SAP ABAP Domain - Index B, page 8
Domain - B
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 BKK_DOM_HY_LEVEL Level of account in the account hierarchy NUMC   
2 BKK_DTASTATE Status in incoming EFT management CHAR   
3 BKK_DTE_INTERN_FIELDDESCR Product Field Description CHAR 60    
4 BKK_DUAL_CONTROL_KEY Key for Release Status CHAR   
5 BKK_DYNSAL Dynamic Balance CHAR   
6 BKK_EMP_OBJMETH Authorization Employee Accounts CHAR   
7 BKK_ERR_REASON Error reason CHAR 10    
8 BKK_ERR_RS Cause of Error of Account in Account Balancing CHAR   
9 BKK_ESTCOND Fixing Conditions CHAR   
10 BKK_ESTNR External Position Number CHAR 20    
11 BKK_EVENT Event for OPEN BCA Control CHAR   
12 BKK_EXRATE Exchange rate DEC
13 BKK_FIKEY Reconciliation Key Accounting Documents NUMC 10    
14 BKK_FIKEYC Additional Reconciliation Key Accounting Documents NUMC   
15 BKK_FIKST Control Information Reconciliation Key CHAR   
16 BKK_FILE_NAME File Name Prefix CHAR 12    
17 BKK_FLDSTAT Field Status CHAR   
18 BKK_FLGASSGNLCK Block Indicator for Condition Assignment NUMC   
19 BKK_FLGDIG Indicator for Exceptional Treatment of a Digit CHAR   
20 BKK_FLGLOC Blocking indicator CHAR   
21 BKK_FLGMOD Processing indicator CHAR   
22 BKK_FLGMUL Multiplication Indicator CHAR   
23 BKK_FLGSUM Summation indicator CHAR   
24 BKK_FPOSNO Document Item NUMC   
25 BKK_FREE_MNT_SET_MODUS Available Balance Series: External Data Transfer Mode CHAR   
26 BKK_FROMTO Amount to Indicator CHAR   
27 BKK_FSMTP Modification Type NUMC   
28 BKK_FSMVL Modification value NUMC   
29 BKK_FUNCT Function CHAR   
30 BKK_FUNCTG Functionality Group CHAR   
32 BKK_FUNCTT Functions Category CHAR   
33 BKK_FUNCTY Functions CHAR   
34 BKK_GLACT General Ledger Transaction CHAR   
35 BKK_GLACTION Action Trans. Postings to GL Process (Bal.Sheet Prep.) CHAR   
36 BKK_GLBLTP GL: Type of New Balance for Balance Sheet Preparation NUMC   
37 BKK_GLDCAC GL: FI Posting to GL Account Debits/Credits CHAR   
38 BKK_GLGRP General Ledger Group CHAR   
39 BKK_GLPSTK GL: Posting Category CHAR   
40 BKK_GLTRANSFTYP GL Transfer Category CHAR   
41 BKK_GLVAR GL Variants CHAR   
42 BKK_GL_PAYM_ACTION Action when Posting a Payment Item CHAR   
43 BKK_GRPCAT Condition Group Category CHAR   
44 BKK_GRPNUM Bank Account Graph Number Interest Compensation CHAR 12    
45 BKK_GVCODE Business transaction code CHAR   
46 BKK_HYCD Possible Selection Types CHAR   
47 BKK_HYTYPE Account Hierarchy: Hierarchy Type CHAR   
48 BKK_HY_CD_TEXT Texts for Selection Tables Change Documents Hierarchies CHAR 70    
49 BKK_ICNTR Item Counter CHAR   
50 BKK_ICOUNT Number (Character String) CHAR 12    
51 BKK_IHC_MNCEX Mode for Manual Currency Swap CHAR   
52 BKK_INCL Inclusive Indicator for Validity to NUMC   
53 BKK_INCR Increment of Item Counters CHAR   
54 BKK_INDAMT Read Amount from Account NUMC   
55 BKK_INDDIS +/- sign CHAR   
56 BKK_INTATT Internal Field Control NUMC   
57 BKK_INTERVKEY Key for Cluster Data of an Interval (Parallel Processing) CHAR 36    
58 BKK_INTVGROUP Interval Group in Parallel Processing CHAR 10    
59 BKK_INTVSTATUS Processing Status of an Interval NUMC   
60 BKK_INT_POST_METH Reference Account: Internal Control NUMC   
61 BKK_ITAMT Amount Field for Item PL12 (Now Only PL9 Possible) CURR 17 
62 BKK_ITCNT Number of Processed Items INT4 10    
63 BKK_ITEMCT Decimal field, 8 digits long (with +/- sign) DEC   
64 BKK_ITSTAT Status of a Payment Item/Payment Order CHAR   
65 BKK_ITTYPE Type of Payment Item CHAR   
66 BKK_KEY Key for Various Objects CHAR 40    
67 BKK_KOA Account Type CHAR   
68 BKK_KONGR Bank Condition Group CHAR   
69 BKK_LCKKEY Domains for Block Key in Mass Run CHAR 42    
70 BKK_LENGHT Any Length Specification of Category INT1 INT1   
71 BKK_LEVEL Levels NUMC   
72 BKK_LIGHTCODE Traffic-Light Status ALV CHAR   
73 BKK_LIMTYP Limit Category CHAR   
74 BKK_LISTNO List Number of Program NUMC   
75 BKK_LOCALFILE File Path in EFT Management CHAR 100    
76 BKK_LOCKID To Be Deleted: Blocking Reason-ID CHAR   
77 BKK_LOCKR Delete Code for Position Category NUMC   
78 BKK_LOCK_FLG Lock flag CHAR   
80 BKK_MCATG Category CHAR   
81 BKK_MEDIUM Payment Order Medium CHAR   
82 BKK_METHOD Methods CHAR   
83 BKK_MND_ID Mandate Reference Id CHAR 35    
84 BKK_MODULO Module Method for Check Digit Calculation INT1   
85 BKK_MWART Tax type CHAR   
86 BKK_NAME Name field for business partner CHAR 70    
87 BKK_NODATA_BI No batch input exists for this field CHAR   
88 BKK_NODAYS Number of days DEC   
89 BKK_NOSTRO Vostro/Nostro Account CHAR   
90 BKK_NOTICE_DATE_RECEIPT Notice Receipt Date DATS   
91 BKK_NOTICE_REASON_KEY Notice Reason (Key) CHAR   
92 BKK_NOTICE_REASON_TEXT Notice Reason (Text) CHAR 30    
93 BKK_NOTICE_STATUS Notice status CHAR   
94 BKK_NOTICE_TYPE Notice Category CHAR   
95 BKK_NTC_STATUS Status of Partial/Full Amount Notice CHAR   
96 BKK_NUMPER Number of Settlement Periods NUMC   
97 BKK_OBJCATG Object Category in Parallel Processing CHAR   
99 BKK_OBJMETH Object method CHAR   
100 BKK_OBJNO Object number CHAR 20    
101 BKK_OLD_PYEAR Flag Retroactive Condition Change in Old Fiscal Year Yes/No CHAR   
102 BKK_OVRSTATUS Monitoring Status of a Tolerated Overdraft CHAR   
103 BKK_PAAPPLCATG Application Categories Parallel Processing CHAR   
104 BKK_PAORN Payment order number NUMC 12    
105 BKK_PARANO Parameter number CHAR   
106 BKK_PAR_APPL Application for the Number Ranges CHAR 10    
107 BKK_PAR_CREAMODE Create Mode CHAR   
108 BKK_PAR_MODE Number Assignment Mode CHAR   
109 BKK_PAR_WPTYP Work Process Types for Parallel Processing of Item Postings CHAR   
110 BKK_PAYMNOTE BCA: Payment Notes CHAR 93    
111 BKK_PAYM_NOTE_TYPE Payment Note Category CHAR   
112 BKK_PAYNTE Purpose CHAR 70    
113 BKK_PDOCTY BCA: Document Type CHAR   
114 BKK_PD_TYPE_NTC Notice: Period Categories CHAR   
115 BKK_PERC_EXEC Percentage Execution of a Standing Order NUMC   
116 BKK_PERIOD Period NUMC   
117 BKK_PERIOD_NTC Period for Notice Lock Period + Notice Period NUMC   
118 BKK_PERIOD_TYPE Date Category of a Period (Posting Date, Value Date,...) CHAR   
119 BKK_PLACE_KEY Location Key in Position Management NUMC   
120 BKK_PLONOT Automatic Forward Order for Notice (From Online Entry) CHAR   
121 BKK_PLOTERM Automatic Forward Order for Term Object From Online Entry CHAR   
122 BKK_PNNO Daybook number CHAR 12    
123 BKK_POOLMETH Pooling Method CHAR   
124 BKK_POPL_TYP Origin Category of Forward Order (Planned Payment Order) CHAR   
125 BKK_POPOS Item in Payment Order NUMC   
126 BKK_POSNO Document Item NUMC   
127 BKK_POSTAT Status of a forward order CHAR   
128 BKK_POSTCG Internal Posting Categories CHAR   
129 BKK_PPEVENT Events when Parallel Processing Mass Data Processing CHAR   
130 BKK_PPRES Result of Postprocessing of an Ordering Party Item CHAR   
131 BKK_PPROC Postprocessing Indicator CHAR   
132 BKK_PRGDAT First Start Date of a Mass Run DATS   
133 BKK_PRGEND End of a Program CHAR   
134 BKK_PRGNO Consecutive Number Mass Run NUMC   
135 BKK_PROC Process CHAR   
136 BKK_PROCES Process for Open BCA Control CHAR   
137 BKK_PROCESSSTATUS Status of a Process in End of Day Processing CHAR   
138 BKK_PROCSS Processes in BCA CHAR   
139 BKK_PROCSTATUS Processing Status of an Object in Parallel Processing NUMC   
140 BKK_PROD_DEFAULT_NR Default Number NUMC   
141 BKK_PROD_DEFAULT_TEXT Default Text Product CHAR 60    
142 BKK_PROGID Program ID (Parallel Processing) CHAR 20    
143 BKK_PROGN Program Name (Parallel Proc.) CHAR   
144 BKK_PROZENT052 Percentage value (5 places left of decimal point, 2 right) DEC
145 BKK_PUNIT Period unit CHAR   
146 BKK_PYDATA BCA: Payment Notes Data (Qualifier + Length + Text) CHAR 100    
147 BKK_PYDOCNO BCA: Document Number of Payment Notes NUMC 18    
148 BKK_PYLENGTH BCA: Length of Payment Notes NUMC   
149 BKK_QUALIFIER BCA: Qualifier of Payment Notes CHAR   
150 BKK_RATCHR Percentage Rate (Character String) CHAR 12    
151 BKK_RC2 Return code CHAR   
152 BKK_RCWHTX Return Code Capital Yield Tax (CYT) CHAR   
153 BKK_REFACCT Reference Account: Internal Control NUMC   
154 BKK_REFCTG Reference Account Category CHAR   
155 BKK_REFNO Reference no. CHAR 20    
156 BKK_RELNR Bank Account Relationship Number CHAR 12    
157 BKK_REM_TEXT Comment on a Text CHAR 50    
158 BKK_REPCHAIN Key of an End of Day Processing Chain CHAR   
159 BKK_REPSTAT Report Status NUMC   
160 BKK_REPSTATUS Satatus of a Report in End of Day Processing NUMC   
161 BKK_REP_OBJMETH Object Methods for Authorizations Reports CHAR   
162 BKK_REQ_FLG Required flag CHAR   
163 BKK_RESUBM_KTEXT Text on Resubmission Reasons CHAR 30    
164 BKK_RESUBM_TEXT Texts on Resubmission Reasons CHAR 30    
165 BKK_RETURN Return Code of Payment Transaction Interface CHAR   
166 BKK_RETURNCODE Return Code of a Report in End of Day Processing INT4 10    
167 BKK_RETURN_CODE Return Code from a Method or Function Module INT4 10    
168 BKK_RETURN_CTRL Indicator, Returning Allowed? CHAR   
169 BKK_REVERS Indicator, Reversing Allowed? CHAR   
170 BKK_ROLLOVERNUMBER Rollover Number NUMC   
171 BKK_ROLLOVERTYPE Rollover Type (Same/Different) CHAR   
172 BKK_ROUND Rounding Off for Variable Execution of a Standing Order CHAR   
173 BKK_RUNCAT Category of a Program Run (Parallel Processing) CHAR   
174 BKK_RUNST Status of a Mass Run INT1   
175 BKK_RUNTYP Type of a Program Run (Parallel Processing) CHAR   
176 BKK_RUNTYPE Type of process CHAR   
177 BKK_SCREEN Screen Number for Field Control NUMC   
178 BKK_SCREEN_FIELD BCA Screen Field Name CHAR   
179 BKK_SCR_FLD_NAME BCA Screen Field Name CHAR   
180 BKK_SHARE Indic.: Single, AND or OR Account CHAR   
181 BKK_SHIFTWDAY Shift Execution Date to Valid Working Day NUMC   
182 BKK_SIGN I/E Indicator for Ranges Table CHAR   
183 BKK_SIM Simulation CHAR   
184 BKK_SLINID ID Reference Limit CHAR   
185 BKK_SONO Standing order number NUMC 10    
186 BKK_SORTF Sort string CHAR 10    
187 BKK_SOSTAT Status of a Standing Order CHAR   
188 BKK_SSTAFF Type of Graduated Calculation (Temp. Available to TFMSSTAFF) NUMC   
189 BKK_STACKNR BCA: Stack Number in Position Management CHAR 13    
190 BKK_STACKSTAT Status of a Stack in Position Management CHAR   
191 BKK_STACKSTAT_PART Status of a Check Stack for Display (Parts of Fixed Values) CHAR   
192 BKK_STACK_DIV Hierarchy/Status of a Stack NUMC   
193 BKK_STATAD Account Status Enhancement CHAR   
194 BKK_STATPP Status of Postprocessing CHAR   
195 BKK_STATUS Account Status CHAR   
196 BKK_STCLAS Position Type CHAR   
197 BKK_STDPRC Standard Process in BCA CHAR   
198 BKK_STTYPE Position category NUMC   
199 BKK_SWORKD Shift to Working Day CHAR   
200 BKK_TABLE_NUM Table Group for Archiving NUMC   
201 BKK_TASK_STATUS Status of Parallel Tasks in a Mass Run NUMC   
202 BKK_TCATG Category Transaction Type (For Item Counter) CHAR   
203 BKK_TCODE Transaction Code of Version 3.x Length CHAR   
204 BKK_TERMSTAT Term Agreement Status CHAR   
205 BKK_TERMTYPE Domain of Term Agreement Category NUMC   
206 BKK_TERMUNIT Period Unit for Term CHAR   
207 BKK_TERM_NUMBER Term number NUMC 20    
208 BKK_TIMEPROCALC Pro Rate Calculation NUMC   
209 BKK_TIMESTAMP Timestamp DEC 15    
210 BKK_TOAMT Amount Field for Totals PL12 CURR 23 
211 BKK_TRACE_AREA Trace Areas CHAR   
212 BKK_TRANSF_TYPE Type of Transfer for Cash Concentration CHAR   
213 BKK_TRCL Account Balancing Log CHAR   
214 BKK_TRNCAT Transaction Type Category (Differentiation Type) CHAR   
215 BKK_TRNCAT2 Transaction Type Category (Differentiation Type) CHAR   
216 BKK_TS_REACTION Reaction CHAR   
217 BKK_TTYPE Transaction type CHAR   
218 BKK_TURNOVERCLASS Turnover Class CHAR   
219 BKK_TXTBONUS Bonus text CHAR 25    
220 BKK_TXTDYNSAL Dynamic Balance Text CHAR 25    
221 BKK_TXTNR Text number CHAR   
222 BKK_TXT_KEY Text key NUMC   
223 BKK_TXT_KEY_ADD Text key supplement CHAR   
224 BKK_TXT_RUN_NO Sequential Number in Text Key Maintenance NUMC   
225 BKK_UEBST Transfer Status Reconciliation Key CHAR   
226 BKK_ULTIMO Month-end indicator CHAR   
227 BKK_UPDKZ Indicator for Update CHAR   
228 BKK_USEDTILL Date till which a BP is used in a BCA Account DATS   
229 BKK_USED_STAT Status of Utilization of Allowance CHAR   
230 BKK_USED_STAT_T Text Element for BKK_USED_STAT CHAR 20    
231 BKK_USER_BRING_IN User who Imported the EFT CHAR 12    
232 BKK_USER_CREATE User who Created EFT CHAR 12    
233 BKK_VALREQ Indicator: Value Date Specification Allowed NUMC   
234 BKK_VALUE3 3 Character CHAR Field for General Use CHAR   
235 BKK_VOR_INT Posting Date Shift for Internal Posting INT1   
236 BKK_VRSNO Available Balance Series Number NUMC 10    
237 BKK_VRSTYP Available Balance Series Category CHAR   
238 BKK_VVZ_END Withdrawal Period End DATS   
239 BKK_VVZ_START Withdrawal Period Start DATS   
240 BKK_WEIGHT Weighting factor INT1   
241 BKK_WHTAX Capital Yield Tax (CYT) Calculation CHAR   
242 BKK_WIEDGRUND Reasons for Account Resubmission CHAR   
243 BKK_XFLAG Indicator 'X' or ' ' CHAR   
244 BKK_XNOPST Flag: Balancing not Posted CHAR   
245 BKK_XWHTAX Indicator: Capital Yield Tax (CYT) CHAR   
246 BKK_XYPOSTD Posting Date Old / Current / New CHAR   
247 BKK_YEAR Year as 4-Digit Value NUMC   
248 BKLAS Valuation class CHAR   
249 BKLAS_INP Autom. acct. assgt. simulation, input of valuation class CHAR   
250 BKLCO Legal Control: Check Boycott List: System Reaction CHAR   
251 BKONT Bank control key CHAR   
253 BKRBEZTYP Company code relationship type NUMC   
254 BKTCD Bank transaction code CHAR   
255 BKTYP IS-M: Condition type for purchase conditions CHAR   
256 BL2TP_VK DocType ->ItmCat CHAR   
257 BLACKLIST_ID_KK Sanctioned Party List ID (YYYYMMDDhhmmss + 4 Digit Number) CHAR 18    
258 BLANKS Blanks CHAR 44    
259 BLANKS150 Blanks CHAR 150    
260 BLART Document type CHAR   
261 BLARTYP Document type category CHAR   
262 BLART_015L Document type for report record 'W' CHAR   
263 BLART_KK Document type for FI-CA document CHAR   
264 BLART_KOST IS-PAM: Subject to costs CHAR   
265 BLART_MASK Document type, also masked CHAR   
266 BLART_NROBJ Document type in number range object CHAR   
267 BLART_VK Document Type CHAR   
268 BLATT Page number (C3) CHAR   
269 BLATTNR Page number of meter reading document NUMC   
270 BLBTR Amount on Individual Receipt DEC 10    
271 BLCID_KK Repeat blocks CHAR   
272 BLCKD Purchase Requisition Blocked CHAR   
273 BLDBLK_ACT EHS: Activities for Authorization Object C_EHSR_TPL (Block) CHAR   
274 BLDGR Screen group CHAR   
275 BLDGRP_ACT EHS: Activities for Authorization Object C_EHSR_TPL (Group) CHAR   
276 BLDLOC_M340_ES Building Location CHAR   
277 BLDTY Screen sequence type for table: T185 Control CHAR   
278 BLENDLOC Name of blended locales CHAR 20    
279 BLGAR OBN: Document type, delivery type, billing type etc. CHAR   
280 BLGTP Doc. Category for Doc. to be Generated in Allocation Table CHAR   
281 BLG_SORT Sort sequence for document evaluation CHAR   
282 BLIWIRK Differentiation between reactive, apparent and active reg. NUMC   
283 BLI_BILPR Billing Procedure CHAR   
284 BLI_BILREQ Billing Condition NUMC   
285 BLI_BILREQ_BADI_FT Filter Value: Condition for BLI_BILLING_BADI CHAR   
286 BLI_FAP_STATUS Status of Billing Request Item NUMC   
287 BLI_STEP Level number NUMC   
288 BLI_USAGE Key for Assignment of Text IDs CHAR 10    
289 BLK_REASON_ID Blocking Reason - ID CHAR   
290 BLK_REASON_TXT Blocking Reason - Text CHAR 40    
291 BLNCE_CHK Balance check for consolidation document CHAR   
292 BLNKZ Berlin indicator for percentage determination CHAR   
293 BLOCKING_APPL_ID Application that Checks Plant Block CHAR   
294 BLOCKLEN Block length (transport/conversion) NUMC   
295 BLOCKLEN_1 Block length (transport/conversion) NUMC   
296 BLOCKLRAW Compressed hex block of ABAP source etc. LRAW 32000    
297 BLOCK_VB Indicator: Document preselected for archiving CHAR   
298 BLOCN_KK Block Counter NUMC   
299 BLOID_KK Block identifier CHAR   
300 BLP_REL Block Planning Relevance CHAR   
301 BLSEQ Limit range sequence number NUMC   
302 BLTP1_SC Payment Plan Item Category CHAR   
303 BLTP1_VK Document category CHAR   
304 BLTP2_SC Payment Plan Document Category CHAR   
305 BLTYP Allowed doc. categories for doc. index/pointer processing CHAR   
306 BLTYPA Category of settlement document (subsequent settlement) CHAR   
307 BLTYPD Document category for analysis function (recoding of BLTYPF) CHAR   
308 BLTYPF Document category price determination (subseq. settlement) CHAR   
309 BLTYPN Document category price determination (subseq. settlement) CHAR   
310 BLTYP_ARCH Document Categories for Archiving (Subsequent Settlement) CHAR   
311 BLTYP_CUST_SC Payment Plan Item Category CHAR   
312 BLTYP_KK Document category for archiving CHAR   
313 BLTYP_KO Document Type for Condition Maintenance CHAR   
314 BLTYP_VK Document category CHAR   
315 BLWAV_FOPT Selection of default document currency CHAR   
316 BLZ Bank number CHAR   
317 BL_CLOSING Budgetary Ledger Year End Closing     
318 BL_MACH rechner CHAR 30    
319 BL_STATUS_KK Status after Comparison with Sanctioned Party List CHAR   
320 BMALIGNVAL Node Alignment CHAR   
321 BMASS Applicant event CHAR   
322 BMAXI Financial Document Processing: Max. Occurence of Bank Funct. INT1   
323 BMA_BMID OLD CFM Benchmarking: Benchmark ID CHAR 12    
324 BMA_BMLAYERID OLD CFM Benchmarking: Benchmark Layer ID CHAR 15    
325 BMA_BMMCATEGORY OLD CFM Benchmarking: Market Benchmark Category INT1   
326 BMA_BMORIGIN OLD CFM Benchmarking: Benchmark Origin CHAR   
327 BMA_CHID OLD CFM Benchmarking: Characteristic ID CHAR 15    
328 BMA_CHVALUE OLD CFM Benchmarking: Characteristic Value CHAR 15    
329 BMA_MBM_CATEGORY OLD CFM Benchmarking: Market Benchmark Category INT1   
330 BMA_UPDKZ BOR Migration: Update Flag CHAR   
331 BMDO0064 64 Bytes RAW 64    
332 BMDO0256 256 Bytes RAW 256    
333 BMDO1024 1024 Bytes RAW 1024    
334 BMETH Calculation method for HI contribution (NL) CHAR   
335 BMG_PRREG Checking Rule for the Availability Check CHAR   
336 BMG_WAERS Currency Key CUKY   
337 BML_CLF Classification of Migration Objects CHAR 10    
338 BML_LFDNR BOR Migration Assistant: Sequence Number Object CHAR 10    
339 BML_STATUS Status of Migrated BOR Object CHAR   
340 BMODE_BTCI Processing mode for CALL TRANSACTION CHAR   
341 BMSCH Base quantity QUAN 13 
342 BMWER Value in i. tab.: Fct. BS MCV_BUSG_MENU & MCV_BUSG3_MENU FLTP 16  16 
343 BM_FUELLEN_AUTO Automatically fill confirmed quantity (no reply) CHAR   
344 BM_MIT_WM Automatically fill confirmed qty with requested qty CHAR   
345 BNAME User name CHAR 12    
346 BNARG_KK Key field of application CHAR 30    
347 BNAUSTXT IS-H: Textfeld für Behandlung nach Austritt CHAR 15    
348 BNDUE Company number CHAR   
349 BNEXT_KK Numerical Value of External Credit Valuation NUMC   
350 BNFPO Purchase requisition item NUMC   
351 BNFPX Purchase requisition item NUMC   
352 BNKEY Bank key name CHAR   
353 BNKID User number at the bank CHAR 14    
354 BNKN2 Alternative account number CHAR 24    
355 BNKSEL Type of delivery costs in Logistics Invoice Verification CHAR   
356 BNKWE Enter vendor for delivery costs in goods receipt document CHAR   
357 BNK_COM_ARCHIVE_STATUS Archive status CHAR   
358 BNK_COM_BANSTA_ITEM_NUM Bank statement item number CHAR 35    
359 BNK_COM_BANSTA_KUKEY Bank statement kukey CHAR 35    
360 BNK_COM_BATCH_NO Batch Number NUMC 10    
361 BNK_COM_BTCH_TIMEOUT_UNIT batch timeout unit CHAR   
362 BNK_COM_CTR Counter NUMC   
363 BNK_COM_DTTYP_FPM Payment type FTA: Bank Communication     
364 BNK_COM_FILE_DATE Bank payment file date in char(8) format CHAR   
365 BNK_COM_FI_DOC_NUM FI document number CHAR 35    
366 BNK_COM_ID Identification number CHAR 10    
367 BNK_COM_IDTYP Transaction ID Type CHAR   
368 BNK_COM_LAUFK_F110 Run indicator Bank Communication     
369 BNK_COM_LOG_LAYER_NAME Log layer Description CHAR 20    
370 BNK_COM_LOG_LAYER_TYPE Log layer type CHAR   
371 BNK_COM_MARK General Indicator (SPACE 'X') CHAR   
372 BNK_COM_MSG_PAYLD Message payload RSTR   
373 BNK_COM_OTXTP Original Transaction ype CHAR   
374 BNK_COM_PAY_GRP_ID Payment Group Identifier (FPM_Key) CHAR 15    
375 BNK_COM_PMNT_STATUS Bank payment status domain for the payment monitor CHAR   
376 BNK_COM_PRIORITY Priority INT4 10    
377 BNK_COM_PROC_ACTION Proc Layer Actions CHAR 10    
378 BNK_COM_REF_TYPE Source message type CHAR   
379 BNK_COM_RULE_CURR Rule currency for the client CUKY   
380 BNK_COM_STATUS_ID Status Id RAW 16    
381 BNK_FILETYPE file type CHAR   
382 BNK_MIN_RSV Subject to minimum reserve indicator (bank) NUMC   
383 BNTYP Type of bank in a bank chain CHAR   
384 BOART Rebate agreement type CHAR   
385 BOBAS Control indicator for rebate basis of settlement (purch.) CHAR   
386 BOB_AUTH Authorizations for Bidding on Behalf CHAR   
387 BOENUM External bill of exchange number CHAR 10    
388 BOE_TYPE Time of Recognition as Payment CHAR   
389 BOFKT Billing type for rebate processing CHAR   
390 BOKNO Book number CHAR   
391 BOLCURR Boleto's currency - Brazil CHAR   
392 BOLETO_KK Boleto number (internal) CHAR 10    
393 BOLEXT_KK External Boleto number CHAR 20    
394 BOLTY_KK Boleto: Assignment type CHAR   
395 BOLT_RELATION_VALIDITY Buffer state of a relation CHAR   
396 BOMOB BOM Object CHAR 58    
398 BONIT_KK Credit rating NUMC   
399 BONUS Volume rebate groups in sales CHAR   
400 BONVH_KK Creditworthiness factor as a percentage NUMC   
401 BOOKNAME Book name, case-sensitive CHAR 12    
402 BOOKTYP Higher-level target object CHAR   
403 BOOKTYPE Book type CHAR   
404 BOOL Link Operator for View Maintenance Query CHAR   
405 BOOLCLASS Boolean class. Which fields can be used. CHAR   
406 BOOLCONFIG Configuration element for the Boolean rule processor CHAR 10    
407 BOOLCONFST Configuration status for the Boolean rule processor CHAR   
408 BOOLDOM Used for lock flag - bool type NUMC   
409 BOOLE Boolean values TRUE (='X') and FALSE (= ' ') CHAR   
410 BOOLE01 Boolean value: 0 false, 1 true CHAR   
411 BOOLEAN Boolean switch (X = true, - = false, space = unknown) CHAR   
412 BOOLEAN_01 Boolean Variable ('1' = True, '0' = False) CHAR   
413 BOOLEAN_FLG Boolean flag (X=true,space = false) CHAR   
414 BOOLEAN_KK Boolean values CHAR   
415 BOOLEAN_MAIN_OBJECT Boolean Switch (X = yes, space = No) CHAR   
416 BOOLEAN_PART_CAUSING_FAILURE Boolean Switch (X = Yes, space = No) CHAR   
417 BOOLKZ Boolean variables AND / OR CHAR   
418 BOOLTYPE Boolean type CHAR   
419 BOOL_ID Boolean formula ID. Internal or subrule. CHAR 11    
420 BOOL_POWL Boolean switch (1 = true, 2= false, 0 = unknown) CHAR   
421 BORDRONR Transaction Record NUMC 10    
422 BORESTRI Internal restriction ind. f.optimized PO-based load building CHAR   
423 BORGR_CHECK_PACKING Status of the totals comparison between dely and pkg data NUMC   
424 BORGR_EVENT_NR Event number for dialog synchronization GR Automotive INT4 10    
425 BORGR_EXID_ERRTYP Type of error message for unclear ext. ID CHAR   
426 BORGR_EXID_MUST Defines whether the external ID is a required entry CHAR   
427 BORGR_EXID_UNIQUE Defines whether uniqueness is checked CHAR   
428 BORGR_FUNCT_TYPE Inbound Delivery Tracking Functions Editing Possiblities CHAR   
429 BORGR_FUNCT_TYPE_EXT Inbound Delivery Tracking Editing Possibilities Ext. CHAR   
430 BORGR_FUNCT_TYPE_INT Inbound Delivery Tracking Functions Editing Possiblities CHAR   
431 BORGR_HOLD_DATA Indicator Whether Inbound Deliveries on Hold Are Allowed CHAR   
432 BORGR_ICON_SORT Arrangement of Icons INT1   
433 BORGR_MESS_LEAVE Message That Object has been left CHAR   
434 BORGR_OBJTYP Object Type CHAR   
435 BORGR_PROCTYP Process type for the shipment type in Automtive 2.0 CHAR   
436 BORGR_SODET Automatic PO determination/incomplete inbound deliveries CHAR   
437 BORM_ID PPMS - General ID CHAR 20    
438 BORM_NAME PPMS - Object Name CHAR 30    
439 BORM_NAMEL PPMS - Object Description CHAR 72    
440 BORM_VEND PPMS - Object Vendor CHAR 30    
441 BORM_VERS PPMS - Object Version CHAR 30    
442 BORREF_REFTYP Inb. Delivery Tracking: Type of Reference for Inb. Del. Item CHAR   
443 BORRTTS_GEN Shipment generation CHAR   
444 BORRTTS_GUID Internal route schedule ID CHAR 22    
445 BORRTTS_IDEXT External (new) route schedule ID CHAR 10    
446 BORRT_WDAY Weekday CHAR   
447 BOR_BUTTON_CHOICE Inbound Delivery Tracking Button Selection CHAR   
448 BOR_DIALOG_CHANGE Inbound Delivery Tracking Dialog Change Settings CHAR   
449 BOR_OBJDEF Definition of Objects CHAR 10    
450 BOR_OBJDEF_TREE Goods Receipt Automotive: Possible Objects in Tree CHAR 10    
451 BOR_OPT_ACT_SHP_TREE Options in Shipment in Tree CHAR   
452 BOR_PROFCHAR Inbound Delivery Tracking: Show/Hide Pushbuttons and Fields CHAR   
453 BOR_PROFTYPE Inbound Delivery Tracking: Type of Profile CHAR   
454 BOR_SETTINGS Inb. Delivery Tracking: Global/User-Specific Profile Setting CHAR   
455 BOR_TEXT_FOR_FIELD Output Text or Key in Tree Column CHAR   
456 BOSBPROZ Contract Form CHAR   
457 BOSCALC Costing Tools: Unit Costing / Easy Cost Planning CHAR   
458 BOSDACT Status of Additions/Deductions CHAR 10    
460 BOSDVERS Status of Overhead Structure (Surchages/Discounts) CHAR 10    
461 BOSFAR Billing rule w/o billing plan CHAR   
462 BOSGRP Service: Subcontractor group CHAR   
463 BOSLFDNR Sequence Number of Assignment Number (Execution Model) NUMC   
464 BOSPSBATCHNAME BOSPS Batch Profile Name CHAR 10    
465 BOSREF Entry of Reference Field on Which the Pricing Factor Works CHAR   
466 BOSTA Status of a Rebate Agreement CHAR   
467 BOSTA_CR Condition Record Status (Rebate) CHAR   
468 BOSTA_KK Boleto status CHAR   
469 BOSTFLD Technical Assignment to Field (ZAWxx, ZAPxx) in Database CHAR   
471 BOS_ALTERNA Alternatives CHAR   
472 BOS_ZLART Line Type CHAR   
473 BOTYPI Internal restriction category indicator for load building CHAR   
474 BOVER Rebate procedure CHAR   
475 BOX_PROF Line representation selection in table section CHAR 10    
476 BOX_REPRAE Line representation in table section CHAR   
477 BP Select Billing Period: Standard or Japan CHAR   
478 BPCA_E2ET_CVO_DEC20 Decimal Type DEC 20    
479 BPCA_E2ET_CVO_TYPE Coverage Analyzer : Type of Processing Block CHAR   
480 BPCA_E2ET_OBJFUNC BPCA: Function of an object in transport request CHAR   
481 BPCA_E2ET_SEU_NAME Node name CHAR 30    
482 BPCA_E2E_TR_MANDT_DEP BPCA: Flag: Table is Client-Specific CHAR   
483 BPCL_ACT_STAT_KK Status of Activity for BP Duplicates Processing CHAR   
484 BPCL_GUID_KK GUID for Duplicates Processing CHAR 32    
485 BPCL_STAT_KK Status of Duplicates Processing Case CHAR   
486 BPCL_SUCC_KK Duplicates Processing: Predecessor - Successor CHAR   
487 BPERI_VK Posting period ACCP   
488 BPIDNUM Identification Number for BP CHAR 60    
489 BPIDTYPE Identification Number Category CHAR   
490 BPJOBCLS long job classification CHAR 20    
492 BPM_PROCCAT Process Category CHAR 10    
493 BPPROFILE Profile used for settings in project plan CHAR 12    
494 BPP_SCORE EBP Evaluation: Score DEC
495 BPREBE Check Level for Clearing Trivial Amounts CHAR   
496 BPRNODEFLAG Flag for BPR Structure Elements CHAR   
497 BPROC ATP: RBA business transaction type CHAR   
498 BPROCTEXT Business transaction: Text CHAR 40    
499 BPROP Special Wage Tax (Loonheffing) - Operation Indicator CHAR   
500 BPRSCH Check Step for Clearing Trivial Amounts NUMC