SAP ABAP Domain - Index B
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 B1SUM Transfer to cluster B1 CHAR   
2 B530C Modifier for special payment conditions NUMC   
3 BAANR Financial Document Processing: Ext. No. of Letter of Credit CHAR 40    
4 BAART P.O./Order type CHAR   
5 BABLSORT Change document sorting (documents) CHAR   
6 BABLZ_VK Bank number CHAR   
7 BABSSCH_CM Document guarantee procedure CHAR   
8 BACKBI Type of backbilling CHAR   
9 BACKBILL_STAT Backbilling Status CHAR   
10 BACKF Indicator for BOM processing CHAR   
11 BACKGROUP Backbilling group CHAR   
12 BACKVALUEFIELD Back value field CHAR 61    
13 BACK_____1 End of simulation CHAR   
14 BACLA Ind.: Switch off Display of Planned Order Number CHAR   
15 BACRE Batch installation, classification, SLED check in delvry CHAR   
16 BACSCHAR6 6-place character for DME format BACS/GB CHAR   
17 BACSCHAR7 7-place character for DME format BACS/GB CHAR   
18 BADIVERIDOMA1 Testdomäne für BAdI VERI CHAR   
19 BADI_CHAR255 Char255 with Uppercase Lowercase CHAR 255    
20 BADI_COMPARATORS Set of Possible Filter Comparison Operators CHAR   
21 BADI_COMPARATORS_1 BAdI Filter Values: Subset of Comparators CHAR   
22 BADI_COMPARATORS_2 BAdI Filter Values: Subset of Comparators CHAR   
23 BADI_CONTEXT_MODE Modes for Dependency of BAdI on Contexts CHAR   
24 BADI_FILTER_NAME Name of a BAdI Filter CHAR 30    
25 BADI_FILTER_TYPE Possible Filter Type for BAdIs CHAR   
26 BADI_IMPL_NAME Name of a BAdI Implementation CHAR 30    
27 BADI_NAME BAdI Name CHAR 30    
28 BADI_VERI_DOMA_BADINAMEN Domäne für Tabellen eintrag CHAR 30    
29 BADI_VERI_DOMA_FIL_EINF Domäne für Badi mit Filterabhängigkeit CHAR   
30 BADI_VERI_DOMA_FIL_MEHR Domäne für filterabhängige und mehrfach nutzbare BADI's CHAR   
31 BAFKT Financial Document Processing: Bank Function CHAR   
32 BAGUE Base date for planning delivery schedule generation CHAR   
33 BAHNH Train station CHAR 25    
34 BAHNR TrainStnNumber CHAR 10    
35 BAK AC Diagnosis Tool: Before/After Indicator CHAR   
36 BAKTO_VK Bank account number NUMC 11    
37 BALANCE Balance check CHAR   
38 BALANCING_DAYS IS-M/SD: Monitoring Control, Balancing Days DEC   
39 BALA_ROLE_KK Role in account balance CHAR   
40 BALCONVALC Application log: Context (CHAR) CHAR 128    
41 BALCONVALR Application log: Context (RAW) RAW 128    
42 BALCOUNT Application Log: Message counter INT4 10    
43 BALCVAL Application Log: Context data CHAR 256    
44 BALDBCOUNT Application Log: Message counter NUMC   
45 BALDBSTATE Application Log: Object database status CHAR   
46 BALDBVER Application Log: Database repository format CHAR   
47 BALDELBEF Application Log: Keep log until expiry CHAR   
48 BALHLEVEL Application Log: Message hierarchy level NUMC   
49 BALID_CA FCC Balance ID (for Mapping to Balance Solutions) CHAR   
50 BALLEVEL Application log: level of detail CHAR   
51 BALMNR Application log: Serial number NUMC   
52 BALMODE Application log: operating mode (Batch, Batch-Input, Dialog) CHAR   
53 BALMSGTXTP Application Log: Message text with parameters CHAR 273    
54 BALMSGTY AApplication Log: Message type CHAR   
55 BALNREXT Application Log: External number CHAR 100    
56 BALOBJ Application log: object CHAR 20    
57 BALOBJ_D Application log: object CHAR 20    
58 BALOGNR Application log: log number (no. range obj. APPL_LOG) CHAR 20    
59 BALPROBCL Application log: problem class CHAR   
60 BALPUSHPOS Application Log: Position of a pushbutton in menu/toolbar CHAR   
61 BALSETDEF AApplication Log: Message with or without default CHAR   
62 BALSKEY AApplication Log: Context-dependent statistics key CHAR 60    
63 BALSUBOBJ Application Log: Subobject CHAR 20    
64 BALTER Indicator: which stock CHAR   
65 BALTMSG Application Log: Formatted message text CHAR 255    
66 BALTP_KK Balance Type in Cash Journal CHAR   
67 BALUET Application Log: Callback type (Ext. Perform, FM, etc.) CHAR   
68 BALVERS_CA Specify Balance Solution CHAR   
69 BAL_CLUST Application Log: Data type for compressed storage LRAW 512    
70 BAL_DAAG_RESIDENCE Residence Time of Application Logs CHAR   
71 BAL_DISP Application log: field display flag CHAR   
72 BAM6SECU1 TKEB1-SECU Field 1. Byte described as in Include LKYPRU05 CHAR   
73 BAM6SECU2 TKEB1-SECU Field 2. Byte described as in Include LKYPRU05 CHAR   
74 BAM6SECU3 TKEB1-SECU Field 3. Byte as described in Include LKYPRU05 CHAR   
75 BAM6SECU4 TKEB1-SECU Field 4. Byte as described in Include LKYPRU05 CHAR   
76 BAMAPPL Application Analysis: Application CHAR   
77 BAMASTTXT Application analysis: Texts for ASTAT records CHAR 15    
78 BAMBUFMODE Application analysis: Buffering type of a table CHAR   
79 BAMCHGREL Application analysis: Changes relative to seq. read accesses DEC 15 
80 BAMCOLNO Application Analysis: UI Column Number NUMC   
81 BAMCOLTYPE Application analysis: UI: Column cat. CHAR   
82 BAMCROSS Application analysis: Selection field CHAR   
83 BAMCWIDTH Application analysis: UI: Column width INT1   
84 BAMDISHORT Application analysis: Document type CHAR   
85 BAMDOCTYPE Application development: Document category CHAR 10    
86 BAMFIELDNO Application analysis: UI: Field no. in the object structure NUMC   
87 BAMGROUP Application Analysis: Analysis Group CHAR   
88 BAMOBJID Application Analysis: Analysis Object CHAR   
89 BAMOBJTYPE Application analysis: Object or analysis type CHAR   
90 BAMOK Stock type modification CHAR   
91 BAMOK_MSEG Stock Type Modification (Read T156M-ZUSTD as of Rel. 4.70) CHAR   
92 BAMPROFILE Application Analysis: UI Number of Display Profile NUMC   
93 BAMREPTCOD Appl. analysis: UI: Maintenance report/transaction or domain CHAR 10    
94 BAMRTAVAIL Application analysis: Results table: Values exist CHAR   
95 BAMRTCNTR Application analysis: Results table: Counter DEC 15    
96 BAMRTINIT Application analysis: Results table: Key is preassigned CHAR   
97 BAMRTPRCNT Application analysis: Results table: Percentage amount DEC   
98 BAMRTTOTAL Application monitor: Results table: Totals indicator CHAR   
99 BAMSEQNO Application analysis: Sequential number NUMC   
100 BAMSORTDIR Application analysis: UI: Sort direction for pre-sorting CHAR   
101 BAMTUNIT Unit price DEC 15 
102 BAMUIDMODE Application analysis: UI: Display mode for results CHAR   
103 BAMUIETYPE Application analysis: UI: Entry category CHAR   
104 BAMUINODE Application analysis: UI: Node ID NUMC   
105 BAMVIEW Application analysis: UI: Name of a view on main list CHAR   
106 BAMVIEWSTR Application analysis: String for display tree in ST14 CHAR 50    
107 BAMWENV Application analysis: Analysis environment used CHAR   
108 BANER Purchase requisition indicator CHAR   
109 BANFN Purchase requisition number CHAR 10    
110 BANFP Check availability taking purchase requisitions into account CHAR   
111 BANKAUSDAT IS-M/SD: Bank statement date DATS   
112 BANKC Post code CHAR   
113 BANKG Bank group CHAR 15    
114 BANKK Bank Key CHAR 15    
115 BANKL Bank number CHAR 15    
116 BANKN Bank account number CHAR 18    
117 BANKN35 Bank account number CHAR 35    
118 BANKP Check digit for bank no./account CHAR   
120 BANK_CD_CHNGIND Change Documents: Type of Change (U, I, J, D, E, V) CHAR   
122 BANK_CD_FIELDGROUP Field Group CHAR 15    
123 BANK_CD_FUNCTION Function to Be Executed CHAR   
124 BANK_CD_LAYOUT Display Format CHAR   
125 BANK_CD_MARK General Indicator (SPACE 'X') CHAR   
126 BANK_CD_NEW_DEL_ATTRS Change Doc. Selection - New Creations/Deletions Detail Displ CHAR   
127 BANK_CD_NEW_DEL_ITEMS Change Document Selection - New Creations/Deletions CHAR   
129 BANK_CD_PER_UNIT Period unit CHAR   
130 BANK_CD_PTOTIME_FIELD Events for Table Field Formatting CHAR   
131 BANK_CD_PTOTIME_OBJECT Events for Object Formatting CHAR   
132 BANK_CD_PTOTIME_TABLE Events for Table Formatting CHAR   
133 BANK_CD_RELASE_STATUS Release Status CHAR   
134 BANK_CD_SELECTION_PERIOD Default Valud for Selection Period CHAR   
136 BANK_CD_START_NEW_TASK Choice of Mode CHAR   
137 BANK_CD_TABLEKEYTEXT Extended Object Value STRG 256    
139 BANK_DOM_MR_CNT_PACKAGES Packages INT4 10    
140 BANK_DOM_MR_COUNTER Counter for Objects from Mass Runs INT4 10    
141 BANK_DOM_MR_COUNTER_CATG Counter Category for Objects from Mass Runs CHAR   
142 BANK_DOM_MR_COUNTER_ERR_PERCNT Mass Runs - Limit Individual Error NUMC   
143 BANK_DOM_MR_RCD_APPL Application Return Code for Job Control INT4 10    
144 BANK_DOM_MR_RUNDID_EXT External Identification - Mass Run CHAR 20    
145 BANK_DOM_MR_RUNID_INT Internal Identification - Mass Run (Log) CHAR 30    
146 BANK_DOM_MR_VBMODE Indicator: Database Save before Update Task CHAR   
147 BANK_JC_ACCESS_MODE Access Mode : Object Buffer /Database Buffer/ Database CHAR   
148 BANK_JC_CL_KEY ID of a Class CHAR   
149 BANK_JC_FLOWID_INT Internal Number of a Process Flow NUMC 20    
150 BANK_JC_NET_STATUS Status of a Net of Processes CHAR   
151 BANK_JC_PROCESS_PRIO Priority of a Process NUMC   
152 BANK_JC_PROC_STATUS Process Status (Technical) CHAR   
153 BANK_JC_RCD_APPL Application Return Code for Job Control INT4 10    
154 BANK_JC_REPFL_ID Process Flow Template ID CHAR   
156 BANK_PPDEMO_ORGUNIT Organizational Unit to Demonstrate Use of Parallel Process. CHAR   
157 BANK_PP_ACCLR Locking Reason for an Account in End of Day Processing NUMC   
158 BANK_PP_AUTH_CHECK Indicator for Controlling Authorization Checks CHAR   
159 BANK_PP_BEHAVIOUR Response during Package Selection CHAR   
161 BANK_PP_DISPID ID for Task Dispatcher (Parallel Processing) CHAR 61    
162 BANK_PP_FLG_AUTO_DEL_PROC Automatic Deletion of Processes CHAR   
163 BANK_PP_FLG_DEFAULT_EMSG Indicator: EMSG Message Handler CHAR   
164 BANK_PP_FLG_STAT_INVALID Indicator: Mass Run Status Invalidated CHAR   
165 BANK_PP_INTVCRMODE Mode of Package Formation for Parallel Processing CHAR   
166 BANK_PP_INTVSTATUS Editing Status of an Interval NUMC   
167 BANK_PP_LAYER_BUFFER Read Access Control to Internal Layer Buffer of DB CHAR   
168 BANK_PP_LCKKEY Domain for Lock Key in Mass Run CHAR 42    
169 BANK_PP_LOCKOWNER_MODE Owner of Object Locks CHAR   
170 BANK_PP_LOCKREASON Locking Reason for Object in Parallel Processing CHAR   
171 BANK_PP_MAP_PACKSTATUS Status of a Work Package NUMC   
172 BANK_PP_MARK General Indicator (SPACE 'X') CHAR   
173 BANK_PP_MAXCOUNT Maximum Number of Data Records to Be Read INT4 10    
174 BANK_PP_OBJCATG Object Category in Parallel Processing CHAR   
175 BANK_PP_OBJNO Number of an Object in Parallel Processing CHAR 40    
176 BANK_PP_OBJ_PERCENTAGE Percentage of Objects DEC
177 BANK_PP_PAAPPLCATG Application Types for Parallel Processing CHAR 10    
178 BANK_PP_PACKDEFCATG Package Definition Category CHAR   
179 BANK_PP_PACKSTATUS Status of a Work Package CHAR   
180 BANK_PP_PACK_STOP Flag: Termination of Package Assignment CHAR   
181 BANK_PP_PPEVENT Events During Parallel Processing of Mass Data Processing CHAR   
183 BANK_PP_PROCESSSTATUS Status of a Process in End of Day Processing CHAR   
184 BANK_PP_PROCLOCK Lock on Process CHAR   
185 BANK_PP_PROCSTATUS Processing Status of an Object in Parallel Processing NUMC   
186 BANK_PP_RUNSTATUS Status of a Mass Run INT1   
188 BANK_PP_YES_NO Yes/No Flag CHAR   
189 BANK_WL_PERSMODE Persistence Mode of an Object Status in the Worklist CHAR   
190 BANK_WORKL_SEARCHMODE Type of Search for Assigned Objects in Worklist CHAR   
191 BANPR Purchase requisition processing state CHAR   
192 BANST Processing status of purchase requisition CHAR   
193 BAPCO Processing Indicator for BAPI Call CHAR   
194 BAPERTYP Base period category CHAR   
195 BAPI2001_KNTTP PS@BBP: Account Assignment Category CHAR   
196 BAPI2001_TYP_REQ_DATE PS@BBP: Requirement Date CHAR   
197 BAPIAG Code for applicatoin areas and relevant BAPI AG CHAR   
198 BAPIBANKK Bank Key CHAR 15    
199 BAPIBP_BAL_FLG Balance sheet display indicator CHAR   
200 BAPIBP_BAPICUREXT Currency Amounts in BAPI Interfaces DEC 28 
201 BAPIBP_M_INC_M Business Partner: Months NUMC   
202 BAPIBP_PROPRTY Marital Property Regime NUMC   
203 BAPIBP_STAFF_G Employee Group CHAR   
204 BAPIBP_UNW_REASON Reason for Undesirability CHAR   
205 BAPIBU_ADRKIND BP: Address Type CHAR 10    
206 BAPICDCHNGIND Change Documents: Change Type (U, I, S, D) CHAR   
207 BAPICUREXT Currency amounts in BAPI interfaces DEC 28 
208 BAPICUREXT_PI Currency amounts in BAPI interfaces DEC 28 
209 BAPICURR Currency amounts in BAPI interfaces DEC 23 
210 BAPICURR1 Currency amounts displayed with signs in BAPI interfaces DEC 23 
211 BAPICURRD Currency Amounts in BAPI Interfaces DEC 23 
212 BAPICURR_FSCD Amount with Plus/Minus Sign DEC 23 
214 BAPIDOCFORMAT IS-H External Format of SAPscript Texts CHAR   
215 BAPIDOCREQUESTED IS-H Document Output Requested CHAR   
216 BAPIELEMENTTYPE BAPI: Type of Record Element CHAR   
217 BAPIFLAG Flag is either empty or "X" CHAR   
218 BAPIFN Function of BAPI call or BAPI parameter CHAR   
219 BAPIFRMLD_CHAR1 Character field length 1 without check CHAR   
221 BAPIFRMLD_COMPEXCVAL Exception Value of a Component CHAR   
222 BAPIGJAHR Fiscal Year NUMC   
223 BAPIKURRF Currency exchange rate for RF postings DEC
224 BAPIKURRF_CRM Currency exchange rate for RF postings DEC
225 BAPILAND1 Country Key CHAR   
226 BAPILOCKREASON Reason for User Lock CHAR 10    
227 BAPIMEREQPOSTFLAG Indicator for Posting of a Requisition CHAR   
228 BAPINODEID Node ID CHAR 11    
229 BAPIOPTION Selection operator OPTION (as per range table) CHAR   
230 BAPIPROPNA Property Name CHAR 64    
231 BAPIPROPVA Property Value CHAR 255    
232 BAPIREGIO Regional Code CHAR   
233 BAPIRESULT Results flag CHAR   
234 BAPIRMDAT255 Records Management: Line for Text Doc. Content, Length 255 CHAR 255    
235 BAPIRMDATX255 Records Mgmt.: Line for Binary Document Content, Length 255 RAW 255    
236 BAPIROLETYPE Type of Role (Single or Composite Role) CHAR   
237 BAPISHIPMENTACTRECONF Reconfirmation of the Change CHAR   
238 BAPISHIPMENTCHANGEACTION Activities for the Changes to a Shipment CHAR   
239 BAPISIGN Selection operator SIGN (as per range table) CHAR   
240 BAPITABL128 Table Line: Used on BAPI Interface up to length 128 Bytes RAW 128    
241 BAPIUPDATE Flag to update fields in BAPI structures CHAR   
242 BAPIUPDCRM Indicators for updating fields of BAPI structures (CRM) CHAR   
243 BAPIUPDKZ Update flag for change BAPI CHAR   
244 BAPIUPMODX Indicator for Table Updates CHAR   
245 BAPIUSCNT No. of users selected INT4 10    
246 BAPIUSCRIT Selection Criterion for Generic Ranges Tables STRG   
247 BAPIUSLOCK Status of User Lock CHAR   
248 BAPIWAERS Currency Key CUKY   
249 BAPIWERTV8 Value Field PL8 with +/- Sign CURR 15 
250 BAPIWFCID Factory Calendar ID CHAR   
251 BAPIXUBNAME User Name in User Master Record CHAR 12    
256 BAPI_AII_EPC_OBJ Number Range Object CHAR 18    
257 BAPI_AII_EPC_OBJ_TYP Number Range Object Type CHAR   
259 BAPI_AII_EPC_URI Electronic Product Code CHAR 128    
261 BAPI_AII_ID_AN_SERIAL_NO Alpha-Numeric Serial Number CHAR 96    
262 BAPI_AII_LOC_ID External Location ID CHAR 20    
263 BAPI_AII_LOC_TYPE Location Type CHAR   
264 BAPI_AII_NR_EPC_OBJ Number Range Object CHAR 18    
265 BAPI_AII_NR_REQ_OBJ_TYP Request object type for number ranges CHAR   
266 BAPI_AII_TAGFLDNAME BAPI: Tag data field name CHAR 50    
267 BAPI_AII_TAGFLDVALUE BAPI: Tag data field value CHAR 128    
268 BAPI_AII_TIMESTAMP Time Stamp DEC 15    
269 BAPI_BBP_CUF_VALUE Value of a Customer Field CHAR 130    
270 BAPI_CHANGE_MODE Change mode for update CHAR   
271 BAPI_CP_ITEM_TYPE Control Plan: Type of Characteristic CHAR   
272 BAPI_DOC_FKT Function for BAPI CHAR   
273 BAPI_JBD_BANK_MARK General Indicator (SPACE 'X') CHAR   
274 BAPI_KNPRS Pricing type (used in BAPI_PO_CREATE1) CHAR   
275 BAPI_OPTIO Relational Operator CHAR   
276 BAPI_PRGRP_CURR Data Type Currency Price Level Groups DEC 23 
277 BAPI_PSPID WBSID without conversion exit CHAR 24    
278 BAPI_STATUS_ACTION Set or Reset a Status CHAR   
279 BAPI_STATUS_TYPE Status Type: System or User CHAR   
280 BAPI_STRNG Other character string of length 255 CHAR 255    
281 BAPI_TFRMT Format of documentation texts when read by BAPIs CHAR   
282 BAPOVAR Additional settings variant for bus.area financial statemnts CHAR   
283 BARC1 Bar code on kanban, 11 characters NUMC 11    
284 BARCD_KK Bar Code CHAR 50    
285 BARTV Processing method for distribution CHAR   
286 BASDYPER Basic category of dynamic period control CHAR   
287 BASD_MATID EHS: Interal Key of Material or Product CHAR 40    
288 BASD_MATNR EHS: External Description of a Material or Product CHAR 40    
289 BASE_PRICE Price per base unit of measure CURR 15 
290 BASE_VALUE_SIDE Base Value Side (Sales/Purchasing Side) CHAR   
291 BASICS_APPLICATION_DOM Offline Application ID CHAR   
292 BASIS Contribution Base for Employer's Allowance CHAR   
293 BASIS_OF_DETERMIN Base for calculating order proposals CHAR   
294 BASJHR Base year for indexing NUMC   
295 BASMO Basic model CHAR 20    
296 BASRND Which amount is being rounded? CHAR   
297 BASWA Initial base for calculating other local currencies CHAR   
298 BATCH_CLASSE_ID Batch Class CHAR 30    
299 BATCH_CLASSE_ID_UI Batch Class CHAR 30    
300 BATCH_ID Batch Number CHAR 10    
301 BATCH_TYPE Type of Batch CHAR   
302 BATOL Resubmission interval of purchase requisition DEC   
303 BAUART IS-H: Building Unit Type CHAR   
304 BAUGLCH Identical heating installation construction CHAR   
305 BAUID IS-H: Identification of building unit CHAR   
306 BAUKLAS Construction class CHAR   
307 BAUMM Month of construction CHAR   
308 BAUSTYP Module type Assortments IS-R CHAR   
309 BAUSTYP_AK Promotion module type CHAR   
310 BAUTYPEX IS-H: Category of a Building Unit CHAR   
311 BAV_QUARTAL Use 1-4 for quarters and 5 for the year NUMC   
312 BA_CURR31 Domain for Market Value CURR 25  10 
313 BBEST Creation indicator for vendor confirmation CHAR   
314 BBMENA Qualifier for logistics quantity CHAR   
315 BBMODS Application mode of assortment list CHAR   
316 BBP1024 Character 1024 CHAR 1024    
317 BBPACCNO Sequential number of account assignment in BBP document NUMC   
318 BBPANZAUF Maximum Number of Sales Orders NUMC   
319 BBPBANKL Bank number CHAR 15    
320 BBPBAPICUREXT Currency Amounts in BAPI Interfaces DEC 28 
321 BBPBATCH Batch number CHAR 10    
322 BBPBEORDER Backend Order NUMC   
323 BBPBOSTA Status of a Rebate Arrangement CHAR   
325 BBPCIF_CIFBSG DOM business system group CHAR   
326 BBPCIF_CIFCNVIN Conversion indicator for order CHAR   
327 BBPCIF_CIFCONF Indicator confirmation (0, 1, 2) CHAR   
328 BBPCIF_CIFCONSI Consignment indicator (0, 1) CHAR   
329 BBPCIF_CIFCUOBJTY External ID type of a configuration CHAR   
330 BBPCIF_CIFDEBUG Debugging on/off (by multiple synchronous RFC calls A-B-A) CHAR   
331 BBPCIF_CIFDELNR Number of order/MRP element CHAR 12    
332 BBPCIF_CIFDELPS DOM item MRP element NUMC   
333 BBPCIF_CIFDOCSRC Type of reference source (contract, delivery schedule) CHAR   
334 BBPCIF_CIFERRHAND DOM troubleshooting in target system CHAR   
336 BBPCIF_CIFGUID32 Domain GUID in 32-character format CHAR 32    
337 BBPCIF_CIFINBOUND Domain Control of inbound calls CHAR   
338 BBPCIF_CIFLOCNO Location in APO CHAR 20    
339 BBPCIF_CIFLOGCOMP Logical component CHAR 40    
340 BBPCIF_CIFLOGGING Domain logging mode for CIF CHAR   
341 BBPCIF_CIFMATNR Material Number CHAR 40    
342 BBPCIF_CIFMETHOD Domain methods to be used when transferring an object CHAR   
343 BBPCIF_CIFOPMOD Operation mode of the active data channel CHAR   
345 BBPCIF_CIFPOSTAT Status external procurement (purchase requisition, PO) CHAR   
346 BBPCIF_CIFPROCTYP Procurement type CHAR   
347 BBPCIF_CIFR4TABNM Structure name, release 4 compatible CHAR 30    
350 BBPCIF_CIFSUBCO Qualifier subcontracting (1,0) CHAR   
351 BBPCIF_CIFTIMEDIF Duration, time difference (in seconds) INT4 10    
352 BBPCIF_DELNR MRP element number CHAR 12    
353 BBPCIF_DELPS MRP element item NUMC   
354 BBPCIF_EETEN Purchasing document schedule line NUMC   
355 BBPCIF_KNTNR Node number NUMC   
356 BBPCIF_LOGSYS Logical system CHAR 10    
357 BBPCIF_MENGV15 Quantity field, length 15, with signs QUAN 15 
358 BBPCIF_STLTY BOM category CHAR   
360 BBPCURR Currency amounts in BAPI interfaces DEC 23 
361 BBPCURR_PI Currency Amounts in BAPI Interfaces DEC 23 
362 BBPDCIND Debit/credit indicator CHAR   
363 BBPEAN11 European Article Number CHAR 18    
364 BBPEBELN Document number CHAR 10    
365 BBPEBELN_PI Document number CHAR 10    
366 BBPEBSTYP Purchasing document category CHAR   
367 BBPELIFN Vendor number CHAR 10    
368 BBPELIFN_PI Vendor number CHAR 10    
369 BBPELOEK Deletion indicator, purchasing structures CHAR   
370 BBPELOEK_PI Deletion indicator, purchasing structures CHAR   
371 BBPESART Document type CHAR   
372 BBPESART_PI Document Type CHAR   
373 BBPGSBER Business area CHAR   
374 BBPGSBER_PI Business area CHAR   
375 BBPHIERNAME Domain for Bid Inv Hierarchy Extractor CHAR   
376 BBPISOCD_UNIT ISO Codes for Measurement Units CHAR   
377 BBPITEM Item number NUMC   
378 BBPITEM_PI Item Number NUMC   
379 BBPKAPPL Condition Application CHAR   
380 BBPKFRST Release Block for Agreements/Conditions CHAR   
381 BBPKLFNR Sequential Line/Column Scale Number NUMC   
382 BBPKNTTP Account assignment category CHAR   
383 BBPKNTTP_PI Account Assignment Category CHAR   
384 BBPKNUMA Group of Conditions CHAR 10    
385 BBPKNUMB Sequential Number CHAR 10    
386 BBPKOEIN Rate Unit of the Condition CUKY   
387 BBPKOTABNR Condition Table Number NUMC   
388 BBPKPEIN Condition Price Unit DEC   
389 BBPKRECH Calculation Type for Condition CHAR   
390 BBPKSCHL Condition Key CHAR   
391 BBPKUNNR Customer Number CHAR 10    
392 BBPKVEWE Usage of the Condition Table CHAR   
393 BBPKZBZG Scale Basis ID CHAR   
394 BBPKZNEP Condition Exclusion Indicator CHAR   
395 BBPKZUST Responsibility for Conditions/Material in Sales and Distrib. CHAR   
396 BBPLICNO Tax Exemption License Number CHAR 20    
397 BBPLIFNR Account Number of the Supplier CHAR 10    
398 BBPLOGSYS Logical source system CHAR 10    
399 BBPLOGSYS_PI Logical Source System CHAR 10    
400 BBPMATKL Material group CHAR   
401 BBPMATKL_PI Material Group CHAR   
402 BBPMATNR Material number CHAR 18    
403 BBPMATNR_PI Material number CHAR 18    
404 BBPMDFLG Indicator: Matrix Maintenance CHAR   
405 BBPMEINS Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
406 BBPMWSKZ Sales Tax Code CHAR   
407 BBPNODENO Node number of the tree CHAR 16    
408 BBPOBJCT Objects in BBP CHAR 30    
410 BBPOBJTYPE User type in BBP CHAR 10    
411 BBPOPTION Selection operator OPTION (as per range table) CHAR   
412 BBPORDID GUID for APO order header CHAR 22    
413 BBPORDID_PI GUID for APO order header CHAR 22    
414 BBPPCBLOCK Procurement card: reason for blocking CHAR   
415 BBPPCCOM Procurement card commitment indicator CHAR   
416 BBPPCID Procurement Card ID (Card Company + Number) CHAR 30    
417 BBPPCINS Procurement card company CHAR   
418 BBPPCLIN Defined for data element NUMC: Test NUMC   
419 BBPPCMAS_ACT Authorization activities for procurement card master CHAR   
420 BBPPCNUM Procurement card number CHAR 25    
421 BBPPCPROC Procurement card: cost assignment percentages INT1   
423 BBPPCTYP Procurement card type CHAR   
424 BBPPOSNR Item Number of the SD Document NUMC   
425 BBPPSKTO Post office bank current account number CHAR 16    
426 BBPQUAN Quantity QUAN 13 
427 BBPQUAN_PI Quantity QUAN 13 
428 BBPRANL Asset number CHAR 13    
429 BBPRANTYP Contract Number Typing CHAR   
430 BBPREQNAME Requester CHAR 12    
431 BBPREQNAME_PI Requester CHAR 12    
432 BBPRO Assortment list profile CHAR   
433 BBPSAKNR G/L account CHAR 10    
434 BBPSBEWART Flow Type of Flow Item CHAR   
435 BBPSCHEDID GUID for APO schedule line CHAR 22    
436 BBPSCHEDID_PI GUID for APO schedule line CHAR 22    
437 BBPSERIAL Schedule line NUMC   
438 BBPSERIAL_PI Schedule Line NUMC   
439 BBPSIGN Selection operator SIGN (as per range table) CHAR   
440 BBPSPECSTO Special stock indicator CHAR   
441 BBPTAGE2 Number of Days NUMC   
442 BBPTIMEST UTC time stamp in short form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
443 BBPTIMEST_PI UTC time stamp in short form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
444 BBPTZONE Time Zone for Date and Time Fields of Procurement Document CHAR   
445 BBPT_CATALOG_CATEGORY_ID XML catalog: Category ID CHAR 30    
446 BBPT_CATALOG_CONTRACT_ID XML catalog: contract ID CHAR 40    
447 BBPT_CATALOG_CONTRACT_ITEM XML catalog: Contract item CHAR 40    
448 BBPT_CATALOG_ID XML catalog: General domains for an ID CHAR 30    
449 BBPT_CATALOG_LEADTIME_VALUE XML catalog: Lead time value CHAR 10    
450 BBPT_CATALOG_PRC_AMOUNT XML catalog: Price amount CHAR 15    
451 BBPT_CATALOG_PRC_CURRENCY XML catalog: Price currency CHAR   
452 BBPT_CATALOG_PRODUCT_ID XML catalog: Product ID CHAR 30    
453 BBPT_CATALOG_QUANTITY XML catalog: Quantity CHAR 10    
454 BBPT_CATALOG_QUOTE_ID XML catalog: Quota for the product CHAR 20    
455 BBPT_CATALOG_QUOTE_POSNR XML catalog: Position number for quota CHAR   
456 BBPT_CATALOG_TYPE XML catalog: General type 25 characters CHAR 25    
458 BBPT_CATALOG_VALID_DATE XML catalog: Validity cate CHAR 10    
459 BBPT_CATALOG_VALID_TIME XML catalog: Validity time CHAR   
460 BBPT_CATALOG_XML_STRING XML catalog: General string 125 characters CHAR 125    
461 BBPT_CT_ATTACHMENT_TYPE Attachment type CHAR   
462 BBPT_SUS_BIZ_SYSTEM SUS Business System CHAR 60    
463 BBPT_SUS_BP_USR_PERMISSION SUS/UM User's Permission CHAR 40    
464 BBPT_SUS_BP_USR_ROLE SUS/UM: User's Roles CHAR 40    
465 BBPT_SUS_SYSTEM_TYPE SUS / Backend System Type CHAR   
466 BBPUASTA Status of the Business Volume Comparison and Agreement CHAR   
467 BBPUMBSN Denominator: Conversion Factor DEC   
468 BBPUMBSZ Numerator for the Conversion Factor DEC   
469 BBPURL Type of URL for EBP CHAR 20    
470 BBPVALUECH Value in Char Format CHAR 130    
471 BBPVBELN Sales and Distribution Document Number CHAR 10    
472 BBPVEBLN Sales order number CHAR 10    
473 BBPVEBLNP Sales order item NUMC   
474 BBPVEBLNP_PI Sales order item NUMC   
475 BBPVEBLN_PI Sales order number CHAR 10    
476 BBPVENDBAT Vendor batch number CHAR 15    
477 BBPVPROZ Distribution (apportionment) percentage DEC
478 BBPVPROZ_PI Distribution (apportionment) percentage DEC
479 BBPWBS WBS element (internal display) NUMC   
480 BBPWBSE WBS element (internal display) NUMC   
481 BBPWBSE_PI WBS element (internal display) NUMC   
482 BBPWERK Plant CHAR   
483 BBPWERK_PI Plant CHAR   
484 BBPWT_WITHCD Withholding Tax Code CHAR   
485 BBPZAEHK Numerator Conditions NUMC   
486 BBPZTERM Terms of payment key CHAR   
487 BBPZTERM_PI Terms of Payment Key CHAR   
488 BBP_ABCIN Physical inventory indicator for cycle counting CHAR   
489 BBP_ABELN Purchasing Document Number CHAR 10    
490 BBP_ABELP Item in Allocation Table Document NUMC   
491 BBP_ABGRU Reason for Rejection CHAR   
492 BBP_ABNUM Maintenance Plan Call Number INT4 10    
493 BBP_ABTNR Department classification CHAR   
494 BBP_ABUEB Forecast delivery schedule: Transmission profile CHAR   
495 BBP_ACCCAT Account assignment category EBR document CHAR   
496 BBP_ACCEPT A: accepted, N: not accepted, C: conditionally accepted CHAR   
497 BBP_ACCEPT_STAT_CODE Acceptance Status Code CHAR   
498 BBP_ACCNO Sequential number of account assignment in BBP document NUMC   
499 BBP_ACCTYP Account Assignment Category EBR Document CHAR   
500 BBP_ACC_MODE Specifies how the G/L account has to be determined CHAR