SAP ABAP Data Element - Index SLASH, page 6
Data Element - /
# Data Element Short Description Domain Data Type
2 /BEV1/EMANZ Number of entries NUM04 NUMC 
3 /BEV1/EMARCHIV Indicator for Archived Records /BEV1/EMARCHIV CHAR 
4 /BEV1/EMAUSGART Output Type for Period /BEV1/EMAUSGART CHAR 
5 /BEV1/EMAUSL Outbound Delivery Quantity of Empties MENG13 QUAN 
6 /BEV1/EMAUSLS Cancelled Outbound Delivery Quantity of Empties MENG13 QUAN 
7 /BEV1/EMBERBEMNG Corrected Purchase Order Quantity MENGV15_3 QUAN 
8 /BEV1/EMBERBEWRT Corrected Net Purchase Order Value WERTV8 CURR 
9 /BEV1/EMBERRGMNG Corrected Invoice Receipt Quantity MENGV15_3 QUAN 
10 /BEV1/EMBERRGWRT Corrected Invoice Amount WERTV8 CURR 
11 /BEV1/EMBERWEMNG Corrected Goods Receipt Quantity MENGV15_3 QUAN 
12 /BEV1/EMBERWEWRT Corrected Goods Receipt Value WERTV8 CURR 
13 /BEV1/EMBEZ Description for Form Fields CHAR30 CHAR 
14 /BEV1/EMBEZ30 Name TEXT30 CHAR 
15 /BEV1/EMBNQUANT Quantity Field of the New Balance MENGV15_3 QUAN 
16 /BEV1/EMBNVALUE Value Field of the New Balance WERTV10 CURR 
17 /BEV1/EMBOQUANT Quantity Field of the Old Balance MENGV15_3 QUAN 
18 /BEV1/EMBOVALUE Value Field of the Old Balance WERTV10 CURR 
19 /BEV1/EMBREITE Differing Output Length of a Field to Be Printed /BEV1/EMBREITE NUMC 
21 /BEV1/EMBRPER Output Length of Period /BEV1/EMBREITE NUMC 
22 /BEV1/EMBRTEXT Variable Width for Material Text /BEV1/EMBREITE NUMC 
23 /BEV1/EMDKD Exclusion Indicator for Dynamic Assortment /BEV1/EMMARK CHAR 
24 /BEV1/EMDKL Suppress Print Delivery Item /BEV1/EMMARK CHAR 
25 /BEV1/EMDKR Suppress Printout of Invoice Items /BEV1/EMMARK CHAR 
26 /BEV1/EMDRCKFLG Printing Sequence for Empties Items NUM04 NUMC 
27 /BEV1/EMDYNBLK Print Dynamic Empties Returns Block /BEV1/EMMARK CHAR 
28 /BEV1/EMETOURE Empties Return MENG13 QUAN 
29 /BEV1/EMETOURS Cancelled Empties Return MENG13 QUAN 
30 /BEV1/EMFD Empties Field /BEV1/EMFD CHAR 
31 /BEV1/EMFDN Field Name for Empties Field CHAR3 CHAR 
32 /BEV1/EMFOF Indicator for Empties Without Update /BEV1/EMFOF CHAR 
33 /BEV1/EMFORM Form Name CHAR25 CHAR 
34 /BEV1/EMFOST String for Formulas CHAR40 CHAR 
35 /BEV1/EMGFORTS Indicator for Empties Update /BEV1/EMGFORTS CHAR 
36 /BEV1/EMGPFAND Deposit on Empties /BEV1/EMGPFAND CHAR 
37 /BEV1/EMHERK ID for Delivery Note/Invoice CHAR1 CHAR 
38 /BEV1/EMKRIT Criterion for Totaling CHAR18 CHAR 
39 /BEV1/EMLFDNR Sequence Number for Empties Update NUM15 NUMC 
40 /BEV1/EMLGFELD Variable Output Type of a Field /BEV1/EMLGFELD CHAR 
42 /BEV1/EMLNORM Length of an Output Field /BEV1/EMLNORM NUMC 
43 /BEV1/EMMW Indicator for Quantity or Value /BEV1/EMMW CHAR 
44 /BEV1/EMNETWR Net Value in Document Currency WERTV8 CURR 
45 /BEV1/EMNETWRAL Net Value in Local Currency (Current) WERTV8 CURR 
46 /BEV1/EMNETWRNE Net Value in Local Currency (Old) WERTV8 CURR 
47 /BEV1/EMOP Empties: Operator /BEV1/EMOP CHAR 
48 /BEV1/EMPA Button for Partner Function CHAR1 CHAR 
49 /BEV1/EMPATXT Text Field for Partner Function CHAR30 CHAR 
50 /BEV1/EMPERIOD Booking Entry Period for Empties NUM6 NUMC 
51 /BEV1/EMPERIODSF Period for Output Control in Form Printing NUM6 NUMC 
52 /BEV1/EMPOSNR Item Number NUMC3 NUMC 
53 /BEV1/EMPROT Log Indicator for Empties Update /BEV1/EMMARK CHAR 
54 /BEV1/EMPRTCOL Print Column Empties Returns Block /BEV1/EMPRTCOL NUMC 
55 /BEV1/EMQUANT Quantity Field from Item MENGV15_3 QUAN 
56 /BEV1/EMSC1 Material Sorting Field 1 /BEV1/EMSORT NUMC 
57 /BEV1/EMSC2 Material Sorting Field 2 /BEV1/EMSORT NUMC 
58 /BEV1/EMSC3 Material Sorting Field 3 /BEV1/EMSORT NUMC 
59 /BEV1/EMSC4 Material Sorting Field 4 /BEV1/EMSORT NUMC 
60 /BEV1/EMSC5 Material Sorting Field 5 /BEV1/EMSORT NUMC 
61 /BEV1/EMSC6 Material Sorting Field 6 /BEV1/EMSORT NUMC 
62 /BEV1/EMTITLE Text for Variable Headers /BEV1/EMTITLE CHAR 
63 /BEV1/EMTOQUANT Quantity Field for Sales MENGV15_3 QUAN 
64 /BEV1/EMTOVALUE Value Field for Sales WERTV10 CURR 
65 /BEV1/EMVALUE Value Field from Item WERTV10 CURR 
66 /BEV1/EMVAR Material Sorting Variant /BEV1/EMVAR CHAR 
67 /BEV1/EMVBEZ Variant Name TEXT25 CHAR 
68 /BEV1/EMVIS Values from SIS DECV15_2 DEC 
69 /BEV1/EM_ST_BWART_PP Movement Type Cancellation for Tied Empties from PP Conf. BWART CHAR 
70 /BEV1/EM_ZU_BWART_PP Movement Type for Receipt Posting of Tied Empties from PP BWART CHAR 
71 /BEV1/FZ_GEW_U Unit for Vehicle Weight MEINS UNIT 
72 /BEV1/LAAUFNR Order number VBELN CHAR 
73 /BEV1/LAAUSFZ Option Downtimes in Shipping Loading Agenda CHAR001 CHAR 
74 /BEV1/LABEMERK Comment on Reservation of Loading Place CHAR30 CHAR 
75 /BEV1/LADATAB Valid-From Date DATUM DATS 
76 /BEV1/LADATBI End of Validity Period DATUM DATS 
77 /BEV1/LADFLAG Flag: Shipping - Loading Agenda /BEV1/LACFLAG CHAR 
79 /BEV1/LAGRUND Reason for Cancellation of a Loading Place CHAR20 CHAR 
80 /BEV1/LAKFZKZ License Plate Number CHAR10 CHAR 
81 /BEV1/LALIENRD Delivery Number VBELN CHAR 
83 /BEV1/LAORTE Locations Shipping Loading Agenda CHAR04 CHAR 
84 /BEV1/LASTDT Option Standard Date in Shipping Loading Agenda CHAR01 CHAR 
85 /BEV1/LASYS_ID Unique ID; Loading Agenda - When Creating Order/Delivery SYCHAR32 CHAR 
89 /BEV1/LAXDISP Flag: Field to Be displayed SABP_FLAG CHAR 
90 /BEV1/LAXMLIEF Flag: Multiple Deliveries /BEV1/LAFLAG CHAR 
91 /BEV1/LAXPRUEF Flag: Date Overlap /BEV1/LAFLAG CHAR 
92 /BEV1/LAZAE Counter for Otherwise Identical Key /BEV1/LAZEITF NUM4 NUMC 
94 /BEV1/LAZEITV Time, from (HH:MM) CHAR5 CHAR 
95 /BEV1/LUAEBER LU: Recalculate Loading Units when Document Is Changed BDC_BOOL CHAR 
96 /BEV1/LUAEERL LU: Modification of Loading Units Is Permitted BDC_BOOL CHAR 
97 /BEV1/LUDIV Unit of Measure Divisor for Loading Units /BEV1/LUDIV INT1 
98 /BEV1/LUGRPBEZ Loading Unit Group Description TEXT30 CHAR 
99 /BEV1/LULDE Unit of Measure for Loading Unit for IS Beverage MEINS UNIT 
100 /BEV1/LULDEGRP Loading Unit Group: IS Beverage /BEV1/LULDEGRP CHAR 
103 /BEV1/LUMEINH Unit of Measure MEINS UNIT 
104 /BEV1/LUTOLERAZ Tolerance Limit as Percentage PRZ21 DEC 
105 /BEV1/LU_MENGV17_3 Variable Qty: Copy of MEVXXX9, Replacement f. /BEV1/TSSQUANF MENGV9 QUAN 
106 /BEV1/NEACTIVE Empties Management in MM Is Active XFELD CHAR 
107 /BEV1/NEBTYPE Balance Category /BEV1/NEBTYPE CHAR 
108 /BEV1/NEDEPFREE Indicator: Dependent Items Are Free of Charge XFELD CHAR 
109 /BEV1/NEEMICON Tied Empties Indicator ICON_L2 CHAR 
110 /BEV1/NEGEN_ITEM_FLAG Indicator: Item Is Generated XFELD CHAR 
111 /BEV1/NENETPR Net Amount in Purchasing Document WERT7 CURR 
112 /BEV1/NEQBAL Quantity from Invoice Receipt MENGV15_3 QUAN 
113 /BEV1/NESTRUC_CAT Structure Category for Material Relationship /BEV1/NESTRUC_CAT CHAR 
114 /BEV1/NETYPE Empties Category /BEV1/NETYPE CHAR 
116 /BEV1/NEWRBTR Invoice Amount WERT7 CURR 
117 /BEV1/RBABIN Settlement Interval Automatic Rebate Settlement /BEV1/RBABIN CHAR 
118 /BEV1/RBABIN_BO Settlement Interval Rebate Recipient /BEV1/RBABIN CHAR 
119 /BEV1/RBABMAT Settlement Material Credit Memo Request MATNR CHAR 
120 /BEV1/RBABRKZ Settlement Indicator /BEV1/RBABRKZ CHAR 
121 /BEV1/RBAKONT Check Field for Account Variances /BEV1/RBAKONT CHAR 
122 /BEV1/RBANZEBDAB Display Finally Settled Agreements for Rebate Recipient /BEV1/RBANZEBDAB CHAR 
123 /BEV1/RBARCH Status Archiving Log Table Rebate /BEV1/RBARCH CHAR 
124 /BEV1/RBBEMER Comment TEXT50 CHAR 
125 /BEV1/RBBEMERK Description for Form /BEV1/RBBEMERK CHAR 
126 /BEV1/RBBGAU Customer Rebate for Beverages: Payment for Fiscal Year WERTV10 CURR 
127 /BEV1/RBBKONT Alternative Reconciliation Account SAKNR CHAR 
128 /BEV1/RBBOMAT Settlement Material Condition MATNR CHAR 
129 /BEV1/RBBONBA Origin of Rebate Basis /BEV1/RBBONBA CHAR 
130 /BEV1/RBBPLJ Rebate Planning for Fiscal Year WERTV10 CURR 
131 /BEV1/RBBRGJ Customer Rebate Beverages Accrual for Fiscal Year WERTV10 CURR 
132 /BEV1/RBBUTTON Settlement Button Display During Rebate Settlement Execution /BEV1/RBBUTTON CHAR 
133 /BEV1/RBBUTYP Type Posting CO-PA/Rebate /BEV1/RBBUTYP CHAR 
134 /BEV1/RBB_KUN Comment Relating to Customer TEXT50 CHAR 
135 /BEV1/RBB_WAR Comment Relating to Ship-to Party TEXT50 CHAR 
136 /BEV1/RBCKONT Reconciliation Account from Customer Master SAKNR CHAR 
137 /BEV1/RBCOPA Indicator Automatic Assignment of Rebate Sales to CO-PA /BEV1/RBCOPA CHAR 
138 /BEV1/RBCUSTAT Rebate Customizing Status /BEV1/RBCUSTAT CHAR 
139 /BEV1/RBDRUCK Indicator for Print Program /BEV1/RBDRUCK CHAR 
140 /BEV1/RBDUMMY DummyField Resulting fr. Key Allo. to Field Other Than MANDT /BEV1/RB_DUMMY CHAR 
141 /BEV1/RBEART Final Settlement Date for Customer Rebate Processing DATS DATS 
142 /BEV1/RBERRVTX Batch Input Table /BEV1/RBPA Parameter Values Error Message /BEV1/RBERRVTX CHAR 
143 /BEV1/RBE_KUN External Number of Customer at Dealer's End KUNNR CHAR 
144 /BEV1/RBE_WAR External Number of Ship-to Party at Dealer's End KUNNR CHAR 
145 /BEV1/RBFFORM Form Routine in Print Program /BEV1/RBFFORM CHAR 
146 /BEV1/RBFLBO Flag for Rebate Processing: Beverage Industry /BEV1/RBFLBO CHAR 
148 /BEV1/RBFORMUL Form for Rebate Recipient /BEV1/RBFORMUL CHAR 
149 /BEV1/RBHANDLER Customer Number for Dealer in Pendulum List Recording KUNNR CHAR 
150 /BEV1/RBHKONTK Alternative Gen. Ledger Account in Gen. Ledger Accounting SAKNR CHAR 
151 /BEV1/RBHRKFT Origin Rebate Basis/Rebate Planning CHAR4 CHAR 
152 /BEV1/RBINDIR Indicator Indirect Rebate Transaction /BEV1/RBINDIR CHAR 
153 /BEV1/RBI_KUN Internal Customer Number of Indirect Customer KUNNR CHAR 
154 /BEV1/RBI_WAR Internal Number of Ship-to Party at Dealer's End KUNNR CHAR 
155 /BEV1/RBKOPIEB Indicator Copy Document/Indirect Orders Rebates /BEV1/RBKOPIEB CHAR 
156 /BEV1/RBKORRNR Adjustment Entry Number /BEV1/RBKORRNR NUMC 
157 /BEV1/RBKWERT Condition value /BEV1/RBKWERT CHAR 
158 /BEV1/RBKWERT_DEC Payment Amount for Each Settlement Material WERTV7 CURR 
159 /BEV1/RBLTAB Accounting Deadline in Calendar Year DATUM DATS 
160 /BEV1/RBMNAMEN Characteristic Field Name Separated by Blanks CHAR180 CHAR 
162 /BEV1/RBMWERT Characteristic Value CHAR73 CHAR 
163 /BEV1/RBNKOND Indicator: Settlement Agreement with Neg. Condition Quantity /BEV1/RBNKOND CHAR 
164 /BEV1/RBOBNR Object number /BEV1/RBOBNR NUMC 
165 /BEV1/RBPARFIN Partner Determ. f. Dealer Function in Pendul. List Creation /BEV1/RBPARFIN CHAR 
166 /BEV1/RBPLINIT Flag: S060 Planning Initialized SYST_FLAG CHAR 
167 /BEV1/RBPROGRA Program for Form /BEV1/RBPROGRA CHAR 
168 /BEV1/RBPROZ Process Name CHAR3 CHAR 
169 /BEV1/RBPROZBZ Process Description CHAR50 CHAR 
170 /BEV1/RBQELLF Field of Source Document in Communication Structure/SD Order FDNAME CHAR 
171 /BEV1/RBRDAT Date of First Accrual for Condition Record in Period SYDATS DATS 
172 /BEV1/RBRKSTKO Adjusting Acrrual for Partial Settlement /BEV1/RBRKSTKO CHAR 
173 /BEV1/RBSIMKY Key Simulation Rebate/Allocation CO-PA CHAR010 CHAR 
174 /BEV1/RBSIMULA Setting Simulation Indicator for Rebate Settlement /BEV1/RBSIMULA CHAR 
175 /BEV1/RBSORTL Search Term from KAF CHAR15 CHAR 
176 /BEV1/RBSTAFFEL Scale Valuation: Determine From-Time for Settlement /BEV1/RBSTAFFEL CHAR 
177 /BEV1/RBSTAFOD Update Group for Statistics Update STAFO CHAR 
178 /BEV1/RBSTORN Indicator Rebate Cancellation /BEV1/RBSTORN CHAR 
179 /BEV1/RBTABBEZ Table Name (Target) /BEV1/RBTABBEZ CHAR 
181 /BEV1/RBVAT_D Adjustment VAT Rates Rebate Settlement /BEV1/RBVAT CHAR 
182 /BEV1/RBVDAT Contract Data Indicator Required /BEV1/RBVDAT CHAR 
183 /BEV1/RBVISFD Name of Characteristics Field in SIS FDNAME CHAR 
185 /BEV1/RBVTBEG Contract Start Date ARCH_DATS DATS 
187 /BEV1/RBVTEND Contract End Date ARCH_DATS DATS 
189 /BEV1/RBXPLAN Flag: Planning (or Actual) SABP_FLAG CHAR 
191 /BEV1/RBZRKORR Correction Settlement Period for Indirect Agreements /BEV1/RBZRKORR CHAR 
192 /BEV1/RB_CHAR18 External Material Number CHAR18 CHAR 
193 /BEV1/REBSTAT Status for Document Flow/Billing Document /BEV1/RE_STAT1 CHAR 
194 /BEV1/RECONN Indicator to Connect Order Types f. Automatic Copy Function CHAR1 CHAR 
195 /BEV1/REDAUVIS Indicator: Hide Rental Duration XFELD CHAR 
196 /BEV1/REDIR Indicator: Direct Entry (Contract Release Order) XFELD CHAR 
197 /BEV1/REDMENG Rental Item: Unconfirmed Quantity in Waiting List MENG15 QUAN 
199 /BEV1/REERLA Indicator: Bill of Material Type 'ERLA' (Material Above) XFELD CHAR 
200 /BEV1/REETDVIS Indicator: Hide Schedule Line Date XFELD CHAR 
201 /BEV1/REFEST Switch: Calculate Fixed Price XFELD CHAR 
202 /BEV1/REFIRST Switch: Calculate First Rent Day XFELD CHAR 
203 /BEV1/REFTAGE Number Charge-Free Days TAGE NUMC 
204 /BEV1/REGRATIS Indicator: Free Item XFELD CHAR 
205 /BEV1/REITAB Maximum Tables Lines /BEV1/RE_ITAB INT4 
206 /BEV1/REKABHOL Indicator: Self Pick-Up /BEV1/RE_XFELD CHAR 
207 /BEV1/REKABHOLER Indicator: Self Pick-Up XFELD CHAR 
208 /BEV1/REKRUECK Indicator: Customer Returns XFELD CHAR 
209 /BEV1/RELAST Switch: Calculate Last Rent Day XFELD CHAR 
210 /BEV1/RELRGDT Rental Items: Return Date ETDAT CHAR 
211 /BEV1/RELSTAT Status for Delivery /BEV1/RE_STAT2 CHAR 
212 /BEV1/REMATVIS Indicator: Hide Material XFELD CHAR 
213 /BEV1/REMAX Maximum Days for Selection TAGE NUMC 
214 /BEV1/REMEIVIS Indicator: Hide Unit of Measure XFELD CHAR 
215 /BEV1/REMENVIS Indicator: Hide Quantity XFELD CHAR 
216 /BEV1/REMIET Indicator: Rental Items - Order XFELD CHAR 
217 /BEV1/REMSTAT Status Rental Item /BEV1/RE_STAT3 CHAR 
218 /BEV1/RENACH Indicator: Rental Items - Subsequent Debit XFELD CHAR 
219 /BEV1/RENMENG Quantity of Defective Rental Items MENG15 QUAN 
220 /BEV1/RENMGVIS Indicator: Hide Subsequent Debit Quantity XFELD CHAR 
221 /BEV1/RENOBEST Indicator: No Inventory Management XFELD CHAR 
222 /BEV1/REORDER Indicator: Rental Items - Order XFELD CHAR 
223 /BEV1/REPERIOD Maximum Rental Duration /BEV1/RE_DURATION NUMC 
224 /BEV1/REPOS___D Indicator: Rental Items - Item XFELD CHAR 
225 /BEV1/REPRGBZ Date Type of the Requested Delivery Date PRGBZ CHAR 
226 /BEV1/REPRGVIS Indicator. Hide Period Indicator XFELD CHAR 
227 /BEV1/REPRZEIT Checking Time for Rental Items in Days TAGE NUMC 
228 /BEV1/REPTYVIS Indicator: Hide Item Category XFELD CHAR 
229 /BEV1/RERANGES Maximum Entries in RANGES Table /BEV1/RE_RANGES INT1 
230 /BEV1/RERGDVIS Indicator: Hide Return Date XFELD CHAR 
231 /BEV1/RERMENG Renewal Quantity Rental Items MENG9 QUAN 
232 /BEV1/RERUECK Indicator: Rental Items - Returns XFELD CHAR 
233 /BEV1/RESERNR Indicator: Serial Number XFELD CHAR 
234 /BEV1/RESTOCKS Indicator: Order Confirmed XFELD CHAR 
235 /BEV1/RESTUECK Indicator: Bill of Material Type 'LUMF' (Material Below) XFELD CHAR 
236 /BEV1/RETEXT Rental Items: Fixed Name TEXT40 CHAR 
237 /BEV1/RETEXTP Indicator: Text Item XFELD CHAR 
238 /BEV1/REUMENG Quantity of Defective Rental Items MENG9 QUAN 
239 /BEV1/REVBELN Document Number Contract Release Order /BEV1/RE_VBELN CHAR 
240 /BEV1/REVBTYP Rental Items: Document Category /BEV1/RE_VBTYP CHAR 
241 /BEV1/REVERL Indicator: Rental Items Renewal XFELD CHAR 
242 /BEV1/REVERS Rental Items: Indicator Partial Delivery XFELD CHAR 
243 /BEV1/REVKOND Indicator: Valid for Renewals XFELD CHAR 
244 /BEV1/REVMENG Renewal Quantity Rental Items MENG15 QUAN 
245 /BEV1/REVMGVIS Indicator: Hide Renewal Quantity XFELD CHAR 
247 /BEV1/REWERVIS Indicator: Hide Plant XFELD CHAR 
248 /BEV1/REWLIST Rental Items: Contract Release Order XFELD CHAR 
249 /BEV1/RPABSTWE Maximum Number of Attempts to Load a Truck /BEV1/RPFOLGENR NUMC 
250 /BEV1/RPAD1 Waiting Time 1 in Hours : Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
251 /BEV1/RPAD1_CHAR Waiting Time 1 in Hours : Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
252 /BEV1/RPAD2 Waiting Time 2 in Hours : Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
253 /BEV1/RPAD2_CHAR Waiting Time 2 in Hours : Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
254 /BEV1/RPAGEW Order Weight MENG13 QUAN 
255 /BEV1/RPAHBEZ Trailer TEXT30 CHAR 
256 /BEV1/RPAHL Number Field of Category INT1 /BEV1/RPAHL INT1 
257 /BEV1/RPAHLAST Trailer Load MENG13 QUAN 
258 /BEV1/RPAHLAST_U Unit for Trailer Load MEINS UNIT 
259 /BEV1/RPAKMT Current month /BEV1/RPAKMT CHAR 
260 /BEV1/RPAKZEILE Current Line in the List /BEV1/RPAKZEILE INT1 
262 /BEV1/RPANWBER Application Area /BEV1/RPANWBER CHAR 
263 /BEV1/RPANZSTOP Number of Allowed Stops per Tour /BEV1/RPANZSTOP DEC 
264 /BEV1/RPANZWERO Number of GRs for Continued Consideration in the Route /BEV1/RPFOLGENR NUMC 
265 /BEV1/RPATELNR Phone Number/Car CHAR15 CHAR 
266 /BEV1/RPAUSLA Capacity Utilization of Vehicle as a Percentage DEC3_2 DEC 
267 /BEV1/RPBEL Loading Point /BEV1/RPBEL CHAR 
268 /BEV1/RPBEZME Base Unit of Measure for Statistics Totals List/Planning MEINS UNIT 
269 /BEV1/RPBLFL Width of Loading Area MENG13 QUAN 
270 /BEV1/RPBRGW Gross Weight of Freight Code /BEV1/RPBRGW QUAN 
271 /BEV1/RPDB_LN Start Date/Delivery Number /BEV1/RPDB_LF CHAR 
272 /BEV1/RPDFD Direct Travel Time in Hrs : Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
273 /BEV1/RPDFD_CHAR Direct Travel Time in Hrs : Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
274 /BEV1/RPDIFFNA Difference Usable Load - Order Weight (Route Planning) INT4 INT4 
275 /BEV1/RPDSMART Default Group Type to Print Loading List in Transport Plan. SMART CHAR 
276 /BEV1/RPDTABS Settlement End Date DATUM DATS 
277 /BEV1/RPDTNER Date Start of Follow-Up Recording DATUM DATS 
278 /BEV1/RPDUMMY Dummy Field Because of Key Asgnmt. to Other Field t. Client /BEV1/RPKEYDUM CHAR 
279 /BEV1/RPEIGEN Indicator for Own (X) or External Vehicle /BEV1/RPEIGEN CHAR 
280 /BEV1/RPEIGENT Internal/External DDTEXT CHAR 
281 /BEV1/RPENT Unloading Point /BEV1/RPENT CHAR 
282 /BEV1/RPERGGEW Permitted Total Weight MENG13 QUAN 
283 /BEV1/RPERRDD Calculated Average Duration in Hours: Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
284 /BEV1/RPERRDD_CHAR Calculated Average Duration in Hours: Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
285 /BEV1/RPF1NA Name Driver 1 NAME CHAR 
286 /BEV1/RPF2NA Name of Driver 2 NAME CHAR 
287 /BEV1/RPFAESSER Number Category 1 DEC7 DEC 
288 /BEV1/RPFAR1 Driver 1 KUNNR CHAR 
289 /BEV1/RPFAR2 Driver 2 KUNNR CHAR 
290 /BEV1/RPFARNR Driver Number KUNNR CHAR 
291 /BEV1/RPFA_DAT Company Data /BEV1/RPFA_DAT CHAR 
292 /BEV1/RPFD Travel Duration in Hours: Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
293 /BEV1/RPFD_CHAR Travel Duration in Hours: Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
295 /BEV1/RPFLD Qualified Field Name of the Field to Be Displayed SCRPCHA30 CHAR 
296 /BEV1/RPFLEN Length of Field to Be Displayed DDLEN NUMC 
297 /BEV1/RPFOLGENR Loading Sequence Number in the Tour /BEV1/RPFOLGENR NUMC 
298 /BEV1/RPFRKAPA Free Capacity for Shipment (Transportation Planning) MENG13 QUAN 
299 /BEV1/RPFSKL Driving License Class /BEV1/RPFSKL CHAR 
300 /BEV1/RPFUNKNR Radiophone Number CHAR15 CHAR 
301 /BEV1/RPFZABM Unit Vehicle Dimensions MEINS UNIT 
302 /BEV1/RPFZBREIT Vehicle Width MENG13 QUAN 
305 /BEV1/RPFZGNR Vehicle Number /BEV1/RPFZGNR CHAR 
306 /BEV1/RPFZGTYP Vehicle Category /BEV1/RPFZGTYP CHAR 
307 /BEV1/RPFZHOEHE Vehicle Height MENG13 QUAN 
308 /BEV1/RPFZLAENG Vehicle Length MENG13 QUAN 
310 /BEV1/RPGESLDE Total Loading Unit /BEV1/RPGESLDE CHAR 
312 /BEV1/RPGEWNL Ratio of Shipment Weight to Usable Load of Truck as Percent. DEC03_2 DEC 
313 /BEV1/RPGEWNL_OBSOLETE Ratio of Shipment Weight to Usable Load of Truck as Percent. DEC03_2 DEC 
314 /BEV1/RPGSTATUS Overall Status of Shipment in Transportation Planning CHAR1 CHAR 
316 /BEV1/RPGTARTEN Field for Freight Codes /BEV1/RPGTARTEN CHAR 
317 /BEV1/RPHLFL Loading Area Height MENG13 QUAN 
318 /BEV1/RPHRFRI Time for Receipts of Goods Friday CHAR10 CHAR 
319 /BEV1/RPHRFRM1 Time for Receipts of Goods a.m. from... UHRZT TIMS 
320 /BEV1/RPHRFRM2 Time for Receipts of Goods p.m from ... UHRZT TIMS 
321 /BEV1/RPHRMON Time for Receipts of Goods Monday CHAR10 CHAR 
322 /BEV1/RPHRSAT Time for Receipts of Goods Saturday CHAR10 CHAR 
323 /BEV1/RPHRSUN Time for Receipts of Goods Sunday CHAR10 CHAR 
324 /BEV1/RPHRTHU Time for Receipts of Goods Thursday CHAR10 CHAR 
325 /BEV1/RPHRTO1 Time for Receipts of Goods a.m. to... UHRZT TIMS 
326 /BEV1/RPHRTO2 Time for Receipts of Goods p.m. to... UHRZT TIMS 
327 /BEV1/RPHRTUE Time for Receipts of Goods Tuesday CHAR10 CHAR 
328 /BEV1/RPHRWED Time for Receipts of Goods Wednesday CHAR10 CHAR 
329 /BEV1/RPKAESTEN Number of Boxes in Pieces NUMC04 NUMC 
330 /BEV1/RPKAPFLD Capacity Field AS4TEXT CHAR 
331 /BEV1/RPKAPUNIT Unit of Measure for Var. Capacity Field MEINS UNIT 
332 /BEV1/RPKAPUNIT_OBSOLETE Unit of Measure for Variant Capacity Field MEINS UNIT 
333 /BEV1/RPKISTEN Number Category 2 DEC7 DEC 
334 /BEV1/RPKOMBI Only to Be Considered in Combination with Other Doc. Type AS4FLAG CHAR 
335 /BEV1/RPKUNDEN Number of Customers NUMC03 NUMC 
336 /BEV1/RPKUNDEN_OBSOLETE Number of Customers NUMC03 NUMC 
338 /BEV1/RPLADRLIA Print Loading List Despite Cancellation of Delvy Note Print. /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
339 /BEV1/RPLDABM Unit Loading Area Dimensions MEINS UNIT 
340 /BEV1/RPLEGEW Unladen Weight MENG13 QUAN 
342 /BEV1/RPLEINHD Loading Units Dynamic. from Deliveries in Shipment /BEV1/RPLEINH NUMC 
344 /BEV1/RPLEINHMA Maximum Number of Loading Units for Both Truck and Trailer /BEV1/RPLEINH NUMC 
345 /BEV1/RPLEINH_9 Loading Units, Field Length 9 /BEV1/RPLADEEIH NUMC 
346 /BEV1/RPLFDNR Serial Number of Shipment /BEV1/RPLFDNR CHAR 
347 /BEV1/RPLFGEW Total Weight MENG15_3 QUAN 
348 /BEV1/RPLFVOL Total Volume MENG15_3 QUAN 
349 /BEV1/RPLIM1FLG Usable Load Limit Active AS4FLAG CHAR 
350 /BEV1/RPLIM2FLG Volume Limit Active AS4FLAG CHAR 
351 /BEV1/RPLIM3FLG Number of Stops Active as Limit AS4FLAG CHAR 
352 /BEV1/RPLIM4FLG Loading Unit Limit Active AS4FLAG CHAR 
353 /BEV1/RPLIM5FLG Var. Capacity Field Limit Active AS4FLAG CHAR 
354 /BEV1/RPLIM6FLG Time Limit Active AS4FLAG CHAR 
355 /BEV1/RPLLEINH Total Loading Unit /BEV1/RPLEINH NUMC 
356 /BEV1/RPLLFL Loading Area Length MENG13 QUAN 
357 /BEV1/RPLVOL Load Volume MENG13 QUAN 
358 /BEV1/RPLVOL_8 Load Volume in m3, Field Length 8 DEC5_3 DEC 
359 /BEV1/RPMANDD Manual Average Duration in Hours: Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
360 /BEV1/RPMANDD_CHAR Manual Average Duration in Hours: Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
361 /BEV1/RPMASS_U Measurement Unit MEINS UNIT 
362 /BEV1/RPMATUEBU Reserve Fields for Customers in Materials List /BEV1/RPMATUEBU CHAR 
363 /BEV1/RPMAXDAUER Maximum Duration of a Tour in Hrs:Min TSTRDURAN DEC 
364 /BEV1/RPMAXLDE Maximum Loading Unit /BEV1/RPMAXLDE CHAR 
365 /BEV1/RPMENGE Order Volume MENG13 QUAN 
366 /BEV1/RPMNGLI Delivery Quantity Calculated in Var. Capacity Unit of Truck /BEV1/RPVARKAP QUAN 
367 /BEV1/RPMNGTR Shipment Quantity Calculated in Var. Capacity Unit of Truck /BEV1/RPVARKAP QUAN 
368 /BEV1/RPMOBEZ Tractor TEXT30 CHAR 
370 /BEV1/RPMSGCL Message Class CHAR4 CHAR 
371 /BEV1/RPMSGLINE Message Text CHAR80 CHAR 
372 /BEV1/RPNEWCUST Process New Customer w/o Follow-On No. in Dynamic Dispatch? CHAR1 CHAR 
373 /BEV1/RPNLAST Usable Load in Kg DEC7 DEC 
374 /BEV1/RPNLBTGWD Usable Load Converted to Current Unit (Rounded) DEC10V DEC 
375 /BEV1/RPNLGWD Usable Load Converted to Current Unit DEC10V DEC 
376 /BEV1/RPNLVOLMD Load Volume Converted to Current Unit (Rounded) DEC5_3 DEC 
377 /BEV1/RPNUTZL Usable Load in Kg DEC6 DEC 
380 /BEV1/RPNUTZL_7 Usable Load in Kg, with Field Length 7 DEC7 DEC 
381 /BEV1/RPONTAIN Number Category 3 DEC7 DEC 
382 /BEV1/RPPALPL Number of Pallet Positions DEC4 DEC 
383 /BEV1/RPPCONT Number of Containers not Rounded DEC10_3 DEC 
384 /BEV1/RPPFAESS Number of Barrels not Rounded DEC10_3 DEC 
385 /BEV1/RPPKIST Number of Boxes not Rounded DEC10_3 DEC 
386 /BEV1/RPPROVA Commission Settlement /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
387 /BEV1/RPPSONST Number Other not Rounded DEC10_3 DEC 
388 /BEV1/RPRAHTEXT Frame Text, Amounts for Ship-to Party /BEV1/RPRAHTEXT CHAR 
389 /BEV1/RPRAHTXT2 Frame Text, Shipment Data /BEV1/RPRAHTXT2 CHAR 
390 /BEV1/RPRAHTXT3 Frame Text, Tour Data /BEV1/RPRAHTXT3 CHAR 
391 /BEV1/RPSCO Assignment to Totals Field Category 3 /BEV1/RPJANEIN CHAR 
392 /BEV1/RPSCONT Total for Containers /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
393 /BEV1/RPSFA Assignment to Totals Field Category 1 /BEV1/RPJANEIN CHAR 
394 /BEV1/RPSFAES Total for Barrels /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
395 /BEV1/RPSKI Assignment to Totals Field Category 2 /BEV1/RPJANEIN CHAR 
396 /BEV1/RPSKIST Total for Boxes /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
397 /BEV1/RPSMARTLG Group Type for Loading List SMART CHAR 
398 /BEV1/RPSNS No Allocation to Totals Field (Do not Total) /BEV1/RPJANEIN CHAR 
399 /BEV1/RPSONST Number Category 4 DEC7 DEC 
401 /BEV1/RPSPERZB Blocked Period to DATUM DATS 
402 /BEV1/RPSPERZV Blocked Period from DATUM DATS 
403 /BEV1/RPSPFLG Indicator for Special Instructions CHAR1 CHAR 
404 /BEV1/RPSSO Assignment to Totals Field Category 4 /BEV1/RPJANEIN CHAR 
405 /BEV1/RPSSTATUS Master Record Status /BEV1/RPSSTATUS NUMC 
406 /BEV1/RPSSTATUT Master Record Status DDTEXT CHAR 
407 /BEV1/RPSTABS Settlement Status STTRA CHAR 
408 /BEV1/RPSTABS_A Settlement Status: All (no Selection) /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
409 /BEV1/RPSTABS_J Status Settlement: Yes (Settled) /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
410 /BEV1/RPSTABS_N Settlement Status: No (not Settled) /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
411 /BEV1/RPSTNER Status of Follow-Up Recording STTRA CHAR 
412 /BEV1/RPSTNER_A Status Follow-Up Recording: All (no Selection) /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
413 /BEV1/RPSTNER_J Status Follow-Up Recording: Yes (Is in Follow-Up Recording) /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
414 /BEV1/RPSTNER_N Status Follow-Up Recording: No (not in Follow-Up Recording) /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
415 /BEV1/RPSTOPNR Sequence Number Within the Route /BEV1/RPSTOPNR NUMC 
416 /BEV1/RPSTORT Location TEXT30 CHAR 
417 /BEV1/RPSTPLS Forklift Truck License Available /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
418 /BEV1/RPTAGTR Day of Shipment /BEV1/RPTAGTR CHAR 
420 /BEV1/RPTDISPZ Permissible for Route Planning /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
421 /BEV1/RPTLAD Loading Lists Only /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
422 /BEV1/RPTLEINH Total Loading Units /BEV1/RPLEINH NUMC 
423 /BEV1/RPTLIEF Delivery Notes only /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
424 /BEV1/RPTLIEFLA Delivery Notes and Loading Lists /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
425 /BEV1/RPTOLERAZ_NL Tolerance of Usable Load in Percent PRZ21 DEC 
426 /BEV1/RPULKZ Registration Number CHAR15 CHAR 
427 /BEV1/RPURPOS Cursor position /BEV1/RPURPOS CHAR 
428 /BEV1/RPUTABS Current Time for Settlement End UZEIT TIMS 
429 /BEV1/RPUTNER Current Time for Start of Follow-Up Recording UZEIT TIMS 
430 /BEV1/RPVARKAP Free Capacity Field with Variable Unit of Measure /BEV1/RPVARKAP QUAN 
431 /BEV1/RPVARKAP_OBSOLETE Free Capacity Field with Variable Unit of Measure /BEV1/RPVARKAP_OBSOLETE QUAN 
432 /BEV1/RPVOLU Unit for Loading Volume MEINS UNIT 
433 /BEV1/RPVOLUM Volume in m3 DEC5_3 DEC 
434 /BEV1/RPVOLUMMD Volume of Vehicle and Trailer DEC08 DEC 
435 /BEV1/RPVOL_U Volume Unit MEINS UNIT 
436 /BEV1/RPVST1UEB Copy Clearly Defined Shipping Point to Loading List /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
437 /BEV1/RPVSTBER Consider Shipping Point for Loading List /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
438 /BEV1/RPVWAD1 Default Waiting Time 1 in Hours: Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
439 /BEV1/RPVWAD1_CHAR Default Waiting Time 1 in Hours: Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
440 /BEV1/RPVWAD2 Default Waiting Time 2 in Hours: Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
441 /BEV1/RPVWAD2_CHAR Default Waiting Time 2 in Hours: Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
442 /BEV1/RPVWDFD Default Value for Direct Travel Duration in Hours: Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
443 /BEV1/RPVWDFD_CHAR Default Value for Direct Travel Duration in Hours: Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
444 /BEV1/RPVWFD Default Value Travel Duration in Hours: Min. TSTRDURAN DEC 
445 /BEV1/RPVWFD_CHAR Default Value Travel Duration in Hours: Min. CHAR11 CHAR 
446 /BEV1/RPYPOS Original Value of Y /BEV1/RPYPOS INT1 
447 /BEV1/RSABSLGGRP Settlement for Empties Groups YESNO CHAR 
448 /BEV1/RSABSPOP Dialog Box for Tour Completion /BEV1/CAMARK CHAR 
450 /BEV1/RSABSTSTS Route Settlement - Status /BEV1/RSABSTSTS CHAR 
451 /BEV1/RSALLPOS Route Sett. - Diff. Determination All Items Considered YESNO CHAR 
452 /BEV1/RSAST Settlement Type for Route Settlement CHAR1 CHAR 
453 /BEV1/RSAUMG Order Quantity for Route Settlement MENG15 QUAN 
454 /BEV1/RSBARLSIN Cash-Paid Delivery Notes in Invoice WERTV8 CURR 
455 /BEV1/RSBCA Indicator for Batch Control CHAR1 CHAR 
456 /BEV1/RSBELAUART Order Type Debit Note Document AUART CHAR 
457 /BEV1/RSBELPOSTYP Order Item Category Debit Driver PSTYV CHAR 
458 /BEV1/RSBEZ Description of Payment Method TEXT40 CHAR 
459 /BEV1/RSBILANZ Driver's Statement per Tour WERTV8 CURR 
460 /BEV1/RSBST Stock Indicator CHAR1 CHAR 
461 /BEV1/RSCOCBTYP COCIS Doc. Cat (Load Delivery, Returns Loading Note, etc.) /BEV1/RSCOCBTYP CHAR 
463 /BEV1/RSCOCSTAT_N COCIS Status of Follow-On Document STATV CHAR 
464 /BEV1/RSCOPYRLS Copying of Returns Loading Note Allowed YESNO CHAR 
465 /BEV1/RSDABSTART Default Settlement Type YESNO CHAR 
466 /BEV1/RSDFTBUDAT Pre-Allocation Posting Date for Collection Posting /BEV1/RSDFTBUDAT CHAR 
467 /BEV1/RSDIFALLPOS Route Sett. - Diff. Determination All Items Considered YESNO CHAR 
468 /BEV1/RSDIFBELF Create Difference Documents Driver YESNO CHAR 
469 /BEV1/RSDIFBELI Create Difference Documents Collection YESNO CHAR 
470 /BEV1/RSDIFFABS Absolute Difference in Currency for Diff. Doc. Collection WERTV8 CURR 
471 /BEV1/RSDIFFAUF Flag: Difference Order Posted YESNO CHAR 
472 /BEV1/RSDIFFPROZ Difference Percent Re. Order Value (Diff. Doc. Collection) AM_PPERC DEC 
473 /BEV1/RSDIFFWHG Currency for Difference Limit for Difference Doc. Collection WAERS CUKY 
474 /BEV1/RSDIFMG Difference quantity MENG13V QUAN 
475 /BEV1/RSDIMG Difference Quantity in Route Settlement MENG15 QUAN 
476 /BEV1/RSDTCOU Check-Out Date DATUM DATS 
477 /BEV1/RSENTAUART Order Type Credit Note Document AUART CHAR 
478 /BEV1/RSENTPOSTYP Order Item Category Credit Driver PSTYV CHAR 
479 /BEV1/RSERFRET Entry Returns Document Allowed YESNO CHAR 
480 /BEV1/RSEX Indicator for Quick Exchange CHAR1 CHAR 
481 /BEV1/RSFBARRES Driver: Calculated Value of Invoices Paid WERTV8 CURR 
482 /BEV1/RSFBARSOL Driver: Debit Cash Amount WERTV8 CURR 
483 /BEV1/RSFBIFLG ID of Batch Input CHAR1 CHAR 
484 /BEV1/RSFCASH Cash Amount Returned by Driver WERTV8 CURR 
485 /BEV1/RSFCASH1 Cash Amount Driver WERTV8 CURR 
486 /BEV1/RSFDUDAT Creation Date of Invoice DATUM DATS 
488 /BEV1/RSFLDATE Date of Collection Assignment DATUM DATS 
489 /BEV1/RSFMATNR Collection Material MATNR CHAR 
490 /BEV1/RSFOFKWRT Total Value of an Order WERTV8 CURR 
491 /BEV1/RSFPAYCOM ID: Payment Completed CHAR1 CHAR 
492 /BEV1/RSFPFKWRT Paid Order Amount WERTV8 CURR 
494 /BEV1/RSFPWRBTR Paid Invoice Amount WERT7 CURR 
495 /BEV1/RSFQEST Indicator Quick Exchange CHAR1 CHAR 
496 /BEV1/RSFRMTXT Output Field for Group Frame Title CHAR50 CHAR 
498 /BEV1/RSFSPERRE Cancel Billing Block YESNO CHAR 
499 /BEV1/RSFTRFLG ID for Display or Change Mode CHAR1 CHAR 
500 /BEV1/RSFTYPE Document Class (O = Order, I = Invoice, D = Delivery) CHAR1 CHAR