SAP ABAP Domain - Index I, page 11
Domain - I
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 ITL_REFKEY Reference to source document CHAR 35    
2 ITL_REFTYP Reference type CHAR   
3 ITL_SUBTRIB Substituição Tributária CHAR   
4 ITL_TAXLAW ICMS Tax Situation and Tax Law Text CHAR   
8 ITL_TAXSIT1 ICMS Taxability CHAR   
9 ITL_TAXSIT_IPI Tax situation IPI NUMC   
10 ITL_TAX_EXP_DAT Tax Expiry Date DATS   
11 ITL_TAX_PERC Rate (condition amount or percentage) CHAR 16    
12 ITL_TAX_REGION SAFT_PT :Tax Country /Region CHAR   
13 ITL_TOTAL_REC Total Records INT4 10    
14 ITL_TRAN_TYPE Domestic or Export Transaction CHAR   
15 ITL_TXJCD Tax Jurisdiction code (determination per region/postal code) CHAR 15    
16 ITMF_DD_FISCPER_STATUS Fiscal Period Status NUMC   
17 ITMF_FIELDNAME Field Name CHAR 30    
18 ITMF_MWSKZH TMF - Positive Taxcode CHAR   
19 ITMF_MWSKZS Negative Taxcode CHAR   
20 ITMF_NF_TEXT Nota Fiscal Text STRG   
21 ITMF_REF_INF Nota Fiscal Complementary Information CHAR 10    
22 ITMF_REF_KEY Nota Fiscal ID NUMC   
23 ITMF_REF_OBJ Document Number NUMC 10    
24 ITMF_VALUE Value CHAR 50    
25 ITMNUM IDoc Item Number in the IDoc NUMC   
26 ITOBAPI_CREATE_MODE PM: Mode for writing APIs CHAR   
27 ITOBGROUP Grouping of technical objects for Plant Maintenance CHAR   
28 ITOBSUB_GRP PM: Sub-screen groups for technical object master data CHAR   
29 ITOBTABS_GRP PM: Main screen groups for technical object master data CHAR   
30 ITOBTYP Technical object types for plant maintenance CHAR   
31 ITOBVIEW_PROFILE Technical objects: View profile for tab index Customizing CHAR   
32 ITRAN_KK Automatic transfer post open item CHAR   
33 ITSDYNFNAM Field name CHAR 132    
34 ITSPROGRAM ABAP program name CHAR 40    
35 ITSTYPE Type of an ITS object CHAR   
36 ITTYP Asset/Liability/IncSt/Other CHAR   
37 ITVL_STAT_TXT_KK Additional Information for Interval Status CHAR   
38 ITYGR Infotype Group Number CHAR   
39 ITYPE Internal type of status NUMC   
40 ITYP_KK Interest type category in FI-CA CHAR   
41 ITYP_____4 Internal Type from ABAP Dictionary CHAR   
42 IT_BASE_TYPE VAT base type NUMC   
43 IT_DATA_COMM_GRUP Data communication for group company CHAR   
44 IT_DEL_TYPE Delivery type for Customer/Vendor List CHAR   
45 IT_EFILING_COMM Commitment for electronic filing CHAR   
46 IT_PAY_METHOD Type of Payment Method NUMC   
47 IT_SEND_TYPE Sender's Type Italy Black List CHAR   
48 IT_TRAN_TYPE Identification of Transaction Type NUMC   
49 IUEE_CHPAY Payment Allocation Variant CHAR   
50 IUEE_DEFAL Distribution of Aggr. Payments: Status of Distribution Runs CHAR   
51 IUEE_KEYZ2 Distribution Lot: Special Use Indicator CHAR   
52 IUEE_LOTAT Distribution of Aggregated Payments: Distribution Category NUMC   
53 IUEE_LOTPR Dist. of Aggr. Payments: Further Processing of Payment Lot CHAR   
54 IUEE_NOREVART Prevention Reason for Reversal of a Distribution Lot Item CHAR   
55 IUEE_PROCTYPE Process Category for Lot Processing CHAR   
56 IUEE_REPLC Dist. from Advice Note: Replacement of Characters d. Interp. CHAR   
57 IUEE_RSTAT Distribution of Aggr. Payments: Status of Distribution Runs CHAR   
58 IUEE_SLONO Distribution of Aggr. Payments from THI: Sel. Option ID CHAR   
59 IUEE_SRCID Algorithm ID for Interpretation of Advice Note Items CHAR 10    
60 IUEE_SRFLD Payment Advice Note Item Field for Interpretation CHAR   
61 IUID_ADJ_CONTENT IUID Adjusted content CHAR 100    
62 IUID_IDENT IUID Identifier Part CHAR 100    
63 IUID_MAN_MAINT IUID Manual Maintenance CHAR   
64 IUID_MSG_RELEV IUID Message Relevancy CHAR   
65 IUID_MSG_TYPE_DESC IUID Msg. Type Description CHAR 30    
66 IUID_N_UNIQ_MSG_TYPE IUID Non-unique top level UII warning/error control setting CHAR   
68 IUID_RECORD_TYPE Type of IUID IDoc Record CHAR   
69 IUID_REG_CONTENT IUID Registry content CHAR 100    
70 IUID_TYPE IUID Type CHAR 10    
71 IUUC_ACTIVITY Execution Form Routine CHAR 30    
72 IUUC_ASS_RULE_STATUS Rule Assignment status CHAR   
73 IUUC_BUSINESS_USE Business use of a table CHAR   
74 IUUC_BUSINESS_USE_TXT Business use of a table (text) CHAR 40    
75 IUUC_BW_DATASOURCE BW Data Source name according to domain RSOLTPSOURCE CHAR 30    
76 IUUC_BW_LOGSYS_NAME Logical system name CHAR 10    
77 IUUC_CCARD_STATUS IUUC - credit card - status of processing CHAR   
78 IUUC_CHECK_OBJECT_IN_HANA Check object in Receiver CHAR 255    
79 IUUC_CLASSIF_SOURCE classification source CHAR   
80 IUUC_CMP_OP Comparison Operation CHAR   
81 IUUC_COMMANDNAME System comand name for file comparison CHAR 20    
82 IUUC_COMMENT comment CHAR 120    
83 IUUC_CONSIDER_TREQ should delta replay of this table consider transport request CHAR   
84 IUUC_DBCON_HOSTNAME hostname of DBCON-CON_ENV entry CHAR 255    
85 IUUC_DB_REPO_COLUMN_DEFAULT Default value of a column obtained from database repository STRG   
86 IUUC_DB_REPO_COLUMN_DESCR Column description obtained from database repository STRG   
87 IUUC_DB_REPO_COLUMN_NAME Column name provided by database repository CHAR 128    
88 IUUC_DB_REPO_DATA_TYPE Native data type provided by database CHAR 128    
89 IUUC_DB_REPO_INDEX_NAME Index name as provided by database repository CHAR 128    
90 IUUC_DB_REPO_INDEX_TYPE Index type as obtained from database repository CHAR 27    
91 IUUC_DB_REPO_NUM_ROWS Data element for number of rows in database table FLTP 16  16 
92 IUUC_DB_REPO_TABLESPACE Tablespace on the database CHAR 128    
93 IUUC_DB_REPO_TABLE_DESCR Table description obtained from repository of database STRG   
94 IUUC_DB_REPO_TABLE_TYPE Table type as provided by repository of some DB systems CHAR 17    
95 IUUC_DB_REPO_TRIGGER_BODY Trigger body as obtained from database repository STRG   
96 IUUC_DB_REPO_TRIGGER_EVENT Trigger event CHAR 227    
97 IUUC_DB_REPO_TRIGGER_NAME Trigger name provided by the database repository CHAR 128    
98 IUUC_DB_REPO_TRIGGER_TYPE Trigger type CHAR 16    
99 IUUC_DD_SYNC_RUN_ITM_OPERATION Indicator: operation to be executed with the item CHAR   
100 IUUC_DD_SYNC_RUN_ITM_STATUS Status of an item of a system synchronization run NUMC   
101 IUUC_DD_SYNC_RUN_PHASE_ID Phase identifier in a system synchronization run NUMC   
102 IUUC_DD_SYNC_RUN_PHASE_STATUS Status of a phase of a system synchronization run CHAR   
103 IUUC_DD_SYNC_RUN_SND_RCV Indicator: data originates from sender or receiver system CHAR   
104 IUUC_DD_SYNC_RUN_STATUS Status of a system synchronization run CHAR   
105 IUUC_DD_SYNC_RUN_STEP_ID Step identifier in a system synchronization run CHAR   
106 IUUC_DD_TEMP_TABNAME Number used in temporary table name NUMC   
107 IUUC_DEF_NAME Variable / type name CHAR 60    
108 IUUC_DEF_TYPE Definition type: DATA or TYPES CHAR   
109 IUUC_DO_CHAR16384 Character 16384 Domain CHAR 16384    
110 IUUC_DO_CHAR4096 Character 4096 Domain CHAR 4096    
111 IUUC_DR_CHECK_STATUS IUUC Delta Replay Check Status CHAR   
112 IUUC_ENTRY_ACT_FLAG Indicator Table Entry Active CHAR   
113 IUUC_EVAL_STATE Table evaluation state CHAR   
114 IUUC_EVENT Execution Event CHAR   
115 IUUC_EXCEPTION_OBJECT_TYPE type of exception object (table or package) CHAR   
116 IUUC_EXCEPT_REASON reason for classification exception CHAR 80    
117 IUUC_EXIT_ACTIVE active flag CHAR   
118 IUUC_HDB_DATATYPE_WITH_LENGTH Hana data type with length CHAR   
119 IUUC_HELPCENTER_CONTEXT Domain for help center document context INT4 10    
120 IUUC_HELPCENTER_DOCUCAT Domain for help center document category CHAR   
121 IUUC_HELPCENTER_DOCUDESCR Domain for link description of help center document CHAR 80    
122 IUUC_HELPCENTER_DOCUNAME Domain for technical name of a help center document CHAR 20    
123 IUUC_IDENT_TYPE type of an ident (logging, trigger, synonym) CHAR   
124 IUUC_IMDB_ACTION Action within IMDB migration CHAR   
125 IUUC_IMDB_CONTENT_ID Identification of transfer content NUMC   
126 IUUC_IMDB_SCHEMA Schema Name CHAR 128    
127 IUUC_IMDB_STATUS Status within IMDB Migration CHAR   
128 IUUC_IMDB_TABLESPACE Table space on source db system CHAR 30    
129 IUUC_IMIG_STATE IMIG state of a table (initial / maint. / approved / trnsfr) NUMC   
130 IUUC_IMIG_TABLE_SELECT Scenario: NZDT or System Sync CHAR   
131 IUUC_INDEX_CREATION control index creation type on rcv CHAR   
132 IUUC_JOB_FACADE_TASKNAMES domain for all available tasknames in context of IUUC CHAR   
133 IUUC_LCL_TAB_FOR_RCV Local table for receiver CHAR   
134 IUUC_LOAD_SCENARIO Scenario of the IL phase (fast, consuming less ress) NUMC   
135 IUUC_MODULE_TYPE Code Scanner: Type of a module to be scanned CHAR   
136 IUUC_MULTI_LOGTAB_USE Is this MT_ID used for multi logtab use? CHAR   
137 IUUC_ODQ_BOOLEAN Replication ODQ boolean CHAR   
138 IUUC_ODQ_EXTRACT_MODE ODQ extraction mode CHAR   
139 IUUC_ODQ_MT_ALIAS Mapping of MT_ID to alias known in ODQ CHAR   
140 IUUC_ODQ_RID ODQ Request ID DEC 23 
142 IUUC_PARAM_VALUE parameter value CHAR 50    
143 IUUC_PROBTAB_IDENT IUUC Problem Table Ident NUMC   
144 IUUC_PROCESSED IUUC: Processed Indicator CHAR   
145 IUUC_PROCESSING_STEP Domain for processing steps during replication CHAR   
146 IUUC_PROCESS_OPTION IUUC process option (freeze, ignore, delayed, complete, delt NUMC   
147 IUUC_PROCOPT_CONFLICT_STATE conflict state concerning process option (classification) NUMC   
148 IUUC_PROC_FL Logging table process flag number NUMC   
149 IUUC_RECON_F2F_STATUS IUUC: Reconciliation Field to Field Comparison Status CHAR   
150 IUUC_REFRESH_BEHAVIOR Refresh behavior from LT settings CHAR   
151 IUUC_REPL_APPLICATION Replication Application CHAR 60    
152 IUUC_REPL_ASSIGNMENT_TARGET Assignment target CHAR 40    
154 IUUC_REPL_CONPAR_SUFFIX Suffix to distinguish secondary connections CHAR   
155 IUUC_REPL_CONPAR_VALUE Connection parameter value CHAR 128    
156 IUUC_REPL_DBCON_TRG_TYPE target type of dbcon CHAR   
157 IUUC_REPL_DBTYPE Database Type CHAR 20    
159 IUUC_REPL_FUNCTION Mass Change function CHAR   
160 IUUC_REPL_GENERIC_HOST Generic Host CHAR 255    
161 IUUC_REPL_INTERVAL Unit of Replication Interval CHAR   
162 IUUC_REPL_LEGACY_DB Database Name of Legacy system CHAR   
163 IUUC_REPL_MAP_TYPE type of replication type CHAR   
164 IUUC_REPL_MASS_CHANGE Mass Change for table structure CHAR   
165 IUUC_REPL_MODE Replication Mode NUMC   
166 IUUC_REPL_ROLE_TYPE Role Type CHAR 128    
168 IUUC_REPL_SND_RCV SND / RCV identification CHAR   
169 IUUC_REPL_STATUS_TEXT Rule status text CHAR 10    
171 IUUC_REPL_TABLE_CREATE_BEHAVE table behavior -> create only / init load / replicate CHAR   
172 IUUC_REPL_TABLE_CREATE_DATTYPE data type of field CHAR 30    
173 IUUC_REPL_TABLE_CREATE_ORIGIN origin of table structure for table creation CHAR   
174 IUUC_REPL_TABLE_CREATE_TYPE table type (column/ row/ view) CHAR   
175 IUUC_REPL_TABLE_TYPE table type like default column store / row store / history m CHAR   
178 IUUC_REPL_TRG_SCENARIO Receiver system replication scenario CHAR   
180 IUUC_RL_MAX_PACK_ID repl logging - package ID -> max value INT INT4 10    
181 IUUC_RL_PACKAGE_ID repl logging - package ID NUMC 10    
182 IUUC_RL_RECORDS repl logging - record count INT4 10    
183 IUUC_RL_RELID Replication Logging RELID CHAR   
184 IUUC_RM_LATENCY_STAT_TYPE statistical calculation scenario CHAR   
185 IUUC_RM_REPL_MODE replication mode CHAR   
186 IUUC_RM_TIME_DOMA domain for time CHAR   
187 IUUC_RSCHAVL Field for any characteristic value RSCHAVL CHAR 60    
189 IUUC_RSFIELDNM Name of Referenced Currency Field/Unit Field RSDS_UNIFIELDNM CHAR 30    
191 IUUC_RULE_EVENT IUUC rule event CHAR   
193 IUUC_RUNINFO_LAYOUT Display layout for IUUC runtime information CHAR   
194 IUUC_SCENARIO IUUC scenario (distinguish classic IUUC, IMIG,..) NUMC   
195 IUUC_SCHEMANAME_30 DB schema name CHAR 30    
196 IUUC_SEL_OPTION selection option (equal / not equal) CHAR   
198 IUUC_SOBJ_DEPENDENCY_TYPE dependency type btw. transport objects CHAR   
199 IUUC_SPECIAL_CASE Special type of table CHAR   
200 IUUC_SQL_OP_USAGE SQL Operation Applied CHAR   
201 IUUC_SYN_IN_RCV Synonym in receiver system CHAR   
202 IUUC_SYSTEM_TYPE type of the involved systems CHAR   
203 IUUC_TABCLASS Table type CHAR   
204 IUUC_TABLE_CHANGE distinguish: change, read, and both (change + read) CHAR   
206 IUUC_TAB_IN_RCV Table in Receiver System CHAR   
207 IUUC_TAB_ORIGIN origin of table uplad (table upload, table classif...) CHAR   
208 IUUC_TIMESTAMP Commissions: Time Stamp (YYYY.MM.DD hh:mm:ss) NUMC 14    
209 IUUC_TIMESTAMPDISP Commissions: Timestamp (YYYY.MM.TT hh:mm:ss) external format CHAR 19    
210 IUUC_TMPL_PAT_TYPE Template pattern type CHAR   
211 IUUC_TRIGGER_STATE trigger state (initial, created, activated, deactivated) NUMC   
212 IUUC_TRNSP_OPERATION Transport Operation (Delete, or Insert/Update) CHAR   
213 IUUC_TYPE_KIND Type kind: direct, TABLE OF, LINE OF CHAR   
215 IUUC_WD_REPL_HOSTNAME Host Name for IUUC Replication CHAR 32    
216 IUUC_XINC Flag: Process option should not be changed any more CHAR   
218 IUUC_XPREVENT Flag: Table changes can be prevented via system settings CHAR   
219 IU_JOB_FACADE_TASKNAMES domain for all available tasknames in context of IU CHAR   
220 IVERS ISO code for shipping instructions CHAR   
221 IVERSION SDB: Problem Version NUMC   
222 IVE_BIL_PERCENTAGE Percentage DEC 13 
223 IVSTATUS Inventory status NUMC   
224 IVTYP Origin of Logistics Invoice Verification Document CHAR   
225 IVWHTN IS-M/SD: Hierarchy type CHAR   
226 IVWHTVERS IS-M/SD: AR hierarchy type version number NUMC   
227 IVWKATTYP Specification of AR category CHAR   
228 IVWKN AR category ID CHAR   
229 IVWNR Circulation audit number of edition NUMC 10    
230 IVWPRFSTUF AR check level CHAR   
231 IV_BELNR Number of a settlement document CHAR 10    
232 IV_EXTRACT_RECTYPE Record Type in BW Extraction for Invoice Verification CHAR   
233 IV_XFELD Yes/No field CHAR   
234 IV_ZUORD Allocation number NUMC   
235 IWADMSTAT IWB: Administration Info - folder status CHAR   
236 IWBEXPMAIL Customizing: KW CHAR 64    
237 IWBE_TYPE IWB: Types of markers CHAR   
238 IWBTVAR KW: Template Variable for IKS CHAR 100    
239 IWB_CLASS_ICON Icon: Folder, Structure, Content Object CHAR   
240 IWB_COMP KWSTAT: Component or Scenario name CHAR 32    
241 IWB_GBU KWSTAT: GBU / IBU name CHAR 32    
242 IWB_IONEW KWSTAT: New or Changed Info Object CHAR   
243 IWB_NEVER_TRANSLATE Excluded from Translation CHAR   
244 IWB_PRODST KW STAT: Product Status CHAR 10    
245 IWB_PROPN IWB: Attribute of Document or Relationship CHAR 25    
246 IWB_PROPV IWB: Attribute Value CHAR 256    
247 IWB_STRING String STRG   
248 IWB_TRANS_LOCAL_STATE Translation Status for Localization CHAR   
249 IWB_XML_CONV Indicator: Info Object Converted CHAR   
250 IWB_XML_CONV_FROM Flag: Object Created from Conversion CHAR 10    
251 IWB_XML_CONV_TO Flag: Object Converted CHAR 10    
252 IWCUSTID Name of customer CHAR 10    
253 IWDANGLING Incomplete topics links flag CHAR   
254 IWDELIVER Productive Folder CHAR   
255 IWDESTSTAT KEPlicator Status of a Destination CHAR   
256 IWEXDSTACT KEN: HTML export destination active? CHAR   
257 IWEXEXTY IWB: HTML export type CHAR   
258 IWEXRANGES KEN: HTML export nummer area CHAR   
259 IWEXSTAT KEN: HTML export status CHAR   
260 IWEXTID Enhancement name: Add-on & customer CHAR 10    
261 IWEXTRACE KEN: Trace level NUMC   
262 IWEXTREL Enhancement Release: Add-on & customer CHAR 12    
263 IWEXTSYMBL KEN: HTML export text symbol key CHAR 64    
264 IWFCTNAME KEn operation function name CHAR 25    
265 IWFOSTATUS Folder Status of a Translation Package CHAR 15    
266 IWFUNC Function for authorization check CHAR 25    
267 IWICONID IWB: Icon key NUMC   
268 IWNODEID IWB: Node type ID NUMC   
269 IWNODETYPE IWB: IWB structure node type NUMC   
270 IWODO_NAVIGATIONCOMMAND Navigation Function Code in Initial Screen of Maint. Order CHAR 40    
271 IWODO_PROFILE Flexible Order UI: View Profile for Customizing CHAR   
272 IWPC_PLCS_TASK_ORIGIN Origin of task in planning of costs CHAR   
273 IWPFLAG W/P flag CHAR   
274 IWPRJID Project Name CHAR 10    
275 IWP_AUDIT_AREA Audit Area CHAR 15    
276 IWP_AUDIT_SET Set of Tables CHAR 15    
277 IWP_BIDATYP BI InfoProvider Type CHAR   
278 IWP_BIINFPRTYP Type of InfoProvider in BI CHAR   
279 IWP_CHANGED_TYP Type of Change CHAR   
280 IWP_CHAR60 Description CHAR 60    
281 IWP_DESCR Description CHAR 50    
282 IWP_DP_AP_STATUS Data provisioning layer : Audit Package load status CHAR   
283 IWP_DP_GENERATION_STATUS Generation Status CHAR   
284 IWP_DP_RENOVATION_FLAG Enable Optimized Retention Warehouse CHAR   
285 IWP_DP_USAGE Usage of Data Provider While Retrieving Data CHAR   
286 IWP_DVIEW Data View CHAR 30    
287 IWP_EXEC_TYPE Type of Execution CHAR   
288 IWP_EXTRACT_TIME Extract Time CHAR   
289 IWP_FILE_LEN File Length DEC   
290 IWP_FROMTO From/To Value of an Interval CHAR   
291 IWP_HANA_PACKAGE_NAME Hana package names : Case sensitive CHAR 80    
292 IWP_ID Parameter CHAR 10    
293 IWP_JOB_GUID GUID for Job RAW 16    
294 IWP_JOB_SUBTYPE Job Subtype CHAR   
295 IWP_JOB_TYPE Type of Job CHAR   
296 IWP_LC_STRING Case-Sensitive String STRG   
297 IWP_LOAD_STAT Status of the Data Load CHAR   
298 IWP_LOG_TYPE Type of Log CHAR   
299 IWP_MD_FLAG Indicator for Master Data CHAR   
300 IWP_PREFIX Prefix CHAR   
301 IWP_PROCESS_STEP Process Step CHAR 30    
302 IWP_RANGE_OF_USE Range of use of structure/view in Audit Area CHAR   
303 IWP_REPOS Repository CHAR 10    
304 IWP_STATUS Status CHAR   
306 IWP_TABLE_STATUS Status of Generated Table (for Data Transfer) CHAR   
307 IWP_TABTYPE Table Type for InfoProvider Definition CHAR   
308 IWP_TXT50 Description CHAR 50    
309 IWP_TYPE Indicates: Object, Table or Field CHAR   
310 IWP_URI_VALIDITY Indicates if URI is valid for Audit Package INT1   
311 IWP_USETYP Audit Package Used For CHAR   
312 IWP_USETYP_UI Audit Package Used For CHAR   
313 IWP_VALUE Value CHAR 25    
314 IWP_WORKP_IOBJ Compound InfoObjects with Audit Package CHAR   
315 IWP_WORK_PACKAGE Unique Identifier of Audit Package NUMC 10    
316 IWP_WORK_PACKAGE_EXT Audit Package CHAR 20    
317 IWP_WP_PATTERN Audit Package Template CHAR 15    
318 IWR_TYPE IWR: Help Type with Fixed Values CHAR   
319 IWSETTING IWB: Setting Name for IWB CHAR 64    
320 IWSTDGRAID KEN: ID Standard Graphic CHAR 10    
321 IWWAMODE KW: Mode for Web Authoring (etc.) CHAR 10    
322 IWWO_STATUS Pervasive service: Status CHAR   
323 IWWS_ACTION Action in Modification List CHAR 10    
324 IW_ACTION IWB: Interface parameter - action performed CHAR   
325 IW_CACHET KW: Time Specification for Caching (in Min.) NUMC   
326 IW_CHAR10 Character Field of Length 10 CHAR 10    
327 IW_CHKDSP Deactivate Authorization Check for Display CHAR   
328 IW_CLSUBT Subtype of Class CHAR 10    
329 IW_CLTYPE Type of class CHAR 10    
330 IW_CL_VSP Upload / Download Files CHAR   
331 IW_CRSSTAT Course Status CHAR 10    
332 IW_CR_MODE Mode when creating an object CHAR 10    
333 IW_DEL_PARAMETERS Parameters for Deletion Report CHAR   
334 IW_DESCR Description CHAR 64    
335 IW_DISPLAY Display form CHAR 10    
336 IW_ENVIRON IWB: I/O environment significance flag CHAR   
337 IW_EXPOFLG IWB: Export flag CHAR   
338 IW_FUNCT_NAME Macro Function Name CHAR 32    
339 IW_GROUP Folder group CHAR 15    
340 IW_IKSTASK Task Attributes for IKS (Context) CHAR 10    
341 IW_IND_REL Industry, Release CHAR 22    
342 IW_IO_TYPE IWB: Info object type CHAR 15    
343 IW_LANGUAGE_OPTIONS Language Options CHAR   
344 IW_LEVEL Usage type CHAR   
345 IW_MACRO_PARA Parameter to Hyperlink Analysis in VBA CHAR 32    
346 IW_MSG Domains for Color Details in Tables of KW 7.0 CHAR 32    
347 IW_NO_EDIT IWB: Info object editor lock CHAR   
348 IW_OWNER_NAMESPACE_OPTIONS New Namespace Options CHAR   
349 IW_PH_ROLE Role of PHIO class CHAR 10    
350 IW_PRIO Priority CHAR   
351 IW_PRIOTXT IWB: Priority text CHAR 20    
352 IW_PROCESS Process for editing CHAR 10    
353 IW_PR_ID ID of Process CHAR 10    
354 IW_REFETXT KEN: Overrride text CHAR 60    
355 IW_RELEASE IWB: Release CHAR 12    
356 IW_RETROFIT_OPTIONS Retrofit Options CHAR   
357 IW_RFSUPP KW: "Read" Flag Supported CHAR   
358 IW_SRCFRMT Source format CHAR   
359 IW_STATE IWB: Info object status CHAR 20    
360 IW_STATUS IWB: Info object status CHAR 15    
361 IW_STATUST IWB: Info object status CHAR 20    
362 IW_SWA Editing Using Browser CHAR   
363 IW_SYSTYPE IWB: Where-used list (type) maintenance systems CHAR   
364 IW_TMPROLE IWB: Role of a template CHAR 15    
365 IW_TRANST KEN: Translation type (for translation package) CHAR 64    
366 IW_TRKIND Transport Type for Contents CHAR   
367 IW_TRNS_ST Translation-Relevant CHAR   
368 IW_TRN_GR Translatable Graphic CHAR   
369 IW_TYPETXT IWB: Info object type description CHAR 25    
370 IW_TYPE_RES Type of Check Results for Help Links CHAR   
371 IW_URL_PARA Search Strings in URL CHAR 255    
372 IW_WF_SUP Workflow Support CHAR 15    
373 IW_WLSTATE KW: Editing Status CHAR   
374 IW_WORKAPP KEN: Application name for editing (KENWORKS etc.) CHAR 10    
375 IXBCCHAN Channel for iXML BC http server registration CHAR 20    
376 IXBCFILT Filter class name for iXML BC http server registration CHAR 32    
377 IXBCHAND Handler class name for iXML BC http server registration CHAR 32    
378 IXBCHSID Registration ID for iXML BC http server NUMC   
379 IXBCNAME Name of iXML Binary Connector HTTP Header Field CHAR 64    
380 IXBCORDE Order of iXML BC http server registration entries INT4 10    
381 IXBCSELE Selector for iXML BC http server registration CHAR 64    
382 IXBCVAL Value for iXML Binary Connector HTTP header field CHAR 192    
383 IZAHL Interval number NUMC   
384 IZUST Initial status of a new batch CHAR   
385 IZWEK Reason for asset investment CHAR   
386 I_ABRMENGE Billing quantity for internal format DEC 31  14 
387 I_ALTWERT Old value for internal billing format DEC 31  14 
388 I_BEZUG Reference object info CHAR   
389 I_COMPFORMAT Internal: calc. format for meter readings and consumption DEC 31  14 
390 I_CONFSTORNO Confirmation Cancellation CHAR   
391 I_ESCAL Response profile CHAR 10    
392 I_ESCTIME Time interval QUAN   
393 I_INFOWIND Parameter ID Object Info CHAR 10    
394 I_MASSCHANGE Mass Data Change CHAR   
395 I_NETTOBTR_L Long Net Amount - Internal Billing DEC 31  14 
396 I_NEUWERT New value for internal billing format DEC 31  14 
397 I_PARNR Partner (for PM Partner Maintenance) CHAR 12    
398 I_SERWI Service window CHAR 10    
399 I_SORT Sort field value set A-Z, 1-9 CHAR   
400 I_SUBRC Internal return code CHAR   
401 I_SUCC_DIS Display successors CHAR   
402 I_UMWMENGE Quantity after conversion, prepared for billing line item DEC 31  14 
403 I_VERBR Consumption in internal format DEC 31  14 
404 I_ZAHL Domains for number fields in internal format of billing DEC 31  14 
405 I_ZWSTAND Meter reading in internal format DEC 31  14 
406 I_ZWSTDIFF Meter reading difference in internal format DEC 31  14