SAP ABAP Table - Index S, page 8
Table - S
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 SMOCCALIKO Customer/Comp. Listing (header) TRANSP A
2 SMOCCALIPO Customer/Comp. listing (position) TRANSP A
3 SMOCCAPRIO Listing Prioritization TRANSP E
4 SMOCFGHIER Basic Data for Model Hierarchy TRANSP A
5 SMOCFGKB Runtime Version of SCE Knowledge Base TRANSP A
6 SMOCFGKBD MSA: Header Information (KB Build) TRANSP A
7 SMOCFGKBHD MSA: Header Information (KB Build) TRANSP A
8 SMOCFGKBI MSA: Initial Download (KB Build) TRANSP A
10 SMOCHAN Customizing table for campaign communication channels TRANSP A
11 SMOCHANTX Customizing table for campaign comm. channel long texts TRANSP A
12 SMOCHECOM Choice List: Comments TRANSP E
13 SMOCHELEMT Choice List Elements TRANSP E
14 SMOCHHIER Hierachical dependencies --Choice Lists and their elements TRANSP E
17 SMOCHTEXT Language dependend descriptions for Choice Lists. TRANSP E
18 SMOCINDX CRM: INDX table for Admin Konsole TRANSP L
19 SMOCLASSOB Classifyable Business Objects TRANSP A
20 SMOCLNTMON Main Monitoring table TRANSP S
21 SMOCOND Conditions (Procedure Data) TRANSP A
22 SMOCONDOCU Documentation TRANSP A
23 SMOCONDXML Conditions (Procedure Data) in XML TRANSP A
24 SMOCONSPEC Contact Person: Additional Specialization TRANSP A
25 SMOCONVIS Contact Person Visiting Hours TRANSP A
26 SMOCOSELH Selection Header (saved selections) TRANSP A
27 SMOCOSELP Expert Selection: Selection Queue Items TRANSP A
28 SMOCOSELQ Selection SQL Statement TRANSP A
29 SMOCOSELS Standard Criteria Generic Table TRANSP A
30 SMOCOSELSL Selection Model Selection Line TRANSP A
31 SMOCP_STOCK Rough stock information for MSA TRANSP A
32 SMOCTYP Customizing table for campaign types TRANSP A
33 SMOCTYPT Customizing table for campaign type long text TRANSP A
34 SMOCUBLOB Configuration binary large object TRANSP A
35 SMOCUCFG SCE: Configuration Data IDs TRANSP A
36 SMOCUINS SCE: Instance of Configuration TRANSP A
37 SMOCUPRT Item: Part of data TRANSP A
38 SMOCUSTGRP Customizing Tabele for Customer groups 1 to 5 TRANSP A
39 SMOCUSTGRT Customizing Tabele for Customer groups 1 to 5, longtext TRANSP A
40 SMOCUVAL Configuration Values TRANSP A
41 SMOCUVARC SCE: Variant Condition TRANSP A
42 SMODATAOFFH Opportunity: SEM Header Data TRANSP A
43 SMODATAOFFI Opportunity: SEM Line Item Data TRANSP A
44 SMODBLBIN CRM MW CDB table for Long Binaries TRANSP A
45 SMODBLTXT CRM MW CDB table for Long Text TRANSP A
46 SMODD01L Domains TRANSP W
47 SMODD01T R/3 DD: domain texts TRANSP W
48 SMODD03L Table Fields TRANSP W
49 SMODD04L Data elements TRANSP W
50 SMODD04T R/3 DD: Data element texts TRANSP W
51 SMODD07L R/3 DD: values for the domains TRANSP W
52 SMODD07T DD: Texts for Domain Fixed Values (Language-Dependent) TRANSP W
53 SMODILOG Log of Customer Modifications to Dev. Env. Objects TRANSP W
54 SMODILOGI Log for Inactive Customer Modifications to WB Objects TRANSP W
55 SMODIPROJ Customer Modifications to WB Objects in Several Projects TRANSP S
56 SMODISKCHK Table contains Disk space information of mobile clients TRANSP S
57 SMODISRC Customer Modification Log: Object Data (Active) TRANSP W
58 SMODISRCI Customer Modification Log: Object Data (Inactive) TRANSP W
59 SMODITRAN Cross-Transported Objects TRANSP S
60 SMODIUSER Processor of Customer Modifications TRANSP W
61 SMODOCDEFL Activity Journal Template Defaults TRANSP A
62 SMODOCFIL Attachment/Document (object-related) TRANSP A
63 SMODOCLINK Document Linkage TRANSP A
64 SMODOTACT Assign Documentation Type to Activity Type TRANSP A
65 SMODOTATT Documentation: Used Fields per Documentation type TRANSP A
66 SMODOTDEF Documentation Type Definition TRANSP E
67 SMODOTTAS Documentation: Target list TRANSP A
68 SMODOTTXT Documentation Type: Text TRANSP E
69 SMOEACCUST Admin Console: description of text keys for customer TRANSP C
70 SMOEACLOG Log Table for User Actions in Administration Console TRANSP S
71 SMOEACTEXT Admin Console: description of text keys TRANSP S
72 SMOEACTKEY Admin Console: text keys TRANSP S
73 SMOECK_INDX INDX table for temporary data of Administation Console TRANSP A
74 SMOEDEPINF Table maintains data for dependent object info TRANSP S
75 SMOEFLDINF Table which maintains field info for dep info TRANSP S
76 SMOEGENACT Header information for the subscription generator TRANSP E
77 SMOEGENATT Site Attributes TRANSP E
78 SMOEGENDET Criteria Field Definitions for Subscription Generators TRANSP E
79 SMOEGENEXC In-/Excluded objects subscription generator TRANSP E
80 SMOEGENFPAR Optional Function Parameters, Passed on Dyn FCall (SubAgent) TRANSP E
81 SMOEGENHEA Header information for the subscription generator TRANSP E
82 SMOEGENLNK Contains the Links between fields in Subscription Generator TRANSP E
83 SMOEGENLOG Log Table for Subscription Agent TRANSP A
84 SMOEGENMAP Details for subscription generators TRANSP E
85 SMOEGENNAMCV Naming Conventions for Sites/Subscriptions added by SubAgent TRANSP E
86 SMOEGENPAR Rel. table between parent and dependent subscr. generators TRANSP E
87 SMOEGENSIT Link between generators and generated sites TRANSP A
88 SMOEGENSSI Link bt. generators and generated site/subscription assign. TRANSP A
89 SMOEGENSTA Static Where Clause for Subscription Generator TRANSP E
90 SMOEGENSUB Link between generators and generated subscriptions TRANSP A
91 SMOEGENTAB Tables used in Subscription Generator (dynamic mapping) TRANSP E
92 SMOEJOBID Link between JOBID and SITE/BDoc Type Name TRANSP A
93 SMOELETXT Language dependend texts for Choice List Elements. TRANSP E
94 SMOELOGPHYS Assignment Logical Site - Physical Site TRANSP A
95 SMOEMPCALD Employee Calendar Details TRANSP A
96 SMOEMPCALH Employee Calendar Header TRANSP A
97 SMOEMPCALSETT Table for storing Employee specific Calender Settings TRANSP C
98 SMOEOBJINF Administration console: object tags TRANSP S
99 SMOEQKT Equipment short texts TRANSP A
100 SMOEQST Equipment to BOM Link TRANSP A
101 SMOEQUI Equipment master data TRANSP A
102 SMOEQUZ Equipment time segment TRANSP A
103 SMOEROLE role table TRANSP S
104 SMOERROR Errorhandling Mobile Sales Client TRANSP A
105 SMOESCHED Scheduling table for site and subscription scheduling TRANSP A
106 SMOESDEST Scheduling destinations table TRANSP A
107 SMOESITXML Site Attribute for Mobile Client Sites: XML-Flag TRANSP A
108 SMOESJBLOG Subscription Scheduling: Job Log Table TRANSP A
109 SMOESRERO Subscription Rerouting Table (Scheduling) TRANSP A
110 SMOESTLOG Log Table for Scheduling TRANSP A
111 SMOESTPLNK Scheduling Template Link Table (Links Template - Site) TRANSP A
112 SMOESUBSIT Site IDs of Subscription which are locked via indirection TRANSP A
113 SMOETROBJH Administration console: Hierarchy definition of tree TRANSP E
114 SMOETROBJP Administration console: Parent objects for views of tree TRANSP E
115 SMOETRVIEW Administration console: Views of tree TRANSP E
116 SMOETRVWTX Administration console: Description for views of tree TRANSP E
117 SMOEVNTD Event Detail TRANSP A
118 SMOEVNTH Event Header TRANSP A
119 SMOEWUKEYS Currency key, exchange rate type and date for EMU TRANSP E
120 SMOEXCOND Expert Selection: Condition TRANSP E
121 SMOEXDEACT Site Deactivation Runs TRANSP L
122 SMOEXFLD Expert Selection: Selection Field TRANSP E
123 SMOEXHEAD Expert Selection: Header TRANSP E
124 SMOEXHIER Expert Selection: Hierachy and Language-Dependent Texts TRANSP E
125 SMOEXRIGHT Expert Selection: Access Rights TRANSP E
126 SMOEXRROBJ Selective Site Deactivation Storage Table TRANSP A
127 SMOEXRRSIT List of Deactivated Sites for Replication&Realignment TRANSP A
128 SMOEXRRTAB Objects Marked For Extract by RR During Site Deactivation TRANSP A
129 SMOEXTBL Expert Selection: Selection Table TRANSP E
130 SMOEXTIFLD Expert Selection: Tile Field TRANSP E
131 SMOEXTILE Expert Selection: Tile TRANSP E
132 SMOEXTITXT Expert Selection: Tile Text TRANSP E
133 SMOEXTNUMG External Number generation for Service Orders & Notifns. TRANSP E
135 SMOEXTXT Expert Selection: Entry Text TRANSP E
136 SMOEXVAR Expert Selection: Selection Variable TRANSP E
137 SMOFAPPL Active Applications TRANSP C
138 SMOFBUS_TASK Business Tasks TRANSP E
139 SMOFBUS_TASKT Business Task Texts TRANSP E
140 SMOFBUS_TASK_G Used business task names TRANSP L
141 SMOFBUS_TASK_GRP Assign business task to business task group TRANSP E
142 SMOFBUS_TASK_L Business Tasks TRANSP L
143 SMOFCDBHD Header Table for comparable records coming from CDB TRANSP A
144 SMOFCMPDAT Comparable records TRANSP A
145 SMOFCMPEXC Exception Table for Compare TRANSP E
146 SMOFCMPHD Header Table for comparable records TRANSP A
147 SMOFCMPOBJ Store information about object TRANSP A
148 SMOFDD02T Texts for table definitions TRANSP S
149 SMOFDNLBCK Backup table for downloaded data TRANSP L
150 SMOFDSTAT Current Download Status of Objects TRANSP L
151 SMOFDSTATB Childtable to SMOFDSTAT: Downloaded Blocks TRANSP L
152 SMOFERPDLT Control table for delta download data of ERP sites (R/3) TRANSP E
153 SMOFEVOBJ List of possible Events for Middleware TRANSP S
154 SMOFFILFLD Allowed fields for Filter definition TRANSP S
155 SMOFFILSAP Object dependent predefined filters for adapter objects TRANSP S
156 SMOFFILTAB Filter criteria for CRM-Download TRANSP G
157 SMOFFUNCTAB Business task and corresponding functions TRANSP E
158 SMOFFUNCTAB_AE Activate application exist for Proxy Framework TRANSP C
159 SMOFFUNCTAB_EXC Parameter table for SMOFFUNCTAB entries TRANSP E
160 SMOFFUNCTAB_PAR Parameter table for SMOFFUNCTAB entries TRANSP E
161 SMOFFUNCTAB_UE Activate user exists for Proxy Framework TRANSP C
162 SMOFILECHK Contains File check results for mobile clients TRANSP S
163 SMOFINICON Flow Contexts in Initial Download depending on Site Types TRANSP E
164 SMOFINICUS Decision if data distribution from CRM shall take place TRANSP G
165 SMOFLPRMCHK Table containing file permissions data from mobile clients TRANSP S
166 SMOFMAPFLD Table for special field mappings TRANSP E
167 SMOFMAPTAB Definition of Tables for Download TRANSP E
168 SMOFOBJAC Active Events for Delta Download TRANSP C
169 SMOFOBJCLA Object classification TRANSP S
170 SMOFOBJCTT Definition of Objects for Download: Texte TRANSP S
171 SMOFOBJECT Definition of Objects for Download TRANSP E
172 SMOFOBJPAR Parent Objects of an Object in Table SMOFOBJECT TRANSP E
173 SMOFPARSFA Middleware Parameter TRANSP G
174 SMOFPLA Fakturierungsplan TRANSP A
175 SMOFPLT Fakturierungsplan: Termine TRANSP A
176 SMOFPLTC Zahlungskarten: Vorgangsdaten - SD TRANSP A
177 SMOFQFIND Queue Finder Table for MW-Queue finder TRANSP E
178 SMOFQNAMES Queue name-definition table for CRM-QRFC-Upload TRANSP G
179 SMOFRECEIVER Customizing table for RFC destinations TRANSP C
180 SMOFRELTAB Relation between Download tables TRANSP G
181 SMOFREQTAB Filter criteria for CRM-Request TRANSP L
182 SMOFRFCPAR Table for defining RFC-destinations dependant on parameters TRANSP C
183 SMOFRG071 Business Partner Excluded Partner Functions TRANSP A
184 SMOFRQDT Request detail TRANSP C
185 SMOFRQHD Request header TRANSP C
186 SMOFRSTAT Current Download Status of Objects TRANSP L
187 SMOFSUBINT Subscribtion table for function modules for internal exits TRANSP S
188 SMOFSUBTAB Subscribtion table for function mod. to receive OLTP data TRANSP E
189 SMOFSYSTEM Protocol of load from R/3-Systems into CRM-System TRANSP S
190 SMOFTABLES Definition of Tables for Download TRANSP E
191 SMOFTAPPL allowed applications to be activated TRANSP S
192 SMOFTFUBA Relation of SMOF and SMOFT-Tables and function modules TRANSP S
193 SMOFTOBJCT Definition of Objects for Download TRANSP S
194 SMOFTOBJPR Parent Objects of an Object in Table SMOFOBJECT TRANSP S
195 SMOFTSUBTB Subscribtion table for function modules to receive OLTP da TRANSP S
196 SMOFTTABLS Definition of Tables for Download TRANSP S
197 SMOFUCCHECK Exclusion list for Control Characters TRANSP G
198 SMOFUCTAB Table for fields to remove control characters TRANSP G
199 SMOFUPLMAP Mapping function modules for upload from CRM to OLTP TRANSP E
200 SMOFUPLMAPCUST Site specific mapping module for the load CRM to R/3 backend TRANSP C
201 SMOFUPLMAPFUNC Eligible mapping module for the load from CRM to R/3 backend TRANSP S
202 SMOFUPLMAPFUNCT Description of the mapping modules: Load CRM to R/3 backend TRANSP S
203 SMOF_ERPSH ERP-Site Header table TRANSP E
204 SMOF_PARTN Partner functions in different contexts TRANSP G
205 SMOGACCHK Table contains the GAC check entries of mobile clients TRANSP S
206 SMOGROUP Entity Table of BP Group Hierarchy TRANSP A
207 SMOGROUPCHK Stores the group check results for Mobile clients TRANSP S
208 SMOGSRVFUI Mapping to Function Modules independend of BDoctype TRANSP E
209 SMOGSYSMON Client monioring fundamental details . TRANSP S
210 SMOGSYSMP Client monioring details are stored here. TRANSP S
211 SMOGUITEXT Text for User Interface TRANSP A
212 SMOG_CHECK Check Table. TRANSP W
214 SMOG_FUREG Functions to be called for the object TRANSP S
215 SMOG_GENKY holds the generation keys of the generators TRANSP S
216 SMOG_GFUGR generated function groups TRANSP S
217 SMOG_GNFUN join table between meta object and function TRANSP L
218 SMOG_GNOBJ Table containing the list of all generated objects TRANSP L
219 SMOG_GNREG Registration for CRM runtime object generation TRANSP S
220 SMOG_IDX Table of Table Indexes TRANSP W
221 SMOG_IDXP Index Position Table TRANSP W
222 SMOG_JOIN Defines joins between transparent tables TRANSP W
223 SMOG_MAPSG Mapping between segment name and segment structure TRANSP W
224 SMOG_MAPTR maps transaction to message structure TRANSP W
225 SMOG_MOP Description of the repository meta object protocols TRANSP S
226 SMOG_MSOBJ master register table for mobile sales objects TRANSP S
227 SMOG_MSTAB Contains all Mobile Ssales Relevant Tables TRANSP S
228 SMOG_PARAM Statement Parameters TRANSP W
229 SMOG_R3DAT R3 Data Types TRANSP W
230 SMOG_R3DOM R/3 Data Domains TRANSP W
231 SMOG_R3TMP R3 Text For R3 Entities TRANSP W
232 SMOG_R3TST R3 Text For R3 Entities TRANSP W
233 SMOG_R3TXT R3 Text For R3 Entities TRANSP W
234 SMOG_REFT Contains Reference field and table for the data element TRANSP W
235 SMOG_RELV BDoc release version table TRANSP W
236 SMOG_RELVP BDoc Release version positions TRANSP W
237 SMOG_REOBJ objects belonging to an archive (smog_repos) TRANSP L
238 SMOG_REPOS Repository Version Directory TRANSP W
239 SMOG_RPLOG logs changes of repository objects TRANSP L
240 SMOG_RPSST Database Table for Export/Import of RPS Objects TRANSP S
241 SMOG_SCRT Sql Script Table TRANSP W
242 SMOG_SCRTP SQL Script Positions Table TRANSP W
243 SMOG_SEGM Segment Definition TRANSP W
244 SMOG_SERV Middleware Services TRANSP E
245 SMOG_SFLD Segment Fields Table TRANSP W
246 SMOG_SQL Mapping of transaction segment to physical table TRANSP W
247 SMOG_SRVFU Middleware Services: Mapping to Function Modules TRANSP E
248 SMOG_STMNT Statement Table. TRANSP W
250 SMOG_TABLE Definition of tables TRANSP W
251 SMOG_TACOB temporary storage for objects to be activated POOL L
252 SMOG_TFLD Table Fields Definition TRANSP W
253 SMOG_TGUID Object with transport order TRANSP L
254 SMOG_TPROG Defines the Flow ABAP program for a message type id TRANSP L
255 SMOG_TRANS Transaction definition for mobile sales TRANSP W
256 SMOG_TSEGM Table Segment mapping. TRANSP W
257 SMOG_VERS Transaction repository version information TRANSP W
258 SMOG_WHERE Table Segment Mapping Where Clause. TRANSP W
259 SMOHACEX01 R&R Queues: AC Extract Extension: Filter Conditions TRANSP L
260 SMOHCKEYEX R&R: Used Sequence numbers for Extract queue TRANSP L
261 SMOHCKEYRD R&R: Used Content Keys for Dependency Queue TRANSP L
262 SMOHCLFUNC enabled functions per client role TRANSP S
263 SMOHCRITS Criterias Fields of Publication TRANSP G
264 SMOHDCNSCHK Table contains HD consistency data of mobile clients TRANSP S
265 SMOHEADOFF Opportunity: SEM Header Combination TRANSP A
266 SMOHEVENT Event table for event activation TRANSP S
267 SMOHEVENTV values of the event activation TRANSP S
268 SMOHFBDESC Function Module Description for SFA - Job Activation TRANSP L
269 SMOHFBJOB Function Module FB Job List for SFA - Job Activation TRANSP L
270 SMOHFBVALU Function Module Value for SFA - Job Activation TRANSP L
271 SMOHGLOBCFG Middleware Parameter TRANSP G
272 SMOHGROUP Organization/User Group TRANSP A
273 SMOHGRPLK Organization Assignment Table for Sites TRANSP A
274 SMOHGUID For RFC system key transport TRANSP L
275 SMOHIER Category Hierarchy TRANSP A
276 SMOHIERT Hierarchy Description TRANSP A
277 SMOHILTP Definition of Distribution Relevant Interlinkages TRANSP G
278 SMOHJOBQ Replication Site Queue TRANSP L
279 SMOHLDY Main Table for Employee Holiday TRANSP C
280 SMOHLDYCODE Holiday Codes for Calender TRANSP C
281 SMOHLDYDESC Description of Holidays in Employee Calender TRANSP C
282 SMOHLDYPROFILE Table for storing possible Holiday Profiles for Employee Cal TRANSP C
283 SMOHLUBULK Lookup Table for Bulk Replication TRANSP A
284 SMOHMITLNK Assignment Employee - Hardware Site ID TRANSP A
285 SMOHMSGQ Replication Message Queue TRANSP L
287 SMOHMSGQEB R&R: Extract Bulk Queue TRANSP L
288 SMOHMSGQEX R&R: Extract Queue TRANSP L
289 SMOHMSGQPR R&R Queues Monitoring Table TRANSP L
290 SMOHMSGQRD R&R: Realignment queue for dependency calculation TRANSP L
291 SMOHMSGQRE R&R: Realignment Queue for Minor Realignment TRANSP L
292 SMOHMSGQST Status of R&R Queues, used also for locking (queue reader) TRANSP E
293 SMOHMSGQSU R&R: Subcheck queue for realignment TRANSP L
294 SMOHNOCSTA ControlTable No CurrState Message form Realignment to Sender TRANSP E
295 SMOHNRTOS Not Return To Sender Control Table TRANSP G
296 SMOHPARIND Current Industry TRANSP C
297 SMOHPOTCRT Potential Criteria Fields of Replication Object TRANSP G
298 SMOHPUBL Publication Header TRANSP G
299 SMOHQTAB Inbound/Outbound Queues for Sites TRANSP A
300 SMOHQUEUE Managing queues of mobile clients TRANSP A
301 SMOHREPOBJ Replication Object TRANSP G
302 SMOHRRADD Additional Replication Rules which needs to be checked TRANSP S
303 SMOHRRCHK Check Table for Additional Replication Rules TRANSP L
304 SMOHRRQCUST Customizing data of R&R Queues TRANSP E
305 SMOHRRQRT Runtime data of R&R Queues TRANSP E
306 SMOHRULES Rules: Link table Replication Object - Publication TRANSP G
308 SMOHSITEPAR Parent Child Site Relation TRANSP A
309 SMOHSITEQ Replication Site Queue TRANSP L
310 SMOHSITEQAC R&R: Site list for AC-Extract queue TRANSP L
311 SMOHSITEQEB R&R: Instance/Site list for Extract Bulk Queue TRANSP L
312 SMOHSITEQEX R&R: Instance/Site list for Extract queue TRANSP L
313 SMOHSITEQRD R&R: Instance/Site list for Dependency Calculation Queue TRANSP L
314 SMOHSITEQSU R&R: Site list for Subcheck queue TRANSP L
315 SMOHSUBSCR Subscription Header TRANSP A
316 SMOHSUBSIT Site IDs of Subscription TRANSP A
317 SMOHTMPDAT Cluster Table for Export To Database (Temporary data) TRANSP L
318 SMOHTMPDAT_CLNT Cluster Table (always empty) for Export To Shared Buffer TRANSP L
319 SMOHVALUES Criteria Values for Subscriptions TRANSP A
320 SMOHVALUESTS Criteria Values for Subscriptions - Time Stamp of Last Updat TRANSP L
321 SMOH_IND Industry Flags TRANSP E
322 SMOH_INDK Key table for industry flags TRANSP E
324 SMOIFLOT Functional Location TRANSP A
325 SMOIFLOTX Functional Location: Short Text TRANSP A
326 SMOIHPA Plant Maintenance: Partners TRANSP A
327 SMOILOA PM object location and account assignment TRANSP A
328 SMOIMPEXP Import export entity details table TRANSP E
329 SMOIMPEXPLANG Import export language specific entity text TRANSP E
330 SMOIMPEXPSETTING Import export entity settings table TRANSP E
331 SMOIMPTT Measuring point (table) TRANSP A
332 SMOIMRG Measurement document TRANSP A
333 SMOINBOUNDMSGS PDA Companion Inbound Messages TRANSP A
335 SMOINBOXPER Personalization table for Inbox Component TRANSP A
336 SMOINBOXT100 Message table for storing language specific error messages TRANSP E
337 SMOINSSOFCHK Table contains Installed software information of mob clients TRANSP S
338 SMOI_WS_PROFILE Registration Profiles TRANSP S
339 SMOI_WS_PROF_T Profile descriptions TRANSP S
340 SMOI_WS_RFCLOGON Connection details for RFC-Logon to and from remote systems TRANSP A
341 SMOJDBHINTS Data Base Hints for Generated Select Statements TRANSP C
342 SMOJDCPROC Data Collector Extraction Processes TRANSP A
343 SMOJDCSITE Data Collector Customizing and Processing Status TRANSP A
344 SMOJDCXRR Collector Site - Obj Type List: Extraction Required TRANSP A
345 SMOKBED Capacity requirements records TRANSP A
346 SMOKBLINK Link Table for Knowledge Bases TRANSP A
347 SMOKLAH Class Header Data TRANSP A
348 SMOKLAT Classes: Long texts TRANSP A
349 SMOKNA1 General Data in Customer Master TRANSP A
350 SMOKNA1SHT Business Partner Short-File TRANSP A
351 SMOKNB5 Customer master (dunning data) TRANSP A
352 SMOKNBK Customer Master (Bank Details) TRANSP A
353 SMOKNMT Customer-Material Info Record Data Table TRANSP A
354 SMOKNVA Customer Master Loading Points TRANSP A
355 SMOKNVI Customer Master Tax Indicator TRANSP A
356 SMOKNVV Customer Master Sales Data TRANSP A
357 SMOKNVVSHT Business Partner Sales Data Short File TRANSP A
358 SMOKONP Conditions (Item) TRANSP A
359 SMOKONV Conditions (Procedure Data) TRANSP A
360 SMOKOTG001 Material Listing/Exclusion - Sample Structure TRANSP A
361 SMOKOTG004 Cust/Material w/ Organiz. Units TRANSP A
362 SMOKPIPTYPE Period Type Attributes TRANSP C
363 SMOKPIPTYPET Text for the Period type Attributes TRANSP C
364 SMOKSML Characteristics of a Class TRANSP A
365 SMOKSSK Allocation Table: Object to Class TRANSP A
366 SMOKSSKT Table for Assigned Attribute Sets for CAP/CON TRANSP A
367 SMOKVBEZ1 Interlinkage Product-Product and Product Mapping TRANSP A
368 SMOKVBEZ10 Interlinkage - a/c and location data to other service BO(s TRANSP A
369 SMOKVBEZ11 Interlinkage Activity - Employee TRANSP A
370 SMOKVBEZ12 Interlinkage Opportunity - Product TRANSP A
371 SMOKVBEZ13 Interlinkage Competitor - Opportunity TRANSP A
372 SMOKVBEZ14 Interlinkage:Campaigns related Selections TRANSP A
373 SMOKVBEZ15 Assignment employees to positions TRANSP A
374 SMOKVBEZ16 Interlinkage Documentation related Selections TRANSP A
375 SMOKVBEZ18 Interlinkage targetlistheader and object (cam or doc) TRANSP A
376 SMOKVBEZ19 Interlinkage targetlistheader and selectionheader TRANSP A
377 SMOKVBEZ20 Interlinkage Sales Documents and Activities TRANSP A
378 SMOKVBEZ21 Interlinkage Campaigns and Documentationlayout TRANSP A
379 SMOKVBEZ25 MSE Assignment -- Activity Linkage table. TRANSP A
380 SMOKVBEZ26 Interlinkage Comp.products and competitors TRANSP A
381 SMOKVBEZ27 Line-dependent Interlinkage Cust--Cust. CUST-CONT TRANSP A
382 SMOKVBEZ28 Product-Object Reference TRANSP A
383 SMOKVBEZ29 Interlinkage Projects and Activities TRANSP A
384 SMOKVBEZ4 Interlinkage: Activities- Contact person TRANSP A
385 SMOKVBEZ6 Interlinkage Cust--Cust. AND -Cust - Cont.Pers. TRANSP A
386 SMOKVBEZ7 Interlinkage Customer Sales Team TRANSP A
387 SMOKVBEZ8 Interlinkage Opportunity Sales Team TRANSP A
388 SMOKVBEZ9 Interlinkage Customer - Opportunity TRANSP A
389 SMOKVBEZTP Allowed Relation Types in SFA System TRANSP E
390 SMOKVBEZTX Table for language dep, Texts of KVBEZTYP TRANSP E
391 SMOKVLKTAB Assign Relation Types to Interlinkage table TRANSP E
392 SMOLAYDAT SDE: Text Block Items TRANSP E
393 SMOLAYEXP SDE: Layouts for Output TRANSP E
395 SMOLAYIMP SDE: The import list TRANSP E
396 SMOLAYITM SDE: data belonging to an item TRANSP E
397 SMOLAYITML SDE: Language dependant name TRANSP E
398 SMOLAYLNK SDE: Links between Layouts and entries TRANSP E
399 SMOLAYOUT SDE: data beloning to a layout TRANSP E
400 SMOLAYSQL SDE: Data belonging to SQL statements TRANSP E
402 SMOLAYTXT SDE: Text Block Items TRANSP E
404 SMOLICENSE Registration info for Shelf Management TRANSP A
405 SMOLIKP SD Document: Delivery Header Data TRANSP A
406 SMOLINEDEF Definition of field PHLINE TRANSP A
407 SMOLINETXT Table for maintaining Langauge dependent desc. of Lines TRANSP C
408 SMOLIPS SD document: Delivery: Item data TRANSP A
409 SMOMAKT Material Descriptions TRANSP A
410 SMOMARA General Material Data TRANSP A
411 SMOMARC Plant Data for Material TRANSP A
412 SMOMARD Storage Location Data for Material TRANSP A
413 SMOMARM Units of Measure for Material TRANSP A
414 SMOMAST Material to BOM Link TRANSP A
415 SMOMBEW Material Valuation (CRM Mobile) TRANSP A
416 SMOMCCONF Event Calendar Configuration TRANSP A
417 SMOMCQRY Marketing Calendar Query TRANSP A
418 SMOMCQRYVAL Marketing Calendar Query Values TRANSP A
419 SMOMEAN European Article Numbers TRANSP A
420 SMOMITABT Employee Master TRANSP A
421 SMOMITAREA Employee: Default Sales Area and Field Defaults TRANSP E
422 SMOMITMAT Material Access per Employee TRANSP A
423 SMOMITSETT Employee: Settings /Defaults TRANSP A
424 SMOMITZUO Employee: Assignment to other Employees TRANSP A
425 SMOMKTORG Marketing Organisation TRANSP A
426 SMOMKTORGATTRIB Marketing Organization Attributes TRANSP A
427 SMOMKTORGT Marketing Organisation Description TRANSP A
428 SMOMLAN Tax Classification for Material TRANSP A
429 SMOMOVE Allowed Units of Movement TRANSP A
430 SMOMSEG Document Segment: Material TRANSP A
431 SMOMTERR Interlinkage for Produts and Territories. TRANSP A
432 SMOMVKE Sales Data for Material TRANSP A
433 SMOMWTST1 Middleware test header table TRANSP L
434 SMONODE Hierarchy Node Table TRANSP A
435 SMONODEREL Hierarchy Structures Table TRANSP A
436 SMONODESHT Descriptions for Hierarchy Nodes TRANSP A
438 SMONOTIFN Quality notification TRANSP A
439 SMONRIV Number range intervals TRANSP A
440 SMOOBJ Customizing table for Campaign Objectives TRANSP A
441 SMOOBJEKT Opportunity TRANSP A
442 SMOOBJFAM Product Object Family TRANSP E
443 SMOOBJFAMT Product Object Family Text TRANSP E
444 SMOOBJK Plant Maintenance Object List TRANSP A
445 SMOOBJPRJ Project/Assembly TRANSP A
446 SMOOBJTX Customizing table for campaign objective longtexts TRANSP A
448 SMOOPPPHHIS Table to store Phase History for an Opportunity TRANSP A
449 SMOORGCO attribute country for sales organization in CRM Mobile Sales TRANSP A
450 SMOOUTBOUNDMSGS PDA Companion Outbound messages TRANSP A
451 SMOPARADP Mobile Adapter parameter TRANSP G
452 SMOPCACGEN Activity Generation TRANSP A
453 SMOPCALLHD allocation header TRANSP A
454 SMOPCALLOC Allocations for campaign products TRANSP A
455 SMOPCALLPR allocation product assignement TRANSP A
456 SMOPCALLST Allocations List TRANSP A
457 SMOPCAUT Customizing table for campaign authorization group TRANSP A
458 SMOPCAUTTX Customizing table for campaign authorization group long text TRANSP A
459 SMOPCBCTYP Customizing table for Bar Code Type TRANSP A
460 SMOPCBCTYPT Customizing table for Bar Code Type Texts TRANSP A
461 SMOPCBPATD Detail information for buying pattern TRANSP A
462 SMOPCBPATH Header information for buying pattern linked to planning cus TRANSP A
463 SMOPCBUYA Customizing tables: buying patter type TRANSP A
464 SMOPCBUYT Customizing table for buying pattern type long text TRANSP A
465 SMOPCCAMAT Campaign attributes for mass update on target Cust/ Contacts TRANSP A
466 SMOPCCAMNA Campaign Text/Names TRANSP A
468 SMOPCCAMPRDCATG Product Categories of campaigns TRANSP A
469 SMOPCCAMPRDGRP Products Group of Campaign TRANSP A
470 SMOPCCAPRO Products of Campaign TRANSP A
471 SMOPCCAREA Campaign : Sales Area TRANSP A
472 SMOPCCATAH Campaign target list : Header TRANSP A
473 SMOPCCATAS Campaign Target List TRANSP A
474 SMOPCCATAT language dependent texts for targetheader TRANSP A
475 SMOPCCDATA Customer Default Date Ranges for Trade Promotion TRANSP A
476 SMOPCCDATE Customer Default Date Ranges for addiotional dates for TPM TRANSP A
477 SMOPCCDTH customizing table : date id TRANSP A
478 SMOPCCDTT customizing table : date id long text TRANSP A
479 SMOPCCEVT header information for event calendar TRANSP A
480 SMOPCCEVTT detail information for event calendar TRANSP A
481 SMOPCCGDET Condition Generation Type based on Camp Type & Sales Area TRANSP A
482 SMOPCCHHID Clearing House and Category Hierarchy ID Association TRANSP C
483 SMOPCCHIER Customizing table for Hierarchy to be used for TPM TRANSP A
484 SMOPCCHPH Clearing House and Category Hierarchy ID Association TRANSP A
485 SMOPCCNDGRP Customising table for Campaign Condition groups TRANSP A
486 SMOPCCONDTYP Customising table for condition types(trade spends) TRANSP A
488 SMOPCCTEMP Distribution list target items TRANSP A
489 SMOPCCUST Planning Customer for Trade Promotion TRANSP A
490 SMOPCDATED customer date : detail TRANSP A
491 SMOPCDATEH customer date : header TRANSP A
492 SMOPCDIATTR customizing table: distribution/ attribute assignment TRANSP A
493 SMOPCDIATTRT customizing table : attribute long text TRANSP A
494 SMOPCDIOB distribution type/ planning group assignment. TRANSP A
495 SMOPCDIST Cusztomizing table : distribution type TRANSP A
496 SMOPCDISTH distribution assignments TRANSP A
497 SMOPCDISTT Cusztomizing table : distribution type TRANSP A
498 SMOPCDMET Discount Method short text TRANSP A
499 SMOPCDMETH Customizing table for Distribution Method TRANSP A
500 SMOPCDMETHT Customizing table for Distriution Method Texts TRANSP A