SAP ABAP Domain - Index B, page 5
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 BBP_UM_STATUS_SIMPLE BBPUSERMAINT - Status Display for End User (e.g. Manager) CHAR   
2 BBP_UM_UI_ACTI Domain for Academic Title CHAR 30    
3 BBP_UNASSIGNED Specifies If the Reference Item Is Available CHAR   
4 BBP_UPROF Retail revaluation profile CHAR   
5 BBP_UPTYP Sub-item category, purchasing document CHAR   
6 BBP_URL123 Screen URL2 CHAR 123    
7 BBP_URL132 Screen URL1 CHAR 132    
8 BBP_URL55 Workflow URL CHAR 55    
9 BBP_URL_CS URL Case-Sensitive CHAR 255    
10 BBP_URZNR Certificate number CHAR 10    
11 BBP_URZTP Certificate category CHAR   
12 BBP_URZZT Number CHAR 16    
13 BBP_USER_NAME SRM User login STRG   
14 BBP_USE_CONDITIONS Indicator: Detailed Price Info to be Entered in Bid CHAR   
15 BBP_VABME Variable order unit active CHAR   
16 BBP_VALUETYP Type of Field to be Transferred to Catalog CHAR   
17 BBP_VALUE_CHANGE_OPT Change Options for a Fixed Value CHAR   
18 BBP_VAL_CAT Valuation category CHAR   
19 BBP_VAL_PO_E_AGG Attribut Value for IPC Pricing CHAR 50    
20 BBP_VARIANT_KEY Variant Condition Name CHAR 26    
21 BBP_VDNR Number Assignment at Vendor Synchronization CHAR   
22 BBP_VERSI Version(C2) CHAR   
23 BBP_VERSION_TYPE Version Type (Active Document, 'Normal', Work Version) CHAR   
24 BBP_VERSN_ABGR Results analysis version in CO CHAR   
25 BBP_VE_METHOD Procedure for Vendor Evaluation CHAR   
26 BBP_VF_BNKTK Copy delivery costs from shipment costs document CHAR   
27 BBP_VF_BNKTK_PI Copy delivery costs from shipment costs document CHAR   
28 BBP_VGABE Transaction/event type, purchase order history CHAR   
29 BBP_VLFKZ Plant category CHAR   
30 BBP_VMETH Indicator for permitted allocation methods CHAR   
31 BBP_VMSTA Material status from the SD view CHAR   
32 BBP_VOLUME Volumes, Pack Size QUAN 15    
33 BBP_VOLUME_UNIT Volume Unit UNIT   
34 BBP_VPROZ Distribution Percentage Format XXX.XX DEC
35 BBP_VRLDEPO Number of the logical security acct RLDEPO CHAR 10    
36 BBP_VRTKZ_ADD Distribution by Amount     
37 BBP_VSBED Shipping Conditions CHAR   
38 BBP_VTBFI Rule for determining the sales area for stock transfers CHAR   
39 BBP_WARPL Maintenance Plan CHAR 12    
40 BBP_WBPRO Profile for value-based inventory management CHAR   
41 BBP_WD_DUP_SEARCH_TYPE Trex Duplicate Search Type NUMC   
42 BBP_WD_EXCEP_TYPE Exception Type for IMS Customizing in IMS NUMC   
43 BBP_WEART Bill of exchange type CHAR   
44 BBP_WEIGHTFUNC Val.assignmnt funct. CHAR   
45 BBP_WEIGHT_GROUP Weighting Group CHAR   
47 BBP_WEIGHT_UNIT Unit of Weight UNIT   
49 BBP_WERT13N 13 character value, that can also be negative CURR 13 
50 BBP_WFL_ACTION User Action CHAR   
51 BBP_WFL_APPROVALSTATE Approval Status in Workflow INT4 10    
52 BBP_WFL_APP_CRITERION Grouping Criterion in Authorization Object CHAR 10    
53 BBP_WFL_APP_PROPERTY Property of Grouping Criterion CHAR 32    
54 BBP_WFL_AUTH_IND Decision Field: Hide, Display, Change CHAR   
55 BBP_WFL_CREATOR_TYPE Type/Role of the Person who Starts the Approval Workflow CHAR   
56 BBP_WFL_DOCUMENT_STATUS document status with respect to workflow CHAR   
57 BBP_WFL_FIELD_DESCRIPTION Business Description of Document Fields CHAR 40    
58 BBP_WFL_FIELD_DESCRIPTION_CTR Business Description of Contract Fields CHAR 40    
59 BBP_WFL_FIELD_DESCRIPTION_PO Business Description of Purchase Order Fields CHAR 40    
60 BBP_WFL_FIELD_TECH_DESCRIPTION Field Label and Relevant Table Description CHAR 60    
61 BBP_WFL_FOLLOW_ACTION Workflow Actions CHAR   
62 BBP_WFL_FREE_CTRL Free Control Field for Customer Enhancements CHAR 32    
63 BBP_WFL_LIA_VALUE Domain for Minimum Value of Approval Requirement CURR 15 
64 BBP_WFL_OBJECT_STATE Approval Status of a Document CHAR 16    
65 BBP_WFL_PCO_DEVIATION_TYPES Types of Variances in a Purchase Order Confirmation CHAR 70    
66 BBP_WFL_PERIOD Period (Month, Quarter, Year) INT1   
67 BBP_WFL_SECLEVEL Authorization level in the approval (workflow) INT1   
69 BBP_WF_COUNT Workflow trigger counter NUMC   
70 BBP_WGT_SOURCE Origin Structure CHAR 10    
71 BBP_WITHT Indicator: Withholding Tax Type CHAR   
72 BBP_WLRA_ITEMNUMBER Item Number in EBP Document NUMC 10    
73 BBP_WLRA_OBJID Object Number of an EBP Document CHAR 10    
74 BBP_WLRA_OBJTYPE Business Transaction Category CHAR 10    
75 BBP_WLRA_SESSION Session ID NUMC 10    
76 BBP_WLRA_STATUS Status for Workload Reassignment CHAR   
77 BBP_WL_DELIV_DATE_OFFSET Offset for Search via Date in Workload NUMC   
78 BBP_WS_BUSINESS_TYPE Business Type of Catalog CHAR   
79 BBP_WS_FIELDVALUE Parameter Value CHAR 132    
80 BBP_WS_SERVICE_ID Technical Key of a Web Service CHAR 20    
81 BBP_WT_WITHCD Withholding Tax Code CHAR   
82 BBP_WVERW Bill of exchange usage type CHAR   
83 BBP_W_RUECKNV Return argreement CHAR   
84 BBP_W_SERVGRD Service level IS-R CHAR   
85 BBP_XML_ACTION XML transfer action code CHAR   
86 BBP_XML_ACTION_SHORT Long Text Action XML CHAR 15    
88 BBP_XML_LINE Line for xml-stream for Return from Business Connector CHAR 256    
89 BBP_XPKON Indicator: check account assignment CHAR   
90 BBP_XRADI Radiobutton - yes/no decision CHAR   
91 BBP_XRECH Logistics IV: posting logic for delivery/returns items CHAR   
92 BBP_YESNO Yes/No field CHAR   
93 BBP_ZAHLS Block key for payment CHAR   
94 BBP_ZBFIX Fixed Payment Terms CHAR   
95 BBP_ZDART Date type for payment period baseline date CHAR   
96 BBP_ZEIAR Document type CHAR   
97 BBP_ZINRT Interest calculation frequency in months NUMC   
98 BBP_ZLSCH Payment key CHAR   
99 BBP_ZOLLS Office of exit CHAR   
100 BBP_ZUAWA Selection key for allocation number layout CHAR   
101 BBP_ZUSCH Status key: batch CHAR   
102 BBP_ZUSTD Status of batch CHAR   
103 BBRNO Sequence number of item in assortment list INT4 10    
104 BBR_ER_QUANTITY Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 13 
105 BBTR Amount 8,2 DEC
106 BBTYP Assortment list type CHAR   
107 BBYCATEG Bonus buy category CHAR   
108 BBYNR Bonus buy description CHAR 12    
109 BBYPT Condition target type CHAR   
110 BBYTYPE Bonus buy type CHAR   
111 BB_AENDKZ Change indicator for assortment list CHAR   
112 BB_LADEN IS-M: Load requirement elements CHAR   
113 BB_LOGDATQ Qualifier for logistics date in the assortment list CHAR   
114 BCABLIM__KEY ABAP Generation Limits: Key CHAR 12    
115 BCADJWHCLM Dynamic extension of columns in table section CHAR   
116 BCATE Sequential number for salary range NUMC   
117 BCAUTOSCRL Step size for automatic scrolling NUMC   
118 BCA_ACCNTYP BCA:Account Category with Reference to Position in Hierarchy CHAR   
119 BCA_ACTIVITY Activity CHAR   
120 BCA_AR_RESIDENCE Retention Period INT4 10    
121 BCA_CATEGORY Category CHAR   
122 BCA_CHECKPROCNO Check digit calculation procedure CHAR   
123 BCA_CONDGR Condition Group NUMC 10    
124 BCA_CONDGR_CHAR Condition Group CHAR 10    
125 BCA_CONDGR_OV Condition Group NUMC 10    
126 BCA_DECIMALS Decimal Points of a Container Value NUMC   
127 BCA_DIM_DIM_DOC_NO Document Reference Number CHAR 35    
128 BCA_DOM_CF_CHAR20 Container Field (Case Sensitive) CHAR 20    
129 BCA_DOM_CF_CHAR35 Container Field (Case Sensitive) CHAR 35    
130 BCA_DOM_DIM_ACEXT1 External account number CHAR 35    
131 BCA_DOM_DIM_AMNT_CONTRACT Amount in Contract Currency DEC 23 
132 BCA_DOM_DIM_AMNT_TRANS Amount in Transaction Currency DEC 23 
133 BCA_DOM_DIM_CLEAR_ACCOUNT AM Clearing Account CHAR 35    
134 BCA_DOM_DIM_CONT_CURR TRBK : Contract currency CUKY   
135 BCA_DOM_DIM_LOAN_ACCOUNT Account number CHAR 35    
136 BCA_DOM_DIM_MEDIUM_Y Payment Order Medium CHAR   
137 BCA_DOM_DIM_POS_NO Poition Number NUMC   
138 BCA_DOM_DIM_REF_CATEGORY Document category CHAR   
139 BCA_DOM_DIM_TTYPE_Y Transaction Type CHAR   
140 BCA_DOM_MR_EVENT Event in Life Cycle of a Mass Run CHAR 10    
141 BCA_DOM_REL_TYP Type for Determination of Release Process CHAR   
142 BCA_DOM_USAGE_TYPE TRBIK Category & MT/ST mapping CHAR   
143 BCA_DURA Term INT4 10    
144 BCA_DURA_FR Term From INT4 10    
145 BCA_DURA_TO Term To INT4 10    
146 BCA_DURA_VAL Term Values CHAR   
147 BCA_ELEMENT Element CHAR 32    
148 BCA_FICO_FEE_CALC Charge Calculation Method NUMC   
149 BCA_HOLD_REF_TYPE Hold Reference Type CHAR   
150 BCA_HOLD_STATUS Permanent Hold Status CHAR   
151 BCA_LENGTH Length of a Container Value in Byte NUMC   
152 BCA_LONGTEXT Long Name CHAR 35    
153 BCA_OBJECT_CAT Object Category in Release Tool CHAR 10    
154 BCA_PAR_APPL_Y Application for the Number Ranges CHAR 10    
155 BCA_PAR_CREAMODE_Y Create Mode CHAR   
156 BCA_PAR_MODE_Y Number Assignment Mode CHAR   
157 BCA_PAR_WPNO_Y Work Process Number CHAR 10    
158 BCA_PAR_WPTYP_Y Work Process Types for Parallel Processing of Item Postings CHAR   
159 BCA_PI_STATUS Status of Payment Item CHAR   
160 BCA_PO_STATUS Payment order status CHAR   
161 BCA_REL_ACCESS_MODE Access Type to Release Process CHAR   
163 BCA_REL_FLAG_EMSG Indicator to Show Use of EMSG CHAR   
164 BCA_REL_LAYER_BUFFER Read Access Control to Internal Layer Buffer of DB CHAR   
165 BCA_REL_MARK General Indicator (SPACE 'X') CHAR   
166 BCA_REL_MAXCOUNT Maximum Number of Data Records to Be Read INT4 10    
167 BCA_REL_PROC Release Procedure of Release Tool CHAR   
168 BCA_REL_STEPNUMBER Number of a Release Step NUMC   
170 BCA_RTW_RETURN Return Code CHAR   
171 BCA_RTW_WF_TEMPLATE_ID Release Tool Workflow Template ID CHAR 10    
172 BCA_SHORTTEXT Short Name CHAR 10    
173 BCA_SIGNPOIT +/- sign for BCA item CHAR   
174 BCA_STATUS Status (2-Character) CHAR   
175 BCA_STEPNUMBER Number of a Release Step NUMC   
176 BCA_TEXT Description of a DDIC Element CHAR 60    
177 BCA_TXTDURA Description of Terms CHAR 25    
178 BCA_US_CD_NO BCA Time deposit certificate number CHAR 20    
179 BCA_US_EX_MESSAGE_TEXT Exception Message Text Domain CHAR 60    
180 BCA_US_GROUP_ID Hold Group ID Domain NUMC   
181 BCA_US_HOLD_TYPE Hold Type Domain NUMC   
182 BCA_US_H_RECORD_ID Data Type used for Hold Record ID CHAR 10    
183 BCA_US_MEMNO Memo item number NUMC 12    
184 BCA_US_MEMPS Memo item position number NUMC   
185 BCA_US_NODAYS Number of days DEC   
186 BCA_US_OD Indicator with values 'X' and ' ' CHAR   
187 BCA_US_OD_TRANS_METHOD Method of Overdraft protection transfer CHAR   
188 BCA_US_REF_NUM Hold Reference Number CHAR 30    
189 BCA_US_YEAR Year NUMC   
190 BCA_VALIDTO Valid To Date Domain DATS   
191 BCBOXTYPE Type for box in bar chart CHAR   
192 BCCALTYPE Type of calendar in bar chart CHAR   
193 BCCHARTANZ Maximum number of charts in bar chart NUMC   
194 BCCHRTPROF Profile for charts in bar chart CHAR   
195 BCCMREDUCE Reduce the functionality available in change mode CHAR   
196 BCCOLPROF Profile for colors in bar chart CHAR   
197 BCCOLWIDTH Width of table part in bar chart NUMC   
198 BCCURVETYP Curve type in bar chart CHAR   
199 BCDAT Date (DD.MM.YYYY) CHAR 10    
200 BCENJOY Enjoy level CHAR   
201 BCFG_OBJ_TYPE Object sub-types CHAR 10    
202 BCFIXCOLM Scalability of fixed columns CHAR   
203 BCFORMPROF Profile for forms in bar chart CHAR   
204 BCF_CT Balance Carry Forward Cost Type NUMC   
205 BCGAPTYPE Representation of break for the graphic element CHAR   
206 BCGRIDTYPE Type of grid in bar chart CHAR   
207 BCHECK Check for booking on the same business event type CHAR   
208 BCHELPPROF Name of help profile CHAR 12    
209 BCHORLINE End of line NUMC   
210 BCHOTSPOT Indentation of hotspot NUMC   
211 BCINT2 Integer value in bar chart INT2   
212 BCINT4 Integer value for bar chart INT4 10    
213 BCINTTYP Type of time interval in bar chart CHAR   
214 BCKFLTYPE Backflushing type of a BAPI backflush CHAR   
215 BCLASSTYPE Class type for Boolean classes CHAR   
216 BCLAYCON Layer-specific relationships in bar chart CHAR   
217 BCLAYERTYP Type of graphic element CHAR   
218 BCLAYPRIO Drawing level of graphic element NUMC   
219 BCLAYPROF Profile for layer in bar chart CHAR   
220 BCLAYSYTYP Default value for graphic element symbol NUMC   
221 BCMARK Type of marking for objects CHAR   
222 BCMARKDIA Type of marking for objects in diagram area CHAR   
223 BCMSPOPUP Popup when moving, extending or inserting graphic objects CHAR   
224 BCNUMERR Maximum number of errors allowed in bar chart NUMC   
225 BCNUMHSBS Domains for the number of horizontal scroll bars NUMC   
226 BCODE_EXT Ext. representation of clearing cde (electr. transmission) CHAR   
227 BCOMP Document summarization CHAR   
228 BCONS_FIX Fixed Bucket Consumption QUAN 13    
229 BCONS_VAR Variable Bucket Consumption QUAN 13    
230 BCONV Buffer conversion CHAR   
231 BCOPMODE Setting the processing mode in the bar chart CHAR   
232 BCOPTSPROF Name of options profile CHAR   
233 BCOS_AUTH Authorization Field: Activity Create Support Message CHAR   
234 BCOS_KND Type of Support Message CHAR   
235 BCOS_SYST Type of Message Target System CHAR   
236 BCOS_TSTMP UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
237 BCOWERT13 13-character value CURR 13 
238 BCOWERT13V Values in INVCO detailed info CURR 14 
239 BCO_ZAHL Three-digit number with two places after the decimal point DEC
240 BCPERNR Personnel number CHAR   
241 BCPRFGROUP Profile group (sort graphics profiles) CHAR   
242 BCRANGEPR Adjust percentage value for project NUMC   
243 BCREASON Reason for reversal CHAR   
244 BCREORG Rorganization of window size in the bar chart CHAR   
245 BCRIBPROF Name of the time scale profile CHAR 12    
246 BCROOM Room number CHAR   
247 BCROWMAGIN Distance from margin NUMC   
248 BCSCALEROW Modifiability of row height CHAR   
249 BCSCROLLTM Scroll start time when exceeding chart limits NUMC   
250 BCSDCOMTYP Communication Method for BCS Medium CHAR   
252 BCSD_ATFLT Filter Value for BAdI ATT_SELECT_BCS CHAR 26    
253 BCSD_FCODE Function Code for Method EDIT (with Constants of CL_BCS) CHAR   
254 BCSD_PERS Type of Possible Personalization of a Document CHAR   
255 BCSD_SUBJECT Title Without Length Restriction CHAR 255    
256 BCSELTYPE Selectable objects CHAR   
257 BCSETTXT BC Set Exception Comment CHAR 120    
258 BCSP2 P2 field for Inventory Controlling: 3 characters NUMC   
259 BCSP3 P2 field for inventory control DEC   
260 BCSP4 P4 field for Inventory Controlling DEC   
261 BCSP6 P6 field for inventory control: 11 characters w/o +/- sign DEC 11    
262 BCSPONA Sport CHAR 15    
263 BCSTATTXT BC Set Status Texts CHAR 40    
264 BCS_ADDRESS Communication Address (for INT, FAX, SMS, and so on) STRG 256    
265 BCS_AD_STR BCS: Address String CHAR 1244    
266 BCS_APPL BCS: Identification of an Application CHAR   
267 BCS_ASSIGNMENT BCS: Assignment to Disclosure Document CHAR 210    
268 BCS_ASSIGNMENT_TYPE BCS: Type of Assignment to Disclosure Document CHAR   
269 BCS_ASSIGNMENT_TYPE_F4 Sender Types for Routing Test CHAR   
270 BCS_BLCOMMENT BCS: Description of Breakloop CHAR 100    
271 BCS_BOOL Boolean CHAR   
272 BCS_COMMIT Indicator for COMMIT WORK in Dialog Mode CHAR   
273 BCS_COMMTYPE Communication Type CHAR   
274 BCS_COPY Copy Recipients (None, CC, BCC) CHAR   
275 BCS_CTDSCR BCS (Maintenance of ID): Description of a Communication Type CHAR 30    
276 BCS_CXERR BCS: Exception Code CHAR 16    
277 BCS_DISCL Setting: Insert disclosure? NUMC   
278 BCS_DISP_FILTER_HTML BCS: Filter for Display of HTML Documents CHAR 10    
279 BCS_DOCFORMAT BCS: Document Format CHAR   
280 BCS_DOCIMP BCS: Document Priority CHAR   
281 BCS_DOCTYPE Document Type CHAR   
282 BCS_DOMAIN BCS: Disclosure E-Mail Domain CHAR 210    
283 BCS_EMAIL_ADDRESS E-Mail Address for Screen Fields CHAR 241    
284 BCS_ENCRYPT_MODE Encryption Setting CHAR   
285 BCS_ENVID BCS: SMTP Message/Send Process - ID CHAR 100    
286 BCS_FILENAME File Name CHAR 255    
287 BCS_FORCEVERSION BCS: Preferred Version of an Inbound E-Mail (Text/HTML) CHAR   
288 BCS_FORCE_DSN BCS: Status Notifications for Inbound Messages CHAR   
289 BCS_IMPORTANCE E-Mail Attribute Importance CHAR   
290 BCS_JOB_SEND_ART Send type for send job CHAR   
291 BCS_MAXALI BCS: Maximum Size of an ABAP List in Kilobytes NUMC   
292 BCS_MAXBODYPART BCS: Maximum Size of an Individual Body Part in Megabytes NUMC   
293 BCS_MAXMIME BCS: Maximum Size of a MIME Document in Megabytes NUMC   
294 BCS_MAXOTF BCS: Maximum Size of an OTF Document in Kilobytes NUMC   
295 BCS_NOTIFY Status Requests in SMTP Envelope CHAR   
296 BCS_RETRYINT BCS: Number of Send Attempts if an Internal Error Occurs NUMC   
297 BCS_RETURN BCS: Scope in Which a Mail Is Returned for DSN CHAR   
298 BCS_RQST Request Confirmation CHAR   
299 BCS_SENSITIVITY E-Mail Attribute Sensitivity CHAR   
300 BCS_SIGN_MODE Signature Setting CHAR   
301 BCS_STATUS BCS: Send Request Status CHAR   
302 BCS_STML Send Confirmation by Mail CHAR   
303 BCS_TIMESTAMP BCS: Time Stamp with Conversion Exit NUMC 19    
304 BCS_VISIBILITY BCS: Visibility of Disclosure Document CHAR   
305 BCTERMINAT Display start/end date CHAR   
306 BCTIME Time format (SS:MM) CHAR   
307 BCTIMEFL Flag for using values in the time object table CHAR   
308 BCTIMETYPE Type of time object in bar chart CHAR   
309 BCTIMEUNIT Unit in time axis of bar chart CHAR   
310 BCTIPRTYPE Type for time profile in bar chart CHAR   
311 BCTOUR Name of tournament CHAR 20    
312 BCTSEWZOPS Active operations in time scale wizard CHAR   
313 BCT_RT_LOM_DM_BP Customer Loyalty Marketing: BP CHAR 10    
314 BCT_RT_LOM_DM_BP_NUM BP: Identification Number CHAR 60    
316 BCXPOSITION Horizontal Position of a BC Partner (Nbr of Bands * Factor) DEC 20 
317 BCYPOSITION Vertical Position of a BC Partner (Nbr of Bands * Factor) DEC 20 
318 BCZOOM Fill values for zoom factor CHAR   
319 BCZOOMFAC Initial zoom factor of bar chart NUMC   
320 BC_DATE Date in bar chart CHAR 20    
321 BDAKZ Requirements type indicator CHAR   
322 BDAMO BDA Model (PSG) CHAR   
323 BDARE Requirements type: external format CHAR   
324 BDARI External format: requirements type CHAR   
325 BDART Requirements type (old) CHAR   
326 BDART_EB Bundling type CHAR   
327 BDARV Requirement type sales and distribution CHAR   
328 BDATJ Year for which period determination applies NUMC   
329 BDCAKTIVI CHAR4 domain for batch input authorization - activity CHAR   
330 BDCANWAHL Checkbox for batch input monitoring CHAR   
331 BDCFKOA BDC-Account Type CHAR   
332 BDCFUNC Replace object function - (BDC interface) CHAR   
333 BDCMODE Processing Mode CHAR   
334 BDCMODUS Screen display mode when replacing an object CHAR   
335 BDCP2_ACT Information on Whether Change Pointers are Written to BDCP2 CHAR   
336 BDCP2_SUP Message Type Supports Change Pointers in Table BDCP2 CHAR   
337 BDCTYPE Batch input/transaction (S,T) CHAR   
338 BDCUPMODE Replace object in update mode CHAR   
339 BDC_BDOC_TYPE Type of a BDoc CHAR   
340 BDC_BOOL Boolean Value CHAR   
341 BDC_LCHAR Long String Used to Store BDC Objects in the Database LCHR 7902    
342 BDC_MODE Processing mode: batch-input sessions CHAR   
343 BDEAAUFK Order type for Plant Control System CHAR   
344 BDEARBPL Work center CHAR   
345 BDEARLEI Control station CHAR   
346 BDEBUKRS R/2 company code CHAR   
347 BDEDGRUND Reason for Absence CHAR   
348 BDEFLAGV Processing status CHAR   
349 BDEGR PDC terminal group CHAR   
350 BDELOART Employee's wage type CHAR   
351 BDELOGRP Wage type of employee CHAR   
352 BDEMATNR Material number in DASS CHAR 18    
353 BDEMENGE Quantity fields in CHAR format for PDC confirmations CHAR 15    
354 BDEMENGV Quantity with sign in DASS DEC 11 
355 BDENR Transfer activity types to incentive wages CHAR   
356 BDEOIO_ACTIVE Activation Flag for Sequence Processing (EOIO) CHAR   
357 BDEOIO_QUEUE_NAME EOIO: Technical Queue Name (UUID) CHAR 32    
358 BDEPLEIN Planning unit NUMC   
359 BDERESER Reserve field in the communication tables CHAR 100    
360 BDERUECK Confirmation number CHAR 10    
361 BDERZP Confirmation time CHAR   
362 BDESCODE Damage code CHAR   
363 BDESGRUND Cause of disturbance CHAR   
364 BDESPLIT Split number NUMC   
365 BDEUNAME User in DASS CHAR 12    
366 BDEWERK Plant in DASS CHAR   
367 BDEZEIH Time unit CHAR   
368 BDHST Company in Difficulty or Reorganization CHAR   
369 BDLACTION Values for authorization checks in the SDCC CHAR   
370 BDLBYTES data length NUMC 16    
371 BDLCHAR12 Character field length 12 CHAR 12    
372 BDLCHAR4 Character field length 4 CHAR   
373 BDLCONTDA data container RAW 2048    
374 BDLISTNTRY Entry Type for MiniApp ALE CHAR   
375 BDLNUM06 BDL: Downloadprofil-Versionsnummer NUMC   
376 BDLOGSYS Logical System for Biller Direct CHAR 50    
377 BDLSCLS Single Character ID CHAR   
378 BDLSESSTAT Session status CHAR   
379 BDLSEVRITY Severity of message CHAR   
380 BDL_C10 CHAR10 for SYST CHAR 10    
381 BDL_COENAM COE name CHAR 10    
382 BDL_OP_10 Contains fixed values for OP Systems (Text10) CHAR 10    
383 BDMCLINE Binary Field, Length 500 RAW 255    
384 BDMWS Input tax code customs handling CHAR   
385 BDM_ACSTAT Activation status CHAR   
386 BDM_ACTVTS BDoc Activity CHAR   
388 BDM_CCT_OBJ_TYPE Type of Object Arising from Customer Contact CHAR   
389 BDM_CH255 Where Clause Operator CHAR 255    
390 BDM_CHAR6D char 6 CHAR   
391 BDM_CHAR8D char8 CHAR   
392 BDM_CHSTAT Check status CHAR   
393 BDM_COLL_SEGEMENT Collection Segment CHAR 10    
394 BDM_COUNTD Count INT4 10    
395 BDM_COUNTR Counter INT4 10    
396 BDM_CUSTAT Data Element for Customer Status CHAR   
397 BDM_DBNAME Name of a local database (TRREP) CHAR 20    
398 BDM_DDTX Data definition Text CHAR 60    
399 BDM_FLAG Flag: 'X' = yes, ' ' = no CHAR   
400 BDM_LANG Domain for Language LANG   
401 BDM_LCHR Domain for L Char LCHR 4096    
402 BDM_LNGTXT Long text CHAR 2048    
403 BDM_LRAW domain for L Raw LRAW 8192    
404 BDM_OBJNAM Object name CHAR 30    
405 BDM_OBJTYP Object type CHAR   
406 BDM_OBSTAT Obsolete status CHAR   
407 BDM_OPER Operation on BDoc type CHAR   
408 BDM_OPTYP For finding the operation type CHAR   
409 BDM_OWNER Domain for owner- Customer Sap Object CHAR   
410 BDM_PROMISE_STATE State of Promise CHAR   
411 BDM_PROMISE_STATE_INSTALLMENT Promise to Pay in Installments States     
412 BDM_RLSTAT Release status CHAR   
413 BDM_RSM_REASON_USAGE Use of Resubmission Reason CHAR   
414 BDM_RSM_STATUS Status of Resubmission CHAR   
415 BDM_RTYP For finding the Refresh type for the tree CHAR   
416 BDM_STATUS Status Flag CHAR   
417 BDM_STRINGD string STRG   
418 BDM_TEXT domain for L Char LRAW 8192    
419 BDM_TIMESTAMP UTC Time Stamp DEC 15    
420 BDM_TXTTY Domain for Text Type CHAR 10    
421 BDM_XARRANGED_FOR_PAY Arranged for Payment CHAR   
422 BDM_XMLD The XML Dump for BDoc STRG   
423 BDOC_SIZED Domain : BDoc XML Size CHAR 8192    
424 BDORT Screen location for subscreen CHAR 10    
425 BDREF Screen reference: user master data CHAR   
426 BDSERSW ALE serialization flag CHAR   
427 BDS_CLSTYP Business Document Service: Class type CHAR   
428 BDS_LOGLEV BDS: Domains for loglevel user protocol CHAR   
429 BDT_ACTION Additional Information for Navigation CHAR   
430 BDT_BOOLE_D Like a 1-bit flag (space = false, "X" = true) CHAR   
431 BDT_BOOLE_T A 1 bit Flag (space = false, 'X' = true, '~' =undefined) CHAR   
432 BDT_DDICOBJECT BDT-DC: Transfer Parameter DDIC Elements CHAR 30    
433 BDT_DISPLAY_MODE BDT display mode CHAR   
434 BDT_DYNPRO_SIZE Width or Height of Screen INT4 10    
435 BDT_EXIT_CMD Command Leading to Exit from Application CHAR   
436 BDT_EXIT_STATE BDT Exited With or Without Saving CHAR   
437 BDT_FCODE_NR Number of FCode in queue INT4 10    
438 BDT_FIELD_CONT BDT: Field Contents with Cursor CHAR 80    
439 BDT_INSTANCE_ID ID of a BDT instance INT4 10    
441 BDT_NEXT_SCREEN Call Next BDT Screen CHAR   
442 BDT_NO_DATA BDT: No data character CHAR   
443 BDT_OBJID General ID (key) of a BDT application object CHAR 128    
445 BDT_SIZE_CAT Size category for BDT instances NUMC   
446 BDT_STACK_LEVEL Level of BDT Stack INT4 10    
447 BDT_STATUS BDT status NUMC   
449 BDT_WZTYPE BDT-DC: Wizard Types CHAR   
450 BDT_WZ_DATATYPE BDT-DC: Classification of a New Data Field CHAR   
451 BDVCOMP BDV: Comp-ID CHAR 132    
452 BDVDESCR BDV: Description CHAR 64    
453 BDVVALUE BDV: Keyword Value CHAR 64    
454 BDYP Requirements category CHAR   
455 BDZEI Independent requirements pointer NUMC 12    
456 BDZTP Time that reservation quantity required TIMS   
457 BD_MAPTYPE Conversion type for converting field into BAPI strucuture CHAR 30    
458 BEABLART Type of loading/drop-off point CHAR   
459 BEABLST Loading/Unloading Point CHAR 10    
460 BEAKL Processing Class for Absence Valuation - Germany NUMC   
461 BEARB Processing state CHAR   
462 BEARBKZ Processing indicator CHAR   
463 BEARSTAT Processing status CHAR   
464 BEART Processing Type CHAR   
465 BEA_ACCESS_DATE Access Date DATS   
466 BEA_ACC_ACTV_ACCOUNT Active Accounting (FI-AR, FI-CA, FI-AP, EXT) CHAR   
467 BEA_ACC_MAP_CONTEXT Context for Mapping of neutral document CHAR   
468 BEA_ACC_T_STATUS Status of Transfer to Financial Accounting CHAR   
469 BEA_ACD_FUNCC Function Code for Calling Revenue Account Det. Transactions CHAR   
470 BEA_ACTIVITY Activity CHAR   
471 BEA_ADD_CHECK Additional Check during Archiving CHAR   
472 BEA_ADD_CRITERIA Additional Criterion CHAR 32    
473 BEA_ADD_ID Additional Identification CHAR 30    
474 BEA_ADD_PROT Additional Log during Archiving CHAR   
475 BEA_ADJREQ_EXISTS IS-Telco: Adj. Request exists for an Invoice/Line Item/EDR CHAR   
476 BEA_AG_HEADNO Agreement Header Number of Source Application CHAR 10    
477 BEA_AG_ITEMNO Agreement Item Number in Source Application NUMC 10    
478 BEA_AG_OBJTYPE Object Type in Sending System CHAR 10    
479 BEA_AG_OBJTYPE_FV Object Type in Sending System (Agreement), Fixed Value CHAR 10    
480 BEA_AG_TYPE_ID Reb.Type:Differentiates Rebs with Particular Characteristics CHAR 10    
481 BEA_AL_MODE Mode for Displaying Application Log CHAR   
482 BEA_APPL_UBD Invoice-Application CHAR   
483 BEA_ARCHIVABLE Flag: Billing Document is Archivable CHAR   
484 BEA_ARCHIVABLE_R1 Indicator: Document is Archivable CHAR   
485 BEA_ARCHIVE Indicator: Archivable CHAR   
486 BEA_ATTRIB_VALUE_INTERNAL Attribute Value Pair in Internal Display CHAR 200    
487 BEA_BDCPREQ Copying Requirement CHAR   
488 BEA_BDCPREQ_CA Copying Requirement for Cancellation CHAR   
489 BEA_BD_PROCESS Process on a Billing Document CHAR   
490 BEA_BD_UIMODE Processing Mode for Billing Document in User Interface CHAR   
491 BEA_BILLING_BLOCK Billing Block CHAR   
492 BEA_BILL_BLOCK Billing Block CHAR   
493 BEA_BILL_BLOCK_EXT Billing Block (Selection Display in People-Centric UI) CHAR   
494 BEA_BILL_CATEGORY Billing Doc Category CHAR   
495 BEA_BILL_RELEV Billing Relevance CHAR   
496 BEA_BILL_RELEVANCE Billing Relevance of a Billing Engine Application CHAR   
497 BEA_BILL_RELEVANCE_EHP1 Additional Fix Values for EhP1     
498 BEA_BILL_STATUS Billing Status CHAR   
499 BEA_BILL_TO_BILL Billing to Billing Integration CHAR   
500 BEA_BILL_TYPE Billing Type CHAR