SAP ABAP Domain - Index B, page 3
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 BBP_BUPSTATUS Status of BBP document CHAR   
2 BBP_BUSTW Posting string values CHAR   
3 BBP_BUTTON Button Name CHAR 30    
7 BBP_BWASL Asset transaction type CHAR   
8 BBP_BWKEY Valuation key CHAR   
9 BBP_BWLVS Movemement Type WM NUMC   
10 BBP_BWREP_SELECT_ID Name of Selection Field CHAR 30    
11 BBP_BWREP_TXT60 Description 60 Chars. CHAR 60    
12 BBP_BWREP_VAR_PARSEL Parameter Selection: Single Value, Interval, Selectn Option CHAR   
13 BBP_BWTTY_1 Valuation Category CHAR   
14 BBP_BWVOR Procurement method CHAR   
15 BBP_BW_FLAG Flag for BW_BBP CHAR   
16 BBP_BW_ORIGIN Source system indicator in BW for BBP documents CHAR   
17 BBP_BZIRK Sales district CHAR   
18 BBP_CALL_PO_UPDATE Call-Up of the Transfer of Data from PO Response in PO CHAR   
19 BBP_CARD Cardinality with Fixed Values CHAR   
20 BBP_CASNR Foreign trade: CAS number - pharmaceutical products CHAR 15    
21 BBP_CATALOGITEM Catalog Item CHAR 40    
22 BBP_CATALOG_URL Catalog URL CHAR 255    
23 BBP_CATEGORY_ID Category ID CHAR 20    
24 BBP_CAT_BUSINESS_TYPE Business Type of Catalog CHAR   
25 BBP_CAT_CONT_TYPE Technical Type of Catalog NUMC   
26 BBP_CAT_PATH_PICTURE Technical Path for Storage of Graphic for Web Service CHAR 255    
27 BBP_CCBTC Payment cards: Settlement run number CHAR 10    
28 BBP_CCM_ITEM_ID ID of a Catalog Entry CHAR 40    
29 BBP_CCTYP Payment card category CHAR   
30 BBP_CFOLDER_PATTERN Pattern for Recognition of URL as CFolder URL CHAR 132    
31 BBP_CHANGED_TXT Changed Vendor Data CHAR 255    
32 BBP_CHANGE_OPT 1 Character Fields for Change Options CHAR   
33 BBP_CHAR30_LOW Low-case 30-character string CHAR 30    
34 BBP_CHAR_10 Character of Length 10 CHAR 10    
35 BBP_CHAR_FILESIZE File Size in CHAR10 Format CHAR 10    
36 BBP_CHECK_IND Check Indicator for Item CHAR   
37 BBP_CHR_100_CS 100 place character field, case-sensitive CHAR 100    
38 BBP_CHR_150_CS 150 place character field, case-sensitive CHAR 150    
39 BBP_CHR_80_CS 80 place character field, case sensitive CHAR 80    
40 BBP_CKML_MGVLAUPD Actual Activity Consumption Update CHAR   
41 BBP_CKML_MLBWG Movement type group for ML update CHAR   
42 BBP_CKML_NSCHEMA Structure for version name formation CHAR   
43 BBP_CK_BWST Valuation strategy for single-valuated material CHAR   
44 BBP_CK_BWVAR Costing valuation variant CHAR   
45 BBP_CK_KOSGR Overhead group for costing CHAR 10    
46 BBP_CK_ML_ABST Material ledger settlement: control CHAR   
47 BBP_CK_VERSION Version number (2 NUMC) NUMC   
48 BBP_CMS_ACTNAME User action name CHAR 40    
49 BBP_CMS_ADESC Application description CHAR 30    
50 BBP_CMS_ANAME Application name CHAR   
51 BBP_CMS_ATTDSCR Attribute Description CHAR 100    
52 BBP_CMS_ATTR Contract Attribute CHAR 30    
53 BBP_CMS_ATTRNAM Attribute Name CHAR 60    
54 BBP_CMS_ATTR_DEFVAL Default value of the Attribute CHAR 30    
56 BBP_CMS_ATTR_L_DESCR Attribute HelpText CHAR 255    
57 BBP_CMS_ATTR_MAPINFO Map the attribute to the fieldname of the backend structure CHAR 100    
59 BBP_CMS_ATTR_STATUS Status(Active or Inactive) CHAR   
60 BBP_CMS_ATTR_STRC_TYPE Attribute Structure Type CHAR   
61 BBP_CMS_ATTR_S_DESCR Attribute CaptionText CHAR 40    
62 BBP_CMS_ATTR_S_PLC_HLD Place Holder Text CHAR 40    
63 BBP_CMS_ATTR_UI_CONTR UI Control Type (String/Read Only/Code List) CHAR   
64 BBP_CMS_ATTTXT Attribute text background NUMC   
65 BBP_CMS_CAPTXT Caption text CHAR 100    
67 BBP_CMS_CFGKEY ConfigData.xml file key NUMC   
68 BBP_CMS_CLSNAME Class name CHAR 200    
69 BBP_CMS_CLSTXT Clause text background NUMC   
70 BBP_CMS_COKPOS Cockpit position CHAR   
71 BBP_CMS_CONTRACT_TYPE Contract type CHAR   
72 BBP_CMS_CTYPE Collaboration Type CHAR   
73 BBP_CMS_DATAID Data ID (Control, Message or table) CHAR 40    
74 BBP_CMS_DATAIDT Data ID description STRG   
75 BBP_CMS_DESCRIPTION CMS description CHAR 80    
76 BBP_CMS_DOCNO CMS Template and Legal Contract Number Range CHAR 10    
77 BBP_CMS_DOC_ACTION CMS document action CHAR   
78 BBP_CMS_DOC_DESCRIPTION CMS Document description CHAR 125    
79 BBP_CMS_DOC_ID CMS Document ID CHAR 10    
80 BBP_CMS_DOC_MODE Document Mode CHAR   
81 BBP_CMS_DOC_NAME CMS Document name CHAR 40    
82 BBP_CMS_DOC_PGRP Purchasing group CHAR 14    
83 BBP_CMS_DOC_PORG Purchasing organization CHAR 14    
84 BBP_CMS_DOC_TEXT Document content CHAR 255    
85 BBP_CMS_DOC_TYPE CMS document type CHAR   
86 BBP_CMS_DOC_VERSION Legal document version NUMC   
87 BBP_CMS_DOC_VERSION_INTERNAL Legal document internal version NUMC   
88 BBP_CMS_HLPTXT Help text CHAR 100    
90 BBP_CMS_OCINTG_STRUCTTYPE Type of structure CHAR   
92 BBP_CMS_SERVICE Service Type CHAR   
93 BBP_CMS_TF Time Frame CHAR   
94 BBP_CMS_TSTMP Timestamp DEC 15    
95 BBP_CMS_USAGE Action usage CHAR   
96 BBP_CMS_VLDCLS Validator Class CHAR 255    
97 BBP_CMS_XMLTP XML data type CHAR   
98 BBP_CM_ACTIVATION_TYPE Activation Type (Auto, Manual) CHAR   
99 BBP_CM_APPLAREA Area of applicability of the property CHAR 40    
100 BBP_CM_CPROJ_DESC Description of cProject CHAR 132    
101 BBP_CM_DATE Date Type DATS   
102 BBP_CM_DESCRIPTION Description Field CHAR 255    
103 BBP_CM_EXEC_TYPE Execution Modes CHAR 10    
104 BBP_CM_NAME Name Field CHAR 40    
105 BBP_CM_NUMBER Total number of objects (programs, initiatives etc.) INT4 10    
106 BBP_CM_OBJECT_CATEGORY PD object category CHAR 10    
107 BBP_CM_OBJECT_TYPE Object Types CHAR   
108 BBP_CM_OBJREL_PERIOD Objective breakdown period (Month, Quarter, Year) CHAR   
109 BBP_CM_OBJREL_TYPE Objective breakdown type (Planned, Negotiated, Actual) CHAR   
110 BBP_CM_OBJ_ID Object IDs NUMC 10    
111 BBP_CM_OBJ_TY_TEXT Objective type text CHAR 40    
112 BBP_CM_OPER Operator to indicate insertion, update or deletion of record CHAR   
113 BBP_CM_PERCENTAGE Percentage values DEC 10 
114 BBP_CM_PRICE Price Fields CURR 15 
115 BBP_CM_PRIORITY Priorities CHAR   
116 BBP_CM_PROCESS_TYPE Business Process Type CHAR   
117 BBP_CM_PROPAPP Areas of applicability for the property CHAR 10    
118 BBP_CM_REQUIRED Required CHAR   
119 BBP_CM_RISK Risk Level NUMC   
120 BBP_CM_SEQ_NUM Sequence Number NUMC   
121 BBP_CM_STEP_STAT Step Status CHAR 10    
122 BBP_CM_STEP_TYPE Task Step Type CHAR 10    
123 BBP_CM_STR String to hold document ID STRG 512    
124 BBP_CM_TASK_ATT_VALUE Task Attribute Value Field CHAR 255    
125 BBP_CM_TIME Time Field TIMS   
126 BBP_CM_TZONE Time Zone CHAR   
127 BBP_CM_WFDUR Duration in Days NUMC   
128 BBP_CNV_F Field for conversion CHAR 255    
129 BBP_COMPANY_CODE Company Code (Long Version for External Systems) CHAR 20    
130 BBP_COMPARE_KIND Structure/Field Enters Comparison or Not CHAR   
131 BBP_COMPARE_METHOD Comparison Method CHAR   
132 BBP_COND_RATE Pricing: Price or Percentage DEC 13 
133 BBP_COND_RATE_TYPE Pricing: Price Type CHAR   
134 BBP_CONF_MODE_CODE Type of a Confirmation CHAR   
135 BBP_CONSUMER User of R/3 Adapter Functionality CHAR 10    
136 BBP_CONTROL_KEY Control record key CHAR 30    
137 BBP_CONTROL_VALUE Control record value CHAR 220    
138 BBP_CON_TYPE Confirmation type CHAR   
139 BBP_CO_APLZL General counter NUMC   
140 BBP_CO_KONTKZ Account assignment indicator for CO account assignments NUMC   
141 BBP_CO_PRODPRF Profile for production scheduler CHAR   
142 BBP_CREATE Creation type: budget billing plan NUMC   
143 BBP_CREATED_AT_USER UTC Time Stamp Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) (Output sy-zonlo) DEC 15    
144 BBP_CRED Vendor Type in Replication CHAR   
146 BBP_CSCP_COMP_LVL Material completion level NUMC   
147 BBP_CSCP_CONV_TYPE Conversion Type for Production Figures CHAR   
148 BBP_CTR_IAC_TEMPLATE Long Key Phrase for an IAC Object CHAR 120    
149 BBP_CTR_LEVEL Contract Hierachy Level NUMC   
150 BBP_CTR_MASSOP_GROUP_KEY Mass Change Operations CHAR   
151 BBP_CTR_MASS_BOX_VAL_END Mass Update of Validity Period CHAR   
152 BBP_CTR_MASS_BOX_VAL_START Mass Update of Validity Period CHAR   
153 BBP_CTR_MASS_CHOOSE_LINE Numer of Selected Row INT4 10    
154 BBP_CTR_MASS_CONDITIONS_RADIO Value Of Radio Buttons for Mass Update of Conditions CHAR   
155 BBP_CTR_MASS_DELIVT_UPDATE_MTD Deliver Time Mass Update Type CHAR   
156 BBP_CTR_MASS_MESS_DETAIL Processed Contract Message List CHAR   
157 BBP_CTR_MASS_NR Number of Selected Contracts INT4 10    
158 BBP_CTR_MASS_OPKEY Legend of a Contract Mass Change Method CHAR 16    
159 BBP_CTR_MASS_OP_DESCR Legend of a Contract Mass Change Method CHAR 30    
160 BBP_CTR_MASS_PATTERN Legend for Matrix Table CHAR 10    
161 BBP_CTR_MASS_PMNT_TRMS_BOX Type of Change for Payment Terms CHAR   
162 BBP_CTR_MASS_RS Row Span Control CHAR   
163 BBP_CTR_MASS_SANDA Type of Contract Mass Change: Simulate/Apply CHAR   
164 BBP_CTR_MASS_SCENARIO Mass Change Scenario CHAR   
165 BBP_CTR_MASS_SEL_CTR Work Package has Already Selected Contracts? CHAR   
166 BBP_CTR_MASS_SEL_METH Work Package has Already Selected Methods? CHAR   
167 BBP_CTR_MASS_SORA Status of the Message for Contract Update in Mass Change CHAR   
168 BBP_CTR_MASS_STATUS Contract Mass Change Status CHAR   
170 BBP_CTR_MASS_UPDATE_RADIO Value Of Radio Buttons for Mass Update of Header Status CHAR   
171 BBP_CTR_SECTIONS Contract Sections NUMC   
172 BBP_CTR_SORT_ORDER Sort Order for List of Contracts CHAR   
173 BBP_CTR_STAT Contract Status CHAR 30    
174 BBP_CT_CATEGORY_STATUS Category status CHAR   
175 BBP_CT_COPY_EXTENT Copy extent CHAR   
176 BBP_CT_ENHRULE_ID Import rule number NUMC   
177 BBP_CT_HEADER_STATUS Header status CHAR   
178 BBP_CT_INSTANCE_TYPE Values for Instances of the Subclasses of CL_BBP_CT_LOAD CHAR   
179 BBP_CT_OBJECT_STATUS Object status CHAR   
180 BBP_CT_OBJECT_TYPE Object type CHAR   
181 BBP_CT_PARTNER_TYPE Partner type CHAR   
182 BBP_CT_SALESAREA_ORIGIN Distribution chain source CHAR   
183 BBP_CT_SEARCH_STRING 10,000 Char. Long Char. String CHAR 10000    
184 BBP_CT_SLSCND_PRIO Item number NUMC   
185 BBP_CUBLOB CU: BLOB for configuration data (SCE) CHAR 250    
186 BBP_CUFLAG1 CU: only for SCE information CHAR   
187 BBP_CUF_CHECK_RESULT Result of check for presence of solution-specific fields CHAR   
188 BBP_CUF_EXPLICIT_F4 Character F4 Help for CUF CHAR   
189 BBP_CUF_SCENARIO_KEY Key of a Scenario for Field Extension CHAR   
190 BBP_CUF_SET_TYPE Set Type for Determining CUF Structure CHAR 30    
191 BBP_CUF_SOL_KEY Solution Key CHAR 10    
192 BBP_CUF_STRUCTURE_TYPE Type of Structure: Append or Include CHAR   
193 BBP_CUF_TYPE Type of Fields: Table or Structure CHAR   
194 BBP_CURRTYP Currency Type CHAR   
195 BBP_DAPPL Application CHAR   
196 BBP_DATETIME_ISO ISO 860-Conform Date with Time CHAR 25    
197 BBP_DATTP Period Indicator CHAR   
198 BBP_DBACTION Database Action in Condition Maintenance CHAR   
199 BBP_DCIND Debit/credit indicator CHAR   
200 BBP_DECREMENT_TYPE Decrement Type Percentage or Absolute CHAR   
201 BBP_DEF_VALUE Default Values for SUS Follow-On Documents CHAR   
202 BBP_DEL_NOTE_ITEM_NO Delivery Note Item NUMC 10    
203 BBP_DEL_NOTE_NUMBER Delivery Note Number CHAR 16    
204 BBP_DEP_KEY_TYPE Key Type for Dependent Attributes CHAR   
205 BBP_DEP_SET_TYPE Dependent Attributes Set Specification CHAR   
206 BBP_DEP_STATUS_D DEP Status Domain CHAR   
207 BBP_DESC Condition Type Description CHAR 50    
208 BBP_DESCRIPTION Short text CHAR40 CHAR 40    
209 BBP_DEV_ALLOWED Control Domain for SUS "Deviation" Status CHAR   
210 BBP_DISC_POPUP Popup During Activation of BB Plan (Reconnection) CHAR   
211 BBP_DISGR MRP group CHAR   
212 BBP_DISKZ Storage location MRP indicator CHAR   
213 BBP_DISLS Lot sizing CHAR   
214 BBP_DISMM MRP type CHAR   
215 BBP_DISPR Material: MRP profiles CHAR   
216 BBP_DISP_VARIANT Display Variant CHAR   
217 BBP_DISST Low-level code CHAR   
218 BBP_DISTR_IND Distribution Indicator Domains CHAR   
219 BBP_DIST_IND Distribution indicator CHAR   
220 BBP_DLGRP Service agent procedure CHAR   
221 BBP_DOCSTATUS Status of BBP document CHAR   
222 BBP_DOC_FLOW_CTRL Indicator of possible subsequent processes CHAR   
223 BBP_DOC_LEVEL Level in Document CHAR   
224 BBP_DOC_MODE Document Processing (for example, Update, Save) CHAR   
225 BBP_DOC_PRIORITY Document Priority CHAR   
226 BBP_DOKOB Object linked to document CHAR 10    
227 BBP_DOKST Document Status CHAR   
228 BBP_DO_CM_RELEVANCE_FLAG Indicator for the CM relevance of an R/3 object CHAR   
229 BBP_DPLFS Fair share rule CHAR   
230 BBP_DPLPU Push indicator CHAR   
231 BBP_DTTRG Name of Data Carrier CHAR 10    
232 BBP_DUEFL_BKPF Status of data transfer into subsequent release CHAR   
233 BBP_DVSART Batch Record: Type of DMS Used CHAR   
234 BBP_DWNAM Name of user responsible CHAR 12    
235 BBP_DYNAGRID_EXPAND EBP Bid Evaluation: 'Expanded' Flag CHAR   
236 BBP_DYNAGRID_FTYPE EBP Bid Evaluation: Field Type CHAR   
237 BBP_DYNAGRID_INDENT EBP Bid Evaluation: Indent of an Attribute NUMC   
238 BBP_DYNAGRID_LTYPE EBP Bid Eval: Line Type CHAR   
239 BBP_DYNAGRID_SELREJ Bid Comparison: Handling Options for Select/Reject All check CHAR   
241 BBP_DYNAGRID_VALUECELL EBP Bid Eval: Value Cell CHAR 255    
243 BBP_DYNAT_GROUP Group for the Dynamic Attributes CHAR   
244 BBP_EBELN Purchasing document number CHAR 10    
245 BBP_EBONU Volume rebate group, purchasing CHAR   
246 BBP_EBPP_ACCNAME Freely Assignable Name for Bank/Credit Card CHAR 40    
247 BBP_EBPP_BVSTATUS Status of Bank Details in EBPP CHAR   
248 BBP_EBSTYP Purchasing Document Category CHAR   
249 BBP_EBTYP Confirmation category: External CHAR   
250 BBP_EDIF5402 EDIFACT data element 5402 CHAR 12    
251 BBP_EETEN Schedule line, purchasing document NUMC   
252 BBP_EFKOR Type of correction to own error CHAR   
253 BBP_EK08R_RC Return Code NUMC   
254 BBP_EKORG Purchasing organization CHAR   
255 BBP_EKWSL Purchasing value key CHAR   
256 BBP_ERFPR Entry profile: Logistics Invoice Verification CHAR 12    
257 BBP_ER_ACC_CAT Account assignment category BBP document CHAR   
258 BBP_ER_ACC_NO Sequential number of account assignment in BBP document NUMC   
259 BBP_ER_ACTIVITY Operation Number CHAR   
260 BBP_ER_ADDR_ORIGIN Address source indicator for partner addresses CHAR   
261 BBP_ER_ASSET_NO Main asset number CHAR 12    
262 BBP_ER_BUS_AREA Business area CHAR   
263 BBP_ER_CATEGORY_DESC Category name CHAR 60    
264 BBP_ER_CATEGORY_GUID UUID in character form CHAR 32    
265 BBP_ER_CHAR10 Character field 10 Chars CHAR 10    
266 BBP_ER_CHAR20 Character field 20 Chars CHAR 20    
267 BBP_ER_CMMT_ITEM Commitment Item CHAR 14    
268 BBP_ER_COST_CTR Cost Center CHAR 10    
269 BBP_ER_COST_OBJ Cost object: Hierarchy node for process costing CHAR 12    
270 BBP_ER_CO_AREA Controlling Area CHAR   
271 BBP_ER_CTR_ITEM_NO Item Number Contract Item CHAR 10    
272 BBP_ER_CTR_NUMBER Contract number CHAR 10    
273 BBP_ER_CURRENCY_ISO ISO code currency CHAR   
274 BBP_ER_CUST_PO_NO No. of Sales Order CHAR 35    
275 BBP_ER_EXP_VALUE Currency amounts in BAPI interfaces DEC 23 
276 BBP_ER_EXT_BU_ID_CAT BP Identification Type - External Indicator CHAR   
277 BBP_ER_EXT_CAT_ID Unique Key in External Category CHAR 40    
278 BBP_ER_EXT_PARTNER_PFT Partner function type - external indicator CHAR   
279 BBP_ER_FUNC_AREA Functional area CHAR 16    
280 BBP_ER_FUND FM: Sponsor/fund CHAR 10    
281 BBP_ER_FUNDS_CTR FIFM: Funds Center CHAR 16    
282 BBP_ER_GROUPING_LEVEL Specifies how the Items in a Hierarchy are to be Managed CHAR   
283 BBP_ER_GTIN Global Trade Item Number CHAR 40    
285 BBP_ER_G_L_ACCT G/L account number CHAR 10    
286 BBP_ER_ITEM_NO Item Number NUMC 10    
287 BBP_ER_ITEM_TYPE Item type CHAR   
288 BBP_ER_LANGU_ISO Language key according to ISO 639 CHAR   
289 BBP_ER_LIMIT Currency amounts in BAPI interfaces DEC 23 
290 BBP_ER_LIM_TYPE Type of Partial Limit CHAR   
291 BBP_ER_LOGSYS Logical System CHAR 10    
292 BBP_ER_MANU_PRODUCT_ID Manufacturer part number CHAR 40    
293 BBP_ER_METHOD Action for Incoming Requirement CHAR   
294 BBP_ER_NETWORK Order number CHAR 12    
295 BBP_ER_ORDER_NO Order number CHAR 12    
296 BBP_ER_ORIGIN_ITEM_ID Item number in initial sales order NUMC 10    
297 BBP_ER_OTYPE Object Type CHAR   
298 BBP_ER_PARTNER_FCT Partner Function CHAR   
299 BBP_ER_PARTNER_PROD Product number of partner CHAR 40    
300 BBP_ER_PRICE Currency amounts in BAPI interfaces DEC 23 
301 BBP_ER_PRICE_UNIT Price Unit DEC   
302 BBP_ER_PROC_ORG_ID Extended object ID (Organizational Management) CHAR 12    
303 BBP_ER_PRODUCT_ID Product ID CHAR 40    
305 BBP_ER_PROFIT_CTR Profit Center CHAR 10    
306 BBP_ER_SCHED_LINE SD document schedule line NUMC   
307 BBP_ER_SCHEMA_TYPE Structure type CHAR 10    
308 BBP_ER_SDOC_ITEM Item number of the SD document NUMC   
309 BBP_ER_SD_DOC Sales and Distribution Document Number CHAR 10    
310 BBP_ER_STG_LOC Storage Location CHAR   
311 BBP_ER_SUB_NUMBER Asset sub-number CHAR   
312 BBP_ER_TEXT40 Text (40 characters) CHAR 40    
313 BBP_ER_TEXT_LINE SAPscript text line in STXL CHAR 132    
314 BBP_ER_UNIT Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
315 BBP_ER_UNIT_ISO ISO codes for measurement units CHAR   
316 BBP_ER_VPROZ Distribution percentage format XXX.XX DEC
317 BBP_ER_WAERS Currency key CUKY   
318 BBP_ER_WBS_ELEM_E Project item number (external) CHAR 24    
319 BBP_ESTAK Status of Purchasing Document CHAR   
320 BBP_ES_EEWA_KIND Employee Workplace: Address Type CHAR 10    
321 BBP_ES_EEWA_OPERA Employee Workplace: Operation Indicator CHAR   
322 BBP_ES_EEWA_ORG_ADDR_ORIGIN Employee Workplace: Organizational Address Part Origin CHAR   
323 BBP_ES_TDID_PREFIX Prefix for Text ID in Purchasing Documents CHAR   
324 BBP_ES_VALUE Append with additional value for domain BANST     
325 BBP_ETDRK Indicator: Print-relevant schedule lines exist CHAR   
326 BBP_ETIAG IS-R Labeling: Article grouping CHAR 18    
329 BBP_EVAL_TYPE Evaluation Type CHAR   
330 BBP_EVENT Event CHAR 32    
331 BBP_EVENT_CATEGORY Category of the Event CHAR 15    
332 BBP_EVENT_CATEGORY_ALL Category of the Event CHAR 15    
333 BBP_EVENT_DEADLINE Event Deadline in Hours DEC   
334 BBP_EVENT_PARAMETER_STRING Event Framework - Parameter with Variable Length STRG   
335 BBP_EVENT_PRIO Priority of the event NUMC   
336 BBP_EVENT_RECEIVER_CATEGORY Category of the Event Receiver CHAR 15    
337 BBP_EVENT_STATUS Event type CHAR   
338 BBP_EVENT_SUB_CATEGORY Subcategory of the Event CHAR 30    
339 BBP_EVENT_TEXT Event Texts CHAR 120    
340 BBP_EVENT_TYPE Event type CHAR   
341 BBP_EVERE Compliance with shipping instructions CHAR   
342 BBP_EVERS Shipping instructions CHAR   
343 BBP_EV_TYPE Date Type CHAR 12    
344 BBP_EV_TYPE_APPL Applic.appoint.type CHAR   
345 BBP_EXART Business transaction type CHAR   
346 BBP_EXIT_BADI_CALL_SEQUENCE BAdI Call Sequence (lowest number first) CHAR   
347 BBP_EXIT_BADI_CALL_SEQUENCEDEC BAdI Call Sequence (lowest number first, decimal number) DEC   
348 BBP_EXNUM Export data number CHAR 10    
349 BBP_EXPPG Preference indicator CHAR   
350 BBP_EXPRESSIVE_ITEM_TYPE Expressive Item Type CHAR   
351 BBP_EXPRSV_ITEM_TYPE Expressive item type CHAR   
352 BBP_EXPVZ Mode of Transport CHAR   
353 BBP_EXR_SCREEN_CTRL Controls Behavior of the Exchange Rate Screen CHAR   
354 BBP_EXTERNAL_SCORE Valuation of Bid in a Live Auction DEC
355 BBP_EXTREQ_ACTION Action for Incoming External Requisition CHAR   
356 BBP_EXTWG External material group CHAR 18    
357 BBP_EXT_ORDER External document number from B2B CHAR 10    
358 BBP_EXT_PARTNER_ORG_CHECK Mode for Checking Org. Model for External Partners CHAR   
359 BBP_EXT_TYPE Extension Typ Values CHAR   
360 BBP_EXVER Export procedure indicator CHAR   
361 BBP_FA050 Field selection (length 50) CHAR 50    
362 BBP_FABKZ Indicator: Relevance to JIT delivery schedules CHAR   
363 BBP_FDGRP Cash management and forecast group (risk group) CHAR 10    
364 BBP_FDLEV Cash forecast level CHAR   
365 BBP_FEDIA Error dialog CHAR   
366 BBP_FEPRF Distribution profile of plant master CHAR   
367 BBP_FEVOR Production scheduler CHAR   
368 BBP_FHORI Opening period key CHAR   
369 BBP_FIELDPROPERTY Field Attribute CHAR   
370 BBP_FIELDVALUE Generic Up-/Download: Data Container Value Cell CHAR 255    
371 BBP_FIELD_FORMAT Format Field for Download CHAR   
372 BBP_FILE_OPTIONS_NAME Name of Option for File Upload/Download CHAR 12    
373 BBP_FILE_OPTIONS_VALUE Value of Option for File Upload/Download CHAR 12    
374 BBP_FILTER_HIER Hierarchy Filter Based on SAP ERP Enhancement Package CHAR   
375 BBP_FILTER_TYPE Filter type CHAR   
376 BBP_FIPLS Financial budget item NUMC   
377 BBP_FIXMULTI Valuation Behavior in Multiselection CHAR   
378 BBP_FIX_LINE_IND Fixing Indicator for Schedule Line Items CHAR   
379 BBP_FI_VALIDATION Type of financial validation INT1   
380 BBP_FKBER Functional Area CHAR   
381 BBP_FKNUM Shipment cost number CHAR 10    
382 BBP_FKPOS Number of shipment cost item NUMC   
383 BBP_FKPTY Item category shipment costs CHAR   
384 BBP_FLAG Flag for Indication CHAR   
385 BBP_FM_FIPEX Commitment Item - Here with Conversion Exit ALPHA !!! CHAR 24    
386 BBP_FM_FIVOR Financial transaction NUMC   
387 BBP_FM_FUND Sponsor/Fund CHAR 20    
388 BBP_FM_KNZAE Commitment item category NUMC   
389 BBP_FM_VPTYP Carryforward item category for commitment item CHAR   
390 BBP_FORMATTED_NAME Formatted Name for Communication Using Service NUMC 40    
391 BBP_FPCONTENT_TYPE Type of form content CHAR   
392 BBP_FRGSX Release strategy CHAR   
393 BBP_FRGWF Role resolution for workflow CHAR   
394 BBP_FTP_DIR 150 place character field, case-sensitive CHAR 150    
395 BBP_FTP_HOST Host for FTP on ITS CHAR 40    
396 BBP_FTP_PASSW FTP password for ITS CHAR 20    
397 BBP_FULFILL_TYPE Fulfillment Type CHAR   
398 BBP_FUNCRESULTINT1 Function Value (0..100) INT1   
399 BBP_FUNCT Function in EBP CHAR 18    
400 BBP_FUNCTION General Function in EBP (for Auth. Check) CHAR 10    
401 BBP_GERNR Equipment serial number CHAR 18    
402 BBP_GESTYP Type of business (Korea) CHAR 30    
403 BBP_GESTYP_R3 Type of business CHAR 30    
404 BBP_GJAHR Fiscal Year NUMC   
405 BBP_GKONT Offsetting Account CHAR 10    
406 BBP_GLACC_ORIGIN Original account CHAR   
407 BBP_GLUPM Update method for amount fields in G/L CHAR   
408 BBP_GPNUM Foreign Trade: PRODCOM Number CHAR   
409 BBP_GRBEW Domain Reason for Movement/Transact. NUMC   
410 BBP_GROSS_WEIGHT Gross Weight QUAN 15    
411 BBP_GROUPING_LEVEL Specifies how the Positions in a Hierarchy are to be Managed CHAR   
412 BBP_GROUPING_LEVEL_INITCHECK Specifies if an Item is a Lot or Under a Lot CHAR   
413 BBP_HEAD_SUBTYPE Specification of a Business Document CHAR   
414 BBP_HIER_F4_ACTION Hierarchy Search help Action CHAR   
415 BBP_HIER_F4_NODETYPE Hierarchy Search Help Node Type CHAR   
416 BBP_HIER_INDEX_STATE Domain for Status of Hierarchy Search Index CHAR   
417 BBP_HI_EVENT Event has Occurred at Header or Item CHAR   
418 BBP_HOART Type of Origin Object of Transaction Data (EC-PCA) NUMC   
419 BBP_HOOK_URL SRM Application Return URL STRG   
420 BBP_HOST Host Name for Publishing Attachments CHAR 30    
421 BBP_HOSTFOLDER Host Directory for Publishing Attachments CHAR 132    
422 BBP_HOSTPASSWORD HTTP Password for Publishing Attachments CHAR 40    
423 BBP_HOSTPROXY Proxy for Publishing Attachments CHAR 30    
424 BBP_HOSTUSER HTTP User for Publishing Attachments CHAR 40    
425 BBP_HWMET Determination method for other local currency amounts CHAR   
426 BBP_H_SUBTYPE Specification of a Business Document CHAR   
427 BBP_H_SUBTYPE_WITH_SPACE Specification of a Business Document CHAR   
428 BBP_ICC_APPL_IN Application Type CHAR   
429 BBP_ICC_CFOP CFOP code and extension CHAR 10    
430 BBP_ICC_EXDAT_DATE_D Excise Invoice Date DATS   
431 BBP_ICC_EXNUM_IN_D Excise Invoice Number CHAR 10    
433 BBP_ICC_NFBAS Nota fiscal: base amounts CURR 15 
434 BBP_ICC_NFPRI Nota fiscal: net price DEC 16 
435 BBP_ICC_TAXLW1 Tax law: ICMS CHAR   
436 BBP_ICC_TAXLW2 Tax law: IPI CHAR   
437 BBP_ICC_TAXTYP Nota fiscal: tax type CHAR   
438 BBP_ICC_TXRATE Nota fiscal: tax rate DEC
439 BBP_ICC_TXRT Nota fiscal: tax record type CHAR   
440 BBP_ICC_TXT_D Text Information CHAR 60    
441 BBP_ICC_WERTV8 Value field PL8 with +/- sign CURR 15 
442 BBP_ICON_STATUS Icon Display Dependent on Bid/Auction/Bid Invitation Status CHAR   
443 BBP_IDNEX External Material Number CHAR 35    
444 BBP_IFC_BIDCC_TASK_D Change Indicator Category Assignment CHAR   
445 BBP_IFC_PCINS_TASK_D Change Indicator Procurement Cards CHAR   
446 BBP_IFC_PURCH_ORG_TASK_D Purchasing Organization Change Indicator CHAR   
447 BBP_IFC_QSSYS_TASK_D Quality Management System Change Indicator CHAR   
448 BBP_IFC_VENMAP_TASK_D Change Indicator Supplier Mapping CHAR   
449 BBP_IF_CHAR2 Character Field Length 2 CHAR   
450 BBP_IF_CHAR2_PI Character Field Length 2 CHAR   
451 BBP_IF_DATATYPE Data Type of a Field CHAR   
452 BBP_IF_DATATYPE_PI Data Type of a Field CHAR   
453 BBP_IF_FIELDNAME Name of a Structure Component CHAR 30    
454 BBP_IF_FIELDNAME_PI Name of a Structure Component CHAR 30    
455 BBP_IF_ORDID GUID for APO Order Header CHAR 22    
456 BBP_IF_ORDID_PI GUID for APO Order Header CHAR 22    
457 BBP_IF_REFFIELD Reference Field Name CHAR 30    
458 BBP_IF_REFFIELD_PI Reference Field Name CHAR 30    
459 BBP_IF_REFOBJECT Object Description CHAR 30    
460 BBP_IF_REFOBJECT_PI Object Description CHAR 30    
461 BBP_IF_REFVALUE Reference Value CHAR 32    
462 BBP_IF_REFVALUE_PI Reference Value CHAR 32    
463 BBP_IF_SCHEDID GUID for APO Schedule Line CHAR 22    
464 BBP_IF_SCHEDID_PI GUID for APO Schedule Line CHAR 22    
465 BBP_IF_VALUE_CONTAINER Data Container CHAR 1024    
466 BBP_IF_VALUE_CONTAINER_PI Data Container CHAR 1024    
467 BBP_IMS_ADS_RENDER_RETURN Define the Return Codes for the PDF Rendering Process CHAR   
468 BBP_IMS_EXCP_STATUS IMS Exception Status CHAR   
471 BBP_IMS_OPERATOR Operator Comparison CHAR   
472 BBP_INCLUDE_OPTION Option to Insert a Field CHAR   
473 BBP_INCO1 Incoterms (Part 1) CHAR   
474 BBP_INCO2 Incoterms (Part 2) CHAR 28    
476 BBP_INCOTERM_KEY Incoterm Key CHAR   
477 BBP_INCOTERM_LOCATION Incoterm Location CHAR 28    
478 BBP_INDTYP Type of industry (Korea) CHAR 30    
479 BBP_INDTYP_R3 Type of industry CHAR 30    
480 BBP_INFOREC_UPD_IND Inforecord update indicator CHAR   
481 BBP_INFOREC_UP_IND Inforecord update indicator CHAR   
482 BBP_INGRP Maintenance Planner Group CHAR   
483 BBP_INP_TYPE Creation indicator procurement document CHAR   
484 BBP_INSMK Stock Type CHAR   
485 BBP_INT4V Integer 4 with +/- sign INT4 10    
486 BBP_INTROW Internal line number of service package NUMC 10    
487 BBP_INVKZ Physical inventory indicator CHAR   
488 BBP_INVOICE_FILTER_TYPE Filter Values to Restrict Invoice Items CHAR 30    
489 BBP_INV_KIND Invoice Type acc. to Ref. Doc. (Non PO, Lean PO, and so on) CHAR   
490 BBP_IS_EXPIRED Flag: Contract has Expired CHAR   
491 BBP_ITEMNO Item Number NUMC 10    
492 BBP_ITEM_BID_DECREMENT Bid decrement FLTP 16  16 
493 BBP_ITEM_CHECK_TYPE Type of BE Purchase Order Items (for Checks) CHAR   
494 BBP_ITEM_NO Item Number NUMC 10    
495 BBP_ITEM_TYPE Item Category CHAR   
496 BBP_ITM_PROC_IDENT Process Identifier CHAR   
497 BBP_ITM_RELEASED Status of Item: Active/Inactive/Undergoing Checks CHAR   
498 BBP_IVTYP Origin of Logistics Invoice Verification document CHAR   
499 BBP_IV_USER_TYPE Role of user of the invoice scenario CHAR   
500 BBP_I_PARNR Partner (for PM Partner Maintenance) CHAR 12