SAP ABAP Domain - Index I, page 8
Domain - I
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 ISH_NL_POSPNT Burger service nummer patient abweisung CHAR   
2 ISH_NL_PRSTCODE Zusammengezogene DBC Leistungskode CHAR 20    
3 ISH_NL_REF_STAT Verweisungs status CHAR   
4 ISH_NL_REP_CODE Burger service nummer Service anforderungs erbenis code CHAR   
5 ISH_NL_REP_TXT Burger service nummer Service anforderungs erbenis text CHAR 255    
6 ISH_NL_REP_TYPE Burger service nummer Service anforderungs erbenis art CHAR   
7 ISH_NL_RESULT Burger service nummer Service anforderungs ergebenis CHAR   
8 ISH_NL_RGTYPE IS-H NL: Wert von Regeln (M1, M3, usw.) CHAR   
9 ISH_NL_RULE_EVENT DOT Regeln Ereignis CHAR   
10 ISH_NL_SCREEN_VALUES IS-H NL:Anzeige Werte aus der BSN pop-up CHAR 50    
11 ISH_NL_SCREEN_VAL_TYP IS-H NL:Anzeige Werte typen aus der BSN pop-up CHAR 20    
12 ISH_NL_SETTING Indikation des Settings einer erbrachten Leistung CHAR   
13 ISH_NL_SORT IS-H NL : Sortierschlüssel für Scheineart. NUMC   
14 ISH_NL_SPEC ISH_NL: Spezialgebiet CHAR   
15 ISH_NL_STATUS ISH_NL: Interner status DBC CHAR   
16 ISH_NL_SWITCH IS-H NL : Schalter um Funktionalität ein / aus zu schalten CHAR   
17 ISH_NL_THERAP ISH_NL: Therapie CHAR 10    
18 ISH_NL_TRJNR ISH_NL: Sorgestreckenummer NUMC 10    
19 ISH_NL_TRJ_TYPE Sorgestrecke type CHAR   
20 ISH_NL_USE_RGTYPE IS-H NL: Anwendung Regel CHAR   
21 ISH_NL_VERS Hash total version CHAR 12    
23 ISH_NL_WBMVCODE WBMV Genehmigungskode CHAR 10    
24 ISH_NL_WLPRICON ISH_NL: Umschlüsselung Priorität in Warteliste CHAR   
25 ISH_NL_ZORGT IS-H NL: Sorgetype CHAR 10    
26 ISH_NL_ZORGT_DBC095 ISH_NL: Domäne fur wertetabelle rapportage RNNLDBC95 CHAR 10    
27 ISH_NL_ZORGVR ISH_NL: Sorgfrage CHAR 10    
28 ISH_NUSERTYP IS-H: User Type for Views CHAR   
29 ISH_NVD IS-H: Standard length of stay DEC
30 ISH_OBDUC IS-H NL: LMR Obductie CHAR   
31 ISH_OBJECT IS-H: Object that generates data records CHAR 10    
32 ISH_OBJECTID IS-H: IDs of IS-H/IS-H*MED objects CHAR   
33 ISH_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type INT4 10    
34 ISH_OBJKEY IS-H: Key of an Object (Table, Number Range, Long Text, etc) CHAR 16    
35 ISH_OBJSRC IS-H: Application that created object CHAR   
36 ISH_OBJTYP IS-H: Object Type (Table, Number Range, Long Text, etc.) CHAR   
37 ISH_OBJ_UP IS-H: Object that changed data record CHAR 10    
38 ISH_OBKEY IS-H: Object Key CHAR 15    
39 ISH_OBTYP IS-H: Object Type Insurance Verification Monitoring CHAR   
41 ISH_OMTYP IS-H: Category of the logical work organizer CHAR   
42 ISH_ON_OFF IS-H: Boolean Data Type for ON (= 'X') and OFF (= ' ') CHAR   
43 ISH_OPART IS-H: Type of surgery CHAR   
47 ISH_OPRED IS-H NL: LMR Opnamereden CHAR   
48 ISH_OPSTAT IS-H: Start of surgical procedure code (7 characters) CHAR   
49 ISH_OPTAB IS-H SG: Table of operation CHAR   
50 ISH_OPTION IS-H: Option field in range tables CHAR   
51 ISH_OPURG IS-H NL: LMR Opname-urgentie CHAR   
52 ISH_ORGNR IS-H: Position of field within org. unit maintenance NUMC   
53 ISH_OTYPL IS-H: Object type of a charge master item CHAR   
54 ISH_OU_BU_ASSIG Building Unit-to-Organizational Unit Assignment CHAR   
55 ISH_P21_REG_VERS IS-H: P21: Regionale Versorgungsverpflichtung (PSY) CHAR   
56 ISH_PACKET_SIZE IS-H: Paketgröße INT4 10    
58 ISH_PAPID IS-H: Provisional Patient Number CHAR 10    
59 ISH_PARAM ISH: Parameter name CHAR   
60 ISH_PARA_DKE IS-H: Advanced Search in Diagnosis Coding Catalog CHAR   
62 ISH_PASSNR IS-H: Identity document number CHAR 15    
63 ISH_PASSTY IS-H: Identity document type CHAR   
65 ISH_PATUSER1 IS-H: User-Defined Field 1 CHAR 20    
66 ISH_PATUSER2 IS-H: User-Defined Field 2 CHAR 20    
67 ISH_PATUSER3 IS-H: User-Defined Field 3 DATS   
68 ISH_PATUSER4 IS-H: User-Defined Field 4 DATS   
69 ISH_PATUSER5 IS-H: User-Defined Field 5 CHAR 50    
70 ISH_PATUSER6 IS-H: User-Defined Field 6 CHAR   
72 ISH_PAYCL ISh SG: Class CHAR   
73 ISH_PCPNO IS-H: Internal Number of Procedure for Preregistration NUMC 10    
74 ISH_PCS_CODE IS-H: PCS Code (Generic for PCS) CHAR 30    
75 ISH_PCS_SUPER_GROUP IS-H: PCS Supergroup (Generic for PCS) CHAR 30    
76 ISH_PCS_TYPE IS-H: PCS Type (PCS = Patient Classification System) CHAR 10    
78 ISH_PERCT IS-H: Percentage in floating point format DEC
79 ISH_PERIOD IS-H: Period als possible entry for periods CHAR   
80 ISH_PERKR IS-H: Person Group for PPA Billing CHAR   
81 ISH_PERNR IS-H: External Personnel Number CHAR 10    
82 ISH_PERPH IS-H: KRAZAF-Periode für Punktehistorie CHAR   
83 ISH_PFACH IS-H: Post Office Box CHAR 10    
84 ISH_PFLKZ IS-H: Maintenance indicator for service assignment types CHAR   
86 ISH_PFTAGE IS-H: Patient Days INT4 10    
87 ISH_PGROUP IS-H: Grouping of system parameters CHAR   
88 ISH_PHYS_INTEXT Internal / External Physician CHAR   
90 ISH_PKWRT IS-H NL: Charge factors DEC 11 
92 ISH_PLAN IS-H: Planned/actual indicator CHAR   
93 ISH_PLANCHARAC IS-H: Occupancy Characteristic CHAR   
95 ISH_PLZPF IS-H: ZIP code of the PO box CHAR 10    
96 ISH_PMTYP IS-H: Field type of the parameter CHAR 10    
97 ISH_POBNR IS-H: Serial number of a planning object NUMC 10    
98 ISH_POL_ACTION IS-H: Time of Execution CHAR   
99 ISH_POL_CALUP IS-H: Event at which Module Is Executed CHAR 20    
100 ISH_POS IS-H: Item Number NUMC   
101 ISH_POS05 IS-H: Item Number NUMC   
102 ISH_POSNR IS-H: item number (e.g. for each ins.verification/certificat NUMC   
103 ISH_POSZZ IS-H: Item Number NUMC   
104 ISH_PRATYP IS-H: Practice category BDT format NUMC   
105 ISH_PREGUSER1 IS-H: User-Defined Field 1 CHAR 20    
106 ISH_PREGUSER2 IS-H: User-Defined Field 2 CHAR 20    
107 ISH_PREGUSER3 IS-H: User-Defined Field 3 DATS   
108 ISH_PREGUSER4 IS-H: User-Defined Field 4 DATS   
109 ISH_PREGUSER5 IS-H: User-Defined Field 5 CHAR 50    
110 ISH_PREGUSER6 IS-H: User-Defined Field 6 CHAR   
111 ISH_PREGUSER7 IS-H: User-Defined Field 7 CHAR   
112 ISH_PRFNR Priority of Check NUMC   
113 ISH_PRICHG IS-H: Control of manual price in service entry CHAR   
114 ISH_PRIO _ NUMC   
115 ISH_PROC_QUANTITY IS-H: Procedure Quantity QUAN 20 
116 ISH_PROC_TYPE IS-H: Procedure Type CHAR   
117 ISH_PROZENT IS-H: Prozentzahl DEC
118 ISH_PROZENT_KENNZAHL IS-H: Percentage Specification for Key Figures DEC   
119 ISH_PSTYV IS-H: item type distribution document CHAR   
120 ISH_PUNKTE IS-H: Charge factor of performed service DEC 11 
121 ISH_PVALUE IS-H NL: Charge factor value of service DEC 12 
122 ISH_PWERT IS-H: Charge Factor Value per Charge Factor in Local Crcy DEC 13 
123 ISH_PZAHL IS-H: Charge Factor DEC 11 
124 ISH_QUANTITY_LONG IS-H: Service Quantity Totals Field for Lists NUMC 10    
125 ISH_RACE IS-H: Race CHAR   
126 ISH_RANG IS-H: Ranking order insurance relationship CHAR   
127 ISH_RANGF IS-H: Ranking order insurance relationship NUMC   
128 ISH_RANK IS-H: Rank for person CHAR   
129 ISH_RANKN IS-H: Guarantor rank NUMC   
133 ISH_RDRUCK IS-H: Control for invoice print CHAR   
134 ISH_READ_DATE IS-H: Last Date Card Read DATS   
136 ISH_REDO_KZTXT IS-H: Renewable Documents - Short Text CHAR 40    
137 ISH_REDO_TYPE Renewable Document - Type of Renewable Document CHAR 10    
138 ISH_REDO_WOINCTYPE IS-H: Renewable Documents - Type of Work Incapacity CHAR 10    
139 ISH_REFKY IS-H: Reference code from external system CHAR 20    
140 ISH_REFNR IS-H: Number to which a billing component is related CHAR 10    
141 ISH_REFSRC IS-H: Referral type/post-treatment type CHAR   
142 ISH_REF_PROC_UNIT Reference Value for Procedure Generation CHAR   
144 ISH_RELMODE IS-H: Release mode NUMC   
145 ISH_RELSH IS-H: Relationship CHAR   
146 ISH_RELSHI IS-H: Relationship, internal type CHAR   
147 ISH_REL_RESID IS-H: Relevance of residency CHAR   
148 ISH_REMRK IS-H: User-Defined Text CHAR 40    
149 ISH_RESCTY IS-H: Emergency Services CHAR   
150 ISH_REST1 IS-H: rest1 of the EBM structure CHAR 200    
151 ISH_REST2 IS-H: rest 2 of the structure table CHAR 150    
152 ISH_RESTG1 IS-H: remaining structure CHAR 200    
153 ISH_RESTG2 IS-H: remaining structure CHAR 150    
154 ISH_RETTNR IS-H: Number of the Emergency Service for Accident CHAR 15    
155 ISH_RETURN_REASON IS-H: Wiederkehrergrund CHAR   
156 ISH_RGART IS-H: Rule Type CHAR 10    
157 ISH_RGART_PROC IS-H: Rule Type CHAR 10    
158 ISH_RGART_ZWECK IS-H: Use of service rule type CHAR   
159 ISH_RGORD Ranking Order for Persons NUMC   
160 ISH_ROLBZ IS-H: description of the relationship function-activity CHAR 30    
161 ISH_ROLLE IS-H NL: Function of business partner CHAR 15    
162 ISH_ROLTP IS-H: funct. of bus.partner with ref. to specl. activities CHAR   
163 ISH_ROLTPE IS-H: funct. of bus.partner with ref. to specl. activities CHAR   
164 ISH_ROLTPI IS-H: Business Partner-to-Service Assignment CHAR   
169 ISH_RSCAT IS-H: Type of Risk Factor CHAR   
172 ISH_RSRT IS-H: Invoice sorting for collective billing CHAR   
173 ISH_RSTYP IS-H: Category of Risk Factor CHAR   
174 ISH_RULE IS-H: Rule CHAR 10    
177 ISH_SAMED IS-H: Sameday Indicator for DRG Grouper CHAR   
179 ISH_SELKZ IS-H: Unique indicator for collective invoice selection CHAR 21    
180 ISH_SEQNO IS-H: Sequence Number NUMC   
181 ISH_SEQNO_C IS-H: Sequence Number CHAR   
182 ISH_SERVICE_TYPE Type of service CHAR   
183 ISH_SESIGN IS-H: SIGN field of a RANGE table CHAR   
184 ISH_SESNR IS-H: Number of the session CHAR 10    
186 ISH_SESTA IS-H: Send status EDI CHAR   
188 ISH_SHBKL IS-H: Special general ledger transaction class CHAR   
189 ISH_SHBKZ IS-H: Special general ledger indicator CHAR   
190 ISH_SHIFTACTION IS-H: Case Revision Type of Run CHAR   
191 ISH_SHIFTMODE IS-H: Mode Copy, Reassign, Merge CHAR   
192 ISH_SHIFT_OBJID IS-H: Case Revision - Key of an Object CHAR 12    
193 ISH_SHIFT_TARGET IS-H: Case Revision - Specify Whether Source or Target CHAR 20    
194 ISH_SHIFT_TYPE IS-H: Case Revision - Object Type CHAR 10    
195 ISH_SIGN Indicator CHAR   
196 ISH_SIGNAT IS-H: Digital Signature CHAR   
197 ISH_SIGTYPE IS-H: Type of Digital Signature CHAR 10    
198 ISH_SORT IS-H: Sort Rules for Billing CHAR   
199 ISH_SORT03 IS-H: Specifies the ranking order within a sort NUMC   
200 ISH_SORT04 IS-H: Ranking order within a sort with 4 fields NUMC   
201 ISH_SORT05 IS-H: Ranking Order Within Sorting with 5 Fields NUMC   
202 ISH_SORT06 IS-H: Sort indicator for six criteria NUMC   
203 ISH_SOURCE IS-H: Type of Source or Target Object (REASSIGN) CHAR   
204 ISH_SOURCE_ID IS-H: Key of Object for Case Revision CHAR 12    
205 ISH_SPART IS-H: column CHAR   
207 ISH_SPECD IS-H NL: LAZR Specialismecode NUMC   
209 ISH_SPMCX IS-H NL: LMR code verantw.spec./medebehandelaar/consulent CHAR   
210 ISH_SPTYP IS-H: Specialist Type CHAR   
211 ISH_SRTVER IS-H: identifier sort procedure CHAR   
212 ISH_SRTXT IS-H: Comment on Sort Procedure CHAR 40    
213 ISH_SRV_TOOLTIP IS-H: Tooltip (Quick Info Text) for Service CHAR 50    
214 ISH_SRV_TXT IS-H: Service text CHAR 40    
215 ISH_SSCHAL IS-H: switch for the statistics transfer CHAR 10    
216 ISH_STAG IS-H: Start day for interval NUMC   
217 ISH_STAGR Statistical key figure CHAR   
218 ISH_STATE_D2D_LONG IS-H: D2D Nachrichtenstatus lang CHAR   
219 ISH_STATS IS-H: Collective invoice status CHAR   
220 ISH_STDAT_AVER IS-H: Reversal date determ. for down pymt clearing reversal CHAR   
221 ISH_STIGR IS-HCO: Statistical ratio field CHAR   
222 ISH_STITX IS-HCO: Text for statistical ratio CHAR 15    
223 ISH_SUBCL IS-H SG: Subsidy class CHAR   
224 ISH_SVNUM IS-H: Social Insurance Number CHAR 20    
225 ISH_SYSTEM IS-H: Unique system number CHAR   
226 ISH_SZADR IS-H: Self-Payer Invoice Recipient CHAR   
227 ISH_TABFLD IS-H: Table Field CHAR 30    
229 ISH_TAGE IS-H: Interval for patient accounting in assigned days NUMC   
231 ISH_TAGGRUPPE IS-H: Nummer der Taggruppe bei Tagtrennung (KV) NUMC 10    
232 ISH_TAGRU IS-H: Activity type CHAR   
233 ISH_TAKAT IS-H: Service Summary Code CHAR 10    
234 ISH_TARAS IS-H: Multiplication Factor DEC
235 ISH_TARAS6 IS-H: Multipl. Fact., 3 Pl.before/3 Pl.behind the Dec.Point DEC
236 ISH_TAXKZ IS-H: Tax code CHAR   
237 ISH_TCODE IS-H: Transaction code RF customer R/2 CHAR   
238 ISH_TEXT25 IS-H: text with length 25 CHAR 25    
239 ISH_TEXT30 IS-H: Text comprising 30 characters - case-sensitive CHAR 30    
240 ISH_TEXT60 IS-H: Text comprising 60 characters - case-sensitive CHAR 60    
241 ISH_TGRGR IS-H NL: Leistungstyp Grundleistung CHAR   
242 ISH_TIME _ NUMC   
243 ISH_TNAME IS-H: Table containing parameters CHAR 10    
244 ISH_TOD Copayment request for expired patients CHAR   
245 ISH_TP IS-H: Code of day period morning/afternoon CHAR   
246 ISH_TPGID IS-H: Day program ID CHAR   
247 ISH_TRART IS-H: Type of hospital operator NUMC   
248 ISH_TRCAPP IS-H: Application name for trace logging CHAR   
249 ISH_TRCSTP IS-H: Trace storage type (file, DB table) CHAR   
250 ISH_TRCTYP IS-H: Trace type NUMC   
251 ISH_TRUE_FALSE IS-H: Boolean Data Type for TRUE (="1") and FALSE (="0") CHAR   
252 ISH_TXT freier kurzer Text CHAR 70    
253 ISH_TXT70 IS-H: 70-Character Lower Case Text CHAR 70    
254 ISH_TYPE_PG IS-H: Type of Day or Week Program CHAR   
255 ISH_UBDAT Datum der Überleitung DATS   
256 ISH_UBLKZ IS-HCO: Transfer Status of Service/Material CHAR   
257 ISH_UEBZP IS-H: Time of service transfer CHAR   
259 ISH_UNIRETCASE_OBJID IS-H: Wiederkehrer - Objektidentifikation CHAR 12    
260 ISH_UNIRETCASE_TYPE IS-H: Wiederkehrer - Typ des fallabhängigen Objektes CHAR 10    
261 ISH_UNKNOWN_GBDAT Unbekanntes Geburtsdatum CHAR   
262 ISH_UNTBR IS-H: Unterbringung CHAR   
263 ISH_USAGE IS-H: Usage of Object CHAR   
264 ISH_USRPARM IS-H: Name of Technical User Parameter CHAR 10    
265 ISH_VCODE IS-H: Processing Mode CHAR   
266 ISH_VDISC IS-H NL: LMR Zorg discipline CHAR   
267 ISH_VERAR IS-H §302: Kennzeichen Verordnungsart bei Heilmitteln NUMC   
268 ISH_VERBS IS-H §302: Kennzeichen Verordnungsbesonderheiten NUMC   
269 ISH_VERSIONCODE IS-H CA: Version Code for OHIP Health Number CHAR   
270 ISH_VERSN IS-H: version BDT format CHAR   
271 ISH_VERWZ IS-H NL: LMR-Verzekeringswijze CHAR   
272 ISH_VINSA IS-H NL: LMR Zorg instantie CHAR   
273 ISH_VISITS IS-H: Visit Status CHAR   
274 ISH_VKORG IS-H: sales organization CHAR   
275 ISH_VK_PROB IS-H: Healthcare Smart Card - Probability of Match DEC
276 ISH_VORGN IS-HCO: Business Transaction CHAR   
277 ISH_VORPT IS-H: Number of days of preliminary care NUMC   
278 ISH_VPREIS IS-H: Maximum price of insurance verification (bill.doc.) CURR 11 
279 ISH_VPROZ IS-H: Percentage of item covered by ins.verif./certif.(BDoc) DEC
280 ISH_VSPME IS-H NL: LMR Zorg specialisme CHAR   
281 ISH_VSTEXT IS-H: remarks on the version CHAR 40    
282 ISH_VTAGE IS-H: Number of copayment days paid NUMC   
283 ISH_VTRTY IS-H: Contract scheme CHAR   
284 ISH_VTWEG IS-H: distribution channel CHAR   
285 ISH_WAERS IS-H: Currency key CUKY   
286 ISH_WCCCD IS-H NL: LMR-Instellingsnummer CHAR   
287 ISH_WEEKDAY IS-H: Weekday CHAR   
288 ISH_WERT20 IS-H: 20-Character Value Field Without +/- Sign CURR 20 
289 ISH_WERT9N2 IS-H: Value Field 9N2 with - Sign CURR
290 ISH_WERTV6 IS-H: value field with operator CURR 11 
291 ISH_WKAT IS-H: Choice of ward class CHAR   
292 ISH_WLSTALI IS-H: Waiting list status as traffic light CHAR 30    
293 ISH_WNDNR IS-H: Number of the wound CHAR 10    
295 ISH_WPADM_FTYP IS-H: Type of Function Module for Admission Subscreen CHAR   
296 ISH_WPGID IS-H: Week Program ID CHAR   
297 ISH_XAYOUT IS-H: Layout of Movement List CHAR   
298 ISH_XFELD IS-H: yes/no field CHAR   
299 ISH_ZEITR_LS IS-H: Indicator for Extended Service CHAR   
301 ISH_ZTVZW IS-H: Usage of assignment type in evaluations CHAR   
302 ISH_ZUANZ IS-H: Indicator for copayment/down payment CHAR   
303 ISH_ZUOTYP IS-H: Assignment type CHAR   
304 ISH_ZUO_TYP IS-H: Assignment type CHAR   
305 ISH_ZUZ_18 IS-H: Zuzahlungspflicht bei Vollendung 18. Lebensjahr CHAR   
306 ISH_ZUZ_CURRV Signed value field PL7 CURR 13 
307 ISH_ZVERW IS-H: Use of Copayment Parameters CHAR   
308 ISH_ZWECK IS-H: Purpose of table entry (for client reset program) CHAR   
309 ISINPROFILE SDB: individual profile CHAR 10    
310 ISIS_APPL Application which uses the contract CHAR   
311 ISIS_CONTRACT_ID Identification key of an object CHAR 20    
312 ISIS_CONTRACT_ID_EXT External Identification Key of a Contract CHAR 20    
314 ISI_JITCALL_TYPE JIT call type CHAR   
315 ISI_ORDER_STATE Status of sales order for empty packaging material CHAR   
316 ISI_PODFLAG_SEL Selection Help: Relvant for POD creation CHAR   
318 ISI_PODVWK_SEL Selection Help for the POD Viewed Flag CHAR   
319 ISI_PUL_CHAR Character22 for pul CHAR 22    
320 ISI_PUL_DISPLAY Display Control (Pick Up List) CHAR   
321 ISI_PUL_MAKTX Product description Pickuplist CHAR 40    
322 ISI_PUL_MATID Internal Product Number (UID) CHAR 22    
323 ISI_PUL_MATNR Product number Pickuplist CHAR 40    
324 ISI_PUL_PRE_DOC_TYPE VS: Communication layer preceding document type CHAR   
325 ISI_RL_DISPLAY Display Control CHAR   
326 ISI_RL_DISPLAY_MESSAGES Display control for messages CHAR   
327 ISI_SHOW_STATE Status of sales orders, which have to be displayed CHAR   
328 ISI_SUMJIT_GR_STATUS Goods movement status CHAR   
329 ISI_SUMJIT_SORTB Sorting values of Summrised JIT calls in web CHAR   
330 ISI_SUMJIT_VIEW View of Summrised JIT calls in web CHAR   
331 ISJPAMNT Amount CURR 13 
332 ISJPASSIGNBLOCK neue Eingabewerte (X, . oder SPACE) CHAR   
333 ISJPBANKCHARGE Bank Charges Paid By Payee CHAR   
335 ISJPCANSTAT Creation Status CHAR   
336 ISJPCHANDATE Changing Date DATS   
337 ISJPCHANTIME Changing Time TIMS   
338 ISJPCHANUSER Changed By User CHAR 12    
339 ISJPCLEARDATE Clearing Date DATS   
340 ISJPCLOSDATE Closing Date DATS   
341 ISJPCLOSDATEID Closing date pattern ID CHAR   
342 ISJPCREADATE Creation Date DATS   
343 ISJPCREASTAT Creation Status CHAR   
344 ISJPCREATIME Creation Time TIMS   
345 ISJPCREAUSER Created By User CHAR 12    
346 ISJPGRUNIT Grouping Unit CHAR 20    
347 ISJPHDAMNT Amount per Period CURR 15 
348 ISJPHEADERTAX Indicator To Calculate Tax At MI Header Level CHAR   
349 ISJPHOLIDUEDATE Indicator To Consider JP Holidays In Duedate Calculation CHAR   
350 ISJPINVPERIOD Inviocing Period for Invoice Summary NUMC   
351 ISJPINVSUMNR Invoice Summary Number CHAR 10    
352 ISJPINVSUMPAYER Invoice Summary Payer CHAR 10    
353 ISJPINVSUMPROC Invoice Summary Processing Flag CHAR   
354 ISJPINVSUMRECIP Monthly Invoice Recipient CHAR 10    
355 ISJPINVSUMREL Invoice summary relevancy CHAR   
356 ISJPINVSUMROLE Invoice Summary Role CHAR   
357 ISJPINVSUMTYPE Invoice Summary Type CHAR   
358 ISJPITEMCAT Item category CHAR   
359 ISJPMIBLOCK Monthly Invoice Block CHAR   
360 ISJPMINR Monthly Invoice Number CHAR 10    
361 ISJPNOTINCL Not Included In The Monthly Invoice CHAR   
362 ISJPNUMBER Number NUMC 10    
363 ISJPOKICON Traffic light icon CHAR   
365 ISJPPATTERNID Bank Charge Pattern ID CHAR   
366 ISJPPINR Payer Invoice Number CHAR 10    
367 ISJPPRINTDATE Printing Date DATS   
368 ISJPRULEZTERM Rule for proposal of payment term CHAR   
369 ISJPSEQNO Sequence number NUMC   
370 ISJPSEQNR Sequence Number CHAR   
371 ISJPSPECCASEREL neue Eingabewerte (X, . oder SPACE) CHAR   
372 ISJPUPDSTAT Update Status CHAR   
373 ISJPVALIDFROM Valid From Date DATS   
374 ISJPVIRTACCTNR Virtual Account Number CHAR 10    
375 ISJP_STATUS Status of FI document for reporting CHAR   
376 ISLNR SDB: Solution Number CHAR 12    
377 ISLST SDB: Solution Status CHAR   
378 ISLTP SDB: Solution Type CHAR   
379 ISLVER SDB: Reference Version Number CHAR   
380 ISM Media: Specific Fixed Values     
382 ISMADDRESSEE Addressees for Title Announcements CHAR   
383 ISMANWEND IS-M: Component Within Industry Solution IS-M CHAR   
384 ISMART SDB: Problem Subtype CHAR   
385 ISMCDALGO Check digit algorithm CHAR   
386 ISMCOD SDB: Code CHAR   
387 ISMCONTTYPE Content Category CHAR   
388 ISMCOUNTER IS-M: Counter NUMC   
389 ISMCPREXCEP Special provision (copyright) CHAR   
390 ISMDELIVERYPLAN Delivery Schedule Records CHAR   
391 ISMDELIVTYPE Answer code for requests CHAR   
392 ISMDESIGN Product presentation CHAR   
393 ISMEDITIONTYPE Type of Edition CHAR   
394 ISMEXTEND IS-M: Enhanced Application Log CHAR 30    
395 ISMEXTENTUNIT Unit for quantity information UNIT   
396 ISMFIELDMODIF Field attribute CHAR   
397 ISMFORMAT Format CHAR   
398 ISMFRSTPUBLPER First publication period CHAR 14    
399 ISMGENGROUP Generation Group CHAR   
400 ISMGEOKATEGORIE IS-M: Geography Category Point of Sale CHAR   
401 ISMGROUP IS-M: Group CHAR 10    
402 ISMHIERALVLKTXT Media master record hierarchy level short text CHAR 60    
403 ISMHIERARCHLVL Hierarchy Level (media product family, product or issue) CHAR   
404 ISMIDCDAREA Number interval identification code CHAR 18    
405 ISMIDCDNUMBER ID Code Number NUMC 18    
406 ISMIDCLENGTH Length of ID Code Without Separators but with Check Digit NUMC   
407 ISMIDCODETYPE Type of identification code CHAR   
408 ISMIDCODETYPEMV45A Type of identification code CHAR   
409 ISMIDCODETYPE_EX Type of Identification Code (External Display) CHAR   
410 ISMIDENTCODE Identification code CHAR 18    
411 ISMIMPRINT Imprint CHAR 10    
412 ISMIMPRINT_KTXT Imprint Text CHAR 30    
413 ISMINTPUBLNUM International publisher ID number CHAR 18    
414 ISMISSUEADM IS-M: Issue management indicator CHAR   
415 ISMIVWNR_DI Circulation audit number of edition CHAR 10    
417 ISMLANGUAGES Languages CHAR   
418 ISMLAYER IS-M: Origin of Message CHAR   
419 ISMLEVEL IS-M: Level in Application Log CHAR 80    
420 ISMLINKGROUP IS-M: Contract Group INT1   
421 ISMMADEFORMARKET Made-For Market CHAR 18    
423 ISMMESSAGENR IS-M: Title announcement number CHAR   
424 ISMMESSAGETYPE Output type for title announcements CHAR   
425 ISMMSGTYPMTPLMPM Message Type for Multiple Creation with JPC1 CHAR   
426 ISMMULTUSE Multiple Usage Type CHAR   
427 ISMNIP IS-M: NIP Category CHAR   
428 ISMNIPTYPE IS-M: Type of Shipping Schedule Record CHAR   
429 ISMNR SDB: Problem Number CHAR 12    
430 ISMNUMKEY ID code number ranmge CHAR   
431 ISMNUMTYPE Type of feature CHAR   
432 ISMNUMUNIT Unit for quantity information UNIT   
434 ISMORGKEY IS-M: Organizational key CHAR 18    
435 ISMORPUBLISHER Original publisher CHAR 35    
436 ISMPERIODTXT IS-M: Publication Frequency of Media Product CHAR   
437 ISMPERTYP Period category CHAR   
438 ISMPERTYPEEX External Period Type CHAR   
439 ISMPOSNR IS-M: Originating item NUMC   
440 ISMPROTOCOLCOND Condition for Status CHAR   
442 ISMPT SDB: Problem Type CHAR   
443 ISMPUBLTYPE Publication Type CHAR   
444 ISMQUAN6 6 character quantity fields domain QUAN   
445 ISMRELEASE Copyright status CHAR   
446 ISMREPMEDIA Media type for title announcement CHAR 10    
447 ISMREPRINTTYPE Type of reprinting CHAR   
448 ISMRETURN Return Type CHAR   
449 ISMRETURNCHECKSCHEME Check Schema for Returns and Complaints CHAR   
450 ISMRETURNCONDITIONNR Processing Sequence INT2   
451 ISMRETURNDOCCATEGORY Return Document Category CHAR   
452 ISMRETURNPERCENTAGE Allowed Percentage Return Quantity NUMC   
455 ISMRETURNREC Return Record CHAR   
456 ISMRETURNSIGNQ Plus/Minus Sign for Transferring Return Quantities CHAR   
458 ISMRR_RELTYP IS-M/AM: Revenue recognition category CHAR   
459 ISMRUECK1 IS-M/AM: Confirmation when open item cleared CHAR   
460 ISMSD_CCPGA IS-M/SD: Payment cards - checking group CHAR   
461 ISMSD_ORDERLIST_WS_CONF IS-M/SD: Configuration of Order List CHAR 30    
462 ISMSEPCHAR Separator Symbol for ID Code CHAR   
463 ISMSEPNUMBER Number of Separators in ID Code NUMC   
464 ISMSERIES IS-M: Series Characteristic CHAR   
465 ISMSERIETYPE Series Category CHAR   
466 ISMST Solution Database: Problem Status CHAR   
467 ISMSTAFI IS-M: Status of the Financial Accounting Document CHAR   
468 ISMTITLE Text Field for Title Information CHAR 80    
469 ISMTITLELEVEL Title Hierarchy Level CHAR   
470 ISMTMCPRODUCTTYP IS-M: Market Coverage Product Type CHAR   
471 ISMVBELV Originating document CHAR 10    
472 ISMWS Deferred tax code CHAR   
473 ISMXFLAG IS-M: FLAG (yes/no 'X'/' ') CHAR   
474 ISM_ABSCHLREL IS-M: Contract Relevance CHAR   
475 ISM_ADDPAYMENT_TYPE IS-M/SD: Additional Payment Type CHAR   
476 ISM_ADDRESS_ORIGIN IS-M: Origin of the Address CHAR   
477 ISM_AD_DESIGN_CALL_TYPE IS-M/AM: Call Type for Ad Spec Design CHAR   
478 ISM_AGENT_CALLED_BY IS-M/AM: Initiator for Sales Agent Determination CHAR   
479 ISM_AMC_STYLE IS-M: Style for IS-M/AMC CHAR 30    
480 ISM_AMC_TEMPLATE IS-M: Template for IS-M/AMC CHAR 30    
481 ISM_AREA IS-M: Planning Area CHAR 15    
482 ISM_ARTWORK_ASS_ORGN IS-M/AM: Origin of Artwork Assignment CHAR   
483 ISM_ARTWORK_TYPE IS-M/AM: Artwork Type CHAR   
484 ISM_ASM_CP_KIND IS-M/AM: Type of Contact Person for Ad Spec Master CHAR   
485 ISM_ASTYPE Relationship Category CHAR   
486 ISM_BATCH_ID IS-M: Same as Domain BATCH_ID in CRM CHAR 10    
487 ISM_BE_ANT_KNTKTZHL IS-M: Online percentage share of target gross impressions DEC
488 ISM_BI_KNTKTZHL_VERTEIL IS-M: Gross Impressions Distribution Rule for BllDtst Gen. NUMC   
489 ISM_BNKDTLS_CALL_REASON IS-M/AM: Call Reason for Bank Details Dialog CHAR   
490 ISM_BOOK_OL IS-M/AM: Online booking type CHAR   
491 ISM_BOOLEAN IS-M: Boolean Values (True, False) NUMC   
492 ISM_BPARTNER_ROLE IS-M: Role of Current Business Partner CHAR   
493 ISM_BPCRM_ROLE IS-M: Role of Cust.from Mailing Campaign in IAC Subs.Sales CHAR   
494 ISM_BP_ASSI_TYP Assignment Type CHAR   
495 ISM_BP_CF_BU_ROLLE IS-M: Roles for Fast BP Creation CHAR   
496 ISM_BP_NODE_KEY Current node CHAR 12    
497 ISM_BP_OBLI Compulsory relationship CHAR   
498 ISM_BP_ORDER_RL Sequence of business partners for a role NUMC   
499 ISM_BP_USAGE_TYPE IS-M: Key Type for Business Partner Usage CHAR   
500 ISM_BSPGRID_STYLE IS-M: BSP Application: Grid Layout Style CHAR