SAP ABAP Domain - Index I, page 3
Domain - I
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 ICL_RESGRCLUSTER Reserve Group Cluster CHAR 10    
2 ICL_RESGRCLVERS Version for IBNR Reserve Group Cluster Selection CHAR 10    
3 ICL_RESGROUP Reserve group CHAR 25    
4 ICL_RESGRTYPE Reserve group type CHAR 10    
5 ICL_RESLOT Claim-Independent Reserve Lot CHAR 12    
6 ICL_RESMETHOD Reserving method CHAR   
7 ICL_RESOLTYPE Form of alternative dispute resolution CHAR   
8 ICL_RESPARA Reserving parameters CHAR   
9 ICL_RESRULE Reserving rules CHAR   
10 ICL_RESTIME Time of reserve calculation TIMS   
11 ICL_RESTYPE Reserve Type CHAR   
12 ICL_RESTYPE01 Reserve Type is Claim Dependent or Cross-Claim (1) CHAR   
13 ICL_RESVERS Case reserve version NUMC   
14 ICL_RETCODE Return Code INT4 10    
15 ICL_RETRVDT Salvage: Arrival Date at Salvage Yard DATS   
18 ICL_ROLE Participant role CHAR   
19 ICL_RPTBOX Form Location CHAR   
20 ICL_RPTDTOCB Date Reported to Crime Bureau DATS   
21 ICL_RPTTIN Taxes: Reportable TIN NUMC   
22 ICL_RULE_MATCH Rule Match CHAR   
23 ICL_SALV Salvage NUMC   
24 ICL_SALVDETRDT Salvage: Damage determination date DATS   
25 ICL_SALVEVALDT Salvage: Evaluation Date DATS   
26 ICL_SALVFUNDPOST Salvage: Funds Posted DATS   
27 ICL_SALVFUNDREC Salvage: Funds Received DATS   
28 ICL_SALVI Salvage item NUMC   
29 ICL_SALVSTOCK Salvage: Stock number CHAR   
30 ICL_SALVTITLERC Salvage: Date Title Received by Salvor DATS   
31 ICL_SALVTITLEST Salvage: Date Title Transferred to Salvor DATS   
32 ICL_SALVYARDLOC Salvage: Salvage Yard Location CHAR   
33 ICL_SCHEDULE_CAT Effect of Repetitive Payment on Reserve and Subclaim Status CHAR   
34 ICL_SCHEDULE_TYPE Payment Plan Type (Deadline Record Type) CHAR   
35 ICL_SCLITEM Claim item CHAR   
36 ICL_SCLITEMGR Subclaim item grouped payment number NUMC   
37 ICL_SCLITEMPAY Subclaim item payment NUMC   
38 ICL_SCLITEMREF Reference Number CHAR 15    
39 ICL_SCLITEMS Status of subclaim item CHAR   
41 ICL_SCLITEM_NUMC Claim Item; Numerical NUMC   
42 ICL_SCOPE Scope of Third Party Rights (Benefit Split) CHAR 10    
43 ICL_SCOPENCLOSE Options for Opening and Closing a Subclaim NUMC   
44 ICL_SEARCHTERM Search Term for Catalogs CHAR 80    
45 ICL_SEARCH_EVENT Search Event CHAR 20    
46 ICL_SEARCH_EVENT_DESCRIPTION Description of a Search Event CHAR 80    
47 ICL_SEARCH_TIMEOUT Timeout in Seconds INT4 10    
48 ICL_SEAT Position of Person (in Vehicle, ...) CHAR   
49 ICL_SELECTION Selection type: single value, from/to, all, ... CHAR   
50 ICL_SELECTTYPE Selection Type: Several Values, Interval, All Other Values CHAR   
51 ICL_SEL_RYEAR Selection type report year CHAR   
52 ICL_SEL_YEAR Selection option for year CHAR   
53 ICL_SENDTYPE Dispatch Medium CHAR 10    
54 ICL_SEQNUM Item Sequence Number NUMC   
56 ICL_SERVCATAL_LOCAL_D_PE Indicator 'Localization Possible' CHAR   
57 ICL_SERVCATID FS-CM: ID of a Benefits, Services and Fees Catalog CHAR 10    
58 ICL_SERVCAT_NOCALCAMOUNTS Catalog Without Calculation Basis (Amounts, ...) CHAR   
59 ICL_SERVCAT_POSID FS-CM: ID of a Benefits, Services and Fees Catalog Item CHAR 20    
61 ICL_SERVCAT_POS_QUANTITY FS-CM: Evaluation Quantity of Benefits/Serv./Fee Catalog Itm QUAN 10 
62 ICL_SERVCAT_POS_REIMBURSABLE FS-CM: Reimbursability of Benefits/Services/Fee Catalog Item CHAR   
63 ICL_SERVCAT_POS_TXT_D_PE Benefits Catalog Text Field CHAR 100    
64 ICL_SERVCAT_POS_TYPE FS-CM: Type of Benefits/Services/Fee Catalog Item CHAR   
65 ICL_SERVCAT_POS_VALPERUNIT FS-CM: Value per Unit of Benefits/Services/Fees Catalog Item DEC 20  12 
67 ICL_SERVCAT_SUBOBJCAT FS-CM: Subobject Category with Benefits/Services/Fees Catalg CHAR   
68 ICL_SERVCAT_VARIANT FS-CM: Variant of a Benefits/Services/Fee Catalog CHAR   
69 ICL_SERVICE_URL Service URL for ITS CHAR 255    
70 ICL_SETTLEMENTDT Salvage: Settlement Date DATS   
71 ICL_SETTLMNTFORM_PE Form of Settlement CHAR   
72 ICL_SEVERITY Damage severity CHAR   
73 ICL_SEVERITYCODE Severity of Diagnosis CHAR   
74 ICL_SEX Gender-Specific CHAR   
75 ICL_SFCSTATUS Status of Current Claims Data Capture Instance NUMC   
76 ICL_SPLIT_REQUIRED Split Object with This Claim Type? CHAR   
77 ICL_SQVALUE Parameter value for determining starting question CHAR   
78 ICL_SSEQ Node Category of Navigation Tree CHAR   
79 ICL_STATE Geographical area of a statistical state CHAR   
80 ICL_STATUS Claim Status / Subclaim Status CHAR   
81 ICL_STATUTPROD Statutory Product CHAR 10    
82 ICL_SUBACTIVITY Claims Management - Activity CHAR   
83 ICL_SUBCL Subclaim CHAR   
84 ICL_SUBCL01 Salvage Status CHAR   
85 ICL_SUBCL03 Subrogation status CHAR   
86 ICL_SUBCL10 Claim Status / Subclaim Status CHAR   
87 ICL_SUBCLADD Rule for Automatic Creation of Subclaims NUMC   
89 ICL_SUBCLITEMCAT Damage category CHAR   
90 ICL_SUBCLSTATUS_DI Status Action of Subclaim (Direct Input) CHAR   
91 ICL_SUBCLTRNCODE Subclaim transaction code CHAR   
92 ICL_SUBCLTYPE Subclaim type CHAR   
93 ICL_SUBCLTYPE5 Only One Subclaim of this Type per Claim / per Claimant CHAR   
94 ICL_SUBCL_ASSIGNM Change of Subclaim Assignment CHAR   
95 ICL_SUBOBJCAT Participant occurrence subobject category CHAR   
96 ICL_SUBOBJCATD Subobject category for damaged object CHAR   
97 ICL_SUBOBJECT Claim subobject ID CHAR 16    
98 ICL_SUBOBJECT1 Claim subobject ID (short version, without notes) CHAR 14    
99 ICL_SUBOBJECTD Subobject for damaged object CHAR   
100 ICL_SUBOBJRELTYPE Claim Subobject - Relationship Type CHAR   
101 ICL_SUBRO Subrogation/Recovery NUMC   
102 ICL_SUBROGATION Recovery/Subrogation Indicator CHAR   
103 ICL_SUBROGATIONN HI: Text for Recovery/Subrogation Indicator CHAR 40    
105 ICL_SUBROG_NON_SUBRO_REASON Flag: Recovery Is Not Subrogation CHAR   
106 ICL_SUBROG_REASON Subrogation/Recovery Reason CHAR 10    
107 ICL_SUBROG_REASONN Name of Reason for Subrogation/Recovery CHAR 80    
108 ICL_SUBROG_STATUS Subrogation/Recovery Status (As From 6.00) CHAR   
109 ICL_SUBROG_TYPE Type of Subrogation/Recovery CHAR 10    
110 ICL_SUBROG_TYPEN Name of Type of Subrogation/Recovery CHAR 80    
111 ICL_SUBROSTATUS Legal Status of Subrogation CHAR   
112 ICL_SUBRO_POTENTIAL Subrogation/Recovery Potential of a Subclaim CHAR   
113 ICL_SUBSCR Subscreen Area for Detailed Display of Insured Objects NUMC   
115 ICL_SUBTRANS Subtransaction CHAR   
116 ICL_SUMLEVEL Collective Area for Claim Items and Payment Items NUMC   
117 ICL_SUM_EXPRESSION Calculation Rule for Totals Calculation CHAR   
118 ICL_SYCHAR22 Character Field 22 CHAR 22    
119 ICL_TABLEGRP Table Group CHAR   
120 ICL_TABLINE Length of a File Line CHAR 380    
122 ICL_TAB_OP Table Operator CHAR   
123 ICL_TASK4NODE Activity Management: Display of Tasks/Log Entries CHAR   
124 ICL_TASK_DISPLAY Activity Management: Status of Display of Task List CHAR   
125 ICL_TASK_MODE Interaction with Tasks CHAR   
126 ICL_TAXCODE Taxes: Tax Code NUMC   
127 ICL_TAXCODE_INV Type of Sales Tax Calculation with Invoices CHAR   
128 ICL_TAXGROUP Tax Group CHAR 10    
129 ICL_TAXROLE Tax Roles CHAR   
130 ICL_TAXRPTCTAMT Taxes: Witholding Tax Amount CURR 13 
131 ICL_TAX_RNK Tax Priority NUMC   
133 ICL_TEXT Activity text or coverage referral text CHAR 70    
134 ICL_TEXT01 Text with length 1 CHAR   
135 ICL_TEXT02 Text with length 2 CHAR   
136 ICL_TEXT08_CASE Text with length 8 (lower case allowed) CHAR   
137 ICL_TEXT1 Text with length 1 CHAR   
138 ICL_TEXT10 Text with length 10 CHAR 10    
139 ICL_TEXT10_CASE Text with length 10 (with upper/lower case) CHAR 10    
140 ICL_TEXT15 Text with length 15 CHAR 15    
141 ICL_TEXT20 Text with Length 20 CHAR 20    
142 ICL_TEXT25 Text CHAR 25    
143 ICL_TEXT255 Short Texts in Claim SSTR 255    
144 ICL_TEXT30 Text with length 30 CHAR 30    
145 ICL_TEXT30_LOWERCASE Text of Length 30 with Upper/Lower Case CHAR 30    
146 ICL_TEXT32_ALV Text with Length 32 for ALV Table CHAR 32    
147 ICL_TEXT40 Text with length 40 CHAR 40    
148 ICL_TEXT50 Text with Length 50 CHAR 50    
149 ICL_TEXT60 Text with Length 60 CHAR 60    
150 ICL_TEXT80 Text length 80 CHAR 80    
151 ICL_TEXT999 ICL: Text Field with Length 999 CHAR 999    
152 ICL_TEXTCAT Direct Input, Text Category CHAR   
154 ICL_TEXT_LONG Direct Input, Data Record for Texts CHAR 994    
156 ICL_TIMESTAMP UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
157 ICL_TIMESTAMP_DI_PE Timestamp for DI (CHAR instead of DEC) CHAR 15    
158 ICL_TIMESTAMP_ORG UTC Time Stamp in Short Form (YYYYMMDDhhmmss) DEC 15    
159 ICL_TIMETO Start Time TIMS   
160 ICL_TIME_DI Time of Loss CHAR   
161 ICL_TIME_LIMIT_D Activity Management: Deadlines in Days NUMC   
162 ICL_TIME_LIMIT_H Activity Management: Deadlines in Hours NUMC   
163 ICL_TITLFRMST Salvage: Date Title Received by State DATS   
164 ICL_TITLTOINS Salvage: Date Title Received DATS   
165 ICL_TITLTOSTAT Salvage: Date Title Sent To State DATS   
166 ICL_TOAMT Claims Management: Totals value CURR 17 
167 ICL_TOGGLE_OV Values of Expand/Collapse Toggle Functn for Overview Display CHAR   
168 ICL_TOLCAT Tolerance Category CHAR   
169 ICL_TOLGROUP Tolerance Group CHAR   
170 ICL_TOLKEY Tolerance keys CHAR   
171 ICL_TOOTH Tooth Number NUMC   
172 ICL_TRANSFER Subclaim transfer NUMC   
173 ICL_TRANSFER03 Flag: Transferred from or to second subclaim CHAR   
174 ICL_TRANSFERCAT Subclaim transfer category CHAR   
175 ICL_TREAD Tire tread QUAN   
176 ICL_TREATTYPE Treatment type CHAR   
177 ICL_TREETYPE Navigation Tree Type CHAR   
178 ICL_TRFREASON Subclaim transfer reason CHAR   
179 ICL_TXT20 ICL: Text 20 CHAR 20    
180 ICL_TXT50 ICL: Text 50 CHAR 50    
181 ICL_TXT80 Text Field - Length 80 CHAR 80    
182 ICL_ULAECFFACTOR ULAE Reserve Calculation Factor DEC 14 
183 ICL_ULAEDBCNT Index/Counter for ULAE Tables (Within a Run) NUMC   
184 ICL_ULAEDBRUN Lot Number ULAE Reserve Determination NUMC   
185 ICL_ULAEPERCENT Percentage Rate for ULAE Reserve Allocation DEC
186 ICL_ULAESTATUS Status of Calculation of ULAE Reserves NUMC   
187 ICL_UNCOVREASON Reason for Non-Coverage NUMC   
188 ICL_URL URL for ITS (Service, Exit ...) CHAR 255    
189 ICL_USERGRP Claim handler group CHAR   
190 ICL_USETYPE BRF: Where-Used List: Usage in Object Category CHAR   
191 ICL_UYN Unknown / Yes/No Field CHAR   
192 ICL_VALIDSTATUS Status (Validity) of a Note CHAR   
193 ICL_VALUE Evaluation of external service INT1   
194 ICL_VERSION Version CHAR 10    
195 ICL_VERS_CUST_UPDATE Update Versioned Customizing CHAR   
196 ICL_VIEWFAULT Party at Fault CHAR   
197 ICL_WACRAFT07 Length, width, depth of watercraft QUAN   
198 ICL_WACRAFT15 Power of engine QUAN   
199 ICL_WAGEBASIS Employee Wage Basis CHAR   
200 ICL_WAITPERIOD Category of Waiting Period CHAR   
201 ICL_WATHULL Watercraft hull material CHAR   
202 ICL_WCMP_DATE Workers Compensation: Date DATS   
203 ICL_WCMP_INJTYPE Nature of Injury CHAR   
204 ICL_WCMP_ITEMCAT Workers Compensation Item Category CHAR   
205 ICL_WCMP_LINETYPE Workers Compensation Line Type CHAR   
206 ICL_WCMP_MARST Marital Status CHAR   
207 ICL_WCMP_PERCENTAGE Workers Comp - Percentage DEC 10 
208 ICL_WCMP_WEEKS Number of Weeks NUMC   
210 ICL_WF_STATUS Workflow status NUMC   
211 ICL_WHERE_CONDITION WHERE Condition for Dynamic SELECT Statements CHAR 150    
212 ICL_WIREPTYPE Witness Statement Type CHAR   
213 ICL_WORKDAYS Number of Days Regularly Worked per Week CHAR   
214 ICL_WORKTIME Processing Time in Days DEC
215 ICL_XCCALC_SUPP_PS Switch On/Off Compensation Calculation CHAR   
216 ICL_XDUMMY_FILTER Filter Dummy Claims CHAR   
217 ICL_XONCE Possible to Assign Role Only Once Per Claim/Subobject? CHAR   
218 ICL_XRECOVERY Expectation Reserve CHAR   
219 ICL_XREFEXTSDOC Flag: Referenced Statistical Payment Amount CHAR   
220 ICL_YEAR Year NUMC   
221 ICL_YESNO Yes/No field with value range CHAR   
222 ICMFILELEN Length of a File INT4 10    
223 ICMRP Process MRP items during the MPS planning run CHAR   
224 ICMRQTYPE Processed request type RAW   
225 ICMTHRID Readable thread ID CHAR 16    
226 ICMTHRSTAT Thread status RAW   
227 ICMUSETLS TLS use: deactivated, optional, mandatory INT4 10    
228 ICNNAMEDOM Domain for icon name CHAR 30    
229 ICNONPROD Table productivity CHAR   
230 ICNUM IC Number CHAR 20    
231 ICNVTAB Table in incremental conversion CHAR 30    
232 ICNVTEXT AS/400: ICNV printout LCHR 1000    
233 ICOLD Old IC Number CHAR 20    
234 ICON Icon in text fields (substitute display, alias) CHAR   
235 ICON10 Icon Field CHAR 132    
236 ICONASCII Character code of icon in character set (SAPicon...) RAW   
237 ICONC ICON Availability Check CHAR   
238 ICONLENGTH Icon: Output Length INT1   
239 ICONNAME Name of an Icon CHAR 30    
240 ICONNAMEAB Name of an Icon Agency Business CHAR 50    
241 ICONNAME_LONG Name of (Web) Icon CHAR 64    
242 ICONSUBST Icon: Replacement character CHAR   
243 ICONTEXT Icon text CHAR 30    
244 ICONTEXT_EX Quickinfo text for an icon CHAR 90    
245 ICON_2 Icon for ALV/VL35 CHAR   
246 ICON_34 Temporary delivery status for picking waves with quick info CHAR 34    
247 ICON_34_2 Icon 34 Characters Output Length 2 CHAR 34    
248 ICON_34_4 Icon Length 50, Output Length 4 CHAR 50    
249 ICON_4 Icon for ALV / VL35, CHAR   
250 ICON_4_2 Icon due date of FI line items CHAR   
251 ICON_4_4 Icons for line item status in ALV list CHAR   
252 ICON_BIDI Screen Mirroring Depending on Write Direction CHAR   
253 ICON_INT Internal icon CHAR   
254 ICON_L2 Icon with output length 2 CHAR   
255 ICON_OPM ICOn for Status of OPM CHAR   
256 ICON_SPEZ Special icon for ALV / VL35 CHAR   
257 ICON_TEXTE CHAR Field CHAR 132    
258 ICORFORTZ Plus/minus for value field in correction CHAR   
259 ICPERCENTE Converted data volume CHAR   
260 ICPKNR Customer number in external system CHAR 10    
261 ICPLFR Vendor number in external company code CHAR 10    
262 ICPPS Input field for PS_PSP_PNR CHAR 24    
263 ICPST Data sections in sequential files CHAR 700    
264 ICPTT Text for ICT transport file in header CHAR 60    
265 ICPTY Domains for record types in files CHAR   
266 ICP_AOBJ_THRESHOLD Archiving Object Size Threshold NUMC   
267 ICP_N_OBJ_DISP No of top N object to display during reporting NUMC   
268 ICP_N_TAB_DISP No of Top N table to be displayed NUMC   
269 ICP_REP_PARAM ILM CP Reporting Parameter CHAR   
270 ICP_TABLE_THRESHOLD Size Threshold beyond that Tables are display in rep(MB) NUMC   
271 ICRCDOCSTATUS ICRC: Clarification Status of Items to be Assigned CHAR   
272 ICRCREFNR ICRC: Reference Number for Related Invoice Items CHAR 27    
273 ICRCSTATUS ICRC: Status of Data Procurement CHAR   
274 ICRCZSTAT ICRC Indicator: Related Items Were Held CHAR   
275 ICRC_LOADQT ICRC20: Maximum No. of Company Pairs per RFC Destination INT1   
276 ICRC_TABLE_SEL Field group selection CHAR   
277 ICRC_TEMPL_TYPE Template type CHAR   
278 ICREF Information as to whether a reference to this payment exists CHAR   
279 ICROWPERMI Conversion speed in data records per minute CHAR   
280 ICTOTAL Number of data records in a table CHAR 12    
281 ICTYP Type of identification CHAR   
282 ICTYP_KK Type of Information to Collection Agency CHAR   
283 ICT_3RD_PARTY_SYSTEM_TYPE SM SD Interface: External Service Desk Type CHAR   
284 ICT_ADD_INFO_ATTRIBUTE SM SD Interface: Additional Information Attribute CHAR 255    
285 ICT_ADD_INFO_VALUE SM SD Interface: Additional Information Value CHAR 255    
286 ICT_BOOLEAN SM SD Interface: Boolean CHAR   
287 ICT_BP_REPORTER_POLICY SM SD Interface: Get Business Partner 'Reporter' CHAR   
288 ICT_CHAR32 SM SD Interface : External Service Desk ID CHAR 32    
289 ICT_CHECK SM SD Interface: Check Indicator (Boolean) CHAR   
290 ICT_CLIENT SM SD Interface: SAP System Client CHAR   
291 ICT_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTE_NAME SM SD Interface: Customizing Attribute Name CHAR 10    
292 ICT_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE SM SD Interface: Customizing Attribute Value CHAR 40    
293 ICT_DATE SM SD Interface: Date in ISO 8601 Format (YYYY-MM-DD) CHAR 10    
294 ICT_DELETE SM SD Interface: Delete Flag (Boolean) CHAR   
295 ICT_DESCRIPTION SM SD Interface: Description CHAR 75    
296 ICT_EMAIL SM SD Interface: e-Mail Address CHAR 240    
297 ICT_ERROR_CODE SM SD Interface: Error Code INT1   
298 ICT_ERROR_TEXT SM SD Interface: Error Text CHAR 255    
299 ICT_FAX SM SD Interface: Mobile Number CHAR 30    
300 ICT_FILETYPE SM SD Interface: Attachment File Type CHAR   
301 ICT_IF_ERROR_CODE SM SD Interface: Interface Error Code INT1   
302 ICT_INCIDENT_CATEGORY SM SD Interface: Message Category CHAR   
303 ICT_INCIDENT_ID SM SD Interface: Message Number/ID CHAR 32    
304 ICT_INCIDENT_INTERNAL_STATUS SM SD Interface: Internal Message Status CHAR   
305 ICT_INCIDENT_PRIORITY SM SD Interface: Message Priority CHAR 32    
306 ICT_INCIDENT_SUBJECT SM SD Interface: Message Subject CHAR   
307 ICT_INCIDENT_TEXT SM SD Interface: Message Text STRG   
308 ICT_INCIDENT_TEXT_TYPE SM SD Interface: Message Text Type CHAR 32    
309 ICT_INTERNAL_INCIDENT_TYPE SM SD Interface: Internal Incident Type CHAR   
310 ICT_MAPPING_DIRECTION SM SD Interface: Mapping Direction CHAR   
311 ICT_MAPPING_INSTRUCTION SM SD Interface: Mapping Rule CHAR   
312 ICT_MAPPING_TYPE SM SD Interface: Type to be Mapped CHAR   
313 ICT_MAPPING_VALUE SM SD Interface: Mapped Value CHAR 32    
314 ICT_MIMETYPE SM SD Interface: Attachment File Type CHAR 128    
315 ICT_MOBILE_PHONE SM SD Interface: Fax Number CHAR 30    
316 ICT_NAME SM SD Interface: Name CHAR 40    
317 ICT_OPERATION SM SD Interface: Web Service Operation CHAR 10    
318 ICT_PERSON_ID SM SD Interface: Person Number/ID CHAR 32    
319 ICT_PHONE_NO SM SD Interface: Telephone Number CHAR 30    
320 ICT_PHONE_NO_EXTENSION SM SD Interface: Telephone Extension CHAR 10    
321 ICT_REQ_INCIDENT_ID SM SD Interface: Message Number/ID CHAR 35    
322 ICT_SAP_COMP SM SD Interface: SAP Component CHAR 20    
323 ICT_SAP_INSTALLATION_NO SM SD Interface: SAP Installation Number CHAR 10    
324 ICT_SAP_NOTE_DESCRIPTION SM SD Interface: SAP Note Subject/Header Text CHAR 60    
325 ICT_SAP_NOTE_ID SM SD Interface: SAP Note Number CHAR 30    
326 ICT_SOLUTION_DESCRIPTION SM SD Interface: Solution Subject/Header Text CHAR 60    
327 ICT_SOLUTION_ID SM SD Interface: Solution Number CHAR 32    
328 ICT_STATEMENT_ID SM SD Interface: Text ID (Internal) CHAR 75    
329 ICT_STATUS SM SD Interface: Status (for User) CHAR 40    
330 ICT_SYSTEM_NAME SM SD Interface: External Service Desk Name CHAR 50    
331 ICT_SYSTEM_ROLE SM SD Interface: System Role CHAR   
332 ICT_TELEPHONE SM SD Interface: Telephone Number CHAR 30    
333 ICT_TIME SM SD Interface: Time in ISO 8601 Format (HH:MM:SS) CHAR   
334 ICT_TITLE SM SD Interface: Title CHAR 30    
335 ICT_UPDATE SM SD Interface : Change Flag (Boolean) CHAR   
336 ICT_URL SM SD Interface: URL CHAR 4096    
337 ICT_USER SM SD Interface: User Name CHAR 12    
338 ICT_VALUE SM SD Interface: Value CHAR 255    
339 ICULOCALE Name of an ICU Locale CHAR 50    
340 ICU_0_IDNAOPTION IDNA Options INT4 10    
341 ICU_O_NORMMODE Normalization Mode INT4 10    
342 ICU_O_SCRIPT Scripts of ICU Layout Engine (LEScripts.h) CHAR   
343 ICU_O_TRANSID Transformation ID CHAR 255    
344 ICU_O_TRANSRULE Transformation Rule STRG   
345 ICY_TIME Time CHAR   
346 IC_BUSPRO Business process CHAR   
347 IC_COMMTYPET Communication Type Name CHAR 30    
348 IC_COMMTYPE_VI Communication Type CHAR   
349 IC_PROCLX Generic process class ID CHAR 70    
350 IC_STRING String STRG   
351 IC_WMODE Processing mode CHAR   
352 ID021 ID of Length 21 CHAR 21    
353 ID035 ID of Length 35 CHAR 35    
354 IDATE Inverted date (99999999 - YYYYMMDD) NUMC   
355 IDATS Date conversion test domain DATS   
356 IDATUM IDOC date field CHAR   
357 IDAUER Total duration CHAR   
358 IDCFMBR_TAXTYPE Type of Flow CHAR   
359 IDCFMSTR_NAMES Structure names: VTBFHA, VTBFHAPO, ... CHAR 30    
360 IDCFM_COMP_METH Compensting method for funds CHAR   
362 IDCFM_REVREASON Reason for reversal CHAR   
363 IDCFM_SPEC_CALC_BASE Special Calculation base for Derived Flow Calculation CHAR   
364 IDCFM_SPEC_DET_ID Special Determination Procedure for Derived Flow Calculation CHAR   
365 IDCFM_SPEC_DET_RULE Special Rule for determining rate/amounts(derived flow calc) CHAR   
366 IDCN034 Accounting periods CHAR   
367 IDCNA07 Category CHAR 20    
368 IDCNACCTY Golden Audit Interface China: Account Type CHAR 20    
369 IDCNAVL Indicator whether ZJF is Active for the Company Code CHAR   
370 IDCNCHDTSRC Cash Flow item data source CHAR 10    
371 IDCNCHFLRL Cash Flow item numbering rule CHAR 10    
372 IDCNCHITATTR Cash Flow item attribute CHAR 10    
373 IDCNCHITNM Cash Flow item name CHAR 40    
374 IDCNCHKGR Subsidiary check group CHAR   
375 IDCNCHLVL Check If item is on lowest level (Y/N) CHAR   
376 IDCNCHLVLITM Cash Flow item level CHAR 10    
377 IDCNCHRSNCD Cash Flow Reason Code CHAR 10    
378 IDCNCHUPCD Cash Flow item upper node CHAR 10    
379 IDCNDDTCODE_T Original document type description CHAR 60    
380 IDCNDEC15_4 Decimal no.15 characters, 4 places after dec.point, +/- sign DEC 15 
381 IDCNDEC18_2 Decimal no.18 characters, 2 places after dec.point, +/- sign DEC 18 
382 IDCNDEC20_2 Decimal no.20 characters, 2 places after dec.point, +/- sign DEC 20 
383 IDCNDTCODE Document Type CHAR   
384 IDCNDTCODE_T Original document type description CHAR 60    
385 IDCNGLACCRL GL Account Numbering Rule CHAR 10    
386 IDCNINTITEMID Internal item ID CHAR 20    
387 IDCNREPITEMCONT Report item content name CHAR 60    
388 IDCNREPITEMFRML Report item formula CHAR 200    
389 IDCNREPITEMID Sequence number of report item CHAR 20    
390 IDCNREPITMAMT Report Item Amount CURR 15 
391 IDCNREPNO Report number NUMC   
392 IDCNREPTL FIN Accounting Balance & Document PDF Report Title CHAR 200    
393 IDCNTTCODE Transaction type CHAR   
394 IDCNTTCODE_T Transaction type description CHAR 60    
395 IDCNVORTYP Accounting Voucher Type CHAR   
396 IDCN_ALGACCGROUP Account Level Hierarchy: Account Level CHAR 31    
397 IDCN_ALGACCGROUPDESC Account Level Hierarchy: Account Level Description CHAR 128    
398 IDCN_ALGCHARS_COUNT Account Level Hierarchy: Number of Characters At Level NUMC   
399 IDCN_ALGCHARS_PER_LVLS Account Level Hierarchy: Number of Characters In Levels NUMC 20    
400 IDCN_ALGCOUNT_LEVELS Account Level Hierarchy: Max. Number of Levels NUMC   
401 IDCN_ALGLEVEL_ORD_ASTEXT Account Level Hierarchy: Account Level As Text (Stars) CHAR 20    
402 IDCN_ALGNEXT_ACTION Additional Action in Edit Account Level Hierarchy CHAR 30    
403 IDCN_ALGSEPARATOR Account Level Hierarchy: Separator of Levels CHAR   
404 IDCN_ALGSHOW_ACCOUNTS Account Level Hierarchy: Display G/L Accounts CHAR   
405 IDCN_ALGTOPACCGROUP Account Level Hierarchy: Account Level Hierarchy (Top Level) CHAR 31    
406 IDCN_ALG_AUTHORIZATION Account Level Hierarchy Authorization NUMC   
407 IDCN_AMTTY Amount type CHAR   
408 IDCN_BILATYP Print variant of Financial Statement Form CHAR   
409 IDCN_CDEA Chinese detail expense account CHAR 10    
410 IDCN_CFLEA Chinese 1st level expense account CHAR   
411 IDCN_CF_AMOUNT_F Formatted Cash Flow Amount CHAR 20    
412 IDCN_CHAR4 Data Type of Char4 with Lower Case CHAR   
413 IDCN_DEC3 3 digits number with sign DEC   
415 IDCN_FSCDES Form Structure Description CHAR 30    
416 IDCN_FSCKEY Form Structure Key CHAR   
417 IDCN_FSDISPLAY_CURR Currency for display only CHAR 20    
419 IDCN_FSLINENREXT FSC External Number CHAR   
423 IDCN_HIERARCHY_CN Hierarchy(Y/N) CHAR   
424 IDCN_KURST Exchange Rate Type CHAR   
425 IDCN_LABEL Asset Label Number CHAR   
428 IDCN_LINENREXT FSC External Number CHAR   
429 IDCN_LINESEC FSC section CHAR   
431 IDCN_LINETEXT FSC Line Text CHAR 80    
433 IDCN_LINFACTOR FSC Line Factor in % DEC
434 IDCN_NO_DISP FI-SL Report Writer X field (* allowed) CHAR   
435 IDCN_ODN Reference Document Number CHAR 26    
436 IDCN_OPERA Type of arithmetical operation CHAR   
437 IDCN_PERIOD_DES Period description CHAR 50    
438 IDCN_TIMEUNIT Duration unit CHAR   
439 IDCOD Personal ID and work permit (USA) CHAR   
440 IDCON BDF Offsetting account identification NUMC   
441 IDDAT Qualifier for IDOC Date Segment CHAR   
442 IDDOCTYP EU VAT Document Type CHAR   
443 IDEC No. of decimal places INT4 10    
444 IDENR Identification no. for cash mgmt and forecast memo records NUMC 10    
445 IDENT Transport/Conversion: Identification (TABU,LIMU,...) CHAR   
446 IDENT03 Identifier names keys CHAR   
447 IDENTBDF Identification CHAR   
448 IDENTITYTYPE User Amadeus CSX CHAR 30    
449 IDENTNR ID Number CHAR 22    
450 IDENT_ANWENDUNG Identification of application CHAR   
451 IDENT_INST Identification Number CHAR 18    
452 IDEN_TYPE Identification Type CHAR   
453 IDEN_VALUE Identification Value CHAR 13    
454 IDE_BILL_METHOD Determine who sends the bill CHAR   
455 IDE_CALC_METHOD Determine who calculates the charges CHAR   
456 IDE_COMMETHOD Communication Method CHAR   
457 IDE_COND_TYPE Condition Type for Commmunication Control CHAR   
458 IDE_COND_VALUE Condition Value for Comunication Control CHAR 20    
459 IDE_ENRMETHOD Choose Default Procedure for Service CHAR   
460 IDE_POLR Indicator for Service Provider of Last Resort CHAR   
461 IDE_SCENARIO Determine whether sole provider or billing agent CHAR   
462 IDE_SCENARIO_FLEX Scenario Model for Flexible IDE Solution CHAR   
464 IDFITYP1 Fiscal Type CHAR   
465 IDFORMAT Alternative ID Format CHAR 10    
466 IDHU_LWSTE_NEW New Tax Amount in Country Currency DEC 13    
467 IDIN_ACTIVATE_ADDNL Activate Additional Depreciation CHAR   
468 IDIN_ADJUST_TYPE FI-AA India : Type of the Adjustment value NUMC   
469 IDIN_ADJUST_VAL FI-AA India : Adjustment value CURR 13 
470 IDIN_ADJ_TRN_GRP Adjustment Transcation Type CHAR   
471 IDIN_AMOUNT Cumulative Amount Value CURR 17 
472 IDIN_BLKDESC Block Description CHAR 128    
473 IDIN_BLKKEY Block Key CHAR   
474 IDIN_FAGL_LDGRP Ledger Group CHAR   
475 IDIN_PUTTOUSELE180 Consider 'Asset Put to use' clause CHAR   
476 IDIN_REC_STATUS Record Status of Asset Block NUMC   
477 IDIN_REMARK FI-AA India : Adjustment Remark CHAR 255    
478 IDIN_SEGMENT Segment CHAR 10    
479 IDIN_SUBBLKKEY Sub Block Key NUMC   
480 IDIN_TRN_GRP ID Transaction Group for IT reporting : India NUMC   
481 IDISP2_CA Object is linked or assigned to dispute case CHAR   
482 IDITSR_DOCT International Trade Statistic Reporting Document Type CHAR   
483 IDITSR_FILENAME File Name CHAR 44    
484 IDITSR_FORMTYPE Transform Response CHAR   
485 IDITSR_ID International Trade Statistic Reporting ID Number NUMC 15    
486 IDITSR_ID_F International Trade Statistic Reporting ID Number NUMC 15    
487 IDITSR_POSNO International Trade Statistic Reporting Position Number CHAR 10    
488 IDITSR_QUAR International Trade Statistic Reporting Quarter NUMC   
489 IDITSR_REPTYPE Foreign Trade Declaration: Reporting Type CHAR   
490 IDITSR_VLTYPE Value type CHAR   
491 IDL_WRITES Number of idle writes INT4 10    
492 IDMX_DI_AWKEY Interface Information: Calling Application Key CHAR 20    
493 IDMX_DI_AWTYP Interface Information: Object Type for Calling Application CHAR   
496 IDMX_DI_FORMATS Format of Digital Signature CHAR 20    
497 IDMX_DI_PAYFLOW Document Type for Payment Flow CHAR 20    
498 IDMX_DI_PROFILES SSF Profiles CHAR 15    
499 IDMX_DI_TAX_REGIME Fiscal Regime of a Legal Entity (Legal Text) CHAR   
500 IDMX_DI_XML_VERSION Version of Digital Invoice/XML CHAR