SAP ABAP Domain - Index I, page 7
Domain - I
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 ISH_CHAR2 IS-H: Text field length 2 CHAR   
2 ISH_CHAR20 IS-H: Free Text Field (20 Characters) CHAR 20    
3 ISH_CHAR250 IS-H: 250-character text upper-/lower case CHAR 250    
4 ISH_CHAR30 IS-H: 30-character field CHAR 30    
5 ISH_CHAR40 IS-H: 40-character short text without check CHAR 40    
6 ISH_CHAR50 IS-h: 50-character short text without check CHAR 50    
7 ISH_CHILD IS-H: Number of children CHAR   
8 ISH_CHKTYP IS-H NL: LAZR Controletype Integriteitscheck NUMC   
10 ISH_CLDES _ CHAR 30    
11 ISH_CLSDIF IS-H NL: Class difference CHAR   
12 ISH_CM_EH_ACTIVE Activity Status of IS-H CM Event Handler CHAR   
13 ISH_CM_EL_MODE Mode of a Listener, generally of ISH-CM Event Management CHAR   
14 ISH_CM_EL_MODE_TRANSM IS-H: Listener Transmission Mode (Synchronous/Asynchronous) CHAR   
15 ISH_CM_TYPE IS-H: Type of Context Menu Entry CHAR   
18 ISH_COLORD_PRIO IS-HCO: Priority Collective Order for Outpat.Case-Bsd Orders NUMC   
19 ISH_COMPMAX_INT IS-H: Internal Type for Calculation Formula CHAR   
20 ISH_COND IS-H SG: Condition CHAR   
21 ISH_CONN_APPLY_TO IS-H: Attribute of Connection Valid for Partner/Me CHAR   
22 ISH_CONTRACT_INDICATOR_301 IS-H: Vertragskennzeichen für §301 CHAR 30    
23 ISH_CONTYP IS-H NL: LAZR Code contacttype NUMC   
24 ISH_COPAYIND §302: Zuzahlungspflicht Verordnung CHAR   
25 ISH_COP_EVENT IS-H: Copayment - Event for Posting Back Partial Payment CHAR 10    
26 ISH_COP_LFDNR IS-H: Copayment - Sequence Number NUMC   
27 ISH_COP_STATUS IS-H: Copayment - Proc. Status of Posting Back Partial Pyt CHAR   
29 ISH_COSTW_TYPE Category for Calculating Effective Cost Weight NUMC   
30 ISH_COV_BEGDT IS-H: Start Date of Coverage DATS   
31 ISH_COV_ENDDT IS-H: End Date of Coverage DATS   
32 ISH_CRDTYPE EHC Card Type CHAR 10    
33 ISH_CRYPTO IS-H: Encryption method CHAR   
34 ISH_CSTAT0 IS-H: Communication status NMPI CHAR   
35 ISH_CURR IS-H: Currency amount; prel. BAPI interface DEC 23 
36 ISH_CYCLE_DAY IS-H: Repetition Specification in Days NUMC   
37 ISH_CYCLE_MONTH IS-H: Repetition Specification in Months NUMC   
38 ISH_CYCLE_WEEK IS-H: Repetition Specification in Weeks NUMC   
39 ISH_D2D_PROCESSING DE: Verabeitung der D2D-Nachrichten beim Versand CHAR   
40 ISH_DALE_QFILENAME ISH: Name der Quittungsdatei (DALE-UV) CHAR 128    
41 ISH_DATE_TIME IS-H: String for contracted output of date and time CHAR 15    
42 ISH_DATNR IS-H: KRAZAF-Datenträgernummer CHAR   
43 ISH_DATUM IS-H: Date (billing document) DATS   
44 ISH_DBC_COMP IS-H NL: DBC Kosten component CHAR   
48 ISH_DCSTATE IS-H: Detailed External Communication Status CHAR   
49 ISH_DEC10_2 IS-H: Decimal Number 10-Digits with Two Decimal Places DEC
50 ISH_DEC15_1 IS-H: Decimal number with one decimal place DEC 15 
51 ISH_DEC15_2 IS-H: Decimal number with 2 decimal places DEC 15 
52 ISH_DEC19_2 IS-H: Decimal Number 17 Places Before, 2 Places After DecPnt DEC 19 
53 ISH_DEC31_2 IS-H: Decimal Figure with Maximum Accuracy DEC 31 
54 ISH_DEC31_5 IS-H: Decimal Figure with Max. Accuracy + 5 Decimal Places DEC 31 
55 ISH_DEC5_2 IS-H: Dec. Number 3 Places Before + 2 Places After Dec.Point DEC
56 ISH_DECV42 IS-H: 6-digit decimal no. with +/- sign, 2 place after comma DEC
57 ISH_DEMCX IS-H NL: LMR Diagnose EMC-code CHAR   
58 ISH_DEVICE IS-H: Output Device CHAR   
60 ISH_DIATYP IS-H: Diagnosis Type for ICD-10 Diagnoses CHAR   
62 ISH_DIA_QUALF IS-H: Diagnosis Qualifier CHAR   
63 ISH_DIPNO IS-H: Internal Number of Diagnosis for Preregistration NUMC 10    
64 ISH_DIRLINKID IS-H: Reference to directory/file name handling CHAR 10    
65 ISH_DISCD IS-H NL: LAZR Disciplinecode NUMC   
66 ISH_DISTAT IS-H: Start of Diagnosis Code (5 Characters) CHAR   
67 ISH_DOCINP IS-H: Form of Diagnosis Documentation for Inpatient Cases CHAR   
68 ISH_DOCNR IS-H: Document number CHAR 15    
69 ISH_DOCOUT IS-H: Form of Diagnosis Documentation for Outpatient Cases CHAR   
70 ISH_DOCTY IS-H: Document type CHAR   
71 ISH_DOM_TX IS-H: Domain text of fixed values CHAR 35    
72 ISH_DREGEL IS-H: date rule CHAR   
73 ISH_DRGCKF_BETRAG_OHNE_VZ IS-H DE: DRG Betrag (ohne Vorzeichen) CURR
74 ISH_DRGCKF_BWREL_CALC IS-H DE: Bewertungsrelation (berechnet) DEC
75 ISH_DRGCKF_BWREL_KAT IS-H DE: Bewertungsrelation (Katalog-Wert) DEC
76 ISH_DRGCKF_BWREL_KAT_AL IS-H DE: Bewertungsrelation (Katalog-Wert) mit Alpha-Konvert DEC
77 ISH_DRGCKF_VWD_H IS-H DE: Verweildauer in Stunden DEC
78 ISH_DRGCKF_VWD_H_SHORT IS-H: Verweildauer in Stunden DEC
79 ISH_DRGCKF_ZUABSCHL_KZ IS-H DE: Kennzeichen DRG Zu-/Abschlag CHAR   
80 ISH_DRG_AMOUNT_NO_SIGN IS-H DE: DRG Betrag (ohne Vorzeichen) CURR
81 ISH_DRG_AMOUNT_WITH_SIGN IS-H DE: DRG Betrag (mit Vorzeichen) CURR
82 ISH_DRG_CAT_TYPE IS-H: DRG catalog CHAR 10    
83 ISH_DRG_CAT_VERS_TYPE IS-H: Version of a DRG catalog CHAR   
84 ISH_DRG_CODE IS-H: DRG code CHAR 10    
86 ISH_DRG_DAYS IS-H DE: DRG Anzahl Tage INT4 10    
87 ISH_DRG_DIA_CAT_TYPE IS-H: Category for DRG Diagnoses (Principal, Secondary) CHAR   
88 ISH_DRG_DIA_INSERT_MODE IS-H: Mode of DRG Diagnosis Transfer CHAR   
89 ISH_DRG_IMPACT IS-H: Impact on DRG Determination CHAR   
90 ISH_DRG_NB_TYPE IS-H: Sequence number of case-related DRG NUMC   
91 ISH_DRG_PROC_CATEGORY IS-H: Category for DRG procedures (primary, secondary) CHAR   
92 ISH_DRG_REGROUP_REASON Reason for Reclassification CHAR   
93 ISH_DRG_ROM_TYPE IS-H: Type of risk of mortality (ROM) for DRGs CHAR   
95 ISH_DRG_SOI_TYPE IS-H: Type of severity of illness (SOI) for DRGs CHAR   
96 ISH_DRKZ IS-H: Indicator for print control in statistics CHAR   
97 ISH_DRUKZ IS-H: Print indicator CHAR   
98 ISH_DS301 IS-H: Data record type for EDI CHAR   
99 ISH_DSPTC8 IS-H: Planning type CHAR   
100 ISH_DTA IS-H: Down payment proposal control CHAR   
101 ISH_DTSTAT IS-H: KRAZAF-Datenträger-Status CHAR   
102 ISH_DTZ IS-H: Copayment proposal control CHAR   
103 ISH_DYNMOD IS-H: Screen Modification Character CHAR   
104 ISH_DYNNR IS-H: Screen number CHAR   
105 ISH_DYNNR2 IS-H: Screen number transaction RF customer R/2 NUMC   
106 ISH_DZEIT IS-H: Duration in minutes NUMC   
107 ISH_E1PLUS_BWREL IS-H DE: E1plus: Domäne für Bewertungsrelationen (Katalog) DEC 15 
108 ISH_E1PLUS_BWREL_DISPLAY IS-H DE: E1plus: Domäne für Bewertungsrelationen (Katalog) DEC
109 ISH_E1PLUS_BWREL_PEPP_DISPLAY IS-H DE: E1plus: Domäne für PEPP Bewertungsrelationen DEC 10 
110 ISH_E1PLUS_FAELLE IS-H DE: E1plus-Statistik: Anzahl Fälle INT4 10    
111 ISH_E1PLUS_FALL_AUSWERTUNGSART IS-H DE: E1plus: Auswertungsart eines Falls CHAR   
112 ISH_E1PLUS_RELGEW IS-H DE: E1plus: Domäne für Summe Bewertungsrelationen DEC 15 
113 ISH_E1PLUS_RELGEW_DISPLAY IS-H DE: E1plus: Domäne für Summe Bewertungsrelationen DEC
114 ISH_E1PLUS_TAGE IS-H DE: E1plus-Statistik: Anzahl Tage INT4 10    
115 ISH_E2_FALL_AUSWERTUNGSART IS-H DE: E2: Auswertungsart eines Falls CHAR   
116 ISH_E31_ENTGELTHOEHE IS-H DE: E3.1: Entgelthöhe CURR
117 ISH_E31_ERLOES IS-H DE: E3.1: Erlös CURR 13 
118 ISH_E31_FALL_AUSWERTUNGSART IS-H DE: E3.1: Auswertungsart eines Falls CHAR   
119 ISH_E33_FALL_AUSWERTUNGSART IS-H DE: E3.3: Auswertungsart eines Falls CHAR   
120 ISH_EBMZK IS-H: Zusatzkennzeichen EBM CHAR   
121 ISH_EBM_SRVTYP EBM Service Category CHAR   
122 ISH_EDI_AMBO_TYPE §301 - Übermittlungsverfahren AMBO CHAR   
123 ISH_EGK_BES_PERS_GRU EGK: Besondere Personengruppe CHAR   
124 ISH_EGK_DMP_KZ EGK: Teilnahme am Disease Managment Programm CHAR   
125 ISH_EGK_EF_VERSION Versionsdaten der EGK (EF.VERSION) CHAR 40    
126 ISH_EGK_GSCHL IS-H: EGK Geschlechtskennzeichen CHAR   
127 ISH_EGK_KOSTENERST_AMB EGK: Kostenerstattung ambulant CHAR   
128 ISH_EGK_KOSTENERST_STAT EGK: Kostenerstattung stationär CHAR   
129 ISH_EGK_PKV_BEIH_BER EGK: PKV Beihilfeberechtigung CHAR   
130 ISH_EGK_PKV_CLINICCARD EGK: PKV Cliniccard-Verfahren CHAR   
131 ISH_EGK_PKV_VERB_TAR EGK: PKV Verbandstarif CHAR   
133 ISH_EGK_STAT_WLA EGK: PKV Stat.Wahlleistung Arzt CHAR   
134 ISH_EGK_STAT_WLU EGK: PKV Stat.Wahlleistung Unterkunft CHAR   
135 ISH_EGK_VERS_ART EGK: Versichertenart CHAR   
136 ISH_EGK_VERS_STAT_RSA EGK: Versichertenstatus RSA CHAR   
137 ISH_EGK_WOP EGK: Kennzeichen WOP CHAR   
138 ISH_EGK_ZUZA_STATUS EGK: Zuzahlungsstatus CHAR   
139 ISH_EGK_ZUZA_STATUS_BIS EGK: Zuzahlungsstatus gültig bis DATS   
140 ISH_EHC_ACCIDENT Accident Coverage SIA CHAR   
141 ISH_EHC_BASEINS Basic Insurance CHAR   
143 ISH_EHC_COVINT_DRUGS Deckungsunterbrechung bei Nichtbezahlung Medikamente CHAR   
144 ISH_EHC_COVINT_HOSP Deckungsunterbrechung bei Nichtbezahlung Spitalskosten CHAR   
145 ISH_EHC_DOCTYPE IS-H: EHIC Health Insurance Card - Document Category CHAR   
146 ISH_EHC_INSFORM Insurance Form CHAR   
147 ISH_EHC_MEDHORS Coverage for Unlisted Drug CHAR   
148 ISH_EHC_MEDKOMP Coverage for Drugs in Complementary Medicine CHAR   
149 ISH_EHC_REPTYPE Type of Additional Data for EHIC Insurance Data CHAR   
150 ISH_EHC_SPITABT Hospital Department CHAR   
151 ISH_EHC_SPITMOD Hospital Model CHAR   
152 ISH_EHC_UMEDHORS Accident Coverage for Unlisted Drugs CHAR   
153 ISH_EHC_UMEDKOMP Accident Coverage for Drugs in Complementary Medicine CHAR   
154 ISH_EHC_USPITVERS Accident Coverage for Hospital Insurance CHAR   
155 ISH_EHIC_DOCTYPE IS-H: EHIC - Document Category NUMC   
156 ISH_EINART Institution Type P301 Outpatient CHAR   
157 ISH_EINB IS-H: Einbettzimmer (J/N) CHAR   
158 ISH_EMTYPE IS-H: Employee type CHAR   
159 ISH_ENTB IS-H: Demand for copayment also for delivery cases? CHAR   
160 ISH_ENTL IS-H: Copayment obligation for day of discharge CHAR   
161 ISH_ENTLZW IS-H: Borrowing reason for medical records CHAR   
162 ISH_ENTMOD IS-H: Birth Procedure CHAR   
163 ISH_ENVIRONMENT IS-H: Application area for service form CHAR   
164 ISH_EVENT IS-H: Event that automatically generates data records NUMC   
165 ISH_EVT_EX IS-H: Event code for user exits CHAR   
166 ISH_EVT_UP IS-H: Event that last changed data NUMC   
167 ISH_EXCAT IS-H: External Charge Type CHAR   
168 ISH_EXCEPTION_INDICATION IS-H: Ausnahmeindikation CHAR   
169 ISH_EXETP IS-H: Call type of (external) program CHAR   
170 ISH_EXMAT IS-H: External material number CHAR 20    
171 ISH_EXPGR IS-H: Expand service group CHAR   
172 ISH_EXTCAT IS-H: External Category CHAR 20    
173 ISH_EXTNR_BEW IS-H: External Movement Identification CHAR 20    
174 ISH_EXTNR_FAL IS-H: External Case Identification CHAR 20    
175 ISH_EXTNR_PLS IS-H: PRS Number CHAR 20    
176 ISH_EXTRACT IS-H: Extract control: Text symbols for reports CHAR   
177 ISH_EXTTY IS-H: External contract scheme CHAR   
178 ISH_EZLRE IS-H: Kennzeichen Einzelrechnung CHAR   
179 ISH_EZV IS-H: Kennzeichnung Einzelvergütung CHAR   
180 ISH_FACHR IS-H: General specialty CHAR   
181 ISH_FAELLE_KENNZAHL IS-H: Number of Cases for Key Figures INT4 10    
182 ISH_FALCLASS IS-H: Case Classification CHAR   
183 ISH_FCEXT IS-H: Function Code for External Program Call CHAR   
184 ISH_FCODE_DTM IS-H: Callpoint for Determining Work Environment CHAR 10    
185 ISH_FCODE_USRDAT IS-H: User of Technical User Parameters CHAR 10    
186 ISH_FCTAUT IS-H: Protected function in care unit management CHAR   
187 ISH_FELDK IS-H: Field IDs for Add. Fields BDT Interface CHAR   
188 ISH_FIELDNAME_ACM Parameter Name SAP Ambulatory Care Management CHAR 30    
189 ISH_FIELDVALUE IS-H: General field value CHAR 50    
190 ISH_FKDATN IS-H: Indicator for new reversal date CHAR   
191 ISH_FKHKT IS-H: Source of billing document CHAR   
192 ISH_FKSTO IS-H: Invoice is canceled (fully/partially) CHAR   
193 ISH_FKTYP Billing Category CHAR   
194 ISH_FLDPF IS H NL: LAZR Veldverplichting NUMC   
195 ISH_FMSGTYM IS-H: Relationship between EDI file and message type CHAR   
196 ISH_FORMTYPE IS-H: Form type CHAR   
197 ISH_FORM_BACKGROUND IS-H: Form background NUMC   
198 ISH_FPEDT IS-H: End date of flat rate per case validity DATS   
199 ISH_FPSE IS-H: Procedures surcharge or flat rate per case indicator CHAR   
200 ISH_FPTYP IS-H: Type of flat rate per case CHAR   
201 ISH_FREMD IS-H: Fremdverschulden CHAR   
202 ISH_FRIST IS-H: Fristende CHAR   
203 ISH_FRMR IS-H: Output/form invoice list for collective billing CHAR   
204 ISH_FSPER IS-H: Billing block for case CHAR   
205 ISH_FUNCTION IS-H: Function that Can Be Activated/Deactivated in IS-H CHAR   
206 ISH_FUNKT IS-H: Function/mode for accessing the message table CHAR   
209 ISH_GESLA IS-H NL: LMR Geslacht CHAR   
212 ISH_GRANR _ CHAR 16    
214 ISH_GROUP IS-H: Report Control: Report Group CHAR   
215 ISH_GRPKEY §302 - Leistungserbringer-Sammelgruppenschlüssel CHAR   
216 ISH_GRPSY IS-H: DRG Grouper Systematic CHAR 10    
217 ISH_GRP_CALLP IS-H: DRG Grouper Callpoint CHAR 10    
218 ISH_GRP_DIRID IS-H: Reference to directory/file name handling CHAR 10    
219 ISH_GRP_GRPID IS-H: DRG Grouper Identification CHAR 10    
220 ISH_GRP_GRPSY IS-H: DRG Grouper Control CHAR 10    
221 ISH_GSBER IS-H: Business Area CHAR   
222 ISH_HCF_BO Businessobject CHAR 45    
223 ISH_HCF_BO_ACTION Business Object Action CHAR   
224 ISH_HCF_DIRECTION HCF: Direction (Outbound / Inbound) CHAR   
225 ISH_HCF_FLD_NAME IS-H: Field Name CHAR 45    
226 ISH_HCF_SO_NAME Action (Interface) Name CHAR 119    
227 ISH_HEROP IS-H NL: LMR Heropname CHAR   
228 ISH_HLPTYPE IS-H: Types for input help CHAR   
229 ISH_HOSPCAT IS-H: Type of hospital CHAR   
230 ISH_HRKOM IS-H NL: LMR Herkomst CHAR   
231 ISH_ICD10GM_INFO IS-H: DE - Procedure-Specific Use of Diagnosis Code CHAR   
232 ISH_ICON IS-H: Variable icon on pushbutton CHAR 30    
233 ISH_ICON_RBTZ IS-H: Evaluation of Posting Back with Partial Payment CHAR 50    
234 ISH_ICPM_ID_EXT IS-H: Version of Catalog CHAR   
238 ISH_INDVR IS-H NL: LMR Indicatie vervolg CHAR   
239 ISH_INEXC IS-H: Indicator for Inclusion or Exclusion CHAR   
241 ISH_INTERV IS-H: Interval for billing in number of days NUMC   
242 ISH_INVTYPE IS-H: Type of invoice creation CHAR   
243 ISH_IPID IS-H: Health Insurer Number in Provisional Insurance Rel. CHAR 12    
244 ISH_IPPNO Internal Number of Provisional Insurance Relationship NUMC 10    
245 ISH_KALMOD IS-H: Processing mode of calendar data in planning CHAR   
246 ISH_KALSM IS-H: calculation procedure CHAR   
247 ISH_KART IS-H: Hospital type / category CHAR   
248 ISH_KBFRE IS-H: Kennz. Kostenbeitragsbefreiung CHAR   
249 ISH_KENNR IS-H: Kennnummer CHAR 10    
251 ISH_KENNZAHL_NAMEN IS-H: Key Figure Last Name, First Name CHAR 35    
252 ISH_KEYFIL IS-H: Key of table TN00 CHAR   
253 ISH_KEY_QUAN IS-H: Key figure quantity for data transfer IS-H -> EIS QUAN 15 
254 ISH_KEY_VALUE IS-H: Key figure value for data transfer IS-H -> EIS CURR 15 
255 ISH_KGROUP IS-H: Insurance Provider Group - PPA Ins. Prov. Master CHAR   
256 ISH_KHART IS-H: Type of hospital NUMC   
257 ISH_KHNUM IS-H: Hospital number for German stats. regulatory reqs. CHAR   
258 ISH_KKFAL IS-H: External case number CHAR 12    
259 ISH_KKFAL_NEW IS-H: External Case Number(New) CHAR 30    
260 ISH_KONTO IS-H: Bank Account CHAR 10    
261 ISH_KOSTR_LO IS-H: Business Partner - Long CHAR 132    
262 ISH_KRKTR IS-H: KRAZAF-Kostenträger CHAR   
263 ISH_KTARTI IS-H NL: Internal type of insurance provider CHAR   
264 ISH_KTKEY IS-H: Internal Insurance Provider Category CHAR   
265 ISH_KTOKD IS-H: Account group RF customer R/2 CHAR   
266 ISH_KUALF IS-H: Deadline for rejection NUMC   
267 ISH_KUESRT IS-H: sort fields insurance verification CHAR 10    
268 ISH_KUVERF IS-H: Insurance verification procedure desired CHAR   
269 ISH_KVGBO IS-H: Charge catalog CHAR   
270 ISH_KVWS_AREA IS-H: Area Assignment of PPA Work Station CHAR 20    
271 ISH_KV_AEINH IS-H: Maßeinheit Kontrast-/Arzneimittel für KV-Daten NUMC   
272 ISH_KV_GRNZU IS-H: KV GNR Zusatzkennzeichen CHAR   
273 ISH_KV_WDHUNT IS-H: Kennzeichnung Wiederholuntersuchung CHAR   
274 ISH_KZBCP IS-H: Indicator whether the activity is a billing component CHAR   
275 ISH_KZEAH IS-H: Indicator for own equipment CHAR   
277 ISH_KZPRF IS-H: Indicator whether a professor has assisted CHAR   
278 ISH_KZTYP IS-H: Statistical key figure category CHAR   
280 ISH_KZ_RBTZ IS-H: Indicator for Dialog Box for Posting Back w/Part. Pyt CHAR   
281 ISH_LAAMB Service Type P301 Outpatient CHAR   
282 ISH_LAND1 IS-H NL: LMR Landcode CHAR   
283 ISH_LANR Lebenslange Arztnummer CHAR   
284 ISH_LEGRP IS-H: Service Performer Group EDI CHAR   
285 ISH_LEISTA IS-H: Borrowing status CHAR   
286 ISH_LEVEL IS-H: Nesting Depth INT1   
287 ISH_LF301 IS-H: Message Number NUMC 20    
288 ISH_LF301C IS-H: Counter for file name sequences CHAR 10    
289 ISH_LF301D IS-H: IS-H File Number NUMC 10    
290 ISH_LF301_L IS-HCM: Sequential number of an EDI message (IS-H internal) NUMC 20    
291 ISH_LFDCO IS-H: Serial number of the assigned service/service type NUMC   
292 ISH_LFDNM IS-H: Sequential number of Medisave account holder NUMC   
293 ISH_LFEDI IS-HCM Separate EDI Number, Application-Specific NUMC 10    
294 ISH_LMRDT IS-H NL: Datum in LMR-formaat CHAR   
295 ISH_LMRNR IS-H NL: Recordcode voor soort deelbericht CHAR   
296 ISH_LMTTG IS-H: Number of billing days NUMC   
297 ISH_LNCARD Sequence Number of Health Insurance Card NUMC 10    
298 ISH_LNRAPP IS-H: Sequence number of provisional appointment CHAR 10    
299 ISH_LNRIC IS-H: Sequence number of surgical procedure code CHAR 10    
300 ISH_LNRKO IS-HCO: Sequence number of account assignment NUMC   
301 ISH_LNRLM IS-H MM: Sequential number of material CHAR 10    
302 ISH_LOMID IS-H: ID of a logical work organizer CHAR   
303 ISH_LOS IS-H: Length of stay (actual, calculated) NUMC   
304 ISH_LOST IS-H: Length of stay NUMC   
305 ISH_LPASSNR IS-H: Identification document number (long) CHAR 30    
306 ISH_LSTADM IS-H: List type for arrivals list CHAR   
307 ISH_LSTAR IS-H: Target Activity Type CHAR   
308 ISH_LSTDIS IS-H: List Type for Departures List CHAR   
309 ISH_LSTDP IS-H: Display Method Last Used CHAR   
310 ISH_LSTEMPTY IS-H: Empty list CHAR   
311 ISH_LSTPLS IS-H: List type for waiting list CHAR   
312 ISH_LSTWL IS-H: List type for waiting list CHAR   
313 ISH_LU IS-H: Logical unit CHAR 64    
314 ISH_LVERS IS-H: version of IS-H CHAR   
315 ISH_LVKZ IS-H: Indicator in preliminary service entry CHAR   
316 ISH_MABER IS-H: Dunning area CHAR   
317 ISH_MABRKZ IS-H: 'X': billable; ' ': non-billable CHAR   
318 ISH_MAHNU IS-H: Dunning block for copayment transfer posting CHAR   
320 ISH_MANSP IS-H: Dunning block CHAR   
321 ISH_MANUAL IS-H: Manual Entry of Card Data CHAR   
322 ISH_MBART IS-H: Type of material document CHAR   
323 ISH_MBEWTY IS-H: Movement category CHAR   
324 ISH_MCATID IS-H MM: Code of a Medical Category CHAR 20    
325 ISH_MCATTYP IS-H MM: Type of a Medical Category CHAR   
326 ISH_MCOTYP IS-H MM: Account asssignment category interface with MM CHAR   
328 ISH_MDRFIL IS-H MM: Filter for material requisitions to be printed CHAR   
329 ISH_MDRTMP IS-H: Creation variant for temporary medical record CHAR   
330 ISH_MD_FAS_MOD IS-H: Mode for Department-Dependent Status NUMC   
331 ISH_MEDBH IS-H NL: LAZR Medische behandeling NUMC   
332 ISH_MELD IS-H: KRAZAF-Meldungsart CHAR   
333 ISH_MENG10 IS-H: quantity field, length 10 QUAN 10 
334 ISH_MENGE_15 IS-H: Quantity Field, Length 15 QUAN 15 
335 ISH_MENGE_20 IS-H: Quantity Field, Length 20 QUAN 20 
336 ISH_MENGE_V20 IS-H: Quantity Field Length 20 with +/- Sign QUAN 20 
337 ISH_MERKI IS-H: Supported characteristics CHAR   
339 ISH_MGEART IS-H MM: Approval type CHAR   
340 ISH_MGESTA IS-H MM: Aopproval status of the requisition CHAR   
341 ISH_MHIT IS-H MM: Hit value NUMC   
342 ISH_MHLS IS-H: Mental Health Legal Status CHAR   
343 ISH_MINAB IS-H: Minimum length of absence NUMC   
344 ISH_MKATID IS-H MM: Catalog ID CHAR   
345 ISH_MKATYP IS-H MM: Category of a material catalog CHAR   
346 ISH_MLFSTA IS-H: Delivery status of material requisition item CHAR   
347 ISH_MMBSK Status for Transfer to MM CHAR   
348 ISH_MMHID IS-H MM: Hierarchic material entry CHAR 10    
349 ISH_MMHND ISH MM: Nodes for hierarchic material display CHAR 10    
350 ISH_MMHNR IS-H MM: Seq. no. of nodes in hierarchic material display NUMC   
351 ISH_MMNOD IS-H MM: Hierarchic material entry CHAR 10    
352 ISH_MMPNR IS-H MM: Hierarchic material entry NUMC   
353 ISH_MM_BILMOD Mode for Case-Related Material Billing CHAR   
355 ISH_MODNR IS-H: Module number QA FR/PS module CHAR   
356 ISH_MODULO IS-H: Encoding the modulo procedure for check digits CHAR   
357 ISH_MODUS IS-H: editing mode for tables (I/U/D) CHAR   
358 ISH_MONAT IS-H: Month to be evaluated in statistics NUMC   
359 ISH_MPRELD IS-H MM: Preset Desired Delivery Data NUMC   
360 ISH_MPROCTYP IS-H MM: Procurement Type CHAR   
361 ISH_MRUCREFFN IS-H: MRUC - Contact person's function CHAR   
362 ISH_MR_ORGFORM IS-H: Description of Medical Record Organization Form CHAR 60    
363 ISH_MR_SCOPE IS-H: Scope of Medical Record CHAR 60    
364 ISH_MSCHL IS-H: Dunning key CHAR   
366 ISH_MSGTY IS-H: Message types (-> TN21M) CHAR   
367 ISH_MSHBIN IS-H MM: Shelf/Bin CHAR   
369 ISH_MSTFIL IS-H MM: Filter for status of material requisition CHAR   
370 ISH_MSTORID IS-H MM: Closet ID CHAR 10    
371 ISH_MSTORNR IS-H MM: Closet Number CHAR   
372 ISH_MSTVERS IS-H MM: Start Screen in material requisition function CHAR   
373 ISH_MTGR IS-H: Number of large technical medical devices NUMC   
374 ISH_MTXT80 IS-H: Name of Material (80 Characters) CHAR 80    
376 ISH_NAHGS IS-H: Höchstgrenzen für Scoring (NAT) NUMC   
377 ISH_NAHWK IS-H: Höchstwertkennzeichen Scoring (NAT) CHAR   
378 ISH_NBRKAZSTORN IS-H: Reversal Indicator for NBRKAZ Entries CHAR   
379 ISH_NB_CASES IS-H: Number of cases INT4 10    
381 ISH_NLBSN_UZINR UZI nummer CHAR 10    
382 ISH_NLLAZR IS-H NL: LAZR Datasetmogelijkheden CHAR   
383 ISH_NL_ABADBC Abrechnungs art DBC CHAR   
384 ISH_NL_ABAINT Abrechnungs art DBC (intern) CHAR   
385 ISH_NL_ABATEXT Beschreibung abrechnungs art DBC CHAR 10    
386 ISH_NL_ADR_TYPE Burger service nummer adres art CHAR   
387 ISH_NL_AEQ IS-H NL: Aequivalenzziffer DEC   
388 ISH_NL_AFCODE Abschlußkode DBC CHAR   
389 ISH_NL_AFGSL ISH_NL: DBC absperren CHAR   
391 ISH_NL_ANSPCODE Anspruchskode auf Basisversicherung CHAR 10    
393 ISH_NL_BSN_SOURCE Burger service nummer BSN nummer herkunft CHAR   
394 ISH_NL_BSN_STATUS Burger service nummer status CHAR   
395 ISH_NL_BSN_TYPE Burger service nummer abrechnungs status CHAR   
396 ISH_NL_CHRON ISH_NL:Chronisch CHAR   
397 ISH_NL_CINVRECORD Sammelrechnung record CHAR   
398 ISH_NL_CINVTYPE Sammelrechnung type CHAR   
399 ISH_NL_CINV_HDR_STAT Status sammelrechnung kopf CHAR   
400 ISH_NL_CINV_PSTAT Bearbeitung status CHAR   
401 ISH_NL_CINV_RC_KODE Ruckgabe kode sammelrechnung CHAR   
402 ISH_NL_CINV_RC_TEXT Ruckgabekode tekst CHAR 255    
403 ISH_NL_CINV_REMARK Bemerkung CHAR 128    
404 ISH_NL_CINV_STATUS Status Vektis Anlieferung CHAR   
405 ISH_NL_CIRCUIT Geisteskrankheit behandlungs kreis CHAR 20    
406 ISH_NL_CLAIM Haftungs code CHAR   
407 ISH_NL_CLAIM_IND Haftung ZVW indikation CHAR   
408 ISH_NL_CLASSID Klassification ID CHAR   
409 ISH_NL_CLASSID_NR class id number NUMC 10    
410 ISH_NL_CLASSOBJNR Classification Object number CHAR 10    
411 ISH_NL_CLASSOBJTYPE Klassification typ CHAR   
412 ISH_NL_CLASS_DATE Klassification datum DATS   
413 ISH_NL_CLASS_DESC Rejection Classification Description CHAR 50    
414 ISH_NL_CP_CAT Sorgprodukt kategory CHAR   
415 ISH_NL_CP_COD Sorge produkt kode CHAR   
416 ISH_NL_CP_COD_GRP Sorge produkt kode gruppe CHAR   
417 ISH_NL_CRDNR Burger service nummer ausweis nummer CHAR 10    
418 ISH_NL_CURE_TYPE Somatisch DBC type CHAR   
419 ISH_NL_DAT ISH_NL: Datum DATS   
421 ISH_NL_DBCNR IS-H: Laufende Nummer DBC-code NUMC 10    
422 ISH_NL_DBC_EVENT IS-H NL: Ereignis, welches DBC Datensätze generiert/ändert NUMC   
423 ISH_NL_DBC_PRF_CRT Geisteskrankheit leistungscode - caretype CHAR   
424 ISH_NL_DBC_TYPE IS-H NL : DBC-Leistungsart CHAR   
425 ISH_NL_DDSNR Deklaration dataset nummer NUMC 10    
426 ISH_NL_DDS_STATUS Deklaration dataset status CHAR   
427 ISH_NL_DECLCODE Deklarationskode der DBC CHAR 10    
428 ISH_NL_DIAGN ISH_NL: diagnose CHAR 10    
429 ISH_NL_DIS_BASIS ISH NL: Versicherungsgrund DIS anliefering CHAR   
430 ISH_NL_DIS_GSCHL ISH NL: DIS anliefering Geschlechtskennzeichen NUMC   
431 ISH_NL_DIS_LOG_OBJ DIS logging objecttype CHAR 10    
432 ISH_NL_DIS_RECORDS Anzahl an DIS gelieferte Datensätze pro Datei NUMC   
433 ISH_NL_DIS_STATUS ISH NL: Status DIS anliefering CHAR   
434 ISH_NL_DIS_VERSION DIS anlieferung Version NUMC   
435 ISH_NL_DLVTY Verarbeitungs type CHAR   
436 ISH_NL_ERM_ERF Ermächtigung erforderlich für DBC CHAR   
437 ISH_NL_ESTATUS ISH-NL: Externer DBC status CHAR   
438 ISH_NL_FACHR Fachrichtung NUMC   
439 ISH_NL_FIRST IS-H NL: First certificate to be proposed CHAR   
440 ISH_NL_GGZNR Geisteskrankheit laufende nummer GGZ DBC-code NUMC 10    
441 ISH_NL_GGZ_ACT_CODE Geisteskrankheit activität kode CHAR 20    
442 ISH_NL_GGZ_ACT_TYPE Geisteskrankheit activität type CHAR 20    
443 ISH_NL_GGZ_ACT_ZEIT_KZ Geisteskrankheit activität kode zeit kennziechen CHAR   
444 ISH_NL_GGZ_AFCODE Geisteskrankheit sper kennzeichen CHAR 20    
445 ISH_NL_GGZ_CARETYPE Geisteskrankheit sorgefrage CHAR 20    
446 ISH_NL_GGZ_CARETYPE_GRP Geisteskrankheit sorgfrage gruppe CHAR 20    
447 ISH_NL_GGZ_CARETYPE_KZ Geisteskrankheit sorgfrage kennzeichen CHAR 10    
448 ISH_NL_GGZ_CATEGORY Geisteskrankheit productkode kategorie CHAR 50    
449 ISH_NL_GGZ_DBC Geisteskrankheit DBC bestandteile CHAR 10    
450 ISH_NL_GGZ_DIAGN Geisteskrankheit diagnosen CHAR 20    
451 ISH_NL_GGZ_DIAGN_AXIS Geisteskrankheit diagnosen achse CHAR 20    
452 ISH_NL_GGZ_ELM Geisteskrankheit element CHAR 255    
453 ISH_NL_GGZ_GRP Geisteskrankheit gruppe CHAR 20    
454 ISH_NL_GGZ_GRPKZ Geisteskrankheit gruppe kennzeichen CHAR   
455 ISH_NL_GGZ_GRP_CODE Geisteeskrankheit gruppe kode CHAR 20    
456 ISH_NL_GGZ_KZ Geisteskrankheit kennzeichen CHAR 10    
457 ISH_NL_GGZ_LAY_TXT Geisteskrankheit leistungscode laientext CHAR 200    
458 ISH_NL_GGZ_NODE Geisteskrankheit knotenpunkt NUMC 10    
459 ISH_NL_GGZ_OPERATOR Geisteskrankheit validierungsbaum operation CHAR   
460 ISH_NL_GGZ_PAR Geisteskrankheit parameter CHAR 20    
461 ISH_NL_GGZ_PAT_CODE Geisteskrankheit patient plan CHAR 20    
462 ISH_NL_GGZ_PRD_CODE Geisteskrankheit productkode CHAR 20    
463 ISH_NL_GGZ_PRF_CRT Geisteskrankheit leistungscode - caretype CHAR   
464 ISH_NL_GGZ_PRF_DGN Geisteskrankheit leistungscode diagnose CHAR   
465 ISH_NL_GGZ_PROF Geisteskrankheit berufsgruppe CHAR 20    
466 ISH_NL_GGZ_PRS_CODE Geisteskrankheit leistungscode CHAR 12    
467 ISH_NL_GGZ_SERV_CODE Geisteskrankheit leistungs plan CHAR 20    
468 ISH_NL_GGZ_SETTING Geisteskrankheit productkode fassung CHAR 20    
469 ISH_NL_GGZ_SRTKZ Geisteskrankheit sortierung kennzeichen CHAR 10    
470 ISH_NL_GGZ_STAY_CODE Geisteskrankheit productkode aufenthalt CHAR   
471 ISH_NL_GGZ_TARIF Geisteskrankheit DBC tariff NUMC   
472 ISH_NL_GGZ_TRJNR Geisteskrankheit sorgestreckenummer NUMC 10    
473 ISH_NL_GGZ_TRTM Geisteskrankheit behandlungs plan kode CHAR 20    
475 ISH_NL_GGZ_TXT Description CHAR 255    
476 ISH_NL_GGZ_TYPE_CODE Geisteskrankheit productkode typ CHAR 20    
477 ISH_NL_GGZ_VAL Geisteskrankheit leistungs zeit menge NUMC   
478 ISH_NL_GGZ_WERTE Geisteskrankheit validierungs werte DEC 12 
479 ISH_NL_GRPNR Geisteskrankheit laufende nummer patientgruppe NUMC 10    
480 ISH_NL_HASH Hash total CHAR 200    
481 ISH_NL_HYPERLINK Hyperlink CHAR 120    
482 ISH_NL_ICON_LETTER Burger service nummer patient brief CHAR   
483 ISH_NL_ICON_TYPE Burger service nummer ikone CHAR   
484 ISH_NL_ID_STATUS Burger service nummer ausweis status CHAR   
485 ISH_NL_ID_TYPE Burger service nummer ausweis art CHAR   
486 ISH_NL_INDICATE Inklusive / exklusive kennzeichen DBC diagnose CHAR   
487 ISH_NL_IND_ADD_ON Kennzeichen add-on CHAR   
488 ISH_NL_INERVAL_DMY IS-H NL: Interval indicator (Day, Month, Year) CHAR   
489 ISH_NL_INEXRFOLG IS-H NL: Running number in-/exclude action INT1   
490 ISH_NL_INITVERV IS-H NL: Initial / Fortsetzung CHAR   
491 ISH_NL_KAART IS-H NL : Bezeichnung der Scheinart. CHAR   
492 ISH_NL_LEEK_TXT Laienbeschreibung der DBC CHAR 132    
493 ISH_NL_LETTER Burger service nummer patient brief CHAR   
494 ISH_NL_MSG IS-H NL: Message type CHAR   
495 ISH_NL_NUMBERDAYS IS_H NL : Anzahl Tage DEC 10    
496 ISH_NL_OBJNR Objekt nummer CHAR 10    
497 ISH_NL_OMSCH ISH_NL: Umschreibung CHAR 40    
498 ISH_NL_PMD_KZ Portal medizinische dokument Domäne CHAR   
499 ISH_NL_PMD_TEXT_D Domäne PMD kurzbeschreibung CHAR 30    
500 ISH_NL_PMD_TYPE Domäne medizinische dokument type CHAR