SAP ABAP Domain - Index B, page 6
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 BEA_BOOLEAN Boolean Variable CHAR   
2 BEA_BOOLEAN_R1 Boolean Variable CHAR   
4 BEA_BW_RODMUPDMOD BW Delta Process: Update Mode CHAR   
5 BEA_CALCULATION_TYPE_R1 Calculation Type CHAR   
6 BEA_CANCEL_FLAG Flag: Cancellation Document CHAR   
7 BEA_CANCEL_REASON Cancellation Reason CHAR   
8 BEA_CGPL_EXTID_R1 Project Planning: External ID for Projects and Transactions CHAR 24    
9 BEA_CHECK_STATUS Status of Budget Availability Check for Due List Item CHAR   
10 BEA_CLAIMS_TAXATION Process Control for Claims Taxation CHAR   
11 BEA_COMPLETE_AG_UI Complete rebate agreement logic CHAR   
12 BEA_CONDITION_SPLIT Indicator for Invoice Split via Conditions CHAR   
13 BEA_CONSISTENCY_STATUS Enterprise SOA: Corresponds to GDT Consistency Status Code CHAR   
14 BEA_CONSUM_PROF Rebate Consumption Profile CHAR   
15 BEA_CORR_INDICAT Correction Indicator on Due List CHAR   
16 BEA_COUNTER Counter INT4 10    
18 BEA_CRBCONFRM Filter Value for Consumption CHAR   
19 BEA_CREATION_CODE Creation Code CHAR   
20 BEA_CREATION_MODE Document Creation Mode CHAR   
21 BEA_CREDIT_DEBIT Debit/Credit Indicator CHAR   
22 BEA_CRP_MODE Session for Displaying Collective Processing Log CHAR   
23 BEA_CRP_NUMBER_ALPHA Collective Run Number with (Alpha Conversion) CHAR 10    
24 BEA_CRP_STATUS Collective Run Status CHAR   
25 BEA_CRP_STATUS_TOOLTIP Tooltip for Icon on the PC UI CHAR 50    
26 BEA_CRP_TYPE Collective Run Type CHAR   
27 BEA_CUMULATION Cumulation CHAR   
28 BEA_CUMULA_PROF Cumulation Profile CHAR   
29 BEA_CUM_PER_TYPE Cumulation Period Type CHAR   
30 BEA_CUST_MODE Method RDL_O_CREATE: Source for Customizing CHAR   
31 BEA_CU_BASE_R1 Basis DEC 20 
32 BEA_CU_BASE_VALUE_EXT Cumulated Base for UI Display CHAR 25    
33 BEA_CU_SCALE_BASE_R1 Cumulated Scale Base DEC 18 
34 BEA_DECIMALS Number of Decimal Places CHAR   
35 BEA_DERIV_CATEGORY Derivation Category CHAR   
36 BEA_DERIV_CATEGORY_EHP1 Additional Fix Values for EhP1     
37 BEA_DERIV_COUNT Counter for Derived Items NUMC   
38 BEA_DFL_LEVEL Display Level for Document Flow CHAR   
39 BEA_DFL_PRE_KIND Document Type CHAR   
40 BEA_DIRECT_BILLING Direct Billing of a Billing Due List Item CHAR   
41 BEA_DISPUTE_EXISTS IS-Telco: Dispute exists for an Invoice/Line Item/EDR CHAR   
42 BEA_DISPUTE_STATUS Dispute Status CHAR   
43 BEA_DIVISION Division CHAR   
44 BEA_DLCPREQ Copying Requirement CHAR   
45 BEA_DLI_UITYPE User Interface: Billing Due List Item ID (Document View) CHAR   
46 BEA_DL_HEADER_ITEM Billing Due List: Header or Item CHAR   
47 BEA_DL_UIMODE Processing Mode for Billing Due List in User Interface CHAR   
48 BEA_DL_XIF_OBJ_IDX Object Index for Billing Due List Inbound Interface NUMC 10    
49 BEA_DOCUMENT_ORIGIN Document origin CHAR   
50 BEA_DOC_TYPE Document Type CHAR   
51 BEA_ERROR_ID Processing Indicator CHAR   
52 BEA_ESOA_BLOCKING_STATUS Enterprise SOA: Corresponds to GDT BlockingStatusCode CHAR   
53 BEA_ESOA_BO_NAME Business Object Name CHAR 120    
54 BEA_ESOA_CANCELLATION_STATUS Enterprise SOA: Corresponds to GDT CancellationStatusCode CHAR   
55 BEA_ESOA_CONFLICT_STATUS Enterprise SOA: Corresponds to GDT ConflictStatusCode CHAR   
56 BEA_ESOA_CONSISTENCY_STATUS Enterprise SOA: Corresponds to GDT Consistency Status Code CHAR   
57 BEA_ESOA_INVOICING_STATUS Enterprise SOA: Corresponds to GDT InvoicingStatusCode CHAR   
58 BEA_ESOA_PROCESSING_STATUS Enterprise SOA: Corresponds to GDT ProcessingStatusCode CHAR   
59 BEA_ESOA_RELEASE_STATUS Enterprise SOA: Corresponds to GDT ReleaseStatusCode CHAR   
60 BEA_EVALUA_PROF Calculation Profile CHAR   
62 BEA_EXTBILL_IS_DUNNED External Bill is dunned CHAR   
63 BEA_EXTRACT_TYPE Extract Type CHAR   
64 BEA_EXT_HEADNO External Document Header Number CHAR 60    
65 BEA_EXT_ID External Identifier CHAR 10    
66 BEA_FCB_TAXABLE Taxable indicator CHAR   
67 BEA_FDNAME Local Field Name CHAR 30    
68 BEA_FIXED_VALUE Fixed Value CHAR 30    
69 BEA_FLTTXT Filter Text CHAR 40    
70 BEA_GUID_EXT External Display of GUID CHAR 32    
71 BEA_HEADNO_EXT Header Document Number CHAR 10    
72 BEA_HEADNO_EXT_RPDH Settlement Document Number CHAR 10    
73 BEA_HTML_TEXT_TYPE Text Type in an HTML Document CHAR   
74 BEA_IAT_STATUS Status of Transfer to R/3 Controlling CHAR   
75 BEA_IBGI_STATUS Invoice Creation Before Goods Issue CHAR   
76 BEA_ICV_STAT Intercompany Payables: Status on Selection Screen CHAR   
77 BEA_ICV_STATUS Status of Transfer to Follow-Up Accounting Applications CHAR   
78 BEA_ICV_TRANSFER_ERROR Flag: Error During Transfer of Intercompany Invoices CHAR   
79 BEA_IDENTIFIER Identification CHAR 32    
80 BEA_INCL_SIMU Include simulation price records for net price list CHAR   
81 BEA_INCOMP_ID Incompleteness Indicator CHAR   
82 BEA_INCOMP_ID_R1 Incompleteness Indicator CHAR   
83 BEA_INCOMP_STATUS Incompleteness (Selection Display in People-Centric UI) CHAR   
84 BEA_INDICATOR_IC Indicator for Intercompany Billing CHAR   
85 BEA_INDIVID_CYCLES Indicator: Start date of cycles is from condition record CHAR   
86 BEA_INV_CATEGORY Invoice Category CHAR   
87 BEA_IPM_ITEM_NO IPM Billing Document Item Number CHAR 10    
88 BEA_IS_REVERSED Flag: Billing Item Is Offset CHAR   
89 BEA_ITEMINC Increment for Item Number NUMC   
90 BEA_ITEMNO_ALPHA Item Number (with Alpha Conversion) NUMC 10    
91 BEA_ITEMNO_ALPHA_R1 Item Number (with Alpha Conversion) NUMC 10    
92 BEA_ITEM_CATEGORY Item Category CHAR   
93 BEA_ITEM_TYPE Billing Document Item Type CHAR   
95 BEA_LOGICAL_EVENT Rebate Logical Event CHAR 10    
96 BEA_MAINT_USER_SEARCH Search String for Created By / Last Changed By CHAR 40    
97 BEA_MAN_CHANGE Manual Changes to Payment Value CHAR   
98 BEA_MKT_IS_AUTOMATIC Marketing Set Automatic/Manual Indicator CHAR   
99 BEA_MKT_IS_INVALID Marketing Set Invalid Indicator CHAR   
100 BEA_MKT_IS_SECONDARY Marketing Set Secondary/Main Indicator CHAR   
101 BEA_MKT_SEGMENT_EXPLOSION Explosion of product segments CHAR   
102 BEA_MKT_SEQNO Marketing Set Sequence Number NUMC   
103 BEA_MKT_SUBOBJ Subobject Type for Objects in Marketing Set CHAR   
104 BEA_MWC_ERROR Middleware Connection Errors CHAR   
105 BEA_MWC_PROCESS_TIME Time of Middleware Connection CHAR   
106 BEA_N1_HEADNO_EXT Header Document Number CHAR 10    
107 BEA_NO_GRP_COND Do not use Group Conditions CHAR   
108 BEA_NO_NEG_PAYM Indicator: No Negative Payments CHAR   
109 BEA_NO_PRIDOC Price Document Not Saved CHAR   
110 BEA_NO_SETTLE_IN_CONSUM No Settlement allowed if record can still be consumed CHAR   
111 BEA_NO_USELESS_EARN Indicator if earning is possible in case consumption is not CHAR   
112 BEA_NPL_TYPE Price List Type CHAR   
113 BEA_NUMBER_INT4 Integer Number INT4 10    
114 BEA_NUMBER_OF_JOBS Number of jobs per background processing NUMC   
115 BEA_OBJECT_TYPE Type of a Billing Engine Object CHAR   
116 BEA_OBJTYPE Object Type CHAR 10    
117 BEA_OBJTYPE_R1 Object Type CHAR 10    
118 BEA_OBJTYPE_SRC Object Type in Sending System CHAR 10    
119 BEA_OFFSET Waiting until next phase NUMC   
120 BEA_PARTBILL_CONTROL Indicator: Partial Settlement Allowed CHAR   
121 BEA_PARTBILL_REL Partial Settlement Allowed CHAR   
122 BEA_PARTBILL_STAT Status of Settlement Item CHAR   
123 BEA_PARTNER_COPY Indicator for Partner Copy CHAR   
124 BEA_PAYMENT_STATUS Payment Status CHAR   
125 BEA_PAYM_METH Payment Method for Payment Plan CHAR   
126 BEA_PAYM_PROC_FINA Rule for how Final Payment Value Should Be Determined CHAR   
127 BEA_PAYM_PROC_PART Rule for how Partial Payment Value Should Be Determined CHAR   
128 BEA_PAY_STATUS_EXT Payment Status for External Bill CHAR   
129 BEA_PERIOD_TYPE_R1 Cumulation Intervals CHAR   
130 BEA_PHASE_LENGTH Length of a Phase NUMC   
131 BEA_PL_UIMODE Processing Type for Price List on User Interface CHAR   
132 BEA_POD_STATUS Proof of Delivery Status CHAR   
133 BEA_PRC_EDIT_MODE Change Mode for Pricing Control CHAR   
134 BEA_PRC_PPDEFAULT Copy Pricing Procedure from Source Application CHAR   
135 BEA_PRICING_ERROR Pricing Error CHAR   
136 BEA_PRICING_STATUS Pricing Status CHAR   
137 BEA_PRICING_TYPE Pricing Type CHAR   
138 BEA_PRIC_PROC_R1 Pricing Procedure CHAR   
139 BEA_PROCESS_MODE Determines how the CREATE/CHANGE methods work CHAR   
140 BEA_PROCESS_STATUS Processing Status CHAR   
141 BEA_PROCESS_STATUS_R1 Processing Status CHAR   
142 BEA_PROC_CNTRL Processing Control CHAR   
143 BEA_PROC_VERSION Version During Processing CHAR   
144 BEA_PRODUCT_KIND Technnical Type of Product CHAR   
145 BEA_RDLBASFRM Filter Value for Base Calculation CHAR   
146 BEA_RDLH_LOCK_TYPE Type of Lock on Rebate Due List Header CHAR   
147 BEA_RDLH_REL_STATUS Release Status of a Header in Rebate Due List CHAR   
148 BEA_RDLH_SETT_STATUS Settlement Status of a Header in Rebate Due List CHAR   
149 BEA_RDLH_STATUS Status of a Header in Rebate Due List CHAR   
150 BEA_RDLH_TYPE Type of Rebate Due List Entry CHAR   
151 BEA_RDLI_ERROR_ID Processing Indicator: Rebate Due List CHAR   
152 BEA_RDLI_MODE Method RDL_O_CREATE: Source for Original Records CHAR   
153 BEA_RDLI_ORIGINAL Original Record Indicator CHAR   
154 BEA_RDLI_STATUS Status of an Item in Rebate Due List CHAR   
155 BEA_RDLI_STATUS_R1 Status of Settlement Record in Settlement CHAR   
156 BEA_RDLP_SETT_STATUS Settlement status of period record CHAR   
157 BEA_RDLSCLFRM Filter Value for Scale Base Calculation CHAR   
158 BEA_RDLVALFRM Filter Value Payment Value CHAR   
159 BEA_RDL_ERROR_ID Processing Indicator: Rebate Due List CHAR   
160 BEA_REASON_CODE Reason Code CHAR   
161 BEA_REBATE_PROF Rebate Profile CHAR 10    
162 BEA_REB_TTYP_R1 Rebate Process Type CHAR   
163 BEA_REFERENCE_TYPE Type of Reference CHAR   
164 BEA_REJECT Rejection Indicator CHAR   
165 BEA_RESIDENCE_DAYS Residence Time of a Billing Document in Days NUMC   
166 BEA_RESIDENCE_DAYS_R1 Document Residence Time in Days NUMC   
167 BEA_RESOLVE_ACCRL Accrual Resolution Type for Partial Payment CHAR   
168 BEA_RETROBILL_REL Relevance for Retro-Billing CHAR   
169 BEA_REVERSAL Reversal Indicator CHAR   
171 BEA_REXI_STATUS Extract Item Status CHAR   
172 BEA_REX_ERROR_ID Processing Indicator Transaction Data CHAR   
173 BEA_RPDCPREQ_CA Copying Requirement for Settlement Cancellation CHAR   
174 BEA_SCALE_BASE_EXT Cumulated Scale Base for Display in UI CHAR 25    
175 BEA_SCALE_BASE_TYPE_R1 Scale Base Value (Scale Base Type) CHAR   
176 BEA_SCENARIO Billing Scenario CHAR   
177 BEA_SDB_BE_HEAD_NO Header Number for BE Object (Transfer to SD Billing) CHAR 10    
178 BEA_SD_BILL_INT Integration to SD Billing CHAR   
179 BEA_SETTLE_CATEGORY Settlement Category CHAR   
180 BEA_SETTLE_DIALOG Dialog types in the settlement process CHAR   
181 BEA_SETTLE_PROF Settlement Profile CHAR   
182 BEA_SETTLE_TYPE Settlement Document Type CHAR   
183 BEA_SETTL_REQUIRED Indicator Whether Payment Required CHAR   
184 BEA_SETT_DELAY Settlement Delay NUMC   
185 BEA_SORTREL Relevant for Sorting? CHAR   
186 BEA_SOURCE Source for Transfer Rule CHAR   
187 BEA_SPLIT_CRITERIA Splitting Criterion CHAR 32    
188 BEA_SRCTYPE_ID External Identifier of a Source Type CHAR 10    
189 BEA_SRC_HEADNO_EXT Header Document Number CHAR 10    
190 BEA_SRC_ITEM_CATEGORY Item Category of Source Application CHAR   
191 BEA_SRC_OBJTYPE Object Type in Sending System CHAR 10    
192 BEA_SRC_OBJTYPE_FV Object Type in Sending System CHAR 10    
193 BEA_SRC_ORIGIN Origin of Data to Be Billed CHAR   
194 BEA_SRC_PROCESS_TYPE Process Category of Source Application CHAR   
195 BEA_SRC_TYPE_ID External Identifier of a Source Type CHAR 10    
196 BEA_SRVDOC_SOURCE Origin of Price Document CHAR   
197 BEA_TAKEOVER_MODE Mode for Transfer of External Billing Documents CHAR   
198 BEA_TAXABLE Taxable indicator CHAR   
199 BEA_TAX_DIRECTION Tax direction indicator CHAR   
200 BEA_TAX_DIRECTION_DESC description of tax direction CHAR 60    
201 BEA_TEXT_ERROR Error During Text Processing CHAR   
202 BEA_TIMESTAMP Timestamp NUMC 14    
203 BEA_TIMESTAMP_R1 Time Stamp Consisting of Date and Time CHAR 14    
204 BEA_TIMEUNIT_R1 Unit of Time CHAR   
205 BEA_TRANSFER_ERROR Flag: Error Occurred During Transfer CHAR   
206 BEA_TRANSFER_STATUS Status of Transfer to Follow-Up Accounting Applications CHAR   
207 BEA_TRANSFER_STATUS_UBD Transfer to Accounting Status UBD CHAR   
208 BEA_TRANSFER_TYPE Type of Integration to Follow-On Applications CHAR   
209 BEA_TRANSFER_TYPE_CFM_EHP1 Additional Fixed Values for Claims & Funds in EhP1     
210 BEA_TRANSFER_TYPE_ICV_EHP1 Type of Integration to Follow-Up Applications for ICV     
211 BEA_TRANSM_RULE Transfer Rule CHAR 10    
212 BEA_TRANSM_USAGE Usage of a Transfer Rule CHAR   
213 BEA_TRANS_STAT Transfer Status on Selection Screen CHAR   
214 BEA_UPD_TYPE Agreement Update Status CHAR   
215 BEA_USE_PPR Use Partner Product Range CHAR   
216 BEA_VALID_FROM_R1 Valid-From Time CHAR 14    
217 BEA_VALID_PERIODS Periods Considered in Settlement NUMC   
218 BEA_VALID_TO_R1 Valid to date CHAR 14    
219 BEA_VOLUME Sales DEC 18 
220 BEBER Organizational Area CHAR   
221 BEBER_VX Organizational area - insurance CHAR   
222 BECAO Collective agreement CHAR   
223 BECRNR_KK Number of Billing Engine Collective Run NUMC 10    
224 BEDAB Derive requirements type CHAR   
225 BEDAE Requirements type: external display CHAR   
226 BEDAE_CL Requirements type: external display CHAR   
227 BEDAR Requirements type CHAR   
228 BEDART Shift Planning: Requirements Type CHAR 10    
229 BEDATUM Date type (1 = value, 2 = document, 3 = posting) NUMC   
230 BEDAT_FPK Origin of billing plan start date CHAR   
231 BEDAU Controlling requirements and availability in the sales order CHAR   
232 BEDEB Detail status, promotion announcement - plant CHAR   
233 BEDGR IS-PAM: Media agent requirement group CHAR   
234 BEDHK Origin of requirement type in requirement type determination NUMC   
235 BEDID ID of the capacity requirements record NUMC 12    
236 BEDNG Requirement NUMC   
237 BEDZI Condition for target time type CHAR   
238 BED_FLTP IS-H: Planned hospital beds with floating decimal display FLTP 16  16 
239 BEF_APPL Application CHAR   
240 BEF_APPLCLASS Application Class CHAR   
241 BEF_APPL_F4 Application CHAR   
242 BEF_ATTRIBUTE Local Field Name CHAR 16    
243 BEF_ATTRTYPE Attribute Assignment Type CHAR   
244 BEF_BOOLEAN Boolean Variable CHAR   
245 BEF_CHECK Check name CHAR 10    
246 BEF_COMMIT Flag for Update CHAR   
247 BEF_CONTAINER Data Container CHAR   
248 BEF_CONTAINER_SUFFIX BE Framework - Container Suffix CHAR   
249 BEF_DATAPART Usage Type of Feature Variable CHAR   
250 BEF_DATATYPE Data Type of a Feature Variable CHAR 30    
251 BEF_DIRECTION Direction of Data Flow CHAR   
252 BEF_DYNPRO_PROG Dynpro Framework Program CHAR 40    
253 BEF_ENSREL Usage: Selection and Block Relevance CHAR   
254 BEF_EVENT BE Framework Event CHAR   
255 BEF_EVENT_STATUS Release Status of BE Framework Event CHAR   
256 BEF_FEATURE Feature CHAR 10    
257 BEF_FIXVALUE Fixed Value of Variable CHAR 30    
258 BEF_GENREL Relevant to Generation CHAR   
259 BEF_GRPKIND Selection Group Display Type CHAR   
260 BEF_INACTIVE Inactive Indicator CHAR   
261 BEF_INHERIT_TYPE Inheritability CHAR   
262 BEF_INH_RELATION Inheritance Relationship CHAR   
263 BEF_KIND Type Assignment of a Feature Variable CHAR   
264 BEF_LAYER Layer CHAR   
265 BEF_LONGTEXT Description CHAR 70    
266 BEF_MAP_DEST_INITIAL Flag: Target Field Blank CHAR   
267 BEF_MAP_REQUIREMENT Condition for Mapping CHAR   
268 BEF_METADATA Identification of Meta Date CHAR 12    
269 BEF_METADATA_TYPE Metadata Type CHAR   
270 BEF_METAINST BE Framework: Metadata Instance CHAR 28    
271 BEF_METHOD Method CHAR 13    
272 BEF_OBJ Object CHAR   
273 BEF_RELATION Relationship between Features CHAR   
274 BEF_SELGROUP Selection Group CHAR   
275 BEF_SELKIND Display Type for Selection Fields CHAR   
276 BEF_SERVICE Generation Name of a Feature (with Service) CHAR   
277 BEF_SHORTTEXT Short Name CHAR 40    
278 BEF_SIGN BE Framework - Inclusion/Exclusion for Ranges CHAR   
279 BEF_SORTORDER Sort Sequence NUMC   
280 BEF_SRVCONT Service Container CHAR 10    
281 BEF_SRVUSE Usage CHAR   
282 BEF_SSAREA Subscreen Container NUMC   
283 BEF_STRUCTYPE Structure Type CHAR   
284 BEF_SUBSCRIPTION BE Framework Subscription CHAR 10    
285 BEF_SUBSCR_TYPE Subscription Type CHAR   
286 BEF_SYSTEM_TYPE Type of Development System CHAR   
287 BEF_TCODE Transaction Code NUMC   
288 BEF_TEMPLATE BE Framework Template CHAR 40    
289 BEF_UPDATE_FLAG BE Update Flag CHAR   
290 BEF_VARIABLE Feature Variable CHAR 30    
291 BEF_VARNAME Feature Variable CHAR 30    
292 BEF_VISIBILITY Visibility CHAR   
293 BEGINNZT Start time TIMS   
295 BEGPC Labour commission CHAR   
296 BEGRM Authorization group in the material master CHAR   
297 BEGRP_INH IS-M: BU grouping with the same content components CHAR   
298 BEGRP_PR IS-PAM: Pricing grouping CHAR   
299 BEGRP_STAT IS-M: BU grouping for statistical evaluations CHAR   
300 BEGRU Authorization group to data object CHAR   
301 BEHAND IS-H: Behandlung nach Austritt (Psychiatrie) CHAR   
302 BEHANDLUNG IS-H: Behandlung (Was wurde gemacht) CHAR   
303 BEHAZ Number of kanban containers NUMC   
304 BEHKATEG IS-H: Treatment Category CHAR   
305 BEHOE Foreign Trade: Authority CHAR 10    
306 BEHST IS-H: Treatment certificate status CHAR   
307 BEHVO Container requirement(s) CHAR   
308 BEIKZ Material provision indicators CHAR   
309 BEILGAUSST Number of inserts in issue NUMC   
310 BEINH Unit price (determined on settlement) DEC 15 
312 BEKNZ Debit/credit indicator CHAR   
313 BEKNZ_MASK Debit/Credit Indicator Masked CHAR   
314 BEKST Promotion announcement status CHAR   
315 BELAR Travel Expense Category CHAR   
316 BELAST Cap. load at a work center in % DEC   
317 BELAZ Deduction indicator CHAR   
318 BELBT Receipt amount DEC   
319 BELCO BELCOTAX definition NUMC   
320 BELEG Document/Operation for serial number management CHAR   
321 BELEGANZ Number of documents INT4 10    
322 BELEGTYP Reference doc. type with conversion exit (c.f. DOMA REFBTYP) NUMC   
323 BELEINH IS-M/AM: Booking unit CHAR 10    
324 BELGA_VK Customer doc type NUMC   
325 BELJSORT Sort indicator NUMC   
326 BELJTXLI Master data text NUMC   
327 BELKZ CO Debit/Credit Indicator CHAR   
328 BELNR Accounting document number CHAR 10    
329 BELNRV Document number CHAR 10    
330 BELNR_KK SD/FI-CA: Accounting document number CHAR 12    
331 BELNR_VK Document number CHAR   
332 BELNV Number of a document in distribution CHAR 10    
333 BELPOS Document number, item number compressed for GR/GI slip NUMC 14    
334 BELPOSI Line item (settlement) NUMC   
335 BELTP Category of outbound doc., alloc tbl index CHAR   
336 BELTP_WMPP Doc.category for material staging WM->PP CHAR   
337 BELTV Category of documents in distribution CHAR   
338 BELTY Document Category CHAR   
339 BELZART Line item type CHAR   
340 BELZEI Line item NUMC   
341 BELZVERW Use of a line item type CHAR   
342 BEL_ART Document type CHAR   
343 BEL_KK_RG Document Number of Contract Accounting Doc. or Print Doc. CHAR 14    
344 BEMOT Accounting indicator CHAR   
345 BENCH Name of benchmark CHAR   
346 BENEF Benefit CHAR   
347 BEN_AAMTY Benefit type of cumulated amount CHAR   
348 BEN_AGEGR Benefit age group CHAR   
349 BEN_AGEII Benefit age group for calculating imputed income CHAR   
350 BEN_AREA Benefit area CHAR   
351 BEN_BEIND Benefit indicator for start date of infotype records CHAR   
352 BEN_BNCAT Benefits beneficiary category NUMC   
353 BEN_CATEG Benefit Plan Category CHAR   
354 BEN_CCNLM Benefit combined contribution limit CHAR   
355 BEN_CCVLM Benefit combined coverage limit CHAR   
356 BEN_CDAY Benefit day as character field for screen display CHAR   
357 BEN_CLSTA Benefit Status of FSA Claim CHAR   
358 BEN_CMONTH Benefit month as character field for screen display CHAR   
359 BEN_CONSIS Benefit result of consistency check CHAR   
360 BEN_COVER To be deleted - no longer used! CHAR   
361 BEN_COVFM Benefits coverage rule variant CHAR   
362 BEN_COVGR Benefit insurance coverage grouping CHAR   
363 BEN_COVLVL Benefit insurance option CHAR   
364 BEN_CPMOD Benefit Compensation Model CHAR   
365 BEN_CREDIT Benefit credit rule variant CHAR   
366 BEN_CRGRP Benefit cost/credit grouping parameter group CHAR   
367 BEN_CSTFM Benefit plan cost rule variant CHAR   
368 BEN_CSTINFO Cost Information STRG   
369 BEN_CSTV1 Benefit cost grouping CHAR   
370 BEN_DAY Benefit day specification for calculation NUMC   
371 BEN_DAY2 Benefit day specification for calculation NUMC   
372 BEN_DEC6_8 Benefit domain with 6 places before and 8 after the decimal DEC 14 
373 BEN_DEPCOV Benefit dependent coverage CHAR   
374 BEN_EECGR Benefit employee contribution grouping CHAR   
375 BEN_EECON Benefit employee contribution rule CHAR   
376 BEN_EECTX Benefit share of EE contribution as basis for ER contrib. CHAR   
377 BEN_EESTAT Benefit second program grouping CHAR   
378 BEN_ELIG Benefit eligibility rule variant CHAR   
379 BEN_ELIGR Benefit eligibility grouping CHAR   
380 BEN_EMP_STATUS Employee status for Highly compensated employees CHAR   
381 BEN_ENIND Benefit indicator for infotype records' end date CHAR   
382 BEN_ENINT Benefit enrollment interval CHAR   
383 BEN_ENRTYP Benefit Type of Plan Enrollment CHAR   
384 BEN_EOIAC Benefit action when EOI statement not produced CHAR   
385 BEN_ERCGR Benefit employer contribution grouping CHAR   
386 BEN_ERCON Benefit employer contribution rule CHAR   
387 BEN_ESS_ACTION_PERFORMED ESS Benefits - Indicator for Executed Action CHAR   
388 BEN_EVENT Benefit adjustment reason CHAR   
389 BEN_EVTGR Benefit adjustment group CHAR   
390 BEN_FLEX To be deleted - no longer used! CHAR   
391 BEN_FLXGR Benefit credit grouping CHAR   
392 BEN_FOTYP Benefit form type CHAR   
393 BEN_GENDER Benefit gender data for insurance costs calculation CHAR   
394 BEN_GPFRM Benefit start of grace period for producing EOI statement CHAR   
395 BEN_GROUP Benefit first program grouping CHAR   
396 BEN_GTLIF Benefits Determination of Imputed Income (Group Term Life) NUMC   
397 BEN_INVEST Benefit savings plan investment CHAR   
398 BEN_INVGR Benefit savings plan investment group CHAR   
399 BEN_LEVEL1 Benefit option for miscellaneous plan CHAR   
400 BEN_LNCOD Benefit insurance line code for IDOC transmission CHAR   
401 BEN_LOSGR Benefit seniority group CHAR   
402 BEN_MNTRS Benefit maintenance reason code for IDOC transmission CHAR   
403 BEN_MNTTY Benefit maintenance code for IDOC transmission CHAR   
404 BEN_MONTH Benefit monthly specification for calculation NUMC   
405 BEN_OFFIN Benefit Form Indicator CHAR   
406 BEN_OPERA Benefit operator for calculation of amounts CHAR   
407 BEN_OPTION Benefit health plan option CHAR   
408 BEN_PADJR Benefit Personal Adjustment Reason CHAR   
409 BEN_PERIOD To be deleted - do not use! CHAR   
410 BEN_PLAN Benefit plan CHAR   
411 BEN_PLANINFO_ID Plan Information - Label CHAR 30    
412 BEN_PLANINFO_LBL Plan Information - Label ID CHAR 50    
413 BEN_PLANINFO_VAL ... CHAR 255    
414 BEN_PLSTAT Benefit plan status CHAR   
415 BEN_PLSUMM Plan Summary STRG   
416 BEN_PSDAT Benefit Indicator Showing Whose Data is Relevant CHAR   
417 BEN_PYEAR To be deleted - no longer used! CHAR   
418 BEN_RCPTY Benefit receipt type CHAR   
419 BEN_RECTY To be deleted - do not use! CHAR   
420 BEN_RELOP Benefit relational operator CHAR   
421 BEN_RETURN To be deleted - do not use! CHAR   
422 BEN_RLPGR Benefit Family Member Grouping CHAR   
423 BEN_RLPTYP Benefit type of dependent/beneficiary for benefit plan CHAR   
424 BEN_RLPVR Benefit Dependent/Beneficiary Eligibility Rule Variant CHAR   
425 BEN_ROUND Benefit rounding rule CHAR   
426 BEN_SALGR Benefit salary group CHAR   
427 BEN_SERVIN To be deleted - do not use! CHAR   
428 BEN_SMOKER Benefit smoker indicator CHAR   
429 BEN_STDIN Benefit standard plan processing type indicator CHAR   
430 BEN_SVTYP Benefit service type CHAR   
431 BEN_TERM Benefit termination rule variant CHAR   
432 BEN_TPASV Benefit scope of third party administrator (TPA) service CHAR   
433 BEN_TRMGR Benefit termination grouping CHAR   
434 BEN_TYPE Benefit plan type CHAR   
435 BEN_UI_PDFIX Benefit indicator for reference period CHAR   
436 BEN_URLCO Benefit Storage for Uniform Resource Locator (URL) CHAR 255    
437 BEN_URLID Benefit ID for Uniform Resource Locator (URL) CHAR   
438 BEN_URLLN Benefit URL Line in Maintenance Screen CHAR 93    
439 BEN_VESTI Vesting rules for employee contributions to savings plans CHAR   
440 BEN_ZIPGR Benefit zip code group CHAR   
441 BEPRIO Priority for Additional Components INT1   
442 BEPST Postal code CHAR   
443 BERART IS-M/AM: Calculation type for agent commission CHAR   
444 BEREG Regulation workschedule CHAR   
445 BEREI Trip Type: Enterprise-Specific CHAR   
446 BEREI_VK Requesting area CHAR   
447 BERGL Calculation Base CHAR   
448 BERGM Weekly workdays "regime" CHAR   
449 BERGR Authorization group CHAR   
450 BERGRUND Calc. reason for manually created billing documents CHAR   
451 BERID MRP area CHAR 10    
452 BERKT Profession categories according to BIGA statistics CHAR   
453 BERKZ Report indicator CHAR   
454 BERMIMA Include Minimum and Maximum Quantities CHAR   
455 BERNA2 Report ID CHAR 12    
456 BERNAME Report Name CHAR 20    
457 BEROT Picked items location CHAR 20    
458 BERTI Time interval for graphic displ. in run sched. maintenancece CHAR   
459 BERTS Picking Record Status CHAR   
460 BERTX MRP area text CHAR 40    
461 BERTY Type of MRP area NUMC   
462 BERTYP Standardization of deprec. area CHAR   
463 BERUFSL IS-M/SD: Occupation Key CHAR   
464 BESAD Determination of explosion date for BOM and routing CHAR   
465 BESAL Determine explosion date for BOM and routing CHAR   
466 BESCH Procurement type CHAR   
467 BESCHART2 IS-M: Employment type for service company employees CHAR   
468 BESCHEIDTAG Grace Days for Notification Date NUMC   
469 BESER Purchase order generation CHAR   
470 BESITZ Inspection Relevance of Device NUMC   
471 BESKZ Procurement indicator CHAR   
472 BESNR Statement Number Against Entity Table CHAR   
473 BESRT Institutional group NUMC   
474 BESSL Selection for material provision CHAR   
475 BESTE System work schedule CHAR   
476 BESTP Check availability taking purchase orders into account CHAR   
477 BESTQ Stock Category in WM CHAR   
478 BESTXT Statement Text CHAR 35    
479 BESTZ Stock line CHAR   
480 BETPA Additional Travel Flat Rate: Enterprise-Specific CHAR   
481 BETPE Rate CHAR   
482 BETPR Percentage or amount indicator CHAR   
483 BETPS Template for amount/unit fields CHAR 10    
484 BETR15 Value: Length 15 DEC 15    
485 BETRAG11 Amount field with plus/minus sign (PL11) CURR 21 
486 BETRART Streetlight operation mode CHAR   
487 BETRG Wage type amount CURR
488 BETRP Plant profile CHAR   
489 BETRRANGE_CA FI-CA: Range in Percent CHAR   
490 BETRS Template for amount fields CHAR 10    
491 BETR_CASH_ITAGCY Cash Amount CURR 13 
492 BETTANZ IS-H: Statistical number of beds of an organizational unit NUMC   
493 BEVARART IS-PAM: Booking unit variant type CHAR   
494 BEVT_SI IS-PAM: BU variant type for ad inserts CHAR   
495 BEW0SIMUL Valuation: Simulation/test run CHAR   
496 BEW0VERAR Valuation: Processing type CHAR   
497 BEWEG_KZ Lowest value: receipt or issue indicator CHAR   
498 BEWER Evaluation value DEC   
499 BEWGR Currency translation method CHAR   
500 BEWINUMME License number (CH only) NUMC