SAP ABAP Domain - Index B, page 7
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 BEWIPFLIC License requirement (CH only) NUMC   
2 BEWKL Valuation class NUMC   
3 BEWMETH Valuation method for asset transfer CHAR   
4 BEWTP PO history category CHAR   
5 BEWTY IS-H: Movement category CHAR   
6 BEWTY_ADM IS-H: Movement Category Admission CHAR   
7 BEWTY_DIS IS-H: Movement category - discharge CHAR   
8 BEWTY_OUT IS-H: Movement category outpatient visit CHAR   
9 BEWVK Retail price relevant for valuation at goods issue CHAR   
10 BEW_ALL_BU Cross-Company Valuation? CHAR   
11 BEZARL Relationship type used CHAR   
12 BEZARP Relationship type possible CHAR   
13 BEZART Relationship type (between any entities) CHAR   
14 BEZBG Legal ownership of material CHAR   
15 BEZBKDAU Availability period for edition in days NUMC   
16 BEZEB IS-H*MED: Reference level CHAR   
17 BEZEI30 String of 30 char. CHAR 30    
18 BEZEI80 Description with lenght of 80 CHAR 80    
19 BEZEICHNG Description (for a number): 30 char. CHAR 30    
20 BEZEK Name CHAR 30    
21 BEZFA_YNP Paid by Company (Yes/No/Popup) CHAR   
22 BEZGR Base for determination of costs during settlement DEC 17 
23 BEZGROLD Reference factor for determining settlement costs (obsolete) DEC 14 
24 BEZIRK Carrier route number CHAR 10    
25 BEZISSRRETYP Bezeichnung Ausgabentyp CHAR 20    
26 BEZKATE1 IS-M/SD: Carrier route category 1 CHAR   
27 BEZKATE2 IS-M/SD: Carrier route category 2 CHAR   
28 BEZKATE3 IS-M/SD: Carrier route category 3 CHAR   
29 BEZKATE4 IS-M/SD: Carrier route category 4 CHAR   
30 BEZKATE5 IS-M/SD: Carrier route category 5 CHAR   
31 BEZOB Reference is mandatory CHAR   
32 BEZPER Service Type CHAR   
33 BEZRUNDE IS-M/SD: Delivery round CHAR 10    
34 BEZUGGRD Purchase reason CHAR   
36 BEZWKZ Base value indicator CHAR   
37 BEZYK Order cycle ID CHAR   
38 BEZZT PM Notification Reference Date/Time CHAR   
39 BEZZT_ORD Reference time for order completion CHAR   
40 BE_ACCREQUIRED Account assignment for logisitics backend required CHAR   
41 BE_ANTEIL IS-PAM: Share of sales volume of lower level BU (in percent) DEC
42 BE_BESTOBJ IS-PAM: BU element object CHAR 10    
43 BE_CONTACT_EM Sender Email ID Domain - Belgium CHAR 44    
44 BE_CONTACT_ID Domain for Sender's Contact person ID - Belguim WT CHAR 34    
45 BE_CORR_INDICATOR Correction Indicator for fiche - Belgium CHAR   
46 BE_CORR_REFERENCE Correction Reference for Fiche - Belgium CHAR   
47 BE_ERROR IS-M: Error when creating voucher shipping order indicator CHAR   
48 BE_GRP IS-PAM: Booking unit group CHAR   
49 BE_HIE_TYP IS-M/AM: Booking unit - hierarchy type CHAR   
50 BE_HIE_VER IS-M/AM: BU hierarchy version NUMC   
51 BE_HIE_VRW IS-M/AM: Work area for hierarchy use CHAR   
52 BE_ITEM_TYPE Item Type CHAR   
53 BE_MINBASE Min Base Amount Domain - Belgium CURR 13 
54 BE_OBJART IS-PAM: Booking unit object type CHAR   
55 BE_OBJECT IS-PAM: Neutral object for BU/PPU/... CHAR 10    
56 BE_POPUP IS-M/AM: Control voucher copy recipient selection CHAR   
57 BE_REPORTYEAR Report Year in the fiche - Belgium NUMC   
58 BE_SEND_ENTNO Sebder Enterprise Number CHAR 10    
59 BE_SEND_NAME Sender Name CHAR 40    
60 BE_TAX_ID Tax Identification Number for Belgium CHAR   
61 BFACT_CONCLU Concluding postings CHAR   
62 BFACT_MISC Dummy field for other authorizations CHAR   
63 BFACT_POST Authorization levels for auth. field BF_POST CHAR   
64 BFACT_REPPT Reporting point authorizations CHAR   
65 BFACT_TYPE Backflush types CHAR   
66 BFART Service level CHAR   
67 BFBWUL Batch Where-Used List in Repetitive Manufacturing CHAR   
68 BFDATEI IS-M/SD: Document flow file CHAR   
69 BFELD Totals per posting date CHAR   
70 BFLME Generic material with logistical variants CHAR   
71 BFLTP Floating period FLTP 16  16 
72 BFMAR FT/Customs: Electr. Procedure: Type of means of transport CHAR   
73 BFNAE Name of a field in the stock overview: individual display CHAR 30    
74 BFNAM Name of a field in the stock overview: basic list CHAR 30    
75 BFORMEL IS-H: Valuation formula CHAR   
76 BFS_STUFE IS-M: ZEBU bundling level NUMC   
77 BFTNRTMP FO Integration: Temporary Number of the Transactions CHAR 30    
78 BFTNUMB FO Integration: Number of a Transaction CHAR 30    
79 BFTTZ Component Withdrawal According to Planned Order BOM CHAR   
80 BFTYP_KK Indicator - fixing or release CHAR   
81 BFUNC_ADAPT_MAN Generated BFunction Repository entry to be adapted manually CHAR   
82 BFUNC_ID Boolean function ID CHAR 11    
83 BFUNC_MAN_DONE Generated BFunction Repository entry manually adapted CHAR   
84 BFUNK_EBPP Processing function key CHAR   
85 BFUNK_KK Processing function key CHAR   
86 BFWMS Control posting for external WM CHAR   
87 BF_AFABE Depreciation area for assets NUMC   
88 BF_AFASL Dep. key CHAR   
89 BF_AFPROZ Percentage rate for dep. calc. DEC
90 BF_AIMMO Indicator: real estate NUMC   
91 BF_AM_KFZKZ License plate no. of vehicle CHAR 15    
92 BF_AM_UMWKZ Reason for environmental investment CHAR   
93 BF_ANEQK Indicator: Historical management NUMC   
94 BF_ANLKL Asset class CHAR   
95 BF_ANLKWERT Cumulative asset value CURR 13 
96 BF_ANLN1 Main asset number CHAR 12    
97 BF_ANLN2 Asset Subnumber CHAR   
98 BF_ANLTP Asset category NUMC   
99 BF_ANLUE Asset number CHAR 12    
100 BF_ANWNDEB Application using bank data storage CHAR   
101 BF_AP_STAND Work center location CHAR 10    
102 BF_AVART Insurance type AA CHAR   
103 BF_AVGES Insurance company AA CHAR   
104 BF_AVSIDEB Pmnt advice no. CHAR 16    
105 BF_AVTAR Insurance rate FI-AA CHAR   
106 BF_BACLA Indicator: Batch Classification CHAR   
107 BF_CONFIG_ELEMENT Configuration element from BF source CHAR 32    
108 BF_DSARTEB Planning type CHAR   
109 BF_EHWNR_ANLA Tax number of the notice of assessment CHAR 16    
110 BF_EIGKZ Property indicator CHAR   
111 BF_GDLGRP Evaluation group 5 CHAR   
112 BF_GEGST Technical asset number CHAR   
113 BF_GERNR Equipment serial number CHAR 18    
114 BF_GKONT Offsetting Account CHAR 10    
115 BF_GLOAFABER Cross-system depreciation area CHAR   
116 BF_GRBLT_ANLA Land register page CHAR   
117 BF_GRBND_ANLA Land register volume CHAR   
118 BF_GRLFD_ANLA Land register entry: Sequence number CHAR   
119 BF_GROUP Stock determination group CHAR   
120 BF_GRUND Basis manual property valuation AA CHAR   
121 BF_HRACT HR Integration of Backflush CHAR   
122 BF_HZINSEB Credit interest for electronic banking DEC
123 BF_IDENREB ID number for cash management and forecast NUMC 10    
124 BF_INPFTEB Bank statement input format CHAR   
125 BF_INTAGEB Interpretation algorithm NUMC   
126 BF_INVNOEB Invoice number CHAR 20    
127 BF_INVNR_ANLA Inventory number CHAR 25    
128 BF_INVSL Key for investment support measures CHAR   
129 BF_INVZU_ANLA Supplementary inventory specifications CHAR 15    
130 BF_IZWEK Reason for asset investment CHAR   
131 BF_JARAF Duration in years NUMC   
132 BF_KFMODEB Account modification CHAR 10    
133 BF_KOARTAV Account type payment advices CHAR   
134 BF_KTONRAV I/O field for KUNNR, LIFNR, PERNR CHAR 10    
135 BF_KUKEY Short key for FI - Electronic Banking NUMC   
136 BF_KUKEYEB ID for FI electronic banking (surrogate) NUMC   
137 BF_LBLNR Accounting document number CHAR 10    
138 BF_LDGRP Ledger Group CHAR   
139 BF_LEASART Leasing type CHAR   
140 BF_LNRAN Asset line item: Sequential number NUMC   
141 BF_MEINS Units of measurement of various types UNIT   
142 BF_MENG13 Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 13 
143 BF_MODE Backflush Mode CHAR   
144 BF_MSFAK Shift factor for dep. calc. DEC
145 BF_ORD4X Evaluation groups CHAR   
146 BF_PERAF Periods dep. calculation NUMC   
147 BF_PFORMEB Processing Type NUMC   
148 BF_PROJN Project number: DO NOT use -> PS_POSNR CHAR 16    
149 BF_PRZ22 Packed percentage rate NN,NN DEC
150 BF_PRZ32 Packed percentage NNN,NN DEC
151 BF_RANK Stock determination: ranking order CHAR   
152 BF_RANLEB Asset number CHAR 13    
153 BF_RANTYEB Contract number typing CHAR   
154 BF_RULES Stock determination rule CHAR   
155 BF_SCEN Backflush scenario CHAR   
156 BF_SEQNREB Bank statement sequential number NUMC   
157 BF_SEQSTEB Sequence status CHAR   
158 BF_SOBKZ Stock determination: Special stock indicator CHAR   
159 BF_SORT Stock determination: sorting CHAR   
160 BF_SYNC Indicator for Synchronous Update in Collective Confirmation CHAR   
161 BF_TPLNR Functional location CHAR 30    
162 BF_TRANSVAR Transfer variant for intercompany asset transfers CHAR   
163 BF_TTZ Backflush: BOM Explosion by Deadline Technical State Logic CHAR   
164 BF_TYPBZ_ANLA Type name of commodity CHAR 15    
165 BF_TYPE Backflush types for make-to-stock production CHAR   
166 BF_USR User Data Backflush CHAR 12    
167 BF_VGEXTEB External transaction CHAR 27    
168 BF_VGINTEB Posting rule CHAR   
169 BF_VGMANEB Transaction for manual account statement/check deposit CHAR   
170 BF_VGTYPEB Transact. type CHAR   
171 BF_VMGLI Property classification key AM CHAR   
172 BF_WBIND Index series replacement value CHAR   
173 BF_WERT9 Amount field PL9 CURR 17 
174 BF_WMHDL Stock determination: WM processing CHAR   
175 BF_XFELD Yes/No field CHAR   
176 BGAPP Site group application CHAR   
177 BGLART Type of certification CHAR   
178 BGLFORM Form of certification CHAR   
179 BGLKENN Determination of device requirements planning/replacement yr CHAR   
180 BGLKZ Indicator: certification requirement CHAR   
181 BGLST Marital status for taxes (NL) NUMC   
182 BGLSTAT Certification status CHAR   
183 BGNW_UNFALL Indicator: Industrial Accident CHAR   
185 BGRFC_CHECK_ALIVE_MAX Maximum Number of Automatic Unit-Alive Checks INT4 10    
186 BGRFC_COMPRESSION Data Compresssion for NW bgRFC CHAR   
187 BGRFC_DELETION_DELAY_TIME Delete Time for Processable Units (Seconds) INT4 10    
188 BGRFC_DEST_CNT_MAX Maximum Number of Destinations per Scheduler INT4 10    
189 BGRFC_ERROR_MESSAGE Error Text for RFC Communication or System Error CHAR 250    
190 BGRFC_EVENT_CONTEXT_ID Context ID for Background RFC Event Handling CHAR 40    
191 BGRFC_EVENT_PARAMS Parameter Values for bgRFC Events RSTR   
192 BGRFC_GATEWAY_RESOURCES Percentage of Gateway Resources INT2   
193 BGRFC_IDLE_TIME Scheduler Idle Time in s INT4 10    
194 BGRFC_LOAD_BAL_EXPIRE_TIME Expiration Time of Load Balancing Entries INT4 10    
195 BGRFC_MESSAGES_PER_LOG_SEGMENT Number of Messages per Entry in Application Log INT4 10    
196 BGRFC_MESSAGE_LIFE_TIME Lifetime of Messages in Application Log (in Hours) INT4 10    
197 BGRFC_NO_COMMIT_CHECK Commit Check Disabled CHAR   
198 BGRFC_PROCESSING_TIME Maximum Processing Time of Destination INT4 10    
199 BGRFC_REDO_UNIT_WAIT_CNT_MAX Maximum Number of Automatic Retries for Unit INT4 10    
201 BGRFC_SCHEDULER_CNT Number of Running Schedulers INT4 10    
202 BGRFC_SCHEDULER_CNT_ENQ Number of Running Schedulers: Char Display NUMC   
203 BGRFC_SYS_ENTRY_ID ID of Entry in System-Wide bgRFC Customizing CHAR 10    
204 BGRFC_TASK_CNT_MAX Number of Open Connections INT4 10    
205 BGRFC_TRACE_FILE_NAME bgRFC Supportability: Name of Trace File CHAR 255    
206 BGRFC_TYPE Entity Referenced by Authorization Check NUMC   
207 BGRFC_UNIT_HISTORY Flag for Unit History CHAR   
208 BGRFC_WAITING_TIME Wait Time of Unit in Table of Executable Units INT4 10    
209 BGRFC_WAIT_TIME Wait Times for qRFC/tRFC Units INT4 10    
210 BGRFC_WAKE_UP_TIME Wakeup Time for Scheduler INT4 10    
211 BGRUP Bank group CHAR   
212 BGTKZ IS-H: Indicator for exception billing comments CHAR   
213 BGWAM Begin of goodwill amortization with step acquisition CHAR   
214 BHANDTXT IS-H: Text für Behandlung CHAR 52    
215 BHOBJ_ATTB_TYPE Attribute Type CHAR   
217 BHOBJ_EVENT_TEXT Event : Text CHAR 40    
218 BHOBJ_TYPE Batch History : BRO Types CHAR   
219 BHRKF_KK Origin of an entry relating to creditworthiness CHAR   
220 BHSKT Short text - container status Kanban CHAR   
221 BHYEAR Valid year copied for burning hour calendar NUMC   
222 BIACT Type of Procedure for 'Balance Sheets in Profit Center Acc.' CHAR   
223 BIAKTSTAT Possible status of control/result table CHAR   
224 BIART Type of performance for batch input CHAR   
225 BIART_KK Data transfer type CHAR   
226 BIBTCJOB Job name from TBICU CHAR 32    
227 BICAT Allowed selection tables for Batch Information Cockpit CHAR 30    
228 BICDF Function in Batch Information Cockpit CHAR   
229 BICDF_ACTIVE Activation of function in Batch Information Cockpit NUMC   
230 BICDF_DISPLAY Display type in Batch Information Cockpit CHAR   
231 BICDF_TYPE Function type in Batch Information Cockpit CHAR   
232 BICSS Selection tab titles for Batch Information Cockpit CHAR   
233 BICS_PROV_MESSAGE_TEXT Message Text CHAR 220    
234 BICS_PROV_MESSAGE_TEXT_SHORT Short Message Text CHAR 80    
235 BICS_PROV_OBJECT_ID ID for an Object INT4 10    
236 BICS_PROV_RS_ORDINAL Logical Index of an Object in a Result Set INT4 10    
237 BICS_PROV_VERSION Version of the Provider Interface INT4 10    
238 BICUG User group for Batch Information Cockpit CHAR 12    
239 BIC_FIELD_TYPE BIC Field Display Control Selection/Result CHAR   
240 BIC_FUNC Standard detail function batch cockpit CHAR   
241 BIC_SEL_SOURCE BIC - Data Source CHAR   
242 BIC_STOCKSEL BIC - Selection of Stock for Selection Results: Batches CHAR   
243 BIDT_D_DEC normal counter for bidi testing DEC 12 
244 BIDT_D_INT number INT4 10    
245 BIFGR Screen sequence group CHAR   
246 BIFGR_ISP Screen sequence group CHAR   
247 BIFGR_PAM IS-M/AM: Screen Sequence Group CHAR   
248 BIG10 Character field of length 10 (upper case) CHAR 10    
249 BIG15 Character field of length 15 (upper case) CHAR 15    
250 BIG20 Character field of length 20 (upper case) CHAR 20    
251 BIG30 Character field of length 30 (upper case) CHAR 30    
252 BIG4 Character field of length 4 (upper case) CHAR   
253 BIJOBID Direct input: job ID CHAR 32    
254 BILA_BKON Company code summarization CHAR   
255 BILA_BTYP Financial statement type CHAR   
256 BILA_FILC Extract to consolidation CHAR   
257 BILA_GKON Business area summarization CHAR   
258 BILA_SKAL Scaling CHAR   
259 BILA_SUMM Summary report CHAR   
260 BILA_VART Comparison type CHAR   
261 BILDLOGOID IS-PAM: ID for artwork in the pre-press system CHAR 30    
262 BILDS Screen control group for item CHAR   
263 BILDSQ Screen sequence number CHAR   
264 BILDTP Screen type: initial screen/main screen/secondary screen NUMC   
265 BILKT Balance sheet account number CHAR 10    
266 BILLCATEG Billing category CHAR   
267 BILLDOCADDITEM_KK Sequential Number of Additional Item NUMC   
268 BILLDOCITEM_KK Sequential Number of Document Item NUMC   
269 BILLDOCNO_ICA Settlement Document Number NUMC 12    
270 BILLDOCNO_KK Number of Billing Document NUMC 12    
271 BILLDOCTAXITEM_KK Sequential Number of Tax Item NUMC   
272 BILLINGRESULT Billed meter reading CHAR 32    
273 BILLING_INDEX_CANCEL IS-M/SD: Options for Renewed Billing When Billing Reversed NUMC   
274 BILLMETHOD Billing method CHAR   
275 BILLPERTYP Category of the internal billing period CHAR   
276 BILLPROV_FLAG Indicator for Service Provider that Bills the Installation CHAR   
277 BILLTYPE_ID Identification of Waste Billing Category CHAR   
278 BILL_BUTTON_ACTIVE Button for Rebilling Active/Inactive CHAR   
279 BILL_DEBIT_CREDIT credit, debit or both CHAR   
280 BILL_DUN_STATUS_FIS Bill Dunning Status (Biller Direct) CHAR   
281 BILL_POST Type of billing document processing CHAR   
282 BILL_SOURCE Source system category for billing document CHAR   
283 BILL_STATUS_FIS Status of a Bill (Biller Direct) CHAR   
284 BILL_SUBTYPE_FIS Bill Subtype (FSCM Biller Direct) CHAR 12    
285 BILL_TYPE_FIS Bill Type (FSCM Biller Direct) CHAR   
286 BILL_TYPE_TEXT_FIS Text for Bill Category (FSCM Biller Direct) CHAR 128    
287 BIL_BEA_SRC_HEADNO_EXT Header Document Number CHAR 10    
288 BIL_PERCENTAGE Percentage DEC 13 
289 BIMON_NAME Generic Name STRG   
290 BIMON_RETURN_CODE Return codes INT1   
291 BIN1024 TMS: Binary Structure for Container RAW 1024    
292 BINPT_FUNC Batch Input Type CHAR   
293 BINPUT_U Yes/no field CHAR   
294 BINRELTYP Binary type of link CHAR   
295 BINTK Internal bank CHAR   
296 BISHNRMZUS IS-M/SD: To house number with affix CHAR 10    
297 BISIMTYPE Type of mass simulation CHAR   
298 BISLIFMENN Number of subscriptions / to delivery quantity NUMC 10    
299 BISMT Previous material number CHAR 18    
300 BIS_AUFNR R/2 order number at which transfer is terminated NUMC   
301 BIS_JAHR To Year NUMC   
302 BIS_MONAT To Period NUMC   
303 BIS_PLUS IS-PAM: Indicates a period ("-") or 2 dates ("+") CHAR   
304 BITBTYPE Type of data file for failed payment transactions CHAR 10    
305 BITMAP uziuiu CHAR   
306 BIWOREP Re-Billing Without Manual Correction CHAR   
307 BIWTYPE Type of info structure (for updating in BIW) CHAR   
308 BIW_CAPEXP Capital/Expense Indicator NUMC   
309 BIW_CORRTYPE Adjustment Type NUMC   
310 BIW_CSH Payment type NUMC   
311 BIW_CSH_DT Detail for the Payment Type NUMC   
312 BIW_DATA_ORIGIN Data Source CHAR   
313 BIW_DATS Date DATS   
314 BIW_DAT_EV Date Event NUMC   
315 BIW_DAT_SC Date Origin NUMC   
316 BIW_DUR Duration QUAN
317 BIW_FLG_YN End node indicator CHAR   
318 BIW_GRTYP Statistical Key Figure Type CHAR   
319 BIW_IM_OBJ Object Types in IM CHAR   
320 BIW_IM_RHIER Indicator: Role in Strategic Planning CHAR   
321 BIW_ISU_HAUS Connnection Object for BW Extraction CHAR 30    
322 BIW_POSED Item Number (Externally Formatted) CHAR 24    
323 BIW_PRNAMS Investment Program Name (Abbreviated) CHAR   
324 BIW_PROZ_TOT Multiplied percentage rate of percent. dist. by org.units FLTP 16  16 
325 BIW_PS_OBJ Object Type (PS) CHAR   
326 BIW_TIMS Time TIMS   
327 BIW_TRGKZ Object indicator CHAR   
328 BIW_ZONE Time zone CHAR   
329 BIZC_ATTR_TYPE Search Attribute Type CHAR   
330 BIZC_CBTOOL Tool for Callback CHAR 10    
331 BIZC_COMM_TYPE Communication Type CHAR   
332 BIZC_COMPONENT_ID Business Content: Component ID STRG   
333 BIZC_COMPONENT_RELATION Business Content: Component Relation CHAR 20    
334 BIZC_CONFIG_STATUS Status in Configuration of Content INT4 10    
335 BIZC_COPY_POLICY BIZC: Type and Method of Copying BIZC_COPY_POLICY INT1   
336 BIZC_CO_ID Business Content: Content Object ID CHAR 70    
337 BIZC_CO_NAME Business Content: Content Object Name STRG   
338 BIZC_CPROV Content Provider CHAR 20    
339 BIZC_DESCRIPTION Business Content: Description STRG   
340 BIZC_DOCSCOPE Bizc: Semantic Use of Documents CHAR 12    
341 BIZC_DOCSTORE Alias for Storing Documents CHAR 12    
342 BIZC_DOCTYPE Bizc: Document Type CHAR   
343 BIZC_DOCUMENTATION_ID Business Content: Documentation ID STRG   
344 BIZC_DOCUMENTATION_TYPE Business Content: Documentation Type STRG   
346 BIZC_DOC_STAT Release Status of a Document in the Solution Manager CHAR   
347 BIZC_ENV_ROLE Role of System Environment CHAR   
348 BIZC_ENV_TYPE Type of a System Environment ID CHAR 20    
349 BIZC_ERROR_CODE Business Content: Error Code NUMC   
350 BIZC_ERROR_TEXT_RFC Business Content: Error as String CHAR 250    
351 BIZC_FLAG Flag CHAR   
352 BIZC_INSTALLED Installation Status of a Software Component CHAR   
353 BIZC_LOOKUP_SCOPE Business Content: Lookup Scope CHAR 10    
354 BIZC_METHOD_NAME Business Content: Method Name CHAR 20    
355 BIZC_NAMEDC Business Content: Named Context STRG   
356 BIZC_OPERATION_NAME Name of an Operation in the Task List CHAR 30    
357 BIZC_SCV Business Content: Software Component Version STRG   
358 BIZC_SEARCH_SCOPE Business Content: Search Scope CHAR 30    
359 BIZC_SELOPT Business Content: SelOpt (for Search) CHAR 255    
360 BIZC_SEVERITY BIZC: Meaning of an Exception CHAR   
361 BIZC_SYS_TYPE Type of System CHAR 10    
362 BIZC_TABIX Business Content: Table Index NUMC   
363 BIZC_TECHNICAL_NAME Business Content: Technical Name STRG   
364 BIZC_UI_TECHNOLOGY Technology of the User Interface CHAR   
365 BI_MASS_SIM_TYPE Simulation Type of Contract for Mass Simulation NUMC   
366 BJAHR_VK Accounting Year NUMC   
367 BKABSORT Change document sorting (bank details) CHAR   
368 BKCHK_KK Bank Check for Direct Debit Pre-Notification CHAR   
369 BKGRD_KK FPP4: Reason for Change of Bank Details CHAR   
370 BKGRP_KK Follow-Up Actions: Grouping Criterion for BUKRS CHAR   
372 BKKT_PERIOD period NUMC   
373 BKK_ABS_IMP_MODUS Available Balance Series: External Data Transfer Mode CHAR   
374 BKK_ABS_MODUS Available Balance Series: External Data Transfer Mode CHAR   
375 BKK_ACCLR Blocking Reason for an Account in End of Day Processing NUMC   
376 BKK_ACCNT Account number for current account CHAR 10    
377 BKK_ACC_CLOSURE_4EYES Account Closure Principle of Dual Control CHAR   
378 BKK_ACC_CLOS_RELEASED Account Closure: Release Status CHAR   
379 BKK_ACC_CLOS_SINGLE_MASS Acct Closure Principle of Dual Ctrl: Direct/Indirect or both CHAR   
380 BKK_ACC_IN_POOL_INDICATOR Indicator Showing if Account is in Hierarchy or not CHAR   
381 BKK_ACC_NR Domains for Number Range Object External Account Number CHAR 20    
382 BKK_ACEXT External account number CHAR 35    
383 BKK_ACIBAN International Account Number CHAR 35    
384 BKK_ACKIND Current Accounts - Account Types CHAR   
385 BKK_ACNUM Payer Account CHAR 35    
386 BKK_ACSTNO Bank Statement Number CHAR 10    
387 BKK_ACT_TERM Activity of Payment Transactions in Term Phases CHAR   
388 BKK_ADINTMET Indicator: Interest Penalty Calculation CHAR   
389 BKK_ADVPOST Type of Interest Penalty Debit CHAR   
390 BKK_AIMETH Method of Interest Penalty Posting CHAR   
391 BKK_AIPOST Type of Interest Penalty Debit CHAR   
392 BKK_AISTAT Status of Info Items CHAR   
393 BKK_AI_POST Posting Decision: Interest Penalty CHAR   
394 BKK_ALNAME_D Alias for Business Partner CHAR 80    
395 BKK_ALNAME_D_SEARCH Alias for Business Partner CHAR 80    
396 BKK_AMNTTY Amount type NUMC   
397 BKK_AMT Amount Field for Item PL9 Without +/- Sign CURR 17 
398 BKK_AMTMD5 Amount with 5 Decimal Points DEC 17 
399 BKK_APPLDTYPE Application Data Type CHAR   
400 BKK_ARCHEVENT Event within Archiving CHAR   
401 BKK_ARCHSTATUS Archiving status NUMC   
402 BKK_ARCH_TIME_UNIT Time Unit for BCA Archiving CHAR   
403 BKK_AS4TAB Table Name in Length for Version 3.x CHAR 10    
404 BKK_ASSIGN Field Name for Condition Area Assignment CHAR 10    
405 BKK_ATTR Entry Attribute of the Field NUMC   
406 BKK_AUOBJ Authorization Group Object CHAR 10    
407 BKK_AUTHGR Authorization Group Dual Control CHAR   
408 BKK_BALCONFIRM Balance Confirmation or Balance Notification CHAR   
409 BKK_BALINT Amount Field for Begin. and End. Balance of a Bank Statement CURR 17 
410 BKK_BALNOT_STATE Status of Balance Notification CHAR   
411 BKK_BALOBJCATG Object category for balancing CHAR   
412 BKK_BALTYP Type of Balance CHAR   
413 BKK_BANKV Recipient Payment Details CHAR 65    
414 BKK_BANK_VAR Bank Identification Variant CHAR   
415 BKK_BANK_VAR_FL Variants for Field Status CHAR   
416 BKK_BAPI_DIALOG Indicator for Dialog Mode CHAR   
417 BKK_BKKRS Bank Area CHAR   
418 BKK_BKSTPR Processing Status of Bank Statement NUMC   
419 BKK_BKST_FORMAT Bank Statement Format CHAR   
420 BKK_BMCONDCOMP Degree of Complexity of The Conditions CHAR   
421 BKK_BONUS Bonus CHAR   
422 BKK_BSPTYP General Ledger: Posting Type Bal. Sheet Preparation NUMC   
423 BKK_BUZEI Posting line NUMC   
424 BKK_CARDID Graphical map ID CHAR   
425 BKK_CASHBC Means of Payment Position Category NUMC   
426 BKK_CASHBT Domains for Position Type CHAR   
427 BKK_CASHBX Position number CHAR 20    
428 BKK_CASHB_NUMB BCA: Sequence Number in Check Stack Management CHAR 13    
429 BKK_CASHB_QUANTITY BCA: Number of Checks Per Check Stack NUMC 10    
430 BKK_CBSTAT Position Status CHAR   
431 BKK_CHAINSTATUS Status of a Processing Chain NUMC   
432 BKK_CHANGSTAT Processing Status of Currency Conversion CHAR   
433 BKK_CHAR11 Text Field Length 11 CHAR 11    
434 BKK_CHAR132 Char132 CHAR 132    
435 BKK_CHAR25 25 Characters in Lower Case CHAR 25    
436 BKK_CHAR50LOW Char. 50 bytes - lowercase CHAR 50    
437 BKK_CHCURSTAT BCA: Currency Conversion Status CHAR   
438 BKK_CHEQNR Check number CHAR 15    
439 BKK_CHEQUE Check Type CHAR   
440 BKK_CHKDIG Check Digit Place NUMC   
441 BKK_CHKMET Check digit calculation method CHAR   
442 BKK_CHKTYP Check Digit Calculation Method Category CHAR   
443 BKK_CHK_FLG Check flag CHAR   
444 BKK_CHQNUMISSUE Check Number Issuing CHAR   
445 BKK_CHSTAT Check status CHAR   
446 BKK_CLCCTG Condition Recalculation Category NUMC   
447 BKK_CLEAR_ID ID of a Clearing Center CHAR   
448 BKK_CLEAR_RUN_NO Sequence number NUMC   
449 BKK_CLOSREPORT Report in End of Day Processing CHAR 40    
450 BKK_CNT BCA: Consecutive Number NUMC   
451 BKK_COMPLE Value for Complement Creation INT1   
452 BKK_CON Bank Condition CHAR 10    
453 BKK_CONASS Setting for Condition Area Assignment CHAR   
454 BKK_CONCAT Bank Condition Category CHAR   
455 BKK_CONCLS Condition class CHAR   
456 BKK_CONDAR Condition Area CHAR   
457 BKK_CONDI Individual Conditions Available CHAR   
458 BKK_CONDIF Bank Condition Type Differentiation CHAR   
459 BKK_CONDWHTAX Transfer of calculation results to capital yield tax (CYT) CHAR   
460 BKK_COND_ART Indication: Standard or Individual Condition CHAR   
461 BKK_COND_E External Bank Condition Type Differentiation CHAR   
462 BKK_CONTIM Period for Condition NUMC   
463 BKK_CONTROL SEPA Control Flag CHAR   
464 BKK_CONTUN Time Unit for Conditions NUMC   
465 BKK_CONVAL Condition Differentiation Value CHAR 10    
466 BKK_COUNT Number NUMC   
467 BKK_CPD_PROC Processes for CpD Postings NUMC   
468 BKK_CRD_ID Creditor Identification CHAR 35    
469 BKK_CURTP Currency type CHAR   
470 BKK_DATTYP Data category CHAR   
471 BKK_DATUM Date DATS   
472 BKK_DAY Key date NUMC   
477 BKK_DAYS3 Number of days NUMC   
478 BKK_DAYS5 Number Days for Future Posting Date in Planned Payment Order NUMC   
479 BKK_DB_MODE Processing Type CHAR   
480 BKK_DCNTR Dispatch Expense Counter CHAR   
481 BKK_DC_AREA Areas for Release Procedure CHAR   
482 BKK_DDEBNR Direct Debit Order Number NUMC   
483 BKK_DECLINE_TEXT Reason for Rejection CHAR 25    
484 BKK_DECRE_ERROR Error messages CHAR   
485 BKK_DELETE_CTRL Indicator, Deleting Allowed? CHAR   
486 BKK_DELST Status of Account Closure NUMC   
487 BKK_DEPOSITADAP Contract Amount Adjustment CHAR   
488 BKK_DEVIDE Divisor for Charges DEC   
489 BKK_DIASO Use Transaction Type Online Entry Standing Order CHAR   
490 BKK_DISPID ID for Task Dispatcher (Parallel Processing) CHAR 61    
491 BKK_DISTMETH Distribution Method Interest Compensation CHAR   
492 BKK_DOCGRP Document Type Group NUMC   
493 BKK_DOCNO BCA: Document Number NUMC 12    
494 BKK_DOCNOTMP Document Number for Planned Payment Items NUMC 12    
495 BKK_DOCUMENTTYPE Dokument Type NUMC   
496 BKK_DOM_CF_DEFAULT Default Document (case-sensitive) CHAR 35    
497 BKK_DOM_CF_FIELDNAME Field Name (case sensitive) CHAR 20    
499 BKK_DOM_DIALOG_CF Field Name Container Field CHAR 14    
500 BKK_DOM_DIALOG_CF_VI_LENGTH Display Length of Customer Fields NUMC