SAP ABAP Domain - Index B, page 10
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 BSI_CHAR01 Domain representing BSI data type BSI_CHAR01/BSI_CHAR02 CHAR   
2 BSI_CHAR02 Domain representing BSI data type BSI_CHAR [3] CHAR   
3 BSI_CHAR03 Domain representing BSI data type BSI_CHAR [4] CHAR   
4 BSI_CHAR11 Domain representing BSI data type BSI_CHAR [12] CHAR 11    
5 BSI_CHAR12 Domain representing BSI data type BSI_CHAR [12] CHAR 12    
6 BSI_CHAR16 BSI Character : Length 16 CHAR 16    
7 BSI_CHAR20 Bsi Character of Length 20. CHAR 20    
8 BSI_CHAR30 Domain representing BSI data type BSI_CHAR [31] CHAR 30    
9 BSI_CHARDT Domain representing BSI data type BSI_CHAR [9] used for date DATS   
10 BSI_COMP BSI: Tax Company CHAR 11    
12 BSI_EMPGRP BSI: Employee Group CHAR 11    
13 BSI_HOURS BSI 5.0: Transfer data in char format for C type BSI_HOURS CHAR 24    
14 BSI_RATE Domain Representing BSI Data Type BSI_RATE CHAR 24    
15 BSI_RATE2 BSI: Rate Decimal 9 with 8 positions DEC
16 BSI_SHRT01 Domain representing BSI data type BSI_SHORT digits (0-9) CHAR   
17 BSI_SHRT02 Domain representing BSI data type BSI_SHORT digits (00-99) CHAR   
18 BSI_SHRT03 Domain representing BSI data type BSI_SHORT digits (000-999) CHAR   
19 BSI_SHRT04 Domain representing BSI data ty BSI_SHORT digits (0000-9999) CHAR   
20 BSI_SHRT06 Domain repr. BSI data type BSI_SHORT digits (000000-999999) CHAR   
21 BSI_TAXTYP BSI: Tax type CHAR   
22 BSI_WAGE BSI: Decimal 9 with 2 positions DEC
23 BSKEY Key CHAR   
24 BSKRF_P Inventory correction factor (external representation) DEC 12 
25 BSLVS Special Stock Indicators for Whse Mgmt CHAR   
26 BSORT Sorting procedure in assortment list CHAR   
27 BSPCUKY Currency Unit Domain for BSP Applications CUKY   
28 BSPCURR Currency Domain for BSP Applications CURR 15 
29 BSPERIOD_APPL_AREA Application Area CHAR 10    
30 BSPERIOD_DDR_MTYPE Due Date Rule Modifier CHAR   
32 BSPERIOD_FRQ_FACTOR Frequency Factor INT4 10    
33 BSPERIOD_FRQ_MAP_CAT Period Mapping Category CHAR   
34 BSPERIOD_FRQ_MAP_ENTITY Frequency Mapping Entity NUMC   
35 BSPERIOD_FRQ_MAP_TYPE Frequency Mapping Type CHAR   
36 BSPERIOD_FRQ_TYPE Frequency Type CHAR   
37 BSPERIOD_FRQ_UNIT Frequency Unit INT1   
39 BSPERIOD_SCAL_INDICATOR Factory Calendar Indicator CHAR   
40 BSPL_ACCOUNT_GROUP Account Group for Account History CHAR   
41 BSPL_CURTP Currency Type CHAR   
42 BSPL_PERIOD_SIGN Indicator for report/comparison period CHAR   
43 BSPL_SELECT_TYPE Balance Sheet Selection CHAR   
44 BSPOBJECT Name of an sample object with template xx CHAR 40    
45 BSPPACKED Demonstration Domains for WCF Examples CURR 15 
47 BSPWD_ADH_DH_TYPE Type of Delta Handling disablement CHAR   
48 BSPWD_BOL_DC_MODE Indicator: BOL Display/Change Mode CHAR   
49 BSPWD_FLD_STATE Field state CHAR   
50 BSPWD_HIST_MANAGER_MODE History Manager Operation Mode CHAR   
51 BSPWD_IB_INSTANCE Replacement Domain for IB_INSTANCE in Basis Application NUMC 18    
52 BSPWD_INTF_ELEM_TYPE Interface Element Type CHAR   
53 BSPWD_MSGLEVEL Degree of Detail for a Message CHAR   
54 BSPWD_MSG_REPLACEMENT_PROFILE Message Replacement Profile CHAR 32    
55 BSPWD_RT_REP_SRC_TYPE Source Type for Runtime Repository CHAR   
56 BSPWD_WB_COMPONENT_TYPE Workbench component type CHAR   
57 BSPXPT_ATTR_LST Parameter Attribute List CHAR 100    
58 BSPXPT_OBJECT_NAME Object Name CHAR 30    
59 BSPXPT_TGT_FLD Navigation Taget Field CHAR 32    
60 BSPXPT_TGT_TYPE Command Center Target Type CHAR   
61 BSP_AD_ADDRNUM_NOALPHA Address Number Without Alpha Conversion CHAR 10    
62 BSP_DEC10_2 Decimal Type for BSP Example DEC 10 
63 BSP_DLC_ATRS_MAX_HITS Attribute Set / Max. Hits INT4 10    
64 BSP_DLC_ATRS_SWITCH_STATE Switch State of Attribute Set (Display, Hidden, Independent) CHAR   
65 BSP_DLC_AUTH_ALLOWED Allowed (Authority field) CHAR   
66 BSP_DLC_COMPONENT_USAGE Component Usage CHAR 40    
67 BSP_DLC_CONFIG_DATA_ORIGIN Config data Origin CHAR   
68 BSP_DLC_CONFIG_TYPE Configuration type CHAR 20    
69 BSP_DLC_CONTEXT_ID Context ID CHAR 40    
70 BSP_DLC_DEFAULT_VALUE Default value CHAR 50    
71 BSP_DLC_DESIGN_LAYER_SOURCE Source of design layer data: customer / SAP / both CHAR   
72 BSP_DLC_DESIGN_OBJECT Design layer: Design object CHAR 20    
73 BSP_DLC_EFC_CONF_MM_KIND Kind of mismatch CHAR 10    
74 BSP_DLC_EFC_ELEM_TYPE Effective Context Element Type CHAR 10    
75 BSP_DLC_FIELD_TYPE Field Type on UI (Input field, Dropdown Listbox, ...) CHAR   
76 BSP_DLC_INTERFACE_VIEW Interface View CHAR 101    
77 BSP_DLC_LABEL_ORIGIN Origin of field label CHAR   
78 BSP_DLC_MULTI_LAYOUT_TITLE Name given by a user to identify a personalization CHAR 40    
79 BSP_DLC_OBJECT_SUB_TYPE Object Sub Type CHAR 20    
80 BSP_DLC_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type CHAR 20    
82 BSP_DLC_PAGE_SCROLL_MODE paging or scrolling for configuration/ personalization CHAR   
83 BSP_DLC_PRE_PROC_CHANGE_FLAG Indicates changes compared to the original configuration CHAR   
84 BSP_DLC_ROLE_KEY Role Key CHAR 10    
85 BSP_DLC_SUBKEY Generic subkey CHAR   
86 BSP_DLC_TBUI_STEP_DESCR_ID TBUI: Step Description ID CHAR 17    
87 BSP_DLC_TBUI_STEP_VIEWNAME_ENH View Name of reusable step view enabled for task pages CHAR 101    
91 BSP_DLC_USAGE usage context CHAR 20    
92 BSP_DLC_VIEWNAME Viewname CHAR 255    
93 BSP_DYN_CONFIG_FS_DESCR Fact Sheet Description CHAR 255    
94 BSP_DYN_CONFIG_FS_GRID Fact Sheet Grid Definition NUMC   
95 BSP_DYN_CONFIG_FS_LAYDESCR Fact Sheet Layout Description CHAR 80    
96 BSP_DYN_CONFIG_FS_LAYOUT Fact Sheet Layout CHAR 30    
98 BSP_DYN_CONFIG_FS_TITLE Fact Sheet Title CHAR 80    
99 BSP_DYN_CONFIG_FS_WND_NAME Fact Sheet Window Name CHAR 70    
100 BSP_TEST_FIX No Prime Numbers <= 20 NUMC   
101 BSP_WD_BINDING_TYPE Binding Type CHAR   
102 BSP_WD_CONTROLLER_TYPE Controller Type CHAR   
103 BSP_WD_GEN_ELEM_TYPE Generation Element Type CHAR   
104 BSP_WD_HIST_MANAGER_TYPE History Manager Type CHAR   
105 BSP_WD_PAGE_TYPE Page Type CHAR   
106 BSP_WD_PROFILE Runtime Framework Profile Name CHAR 32    
107 BSP_XML String for XML storage STRG   
108 BSP_XML_XSTRING XString for XML storage RSTR   
109 BSRLN Building Society Roll No CHAR 16    
110 BSSOA_XI_NSPCE XI Xame Space (Business Suite SOA) CHAR 255    
111 BSSP_ACNUM_EXT External account number CHAR 35    
112 BSSP_BEMPREIS Positive currency amount CURR 10 
113 BSSP_BKUAB Amount in a currency CURR 10 
114 BSSP_BSTNK Purchase order no.of customer CHAR 20    
115 BSSP_CONTRACT Contract number (FI-LA) CHAR 10    
117 BSSP_EQUNR Equipment Number CHAR 18    
118 BSSP_FEED_FILTER Feed: Filter CHAR 10    
119 BSSP_GOS_USAGE Access to Generic Object Services CHAR   
120 BSSP_IBAN International Bank Account Number CHAR 35    
121 BSSP_JV_OTYPE Joint Venture Object Type CHAR   
122 BSSP_KNUMA Agreement CHAR 10    
123 BSSP_KPEIN Condition pricing unit DEC   
124 BSSP_LDRNR BSSP Ledger Number CHAR   
125 BSSP_NOTE_TYPE Note Type CHAR   
126 BSSP_PEMKURS Issue rate in percent DEC 10 
127 BSSP_PERC Percetage use in GM DEC 6 with 3 decimal places DEC
128 BSSP_PRZ25 Packed percentage rate NN,NNNNN DEC
129 BSSP_PSOBKEY Identification key for contract object CHAR 20    
130 BSSP_QMNUM Quality notification no. CHAR 12    
131 BSSP_RANLALT1S Character field length 13 Upper/Lower Case CHAR 13    
132 BSSP_SCOPE_CV Object class (five-figure print length) CHAR   
133 BSSP_STAFO Update group for statistics update CHAR   
134 BSSP_TAG_NAME Tag Name CHAR 30    
135 BSSP_TB_TABLEINDEX INT4, without +/- signs INT4 10    
136 BSSP_TIMESTAMP UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
137 BSSP_TI_BETICK_COMMODITY 7 Decimal Places DEC 13 
138 BSSP_TPM_CTY_TYPE Type of Commodity CHAR   
139 BSSP_VVKBEMPR Security price DEC 15 
140 BSSP_WERT Amount field PL7 CURR 13 
141 BSSP_XSTRING BSSP: xstring for side panels RSTR   
142 BSSTATUS Ownership status of lighting CHAR   
143 BSTAE Confirmation Control Key CHAR   
144 BSTANZ Tax codes, display stock CHAR   
145 BSTAR Stock type CHAR   
146 BSTAS Requirements status key CHAR   
147 BSTAT Document status CHAR   
148 BSTAT_SREP Document Status CHAR   
149 BSTAUS Stock Values in the Logistics Information System CHAR   
150 BSTC_QTYPE Structure facts capture: Question type CHAR   
151 BSTEXT Text for Entry LCHR 2400    
152 BSTGE Goods recipient of vendor purchase order CHAR   
153 BSTITLE Title CHAR 120    
154 BSTKD Customer purchase order number CHAR 35    
155 BSTKN Module short name CHAR 15    
156 BSTKZ_DABG Inventory Indicator for Debit Results Analysis CHAR   
157 BSTKZ_KABG Inventory Indicator for Credit Results Analysis CHAR   
158 BSTLLEH IS-H Output quantity unit, order unit CHAR   
159 BSTMEH IS-H Order unit CHAR   
160 BSTM_FORMAT_NAME Bank Statement: Name Formats CHAR 20    
161 BSTNAME Name of program module (FORM, MODULE, FUNCTION...) CHAR 30    
162 BSTND Balance/Change in Balance CHAR   
163 BSTNK Customer purchase order number CHAR 20    
164 BSTNKP Domain for Data Element BSTNKP CHAR   
165 BSTTX Description of container status, Kanban CHAR 60    
166 BSTTYP Stock categories in the Logistics Information System CHAR   
167 BSTTYP_APO Stock types in APO CHAR   
168 BSTVP Stock check for serial numbers CHAR   
169 BSTYP Purchasing document category CHAR   
170 BSTYPE Type CHAR   
171 BSTYPF Transmit release documentation for purchase orders CHAR   
172 BSTYPL Transmit release documentation for scheduling agreements CHAR   
173 BSTYP_DCM DCM Purchasing document category CHAR   
174 BSTYP_TC Purchasing Document Category CHAR   
175 BSTZD Customer purchase order number supplement CHAR   
176 BSTZU Vendor POs, aggregate CHAR   
177 BSURL url CHAR 40    
178 BS_ACTION Logical Action CHAR 10    
179 BS_ACTION_DESCRIPTION Description of a logical action CHAR 60    
180 BS_ADDRESS_COMM_FEED_TYPE Type of feeding for list-UIBBs holding communication data CHAR   
181 BS_ADDRESS_COMM_TYPE_GENERAL Address Communication Type CHAR   
182 BS_ADDRESS_COMM_TYPE_INTERNET Communication type for internet communication data CHAR   
183 BS_ADDRESS_COMM_TYPE_PHONE Communication type for phone numbers CHAR   
184 BS_ADDRESS_COMM_TYPE_PHONELIKE Communication type for phone-like communication data CHAR   
186 BS_ANLY_APP_ADAPT Application Adaptation CHAR 20    
188 BS_ANLY_CHART_TYPE Chart UIBB: Business Graphics Chart Type NUMC   
189 BS_ANLY_CONTENT_BUNDLE BI Content Bundle CHAR 30    
190 BS_ANLY_CUST_TYPE Chart UIBB: Customizing Type CHAR   
191 BS_ANLY_DD_TYPE Analytic List UIBB: Drilldown Type CHAR   
192 BS_ANLY_DISPLAY_TYPE Chart UIBB: Display Type CHAR   
193 BS_ANLY_DISPLAY_VALUES Chart UIBB: Display Values NUMC   
194 BS_ANLY_DISPLAY_VALUES_OTHERS Chart UIBB: Display Values with Option "Mixed" NUMC   
195 BS_ANLY_GROUPING Content Bundles: Grouping of types when collecting objects NUMC   
196 BS_ANLY_LIST_TOOLBAR_ELEM_TYPE Toolbar Element Type of Analytics List UIBB CHAR   
197 BS_ANLY_OIP_DSOURCE_DELTA Delta Process for a DataSource CHAR   
198 BS_ANLY_OIP_DSOURCE_SEL_OPT Selection Options Supported by DataSource Field CHAR   
199 BS_ANLY_OIP_DSOURCE_SEL_PROP Selection Property of DataSource Field CHAR   
201 BS_ANLY_RRI_RTEQ Runtime Environment for Navigation Target of Type BW Query NUMC   
203 BS_ANLY_SELECTION_EXTENT Chart UIBB: Selection Extent NUMC   
204 BS_ANLY_SELECTION_TYPE Chart UIBB: Selection Type NUMC   
205 BS_ANLY_TXTLG Long Text CHAR 60    
206 BS_ATP_QUANTITY Quantity QUAN 15 
207 BS_CT_ACCORD Context Accord CHAR 10    
208 BS_CT_ACCORD_DESCRIPTION Context Accord Description CHAR 200    
209 BS_CT_ID Context ID CHAR 10    
210 BS_CT_ID_DESCRIPTION Context ID Description CHAR 200    
211 BS_CT_INSTRUMENT Context Instrument CHAR 100    
212 BS_CT_INSTRUMENT_DESCRIPTION Context Instrument Type Description CHAR 200    
213 BS_CT_INSTRUMENT_TYPE Context Instrument Type CHAR 10    
214 BS_CT_MSG_MAP Context Message Mapping CHAR 10    
215 BS_INOB_DEBATE_POLICY Policy of how decisions are taken CHAR 10    
216 BS_INOB_INCIDENT_NAME Incident Name CHAR 30    
217 BS_INOB_OBSERVE_DESCRIPTION Description Of An Observation In Incident Observation CHAR 200    
218 BS_INOB_REPORT_DESCRIPTION Description Of a Report Used In Incident Observation CHAR 200    
219 BS_INOB_SCENE_DESCRIPTION Description Of Scene For Incident Observation CHAR 200    
220 BS_INOB_SCENE_NAME Scene Name For Incident Observation CHAR 30    
221 BS_LOG_STATUS Log Status Code CHAR   
222 BS_OBJ Business Object CHAR 15    
223 BS_SOA_DOM_CATEGORY_PRIO Priority of an error category NUMC   
224 BS_SOA_DOM_DESCR_OR_NAME Name of a SOA Service or a business process description CHAR 120    
225 BS_SOA_DOM_MSG_CATEGORY_GROUP Message category group CHAR 20    
226 BS_SOA_DOM_MSG_CAT_GRP_DESCR Description of a message category group CHAR 60    
228 BS_SOA_DOM_SERVICENAME Name of a SOA service CHAR 120    
229 BS_SOA_INAPPSEQ_CNTXT Sequencing Context for Checks on Application Level STRG   
230 BS_SOA_INAPPSEQ_DIRECTION Sequencing information: Direction of interface call CHAR   
231 BS_SOA_INAPPSEQ_VAL_RES InApplicationSequencing: Validation Result CHAR   
232 BS_SOA_RUNTIME Proxy Runtime CHAR   
233 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_APPL_PROC_DONE Application Processing Done Indicator CHAR   
234 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_MORE_HITS_AVAIL ResponseProcessingConditions More Hits Available Indicator CHAR   
235 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_PROC_CONTEXT Processing Context of service implementation instance CHAR   
236 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_QRY_HITS_MAX QueryProcessingConditions Query Hits Maximum Number Value INT4 10    
237 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_QRY_HITS_UNLIM QueryProcessingConditions Query Hits Unlimited Indicator CHAR   
238 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_QRY_LAST_OBJ_ID QueryProcessingConditions Last Returned Object ID STRG   
239 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_RET_QRY_HITS ResponseProcessingConditions Returned Query Hits Number INT4 10    
240 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_RSP_LAST_OBJ_ID ResponseProcessingConditions Last Returned Object ID STRG   
241 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_SERVICETYPE Service operation type CHAR 16    
242 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_SERVICE_TYPE Service operation type CHAR 16    
243 BS_SOA_SIW_DOM_TARGET_NW SIW customer templates: Target NetWeaver release CHAR   
244 BS_SOA_UPDIND Update Indicator CHAR   
245 BS__ACTION Logical Action CHAR 10    
246 BS__ACTION_DESCRIPTION Description of a logical action CHAR 60    
247 BTAPP Belcotax file type CHAR   
248 BTART Indicator for the Ruling of the Tax Inspector (Decision) NUMC   
249 BTBEZ Valuation category text CHAR 15    
250 BTBFLG Copy Requirements Trading Contract CHAR   
251 BTBSTA Trading Contract: Application Status CHAR   
252 BTBSTS Trading Contract: System Status CHAR   
253 BTBWEBPF Trading Contract Web Profile CHAR   
254 BTBWEBST Web Status CHAR   
255 BTCADMIN Domain for Background Administrator Authorization CHAR   
256 BTCFTXTCOD Coded message text (in job log style) with format spec. CHAR 218    
257 BTCJOBACT Job operations CHAR   
258 BTCJOBVAL Generic field to display planning data CHAR 38    
259 BTCMTXTGEN General text of a message (for example, for job log) CHAR 218    
260 BTCPARMCOD Parameters (incl. parameter lengths) of the job log msg CHAR 184    
261 BTCPORTION For deletion of the big number of jobs the field INT2   
262 BTCSTATCNT Number of background jobs with particular status INT2   
263 BTCTEXT136 Character field, length 136, for batch processing CHAR 136    
264 BTCTEXT145 Character field, length 145, for batch processing CHAR 145    
265 BTCTEXT146 Character field, length 146, for batch processing CHAR 146    
266 BTCTEXT96 Character field for batch processing, length 96 CHAR 96    
267 BTCXPGERRC Control flag for external programs (std. error diversion) CHAR   
268 BTCXPGINC Control indicator for ext. programs (stand-in guide) CHAR   
269 BTCXPGOUTC Control indicator for ext. programs (stand-out guide) CHAR   
270 BTCXPGTRCC Control indicator for external programs (trace level) CHAR   
271 BTCXPGTRMC Control indicator for external programs (scheduling) CHAR   
272 BTC_DESCRIPTION Background Processing: Description of a Field CHAR 40    
273 BTC_TXTCOD Coded message text (job log) without format specification CHAR 217    
274 BTDID Belcotax declaration type NUMC   
275 BTEXT Text for Movement Type CHAR 20    
277 BTFCNAME BTF Configuration Name STRG   
278 BTFCVALUE BTF Configuration Value STRG   
279 BTFENCODING BTF: Encoding (Test) CHAR 32    
280 BTFHTMLFONT HTML Font Name CHAR 64    
281 BTFPARSER SAP BTF Parser Selection CHAR   
282 BTFR_EDIT_MODE Short Descr.for Create, Display, Change, Review, Translation CHAR   
283 BTMNS Keep construction type and material number synchronous CHAR   
284 BTPDL_TEXT BTP Textual Description CHAR 60    
285 BTP_DL_ANALYSIS_APPLICATION BTP Application in Analysis CHAR 30    
286 BTP_DL_CLASS BTP Classification Char 1 CHAR   
288 BTP_DL_DOCUOBJ BTP DocuObj Field of Docu Object CHAR 128    
289 BTP_DL_FLAG BTP Single Character Flag CHAR   
290 BTP_DL_HELPPORTAL_PATH BTP URL path in SAP help portal CHAR 10    
291 BTP_DL_ID2 BTP 2-Character ID CHAR   
292 BTP_DL_KW_CONTEXT BTP KW Context Information CHAR   
293 BTP_DL_NAME32 BTP Technical Name Length 32 CHAR 32    
294 BTP_DL_NAME8 BTP Technical Name Length 8 CHAR   
295 BTP_DL_NAMESPACE BTP Object Namespace CHAR   
296 BTP_DL_OBJ_TYPE BTP Object Type CHAR   
297 BTP_DL_OBJ_VERSION BTP Object Version CHAR   
299 BTP_DL_SEARCH_CONTEXT BTP Search Context CHAR 80    
300 BTP_DL_SEARCH_KEYWORD BTP Search Keyword CHAR 30    
301 BTP_DL_SEARCH_RATING BTP Search result rating 0..100 NUMC   
302 BTP_DL_SEQNUM BTP Sequence Number NUMC   
304 BTP_DL_TEXT BTP Textual Description CHAR 60    
305 BTP_DL_TEXTLONG BTP Longtext case sensitive CHAR 128    
307 BTP_DL_TYPE BTP Technical Type CHAR   
308 BTP_DL_VALUE32 BTP Technical Value Length 32 CHAR 32    
311 BTP_SGI_PARAM_NAME BTP Call-Back Parameter Name CHAR 30    
312 BTP_SGI_PARAM_VALUE BTP Call-Back Parameter Value CHAR 75    
313 BTP_SGI_SHCUT_LINE BTP Call-Back Line in Shortcut File CHAR 128    
314 BTP_SMI_SMPROJECT BTP Solution Manager Project CHAR 10    
315 BTP_SMI_SMPROJECTLANGU BTP Solution Manager Project Language LANG   
316 BTP_SMI_SMPROJECTTITLE BTP Solution Manager Project Title CHAR 60    
317 BTP_SMI_SMSY_DESCRIPTION BTP SMSY General Description CHAR 60    
318 BTP_SMI_SMSY_LOGCOMP BTP SMSY Logical Component CHAR 30    
322 BTP_SMI_SMSY_RFCDEST_PURPOSE BTP SMSY Purpose of a RFC destination CHAR 10    
327 BTP_WD_POPUP_TYPES Popup Types INT1   
328 BTP_WD_TDMS_VISIBILITY TDMS Visibility in SAP LT Components NUMC   
329 BTR12 Amount without decimal point DEC 12    
330 BTRA_BETRG HR payroll: Maximum amount CURR 15 
331 BTRA_KEYKO Account assignment allocation CHAR   
332 BTRG_KUM Accumulation of Amounts CHAR   
333 BTRKM Total Amount of Travel Costs CURR 15 
334 BTRNR Company number CHAR   
335 BTRPK Pension fund amount (GB) CURR
336 BTRTL Personnel subarea CHAR   
337 BTTYP PBS transfer type DK (HR) NUMC   
338 BTVOL_VEKP_C Total volume of handling unit CHAR 19    
339 BTVOU BELCOTAX voucher number NUMC   
340 BTYP1 Reduction type CHAR   
341 BUAG_CLASS Business Agreement Class CHAR 10    
342 BUART_EB Posting type CHAR   
343 BUAVC_ACTIVGRP Activity group for availability control CHAR   
344 BUAVC_ALLOCTYPE Assignment type / allocation type (availability control) CHAR   
345 BUAVC_ALSRC Data source for availability ledger CHAR   
346 BUAVC_APPLIC Application Component of BCS Availability Control CHAR   
347 BUAVC_BUFFER_TYPE Type of Generic Buffer CHAR   
348 BUAVC_CEILTYPE Availability Control Ceiling Type CHAR   
349 BUAVC_CHECKHORIZON Checking Horizon for Availability Control CHAR   
350 BUAVC_EVENT Availability control event CHAR   
351 BUAVC_LDGRSTAT Activation status of availability ledger CHAR   
352 BUAVC_MSGTY Message type of availability control CHAR   
353 BUAVC_ORDER Order of availability control actions or events NUMC   
354 BUAVC_TOLLIMUSE Use of Usage Rate and Absolute Variance CHAR   
355 BUAVC_TOLPROF Tolerance profile for availability control CHAR   
356 BUAVC_TOLPROFCATEG Category of Tolerance Profile CHAR   
357 BUBAS_POPUP_OPTION Application log - Display option for the popup CHAR   
358 BUBAS_SEL_ORDER Hierarchy Level for Field NUMC   
359 BUBEG Indicator for controlling the start of dep. posting CHAR   
360 BUBER_EB Posting area CHAR   
361 BUBER_FEBAN Posting Areas in FEBAN CHAR   
362 BUBER_KK Posting area for account determination CHAR   
363 BUCC_CHECKRULE Consistency Checks - Check rule CHAR   
364 BUCC_CHECKTYPE Consistency Checks - Type of the check CHAR   
365 BUCC_DB_USE Flag to set the evaluation on database values CHAR   
366 BUCC_LIBRARY Consistency Checks - Library CHAR   
367 BUCC_OPDTYPE Consistency Checks - Operand type CHAR   
368 BUCC_OPERATOR Consistency Checks - Comparison operators CHAR   
369 BUCC_SIDE Consistency Checks - Side of the operand CHAR   
370 BUCHST Posting status of flow for security CHAR   
371 BUCHST_CFM Posting Status of Movement for CFM (Operative Only) CHAR   
372 BUCHST_DL Posting status of flow for loans CHAR   
373 BUCHST_TR Posting status of flow for Treasury CHAR   
374 BUCHSYS Posting system indicator for borrower's note loans NUMC   
375 BUCU_FSG Field Status Group CHAR   
376 BUCU_FSS Field Status Definition CHAR   
377 BUCU_FSV Field Status Variant CHAR   
378 BUCU_NBYEAR Time horizon for budgeting NUMC   
379 BUCU_RELEASE Scenario for release CHAR   
380 BUCU_RELEASE_SCENARIO Value Type Scenario CHAR   
381 BUCU_ROLLUP_SCENARIO Scenario for rollup CHAR   
382 BUCU_STATUS Budgeting status CHAR 15    
383 BUCU_VALTYPE_STATUS Scenario for value type CHAR   
384 BUCU_YEAREND_SCENARIO Scenario for Year-End Process CHAR   
385 BUCY_BLOCKMODE Blockmode for mass transactions within copy handler CHAR   
386 BUCY_ROUNDING_FACTOR Rounding factor for mass transactions CHAR 10    
387 BUCY_ROUNDING_MODE Rounding mode CHAR   
388 BUCY_UPDATEMODE Update mode in mass transactions CHAR   
389 BUCY_UPDATEMODE_TXT Update mode in copy Budget Text TRansaction CHAR   
390 BUDGETBILLINGAMOUNT Utilities: Budget Billing Amount CURR 13 
391 BUDGETBILLINGCYCLE Utilities: Budget Billing Cycle CHAR   
392 BUDGETGRP FM account assignment groups for FM role determination CHAR 10    
393 BUDST Budget center CHAR 16    
394 BUDTXT_EDIT_MODE Determine if the Budget text can be edited CHAR   
395 BUDTXT_STATE State to build the Key of the Budget text CHAR   
396 BUED_DOCSTATE Status of FM entry documents CHAR   
397 BUED_DOCTYPE Budget entry document type CHAR   
398 BUED_FLG_ADDED Indicator for additional lines CHAR   
399 BUEKZ CO reports: Internal volume indicator CHAR   
400 BUEKZ_KS BUEKZ report: Do not use adjustment records CHAR   
401 BUEND Indicator for controlling the end of dep. posting CHAR   
402 BUFALLOW DD: Indicator for buffering allowed/not allowed CHAR   
403 BUFCHAR900 Character Field of Length 900 CHAR 900    
404 BUFCSYSNO SAP System number NUMC   
405 BUFFERED Buffering authorization CHAR   
406 BUFFERNAME SDIC00SCHMIDTJ 19910123170639 CHAR   
407 BUFFERS Foo INT4 10    
408 BUFFERSPAC pagesize * num_shared_buffers (KB) INT4 10    
409 BUFFER_ID Buffer IDs for the Reuse Library CHAR 60    
410 BUFF_FACT Factor for Calculating Buffer Size NUMC   
411 BUFHSYSNO SAP System number CHAR   
412 BUFMEMCLS Buffer storage class CHAR   
413 BUFMODED Buffer mode of an SAP table CHAR   
414 BUFNAME Name of an SAP buffer CHAR   
415 BUFPOOLFLU Foo INT4 10    
416 BUFQUAL Quality (in percent) of SAP buffers DEC
417 BUFRD Pricing: read conditions from buffer/master records CHAR   
418 BUFREADS Reads from shared memory INT4 10    
419 BUFREADZ INT4 10    
420 BUFSIZE Foo INT4 10    
421 BUFSMODE Buffer retrieval procedure CHAR   
422 BUFSTATE Buffering flag in the nametab CHAR   
423 BUFWRITES Foo INT4 10    
424 BUF_CH512 Output Field for a Buffer Trace Search String CHAR 512    
425 BUF_CLASS Buffer class NUMC   
426 BUF_SEQ_LINES Number of successors INT1   
427 BUGRD_KK Posting reason CHAR   
428 BUGRD_VK Posting reason (technical description of amount field) NUMC   
429 BUGRP Group of company codes CHAR   
430 BUHAL Setting for FI posting CHAR   
431 BUHBKT Ind. Posting General Ledger account CHAR   
432 BUHI_EI_RECORD_TASK Which Operation Are Performed on the Data Record CHAR   
433 BUHI_EI_TREE_TASK Which Operation Are Performed on the Tree CHAR   
434 BUIA PM: Customizing setting for function 'Set in process' CHAR   
435 BUILD Building CHAR   
436 BUIP PM: Suppress Customizing setting dialog 'put in process' CHAR   
437 BUKFM Company Code Variant FM CHAR   
438 BUKF_APPLIC Key Figures - Application CHAR   
439 BUKF_EDIT_MODE Key Figures - Editing mode CHAR   
440 BUKF_FIELDGROUP Key Figures - Field group (for data source) CHAR   
441 BUKF_KEYFIG Key Figures - Code of the Key Figure CHAR 15    
442 BUKF_PERIOD Key Figures - Period CHAR   
443 BUKF_VERSION Key Figures - Version CHAR   
444 BUKF_YEAR Key Figures - Year CHAR   
445 BUKLS List of company codes CHAR 50    
446 BUKNZ_VK Flag CHAR   
447 BUKRS Company code CHAR   
448 BUKRSN No. assign. allocation AM CHAR   
449 BUKRS_GLOB Name of global company code CHAR   
450 BUKRS_MASK Company code, also masked CHAR   
451 BUKRT Appraisals feature CHAR   
452 BUKU_APPLIC Application CHAR   
453 BUKU_DIRECT_ENTRY Allow budget update CHAR   
454 BUKU_DISTRIBUTION_AS_TRANSFER Transfer allowance within the hierarchy CHAR   
455 BUKU_DISTRIBUTION_LEVEL Distribution Level CHAR   
456 BUKU_FIELDNAME Field Name CHAR 30    
457 BUKU_FLG_NO_POST Line cannot be posted CHAR   
458 BUKU_GROUPING_KEY_CONTEXT Context to use grouping key CHAR   
459 BUKU_KERNEL_RULE Rule for generation of Kernel lines CHAR   
460 BUKU_LINE_SIGN Sign for Line - Sender (-) / Receiver (+) CHAR   
461 BUKU_MIGRATION_REPORT Migration Report CHAR   
462 BUKU_PERIOD Budgeting period NUMC   
463 BUKU_POSTING_MODE Posting mode CHAR   
464 BUKU_PROCESS User Interface Process CHAR   
465 BUKU_PROCESS_UI User Interface Process CHAR   
466 BUKU_SELECTION_TYPE Type of selection to be done CHAR   
467 BUKU_SIGNCOEF Sign Coefficient INT4 10    
468 BUKU_TECHORG Original Application CHAR 10    
469 BUKU_TRANSFER_ALLOWANCE Transfer allowance CHAR   
470 BUKU_TXTCAT Budget Text Category CHAR   
471 BUKU_TXTCAT_SHORT_TEXT Name of Budget Text Category CHAR 60    
472 BUKU_TXTTEMPL Template for Budget Texts CHAR 12    
473 BUKU_TXTTEMPL_SHORT_KEY Short key for Budget Text Templates CHAR   
474 BUKU_TXTTEMPL_SHORT_TEXT Short Text of Text Template CHAR 60    
475 BUKU_TXTTEMPL_VARIABLE_TEXT Name of Variable for Text Template CHAR 120    
476 BUKU_VALTYPE Value Type CHAR   
477 BUKU_WFSTATE Workflow state of a record in the budget totals table CHAR   
478 BUKZ Posting indicator CHAR   
479 BULLETIN BSI: Bulletin number CHAR   
480 BUMLGR Apportionment factor for settlement DEC 12 
481 BUMP Domain for bump flag CHAR   
482 BUND Bundle number CHAR 12    
483 BUNIT Reference unit CHAR   
485 BUPA_BIP_CONTRACT BIP: Number of the contract between customer and provider CHAR 30    
486 BUPA_BIP_FILE_NAME Name of file with path and extension CHAR 128    
487 BUPA_BIP_PRODUCT BIP: Product or Document for Enrichment STRG   
488 BUPA_BIP_PRODUCT_NAME BIP: Name of Product or Document for Enrichment CHAR 255    
489 BUPA_BIP_PRODUCT_TYPE BIP: Type of product name for data enrichment CHAR   
490 BUPA_BIP_URL Business Partner: URL for Business Information Provider CHAR 255    
491 BUPA_BIP_URLID Business Partner: URL ID for Business Information Provider CHAR   
492 BUPA_GUID Business Partner Universal Unique Identifier CHAR 32    
493 BUPA_IFC_OBJAP Data Exchange: Application Object3 CHAR   
494 BUPA_IFC_XAKTVFN Indicator: Call Function Module CHAR   
495 BUPA_IFC_ZTPKT Data Exchange: Event CHAR   
496 BUPA_RELDIR_BW Direction of a Business Partner Relationship Type CHAR   
497 BUPEM Periods in the form MM NUMC   
498 BUPER Period in the form YYYYMM ACCP   
499 BUPERIODE Posting period with value table NUMC   
500 BUPINFOREL Release status for business partner data CHAR