SAP ABAP Domain - Index I
Domain - I
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 I18_O_COUNTRYISO 2 letter ISO Country Code (ISO3166-1) CHAR   
2 I18_O_LANGISO2 3 letter ISO language code CHAR   
3 I18_O_LANGISO3 3 letter ISO language code CHAR   
4 I18_O_SCRIPTISO 4 letter ISO Script Code (ISO15924) CHAR   
5 IACCONTENTFORMAT Formats in Which Content of IAC Objects can be Contained CHAR 10    
6 IACERROR Error Information when Editing IAC Objects CHAR 20    
7 IACHAR255 DIA: Texr allows lower case CHAR 255    
8 IACKEYLONG Long key for an IAC object CHAR 120    
9 IACNAME Parameter Name CHAR 20    
10 IACORFLAG Use/do not use IACOR destination in import post-processing CHAR   
11 IACORHOST Host on which IACOR is running CHAR 100    
12 IACORINST Virtual ITS to which an IACOR is assigned CHAR 32    
13 IACORTYPE Type of IACORS (W - Web page, Mimes | I - ITS page, Other) CHAR   
14 IACPNAME Parameter name for IAC CHAR 50    
15 IACSERVICE Service name for Internet Application Components CHAR 14    
16 IACTEMPLCONTENT Content of Templates RSTR   
17 IACTHEME Theme specification for Internet Application Components CHAR   
19 IACTYPE Type of IAC Element CHAR   
20 IACVALUE Parameter value for Internet application Components CHAR 132    
21 IACVALUE_STRING Parameter value for Internet application Components STRG   
22 IACVERSIONTYPE Development or Production CHAR   
23 IACXMLELEMENTPART Part of Screen Element (Button/Label) CHAR 30    
24 IACXMLPROPERTY Property of Screen Elements in XML CHAR 55    
26 IACXMLPROPERTYLENGTHINFO Property is length information CHAR   
27 IACXMLPROPERTYNOT_GENERATE Ignore property when generating HTML CHAR   
29 IACXMLPROPERTYUSE Special Use of Attribute (e.g. CSS) CHAR 10    
31 IACXMLSCREEN_EXISTENCE_STATUS Existence of Template Element on Dynpro CHAR 10    
32 IAFLOAT DIA: Use as floating point FLTP 16  16 
33 IAINT4D DIA: Long integer number (4 bytes) INT4 10    
35 IAM_APPLCLASS IAM: Application Class CHAR 30    
36 IAM_BOOLE_D IAM: space = false, 'X' = true CHAR   
38 IAM_DELTA_D IAM: Relative Deadline in Days NUMC   
39 IAM_DELTA_H IAM: Relative Deadline in Hours NUMC   
40 IAM_DONEMODE IAM: Completion Mode of a Task CHAR   
42 IAM_EXCEPTION_DETAIL IAM: Details on an Exception INT4 10    
43 IAM_NAV_TARGET IAM: Navigation Target CHAR   
44 IAM_PRIORITY IAM: Static Priority of a Task NUMC   
45 IAM_REFTASK_CAT IAM: Category of Reference Task CHAR   
46 IAM_SEQUENCE_NUMBER IAM: General Sequence Number NUMC   
47 IAM_SHORT_TEXT IAM: Short Text - General CHAR 80    
48 IAM_START_STEP IAM: Starting Step for Due Date Calculation NUMC   
51 IAM_TASK_CHANGED IAM: Change to a Task CHAR   
52 IAM_TASK_ORIGIN IAM: Origin of a Task CHAR 20    
53 IAM_TASK_SELECTED IAM: Task Selected/Marked CHAR   
54 IAM_TASK_STATUS IAM: Status of a Task CHAR   
55 IAM_TASK_TEXT_RT IAM: Text in a Concrete Task (at Runtime) CHAR 128    
56 IAM_URL IAM: URL General CHAR 255    
57 IANZZL Number of lines CHAR   
58 IAOM_AT_LEVEL Level of a Characteristic NUMC   
60 IAOM_AT_TYPE Characteristic Type CHAR   
61 IAOM_AT_VALUE Characteristic Value CHAR 250    
62 IAOM_AUTO_PROJECT_MODEL Automatic Project Model CHAR   
63 IAOM_BS_CO_SINGLE_LEVELS Allowed Single-Object Controlling in Object Class Hierarchy CHAR   
64 IAOM_BS_GROUP_IDENTIFICATION Business Scenario Group in Controlling of Logistic Objects CHAR 16    
65 IAOM_BS_IDENTIFICATION Business Scenario in Controlling for Logistical Objects CHAR 16    
66 IAOM_BS_IDENTIFICATION_ADD_IN Business Scenario Extension for Controlling Logist. Object CHAR 16    
67 IAOM_CONTROLLING_TYPE Type of Controlling CHAR   
68 IAOM_COSCENARIO Controlling Scenario CHAR 10    
69 IAOM_CRM_SALES_ADD_ACC_ASS_TYP Addnl Acct Assgmt Acct Assgmt Mgmt Implementation CRM_SALES NUMC   
70 IAOM_EXT_CONTRACT_REF External Contract Reference for Sold-To Party CHAR 35    
71 IAOM_LOG_PARAMETER Parameters for Logbook of Account Assignment Manager CHAR 10    
72 IAOM_MSGSTEXT Message Text CHAR 255    
73 IAOM_MSGSTRING Message Text STRG   
74 IAOM_OBJECTID Business Transaction CHAR 10    
75 IAOM_OBJECT_KEY Technical Object Key CHAR 34    
76 IAOM_OBJECT_REF Product ID CHAR 40    
77 IAOM_OBJECT_TYPE Transaction Type CHAR   
78 IAOM_OM_WO_STATUS_A Multiple Work Orders CHAR   
79 IAOM_OM_WO_STATUS_B Work Order Status CHAR   
81 IAOM_RECEIVER_CONTROL External Control Parameter CHAR   
82 IAOM_SETTLEMENT_RULE_CHANGE Additional Rule for Changing Settlement Rule CHAR   
85 IAOM_UIID Unique Item Identifier in Life Cycle CHAR 12    
86 IAOM_USAGE Usage of Specified Account Assignment CHAR   
88 IAOM_VORGANG Business Transaction for Account Assignment Management CHAR   
89 IAPNR_KK Number: Line item with interest information in FI-CA NUMC   
90 IAPPL Application for Incremental Conversion/Incremental Migration CHAR   
91 IAR_LEVEL Valuation for interactive reporting CHAR   
92 IAR_LTYPE List type for interactive reporting NUMC   
93 IAR_REPORT Report name for interactive reporting CHAR   
94 IAR_SKALA Rounding factor for interactive reporting CHAR   
95 IAR_VTYPE Value type for interactive reporting NUMC   
96 IATA Aviation company CHAR   
97 IATIME Earliest scheduled finish: Execution (time) CHAR   
98 IAUTG Authorization Group for Technical Object CHAR   
99 IA_DURA Impl. Assitant Vorgangsdauer DEC
100 IBAN IBAN CHAR 34    
101 IBAN_042Z IBAN or SWIFT Code Are Required CHAR   
103 IBAN_SWIFT_KK IBAN or SWIFT Code Are Required CHAR   
104 IBAPI_ALM_ORDER_EVENT ALM Order BAPIs: Processing Times NUMC   
105 IBASE IBase CHAR   
106 IBASE_CONVERSION_RULE_SOCM Conversion Rule CHAR 10    
107 IBASE_HISTORY History for Customization INT1   
108 IBASE_SYNC Synchronization IBASE/Technical System Structuring CHAR   
109 IBASE_TEMP Reserve IBASE Synchronization (KA5 -> IBASE_SYNC, IB_IBTYP) CHAR   
110 IBASSTYP IB: Type of assignment between instance/characteristic value CHAR   
111 IBAUT IB: Justification CHAR   
112 IBEQ_INHERITANCE_MODE PM: Inheritance mode on installation/dismantling CHAR   
113 IBHD_HANDLE_TYPE IB: Handle type CHAR 10    
114 IBLAR Internal document type for program control CHAR   
115 IBOOLEAN Boolean value as integer INT1   
116 IBOOLEAN3 Boolean Value as Integer (Trivalent) INT1   
117 IBO_INBOX_CUST_KEY Inbox View Customizing Key CHAR 12    
118 IBO_INBOX_CUST_VALUE Inbox View Customizing Value CHAR 255    
119 IBO_INBOX_VALUE_SEARCH Mapping values for document search CHAR   
120 IBO_WF_CFG_INBOX_PROP_VAL Domain for Value of Action Property CHAR 250    
122 IBO_WF_CFG_INBOX_TASK_ATTR Dynamic Attribute of a Task CHAR 200    
123 IBO_WF_FACADE_INBOX_TS_SEL Selection Option for a Task in Inbox CHAR   
124 IBO_WF_SUBSTITUTE_ON_OFF Indicator for Acceptance of Substitution CHAR   
125 IBO_WF_SUBSTITUT_SCENARIO Substitution Scenario CHAR   
126 IBRTMAXVIEW IBRT: Max. No. of Dynamic Joins per Selection Statement INT1   
127 IBTYP Confirmation category: Internal CHAR   
128 IBVALCOD IB: Interval limits CHAR   
129 IBX_PERSISTENT_ID_TYPE IB: Type of External Identification of an Instance CHAR   
130 IB_ACTID IBase: Status Activity ID CHAR   
131 IB_AUTHG IBase authorization group CHAR   
132 IB_CODE_KEY IBase: Key Definition for Structure Codes CHAR   
133 IB_CRM_XFEATURE CRM IBase - additional features CHAR 10    
134 IB_DATETIME IBase: Date / Time String CHAR 20    
135 IB_DEVICEID IB: Identification CHAR 40    
136 IB_EQUNR IB: Equipment number CHAR 18    
137 IB_EQ_LOAD_CS_XFLAG_USE_STDSET X Flag for Customizing Equipment Load CHAR   
138 IB_EQ_WARRENTY_LOAD Download Equipment Warranty CHAR   
139 IB_IBASE_DESCR IB: Installed Base Description CHAR 40    
140 IB_IBASE_MAINTENANCE IB: Installed Base Maintenance CHAR   
141 IB_IBTYP IB: Installed Base Category CHAR   
142 IB_INSTANCE IB: Component/instance NUMC 18    
143 IB_INSTANCEOBJECT IB: Component reservation CHAR 22    
144 IB_INSTANCE_MD IB: Component/instance NUMC 18    
145 IB_INTSTATE IB: Internal status of the IBase NUMC   
146 IB_MPK_INSTANCE Instance NUMC 18    
147 IB_NODE_KEY IB: Internal number of a node in the hierarchy NUMC   
148 IB_OBJTYP_INSTANCE IB: Object type of component CHAR   
149 IB_PARTNER_FCT IB: Partner Function (Only for IBase F4 Help) CHAR   
150 IB_PARTNER_NO_TYPE IB: Object Type Partner Number (Only for IBase F4 Help) CHAR   
151 IB_PARTNER_NUMBER IB: Partner Number (Only for IBase F4 Help) CHAR 16    
152 IB_SCREENTYPE IB: Use of screen with data about the component CHAR   
153 IB_SEGMENT_TYPE IBase: Segment Types INT1   
154 IB_SERNO IB: Serial numbers CHAR 18    
155 IB_STATID iBase: Status ID CHAR   
156 IB_STID iBase: Status Management ID CHAR   
157 IB_STTYP IBase: Status Type CHAR   
158 IB_UIFUNC IBase: UI Function CHAR   
159 IB_UISCREEN IBase: UI Screen CHAR   
160 IB_UISUBSCREEN IBase: UI Subscreen CHAR   
161 IB_UITAB IBase: UI Tab CHAR 10    
162 IB_UITYPE IBase: UI Type CHAR   
163 IB_VAL IBase: CHAR 50    
164 IB_VALTYP IB: Type of validity management NUMC   
165 IB_XIF_COMPONENT_NAME BDoc <-> XIF Component Name CHAR 50    
167 ICACNT SDB: Counter for Problem Cause NUMC   
168 ICBED Reorder point planning with external requirements CHAR   
169 ICC Interchangebility code NUMC   
170 ICDESCRIPT Textual description of table statuses CHAR 30    
171 ICE_LTYPE List type for intercompany elimination NUMC   
173 ICFALIAS_STRG ICF: Extension of External Alias Names (String Value) STRG   
174 ICFALISTR String displayed in service in ICFSERVICE tree CHAR 120    
175 ICFALTNME ICF: Alternative Service Names CHAR 120    
176 ICFAUTHTRC ICF: Authorization Default Object for ICF Trace CHAR 40    
177 ICFA_ACTION Actions for Admin Vhost Reassignment CHAR   
178 ICFA_ACTIVE Does the ICF Admin Service set to active via a security tool CHAR   
179 ICFCHAR1 Character Field: Length 1 CHAR   
180 ICFCHAR1000 ICF: Field with Length Limit of 1000 Characters CHAR 1000    
181 ICFCHAR12 Character field length 12 CHAR 12    
182 ICFCHAR120 ICF: Description CHAR 120    
183 ICFCHAR255 Character String Length 255 CHAR 255    
184 ICFCHAR32 Character string of length 32 CHAR 32    
185 ICFCHAR4 Character String: Length 4 CHAR   
186 ICFCHAR55 Character Field: Length 55 CHAR 55    
187 ICFCHAR64 Character String Length 64 CHAR 64    
188 ICFCHAR_MESSAGE ICF Document in Text Format STRG   
189 ICFCOMPR_FLAG ICF: Compression CHAR   
191 ICFGUID32WS Domain for ICF-WS Transfer CHAR 32    
193 ICFHEX1 Hexadecimal Type of Length 1 RAW   
194 ICFHEX2 Hexadecimal Type of Length 2 RAW   
195 ICFHEX4 Hexadecimal Type of Length 4 RAW   
196 ICFINTERACTIVE ICF: Interactive Flag CHAR   
197 ICFLNKCMD Command types for ICF links CHAR   
198 ICFLOGKEY Domain for Key Values: ICF Logon Procedure CHAR 30    
199 ICFMSGTYPE ICF Message Type CHAR   
200 ICFNAME HTTP service name CHAR 15    
201 ICFRAW_MESSAGE ICF Message in Binary Format RSTR   
202 ICFRECATTR ICF: Field for Recording ICF Recording Function CHAR   
203 ICFRECORDER_CHAR128 Character Field: Length 128 CHAR 128    
204 ICFRECORDER_CHAR32 Character Field: Length 32 CHAR 32    
205 ICFRECORDER_RAW4 RAW Field (Length 4) for ICF Recorder RAW   
207 ICFREQUEST_PATH Path of ICF Request CHAR 250    
208 ICFRESPONSE_STATUS Status of ICF Response.Message (Status Code and Reason) CHAR 240    
209 ICFSTRING String type STRG   
210 ICFURLSTR ICF: Domain for URL (Case-Sensitive) CHAR 200    
211 ICFXSTRING X string type RSTR   
212 ICF_AUTHENTICATE Logon Procedure CHAR   
213 ICF_DOCU Documentation for an ICF Service CHAR 210    
214 ICF_DYNPTYPE ICF: HTTP Type of Service Hierarchy CHAR 15    
215 ICF_FIELD Internet Communication Framework Types CHAR   
216 ICF_KATEGORIE ICF: Service Category CHAR 30    
217 ICF_MESSAGE_BASED_AUTH ICF: Message-Based Authentication CHAR   
218 ICF_NOHEREDITY ICF: Suppress ICF Inheritance Logic CHAR   
219 ICF_READONLY ICF: Display Service Only CHAR   
220 ICF_REAUTH_OFF ICF: Switch Off Reauthentication CHAR   
221 ICF_SAMLFLAG ICF: SAML Logon Procedure Flag CHAR   
222 ICF_SYSLOGIN ICF: Configuration of Logon Procedure for System Logon CHAR   
223 ICF_TYPE ICF: Authorization Values for ICF Object CHAR 30    
224 ICF_VALUE Internet Communication Framework Values CHAR 32    
225 ICF_WEBSERVICE ICF: Service is a Web service CHAR   
226 ICHEC Type of payment medium (stored in payment register) CHAR   
227 ICH_DM_ATTRIBUTETYPE Atttribute Type CHAR 18    
228 ICH_DM_BATCH_ID Batch ID CHAR 10    
229 ICH_DM_INV_TYPE Stock Type CHAR   
230 ICH_DM_LOC_ID Location Number CHAR 20    
231 ICH_DM_PARTY_ID Business Partner ID CHAR 10    
232 ICH_DM_PARTY_TYPE Business partner category CHAR   
233 ICH_DM_PRODUCT_ID Product Number CHAR 40    
234 ICH_DM_QUANTITY Quantity QUAN 19 
235 ICH_DM_REF_ID Identification of a Business Object CHAR 35    
236 ICH_DM_REF_ITM_ID Identification of an Item Within an Object CHAR 10    
237 ICH_DM_REF_TYPE Reference document category CHAR   
238 ICH_DM_TIMS_TYPE Time Series Type CHAR   
239 ICH_KANBAN_QUAN Kanban Target Quantity QUAN 19 
240 ICH_KANBAN_QUANUNIT Unit of Measure for Kanban Target Quantity UNIT   
241 ICH_MWO_ABORT MWO terminate processing CHAR   
243 ICH_MWO_PPN_ABORT MWO PPN terminate processing CHAR   
244 ICH_MWO_PROD_TYPE MWO BAdI: Product type CHAR   
245 ICIND Incompleteness Indicator CHAR   
246 ICI_CCS_ACTION_PROP_TYPE CCS Simulator: Action Item Property Types NUMC   
247 ICI_CCS_CALLS_PROP_TYPE CCS Simulator - Phone Call Property Types NUMC   
248 ICI_CCS_CHAR255 CCS CHAR255 CHAR 255    
250 ICI_CCS_CHAR5000 CCS CHAR5000 CHAR 5000    
251 ICI_CCS_CHAT_SES_PROP_TYPE CCS Simulator - Chat Session Property Types NUMC   
252 ICI_CCS_FUBA Function Module CHAR 30    
253 ICI_CCS_MESSAGE_PROP_TYPE CCS Simulator - Message Property Types NUMC   
254 ICI_CCS_MONI_PROP_TYPE CCS Monitoring Prop Type NUMC   
257 ICI_CCS_POSTING_PROP_TYPE CCS Simulator - Chat Posting Property Types NUMC   
258 ICI_CCS_STRING CCS - String Domain STRG   
259 ICI_CCS_USER_PROP_TYPE CCS Simulator - User Property Types NUMC   
260 ICLC_URL URL General CHAR 255    
261 ICLE_ACTIVITYNO Number of Activity (Within a Claim Bundle) NUMC   
262 ICLE_ACTNAV Navigation to Execution of Task CHAR   
263 ICLE_BULKINV_JOBTYPE_DO Type of Batch Job for Processing from Collective Invoice CHAR   
264 ICLE_CCEVENTTYP Category of Claim Bundle Type CHAR   
265 ICLE_DATEINTCHK Permitted Entries for Claim Bundle Date Interval CHAR   
266 ICLE_MESSAGE Claim Bundle Management or Prompting Message CHAR   
267 ICLE_NOT_WF_RELEVANT Activity Management: Type of Task (in Claim Bundle) CHAR   
268 ICLE_SUBACTIVITY Claim Bundle Management - Activity CHAR   
269 ICLH_CAUSE HI: Specification of Reason CHAR   
270 ICLH_CAUSEN Text for Detailed Specification of Reason for Creating CHAR 80    
271 ICLH_CLINIC_CARD Flag: Clinic Card CHAR   
272 ICLH_COPY_ITEMS Claim Items Are Copied CHAR   
273 ICLH_CREATE_BEHAVIOUR Claim Item Grouping Creation Behavior CHAR   
274 ICLH_DIAGFORMAT Format of Diagnosis Catalog CHAR   
275 ICLH_DIRECTION Alignment CHAR   
276 ICLH_DISTANCE Field of Vision CHAR   
277 ICLH_EXTCASENO HI: Case Number CHAR 15    
278 ICLH_EXTFILENO HI: External Data Set Identification CHAR 20    
279 ICLH_FACTOR Factor Parameter DEC
280 ICLH_HEADER_SUBCLAIM Subclaim Key with Creation in Claim Header CHAR   
281 ICLH_INVOICE_GET_PROCESS Procedure for Determining Invoice Items from Approval Items CHAR   
283 ICLH_MATLABCOST Material and Laboratory Costs DEC
284 ICLH_POINTS Points Parameter DEC
285 ICLH_POINTSTOTAL For Austria only DEC
287 ICLH_PROCESSTYPE Health Insurance: Process Category CHAR   
289 ICLH_RECIPIENT Recipient of a Text Module CHAR   
290 ICLH_SUBREASON HI: Specification of Admission/Discharge Reasons CHAR   
291 ICLH_SUBREASONN Text for Detailed Specification of Reason for Creating CHAR 80    
292 ICLN_CLAIM Claim Number CHAR 17    
293 ICLN_DAMCAT Damage Category CHAR   
294 ICLN_DAMDESC Damage Descriptor CHAR   
295 ICLN_DESC Description CHAR 20    
297 ICLN_FAULTRATE Liability Rate NUMC   
298 ICLN_ILINE Line of Insurance (Internal) CHAR   
299 ICLN_IOBCAT Category of Damaged or Insured Object CHAR   
300 ICLN_IOBMA Insurable Object - Make CHAR   
301 ICLN_IOBMODEL Insurable Object Model CHAR   
302 ICLN_IOBTYPE Type of Damaged or Insured Object CHAR   
303 ICLN_IROLE Role Internal CHAR   
304 ICLN_ITAMT Claims Management: Single Value CURR 15 
305 ICLN_LOSSTYPE Loss Incident Type CHAR   
306 ICLN_POLICY Policy CHAR 17    
307 ICLN_ROLE Participant Role CHAR   
308 ICLN_SEVERITY Damage Severity CHAR   
309 ICLN_VIEWFAULT Party at Fault CHAR   
310 ICL_ACCIDENT Accident Indicator CHAR   
311 ICL_ACCIDENTN HI: Text for Accident Indicator CHAR 40    
312 ICL_ACCIDENT_DTA Flag Indicating Whether Accident or Other Reason for Subro CHAR   
313 ICL_ACC_CAT Unchecked code for acct assignment type in procurement syst CHAR   
314 ICL_ACTIVE Table Entry Is Active (A) or in Suspense (S) CHAR   
315 ICL_ACTIVE2 Flag: active (A) / in suspense (S) / inactive (I) ... CHAR   
316 ICL_ACTIVITYNO Number of activity (within a claim / subclaim) NUMC   
317 ICL_ACTIVITY_FILTER Activity: Filter on Log Entry, Task ... CHAR   
318 ICL_ACTIVITY_PAYMNT Activity Payments/Reserves CHAR   
319 ICL_ACTIVITY_STATUS Status: Activity CHAR   
320 ICL_ACTIVITY_TEXT Formatted Text of a Task CHAR 128    
321 ICL_ACTLOG_EVENT Activity Management: Status-Changing Event CHAR   
322 ICL_ACTLOG_STATUS Activity Management: Status of a Task CHAR   
323 ICL_ACTNAV Navigation to Execution of Task CHAR   
324 ICL_ACT_SELECTED Activity Management: Task Selected/Marked CHAR   
325 ICL_ADDPAYEE Display Flag for Role for Selection as Additional Payee CHAR   
326 ICL_ADDPAYEENO Sequence Number for Additional Payee NUMC   
327 ICL_ADDPAY_DTA Copayment Flag Acc. to DTA CHAR   
328 ICL_ALLOWSUBRO Flag: Subrogation Permitted in this Subclaim NUMC   
329 ICL_ALVLIMDED Joint Display Limit/Deductible and Qty-Dependent Limit/Dedct CHAR 20    
330 ICL_ALV_GRID_ID ID of an ALV Grid in the Claims Management Application CHAR 15    
331 ICL_AMOUNT Amount CURR 15 
332 ICL_AMOUNTSIGN Amount with plus/minus sign CURR 15 
333 ICL_AMOUNT_DI Amount CHAR 15    
334 ICL_AMTQUAL Qualifier Amount CHAR   
335 ICL_ANSWERN Structured facts capture - answer text CHAR 254    
336 ICL_APPEAL Appeal CHAR   
337 ICL_APPLC ID of an Appication for Saving User Context CHAR   
338 ICL_APPLMETHOD Method for application of supplemental reserves to claims CHAR 10    
339 ICL_APPROV Approval/Rejection CHAR   
340 ICL_APPROVED Number of Approved Rental Objects QUAN   
341 ICL_APPTNO Sequence number for appointments NUMC   
342 ICL_ARCHIV_DOCUMENT Grid Field for Archives Document Button CHAR   
343 ICL_AREA Area of Treatment CHAR 20    
344 ICL_ARGNUM_PE Number of Negotiation Argument NUMC   
345 ICL_ARGTYPE_PE Type of Negotiation Argument CHAR   
346 ICL_ARGUSED_PE Yes / No - Field with Key Presentation 1 / 0 CHAR   
347 ICL_ASNUM Benefit number CHAR 18    
348 ICL_ASSIGNDT Salvage: Date Assigned to Salvage Company DATS   
349 ICL_ASSIGN_CAT Link Type CHAR   
350 ICL_ASSIGN_LEVEL Assignment Level (Primary, Secondary, and so on) CHAR   
351 ICL_ASSIGN_STATE Assignment Status of a Claims Management Subobject CHAR   
353 ICL_ASSIGN_TYPEN Name of Link Type CHAR 50    
354 ICL_ATTORNEYSTART_DATE Date Attorney Started Working for Claimant DATS   
356 ICL_ATTRIBUTE Diagnosis-Specific Additional Attribute CHAR   
357 ICL_ATTRNO Attribute Number Within Diagnosis Number NUMC   
358 ICL_ATTRVALUE Value of Diagnosis-Specific Attribute CHAR 10    
359 ICL_AUTHCLM Authorization group per claim (VIP) CHAR   
360 ICL_AUTHGRP User group for authorizations CHAR   
361 ICL_BAUPREISINDEX Building: Construction Price Index DEC 10 
362 ICL_BBP_VALUETYP Field Category to be Transferred to Catalog CHAR   
363 ICL_BCONTENT Business Content for Views CHAR   
364 ICL_BENEXCLPER Indicator Whether Benefit Exclusion Period Exists CHAR   
365 ICL_BENPERIOD Time Reference of Policy Product CHAR   
366 ICL_BENTREE Benefit Type Tree CHAR   
367 ICL_BENTREEG Generation of Benefit Type Tree (Length = ICL_CUST_VERSION) NUMC   
368 ICL_BENTREEV Benefit Type Tree Version (Length = ICL_CUST_VERSION) NUMC   
369 ICL_BENTREE_CAT Category of Benefit Type Tree CHAR   
370 ICL_BENTYPE Benefit Type CHAR 10    
371 ICL_BENTYPE01 Flag: Selectability for direct payments CHAR   
372 ICL_BENTYPE04 Flag: Can be selected for claim items? CHAR   
373 ICL_BENTYPE06 Application Type of Limits and Deductibles in Compenstn Calc CHAR   
374 ICL_BENTYPE07 Benefit type is covered always/never/depending on policy CHAR   
375 ICL_BENTYPE09 Flag: Level of higher-level benefit type CHAR   
376 ICL_BENTYPE11 Level of benefit type tree CHAR   
377 ICL_BENTYPE17 Indicator: Selectability for Receivables CHAR   
378 ICL_BENTYPECAT Benefit Type Area CHAR   
379 ICL_BENTYPECATN Name of Benefit Type Area CHAR 40    
380 ICL_BENTYPEGRP Activity Type Group CHAR 10    
381 ICL_BENTYPEN Benefit Type CHAR 80    
382 ICL_BENTYPE_PM Benefit Type PM CHAR 10    
383 ICL_BODYPART Body part CHAR   
384 ICL_BODY_PART_CODE Code for Injured Body Part CHAR   
385 ICL_BOOKTYPE Granularity of data transfer to Collections/Disbursements CHAR   
386 ICL_BRF_EXCEL Excel Import CHAR 250    
387 ICL_BRF_OBJ_CATEGORY Category of a BRF Object CHAR 20    
388 ICL_BRF_OBJ_COLOR Marking for Format Error CHAR   
389 ICL_BRF_OBJ_NAME Name or Description of Object CHAR 20    
390 ICL_BRF_OBJ_NAME_MENUE Possible Selection of Objects in Menu CHAR 20    
391 ICL_BRF_OBJ_SHORT Short Description of Object CHAR 80    
392 ICL_BRF_RESULT Result of Table Update CHAR 10    
393 ICL_BRF_STATISTIC Number of Updates/Undos INT4 10    
394 ICL_BRF_UPD ID for Update/Undo CHAR 30    
396 ICL_BULKSBR Collective Subrogation/Recovery CHAR   
397 ICL_BUNDLECAUSE Bundle Reason CHAR   
398 ICL_BUSUNIT Business Unit CHAR 10    
399 ICL_BU_SEXID Gender of a business partner CHAR   
400 ICL_BVG_DTA Indication of BVG Case for Possible Recovery CHAR   
401 ICL_CALINTVL Appointment: Format of free times displayed CHAR   
402 ICL_CALLED_FROM Point From Which Duplicates Check Is Called CHAR   
403 ICL_CAPACITY Capacity QUAN   
404 ICL_CASENUMBER File Number CHAR 40    
405 ICL_CATAID Code of Catalog CHAR   
407 ICL_CATALOG_NAME Catalog Name CHAR 20    
408 ICL_CAT_FLDVALUE Value of Parameter Transferred to Catalog System CHAR 132    
409 ICL_CAUSE_OF_INJUEY Cause of Injury CHAR   
410 ICL_CCALCITEMCAT Claim Item Category for Compensation Calculation CHAR   
411 ICL_CCALC_RNODE_TYPE Type of Compensation Calculation Result Node NUMC   
412 ICL_CCEVENT Claim Bundle CHAR 17    
413 ICL_CCEVENTCAT Claim Bundle Type CHAR   
414 ICL_CCEVENTCAT01 Aggregate or Cumulative Event CHAR   
415 ICL_CCEVENTCAT04 Flag: Display 0 or 1 or multiple policy numbers CHAR   
416 ICL_CCEVENTCAT10 Flag: Assign claims or subclaims CHAR   
417 ICL_CCEVENTITEMTYPE Claim Bundle Item Type CHAR   
418 ICL_CCEVENTSTAT Preliminary Status for Bundle CHAR   
419 ICL_CCEVENTTY Subtypes of Claim Bundles CHAR   
420 ICL_CCMODTYPE Change Type of Deductible CHAR   
421 ICL_CCPAIDITEMSELECT Behavior with Transfer of Payment Items CHAR   
422 ICL_CCPROCTYPE Process Type in Claim Bundle CHAR   
423 ICL_CCSBRTYPE Subrogation Claim Type in Subrogation CHAR   
424 ICL_CDCFSCENARIO Scenario for Creating Contract Accounts in FS-CD CHAR   
425 ICL_CDSPEC_CLAIM Specification of FS-CD Claim Standard Properties CHAR   
426 ICL_CDUSAGE Integration of Collections/Disbursements CHAR   
427 ICL_CEDED Reinsurance type CHAR   
429 ICL_CHAR120 String with Length 120 for Diagnosis Info CL_BP_IGN CHAR 120    
430 ICL_CHAR3 Text with length 3 CHAR   
431 ICL_CHAR40 Text with Length 50 (Lower Case) CHAR 40    
432 ICL_CHAR50 Text field CHAR 50    
433 ICL_CHECK Check number for manual check payments CHAR 13    
434 ICL_CHECKLOT Check Lot CHAR 12    
435 ICL_CHILDTYPE CCALC: Selection to Obtain Children of This CompCalc Node NUMC   
436 ICL_CHNGIND Type of Change CHAR   
437 ICL_CHREASONSBR Change Reason for Status of (Collective) Subrogation CHAR   
438 ICL_CLAIM Claim Number CHAR 17    
439 ICL_CLAIMNO External Claim Number CHAR 20    
440 ICL_CLAIMNOCAT Category of External Claim Number CHAR   
441 ICL_CLAIMOWNER Claim handler (position, organizational unit, user) CHAR 12    
442 ICL_CLAI_ATTRIB Only One Claimant in the Claim CHAR   
443 ICL_CLASSCODE IBNR: Class Code CHAR 10    
444 ICL_CLAUSE_ID ID of Clause CHAR 10    
445 ICL_CLAUSE_INFO General Info on Existence of Clauses in Policy Snapshot NUMC   
446 ICL_CLINE Claim line of business CHAR   
447 ICL_CLINEOFBUS Claim Line of Business CHAR   
448 ICL_CLMODE Claim processing mode CHAR   
449 ICL_CLMSTATUS_INPROCESS_CNTR Counter for Number of Open Claims INT4 10    
450 ICL_CLNOCLAIM Restrictions on Case with No Claim Made NUMC   
451 ICL_CLREADMETH Claim Read Method CHAR   
452 ICL_CLSTATUS_DI Status Action of Claim (Direct Input) CHAR   
453 ICL_CLTYPE Internal Claim Type CHAR   
454 ICL_CLTYPEG Generation of internal claim type (length= ICL_CUST_VERSION) NUMC   
455 ICL_CLTYPEV Claim type version (length = ICL_CUST_VERSION) NUMC   
456 ICL_CLTYPE_PROFILE_FLAG Indicator "Claim Type Profile" (Field VERSION = 99999) NUMC   
457 ICL_CL_LIST_MODE My Claims: List Mode CHAR   
458 ICL_CMAREA Work Area in Claims Management System CHAR 10    
459 ICL_CMC_ACTION Claim Control Action CHAR   
460 ICL_CMC_ACTIONSEQ Sequence of actions within an event NUMC   
461 ICL_CMC_ACTIONV Claim Control Action Version NUMC   
462 ICL_CMC_CALC_OP Arithmetic Operator (Basic Calculation Types) CHAR   
463 ICL_CMC_CONV_OP Conversion Operator CHAR   
464 ICL_CMC_FUNCSEQ Sequence of function calls NUMC   
465 ICL_CMC_LENGTH Field length NUMC   
466 ICL_CMC_MESSAGE Complete message CHAR 255    
467 ICL_CMC_MSGDEST Determination of CMC text CHAR   
468 ICL_CMC_MSGSEQ Sequence of Message Variables NUMC   
469 ICL_CMC_OUTLEN Output length NUMC   
470 ICL_CMC_PROPSEQ Sequence of key fields of an internal table NUMC   
471 ICL_CMC_REQSEQ Value request line number NUMC   
472 ICL_CMC_REQUEST Key for a value request to global memory CHAR   
473 ICL_CMC_REQUESTV Version of value request NUMC   
474 ICL_CMC_RULE Claim Control Rule CHAR   
475 ICL_CMC_RULEV Claim control rule version NUMC   
476 ICL_CMC_SEQUENCE Rule line number NUMC   
477 ICL_CMC_STRUCTYPE Category of a structure CHAR   
478 ICL_CMC_TYPE Field category CHAR   
479 ICL_COMCAT Communication Category CHAR   
480 ICL_COMMAND_STATUS Availability of a Command NUMC   
481 ICL_COMPCODE Company Code CHAR   
482 ICL_COMPLEX (Sub)Claim complexity CHAR   
483 ICL_COMPPER_DATE_UI Comparison Period: Date DATS   
484 ICL_COMPPER_DI_PE Comparison Period DI CHAR   
485 ICL_COMPPER_PE Comparison Period DATS   
486 ICL_COMPPER_TIME_UI Comparison Period: Time TIMS   
487 ICL_COMP_DEGREE Degree of Compensation for Compensation DEC
488 ICL_COMP_OP Comparison operator CHAR   
489 ICL_COMSTATUS Status of communication CHAR   
490 ICL_COMTYPE Communication Type CHAR   
491 ICL_CONDITION Covered benefit type condition CHAR   
492 ICL_CORELEMP Contractual relationship between employee and employer CHAR   
493 ICL_CORRECT_OPTION Indicator: How Working Day Should Be Calculated CHAR   
494 ICL_CORROUT_DI Flag for Correspondence Output in Direct Input CHAR   
495 ICL_COUNT Count NUMC   
496 ICL_COUNTFLAG Count (Cat.) Considered in Supplemental Reserve Calculation NUMC   
497 ICL_COURT Court CHAR   
498 ICL_COURTLEVEL Litigation Level CHAR   
499 ICL_COVBENRULE Covered benefit type rule CHAR   
500 ICL_COVBENTP Covered benefit type CHAR