SAP ABAP Domain - Index I, page 6
Domain - I
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 INV_ACTIVITY Authority Check for Activity CHAR   
2 INV_ACTN Action Within Bill/Payment Advice Note Processing NUMC   
3 INV_AMOUNT Quantity QUAN 14    
4 INV_AVISSETTYPE Type of Payment Advice Note Issue NUMC   
5 INV_AVISTYPE Identification for REMADV IDoc Processing CHAR   
6 INV_CANCEL_RSN Reversal Reason CHAR   
7 INV_CATEGORY_KK Invoicing Category CHAR   
8 INV_COMSETTYPE Type of Complaint Issue NUMC   
9 INV_CONTRACT Contract CHAR 10    
10 INV_CRMODE_KK Creation Mode of Invoicing Document CHAR   
11 INV_CUST_ACTION Customer Action in Inbound Bill Monitoring NUMC   
12 INV_CUST_ACTION_TEXT Customer Action in Inbound Bill Monitoring (Text) CHAR 40    
13 INV_DET_BUDAT Define Posting Date for Aggregated Incoming Bill CHAR   
14 INV_DIFF_PROCESS Differential Invoicing Process CHAR   
15 INV_DOC_CATEGORY Document Category NUMC   
16 INV_DOC_STATUS Document Status NUMC   
17 INV_DOC_STATUS_TEXT Document Status - Text CHAR 30    
21 INV_DPPRC Down Payment Process for Supplier: Posting Category CHAR   
22 INV_DPPR_VARIANT Process Variant for Mass Activity for Aggr. Incoming Bill CHAR   
23 INV_EXT_IDENT External ID of a Document CHAR 50    
24 INV_EXT_IDENT_TYPE Type of Internal Identifier (For Example Internal PoD) CHAR   
25 INV_FUNCTION_KK Invoicing Function CHAR 12    
26 INV_GET_FROM_AGREEMENT Action Determined from Agreement Between Sender/Recipient NUMC   
27 INV_GROUPTYPE Type of Grouping for Aggregated Posting NUMC   
28 INV_GROUPVAL Characteristic Value of Grouping for Aggregated Posting CHAR 20    
29 INV_GROUPVKONT Grouping Characteristic for Aggregated Contract Account NUMC   
30 INV_GROUPVKONT_CHAR Grouping Characteristic for Aggregated Contract Account CHAR   
31 INV_GRULE_KK Alternative Use of Characteristic Values CHAR   
32 INV_GRULG_KK Use of Characteristic Values CHAR   
33 INV_INBOUND_REF Reference to Bill Document CHAR 22    
34 INV_INBOUND_REF_TYPE Type of Reference to Bill Document NUMC   
35 INV_INBOUND_TYPE Type of Bill Receipt NUMC   
36 INV_INBOUND_TYPE_TXT Type of Bill Receipt - Text CHAR 30    
37 INV_INT_IDENT Internal ID of a Document CHAR 50    
38 INV_INT_IDENT_TYPE Type of Internal Identifier NUMC   
39 INV_INT_INV_DOC_NO Internal Number of Bill Document NUMC 18    
40 INV_INT_INV_LINE_NO Line Number of Bill Document NUMC   
41 INV_INT_INV_NO Internal Number of Bill NUMC 18    
42 INV_INT_PROTTREEDESCRIPTION Title of Navigation Tree in Log NUMC   
43 INV_INT_SENDREC Internal ID of Communication Partner CHAR 15    
44 INV_INT_TRANSF_NO Internal ID of Transfer Line NUMC 18    
45 INV_INT_TREETYPE Representation of Navigation Tree in Log NUMC   
46 INV_INVCAT Bill Category of a General Ledger Account/Contract Account CHAR   
47 INV_INVOICE_CATEGORY Category of Bill or Payment Advice Note NUMC   
50 INV_INVOICE_TYPE Type of Bill / Type of Payment Advice Note NUMC   
51 INV_INVPRINT Print Bill CHAR   
52 INV_INVSETTYPE Type of Bill Issue NUMC   
53 INV_IN_CHCK_CATEGORY Check Category NUMC   
54 INV_IN_CHCK_TYPE Type of Check NUMC   
55 INV_ITEMTYPE_KK Type of Invoicing Item CHAR   
56 INV_ITM_ORIGIN Origin of an Invoice Item CHAR   
57 INV_KENNZX General Indicator 'X' or ' ' CHAR   
58 INV_LINE_CATEGORY Line Category (Only Information, Relevant to Posting,...) NUMC   
59 INV_LINE_CONTENT Content of Bill/Payment Advice Note Line NUMC   
60 INV_LINE_TYPE Line Type NUMC   
61 INV_LOCKREASON_KK Invoicing lock locking reason CHAR   
62 INV_LOG_STATUS Status of Log Entry NUMC   
63 INV_MODE Processing Mode CHAR   
64 INV_OBJCT_TR01 Archiving Object CHAR 10    
65 INV_PAR_PROCESS Process from which Service Provider Agreement is Read NUMC   
66 INV_PAYMENT_DISTANCE_MODE Distance Category of Budget Billing Payment NUMC   
67 INV_PRICE Price per Unit of Measurement DEC 17 
68 INV_PROCESS Process - Identification, Check, Transfer, ... NUMC   
69 INV_PROCESS_KK Invoicing Process CHAR   
70 INV_PROCESS_STATUS Process Status NUMC   
71 INV_PROCESS_STATUS_TEXT Process Status CHAR 30    
72 INV_PROCESS_TYPE Process Type NUMC   
73 INV_PROCESS_TYPE_TEXT Process Type CHAR 60    
74 INV_PRODUCT_ID ID of Service Provided CHAR 20    
76 INV_QUANTITY Quantity QUAN 15 
77 INV_QUANTITY_A Number of Decimal Places DEC 14    
78 INV_QUANTITY_B Number of Predecimal Places DEC 17    
79 INV_READING Result of Measurement CHAR 30    
80 INV_RECEIVER_TYPE Type of Bill Recipient NUMC   
81 INV_RELEASE_LEVEL Release Level for Processing Bill/Payment Advice Note Data CHAR 15    
82 INV_REL_REASON Release Reason NUMC   
83 INV_SENDER_TYPE Type of Bill Sender NUMC   
84 INV_SET_REVLOCK Set Reversal Lock for Print Document CHAR   
85 INV_STATUS_WAIT Indicator: Initial Status is 'Wait for Sales Tax Statement' NUMC   
86 INV_SUBPROCESS_MAN Manual Subprocess NUMC   
87 INV_TEMPLATE_NO Number of Template for Bill Document/Payment Advice Note NUMC 18    
88 INV_THBLN_TYPE Document Number Type CHAR   
89 INV_THI_MAX_NR Maximum Number of Transfer Records for Aggregation NUMC   
90 INV_THPST Entry status CHAR   
91 INV_VIEW_TYPE View Type NUMC   
92 INV_WMODE Processing Mode CHAR   
93 INWID Participation in Incentive Wages CHAR   
94 INW_FLIST Screen type for Incentive Wages list screens CHAR   
95 IN_BACKGROUND Background processing CHAR   
96 IN_BOND_CODE Foreign Trade: In Bond Code CHAR   
97 IN_DEX Index INT1   
98 IN_OUT_BOUND Domain for InBound/Outbound in NotificationManager CHAR   
99 IN_OUT_MODUS Data Transfer Installation Structure: Install/Remove Mode CHAR   
100 IOBAPL Application component for PM/CS object list CHAR   
101 IOBJ Object CHAR   
102 IOBJT Tax Object CHAR   
103 IOCI_TYPE OCI: Call-Up Type CHAR   
105 IOFF Field offset from beginning of structure INT4 10    
106 IOPCNT SDB: Counter for Location NUMC   
107 IORI_FLT_D Badi Filter for Information Container CHAR   
108 IPACD_TRANS_TY IPACed Transaction Type CHAR   
109 IPACED_TRANSID Transaction ID from US Federal IPACed CSV file CHAR 16    
110 IPACJOB US Fed. IPAC Interface Job Number CHAR 20    
111 IPAC_ACPT US Fed. IPAC Accepted Transaction Count INT4 10    
112 IPAC_DOCREF IPAC Interface Process Document Reference, SAP generated CHAR   
113 IPAC_FILEID US Federal IPAC processing File Identification number CHAR 19    
114 IPAC_ID US Federal IPAC system assigned file ID CHAR   
115 IPAC_REJ US Federal IPAC Rejected Transaction Count INT4 10    
116 IPAC_STATUS US Federal IPAC Interface Processing Status CHAR   
117 IPAC_TOTAL US Federal IPAC Total Transaction Count INT4 10    
118 IPAC_TRANSID US Federal IPAC Interface Transaction ID CHAR   
119 IPC_COM_COUNTRY Country key CHAR   
120 IPC_COM_QUANTITY_UNIT Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
122 IPC_COM_SCE_BOOLEAN Boolean (T=TRUE,F=False) CHAR   
123 IPC_COM_SCE_STATUS Status Information SCE (T=True, F=False) CHAR   
124 IPC_DB_RETURN_CODE Database Return Code CHAR   
125 IPC_DESCRIPTION IPC Descriptions CHAR 80    
126 IPC_ERROR_MESSAGE IPC error message CHAR 1024    
127 IPC_GUID GUID for IPC interface CHAR 32    
128 IPC_HOST_ADRESS IP address CHAR 128    
129 IPC_JAVA_INTEGER Character field for displaying the int type from JAVA CHAR   
130 IPC_MODULE Module Type for IPC Call CHAR 32    
131 IPC_PORT_ADRESS IP port address between 00000 and 65535 NUMC   
132 IPC_XML_LINE XML Line From IPC RAW 128    
133 IPERSNO Personal Number (CHAR) CHAR   
134 IPKNZ Actual/plan indicator CHAR   
135 IPM_ACE_BDC_CUM_VALUE Cumulated Value for Settlement Data Collector CURR 19 
136 IPM_ACE_BDC_OBJECT_REF Document Reference in Settlement Data Collector CHAR 18    
137 IPM_ACE_CUM_SCOPE Cumulation Scope of a Value CHAR   
138 IPM_ATTR_SEQUENCE_NO Attributes Sequence NUMC   
139 IPM_BEA_CUM_SCOPE_DOMAIN Cumulation Scope for Billing Engine CHAR   
140 IPM_BEA_VALUE_TYPE_DOMAIN Value Type for Billing Engine CHAR   
141 IPM_CRM_PRODUCT Represents an Intellectual Property from CRM System CHAR 40    
142 IPM_EXTEND_DOMAIN IPM: Enhanced Application Log CHAR 30    
143 IPM_IP_AVAIL_LANGU_UI Available Languages CHAR 10    
144 IPM_LEVEL_DOMAIN IPM: Represents a Level in the Application Log CHAR 80    
146 IPM_RIGHTS_DIM Represents a Rights Dimension (Generic, for any dimension) CHAR 30    
147 IPM_SHORTT Alias CHAR 40    
148 IPM_SHORTT_UI Alias CHAR 40    
149 IPNUM Personnel number NUMC   
150 IPOINT Reference field CHAR 10    
151 IPOS Position of field in structure INT4 10    
153 IPPECIF_CONTENT IPPECIF Comparison: Number of Differences in Detail INT4 10    
154 IPPECIF_CP_CR Generate Change Pointer CHAR   
155 IPPECIF_CP_EXIST Change Pointers Exist CHAR   
156 IPPECIF_OBJNAME iPPE CIF Comparison: Object Name CHAR 200    
157 IPPECIF_OBJTYPE iPPE CIF Comparison: Object Type CHAR 40    
158 IPPECIF_OBJ_ALL IPPECIF Comparison: Total Number of Differences INT4 10    
159 IPPECIF_PACKNR Package Number of iPPE Change Transfer CHAR   
160 IPPECIF_PACKNR_L Package Number CHAR 18    
161 IPPECIF_STATUS iPPE CIF Comparison: Status CHAR   
162 IPPECIF_TXT iPPE CIF Comparison: Description CHAR 1024    
163 IPRCNT SDB: Counter for Problem Damage NUMC   
164 IPROCCLASS Process class for incremental conversion CHAR   
165 IPR_LANGUA Language of an IP Name or IP Content CHAR 10    
166 IPR_LANGUA_UI Language of an IP Name or Content CHAR 10    
167 IPSTATUS_CA FCC Status of Installment Plan (Open, Deactivated, ...) CHAR   
168 IP_DEF IP, Default CHAR   
169 IP_FILTERSTATUS_CA Installment Plan List: Filter Status CHAR   
170 IP_MATNR_ASSIGN Assignment IP-Material CHAR   
171 IP_SYS_DEF IP, System, Default CHAR   
172 IP_SY_MTBE IP, System, MTBR, MTBU, MTBF, Default CHAR   
173 IQBOOL InfoSet Query: Boolean Value CHAR   
174 IQCODETYPE InfoSet Query: Code Type CHAR   
175 IQCURRPOS InfoSet Query API: Postion of the currency/unit CHAR   
176 IQDPRES InfoSet Query: Data Display for Executing Queries CHAR   
177 IQFGROUP InfoSet Query: Field Group CHAR   
178 IQFTYPE InfoSet Query: Field Type CHAR   
179 IQITYPE InfoSet Query: InfoSet Type CHAR   
180 IQLINE InfoSet Query: Row CHAR 72    
181 IQLTYPE InfoSet Query: Query List Type CHAR   
182 IQMMSGV Message Variable (Lowercase) CHAR 50    
183 IQNAME InfoSet Query API: Object name CHAR 30    
184 IQNUMB InfoSet Query API: Internal number for InfoSets and Queries NUMC 20    
185 IQORDER InfoSet Query: Sequence Number NUMC   
186 IQOTXT InfoSet Query: Long Text for Objects CHAR 60    
187 IQPOS Requirements total record item NUMC   
188 IQQDAT InfoSet Query: Row in Data Container CHAR 1024    
189 IQROUND InfoSet Query: Rounding Factor CHAR   
190 IQVARI InfoSet Query: Variant CHAR 30    
191 IQVARTYPE InfoSet Query: Type of Variant CHAR   
192 IQXCBOX Flag: checkbox CHAR   
193 IQXDEC decimals INT4 10    
194 IQXDSNAME Name of a datasource CHAR 30    
195 IQXISETTYPE Infoset Type CHAR   
196 IQXNODI Flag: no display CHAR   
197 IQXNOEX Flag: no extension CHAR   
198 IQXNOIN Flag: no intervals CHAR   
199 IQXNOOPSI option and sign not allowed CHAR   
200 IQXOBLI Flag: obligatory CHAR   
201 IQXRADI Flag: radtiobutton CHAR   
202 IQXRGROUP Radiobutton group CHAR   
203 IQXSTEXT Selection text CHAR 255    
204 IQXVCHK Flag: Value Check CHAR   
205 IREFERENZ Data field for text-002: Internal texts CHAR 24    
206 IREFMONAT Reference month for correction NUMC   
207 IREFRP Reference report name CHAR 40    
208 IREQFLAG Requirements flag CHAR   
209 IRM_CONSTANT_TYPE IRM: Type of Constant CHAR   
210 IRM_CONSTANT_VALUE IRM: Value of Constant CHAR 20    
211 IRM_DATA_TYPE IRM: Data Type CHAR   
212 IRM_KEY_DUMMY IRM: Dummy Key Field for View Maintenance CHAR   
213 IRM_OBJECT_CATEGORY IRM: Object Category CHAR 10    
214 IRM_OBJECT_DESCRIPTION IRM: Description of a Rule Type, Object Type etc. CHAR 60    
215 IRM_POLICIES_CARDINALITY IRM: Allowed Number of Policies in a Policy Category CHAR   
216 IRM_POLICY_CATEGORY IRM: Policy Category CHAR   
217 IRM_POLICY_ORIGIN IRM: Policy Origin CHAR 10    
218 IRM_POLICY_TYPE IRM: Policy Type CHAR 10    
219 IRM_RESIDENCE_RULE_GET_MODE IRM: Mode for Determining Residence Time Rules CHAR   
220 IRM_RETENTION_RULE_GET_MODE IRM: Mode for Determining Retention Period Rules CHAR   
221 IRM_RULE_GET_MODE IRM: Mode for Determining Rules CHAR   
222 IRM_VIRT_TRANSP_REQUEST_TYPE IRM: Type of a Virtual Transport Order CHAR   
223 IRM_WD_YN Y (Yes) or N (No) CHAR   
224 IRSID IRS limit ID CHAR   
225 IRUNITO_KK Unit for Tolerances for Int. Calc.: Days, Months, Years CHAR   
226 IRUNITR_KK Unit for Transfer Days for Int. Calc.: Days, Months, Years CHAR   
227 IRUNIT_KK Unit for interest frequency: Days, months, years CHAR   
228 IRW_RP_STATUS_DOM ILM RW Reproting Package Status NUMC   
229 IRW_URI_LOAD_STATUS_DOM Status of uri load to HANA NUMC   
230 ISALES_SEL_DOC_TYPE Document Type for Gen Doc Selections CHAR 10    
231 ISAMTOT Foo INT4 10    
232 ISAM_ALTERNATIVE_NO Alternative Identifier for Vehicle CHAR 35    
233 ISAM_ALTERNATIVE_NO_UI Alternative identifier of the Vehicle CHAR 35    
234 ISAM_BRAND Manufacturer CHAR 10    
235 ISAM_BRAND_UI Manufacturer CHAR 10    
236 ISAM_COMMENT_1 Comment 1 CHAR 60    
237 ISAM_COMMENT_1_UI Comment 1 CHAR 60    
239 ISAM_CUBIC_CAPACITY_UI Volume of the Engine DEC
240 ISAM_DATE_OF_MANUF Date of Vehicle manufacture DATS   
241 ISAM_DATE_OF_MANUF_UI Date of Vehicle manufacture DATS   
242 ISAM_ENGINE_KEY Engine Key CHAR 10    
243 ISAM_ENGINE_KEY_UI Engine key CHAR 10    
244 ISAM_EXTERIOR_COLOR Vehicle Exterior Color CHAR 10    
245 ISAM_EXTERIOR_COLOR_UI Vehicle exterior color CHAR 10    
246 ISAM_EXTERNAL_VEH_NO External Vehicle Number CHAR 35    
247 ISAM_EXTERNAL_VEH_NO_UI External Vehicle number CHAR 35    
248 ISAM_EXTER_COLOR_KEY Vehicle Exterior Color Key CHAR   
249 ISAM_EXTER_COLOR_KEY_UI Vehicle exterior color key CHAR   
250 ISAM_FUEL_TYPE Fuel Type CHAR   
251 ISAM_FUEL_TYPE_UI Fuel type CHAR   
252 ISAM_INIT_REG_DATE Vehicle Initial Registration Date DATS   
253 ISAM_INIT_REG_DATE_UI Vehicle initial registration date DATS   
254 ISAM_INTERIOR_COLOR Vehicle Interior Color CHAR 10    
255 ISAM_INTERIOR_COLOR_UI Vehicle interior color CHAR 10    
256 ISAM_INTERNAL_VEH_NO Internal Vehicle Number CHAR 10    
257 ISAM_INTERNAL_VEH_NO_UI Internal Vehicle number CHAR 10    
258 ISAM_INTER_COLOR_KEY Vehicle Interior Color Key CHAR   
259 ISAM_INTER_COLOR_KEY_UI Vehicle interior color key CHAR   
260 ISAM_LICENSEPLATE_NO Vehicle Licence Plate Number CHAR 15    
261 ISAM_LICENSEPLATE_NO_UI Vehicle licence plate number CHAR 15    
262 ISAM_LIPLATE_COUNTRY Vehicle Licence Plate Country CHAR   
263 ISAM_LIPLATE_REGION Vehicle Licence Plate Region/State CHAR   
264 ISAM_LIPLATE_REGION_UI Vehicle licence plate region/state CHAR   
265 ISAM_MODEL Vehicle Model CHAR 40    
266 ISAM_MODEL_KEY Model Key CHAR 10    
267 ISAM_MODEL_KEY_UI Model Key CHAR 30    
268 ISAM_MODEL_SUBTYPE Vehicle Model Subtype CHAR 30    
269 ISAM_MODEL_SUBTYPE_UI Vehicle model subtype CHAR 30    
270 ISAM_MODEL_UI Vehicle model CHAR 40    
271 ISAM_MODEL_YEAR Vehicle Model Year CHAR   
272 ISAM_MODEL_YEAR_UI Vehicle model year CHAR   
273 ISAM_PERFORMANCE Engine Performance QUAN   
274 ISAM_PERFORMANCE_UI Engine performance DEC   
275 ISAM_PRICE Currency CURR
276 ISAM_PRICE_UI Price of the vehicle DEC
277 ISAM_TRANSMISSION_TY Type of Transmission CHAR 10    
278 ISAM_TRANSMISSION_TY_UI Type of transmission CHAR 10    
279 ISAM_TYPE_OF_TRM_KEY Type of Transmission Key CHAR   
280 ISAM_TYPE_OF_TRM_KEY_UI Type of transmission key CHAR   
281 ISAM_UNIT_OF_CUB_CAP Engine Volume Measurement Unit QUAN   
282 ISAM_UNIT_OF_CUB_CAP_UI Unit of the volume of the Engine DEC   
283 ISAM_UNIT_OF_PERF Performance Measurement Unit QUAN   
284 ISAM_UNIT_OF_PERF_UI Unit of performance DEC   
285 ISAM_USED_VEHICLE Vehicle Status CHAR   
286 ISAM_USED_VEHICLE_UI Status of the Vehicle CHAR   
287 ISAM_VIN Vehicle Identification Number CHAR 35    
288 ISAM_VIN_UI Vehicle Identification Number CHAR 35    
289 ISAUTO_SIC_ABEFZ Cumulative Received Quantity QUAN 15 
290 ISAUTO_SIC_AOTYPE Alertobjecttype NUMC   
291 ISAUTO_SIC_ATDESCR Alerttype: Description CHAR 60    
292 ISAUTO_SIC_ATYPE Alerttype NUMC   
293 ISAUTO_SIC_CIFMATNR Material number CHAR 40    
295 ISAUTO_SIC_CVTYP Days' supply type CHAR   
296 ISAUTO_SIC_LOCNO APO location CHAR 20    
297 ISAUTO_SIC_ORDER_STATUS Current status of an order INT1   
298 ISAUTO_SIC_ORDID GUID of order in live cache CHAR 22    
299 ISAUTO_SIC_PERCENT Percent INT4 10    
300 ISAUTO_SIC_PRIORITY Alert-Priority NUMC   
301 ISAUTO_SIC_SHIP_CHANGE_STAT Change Status of ASN's in Supplier workplace CHAR   
302 ISA_AUCTION_USER_TYPE Internet Sales: Auction user type CHAR   
303 ISA_ESCR1 Dummy 0 CHAR   
304 ISA_ESCR2 Dummies CHAR   
305 ISA_ESCR3 Dummies CHAR   
306 ISA_ESCR4 Dummies CHAR   
307 ISA_ESCR5 Dummies CHAR   
308 ISA_SHOP_ID Webshop Identifier CHAR 40    
309 ISA_STATUS_SHIPTO ISA R/3 Status of the Sales Partner CHAR   
310 ISBA Invoicing plan settlement: document selection CHAR   
311 ISCALLS_SE Foo INT4 10    
312 ISCALLS_TR Foo INT4 10    
313 ISCOMMITS Foo INT4 10    
314 ISESSIONE Indicator for normal business transactions and correction CHAR   
315 ISGRPROFILE SDB: Group Profile CHAR 10    
316 ISH01 IS-H: Yes / No indicator without check CHAR   
317 ISH02 IS-H: Alphanumeric field without check CHAR   
318 ISH30 IS-H: Text field with length 30, without checks CHAR 30    
319 ISHABGL IS-H: Comparison of length of stay - billing days INT4 10    
320 ISHBTAG IS-H: Billing days NUMC   
321 ISHCHAR1024 IS-H: Character field with length 1024 CHAR 1024    
322 ISHMED_ATGVB IS-H*MED: Number of days between request and performance NUMC   
324 ISHMED_CUSTCONT IS_H*MED: Container for Controls CHAR 100    
325 ISHMED_ESCHL IS-H*MED: Deadline for requests TIMS   
326 ISHMED_MSGTY IS-H*MED: Extended categories of messages CHAR   
328 ISHMOP_D20 Domain for ISHMOP_D20 CHAR 20    
329 ISHMOP_JAN Fixed value domain Yes/No CHAR   
330 ISHREL Release CHAR   
331 ISHT_AUTH_CODE Authorisation Code CHAR 15    
332 ISHT_AUTH_CODE_UI Authorisation Code CHAR 15    
333 ISHT_BIN_VER Binary Version CHAR   
334 ISHT_BIN_VER_UI Binary Version CHAR   
335 ISHT_DELIVERY_MODE Delivery Mode CHAR   
337 ISHT_DURATION Subscription Duration (Years) NUMC   
338 ISHT_DURATION_UI Subscription Duration (Years) NUMC   
339 ISHT_EXPIRATION_DATE Subscription Expiration Date DATS   
340 ISHT_EXPIRATION_DATE_UI Subscription Expiration Date DATS   
341 ISHT_EXP_DATE_MAIN Maintenance Expiration Date DATS   
342 ISHT_EXP_DATE_MAIN_UI Maintenance Expiration Date DATS   
343 ISHT_INIT_DOWNLOAD Initial Download CHAR   
344 ISHT_INIT_DOWNLOAD_UI Initial Download CHAR   
345 ISHT_LANGUAGE Language CHAR   
347 ISHT_LEVEL Support Level CHAR   
348 ISHT_LEVEL_UI Support Level CHAR   
349 ISHT_LICENSE_TYPE License Type CHAR   
351 ISHT_MAINT_EXPIRED Maintenance Expired CHAR   
352 ISHT_MAINT_EXPIRED_UI Maintenance Expired CHAR   
353 ISHT_REG_DATE Registration Date DATS   
354 ISHT_REG_DATE_UI Registration Date DATS   
355 ISHT_SERIAL_NUMBER License ID Number CHAR 18    
356 ISHT_SERIAL_NUMBER_UI License ID Number CHAR 18    
357 ISHT_USERS Users NUMC   
359 ISHVBELN IS-H: document number CHAR 10    
360 ISH_24ST IS-H: Copayment request for cases lasting less than 24 hours CHAR   
361 ISH_301_KOUB_COPAYDAYS §301 - Zuzahlungsvortage aus Kostenübernahmesatz NUMC   
363 ISH_301_ZAHL_CHECKNOTE Prüfvermerk CHAR   
364 ISH_ABGRU IS-H: Kennung Ablehnungsgrund CHAR   
365 ISH_ABL301 IS-H: Internal billing reason acc. to §301 CHAR   
366 ISH_ABLGR IS-H: Reason for rejection CHAR   
367 ISH_ABLST IS-H: Service code within service catalog (billing) CHAR 10    
368 ISH_ABRGT IS-H: Billing Area (Panel Physician Association Billing) CHAR   
369 ISH_ABROE IS-H: Identification of the organizational unit (bill.doc.) CHAR   
370 ISH_ABRST IS-H NL: Billing Status CHAR   
371 ISH_ABSNO Internal Number of Waiting List Absence NUMC 10    
372 ISH_ABSRSN IS-H: Reason for Temporary Absence From Waiting List CHAR   
373 ISH_ABSTEX IS-H: External status of outpatient visit CHAR   
374 ISH_ABSTIN IS-H: Internal Status of Outpatient Visit CHAR   
375 ISH_ABTAR IS-H: Billing charge master (billing document) CHAR   
376 ISH_ABTYP IS-H: Billing Category for Individual Billing Control CHAR   
377 ISH_ABWE IS-H: Copayment obligation during absence CHAR   
378 ISH_ACCCAT IS-H: Accommodation Category CHAR   
379 ISH_ACCNO IS-H SG: Medisave account number CHAR 17    
380 ISH_ACCOUNT_COPAYMENT IS-H: Konto für Ambulante Zuzahlung CHAR 10    
381 ISH_ACCOUNT_POSTAGE IS-H: Konto für Porto CHAR 10    
382 ISH_ADCRT IS-H Additional Criterion for Column Determination CHAR   
384 ISH_ADMAPP_AND_OR_TRAPP IS-H: Preregistration For Inpat. Admission and/or Treatment CHAR 10    
387 ISH_ADMISSION_NQE IS-H: Standard, Quick or Emergency Admission Indicators CHAR   
390 ISH_ADMREASON IS-H: Aufnahmeanlass CHAR   
393 ISH_ADRNR IS-H: Address number CHAR 10    
394 ISH_ADROBJ IS-H: Address object CHAR   
395 ISH_AEB_AVG_LOS IS-H DE: Durchschnittliche Verweildauer DEC
396 ISH_AEB_BILLINGSTATUS IS-H: Abrechnungsstatus (für AEB-Statistiken) CHAR   
397 ISH_AEB_CASE_TYPE IS-H: Fallart (für AEB-Statistiken) CHAR   
398 ISH_AEB_FOREIGNSTATUS IS-H: Ausländische Patienten (für AEB-Statistiken) CHAR   
399 ISH_AEB_PEPP IS-H: PEPP (für AEB-Statistiken) CHAR   
400 ISH_AEB_UEBER IS-H: Überlieger (für AEB-Statistiken) CHAR   
401 ISH_AFDCD IS-H NL: LMR Afdelingscode CHAR   
402 ISH_AFSPR IS-H NL: LAZR Afspraakcode NUMC   
403 ISH_AGE IS-H: Age in years INT2   
404 ISH_AGENT IS-H: Active Ingredient CHAR 20    
406 ISH_AKFTYP IS-H: Action type for case data CHAR   
407 ISH_AKGTYP IS-H: Action type for physician assignments CHAR   
408 ISH_AKR_URL IS-H: URL for Displaying Outpatient Coding Guidelines (OCG) CHAR 255    
409 ISH_AKSTAT IS-H: Status of an Action CHAR   
410 ISH_AKTDTM IS-H: Output date ind. of reminders for records/documents CHAR   
411 ISH_AKTTYP IS-H: Action Type CHAR   
412 ISH_AKZTYP IS-H: Action Type for Service Assignments CHAR   
413 ISH_ALGRTY IS-H: Usage of an age-group classification CHAR   
414 ISH_ALTAUF IS-H AT: Interpretation Alter CHAR   
415 ISH_ALTER IS-H: Patient age CHAR   
416 ISH_ALTER_DURCHSCHNITT IS-H: Average Patient Age DEC 10    
417 ISH_ANFTXT _ CHAR 30    
421 ISH_ANZFP IS-H: No. of flat rates per case/proc. surcharges per year NUMC   
423 ISH_APPCYCLE_UNIT IS-H: Time Unit for Appointment Cycle NUMC   
424 ISH_APPDIST IS-H: Interval Between Appointments NUMC   
425 ISH_APPDIST_UNIT IS-H: Time Unit for Interval Between Appointments NUMC   
426 ISH_APPLC IS-H: Report control: Application CHAR   
427 ISH_APSTATE IS-HCM: Application status CHAR   
428 ISH_APTIME_MAN_SP IS-H: Duration of Treatment Appt Changed Manually CHAR   
429 ISH_ARRIVE IS-H: Arrival CHAR   
430 ISH_ARTZP IS-H: Huisarts conform codelijst VNZ of ziekenhuis POLIS NL NUMC   
431 ISH_ARZNEI IS-H: Pharmaceutical supply of hospital NUMC   
432 ISH_ASSTP IS-H: Assistance type CHAR   
434 ISH_ATSTXT IS-H: Comment on Appointment / Time Slot CHAR 50    
435 ISH_AT_ABL_ELDA IS-H AT: Ablehnungsgrund für Vers.zuständigkeit (ELDA) CHAR   
436 ISH_AT_ANSPRUCHSART Anspruchsart - Code CHAR   
437 ISH_AT_BEWKZ IS-H AT: Kennzeichen für Bewegungen CHAR   
438 ISH_AT_CALUP Ereignis zur Anzeige der e-Überweisung CHAR 20    
439 ISH_AT_EREFCD e-Überweisungscode CHAR   
440 ISH_AT_EREFNO Nummer für den e-Überweisungscode CHAR 20    
441 ISH_AT_EREFST Status der e-Überweisung NUMC   
442 ISH_AT_LFD_SEQ Laufende Nummer für die Statusfortschreibung GINA NUMC 20    
443 ISH_AT_VERSART Versichertenart Code der SV-Person CHAR   
444 ISH_AT_VERSKAT Versichertenkategorie (OBSOLET! - durch UNTGR ersetzt) CHAR   
445 ISH_AUART IS-H: customer order number CHAR   
446 ISH_AUFIM IS-H: Dates of order creation CHAR   
447 ISH_AUSBST IS-H: Number of training organizations NUMC   
448 ISH_AUTNR _ CHAR 10    
450 ISH_AUTXT _ CHAR 40    
451 ISH_AZKEN IS-H: Kennzeichen Ablehnung/Zusage CHAR   
452 ISH_BABRKZ IS-H: Billing Status of a Visit CHAR   
453 ISH_BAFIN IS-H: Bezoeksoort financieel voor POLIS (NL) NUMC   
454 ISH_BAMED IS-H: Bezoeksoort medisch voor POLIS (NL) NUMC   
455 ISH_BAPIRETMAXTY IS-H: Message type for BAPIs CHAR   
456 ISH_BASENT IS-H: Base Charge Value for PEPP Billing CURR
457 ISH_BASER IS-H: Hospital Base Case Value for DRG Billing CURR
458 ISH_BCODE IS-H: Treatment code CHAR   
459 ISH_BDS_HTML IS-H: HTML file in BDS CHAR 30    
460 ISH_BDTKAT IS-H: Rule category BDT format CHAR   
461 ISH_BDTTYP IS-H: BDT Field Type CHAR   
462 ISH_BEDSTAT Bed Status CHAR   
464 ISH_BELNR IS-H: Document number (e.g. insurance verification) CHAR 10    
465 ISH_BETIN IS-H NL: LMR Betalende instantie CHAR   
466 ISH_BEWERT IS-H: Valuation Key for Newborns CHAR   
467 ISH_BEW_EV IS-H: Event which created the movement CHAR   
468 ISH_BGRUND IS-H: Movement reason CHAR   
469 ISH_BG_POS IS-H: Movement reason - key position CHAR   
471 ISH_BILLING_MODE IS-H: Billing Mode CHAR 10    
472 ISH_BILLP IS-H NL: Billing party CHAR   
473 ISH_BILLR _ CHAR 55    
474 ISH_BILMOD IS-H: Billing Mode CHAR   
475 ISH_BLART IS-H: Document Type CHAR   
478 ISH_BRTAG IS-H: Billing days NUMC   
479 ISH_BSNR (Neben-)Betriebsstättennummer des Arztes CHAR   
480 ISH_BSTMM IS-H NL: LMR Bestemming CHAR   
481 ISH_BT IS-H: Visit category code for outpatient dept. planning CHAR   
482 ISH_BTEXT IS-H: Text Add. Fields BDT Interface PPA Billing CHAR 70    
483 ISH_BUBER IS-H: Letter interval limit CHAR   
484 ISH_BWART IS-H: Movement type for data transfer IS-H -> EIS CHAR   
485 ISH_BW_IMAGE IS-H: Image for BW Delta Process (Before, After) CHAR   
486 ISH_C12 IS-H: 12-character text without check CHAR 12    
487 ISH_C20 IS-H: Character field with conversion routine ALPHA CHAR 20    
488 ISH_C50 IS-H: Text field without check CHAR 50    
489 ISH_CALLOPTION IS-H: Notification option for partner systems CHAR   
490 ISH_CANREASON_TYPE IS-H: Reason for cancellation CHAR   
492 ISH_CASE _ CHAR   
493 ISH_CASEEND IS-H: Type of case end CHAR   
494 ISH_CASETYPE IS-H: Case category CHAR   
495 ISH_CASE_BEG_END Enter Default Start and End Dates for Case CHAR   
496 ISH_CCIND IS-H: Indicator for charge comparison Germany CHAR   
497 ISH_CCL_TYPE IS-H: Type for Complication and Comorbidity Level (for DRGs) NUMC   
498 ISH_CDFID IS-H: DRG finder ID for DRG data exchange CHAR 10    
500 ISH_CHANGE IS-H: Change Reason for Protected Fields CHAR