Numbers CHAR   
145 BU_EI_INDUSTRYSECTOR_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Industries CHAR   
146 BU_EI_LONGTEXT_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Long Text CHAR   
147 BU_EI_OBJ_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Object CHAR   
148 BU_EI_PAG_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Pager CHAR   
149 BU_EI_PRT_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Printer CHAR   
150 BU_EI_RESPY_TASK Change Indicator for Responsibility CHAR   
151 BU_EI_RFC_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator RFC Destination CHAR   
152 BU_EI_RML_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Remote Mail CHAR   
153 BU_EI_ROLE_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Role CHAR   
154 BU_EI_SEPA_MANDATE_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator SEPA MANDATES CHAR   
155 BU_EI_SMTP_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator SMTP CHAR   
156 BU_EI_SSF_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator SSF CHAR   
157 BU_EI_TAXCLASSIFICATION_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Tax Classification CHAR   
158 BU_EI_TAXNUMBER_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Tax Number CHAR   
159 BU_EI_TEL_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Telephone Number CHAR   
160 BU_EI_TEMPLATE_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Template Assignment CHAR   
161 BU_EI_TIME_DEPENDENT External Interface: Data in Source System Time-Dependent CHAR   
162 BU_EI_TLX_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Telex Number CHAR   
163 BU_EI_TTX_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator Teletex Number CHAR   
164 BU_EI_URI_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator FTP and URL CHAR   
165 BU_EI_VERSION_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Address Version CHAR   
166 BU_EI_X400_TASK External Interface: Change Indicator X.400 CHAR   
167 BU_EMPLO Employer CHAR 35    
168 BU_EXTPART External business partner ID CHAR 15    
169 BU_FCODE GUI Function Code CHAR 20    
170 BU_FELDMOD Central BP: Field symbols for field control CHAR   
171 BU_FELDNM CBP: Field name CHAR 30    
172 BU_FLDGR Business partner field group NUMC   
173 BU_FLDSTAT Field status CHAR   
174 BU_FLDSTLS_L SAP BP: Field Status Bar (Type String) STRG   
175 BU_FMDCRIT BP Field grouping criterion CHAR 10    
176 BU_FNCALL Call event function module CHAR   
177 BU_FNKEY BP: Function key NUMC   
178 BU_FRGID BDT: ID of external interface CHAR 10    
179 BU_GPTYP Business partner category CHAR   
180 BU_GROUP Business partner grouping CHAR   
181 BU_GRPTYP Business partner group CHAR   
182 BU_HAS_AUTHORITY Indicator: User Has Authorization CHAR   
183 BU_IDENT_CASETYPE SAP BP: Uppercase and Lowercase Attribute for ID Types CHAR   
184 BU_ID_CATEGORY BP Identification Category CHAR   
186 BU_ILMOBJ Bequeathing ILM Object Name CHAR 30    
187 BU_INDSECT Industry sector CHAR 10    
188 BU_INDSECTOR Industry Keys CHAR 10    
189 BU_INFCT Responsible local court CHAR 30    
190 BU_ISDEF Default Industry Code CHAR   
191 BU_ISTDEF Default Industry Type CHAR   
192 BU_ISTYPE Industry System CHAR   
193 BU_IS_ORG_CENTRE Indicator: Business Partner Is also OrgCentre CHAR   
194 BU_JOBGR Occupation/group CHAR   
195 BU_KIND BP: Business Partner Type CHAR   
196 BU_KOINH Account Holder Name CHAR 60    
197 BU_LEGAL_ORG Legal entity of organization CHAR   
198 BU_LEGENTY Legal form CHAR   
199 BU_LFDNR INT4, without +/- sign INT4 10    
200 BU_LGNUM Identification number of legitimation document CHAR 16    
201 BU_LGTYP Legitimation CHAR   
203 BU_LOCATOR_TEXT Private: Domain for BU_LOCATOR_TEXT CHAR 40    
204 BU_MACO25 Business partner name (UPPERCASE for matchcode) CHAR 25    
205 BU_MARST Marital status CHAR   
206 BU_MASK_FLAG Mask Flag CHAR   
207 BU_MCNAME1_GK Search Help Field 1 (Name 1/Last Name Upper/Lower Case) CHAR 35    
208 BU_MCNAME2_GK Search Help Field 2 (Name2/First Name Upper/Lower Case) CHAR 35    
209 BU_MC_CITY_GK Place Name in Upper/Lower Case for SAP BP Search Help CHAR 40    
210 BU_MC_STRT_GK Street Name in Upper/Lower Case for SAP BP Search Help CHAR 60    
211 BU_MNLID Menu Bar NUMC   
212 BU_NAME Name field for business partner CHAR 40    
213 BU_NAMEGNT Generation type for name format CHAR   
214 BU_NATURAL_PERSON Indicator: Business Partner is a Natural Person CHAR   
215 BU_NATURAL_PERSON_IPI Indicator: Business Partner is a Natural Person CHAR   
216 BU_NATXT CBP: Message text CHAR 73    
217 BU_NAT_PERSON Indicator: Business Partner is a Natural Person CHAR   
218 BU_NODE Current node CHAR 10    
219 BU_NODED Placeholder node CHAR 10    
221 BU_NODE_DESCRIPTION_LONG Description of a Hierarchy Node CHAR 61    
222 BU_NODE_SEARCH_TERM Search Term for Hierarchy Node CHAR 20    
223 BU_NUM Business partner number range CHAR   
224 BU_OBJAP BP control: Application object CHAR   
225 BU_OBJAPWHU BDT Where-Used List: Application Object CHAR   
226 BU_OBJAP_TD BP: Application for Distributing Time-Dependent Data CHAR   
227 BU_OBJCN BP control object CHAR   
228 BU_OBJCT Object Description CHAR 10    
229 BU_OBJECTID Business partner: ID of assigned object CHAR   
230 BU_OBJECTNUMBER Business partner: Number of assigned object CHAR 20    
231 BU_OBJECT_ID Object ID CHAR 10    
232 BU_OBJKEY Name of key for screen configuration CHAR 30    
233 BU_OBJTYP Object Type CHAR 10    
234 BU_ONLY_BLOCKED To show blocked partner CHAR   
235 BU_OPERATI Indicator: Operation CHAR   
236 BU_OPERATION Transaction for BP Address Determination CHAR   
237 BU_OPERATION_BK Transaction for Detemining BP Bank Details CHAR   
238 BU_OPI_COMM_TYPE Business Partner Communication Type for OPI Interface CHAR   
239 BU_OPTION Operation for selection choice CHAR   
240 BU_ORDER Change Sequence CHAR   
241 BU_ORG_ADDR_ORIGIN Origin of the Organization Part of a Workplace Address CHAR   
242 BU_PAAUTH Partner's Authority CHAR   
243 BU_PAFKT Function of partner CHAR   
244 BU_PARTER Business Partners CHAR 10    
245 BU_PARTNER Business partners CHAR 10    
246 BU_PARTNER_FS Business Partner CHAR 10    
247 BU_PARTNER_UUID BP-APIs: UUID for Business Partner (Char 36) CHAR 36    
248 BU_PARTPOS Partner Position CHAR   
250 BU_PCDCNT BDT: Number of Planned Changes to be Activated NUMC   
251 BU_PERCENT Percentage Value. DEC
252 BU_POSITION Domain for Position Number NUMC   
253 BU_PRGMEM BDT DC: Template Type CHAR   
254 BU_PRINT_MODE Business Partner Print Format CHAR   
255 BU_PROPRTY Marital property regime CHAR   
256 BU_PUR_CMPL_STATUS Purpose Completion Indicator CHAR   
257 BU_RECORD BDT Archiv.: Record loaded from archive LCHR 8192    
258 BU_RELDESCR Description of a Relationship Category for a Direction CHAR 50    
260 BU_RELKIND BP Relationship type CHAR   
261 BU_RELMODE Session for relationship maintenance CHAR   
262 BU_RELNR BP relationship number CHAR 12    
263 BU_RELTYP BP relationship cat. CHAR   
265 BU_REQ_BLK_MG Domain : Flag to display the block message CHAR   
266 BU_REQ_BLK_MSG Domain : Flag to display the block message CHAR   
267 BU_REQ_STATUS Unblocking Status CHAR   
268 BU_RES_UNBLOCK Description code for the reason CHAR   
269 BU_RLEXCLGR BP Role Exclusion Grouping CHAR   
270 BU_RLGR BP Role Grouping CHAR   
271 BU_RLGRCAT BP Role Grouping Category CHAR   
272 BU_RLTGR BDT: Object part grouping CHAR   
273 BU_RLTYP BDT: Object part CHAR   
274 BU_ROLE BP Role CHAR   
275 BU_ROLECAT BP Role Category CHAR   
276 BU_ROLEEXIST Flag for Role CHAR   
277 BU_ROLEVAL Consider Validity CHAR   
278 BU_SCHEDULE_TYPE Schedule Type CHAR   
279 BU_SCRSL Indicator: Display screen selection in initial screen CHAR   
280 BU_SC_RULEID Text Length 25 CHAR 25    
281 BU_SETID BDT: Data part CHAR   
282 BU_SEX Gender CHAR   
283 BU_SEXID Gender of a business partner CHAR   
284 BU_SICHT Business partner view CHAR   
285 BU_SIGN Include/exclude indicator for selection CHAR   
286 BU_SITYP CBP: View category CHAR   
287 BU_SORT1 Sort field CHAR 20    
288 BU_SORTF Indicator: Sort sequence CHAR   
289 BU_SORT_STATUS Status I (Interim) and F (Final) CHAR   
290 BU_SOURCE Source of business partner data CHAR   
291 BU_STATUS Status I (Interim) and F (Final) CHAR   
293 BU_SUSIR BDT: Indicator for transaction entry via search screen CHAR   
294 BU_TASK Maintanence of Business Partner CHAR   
295 BU_TEXT15 FieldLabel CHAR 15    
296 BU_TEXT40 FieldLabel CHAR 40    
297 BU_TEXT50 Text of Length 50 With Lower Case Characters CHAR 50    
298 BU_TIMDEP Time constraint CHAR   
299 BU_TIMESTAMP_CHAR Screen: Time Stamp in Character View CHAR 20    
300 BU_TIMEWHU Where-Used List: Validity Period CHAR   
301 BU_TODO_ID Choice on the TODO Tab CHAR   
302 BU_TRDYN Business partner screen container NUMC   
304 BU_TXT10000 BP: Text with length 10000 CHAR 10000    
305 BU_TXT15000 BP: Data Container of Length 15000 CHAR 15000    
306 BU_TXT2000 BP: Text with length 2000 CHAR 2000    
307 BU_TXT2050 BP: Text with length 2050 CHAR 2050    
308 BU_TXT4500 BP: Text length 4500 CHAR 4500    
309 BU_TXT5000 BP: Text with length 5000 CHAR 5000    
310 BU_TXT9000 BP: Text with length 9000 CHAR 9000    
311 BU_TYPE Business partner category CHAR   
312 BU_UNIT For days, month and year CHAR   
313 BU_UPDFLAG Change Indicator for Address Transfer Structures CHAR   
314 BU_VARIANT View of tree where-used list CHAR 10    
315 BU_VARNR Screen Variant CHAR   
316 BU_VARTP Screen sequence category CHAR   
317 BU_WP_ADDR_KIND Address Type for a Workplace Address CHAR 10    
318 BU_WP_OPERATION Operation for BP Workplace Address Determination CHAR   
319 BU_XACTVFN Indicator: Call Function Module CHAR   
320 BU_XPCPT Business Purpose Completed Flag (X = True, Space = false) CHAR   
321 BU_YEAR Year NUMC   
322 BU_ZEILE CBP: Status bar NUMC   
323 BU_ZTPKT Event CHAR   
324 BV281 Code for 281 tax slip CHAR   
325 BVALD Boolean CHAR   
326 BVAR Processing variant CHAR   
327 BVBDR Amount (HR Industrial Insurance Board) DEC
328 BVBET Nationality CHAR   
329 BVCAT Type of family income CHAR   
330 BVECH Profession spouse CHAR   
331 BVENF Number of children NUMC   
332 BVFAM Marital status CHAR   
333 BVINT Internal sequence CHAR   
334 BVMRK Processing indicator (tasks) CHAR   
335 BVNEDICACTION Action Indicator CHAR   
336 BVNEDICDELINDIC Deletion Indicator CHAR   
337 BVNEDICINDBUOM Indicator: Quantity in Base Unit of Measure CHAR   
338 BVNEDICLG_POSNR Empties Item Number NUMC   
339 BVNEDICMESSAGE Error Message Exists CHAR   
340 BVNEDICSTRUC_CAT Structure Category for Material Relationship CHAR   
341 BVNEDICVG_POSNR Full Product Item Number NUMC   
342 BVNEDIC_TMP_ITEM Temporary Item Number NUMC   
343 BVORG Intercompany transaction number CHAR 16    
344 BVPCT Fixed Advanced Business Tax Percentage DEC
345 BVRED Reduction type CHAR   
346 BVRKO_KK Bank clearing account number CHAR 10    
347 BVSCH Pension fund CHAR   
348 BVSEQ Coupling sequence for SI-tape specification CHAR   
349 BVSUI Sequence code for SI-tape CHAR   
350 BVTAX Type tax calculation CHAR   
351 BVTYP Indicator for the use of bank data CHAR   
352 BVVAK Leave regulation tax CHAR   
354 BVW_DOM_LAYER Layer 0...n CHAR   
355 BW02_C30 SAPoffice WWW: Text field, length 30 CHAR 30    
356 BW02_C64 SAPoffice WWW: Text field, length 64 CHAR 64    
357 BW02_C8 SAPoffice WWW: text field, length 8 CHAR   
358 BW02_DATE WWW: Date char 10 CHAR 10    
359 BW02_DEPTH SAPoffice: Nesting depth for folder NUMC   
360 BW02_ERROR SAPoffice WWW: Error text CHAR 128    
361 BW02_FCODE SAPoffice WWW: Function code CHAR   
362 BW02_FLAG SAPoffice WWW: Flag CHAR   
363 BW02_KEY SAPoffice WWW: Frame key CHAR 132    
364 BW02_TASK SAPoffice WWW: Action to be performed CHAR 16    
365 BW02_TEXT SAPoffice WWW: Text field CHAR 128    
366 BWABS Valuation: Depreciation CHAR   
367 BWAFAFLAG Flag if Entry was Read CHAR   
368 BWAFCOMPOCNT Reference Key for Component NUMC   
369 BWAFCOMPONENT Name of a Client Component CHAR 100    
370 BWAFDEFA Default CHAR   
371 BWAFERRDATE Date of an Error DATS   
372 BWAFFLAG WAF: Protection Flag for Manual Changes CHAR   
373 BWAFIBODY WAF:Unstructured Flow Transfer Struct. for Inbound Container CHAR 334    
374 BWAFLINECNT Counter for Lines of a Message NUMC   
375 BWAFLOGTXT WAF: Log Text CHAR 120    
376 BWAFMETHOD WAF: Method Executed After the Synchronization CHAR 32    
377 BWAFMSGCNT Counter for Messages NUMC   
378 BWAFMSGTEXT Text of a Line of a Message CHAR 255    
379 BWAFMSGTYPE Message Type CHAR   
380 BWAFPASSPORT Passport to Identify a Process CHAR 50    
381 BWAFSTATE Installation Status CHAR   
382 BWAFSYBODY WAF: Memory Space-Optimized Version for Body Sync. Container CHAR 309    
383 BWAFSYVAL Value of Container Element CHAR 255    
384 BWAF_OWNER WAF: Owner of Synchronization Container CHAR 40    
385 BWAF_TYPE WAF: Type of Synchronization Container CHAR 12    
386 BWAGR Movement type group for stock analysis CHAR   
387 BWAGRP Asset transaction type group CHAR   
388 BWAKON Transaction type consolidation CHAR   
389 BWAREA Classification of BAPI sub-object CHAR   
390 BWART Movement type CHAR   
391 BWASL Asset transaction type CHAR   
392 BWASL_SP Type for Special Transactions Types for Japanese Tax Report CHAR   
393 BWATYP Transaction type category CHAR   
394 BWBER FI depreciation areas CHAR   
395 BWBER_KK FI-CA Valuation Areas CHAR   
396 BWENF Number of children NUMC   
397 BWERA Source determination type CHAR   
398 BWERTADM Calculation of calorific value CHAR 20    
399 BWE_PLCS_TASK_ORIGIN Origin of task inplanned cost extraction CHAR   
402 BWFIAA_SREP_TRANSTYPEGROUP Grouping of Transaction Types CHAR   
404 BWHR Currency amount corresponds with domain WERT7 CURR 13 
405 BWHR_V Currency amount, corresponds to domain WERT7 with +/- sign CURR 13 
406 BWINR Foreign trade: Customs approval number CHAR 20    
407 BWITP Foreign trade: Type of approval number CHAR   
408 BWKEY Valuation key CHAR   
409 BWKRS Field for entering valuation area CHAR   
410 BWKRS_CUS Valuation area setting CHAR   
411 BWKURS Security price for unit quotation CURR 13 
412 BWLVS Movemement Type WM NUMC   
413 BWLVS_R2 Movement Type LVS Relevant for Inventory Management Posting CHAR   
414 BWMET Valuation method for open item foreign currency valuation CHAR   
415 BWMET_KK Valuation method for open item foreign currency valuation CHAR   
416 BWMODE Instance of Data Flow CHAR   
417 BWMOD_CUS Valuation grouping code active/not active CHAR   
418 BWOBJECT BW Object CHAR 40    
420 BWOM2_TIME_MIN Time difference in minutes NUMC   
421 BWOMBELKZ CO debit/credit indicator CHAR   
422 BWOMLINENUM Report Row Number NUMC   
423 BWPLV_KK Valuation Plan Variant CHAR   
424 BWPY1_RESULT DataSource 0HR_PY_1: Criterion for Assignment to BW Month CHAR   
425 BWSCA Supply source type CHAR   
426 BWSCL Source of supply key ISR (no longer used) CHAR   
427 BWSD_BLOCKMODE Mode for Processing by Block CHAR   
428 BWSD_BLOCKTP Type of Bloc Administration CHAR   
429 BWSD_CITTP Element Type of Collection CHAR   
430 BWSD_CLASS Data Classes CHAR   
431 BWSD_CONFIGTP Configuration Type CHAR   
432 BWSD_CVIEWMODE Display Mode for Object Collection CHAR   
433 BWSD_DACTION Action on Data CHAR   
434 BWSD_DBOBJTP Type of Repository Object for Transfer CHAR   
435 BWSD_DESTTP Destination Type CHAR   
436 BWSD_EXEMODE Execution Mode CHAR   
437 BWSD_EXMODE Exception Modes CHAR 10    
438 BWSD_EXTOPIC Exception Topic CHAR 10    
439 BWSD_EXTYPE Exception Types CHAR 10    
440 BWSD_FORMAT Data format CHAR   
441 BWSD_GUID Internal Key RAW 16    
442 BWSD_ITEMTP Type of Data Object CHAR   
443 BWSD_KIND Data Types CHAR   
444 BWSD_LOCATION Location for Transfer CHAR   
445 BWSD_LOCKTP Type for Lock Processing CHAR   
446 BWSD_LOCTYPE Location Type CHAR   
447 BWSD_LOGLEVEL Log Levels INT1   
448 BWSD_LOGMODE Log Modes CHAR 10    
450 BWSD_LVLPARAMTP Level Parameter Type CHAR   
451 BWSD_NGRAPHTP Type of Netgraph CHAR   
452 BWSD_OBJPARAMTP Object Parameter Type CHAR   
453 BWSD_OBJTYPE Object Type CHAR   
454 BWSD_PARAMTP Parameter Type CHAR   
455 BWSD_PATHTP Path Type CHAR   
456 BWSD_PHASE Transfer Phases CHAR   
457 BWSD_PROCESS Process Step During Transfer CHAR   
459 BWSD_PROCESSSTATE Processing Status CHAR   
460 BWSD_PROCESSTP Process Types CHAR 10    
461 BWSD_SOBJTPGP Group for Scenario Object Types CHAR   
462 BWSD_STATE Object State CHAR   
463 BWSD_STATETP Status Type CHAR   
464 BWSD_TASKTP Type for manual task CHAR 10    
465 BWSD_TPARAMTP Transfer Parameter Type CHAR   
466 BWSD_TRANSFERSTATE Transfer Status CHAR   
467 BWSD_TRANSTP Transformation Type CHAR   
468 BWSD_TSTATETP Type for Finding Status of Transfer CHAR   
469 BWSD_VERSION Version CHAR   
470 BWST BW Status NUMC   
471 BWSTAT BW Status CHAR   
472 BWSTRAT CO Object: Valuation Strategy for Activity Allocation CHAR   
473 BWTAA General valuation type (also batch number) CHAR 10    
474 BWTAR Valuation type CHAR 10    
475 BWTRIG_CRMODE_KK Creation Mode of BI Extraction Order CHAR   
476 BWTRIG_EXSTAT_KK Extraction Status CHAR   
477 BWTTY Valuation Category CHAR   
478 BWUC_STATUS Update status CHAR   
479 BWUPDMOD_KK BW Delta Procedure: Update Mode (Copy of RODMUPDMOD) CHAR   
480 BWUZZADM Combination of calorific value and volume correction factor CHAR 33    
481 BWVAR_KK FI-CA Valuation Variant CHAR   
482 BWVERF Calorific value procedure CHAR   
483 BWVOR Procurement method CHAR   
484 BWWF_DATA Binary data vector contents CHAR 255    
485 BWWF_FLAG Indicator CHAR   
486 BWWF_LEN Output data vector length CHAR   
487 BWWF_MKEY MIME type assignment conversion key CHAR 32    
488 BWWF_MTYPE MIME Type CHAR 255    
489 BWWF_NAME Input parameter name CHAR 32    
490 BWWF_VALUE Input parameter value CHAR 255    
491 BWZPT Point of valuation CHAR   
492 BWZUS Valuation: Appreciation CHAR   
493 BW_AP_STATUS Appraisal status NUMC   
494 BW_BICS_INA_CATT_PREFIX Prefix for the CATT Trace CHAR 10    
495 BW_BICS_INA_CODE Password CHAR 40    
496 BW_BICS_INA_HOST Host CHAR 128    
498 BW_BICS_INA_SERVICE Service CHAR 40    
499 BW_BICS_INA_TEST_DESCR Test Data Description CHAR 60    
500 BW_BICS_INA_TEST_ID Test Data Identifier CHAR 30