SAP ABAP Domain - Index B, page 4
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 BBP_I_SUBTYPE Specification of a BusinessDocumentItem CHAR   
2 BBP_JV_BILIND Billing Indicator CHAR   
3 BBP_JV_CONDCOD JV Condition Code CHAR   
4 BBP_JV_RECINDI Internal recovery indicator CHAR   
5 BBP_J_1AACTSS Transaction key social insurance CHAR   
6 BBP_J_1ADOCCLS Official document class CHAR   
7 BBP_J_1ADTYP Distribution type for gross income tax CHAR   
8 BBP_J_1AFITP Fiscal type CHAR   
9 BBP_J_1AGICD2 Activity indicator for gross income CHAR   
10 BBP_J_1AINDXP Inflation Index CHAR   
11 BBP_J_1ANOPG Number of pages NUMC   
12 BBP_J_1ATOID Identification type CHAR   
13 BBP_J_1AUDATEP To Date (Last Date of Period ) DATS   
14 BBP_J_1BINDUS3 CFOP category of the material CHAR   
15 BBP_J_1BMATORG Origin of material CHAR   
16 BBP_J_1BMATUSE Usage of Material CHAR   
17 BBP_J_1BNFTYPE Nota Fiscal type CHAR   
18 BBP_KALSC Overhead key CHAR   
19 BBP_KALSE Group for calculation schema (purchasing organization) CHAR   
20 BBP_KBNKZ Kanban indicator CHAR   
21 BBP_KBOBJNAME Name of knowledge base (SCE) CHAR 30    
22 BBP_KENNG____1 View ID CHAR   
23 BBP_KGRPE Condition is a group/duplicated/header condition CHAR   
24 BBP_KHERK Origin of condition CHAR   
25 BBP_KINAK Condition inactive CHAR   
26 BBP_KKOWK Indicator: Conditions at Plant Level CHAR   
27 BBP_KKREF Account Category Reference CHAR   
28 BBP_KKURS Condition rate for conversion into local currency DEC
29 BBP_KNTYP Condition type: Freight, tax, cost,,...... CHAR   
30 BBP_KNUMV No.of condition in the document CHAR 10    
31 BBP_KOAID Condition ID CHAR   
32 BBP_KOART_Z Account type of the customer/vendor CHAR   
33 BBP_KOBER Picking area CHAR   
34 BBP_KOLNR Sequential number of condition access for group key NUMC   
35 BBP_KONDM Material pricing group CHAR   
36 BBP_KONZS Group keys CHAR 10    
37 BBP_KORNR Correction of miscellaneous provisions CHAR   
38 BBP_KORNR_R3 Correction of miscellaneous provisions CHAR   
39 BBP_KOSCH Product allocation: Product allocation procedure CHAR 18    
40 BBP_KPEIN_R3 Condition Price Unit DEC   
41 BBP_KRECH Calculation Type for Condition CHAR   
42 BBP_KRELI Condition for invoice list CHAR   
43 BBP_KSTEU Condition control CHAR   
44 BBP_KTOGR Account group CHAR   
45 BBP_KTOKK Vendor account group CHAR   
46 BBP_KURRF Currency exchange rate for RF postings DEC
47 BBP_KURSP Exchange rate (packed) DEC
48 BBP_KZAGL Procedure for smoothing promotion consumption CHAR   
49 BBP_KZBZG Scale Basis ID CHAR   
50 BBP_KZFIX Fixed indicator CHAR   
51 BBP_KZMEKORR Quantity correction indicator CHAR   
52 BBP_KZPPV Inspection plan indicator CHAR   
53 BBP_KZPSP Indicator for cross-project material CHAR   
54 BBP_KZTUL Partial-delivery control for item CHAR   
55 BBP_KZWSO Units of measure usage CHAR   
56 BBP_LADGR Loading group CHAR   
57 BBP_LAGPR Storage costs indicator CHAR   
58 BBP_LA_ACKN_TYPE Acknowledgment type CHAR   
59 BBP_LA_BID_DECREMENT_TYPE Bid decrement type CHAR   
60 BBP_LA_BID_PRICE Bid price CURR 18 
62 BBP_LA_CHAR100 lower case characters 100 CHAR 100    
63 BBP_LA_CHAR255 lower case characters 255 CHAR 255    
64 BBP_LA_CHATMSG Chat message CHAR 255    
65 BBP_LA_CHATMSGDB Chat message STRG 300    
66 BBP_LA_CHATMSGSTRING Chat message STRG 300    
67 BBP_LA_CLIENT_TYPE Client type CHAR   
68 BBP_LA_CONNECTION Connection status CHAR   
69 BBP_LA_DELETE_MODE Deletion mode CHAR   
70 BBP_LA_EXTENSION_TIMES Number of extensions NUMC   
72 BBP_LA_LOCKCLTSTAT_MODE lock mode when attempting to lock BBPD_LA_CLTSTAT CHAR   
73 BBP_LA_MSGTYPE Message type CHAR   
74 BBP_LA_ORDER_NO Order number NUMC   
75 BBP_LA_PRICE LAC price CURR 26 
76 BBP_LA_PROPERTIES_CATEGORY Properties Management: category CHAR   
77 BBP_LA_P_TYPE Parent type for an item CHAR   
78 BBP_LA_RANKPROFILE Ranking rule CHAR   
79 BBP_LA_REFERENCE_PRICE_SET Reference price flag CHAR   
80 BBP_LA_RESERVE_PRICE_MET Reserve price met rule CHAR   
81 BBP_LA_SAVING Saving amount CURR 29 
82 BBP_LA_SEQ_NO Message sequence number NUMC 12    
83 BBP_LA_TIMESTAMP UTC time stamp in short form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
84 BBP_LA_URL SRM-LA url CHAR 400    
85 BBP_LA_VALIDATE_BID Bid validation rule NUMC   
86 BBP_LA_WAERS Currency CUKY   
87 BBP_LBLNI Internal service entry sheet number CHAR 10    
88 BBP_LFART Delivery note type CHAR   
89 BBP_LFEHL Type of vendor error CHAR   
90 BBP_LGNUM Warehouse number CHAR   
91 BBP_LGPLA Storage Bin CHAR 10    
92 BBP_LGTYP Storage Type CHAR   
93 BBP_LICHN Vendor batch number CHAR 15    
94 BBP_LIFO_POOL Pool number for LIFO valuation CHAR   
95 BBP_LIMIT_CTRL Define Limits As CHAR   
96 BBP_LIM_TYPE Type of the (Partial) Limit CHAR   
97 BBP_LINETYPE_ORIG Line Category CHAR   
98 BBP_LOCATION Location (Long Version for External Systems) CHAR 20    
99 BBP_LOCK_IND Lock Indicator Domain CHAR   
100 BBP_LOGGR Logistics handling group for workload calculation CHAR   
101 BBP_LOG_TYPE_DOM Log Type Domain CHAR 30    
102 BBP_LOTKZ Bundling indicator (lot) CHAR 10    
103 BBP_LREF3 Logistics reference WWS CHAR   
104 BBP_LSORT RK-DLK activity sort CHAR   
105 BBP_LSTAK Range listing active CHAR   
106 BBP_LSTFL Listing procedure IS-R Assortments CHAR   
107 BBP_LTSNR Vendor Sub-Range CHAR   
108 BBP_LVS_ANZLE Number of storage units to be placed into storage DEC   
109 BBP_LVS_LETYP Storage unit type CHAR   
110 BBP_M8VGA Transaction type in AG08 (internal document type) CHAR   
111 BBP_MAABC Material's ABC indicator CHAR   
112 BBP_MABER Dunning Area CHAR   
113 BBP_MAGRV Material Pricing Group: Shipping Materials CHAR   
114 BBP_MAHNS Dunning Level NUMC   
115 BBP_MAHNT Reminder days DEC   
116 BBP_MAINT_CONTEXT Maintenance Context CHAR 30    
117 BBP_MAINT_GROUP Group for Condition Tables and Types CHAR 10    
118 BBP_MAP_ID Mapping ID CHAR 10    
119 BBP_MBLPO Item in material document NUMC   
120 BBP_MB_GRBEW Reason for movement NUMC   
121 BBP_MB_INSMK Stock Type CHAR   
122 BBP_MDACH Action handler: planned order processing CHAR   
123 BBP_MD_BANKACCNAME Freely Assignable Name for Bank/Credit Card CHAR 40    
124 BBP_MD_BANKK Bank Key CHAR 15    
125 BBP_MD_BANKN Bank Account Number CHAR 18    
126 BBP_MD_BKONT Bank control key CHAR   
127 BBP_MD_CHR_100_CS 100 place character field, case-sensitive CHAR 100    
128 BBP_MD_CHR_150_CS 150 place character field, case-sensitive CHAR 150    
129 BBP_MD_CHR_80_CS 80 place character field, case sensitive CHAR 80    
130 BBP_MD_EXPVZ Mode of Transport CHAR   
132 BBP_MD_KOINH Account Holder Name CHAR 60    
133 BBP_MD_METYPE Transmission medium (BBP) CHAR   
134 BBP_MD_PCINS Procurement Card Company CHAR   
135 BBP_MD_PORTNUMBER Port Number for URL CHAR   
136 BBP_MD_SERVICE Communication: FTP, HTTP, CHAR 10    
137 BBP_MD_ZOLLS Office of exit CHAR   
138 BBP_MD_ZPROZ Packed Percentage Rate NN,NNN DEC
139 BBP_MD_ZTERM Terms of Payment Key CHAR   
141 BBP_MEGRU Units of measure group CHAR   
142 BBP_MENGE Quantities of different types QUAN 13 
143 BBP_MENGV15 15-character quantity field with +/- sign QUAN 15 
144 BBP_MENV_ACTIVITY_STAGE Multi-Envelope RFx Response: RFx Activity Stage CHAR 10    
145 BBP_MENV_AUTHORIZATION Authorization for Collaboration Folder CHAR   
146 BBP_MENV_ENVELOPE_DESC Envelope Description CHAR 50    
147 BBP_MENV_ENVELOPE_ID Envelope ID CHAR 15    
148 BBP_MENV_ENV_OPEN_DATE Multi-Envelope RFx Response: Envelope Opening Date DATS   
149 BBP_MENV_ENV_OPEN_TIME Multi-Envelope RFx Response: Envelope Opening Time TIMS   
150 BBP_MENV_EVAL_ROLE_DESC Multi-Envelope RFx Response: Evaluator Role Description CHAR 30    
151 BBP_MENV_FOLDER_DESC Multi-Envelope RFx Response Folder Description CHAR 50    
152 BBP_MENV_FOLDER_ID Multi-Envelope RFx Response Folder ID CHAR 15    
153 BBP_MENV_FOLDER_TYPE Multi-Envelope RFx Response Folder Type CHAR 10    
154 BBP_MENV_SCHEME_DESC Multi-Envelope RFx Response Schema Description CHAR 50    
155 BBP_MENV_SCHEME_ID Multi-Envelope Schema ID CHAR   
156 BBP_MENV_SEQUENCE_ID Multi-Envelope RFx Response: Envelope Sequence ID INT1   
157 BBP_MENV_SIM_LOGON_STATUS Multi-Envelope RFx Response: Simultaneous Logon Status CHAR   
158 BBP_MEPRF Pricing date control CHAR   
159 BBP_METHOD Abbreviation for a PD Method CHAR   
160 BBP_METYPE Transmission medium (BBP) CHAR   
161 BBP_ME_PRICE Mobile Price CHAR 23    
162 BBP_MFRGR Material freight group CHAR   
163 BBP_MISKZ Mixed MRP indicator CHAR   
164 BBP_MMPUR_SOURCING Branch to Sourcing via ATP CHAR   
165 BBP_MMSTA Material Status from Materials Management/PPC View CHAR   
166 BBP_MODE Processing Mode of Transaction CHAR   
167 BBP_MOGRU Foreign Trade: Common Agricult. Policy (CAP) - CAP Prod.Grp CHAR   
168 BBP_MON_STATUS Default Statuses for Changed Vendor Data in Monitor CHAR   
169 BBP_MOWNR Foreign Trade: No. of CAP Products List CHAR 12    
170 BBP_MPPRF Distribution profile of material master CHAR   
171 BBP_MRPPP PPC planning calendar CHAR   
172 BBP_MSG_CNTXT Message Context CHAR 30    
173 BBP_MSG_ORIGINE Message Origin CHAR   
174 BBP_MSG_SCENARIO Scenario for Flexible Message Control CHAR   
175 BBP_MTPOS Item category group CHAR   
176 BBP_MTVER Export/import material group CHAR   
177 BBP_MVGR1 Material Group 1 CHAR   
178 BBP_MVGR2 Material Group 2 CHAR   
179 BBP_MVGR3 Material Group 3 CHAR   
180 BBP_MVGR4 Material Group 4 CHAR   
181 BBP_MVGR5 Material Group 5 CHAR   
182 BBP_MWART Tax Type CHAR   
183 BBP_MWSKZ Sales Tax Code CHAR   
184 BBP_MYKEY LIFO valuation level CHAR   
185 BBP_NET_WEIGHT Net Weight QUAN 15    
186 BBP_NFTYP EBP nota fiscal type as J_1BNFTYPE CHAR   
187 BBP_NFTYPE Nota fiscal type CHAR   
188 BBP_NLFZT Lead-time offset DEC   
189 BBP_NODETYPE Plant category / node type: DRP network CHAR   
190 BBP_NONR3_ACTIVITY Requested Processing Mode with Master Data Upload CHAR   
191 BBP_NONR3_ADDRESS_TYPE Allowed Values for Address Type with Master Data Upload CHAR 10    
192 BBP_NONR3_EXTERNAL_ID Number of Partner in Non-R/3 System CHAR 10    
193 BBP_NONR3_KEEP_NUMBER Handles Number Assignment for New Business Partner CHAR   
194 BBP_NONR3_PARTNER_TYPE Allowed Values for Bus. Partner Type with Master Data Upload CHAR   
195 BBP_NOVATION_ID Novation ID NUMC 10    
196 BBP_NRFHG Material qualifies for discount in kind CHAR   
197 BBP_NUMC1 Single-digit number with value range check NUMC   
198 BBP_NUM_SOS Number of Sources of Supply Found (for Performance) CHAR   
199 BBP_OBJECT_ID Object number CHAR 10    
200 BBP_OBJECT_TYPE EBP BOR Object Type for Item and Header CHAR 10    
201 BBP_OBJ_TO_GEN Analysis Result: Object to be Generated CHAR   
202 BBP_OBJ_TYPE Object Type for CRM Transaction Type CHAR 10    
203 BBP_OBJ_TYPE_LARGE Object Type for Large Object Determination CHAR 10    
204 BBP_OBJ_TYPE_THRES Object Type for CRM Transaction Type CHAR 10    
206 BBP_OIB_CMETH Currency Translation Method CHAR   
209 BBP_OJ_NAME_PROCESS Object Type for CRM Transaction Type CHAR 10    
210 BBP_OJ_NAME_PROCESS_ITEM Object Type for CRM Item Category CHAR 10    
211 BBP_OM_ORGFUNC EBP Function of an Organizational Unit CHAR   
212 BBP_OM_UTYPE EBP Organizational Model: Type of an Organizational Unit CHAR 10    
213 BBP_ON_OFF_FLAG On/Off Flag CHAR   
214 BBP_OPT_CPLX_DOC Complex option document CHAR   
215 BBP_OPT_IND option indicator CHAR   
216 BBP_OPT_RANGE_R3 Selection operator OPTION (as per range table) CHAR   
217 BBP_OPT_STATUS option status CHAR   
218 BBP_ORBLK Data block 2550 LRAW 2550    
219 BBP_ORDERED_PROD Product ID / PON CHAR 54    
220 BBP_OR_ATTR_VALUE Value of an Attribute of an Object Linkage CHAR   
221 BBP_OR_STATUS Status of Order Confirmation (Manual Entry) CHAR   
222 BBP_OS_DIR 150 place character field, case-sensitive CHAR 150    
223 BBP_OUTPUT_MODE Output Mode Business Documents CHAR   
224 BBP_PARTNER_DETERM_PROC Description of a Partner Determination Procedure CHAR   
225 BBP_PARTNER_FCT Partner Function Copy of COM_PARTNER_FCT CHAR   
226 BBP_PARTNER_FTYP Partner Function Type CHAR   
227 BBP_PARTNER_FUNC Partner Function CHAR   
228 BBP_PARTNER_NUMBER Copied: CRM_PARTNER_NUMBER; P. Number, External Links CHAR 16    
229 BBP_PARTNER_VIEW Partner Level (header or item) CHAR   
230 BBP_PARVW Partner function CHAR   
231 BBP_PBIND Indicator for price fixing CHAR   
232 BBP_PCA_WIP_CAT Work in Process Categories for Profit Center Accounting NUMC   
233 BBP_PCO_DOC_MODE Screen Control: Display/Change of Purchase Order Response CHAR   
234 BBP_PCO_DOC_SET Screen Control: Set of the Purchase Order Response CHAR   
235 BBP_PCO_DOC_VIEW Screen Control: View of the Purchase Order Response CHAR   
236 BBP_PDNO BBP document number CHAR 10    
237 BBP_PD_ACTION Effect of Checks in PD Methods CHAR 16    
238 BBP_PD_PROCSTEP Processing Step of EBP Document Processing CHAR 30    
239 BBP_PD_RELATION Type of Relationship Between Entities CHAR   
240 BBP_PD_UKURS Exchange Rate DEC 28  14 
241 BBP_PERCENT Percent INT4 10    
242 BBP_PERCNT Distribution Percentage Format XXX.XX DEC
243 BBP_PERCNTV Percentage with +/- Sign DEC
244 BBP_PERCNT_PI Distribution Percentage Format XXX.XX DEC
245 BBP_PERCV Percentage Rate w. +/- Sign, w/o Decimal Places DEC   
246 BBP_PERKZ Period indicator CHAR   
247 BBP_PFLKS Range priority (compulsory/optional range) CHAR   
248 BBP_PINCR Item Number Interval NUMC   
249 BBP_PLGTP Price band category CHAR   
250 BBP_PLNNR Number of the task list CHAR   
251 BBP_PLNTY Task list type CHAR   
252 BBP_PM_PHASE Maintenance Processing Stage CHAR   
253 BBP_PODKZB Vendor indicator relevant for proof of delivery CHAR   
254 BBP_POPTSATZ Real estate option rate DEC
255 BBP_PORT Host Port for Publishing Attachments NUMC   
256 BBP_PORTNUMBER Port Number for URL CHAR   
257 BBP_POSAR Item Type CHAR   
258 BBP_POSID Project line number (external) CHAR 24    
259 BBP_POSNU Item Number CHAR 16    
260 BBP_POS_TYPE Item Category in Local Purchase Order (Material, Limit) CHAR   
261 BBP_PO_UPDATE Transfer Data from Purchase Order Response to Purchase Order CHAR   
262 BBP_PRATA ID for product attribute CHAR   
264 BBP_PRC_MNT_RATE Condition Maintenance: Condition Amount CHAR 21    
265 BBP_PRC_REVAL_STATUS Price Revaluation Status CHAR   
266 BBP_PREFE Preference Indicator CHAR   
267 BBP_PREFERRED_SOURCE_IND Preferred Source Indicator CHAR   
268 BBP_PRENC Certificate of negation ID CHAR   
269 BBP_PREND Issue date of certificate of negation DATS   
270 BBP_PRENE Vendor declaration exists CHAR   
271 BBP_PRENG Validity date of vendor declaration DATS   
272 BBP_PRENN Number of exemption certificate for legal control CHAR   
273 BBP_PREVIEW_SMART_SCENARIO Control how Form is Processed CHAR 20    
274 BBP_PRICE_ORIGIN Origin Price CHAR   
275 BBP_PRINT_REMOTE_TYPE Type of Output Data CHAR   
276 BBP_PRIORITY Alert-Priority NUMC   
277 BBP_PRIO_DESCRIPTION Description of Priority CHAR 40    
278 BBP_PRIO_DISP Priority Display CHAR   
279 BBP_PRIO_SYMBOL Symbol for a Priority CHAR 70    
280 BBP_PRI_ATT Attribute for attachment print CHAR   
281 BBP_PRI_EXT File name extension for print files CHAR   
282 BBP_PROBABILITY Percentage Probability DEC
283 BBP_PROC1 Internal procurement type CHAR   
284 BBP_PROC2 Control indicator in the case of external procurement CHAR   
285 BBP_PROCESS_BLOCKED Active Indicator: Transaction CHAR   
286 BBP_PROCESS_TYPE Transaction/Event Type CHAR   
287 BBP_PROC_OBJECT_ID Transaction Number CHAR 10    
288 BBP_PROC_OBJ_ID Extended object ID (Organizational Management) CHAR 12    
289 BBP_PROC_TYPE Transaction Type CHAR   
290 BBP_PRODUCT Product GUID CHAR 22    
291 BBP_PRODUCT_TYPE Prod.type CHAR   
292 BBP_PROTF Document management log field CHAR 20    
293 BBP_PROVG Commission group CHAR   
294 BBP_PROZS Settlement percentage rate DEC
295 BBP_PRSFRG Price Release Indicator CHAR   
296 BBP_PRSHTEXT40 Text length 40 - Product short text CHAR 40    
297 BBP_PRVBE Supply area CHAR 10    
298 BBP_PRZ23 Packed Percentage Rate NN,NNN DEC
299 BBP_PRZ32V Packed percentage with +/- sign NNN,NNV DEC
300 BBP_PRZ52 Packed percentage rate NNNNN,NN DEC
301 BBP_PURCHTEAM Team Purchasing: Purchasing Team CHAR   
302 BBP_QKURZTEXT Short text CHAR 40    
303 BBP_QMATAUTH Quality management material authorization CHAR   
304 BBP_QPLOS Inspection Lot Number NUMC 12    
305 BBP_QQSSYSDAT Release-to date DATS   
306 BBP_QSBGR Authority for exemption from withholding tax CHAR   
307 BBP_QSPERRFKT Blocked functions CHAR   
308 BBP_QSSKZ Withholding tax code CHAR   
309 BBP_QSSPUR Control key for QM in procurement CHAR   
310 BBP_QSSYS QM system CHAR   
311 BBP_QSSYSBEW Valuation QM system NUMC   
312 BBP_QSSYSFAM QS system family CHAR   
313 BBP_QUANTITY_20_7 Quantity DEC 20 
314 BBP_QUAN_CONTROL Quantity check CHAR   
315 BBP_QUAN_FIX_IND Fixed Quantity Specified CHAR   
316 BBP_QUOTSTATUS Bid status CHAR   
317 BBP_QUOT_AWARD_DECISION Quotation Award Decision at UI CHAR   
318 BBP_QZGTYP QM certificate category for deliveries CHAR   
319 BBP_R3_PLANT Distribution CRM -> R/3: Plant CHAR   
320 BBP_RANL Asset number CHAR 13    
321 BBP_RANTYP Contract Number Typing CHAR   
322 BBP_RATE_USE_INDICATOR Rate Use Indicator CHAR   
323 BBP_RBNR Notif.catalog profile CHAR   
324 BBP_RBSTAT Invoice document status CHAR   
325 BBP_RDMHD Rounding rule for calculation of SLED CHAR   
326 BBP_RDPRF Rounding Profile CHAR   
327 BBP_READ_EXPIRED GetList: Select Expired Contracts CHAR   
328 BBP_READ_PRODUCT_CATEGORY_HIER Read Product Category-Hierarchies in Search Functions CHAR   
329 BBP_REBEL Referenced document CHAR 10    
330 BBP_REBZT Invoice reference type CHAR   
331 BBP_REF_ITEM Reference item CHAR 10    
332 BBP_RELEASE SRM Release CHAR 10    
333 BBP_REPART Indicator: invoice verification type CHAR   
334 BBP_REPRES Representative CHAR 10    
335 BBP_REQUIRED_FLAG Flag: mandatory CHAR   
336 BBP_REQ_STATUS Unblocking status CHAR   
337 BBP_RGEKM Indicator: backflush in material master record CHAR   
338 BBP_RKESUBNR Profitability segment changes (CO-PA) NUMC   
339 BBP_ROLE SRM: User Function / Role CHAR   
340 BBP_RSTGR Reason code for payment differences CHAR   
341 BBP_RWPRO Range of coverage profile CHAR   
342 BBP_SAISO Season Indicator (Season Cat.) CHAR   
343 BBP_SAITY Categories of seasonal materials CHAR   
344 BBP_SAKNR G/L Account CHAR 10    
345 BBP_SAMNR Invoice list number NUMC   
346 BBP_SAPMCI_INITIAL_FLAG Specifies Whether an Entered Value is Initial ('X') CHAR   
347 BBP_SAPMCI_KM_D_FACADE_TYPE Facade for CI Object Type CHAR 16    
348 BBP_SAPMCI_KM_STATUS Status of a Key Mapping CHAR 16    
349 BBP_SAPMCI_MATCHINGPROCESS Name of a Matching Process CHAR 16    
350 BBP_SAPMCI_OBJKEY Key of a Master Data Object CHAR 70    
351 BBP_SAPMCI_OBJSUBPATH Description of Substructure of a Master Data Object STRG   
352 BBP_SAPMCI_OBJTYPE Object Type of a Master Record CHAR 32    
354 BBP_SAPMCI_SYSTEMKEY Key of a System CHAR 32    
355 BBP_SAPMCI_SYSTEMTYPE System Type in Key Mapping CHAR 32    
356 BBP_SBDKZ Individual requirements indicator CHAR   
357 BBP_SBNAM Administrator CHAR 12    
358 BBP_SCACD Standard carrier access code CHAR   
359 BBP_SCALE_BASE_TYPE Scale Base Type CHAR   
360 BBP_SCENARIO EBP scenario CHAR   
361 BBP_SCHEDLIN_NO Schedule Line Number NUMC   
362 BBP_SCHEMA_OWNER Fixed value - internal/external schema CHAR 10    
363 BBP_SCHEMA_TYPE Standard Schema Type CHAR 10    
364 BBP_SCL_INPUT_TYPE Entry Type of Single-Screen Shopping Cart CHAR   
365 BBP_SCOPE_CV Object class (five-figure print length) CHAR   
366 BBP_SC_ACTION Shopping Cart: Item Action CHAR   
367 BBP_SC_AVAILABLE Availability of Shopping Cart Item CHAR   
368 BBP_SC_DESIGN Shopping Cart Design Variant CHAR   
369 BBP_SC_MODE Shopping Cart Transaction Mode CHAR   
370 BBP_SC_SCENARIO Scenarios of ShoppingCart-Create CHAR   
371 BBP_SEARCH_MESSAGE Filter Values for XML Messages CHAR 10    
372 BBP_SEARCH_MESSAGE_IN Incoming message that is being searched for CHAR 10    
373 BBP_SEARCH_MESSAGE_OUT Outbound message that is being searched for CHAR 10    
374 BBP_SEARCH_OBJCTTYP Domains of object types for filter values in BADI CHAR 10    
375 BBP_SECCO Section code CHAR   
376 BBP_SECTIONS Sections of the Document NUMC   
377 BBP_SENSITIVE Confidential Level of the BBP Document CHAR   
378 BBP_SERAIL Profile for serial number management CHAR   
379 BBP_SERLV Level of explicitness for serial number CHAR   
380 BBP_SERVICE Communication: FTP, HTTP, CHAR 10    
381 BBP_SET_NAME Type of Procurement Document Set CHAR   
382 BBP_SET_TYPE Type of procurement document set CHAR   
383 BBP_SEXKZ Gender CHAR   
384 BBP_SFEPR Repetitive manufacturing profile CHAR   
385 BBP_SFRGR Forwarding agent freight group CHAR   
386 BBP_SHFLG Indicator; take safety time into account CHAR   
387 BBP_SHORTTEXT Short Text for IDs CHAR 20    
388 BBP_SHPRO Period profile for safety time CHAR   
389 BBP_SIGNATURE_VALID Status of Digital Signature Check for PDF CHAR   
390 BBP_SIGN_RANGE_R3 Selection operator SIGN (as per range table) CHAR   
391 BBP_SIKGR Processing key for sub-items CHAR   
392 BBP_SOBSL Special procurement key CHAR   
393 BBP_SOCGE_SCENARIO Scenarios That Use General Sourcing Functionality CHAR   
394 BBP_SOCGE_WEB_SERVICE Name of a Web Service CHAR 14    
395 BBP_SOCO_DELIV_DATE_OFFSET Offset for Search Using Delivery Date in Sourcing NUMC   
396 BBP_SOCO_DPE_OBJECT_ID Bid Invitation CHAR 20    
398 BBP_SOCO_ITEM_BLOCKED Item Locked for Further Processing in Sourcing CHAR   
399 BBP_SOLUTION_KEY Solution Key CHAR   
400 BBP_SOLUTION_TYPE Key Field Type CHAR   
401 BBP_SORT_CHANGE_DOCUMENT For Report bbp_pd: Read and Sort Change Documents CHAR   
402 BBP_SORT_ORDER Sort Order (Ascending/Descending) CHAR   
403 BBP_SOURCELIST_IND Sourcelist Indicator CHAR   
404 BBP_SOURCE_IND Origin of the Attribute Valuated CHAR   
405 BBP_SOURCE_REL_IND Indicator - If the Document is Sourcing-Relevant CHAR   
406 BBP_SOURCING_DECISION Sourcing Decision CHAR   
407 BBP_SPEC10 Number of set of model specifications CHAR 10    
408 BBP_SPERR Physical inventory blocking indicator CHAR   
409 BBP_SPINF Info record update CHAR   
410 BBP_SPOSN Bill of material item number CHAR   
411 BBP_SPROF Pricing profile for variants CHAR   
412 BBP_SRC_DET_TYPE Status Values for Determination of Sourcing CHAR   
413 BBP_SRC_ITMID Unique ID of a Template Item CHAR 20    
414 BBP_SRC_ITM_ID Unique ID of a Template Item CHAR 20    
415 BBP_SRM_CLIENT SRM Application Client CLNT   
417 BBP_SRV_PROZ Global price variance: percentage DEC
418 BBP_SSQSS Control key QM CHAR   
419 BBP_SSTUF Range level IS-R CHAR   
420 BBP_STAFO Statistics update sequence CHAR   
421 BBP_STATUS_GENERAL Unique Description of a System or User Status CHAR 13    
422 BBP_STATUS_MASS_CH Mass Change Status CHAR   
423 BBP_STATUS_SC EBP Shopping Cart Status CHAR   
424 BBP_STATWERT Statistic Val., 0 to 100 % DEC
425 BBP_STAWN Commodity code CHAR 17    
426 BBP_STD_ACCCAT Account assignment object (Standalone with loc. acc. ass.) CHAR   
427 BBP_STD_ACC_DEL_TAB Parameter During Deletion of Acct Assgmt Data (Standalone) CHAR   
428 BBP_STEP_DESCRIPTION Description of a Workflow Step in Approval Preview CHAR 20    
429 BBP_STEUC Foreign Trade: Control code CHAR 16    
430 BBP_STFKZ Scale type indicator (from/to) CHAR   
431 BBP_STGDL Statistics group: transportation service agent CHAR   
432 BBP_STGMA Material statistics group CHAR   
433 BBP_STKZA Business partner subject to equalization tax ? CHAR   
434 BBP_STLAN BOM usage CHAR   
435 BBP_STOFF Hazardous material number (dangerous goods master record) CHAR 18    
436 BBP_STRGR Strategy group CHAR   
437 BBP_STRING_VAR String of Variable Length STRG   
438 BBP_STRUCTURE_TYPE Structure type CHAR 30    
439 BBP_STUNR Level Number NUMC   
440 BBP_SUBTYPE_SC Subtype of a Shopping Cart CHAR   
441 BBP_SUS_ACCEPT_STAT_CODE Acceptance Status Codes for SUS CHAR   
442 BBP_SUS_BP_AUTO_NOTIFICATION Notification of Incoming Documents per E-Mail CHAR   
444 BBP_SUS_CHAR32_CS Character32 Small Letters Allowed CHAR 32    
445 BBP_SUS_CHAR50_CS Character50 Small Letters Allowed CHAR 100    
446 BBP_SUS_CONDITION Configuration Condition of SUS Toolbar Button CHAR 61    
447 BBP_SUS_CONVERT Conversion Instructions CHAR   
449 BBP_SUS_TABDEF_HEAD_T Header Row Field Type CHAR 50    
451 BBP_SUS_TXTDIR Text Direction CHAR   
452 BBP_SUS_UI_H_ALIGN SRM-SUS: Horizontal Alignment CHAR 10    
453 BBP_SUS_UI_TAG SRM SUS: HTMLB Tags to be rendered CHAR 50    
454 BBP_SUS_UI_V_ALIGN SRM-SUS: Vertical Alignment CHAR 10    
455 BBP_SUS_UM_ACTION SUS User Management Action CHAR   
456 BBP_SUS_YESNO Yes/No Indicator CHAR   
457 BBP_SWC_ELEM Element CHAR 32    
458 BBP_SYSTEM_TYPE System type CHAR 10    
459 BBP_SYSTEM_TYPE_DESC System type description CHAR 40    
460 BBP_TAB_TYPE_EXT IMG Table Type CHAR 20    
461 BBP_TAGGZ_052 Calendar day NUMC   
462 BBP_TARGETAPPL_TYPE Target application type for transfer (direct procurement) CHAR   
463 BBP_TAXBS Tax base in percentage NUMC   
464 BBP_TAXIM1 Tax indicator for material (Purchasing) CHAR   
465 BBP_TAXIW1 Tax indicator: Plant (Purchasing) CHAR   
466 BBP_TAX_CODE_ORIGIN Origin Tax Indicator CHAR   
467 BBP_TAX_DET_TYPE Tool for Tax Calculation CHAR 10    
468 BBP_TAX_INT_VERSION External Tax System API Version CHAR 10    
469 BBP_TAX_JURCODE_ORIGIN Origin Tax Jurisdiction Code - Location for Tax Calculation CHAR   
470 BBP_TAX_TYPE Tax Category CHAR   
471 BBP_TBTKZ Partial amount indicator CHAR   
472 BBP_TDID_OPERATION Operator for Conversion TextID CHAR   
473 BBP_TEMPLATE_TYPE CRM Order: Template Type CHAR   
474 BBP_TEXT_CHANGEABILITY Changeability of a Text in Document CHAR   
475 BBP_TEXT_COPY_INDICATOR Specifies Whether Text ID Can Be Copied to Follow-On Doc. CHAR   
476 BBP_TEXT_COPY_MODE Copy Mode Determines How the Texts Are to Be Transferred CHAR   
477 BBP_TEXT_ELEMENT_TRANS_LEVEL Translation Level for Text Elements CHAR   
478 BBP_TEXT_HEADITEM Header/Item Flag CHAR   
479 BBP_TEXT_SCENARIO Scenario for Displaying Texts on Document Screen CHAR 10    
480 BBP_TEXT_SCREEN_ELEMENTS Display of Screens on Generic Text Screen CHAR   
481 BBP_TEXT_VISIBILITY Visibility of a Text in Document CHAR   
482 BBP_THRESHOLD_LARGE Threshold for Large Objects NUMC 10    
483 BBP_TIME_STAMP Time stamp short form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) NUMC 15    
484 BBP_TRACK_URL Status tracking: URL (Uniform Resource Locator) CHAR 255    
485 BBP_TRAGR Transport group CHAR   
486 BBP_TRANSFER_ACTION Transfer Action CHAR   
487 BBP_TRATY_R3 Transportation category CHAR   
488 BBP_TREE_VIEW Tree View of the Sourcing Screen CHAR   
491 BBP_TRGT_OBJID Backend Contract Number CHAR 10    
492 BBP_TRGT_OBJTYP Domain for Object Type in Target System CHAR   
493 BBP_TTE_SUS_CALC How Should Tax Be Calculated for SUS: Input or Output? CHAR   
494 BBP_TXJCD Jurisdiction for Tax Calculation - Tax Jurisdiction Code CHAR 15    
495 BBP_TXN08 Number of the standard text CHAR   
496 BBP_TZONE Time zone for date and time fields of procurement document CHAR   
497 BBP_UMSKS Sales type CHAR   
498 BBP_UMSKZ Special G/L indicator CHAR   
499 BBP_UM_SPML_ACTIVATION UME SPML Connector Activation CHAR