SAP ABAP Domain - Index I, page 5
Domain - I
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 IMPTYPEX Implementation type CHAR 10    
2 IMP_APPLCLASS IMP: Application Class CHAR   
3 IMP_BOOLE_D IMP: space = false, 'X' = true CHAR   
4 IMP_COUNTER IMP: General Counter NUMC 10    
5 IMP_DATE IMP: Date, General DATS   
6 IMP_EVENT IMP: Status-Changing Event CHAR   
7 IMP_EXCEPTION_DETAIL IMP: Details on an Exception INT4 10    
8 IMP_HASH32 Hash Value with Length 32 CHAR 32    
10 IMP_OBJ_ID IMP: General Object Key CHAR 64    
11 IMP_OBSERVER IMP: Observer CHAR 30    
12 IMP_OBSERVER_TYPE IMP: Category of Observer Object CHAR   
13 IMP_PARAM_NAME IMP: Parameter Name (Free Format) CHAR 30    
14 IMP_PARAM_VALUE IMP: Parameter Value (Free Format) CHAR 128    
15 IMP_SHORT_TEXT IMP: Short Text - General CHAR 80    
17 IMP_SWITCH Switch for Implementations CHAR 14    
19 IMRC_DECIM Number of decimal places for number display INT2   
20 IMRC_DEL1 Deletion flag for 1-level deletion logic CHAR   
21 IMRC_DEL2 Deletion flag for 2-level deletion logic CHAR   
22 IMRC_EXPON Power of ten exponent, 2-digit plus +/- sign INT2   
23 IMRC_FLTPS Standard floating point field FLTP 16  16 
24 IMRC_GENER Origin indicator CHAR   
25 IMRC_IMPHG Origin indicator for entry in table IMPH CHAR   
26 IMRC_IMPHG_DWA Origin indicator for entry in table IMPH CHAR   
27 IMRC_INTVL Indicator that the document refers to a time interval CHAR   
28 IMRC_MDOCM Measurement document CHAR 20    
29 IMRC_MELNR Measurement reading entry list CHAR 12    
30 IMRC_MODTR Mode of counter reading transfer CHAR   
31 IMRC_MPTYP Measuring point category CHAR   
32 IMRC_MSTYP Online message category CHAR   
33 IMRC_POINT Measuring point CHAR 12    
34 IMRC_POINT_CL Measuring point CHAR 12    
35 IMRC_PREST Processing status CHAR   
36 IMRC_SUNIQ Uniqueness of measuring point item number CHAR   
37 IMS_CONTACT_ROLE IMS Role for Contract CHAR 10    
38 IMS_LOG_EVENT IMS Log Event CHAR 10    
39 IMS_PROCESS_CONTROL Processing Control CHAR   
40 IMZS IM Allocation key CHAR   
41 IM_ABRKZ Usage indicator for budget categories in cap.invest.program NUMC   
42 IM_ACTIVITY Planning/budgeting activity CHAR 10    
43 IM_ACTPER Periods for selection of actual values NUMC   
44 IM_ACTSY System activitiy for IM authorization checks CHAR   
45 IM_ACTVT Activity for authorization checks in cap.inv. programs CHAR   
46 IM_APPPER Approval period CHAR   
47 IM_APPST Approval level of plan version CHAR   
48 IM_BUDSTAT IM: Budget status for measure CHAR   
49 IM_CURTYP Currency type for internal currency translation CHAR   
50 IM_DARST Representation of the cap. inv. program position CHAR   
51 IM_FLAG General flag CHAR   
52 IM_HIEOBJ Inv. programs: Hierarchy object (report formatting) CHAR 30    
53 IM_IL_AGGR_LEVEL Aggregation level CHAR   
54 IM_IL_LOOKUP_BREAKDOWN_MODE Control Breakdown for Special Stocks CHAR   
55 IM_IL_SOURCE_ERP_POS Origin of Data Record ERP/POS or Mixed CHAR   
56 IM_INVMA Ind. Cap. inv. measure with asset u. const. CHAR   
57 IM_IPLEV Level in investment program NUMC   
58 IM_IPPOS Budget item in capital investment program CHAR 10    
59 IM_KEYFIG Key figure key CHAR   
60 IM_LOGDEL IM Logical deletion indicator CHAR   
61 IM_MEAS_AS Assignment of measure to an appropriation request NUMC   
62 IM_OBART Allowed object types for cap. inv. programs CHAR   
63 IM_OULNG Maximum length of allowed value of org. unit NUMC   
64 IM_PERVER Usage category for period control CHAR   
65 IM_PLGET Plan values to use in detrm proposed plan values- app. req. CHAR   
66 IM_POSID Position ID CHAR 24    
67 IM_POSNR Position number NUMC   
68 IM_PRART Investment program type CHAR   
69 IM_PRNAM Investment program CHAR   
70 IM_PROFIL Investment measure profile CHAR   
71 IM_RATIO Key figures for scale CHAR   
72 IM_RATIO5 Key figures for scale (language-dependent) CHAR   
73 IM_RATIOLD Key figures for scale (language-dependent) CHAR   
74 IM_REPOBJ Element of Reporting Hierarchy CHAR 50    
75 IM_RHIER Role of Position within Investment Program Hierarchy CHAR   
76 IM_ROBEX Element of Reporting Hierarchy (External Display) CHAR 26    
77 IM_SCHED Coding Key for Capital Investment Prog. Position CHAR   
78 IM_SELOPT_HIGH Select option: To value CHAR 40    
79 IM_SELOPT_LOW Select option: From value CHAR 40    
80 IM_SELOPT_OPTION Select option: Option CHAR   
81 IM_SELOPT_SIGN Select option: Incl/Excl indicator CHAR   
82 IM_SIGN +/- sign for availability control CHAR   
83 IM_SLLEN Length of key NUMC   
84 IM_SROBJ Element of Reporting Hierarchy CHAR 50    
85 IM_STATACTVT Activities for changing the system status CHAR 12    
86 IM_TPLNR Functional location (outpt lgth 32 instead 40 for drilldwn) CHAR 30    
87 IM_USERVAL IM User value fields CHAR   
88 IM_VALUETYPE External value type CHAR   
89 IM_VERNR Person responsible NUMC   
90 IM_VJAWE Handling of unused budgets at fiscal year change CHAR   
91 IM_WRTTP Value type CHAR   
92 IM_XGNJ Ind: Assignment of measure from approval year/prev. year CHAR   
93 INACT_SOL Inactive Solution Path CHAR   
94 INAKTIV Indicator: inactive gas procedure CHAR   
95 INART Internal PDC record type CHAR   
96 INAUS Domestic or international trip CHAR   
97 INAUT Generation flag for leave CHAR   
98 INBKCLCD Interbank Clearing Code - Belgium Domestic Payments CHAR   
99 INC01 Type of payment term CHAR   
100 INC02 Unit of measurement: current values CHAR   
101 INCEXP_KK Plus/Minus Sign of Generated Open Items CHAR   
102 INCLD IS-H: Indicator for service inclusions CHAR   
103 INCLDEL__6 Delete include CHAR   
104 INCLFK Flags whether foreign key is inherited and modifiable CHAR   
105 INCLUDENR INCLUDE number of function module CHAR   
106 INCLUDE_SUBENTITY Is include subentity or not CHAR   
107 INCL_EXCL ID for Inclusive (=I) or Exclusive (=E) CHAR   
108 INCNOINHER No Inherit Flag for Included Foreign Key CHAR   
109 INCO1 Incoterms part 1 CHAR   
110 INCO2 Incoterms part 2 CHAR 28    
111 INCOMPL Asset is incomplete CHAR   
112 IND23_VK Indicator for Document References (VGPART2/3, VTRE2/3) CHAR   
113 INDAK Financial Document Processing: Indicator Control CHAR   
114 INDBF Financial Doc. Processing: Indicator for Bank Control CHAR   
115 INDCLA Indexing class NUMC   
116 INDCOS Cost assignment indicator CHAR   
117 INDEI Legal Control: Indicator: Export/Import Validity CHAR   
118 INDET Interpret input values CHAR   
119 INDEU Insert/delete or update indicator CHAR   
120 INDEX5 Gen. 5-character index INT2   
121 INDEX6 Index for Pointers Between Tables NUMC   
122 INDEXCLUST Data type for data field with IMPORT/EXPORT data tables LRAW 1024    
124 INDEXID Name Suffix for Index (tabname_indexname) CHAR   
125 INDEXIN Values for indexes CHAR 10    
126 INDEXNR Internal consecutive number of register allocation NUMC 12    
127 INDEXP Indicator: index-based price CHAR   
128 INDEXTYPE Index type CHAR   
129 INDICATOR Update indicator CHAR   
130 INDICES Number of Indices NUMC   
131 INDLG Indicator for wage type assignment CHAR   
132 INDPARTBY Index-Partitioning Method (Oracle 11) CHAR 12    
133 INDPER Period of indexing NUMC   
134 INDRHY Indexing rhythm NUMC   
135 INDSC Industry sector CHAR   
136 INDTAB Table name for index CHAR 10    
137 INDTYP Type of industry CHAR 30    
138 INDUPD Update indicator (I/U/D) CHAR   
139 INDUSTRYSECT Utilities: Industry CHAR 10    
140 INDUSTRY_CA Industry CHAR   
141 INDVE Indicator for reading status of SD document header CHAR   
142 INDWR Export control: Membership of an economic area CHAR   
143 INDX_CLSTR_DOM Cluster table:length of row INT2   
144 INDX_CLUST ABAP/4: Data type for data fld in IMPORT/EXPORT data tables LRAW 2886    
145 INDX_CLUST_DOM Cluster table:row data. LRAW 2886    
146 INDYN_VK Dynamics CHAR   
147 IND_API Indicator: Business Object Created by API CHAR   
148 IND_ED_MANAD Indicator of MANAD data entry type CHAR   
149 INEW Ind. instance inserted manually CHAR   
150 INEX ISH NL: EPB ein- / Ausschließung besuchart / behandeln kat. CHAR   
151 INEXCL Incl-Excel for ranges CHAR   
152 INFCOLIST Column list for hash fragmentation CHAR 72    
153 INFDBSNAME Database Space Name for INFORMIX CHAR 30    
154 INFEXPRTXT Expressions text for fragmentation by expression CHAR 72    
155 INFEXT Size of an INFORMIX extent in KB NUMC 10    
156 INFEXTNUM Number of INFORMIX extents NUMC   
157 INFFRAGM Fragment CHAR 10    
158 INFFRAGTYP Fragmentation category CHAR 12    
159 INFFSTSIZE Size of an INFORMIX extent in KB NUMC 10    
160 INFIELDIND Input field indicator CHAR   
161 INFLCKMODE Lock mode for INFORMIX database (row or page) CHAR   
162 INFL_OUTFLOW_FLAG Indicator Distinguishing Inflow-To from Outflow-From CHAR   
163 INFNR Number of purchasing info record CHAR 10    
164 INFNXTSIZE Size of an INFORMIX next extent in KB NUMC 10    
165 INFOANZTAG_VI Number of days CHAR   
166 INFODATED Date of most recent Information CHAR 16    
167 INFOHKF_VI Information Origin CHAR   
168 INFOKEY_VI Information Key CHAR 36    
169 INFOL_TYP Information type of the line item type CHAR   
170 INFOREL Release status for installation data CHAR   
171 INFOSICHT Info view of an evaluation CHAR   
172 INFOTYP Infotype CHAR   
173 INFOTYP_VI Infotype CHAR   
174 INFOZ_KK Indicator: mark as doubtful/individual value adjustment NUMC   
175 INFO_LAUFI_VI ID Characteristic for Run CHAR   
176 INFO_NARRATIVE Information Notification Narrative CHAR 5000    
177 INFO_OBJ Development object ID CHAR 15    
178 INFO_TXT Info texts CHAR   
179 INFSIZE INFORMIX: Size of a database object INT4 10    
180 INFSMINT INFORMIX: Domain for reading fields of DB type SMALLINT INT2   
181 INFTB Ctrl horiz./vert. inversion of table infotype NUMC   
182 INFTY Infotype CHAR   
183 INF_TABNAM Informix table name (according to systables) CHAR 18    
184 INGRP Maintenance Planner Group CHAR   
185 INHALT New field contents CHAR 30    
186 INHALTSKOM IS-M/AM: Content Component CHAR   
187 INHBC Ageing counter for PM data transfer terminations NUMC 20    
188 INHER Data origin indicator CHAR   
189 INHERITANCE_FLAG PM: Inheritance Indicator for Installing/Uninstalling APIs CHAR   
190 INHKOM_GRP IS-PAM: Content component group CHAR   
191 INHKOM_TYP IS-PAM: Content component type CHAR   
192 INHPR Indicator Deduction of EE Contribution to Private HI CHAR   
193 INHVO_VK Internal main transactions CHAR   
194 INIDATCRDC Consecutive number of the initial data creation document CHAR 12    
195 INIDATCRDI Consec. no. of installation for initial data creation doc. CHAR 12    
196 INIID_KK Biller Direct: Identification of INIT Data CHAR   
197 INITIAL_STATUS Initial Status of Waste Disposal Order CHAR   
198 INITIND ATP: Initialization indicator for the check NUMC   
199 INITLOAD Indicator for Initial Run CHAR   
200 INITMO Date of Initial Award Month CHAR   
201 INITREAS_BRO Reason for creating a broker report CHAR   
202 INITYR Date of Initial Award Year CHAR   
203 INJIT Indicator: JIT Call in Internet CHAR   
204 INKDOCTYP_KK Type of Collection Agency Document CHAR   
205 INKEY_VK Information procedure CHAR   
206 INKPM_KK Item paid by external collection agency or customer NUMC   
207 INKPO_KK Collection items CHAR 15    
208 INKTP_KK Collection agency category NUMC   
209 INMWS Non-deductible input tax code CHAR   
210 INM_BOE_TD_FC_DATA_TYPE BOE Field Catalog Data Type CHAR 20    
211 INM_BOE_TD_FC_QUAL_AGG BOE Field Catalog Qualification Aggregation CHAR 20    
212 INM_BOE_TD_FC_QUAL_TYPE BOE Field Catalog Qualification Type CHAR 20    
213 INM_BOE_TD_VISIBILITY BOE Dataset Visibility CHAR   
214 INM_DFM_APP_OBJ_TYPE Application object creation type CHAR   
215 INM_DFM_LINK_OP Links change operation CHAR   
216 INM_DFM_OBJ_OP Operation and synchronization behaviour CHAR   
217 INM_DFM_RPM_GROUPING Portfolio Mgmt and Initiative Grouping CHAR 15    
218 INM_DFM_STATUS List of Available DFM Statuses CHAR   
219 INM_DFM_STATUS_NETWORK_GROUPS Groupings Using Status Network Processes CHAR 15    
220 INM_DFM_TV_DIRECTION_FLAG Flag for direction of synchronization processing CHAR   
221 INM_DFM_TV_EXEC_MODE Execution Mode CHAR   
224 INM_DPR_PROJECT_STATUS cProject Project status CHAR   
225 INM_DPR_ROLE_STATUS Project role status CHAR   
226 INM_DPR_STATUS Supported Statuses for Project Management/Initiative CHAR   
227 INM_FIELD_STRUCT_INTERMEDIATE Intermediate Struct. for Mapping from/to Orig. Data Struct. CHAR 30    
228 INM_HC_NAME HANA Content name CHAR 40    
229 INM_HOBJ_TYPE HANA Repository Object Type CHAR   
230 INM_KFM_GROUP_ID Key Figure Group CHAR 30    
231 INM_KFM_GROUP_TEXT Group Text CHAR 60    
232 INM_KFM_KF_DEFAULT Default Key Figure CHAR   
233 INM_KFM_KF_DEF_ID Key Figure Definition CHAR 30    
234 INM_KFM_OBJ_GUID Object GUID for Key Figure RAW 16    
235 INM_KFM_OBJ_TYPE Object Type for Key Figure CHAR 10    
236 INM_KFM_OBJ_TYPE_TEXT Object Type for Key Figure - Text CHAR 30    
237 INM_M_BI_CHAR32 Object ID (Char32) CHAR 32    
238 INM_M_FIN_AMOUNT Amount CURR 20 
239 INM_M_QUAN_AMOUNT Quantity QUAN 20 
240 INM_M_TD_CURR Currency unit CUKY   
241 INM_M_TD_DATA_TYPE ABAP Dictionary Data Type CHAR   
242 INM_M_TD_METRIC Metric CHAR 15    
243 INM_M_TD_METRIC_GROUP Metrics Group CHAR 15    
244 INM_M_TD_OBJECT_GROUP Metrics-Independent Object Groups CHAR 15    
245 INM_M_TD_OBJECT_TYPE Object Category CHAR 15    
246 INM_M_TD_PROCESS Process CHAR   
247 INM_M_TD_UOM Unit of Measure UNIT   
248 INM_M_TD_VIEW_TYPE Metrics Value Type CHAR 15    
249 INM_NAV_TD_APPL_TYPE Application Type CHAR   
250 INM_NAV_TD_COMP_NAME Target Component Name CHAR 30    
251 INM_NAV_TD_CONTEXT Navigation Context CHAR   
253 INM_NAV_TD_LPD_APPL_ALIAS Report Launchpad Application Alias CHAR 255    
254 INM_NAV_TD_LPD_APPL_ID Report Launchpad Application ID CHAR 32    
255 INM_NAV_TD_LPD_INSTANCE Report Launchpad Instance CHAR 32    
256 INM_NAV_TD_LPD_ROLE Report Launchpad Role CHAR 10    
258 INM_NAV_TD_MODE Target Application Mode CHAR   
259 INM_NAV_TD_PLUG_NAME Target Plug Name CHAR 30    
262 INM_NAV_TD_VIEW_NAME Target View Name CHAR 30    
263 INM_NAV_TD_WD_APP_NAME WD Application Name CHAR 30    
264 INM_NAV_TD_WD_CONFIG_ID WD Application Name CHAR 32    
265 INM_OBJECT_HEADER_TYPES Object Header Types CHAR 15    
266 INM_OF_ACTIVITY_TYPE Activity type CHAR 10    
267 INM_OF_APPLICATION_MODE Application mode CHAR   
268 INM_OF_APPLICATION_NAME Application name CHAR 30    
269 INM_OF_ASSOCIATION_TYPE Association type for object assignment CHAR   
270 INM_OF_ASSOCIATION_TYPE_FAV Association type for favorite management CHAR   
271 INM_OF_ASSOCIATION_TYPE_KEY Association type key for Gerneric Personalization CHAR 30    
272 INM_OF_ATTRIBUTE Attribute CHAR 16    
273 INM_OF_FIELD_NAME Field name CHAR 30    
274 INM_OF_FIELD_VALUE Field value STRG   
275 INM_OF_FORMAT Format CHAR   
276 INM_OF_NAVIGATION_TYPE Navigation type CHAR   
277 INM_OF_OBJECT_KEY Object key CHAR 255    
278 INM_OF_OBJ_LINK_TYPE Object link type CHAR 15    
279 INM_OF_OBL_GROUP Object type groups CHAR 15    
280 INM_OF_OBN_BUSINESS_OBJECT OBN Business Object CHAR 200    
281 INM_OF_OBN_OPERATION OBN Operation CHAR 200    
282 INM_OF_OPTION ABAP: Selection option (EQ/BT/CP/...) CHAR   
283 INM_OF_ORG_UNIT Organization unit CHAR 12    
284 INM_OF_PROXY_NAME Name for proxy class CHAR 30    
285 INM_OF_ROOT_OBJ_TYPE Root object type CHAR   
286 INM_OF_SEL_VAL ABAP/4: Selection value (LOW or HIGH value, external format) CHAR 45    
287 INM_OF_SHLPNAME Search help name CHAR 30    
288 INM_OF_SHORT_TEXT Short text for descriptions CHAR 40    
289 INM_OF_SIGN ABAP: ID: I/E (include/exclude values) CHAR   
290 INM_OF_STRING String used for object framework STRG   
291 INM_OF_SYSTEM_ALIAS Portal System Alias CHAR 200    
293 INM_OF_USER_ROLE User role CHAR 30    
294 INM_OF_VIEW View name CHAR 30    
295 INM_PS_STATUS Supported Statuses for PS and WBS CHAR   
296 INM_PS_TXNS PS Transactions Supported by DFM CHAR   
297 INM_RAWSTRING Raw String RSTR   
298 INM_STAGE_GATE_ICON Graphic for Stage Gates in Object Header CHAR   
299 INM_S_OF_TD_FIELD_NAME Field Name CHAR 30    
301 INM_S_OF_TD_OBJECT_KEY Object Key CHAR 255    
302 INM_S_OF_TD_OBJ_LINK_TYPE Object Link Type CHAR 15    
304 INM_TD_DASHBOARD_SCOPE Domain for item dashboard scope NUMC   
305 INM_TD_INITIATIVE_STATUS Initiative Status CHAR   
306 INM_TD_INTERFACE_VIEW Embedded Interface View STRG   
307 INM_TD_RULEDESC Description for Mapping Rule CHAR 40    
308 INM_TD_RULEID Mapping Rule ID CHAR   
309 INM_TD_SCOPE Type of Setting CHAR   
310 INM_TD_STAT_RPM_GROUPINGS Object Groups with Status Management for Portf. Mgmt CHAR 15    
311 INM_TD_VERSION_TYPE Version Type CHAR   
312 INM_TLM_CALENDAR_TIMESCALE Switch for Gantt Calendar CHAR   
313 INM_TRA_TD_IM_EXTENT Project Integration - Extent of Import CHAR   
314 INM_TRA_TD_PRO_TYPE Project Type Domain CHAR   
315 INM_WBS_TXNS WBS Transactions Supported by DFM CHAR   
316 INNUM Internal number assignment CHAR   
317 INO Internal ABAP/4 text number CHAR   
318 INOID Object for OIW CHAR 22    
319 INOUTLIST Set of values 0-2 NUMC   
320 INOUTPUT Input/Output Indicator CHAR   
321 INO_SYS_CONFIG_PARAM_VALUETEXT Value text for i18n sys config param (TCP0IA-Valuetext) CHAR 240    
322 INO_SYS_CONFIG_PARAM_VALUE_OP Value options for i18n sys config param (TCP0IA-Value) CHAR 100    
323 INPOUT Flag: Input or output parameter CHAR   
324 INPUT Possible Entries INT4 10    
325 INPUT1 INPUT1 CHAR 950    
326 INPUT2 INPUT2 CHAR 932    
327 INPUT3 INPUT3 CHAR 889    
328 INPUT4 INPUT4 CHAR 889    
329 INPUT5 INPUT5 CHAR 880    
330 INPUT6 INPUT6 CHAR 829    
331 INPUT7 INPUT7 CHAR 854    
332 INPUT8 INPUT8 CHAR 872    
333 INPUT9 INPUT9 CHAR 868    
334 INPUT_FORMAT Bank statement input format CHAR   
335 INPUT_MECH Input Mechanism CHAR 30    
336 INPUT_TYPE Code: How are IDoc packages processed? CHAR   
337 INSCOMP_SOURCE_ITAGCY Shares to Insurance: Origin CHAR   
338 INSCUSTENV_LINENUM Sequence Number for Entry NUMC   
339 INSCUSTENV_PROFILE Profile of Customer Information Cluster Builder CHAR 10    
340 INSCUSTENV_STRUC Structure Selection CHAR   
341 INSCUSTENV_TYPE Customer Overview Profile Category CHAR   
342 INSID_KK Institute ID (House Bank, etc) CHAR   
343 INSMK Stock Type CHAR   
344 INSOBEZ_IO insurance object description CHAR 35    
345 INSOBEZ_MD IO: Name of an Insurance Object CHAR 35    
346 INSOBJECTTYPC_IO External Insurance Object Category CHAR   
347 INSOBJECTTYPC_MD IO: External Insurance Object Category CHAR   
348 INSOBJECTTYP_MD IO: Internal Insurance Object Category CHAR   
349 INSOBJECT_MD IO: Identification Key for an Insurance Object CHAR 20    
350 INSRT Propose absence type CHAR   
351 INSSTRUCT Installation: Structure Indicator CHAR   
352 INSTA Processing type CHAR   
353 INSTACTION Installation: inspection activity NUMC   
354 INSTAXFROM_VK Tax code valid from DATS   
355 INSTAXPOS_VK Tax Type to Determine Item in Tax Report NUMC   
356 INSTAXS_VK Insurance tax determination procedure CHAR   
357 INSTCHANGETYPE Type of meter-reading-relevant change to install. structure CHAR   
358 INSTCMODE SAP Installation: Call Modes CHAR   
359 INSTDT Installation Date DATS   
360 INSTFL Installation Float FLTP 16  16 
361 INSTGRTYPE Grouping Type for Installation Group CHAR   
362 INSTIT Installation Integer INT4 10    
363 INSTJSTAT SAP Installation: Job Status CHAR   
364 INSTLNCONTRACT IS-U: Contract Text for Screens CHAR   
365 INSTMARKT Installation type (for icon display) CHAR   
366 INSTNR IS-H: Institute indicator of Federal Office for Statistics CHAR 10    
367 INSTNR_EXT IS-H: External Institute Indicator CHAR   
368 INSTNUMBER Installation number CHAR 10    
369 INSTRESPRG SAP Installation: Result Program Name CHAR 40    
370 INSTRESTXT SAP Installation: Result Text CHAR 128    
371 INSTRESULT SAP Installation: Result Value CHAR   
372 INSTROLE Role of Installation Within Installation Group CHAR   
373 INSTSHORT Abbreviated Instance Name CHAR 11    
374 INSTSTATE Object Installation State CHAR   
375 INSTST_ACT Billing-relevant activ. for changing installation structure NUMC   
376 INSTTM Installation Time TIMS   
377 INSTTS01 Installation: interface test CURR 10 
378 INSTTS02 Installation: interface test CUKY   
379 INSTTS03 Installation: interface test CHAR 10    
380 INSTTS04 Installation: interface test NUMC 10    
381 INSTTS05 Installation: interface test INT1   
382 INSTTS06 Installation: interface test DATS   
383 INSTTS07 Installation: interface test FLTP 16  16 
384 INSTTS08 Installation: interface test INT2   
385 INSTTS09 Installation: interface test TIMS   
386 INSTTS10 Installation: interface test INT4 10    
387 INSTTS11 Installation: interface test RAW 50    
388 INSTTYPE Installation type CHAR   
389 INST_BOTTOMUP Instantiation: bottom-up CHAR   
390 INST_ENTRY Instantiation: entry CHAR   
391 INST_NAME Name of a DIMa Instance or of a Request CHAR 15    
392 INST_TOPDOWN Instantiation: top-down CHAR   
393 INS_UP_DEL Indicator: insert/update/delete CHAR   
394 INS_ZMGRP_TXT Additional Dunning Grouping Field CHAR 20    
395 INT1 Integer1 INT1   
396 INT10 10-Character INT Field INT4 10    
397 INT2 INT2 INT2   
398 INT2_CL 2-byte integer, only for length field before LCHR or LRAW INT2   
399 INT2_NOS Integer 2 without +/- sign INT2   
400 INT3 3-character integer field NUMC   
401 INT4 Integer4 INT4 10    
402 INT4_NOS INT4, without +/- signs INT4 10    
403 INT4_NOS9 INT4, no +/- signs, 9 digit INT4 10    
404 INT6 Integer 6 NUMC   
405 INTACKEY_VK Ins. Objects w. Acct Bal. Int. Calc. - Activities Key CHAR   
406 INTACTYP_VK Activity Cat. for Proc. Contracts w. Acct Bal. Int. Calc. CHAR   
407 INTAG_EB Interpretation algorithm NUMC   
408 INTBLOCK_KK Interest Lock CHAR   
409 INTBR Internal Statistical Key -PSG- CHAR   
410 INTBU_KK Internal Control Characteristic for Posting CHAR   
411 INTCA Country ISO code CHAR   
412 INTCA3 ISO country code 3 char CHAR   
413 INTCNTRCAT Category of Enhanced Interval Procedure CHAR   
414 INTCNTRTYPE Type of Enhanced Interval Procedure CHAR   
415 INTCOM Indicator for call context CHAR   
416 INTCO_BR_KK Internal Code for Boleto Processing CHAR   
417 INTCR_KK Interest Credit Memo for Installment Plan Activation CHAR   
418 INTDIF4 Integer difference; output length 4 INT4 10    
419 INTEB Financial Assets Management internal level NUMC   
420 INTEBENE 3-digit internal code NUMC   
421 INTEGER Whole Number with +/- Sign (-2.147.483.648 .. 2.147.483.647) INT4 10    
422 INTEG_CO Type of integration between G/L accounts and cost elements CHAR   
423 INTERESTTYPE_CA FI-CA: Installment Plan Interest CHAR   
424 INTERN Internal status CHAR   
425 INTERPAUTO Automatic interpolation CHAR   
426 INTERPMAN Indicator for manual interpolation CHAR   
427 INTERV Interval length for leave entitlement NUMC   
428 INTERVAL Interval in Days for Monthly Billing Period NUMC 10    
429 INTERVALL 3-digit numerical interval DEC   
430 INTERVAL_KK Interval NUMC   
431 INTERV_TOL Interval number for tolerance limits NUMC   
432 INTF_STATUS Interface table status CHAR   
433 INTKA Interpretation of the MRP calendar events CHAR   
434 INTLENGTH_MSIM Time Period for Update to Business Warehouse CHAR   
435 INTMN To Be Used in Termination CHAR   
436 INTNR Interval ID CHAR   
437 INTPEROFF_MD FS-CD: Interest Calculation Base Days CHAR   
438 INTPEROFF_SC Base Days for Balance Interest Calculation CHAR   
439 INTPER_MD FS-CD: Interest Calculation Base Period CHAR   
440 INTPER_SC Base Period for Balance Interest Calculation CHAR   
441 INTPOINT internal pointer decimal 4 DEC   
442 INTRANSIT SED: ID for export in transit CHAR   
443 INTRATE Interest rate in percentage DEC 10 
444 INTRA_PAYMENT_CODE Italy - Payment Method for Services CHAR   
445 INTRA_SERVICE_CODE Italy - Code Number of Service CHAR   
446 INTRA_SUPPLY_CODE Italy - Type of Delivery with Services CHAR   
447 INTROW Internal line number of service package NUMC 10    
448 INTRV Cost element interval NUMC   
449 INTRVALL Interval between two dates NUMC   
450 INTSF Highlighted CHAR   
451 INTSIZE Interval size NUMC   
452 INTSIZEID Interval Length ID CHAR   
453 INTSIZETYPE Type fo interval size NUMC   
454 INTTXT Internal text CHAR 11    
455 INTTYP Internal transaction type CHAR   
456 INTTYPE Internal data type (internal ABAP type) CHAR   
457 INTTYPE_GRID Internal Data Type (Internal ABAP Type) for Grid CHAR   
458 INTVAL_CA Interval to Next Payment NUMC   
459 INTVJ Interval per year NUMC   
460 INTVL_KK Interval in days DEC   
461 INTVO_VK Internal key for sub-transaction IS-IS-CD CHAR   
462 INTYP Daily work schedule: interval type CHAR   
463 INTYP_VK Information categories CHAR   
464 INT_2 2 digit NUMC NUMC   
465 INT_4 NUMC 4 for year NUMC   
466 INT_FX_CONVDATE Conversion Date for Fixed Amounts in Interest Calculation CHAR   
467 INT_OBJ_TYPE_KK Internal Object Type CHAR   
468 INT_POD Point of Delivery (UUID in Compressed Form) CHAR 22    
469 INT_REASON_CA FI-CA: Dispute Internal Reason Code CHAR   
470 INT_SERIDENT ID of a Service CHAR   
471 INT_STATUS Status of Interest Calculation CHAR   
472 INT_TECH interface technology CHAR 10    
473 INT_UI EDM: internal point of delivery NUMC 18    
474 INT_WORK Work for service QUAN
475 INUM3 3-character length of text symbol string NUMC   
476 INVALID_PC_RULE PCA: Behaviour in Case of Invalid Profit Center CHAR   
477 INVART Physical Inventory Type CHAR   
478 INVCDATE Invoice Date CHAR 21    
479 INVCLASS_KK Biller Direct: Type of Bill CHAR   
481 INVDOCITEM_KK Sequential Number of Document Item NUMC   
482 INVDOCNO_KK Number of Invoicing Document NUMC 12    
483 INVER Inverse CHAR   
484 INVESL Key for investment support measures CHAR   
485 INVGROUP_KK FSCM Biller Direct: Grouping Term for Bills CHAR   
486 INVID_FIS Bill Number (FSCM Biller Direct) CHAR 32    
487 INVITEM_CRMET_KK Creation Method of Invoicing Document Item CHAR   
488 INVKZ Physical inventory indicator CHAR   
489 INVNO Document number NUMC   
490 INVNR_ANLA Inventory number CHAR 25    
491 INVPAYITEM_PS Item selection for invoice printout for adjustability NUMC   
492 INVPERCAT_KK Category of Invoicing Period CHAR   
493 INVPERIODID_KK Assignment Key for Invoicing CHAR   
494 INVPR Phys. inv. authoriz. profile CHAR   
495 INVPROV_FLAG Indicator for Service Provider that Invoices the Contract CHAR   
496 INVSL Key for investment support measures CHAR   
497 INVTP_PS Invoice type CHAR   
498 INVTYP_BRO Invoicing type for broker CHAR   
499 INVVORG Invoicing transaction CHAR   
500 INVZU_ANLA Supplementary inventory specifications CHAR 15