SAP ABAP Table - Index S, page 9
Table - S
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 SMOPCDMETT Discount Method: language dependent longtext TRANSP A
2 SMOPCFCOD Customizing table for Family Code TRANSP A
3 SMOPCFCODT Customizing table for Family Code Texts TRANSP A
4 SMOPCLISTPROC Customising table for listing procedure TRANSP C
5 SMOPCMCOD Customizing table for Manufacturer Codes TRANSP C
6 SMOPCMCODT Customizing table for Manufacturer Code Texts TRANSP C
7 SMOPCMSLNK Campaign and Marketing Spend Link TRANSP A
8 SMOPCMSPND Customizing table for Marketing Spends of Campaign TRANSP A
9 SMOPCMSPNDT Customizing table for Marketing Spend Texts TRANSP A
10 SMOPCOBJ Customizing table for campaign objectives TRANSP A
11 SMOPCOBJTX Customizing table for campaign objective long text TRANSP A
12 SMOPCOPGEN Opportunity generation TRANSP A
13 SMOPCPAREA Sales Area(s) of Promotion TRANSP A
14 SMOPCPARTN Campaign Partners TRANSP A
15 SMOPCPAYMET Payment method TRANSP A
16 SMOPCPAYMETT Payment method text TRANSP A
17 SMOPCPD Customizing for campaign determination procedures TRANSP A
18 SMOPCPDET Customising Table for List-Price Retrieval TRANSP A
19 SMOPCPGRP customizing table for storing Product Group TRANSP A
20 SMOPCPHIER Customizing Product Hierarchy for campaign product selection TRANSP A
21 SMOPCPLCUST Header information for planning customer TRANSP A
22 SMOPCPRIO1 short text for priority TRANSP A
23 SMOPCPRIOR customizing table for priority ( Allocation) TRANSP A
26 SMOPCPRPRO Promoted Products TRANSP A
27 SMOPCRVOL Related Volume Short text TRANSP A
28 SMOPCRVOLT Related Volume: language dependent longtext TRANSP A
29 SMOPCSCAT Spend category- short text TRANSP A
30 SMOPCSCATT Spend Category- language dependent longtext TRANSP A
31 SMOPCSKM Customising for campaign success key figure TRANSP A
32 SMOPCSKMK Customizing for campaign success key figure unit type TRANSP A
33 SMOPCSKMTX Customizing for campaign success key figure longtext TRANSP A
34 SMOPCSMET Spend method - short text TRANSP A
35 SMOPCSMETT Spend Method: language dependent longtext TRANSP A
36 SMOPCSPEND Trade spends related to TPM TRANSP A
37 SMOPCSTH1 customizing table, short text for allocation status header TRANSP E
38 SMOPCSTHD customizing table: status for allocation header TRANSP E
39 SMOPCSTU1 short text for allocation status TRANSP A
40 SMOPCSTUS customizing table: status for allocation TRANSP A
41 SMOPCSTYP Spend Type Short Text TRANSP A
42 SMOPCSTYPT Spend Type: language dependent longtext TRANSP A
43 SMOPCSUKEY Success Key Figure Measurement TRANSP A
44 SMOPCTAC Customizing table for campaign tactics TRANSP A
45 SMOPCTACTX Customizing table for campaign tactics long text TRANSP A
46 SMOPCTPRES Customising table for tradespends TRANSP A
47 SMOPCTSDT CRM Marketing: Date range to cost type association TRANSP A
49 SMOPHAUSP Characteristic Values TRANSP A
50 SMOPLANGRP Customizing table for Planning Profile Group TRANSP A
51 SMOPLANGRPT Customizing table for Planning Profile Group Long texts TRANSP A
52 SMOPLANPROF Customizing table for Planning Profiles TRANSP A
53 SMOPLANPROFT Language dependent long text for Planning Profiles TRANSP A
54 SMOPLCHOLD Inbox Placeholder TRANSP A
55 SMOPOSMAS Master of positions TRANSP A
56 SMOPOSORG Assignments of positions to units TRANSP A
57 SMOPOTLIKO Table for Potential Planning in Mobile Sales TRANSP A
58 SMOPOTLIPO Table for Potential Planning in Mobile Sales TRANSP A
59 SMOPOTPRIO Potential Priorization TRANSP A
60 SMOPPRATTRVAL Possible Attribute Values for PPR TRANSP C
61 SMOPPRBP Partner Product Range: Business Partner Assignments (CDB) TRANSP A
62 SMOPPRDESC Partner Product Range: Description for Header and Item (CDB) TRANSP A
63 SMOPPRHDR Partner Product Range: Header (CDB) TRANSP A
64 SMOPPRITM Partner Product Range: Item (CDB) TRANSP A
65 SMOPPRORG Partner Product Range: Organizational Data (CDB) TRANSP A
66 SMOPPRPAR Partner Product Range: Parameter (CDB) TRANSP A
67 SMOPPRPROD Partner Product Range: Product Assignments (CDB) TRANSP A
68 SMOPPRTS Partner Product Range: Time Assignments (CDB) TRANSP A
69 SMOPRCAT Product Category TRANSP A
70 SMOPRCONF Type of Configurable Product TRANSP C
71 SMOPRDGRP Customizing Table for productgroups 1 to 5 TRANSP A
72 SMOPRDGRPT Customizing Table for productgroups 1 to 5, longtext TRANSP A
73 SMOPRGD Product grouping: details TRANSP A
74 SMOPRGH Product Grouping TRANSP A
75 SMOPRIO Customizing table for campaign priority TRANSP A
76 SMOPRIOTX Customizing table for campaign priority long text TRANSP A
77 SMOPRJBCATTR Buying Center Attributes TRANSP A
78 SMOPRJBCPARREL Buying Center Partner Relations TRANSP A
79 SMOPRJTEAM Details of Team for Project (Buying Center) TRANSP A
80 SMOPROCCHK Table contains process check information of mobile clients TRANSP S
81 SMOPRTYPE Description of Product Types TRANSP C
85 SMOQLOCAL List of Existing Workbooks TRANSP A
86 SMOQMFE Quality notification - items TRANSP A
87 SMOQMMA Quality notification - activities TRANSP A
88 SMOQMSM Quality Notification Tasks TRANSP A
89 SMOQMUR Quality notification - causes TRANSP A
90 SMOQPCD Inspection catalog codes TRANSP A
91 SMOQPCT Code texts TRANSP A
92 SMOQPGR Inspection catalog code groups TRANSP A
93 SMOQPGT Code group texts TRANSP A
94 SMOQUERYCHK Table contains the query results from mobile clients TRANSP S
95 SMORECRIT Recurrence Criteria TRANSP A
96 SMOREG Registry for MSA BOL objects TRANSP A
97 SMOREGCHK Table contains the registry check results of mobile clients TRANSP S
98 SMORELATION Assignment Table (Business Partner to Hierarchy Node) TRANSP A
99 SMORELTER1 Assignments of caps to territories TRANSP A
100 SMORELTER2 Assignments of employees to territories TRANSP A
101 SMOREPARAL language dependant Longtexts of Report Parameters TRANSP E
102 SMOREPARAM Reports: Parameters TRANSP E
103 SMOREPLICA PDA Companion Replica TRANSP A
104 SMOREPLINK Reports:Assigned to User Interface Tile TRANSP E
105 SMOREPMA Report: Header File TRANSP E
106 SMOREPMAL Report: Language dep. names TRANSP E
107 SMOREPREQ BW Query Requirements TRANSP A
108 SMOREPSUB Reports:Assigned to User Interface Tile TRANSP E
109 SMOREPUI Reports:Assigned to User Interface Tile TRANSP E
110 SMOREPUSERS Report Users Association - Interlinkage TRANSP E
111 SMOREQLOG Log for BW Requirements TRANSP A
112 SMORESB Reservation/dependent requirements TRANSP A
113 SMOROWOFFH Opportunity: SEM Header Rows TRANSP A
114 SMOROWOFFI Opportunity: SEM Line Item Rows TRANSP A
115 SMOSCEDELT Knowledge base SCE: Delta Data TRANSP A
116 SMOSCEINIT Knowledge base SCE:Initial Data TRANSP A
117 SMOSCEKBD Knowledge base SCE:Delta Data TRANSP A
118 SMOSCEKBHD Initial version of a knowledge base TRANSP A
119 SMOSCEKBI Knowledge base SCE:Initial Data TRANSP A
120 SMOSCEKBLD Delta zu einer SCE Wissensbasisversion TRANSP A
121 SMOSCHEME Numbering Scheme for Hierarchies/Categories TRANSP E
122 SMOSCHSEG Numbering Scheme Segment TRANSP E
123 SMOSDBILLD Billing Document Types TRANSP A
124 SMOSDBILLT Billing Documents: Texts TRANSP A
125 SMOSDCATG Sales Document Categories (Customizing Sales Docs) TRANSP A
126 SMOSDCONST Constraints for sales document types TRANSP A
127 SMOSDCUST Global customizing for sales documents TRANSP E
128 SMOSDFLDS Field Status of sales document types (Customizing Sales doc) TRANSP E
129 SMOSDMKEY Message Key for sales document handling TRANSP A
130 SMOSDOUTPT Sales Document: Output TRANSP A
131 SMOSDPRINT Print-Configuration Sales Documents TRANSP A
132 SMOSDREASN Sales Document Reasons TRANSP A
133 SMOSDROUND Rounding Rules in SFA (Customizing Sales Documents) TRANSP A
134 SMOSDVBELN Sales Doc. Number if external Number range assignment TRANSP E
136 SMOSEM Generic offline planning TRANSP A
137 SMOSEMDATA Generic offline planning: data TRANSP A
138 SMOSEMHEAD Generic offline planning: header data TRANSP A
139 SMOSEMROW Generic offline planning: row data TRANSP A
140 SMOSER02 Doc.header f.serial numbers for maint.contract (sales order) TRANSP A
141 SMOSERVICE Service message handling (TL) TRANSP W
142 SMOSITEINFO PDA Companion Site Info TRANSP A
143 SMOSORDER Order master data TRANSP A
144 SMOSRCHCRD Search Criteria Storage Detail TRANSP A
145 SMOSRCHCRH Search Criteria Storage Header TRANSP A
146 SMOSTATLT Long Text for MSE component object status TRANSP E
147 SMOSTATUS Object Status for MSE Components TRANSP E
150 SMOSTXH STXD SAPscript text file header TRANSP A
152 SMOSUBJTXT Inbox Subject (language dependent) TRANSP A
153 SMOSUPDOC Super Document (Order, Notification) TRANSP A
154 SMOSURXML Table for storing the default values for a survey template TRANSP C
155 SMOSURXSLT Survey Template for survey XML in each language TRANSP C
156 SMOSWOR Classification System: Catchwords TRANSP A
157 SMOSYNCSTORE PDA Companion Sync Store TRANSP A
158 SMOT001 Company Codes TRANSP A
159 SMOT001L Storage Locations TRANSP A
160 SMOT001R Rounding Rules for Company Code and Currency? TRANSP A
161 SMOT001W Plants/branches TRANSP A
162 SMOT002 Language keys TRANSP A
163 SMOT002T Texts for language key TRANSP A
164 SMOT003O Order Types TRANSP A
165 SMOT003P Order Type Descriptions TRANSP A
166 SMOT005 Countries TRANSP A
167 SMOT005E County TRANSP A
168 SMOT005F County: Texts TRANSP A
169 SMOT005G City TRANSP A
170 SMOT005H City: Texts TRANSP A
171 SMOT005S Taxes: Region (Province) Key TRANSP A
172 SMOT005T Country names TRANSP A
173 SMOT005U Taxes: Region Key: Texts TRANSP A
174 SMOT006 Units of Measurement TRANSP A
175 SMOT006A Assign Internal to Language-Dependent Unit TRANSP A
176 SMOT006D Dimensions TRANSP A
177 SMOT006T Dimension Texts TRANSP A
178 SMOT009 Fiscal year variants TRANSP A
179 SMOT009B Fiscal year variant periods TRANSP A
180 SMOT009C Period names TRANSP A
181 SMOT009T Fiscal year variant names TRANSP A
182 SMOT014 Credit control areas TRANSP A
183 SMOT014T Credit control area names TRANSP A
184 SMOT016 Industries TRANSP A
185 SMOT016T Industry names TRANSP A
186 SMOT023T Material Group Descriptions TRANSP A
187 SMOT024I Maintenance planner groups TRANSP A
188 SMOT025T Valuation Class Descriptions TRANSP C
189 SMOT040A Dunning key names TRANSP A
190 SMOT040S Blocking reasons for dunning notices TRANSP A
191 SMOT040T Dunning block reason names TRANSP A
192 SMOT042Z Payment methods for automatic payment TRANSP A
193 SMOT047A Account level dunning control TRANSP A
194 SMOT047M Dunning areas TRANSP A
195 SMOT047N Texts for Dunning Area TRANSP A
196 SMOT047T Dunning procedure: Texts TRANSP A
197 SMOT052 Terms of payment TRANSP A
198 SMOT052U Own explanations for terms of payment TRANSP A
199 SMOT077D Customer account groups TRANSP E
200 SMOT077X Account group names (table T077D) TRANSP E
201 SMOT100 Messages TRANSP E
202 SMOT134 Material Types TRANSP A
203 SMOT134G Organization Unit: Business Area Determination TRANSP A
204 SMOT134T Material Type Descriptions TRANSP A
205 SMOT137T Industry Descriptions TRANSP A
206 SMOT141 Material Status from Materials Management/PPC View TRANSP A
207 SMOT141T Descriptions of Material Status from MM/PP View TRANSP A
208 SMOT142 Storage Conditions for Materials TRANSP A
209 SMOT142T Storage Condition Texts TRANSP A
210 SMOT143 Temperature Conditions for Storing Materials TRANSP A
211 SMOT143T Temperature Condition Texts TRANSP A
212 SMOT144 Container Requirements for Storing Materials TRANSP A
213 SMOT144T Container Requirement Texts TRANSP A
214 SMOT148T Special Stock Descriptions TRANSP A
215 SMOT149T Global valuation category descriptions TRANSP A
216 SMOT151T Customers: Customer groups: Texts TRANSP A
217 SMOT156 Movement Type TRANSP A
218 SMOT156T Movement Type Text TRANSP A
219 SMOT171 Customers: Sales Districts TRANSP A
220 SMOT171T Customers: Sales districts: Texts TRANSP A
221 SMOT176T Sales Documents: Customer Order Types: Texts TRANSP A
222 SMOT178T Conditions: Groups for Materials: Texts TRANSP A
223 SMOT179 Materials: Product Hierarchies TRANSP A
224 SMOT179T Materials: Product hierarchies: Texts TRANSP A
225 SMOT184 Sales Documents: Item Category Determination TRANSP E
226 SMOT188T Conditions: Groups for Customer Classes: Texts TRANSP A
227 SMOT189T Conditions: Price List Categories: Texts TRANSP A
228 SMOT300 WM Warehouse Numbers TRANSP A
229 SMOT300T Warehouse Number Descriptions TRANSP A
230 SMOT301 WM Storage Types TRANSP A
231 SMOT301T Storage Type Descriptions TRANSP A
232 SMOT350 Maintenance control parameters: Client/order type TRANSP A
233 SMOT350I Combination of order type and PM activity type allowed TRANSP A
234 SMOT350W Maintenance Control Parameters: Order Type Plant TRANSP A
235 SMOT352B Technical report TRANSP A
236 SMOT352BT Catalog profile texts TRANSP A
237 SMOT352C Catalog types for each catalog profile TRANSP A
238 SMOT353I Maintenance activity types TRANSP A
239 SMOT353IT Maintenance activity type description TRANSP A
240 SMOT356 Priorities TRANSP A
241 SMOT356A Priority type table TRANSP A
242 SMOT356AT Priority type texts TRANSP A
243 SMOT356T Priority text TRANSP A
244 SMOT357 Plant section TRANSP A
245 SMOT357A Effect of malfunction on the system TRANSP A
246 SMOT357AT Texts for effect of malfunction on the system TRANSP A
247 SMOT357M Machine operating condition TRANSP A
248 SMOT357MT Operating condition texts TRANSP A
249 SMOT357Z System condition TRANSP A
250 SMOT357ZT System condition - Text table TRANSP A
251 SMOT362 Service Categories TRANSP C
252 SMOT362T Service Category Names TRANSP C
253 SMOT370BT Language-dependent texts for authorization group TRANSP A
254 SMOT370C ABC indicator for technical objects TRANSP A
255 SMOT370CT Language-dependent texts for ABC indicator TRANSP A
256 SMOT370F Functional location category TRANSP A
257 SMOT370FT Language-dependent texts for T370F TRANSP A
258 SMOT370K Type of Technical Object TRANSP A
259 SMOT370KT Language-dependent texts for equipment type TRANSP A
260 SMOT370P Measuring point category TRANSP A
261 SMOT370PT Language-dependent texts for T370P TRANSP A
262 SMOT370T Equipment categories TRANSP A
263 SMOT370U Language-dependent texts for T370T TRANSP A
264 SMOT399I Planning plant parameters TRANSP A
265 SMOT413 Spare Part Indicators TRANSP A
266 SMOT413T Spare part indicator description TRANSP A
267 SMOT417 Material Provision Indicators TRANSP A
268 SMOT417T Materials Provided Indicator Texts TRANSP A
269 SMOT430 Operation/Activity control key TRANSP A
270 SMOT430T Language-dependent text table for the control key T430 TRANSP A
271 SMOT435 Standard texts for routing/ref. op set items TRANSP A
272 SMOT435T Language-dependent texts for T435: Standard text key TRANSP A
273 SMOT459A External requirements types TRANSP A
274 SMOT459W Texts for requirements types TRANSP A
275 SMOT499S Location TRANSP A
276 SMOT502T Marital Status Designators TRANSP A
277 SMOT522T Saluations Employees TRANSP A
278 SMOT604 Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code Number TRANSP A
279 SMOT604T Foreign Trade: Commodity Code/Import Code No. Description TRANSP A
280 SMOT681 Conditions: Structures TRANSP A
281 SMOT681A Conditions: Applications TRANSP A
282 SMOT681B Conditions: Applications: Texts TRANSP A
283 SMOT681V Conditions: Usages TRANSP A
284 SMOT681W Conditions: Usage: Texts TRANSP A
285 SMOT682 Conditions: Access Sequences TRANSP A
286 SMOT682I Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form) TRANSP A
287 SMOT682T Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts TRANSP A
288 SMOT682Z Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields) TRANSP A
289 SMOT683 Pricing procedures TRANSP A
290 SMOT683S Pricing Procedure: Data TRANSP A
291 SMOT683T Pricing Procedures: Texts TRANSP A
292 SMOT683U Conditions: Procedure (Text) TRANSP A
293 SMOT683V Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs. TRANSP A
294 SMOT684 Condition Exclusion Groups TRANSP A
295 SMOT684G Condition Exclusion Groups: Condition Types TRANSP A
296 SMOT684S Condition Exclusion: Procedure Assignment TRANSP A
297 SMOT684T Condition exclusion: Texts TRANSP A
298 SMOT685 Conditions: Types TRANSP A
299 SMOT685A Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data TRANSP A
300 SMOT685T Conditions: Types: Texts TRANSP A
301 SMOT685Z Condition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements TRANSP A
302 SMOT686A Conditions: Exclusion Indicator TRANSP A
303 SMOT686B Conditions: Exclusion Indicator: Texts TRANSP A
304 SMOT6B1T Rebate: Agreement Types : Texts TRANSP A
305 SMOT6B2T Rebates : Group of Allowed Condition Types/Tables : Texts TRANSP A
306 SMOT790G Warranty type TRANSP A
307 SMOT790GT Warranty type text TRANSP A
308 SMOTAC Customizing table for campaign tactics TRANSP A
309 SMOTACTX Customizing table for campaign tactic longtexts TRANSP A
310 SMOTB001 BP groupings TRANSP C
311 SMOTB010 Adress Kinds TRANSP E
312 SMOTB070 Tax Classification: Tax Types per Country TRANSP A
313 SMOTB070T Tax Classification: Tax Types per Country, Texts TRANSP A
314 SMOTB071 Tax Classification: Assignment of Tax Groups to Tax Types TRANSP A
315 SMOTBH01 Existing Categories of BP Group Hierarchy TRANSP G
316 SMOTBH01T BP Group Hierarchy Customizing: Hierarchy Categories, Texts TRANSP G
317 SMOTBH03 Activating Delta Download TRANSP C
318 SMOTBMOT Calculation Motive TRANSP A
319 SMOTBMOTX Accounting indicator description TRANSP A
320 SMOTBRCT Industry code text (customer master) TRANSP A
321 SMOTCLA Class Types TRANSP A
322 SMOTCLAT Class Type Texts TRANSP A
323 SMOTCLC Classification Status TRANSP A
324 SMOTCLGT Class Groups (Texts) TRANSP A
325 SMOTCLO Key Fields of Objects TRANSP A
326 SMOTCLT Classifiable Objects TRANSP A
327 SMOTCLU Class Status TRANSP A
328 SMOTCLUT Class Status (Texts) TRANSP A
329 SMOTCME Validity for Global Characteristics TRANSP A
330 SMOTCMGT Characteristic Group Texts TRANSP A
331 SMOTCMS Characteristic Status TRANSP A
332 SMOTCMST Characteristic Status Texts TRANSP A
333 SMOTCURC Currency Codes TRANSP A
334 SMOTCURE CDB:Expiring Currencies TRANSP C
335 SMOTCURF Conversion Factors TRANSP A
336 SMOTCURN Quotations TRANSP A
337 SMOTCURO CDB:Object Type for Expiring Currencies TRANSP C
338 SMOTCURP Direct/Indirect Quotation Indicators for Exchange Rate TRANSP A
339 SMOTCURR Exchange Rates TRANSP A
340 SMOTCURT Currency Code Names TRANSP A
341 SMOTCURV Exchange rate types for currency translation TRANSP A
342 SMOTCURW Exchange rate type usage TRANSP A
343 SMOTCURX Decimal Places in Currencies TRANSP A
344 SMOTCURY CDB:Warning Period for Expiring Currencies TRANSP C
345 SMOTEAM Details of Team for opportunity (Buying Center) TRANSP A
347 SMOTERATTRIB This table stores the territory attributes for a territory TRANSP A
348 SMOTERHIER Territory Hierachy TRANSP A
349 SMOTERR Territories TRANSP A
350 SMOTERTXT table for maintaining langauge dependent desc. of terr TRANSP A
351 SMOTEST_B1 TLTest for hirerarchy TRANSP A
353 SMOTEST_B3 TLTest for hirerarchy TRANSP A
354 SMOTEST_L1 TLTest for hirerarchy TRANSP A
356 SMOTEST_L3 TLTest for hirerarchy TRANSP A
357 SMOTFACT Factory calendar texts TRANSP A
358 SMOTGSB Business Areas TRANSP A
359 SMOTGSBT Business area names TRANSP A
360 SMOTGTYP Target Group Type based on category TRANSP A
361 SMOTGTYPT Target Group type description TRANSP A
362 SMOTHIOZ Customer Hierarchies: Allowed Organizational Assignments TRANSP A
363 SMOTHIT Customer Hierarchy Types TRANSP A
364 SMOTHITT Texts for Customer Hierarchy Types TRANSP A
365 SMOTHIZU Customer Hierarchy: Allowed Account Group Assignments TRANSP A
366 SMOTINC Customers: Incoterms TRANSP A
367 SMOTINCT Customers: Incoterms: Texts TRANSP A
368 SMOTJ03 Object types TRANSP A
369 SMOTJ03T Texts for object types TRANSP A
370 SMOTJ20 Status profiles TRANSP C
371 SMOTJ20T Texts for status schema TRANSP C
372 SMOTJ30 User status TRANSP C
373 SMOTJ30T Texts for user status TRANSP C
374 SMOTKUKL Customers: Customer Classifications TRANSP A
375 SMOTKUKT Customers: Customer classification: Texts TRANSP A
376 SMOTKUPA Business Partners: Customer Master Groups TRANSP A
377 SMOTLGRT Routes: Loading Groups: Texts TRANSP A
378 SMOTLTEST Table for tltest for all datatypes TRANSP A
379 SMOTLTESTB Table for tltest for all datatypes TRANSP A
380 SMOTMC1K Key Elements in Generated DDIC Structures TRANSP A
381 SMOTMC1T Short Texts on Generated DDIC Structures TRANSP A
382 SMOTMODU Cross reference field name - MODIF1 TRANSP E
383 SMOTMVFT Availability check control: Texts TRANSP A
385 SMOTNLST Description of Nielsen Indicators TRANSP A
386 SMOTNTP International Article Number (EAN) Categories TRANSP A
387 SMOTNTPB Descriptions of EAN Categories TRANSP A
388 SMOTOUR Tour Header TRANSP A
390 SMOTPAER Business Partner: Functions in Partner Determination Proced. TRANSP A
391 SMOTPAKD Business Partner: Valid Acct Groups per Partner Function TRANSP A
392 SMOTPAR Business Partner: Functions TRANSP A
393 SMOTPART Business Partner Functions: Texts TRANSP A
394 SMOTPFKT Contact Partner Functions: Texts TRANSP A
395 SMOTPRF International Article Number (EAN) Prefixes TRANSP A
396 SMOTPRFT EAN Prefix Descriptions TRANSP A
397 SMOTPRIT Customers: Delivery Prioritiy Texts TRANSP A
398 SMOTPTMT Materials: Item Category Groups in Mat.Master: Texts TRANSP A
399 SMOTQ15 Inspection catalog type index TRANSP A
400 SMOTQ15T Language-dependent texts for table TQ15 TRANSP A
401 SMOTQ17 Defect classes TRANSP A
402 SMOTQ17T Language-dependent texts for table TQ17 TRANSP A
403 SMOTQ80 Notification types TRANSP A
404 SMOTQ80T Notification type texts TRANSP A
405 SMOTQ8T Notification category TRANSP A
406 SMOTQ8TT Notication category texts TRANSP A
407 SMOTRANSACTIONS PDA Companion Transaction TRANSP A
408 SMOTREE Created Hierarchy Trees TRANSP A
409 SMOTREESHT Description for Created Hierarchy Trees TRANSP A
410 SMOTSABT Contact Person Departments: Texts TRANSP A
411 SMOTSACT Communication type description (central address management) TRANSP E
412 SMOTSAD2T Academic title text (central address management) TRANSP E
413 SMOTSAD3T Titles (text) (central address administration) TRANSP E
414 SMOTSAD6T Descriptions: source address/personal data(centr.addr.admi.) TRANSP E
415 SMOTSAD8T Name of group of persons (central address administration) TRANSP E
416 SMOTSADVT Name of internationalen versions of addresses TRANSP A
417 SMOTSAN Standard Article Numbers (SANs) TRANSP A
418 SMOTSANT Descriptions of Standard Article Numbers TRANSP A
419 SMOTSKDT Customer Taxes: Texts TRANSP A
420 SMOTSPA Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions TRANSP A
421 SMOTSPAT Organizational Unit: Divisions: Texts TRANSP A
422 SMOTSTL Taxes: Valid Tax Categories for Each Country TRANSP A
423 SMOTTGRT Shipping Scheduling: Transportation Groups: Texts TRANSP A
424 SMOTTXID Valid text IDs TRANSP E
425 SMOTTXIT Texts on text IDs TRANSP A
426 SMOTTXJT Text table for tax jurisdiction TRANSP A
427 SMOTTXOB Valid text objects TRANSP E
428 SMOTTXOT Short texts on text objects TRANSP A
429 SMOTTZZ Time zones TRANSP A
430 SMOTVAGT Rejection Reasons for Sales Documents: Texts TRANSP A
431 SMOTVAK Sales Document Types TRANSP E
432 SMOTVAKT Sales Document Types: Texts TRANSP E
433 SMOTVAKZ Sales Documents: Allowed Order Types per Sales Org. TRANSP A
434 SMOTVAP Sales Document: Item Categories TRANSP E
435 SMOTVAPO ATP Profile per line item category TRANSP E
436 SMOTVAPT Sales document item categories: Texts TRANSP E
437 SMOTVAS Action Procedure for End of Contract TRANSP S
438 SMOTVASB Action Procedure: Texts TRANSP S
439 SMOTVASP Sales Documents: Blocking Reasons TRANSP A
440 SMOTVAST Sales Document Blocking Reasons: Texts TRANSP A
441 SMOTVAUT Sales Documents: Order Reasons: Texts TRANSP A
442 SMOTVAVT Contact Person: Buying Habits: Texts TRANSP A
443 SMOTVBOT Sales Rebate Groups: Texts TRANSP A
444 SMOTVBRT Contact person: Frequency of visits: Texts TRANSP A
445 SMOTVBST SD Documents: Processing Status Texts TRANSP A
446 SMOTVBUR Organizational Unit: Sales Offices TRANSP A
447 SMOTVBVK Organizational Unit: Sales Groups per Sales Office TRANSP A
448 SMOTVC1T Result of a Contact TRANSP A
449 SMOTVC2T Reasons for activity TRANSP A
450 SMOTVC3 Status of activity TRANSP A
451 SMOTVC3T Status of activity TRANSP E
452 SMOTVC4T Reason for Result of activity TRANSP A
453 SMOTVC7 Assignmt.: Result - Possible Reasons for Result TRANSP A
454 SMOTVCPA Sales Documents: Copying Control (R/3) TRANSP A
455 SMOTVEPT Sales Documents: Schedule Line Categories: Texts TRANSP A
456 SMOTVFKT Billing: Document Types: Texts TRANSP A
457 SMOTVFMT Foreign Trade: Mat. Pricing Groups in Export - Descriptions TRANSP A
458 SMOTVFST Billing : Blocking Reason Texts TRANSP A
459 SMOTVGFT Legal status text (customer master) TRANSP A
460 SMOTVGRT Organizational Unit: Sales Group Texts TRANSP A
461 SMOTVIPT Contact Person: Texts for the VIP code TRANSP A
462 SMOTVK0T Attribute 10 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
463 SMOTVK1T Attribute 1 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
464 SMOTVK2T Atribute 2 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
465 SMOTVK3T Attribute 3 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
466 SMOTVK4T Attribute 4 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
467 SMOTVK5T Attribute 5 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
468 SMOTVK6T Attribute 6 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
469 SMOTVK7T Attribute 7 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
470 SMOTVK8T Attribute 8 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
471 SMOTVK9T Attribute 9 texts (customer master) TRANSP A
472 SMOTVKBT Organizational Unit: Sales Offices: Texts TRANSP A
473 SMOTVKBZ Org.Unit: Sales Office: Assignment to Organizational Unit TRANSP A
474 SMOTVKDT Customer Pricing Procedures: Texts TRANSP A
475 SMOTVKGR Organizational Unit: Sales Groups TRANSP A
476 SMOTVKGT Sales Documents: Reasons for Cancellation: Texts TRANSP A
477 SMOTVKK Activity Types TRANSP E
478 SMOTVKKT Activity Types: Texts TRANSP E
479 SMOTVKMT Material: Account Assignment Group Texts TRANSP A
480 SMOTVKO Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations TRANSP A
481 SMOTVKOS Organizational Unit: Divisions per Sales Organization TRANSP A
482 SMOTVKOT Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations: Texts TRANSP A
483 SMOTVKOV Org. Unit: Distribution Channels per Sales Organization TRANSP A
484 SMOTVKST Cancellation Procedures for Agreements; Texts TRANSP A
485 SMOTVKTT Customers: Account Determination Groups: Texts TRANSP A
486 SMOTVKVT Pricing Procedures: Procedure: Texts TRANSP A
487 SMOTVKWZ Org.Unit: Allowed Plants per Sales Organization TRANSP A
488 SMOTVLST Deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Criteria: Texts TRANSP A
489 SMOTVLVT Release order usage ID: Texts TRANSP A
490 SMOTVLZ Validity Period Category TRANSP A
491 SMOTVLZT Validity Period Category: Texts TRANSP A
492 SMOTVM1T Material pricing group 1: Description TRANSP A
493 SMOTVM2T Material Pricing Group 2: Description TRANSP A
494 SMOTVM3T Material pricing group 3: Description TRANSP A
495 SMOTVM4T Material pricing group 4: Description TRANSP A
496 SMOTVM5T Material pricing group 5: Description TRANSP A
497 SMOTVMS Materials: Status in Sales and Distribution TRANSP A
498 SMOTVMST Materials: SD Status: Texts TRANSP A
499 SMOTVPG Partner Function Groups TRANSP A
500 SMOTVPRT Commission Group Texts TRANSP A