SAP ABAP Table - Index S, page 14
Table - S
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 SSPIUICUCD_T SPI: Short Texts for Step Transitions TRANSP E
2 SSPIUICUCE SPI: Elements of Step Collection TRANSP E
3 SSPIUICUCT SPI: Transitions of Collections TRANSP E
4 SSPIUICUPA SPI: Process Definition for Business Process Tracking TRANSP G
5 SSPIUICUSA SPI: Process Step Definition TRANSP G
6 SSPIUICUTA SPI: Process Step Definition TRANSP G
8 SSPI_OV_ATT SPI: Attributes of Component Overview TRANSP S
9 SSPI_OV_ATT_T Text Table for Overview Attributes TRANSP S
10 SSPUMK SAPscript: punctuation mark TRANSP G
11 SSRVATTRIBUTE XI Services: Attributes According to AMD (Channel & Binding) TRANSP C
12 SSRVBINDHDRMAP XI Services: Header Mapping (Field -> Extractor) TRANSP C
13 SSRVBINDING XI Services: Bindings TRANSP C
14 SSRVBINDINGATT XI Services: Binding Attributes TRANSP C
15 SSRVBINDINGUSR XI: Service - Authorized User TRANSP C
16 SSRVCHANNEL XI Services: Channels TRANSP C
17 SSRVCHANNELATT XI Services: Channel Attributes TRANSP C
18 SSRVCHANNELMOD XI Services: Channel Modules TRANSP C
19 SSRVPARTY XI: Services, Party Conversion TRANSP C
20 SSRVPROCESSCOMP XI Services: Process Components TRANSP C
21 SSRVRTASSIGN XI Services: Mapping from Binding to Assignment TRANSP C
22 SSRVRTCONFIG XI Services: Mapping XI Config to WS Runtime Config TRANSP C
23 SSRVRTDTNAME XI Services: Design Time Object Name (Name + Number) TRANSP C
24 SSRVRTWSDL XI Services: Mapping from Interface to WSDL TRANSP C
25 SSRVSERVICE XI: Services, Party Identifiers for a Service TRANSP C
26 SSRVSERVICEUSR XI: Service - Authorized User TRANSP C
27 SSRVSRVINTF XI Services: Service Interfaces Data TRANSP C
28 SSTARTER Inflight meal/Appetizer TRANSP A
29 SSTN_CERT Certificates TRANSP C
30 SSTN_CERT_RATING Certificates Rating TRANSP C
31 SSTN_CERT_RAT_T Certificates Text TRANSP C
32 SSTN_CERT_T Certificates Text TRANSP G
33 SSTN_D_SUP_AG Supplier Area Grouping Code TRANSP C
34 SSTN_D_SUP_AG_C Supplier Area Grouping Code: Country / Region Assignment TRANSP C
35 SSTN_D_SUP_AG_T Supplier Area Groping Code: Text Table TRANSP C
36 SSTN_D_SUP_OT Supplier Origin Type Code TRANSP C
37 SSTN_D_SUP_OT_T Supplier Origin Type Code: Text Table TRANSP C
39 SSTN_ECOLABEL_T Ecolabel Name Texts TRANSP C
41 SSTN_ECORATING_T Ecolabel Rating Text TRANSP C
42 SSUBJECT IA: Subject Areas for Roadmap TRANSP E
43 SSUBJECTEX Attribute Rep. for Ref. Objects: Invalid Subj. Areas Values TRANSP W
44 SSUBJECTIN Attribute Rep. for Ref. Objects: Valid Subject Area Values TRANSP W
45 SSUBJECTT IA: Texttable for subject of roadmap TRANSP E
46 SSUBPOLL Settings for Subscription (Polling) TRANSP S
47 SSUBSCRIBE Subscriptions TRANSP A
48 SSUBTXTDEF Texts for Subscription Using Pre-Set Class TRANSP G
49 SSYNTAXSTRUCTURE XML Representation of Syntax Diagrams TRANSP S
50 ST04N_ANA Detailed analyses in ST04N TRANSP S
51 ST04N_ANAT Detailed analyses in ST04N (Node names) TRANSP S
52 ST04N_LIM Limiting values for lights in oracle main monitor TRANSP G
53 ST05RESULT Temporarily Filled Result Table for ST05 Explain TRANSP S
54 ST05_TRACE Saved Trace TRANSP L
55 STABULOG Log of Customer Modifications of Table Entries TRANSP W
56 STACKCOMPS Software Components in Software (SP) Stack TRANSP W
57 STACKHEADR Information About Imported Software (SP) Stacks TRANSP W
58 STACUST Customizing for IDoc status (status groups, archive, procg) TRANSP G
59 STALIGHT Traffic Light Assignment to Status Groups for IDoc Display TRANSP G
60 START_GUID Set Values for the Session Manager / Profile Generator TRANSP C
61 STAS BOMs - Item Selection TRANSP A
62 STATUSAGENCY Display the Status of a Travel Plan TRANSP C
63 STATUSAGENCYT Display the Status Texts TRANSP C
64 STATUS_MAPPING Mapping of Testcase Status TRANSP G
65 STATUS_SM Status of CRM Objects TRANSP L
66 STATUS_TWB Allowed testcase status for BI TWB Reporting TRANSP S
68 STC_BASSCN_HDR Task List Group Header Data TRANSP W
69 STC_BASSCN_HDR_T Task List Group Description TRANSP W
70 STC_CUST_PHASE Automation Phases TRANSP E
71 STC_CUST_PHASET Automation Phase Text Table TRANSP E
72 STC_SCN_ATTR Task List Generic Attributes TRANSP W
73 STC_SCN_HDR Task List Header Data TRANSP W
74 STC_SCN_HDR_T Task List Description TRANSP W
75 STC_SCN_TASKS Tasks of a Task List TRANSP W
77 STC_SESSION_BP Task List Run Breakpoint TRANSP L
78 STC_SESSION_EXIM Task List Runs for Refresh TRANSP L
79 STC_TEMPLATE Task List Variants TRANSP E
80 STC_TEMPLATE_T Task List Variant Description TRANSP E
81 STC_TEST_TAB Test Table for Task Tests TRANSP L
82 STC_TM_EXECUTION Temporary Task List Run Execution Control TRANSP L
83 STERM_ADDC Customer-Defined Components for Terminology Maintenance TRANSP C
84 STERM_ADDT Customer Components for Terminology Maintenance - Text Table TRANSP C
85 STERM_COMM Table with Comment Entries for Terms TRANSP W
86 STERM_COMP Additional Components for Term Entry TRANSP W
87 STERM_COMP_WEB Customer-Defined Components for Terminology Maintenance TRANSP C
88 STERM_COUN_LANG Assignment of Languages to Country TRANSP L
89 STERM_DWN1 MultiTerm Download: Field Label TRANSP C
90 STERM_DWN2 MultiTerm Download: Attribute Values TRANSP C
91 STERM_EXTD Enhancement Information: Add-On and Customer TRANSP C
92 STERM_HEAD Header Table for STERM (SAPterm): Concept Attributes TRANSP W
93 STERM_INDX INDX-Style Tables for Saving Possible Entry Tables TRANSP L
94 STERM_LINK Link Between Concept and Associated Terms TRANSP W
95 STERM_LOG Recording of STERM Errors TRANSP L
96 STERM_MULT Control Table for Data Transfer from MultiTerm TRANSP S
97 STERM_PRJ_DATA Terminology Project: Project Data TRANSP L
98 STERM_PRJ_HEAD Terminology Project: Header Data TRANSP L
99 STERM_PRJ_SNAP Terminology: Statistics Data TRANSP L
100 STERM_PRJ_TGROUP Assignment of Project to Translator Group TRANSP L
102 STERM_Q_CHECK Table for Terminology Check TRANSP L
103 STERM_Q_CHECK_H Header Table for Terminology Check TRANSP L
104 STERM_Q_MAIL Recipient for E-Mail Notification TRANSP C
105 STERM_REF References to Term Entries TRANSP W
106 STERM_RQST Log of Unsuccessful Search Queries in SAPterm TRANSP L
107 STERM_SEARCHES Unsuccessful Search Requests TRANSP L
108 STERM_SYS Distributed Terminology Maintenance: TRANSP C
109 STERM_SYSTEMID Systems for Input Help TRANSP C
110 STERM_SYSTEMID_T Text Table for Systems for Input Help TRANSP C
111 STERM_TERM_CAT Terminology Category for BusinessObjects Terminology TRANSP S
112 STERM_TEXT Terminology Text Table TRANSP W
113 STERM_TRANSL Assignment of Source Languages TRANSP L
114 STERM_TRA_ALERT Table for Resetting Target Languages TRANSP L
115 STERM_TRA_ALTEXT Table for Resetting Target Languages TRANSP L
116 STERM_TRL SAPterm - Desired Languages for Maintenance in a Component TRANSP C
117 STERM_TXTC Terminology Text Table (Canonical Form) TRANSP W
118 STERM_USAGE Where-Used List for Entries TRANSP W
119 STERM_USER User-Specific Settings in SAPterm TRANSP C
120 STERM_XTND Enhancement Information: Add-On and Customer TRANSP C
121 STERM_XTNT Enhancement Information - Text Table TRANSP S
122 STEUMM_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input TRANSP L
123 STEU_TMP File for Incorrect Data in Direct Input TRANSP L
124 STFUTRACEORA Trace Switch for Oracle TRANSP L
125 STICKET Flight Ticket TRANSP A
126 STIMEDEVENTS Table to determine the order and the name of the event TRANSP S
128 STK_STYLES Do not transport, only testing styles TRANSP A
129 STMATTMD STM: Attachments Archive TRANSP L
130 STMATTMH STM: Attachments Header TRANSP L
131 STMPERS ST: Personal Data TRANSP L
132 STMPICS STM Logo Graphics TRANSP S
133 STMPRIO STM: Priorities TRANSP S
135 STMPRRO STM: Link Product and Role TRANSP L
137 STMROPE STM: Link Role and Person TRANSP L
139 STMTARO STM: Link Task und Rolle TRANSP L
140 STMTONLI R/3 Products for Translation TRANSP L
141 STMTTASK STM: Tasks for Product Translation Units TRANSP L
142 STMTUNIT Translation Units TRANSP S
143 STMTYPE R/3 Product Types TRANSP S
146 STODOINF Informationen zu TODO Meldungen TRANSP A
147 STORE_HELP Store Label & URL in HELP menu TRANSP C
148 STORE_LINK_IND Store Link Indicator Table TRANSP C
149 STORE_SOHBAT Sohbat: table for CRUD services (internal use only !) TRANSP L
150 STPCYCLE Assignment of Test Plan to Cycle TRANSP A
151 STPF Structure tree of the exploded BOM TRANSP A
152 STPN BOM Follow-Up Control TRANSP A
154 STPSQL_USER Default directory for specific user TRANSP A
156 STRACEORA PL/SQL Trace Output - Oracle TRANSP L
157 STRAVELAG Travel agency TRANSP A
158 STRING_TEST For testing purposes only TRANSP L
159 STRJ_WRK1 Administration of Worklists for SLAT TRANSP L
160 STRUSTCAB Central Address Book TRANSP L
161 STRUSTCERT Public Key Certificates TRANSP E
162 STRUSTCRE Temporary table for tracking of failed CRL and OCSP request TRANSP L
164 STRUSTCRP Certificate revocation profile TRANSP E
165 STRUSTCRPT Certificate revocation profile description TRANSP E
166 STRUSTCRR Revoked Certificates (Minimum Age) TRANSP L
167 STRUSTCRS List of sources for issuers in each CRL profile TRANSP C
168 STRUSTCRT Certificates table with certificate status TRANSP C
169 STRUSTSMIM S/MIME Identities of Client TRANSP G
170 STRUSTSMIMT S/MIME Identities of Client (Texts) TRANSP G
171 STRUSTSSL SSL Client Identities of System TRANSP G
172 STRUSTSSLS SSL Server Identities of the System TRANSP G
173 STRUSTSSLST SSL Server Identities of the System (Texts) TRANSP G
174 STRUSTSSLT SSL Client Identities of System (Texts) TRANSP G
175 STRUSTWSSE WS Security Identities of the System TRANSP G
176 STRUSTWSSET WS Security Identities of the System (Texts) TRANSP G
177 STRX_IXDAS Document Attributes for Indexing TRANSP W
178 STRX_IXPTS Properties of Logical Index TRANSP W
179 STRX_LIXS Information on Logical Index TRANSP W
180 STRX_LPIXS Assignment of Physical Indexes to Logical Indexes TRANSP W
181 STST Standard BOM Link TRANSP A
182 STU3COTABC Definition of DB2 OS/390 and OS/390 Commands(Customer Table) TRANSP C
183 STU3COTABS Definition of DB2 for OS/390 and OS/390 Commands (SAP Table) TRANSP S
184 STVB Bills of Material - Serialization of Posting TRANSP S
185 STWB_SET Central Settings TRANSP C
186 STWD_BO_ENTITY Collaboration: Business Object - Entity Assignment TRANSP A
187 STWD_BO_TOPIC StreamWork: Business Object - Topic Assignment TRANSP A
188 STXB SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format TRANSP W
189 STXBITMAPS SAPscript Graphics Management TRANSP E
190 STXFADM Smart Forms: Administration TRANSP W
191 STXFADMI Smart Forms: Administration - Interal Information TRANSP W
192 STXFADMT Smart Forms: Administration - Textual Description TRANSP W
193 STXFCONT Smart Forms: Form Subobjects (Active) TRANSP W
194 STXFCONTR Smart Forms: Runtime Objects TRANSP W
195 STXFCONTS Smart Forms: Form Subobjects (Saved) TRANSP W
196 STXFCONTV Smart Forms: Form Subobjects - Versions TRANSP W
197 STXFIMP Smart Forms: Generate at Upgrade TRANSP E
198 STXFOBJT Smart Forms: Subobject Long Texts TRANSP W
199 STXFPCUST Smart Forms: Switch the Runtime TRANSP W
200 STXFSTDPAR Smart Forms: Default Parameters TRANSP S
201 STXFTXT SAP Smart Forms: Texts TRANSP W
202 STXFTXTA SAP Smart Forms: Texts - Administration TRANSP W
203 STXFTXTV SAP Smart Forms: Texts - Versions TRANSP W
204 STXFVAR Smart Forms: Variants TRANSP W
205 STXFVARI Smart Forms: Variants - Internal Information TRANSP W
206 STXFVART Smart Forms: Variants - Textual Description TRANSP W
207 STXH STXD SAPscript text file header TRANSP W
208 STXITFD SAPscript Verification: ITF data table TRANSP L
209 STXITFR SAPscript Verification: ITF reference table TRANSP L
210 STXL STXD SAPscript text file lines TRANSP W
211 STXOTFD SAPscript verification: OTF data table TRANSP L
212 STXOTFR SAPscript verification: OTF reference table TRANSP L
213 STXRDID SAPscript: Raw Data Interface - Data Table TRANSP L
214 STXRDIR SAPscript: RDI - Reference Table for Test Mode TRANSP L
215 STXSADM Smart Styles: Administration TRANSP W
216 STXSADMT Smart Styles: Admimstration - Description of Styles TRANSP W
217 STXSCHAR Smart Styles: Character Formats TRANSP W
218 STXSFPATT Smart Forms: Pattern for Tables TRANSP S
219 STXSFREPL Smart Styles: Replace Font TRANSP W
220 STXSHEAD Smart Styles: Style Header TRANSP W
221 STXSOBJT Smart Styles: Texts for Paragraph and Character Formats TRANSP W
222 STXSPARA Smart Styles: Paragraph Formats TRANSP W
223 STXSTAB Smart Styles: Tabs TRANSP W
224 STXSVAR Smart Styles: Variants TRANSP W
225 STXSVARL Smart Styles: Language Assignment of Variants TRANSP W
226 STXSVART Smart Styles: Variants - Textual Description TRANSP W
227 STXTRACE Smart Forms: Trace (Data) TRANSP L
228 STXTRACEHD SAP Smart Forms: Trace (Administration) TRANSP L
229 STXTRCUSR SAP Smart Forms: User-dependent Trace Settings TRANSP L
230 STXXFILTER Filter for Logging SAP Script Texts POOL C
231 STZU Permanent BOM data TRANSP A
232 SUBCONORDER Goods Movement - Reverse Posting per Order Type TRANSP C
233 SUBGEO_CONTEXT_T Sub Geo Context Text Table TRANSP C
234 SUBST_SLANA_HDR SL Analytics Header Data TRANSP A
235 SUBST_SLANA_POS SL Analytics Statistics Data TRANSP A
236 SUBST_UPGEV_HDR Upgrade Evaluation (Customer Side) Header Table TRANSP A
237 SUBST_UPGEV_POS Upgrade Evaluation (Customer Side) Position Table TRANSP A
238 SUBT_LOCAL_CHECK Control Table for Consistency Check TRANSP L
240 SUID_ENV Identity Model Settings TRANSP L
241 SUID_USORGDEF Default User Organization TRANSP A
242 SUID_USORGDEFS Default User Organization Shadow Table TRANSP A
243 SUIM_CHG_IDX Change Document Index for User Data TRANSP L
244 SUKRI Transaction Combinations Critical for Security TRANSP G
245 SUKRIT Text table for SUKRI (crit. comb. of trans. authoriz.) TRANSP G
246 SUMMAPPLIC The Summarizer: list of applications using it and their pa. TRANSP G
247 SUMS New key assignment: BOM explosion no.->New BOM explosion no. TRANSP A
248 SUPGERROR Uprade Tools Error Messages TRANSP L
249 SURAPPLFIELD Survey: SAP field: header TRANSP E
250 SURAPPLFIELDT Text table: Survey: SAP field: header TRANSP E
251 SURAPPLINT Survey: Application interface: read data, write TRANSP E
252 SURAPPLVECTOR Survey: SAP fields: body (posting arrays) TRANSP E
253 SURAPPLVECTORT Survey: SAP field: short array, text table TRANSP E
254 SURDDICREF Assignment of data elements to survey fields TRANSP A
255 SURDOCHEADER Survey documents: header information TRANSP A
256 SURDOCLINES Survey documents: rows TRANSP A
257 SURFIELDSF4HELP Survey: assignment of find help to fields TRANSP E
258 SURLOGSYS Survey: assignment of application and posting system TRANSP C
259 SURPLUGIN Survey Plugins TRANSP E
260 SURQUESEXT Survey: Enhancement of table T7EHS00_FKATALOG TRANSP E
261 SURQUESTQEXT Survey: Supplements to individual questions of questionnaire TRANSP A
262 SURREFS Survey: Array references TRANSP A
263 SURTARGETS Survey: Target groups TRANSP A
264 SURVEY Survey Master Table TRANSP A
265 SURVEYPATH System customising Web-Survey (ITS-Path entry) TRANSP S
266 SURVEYT Survey Master Table: Text TRANSP A
267 SUR_APPLICATION Survey: Application TRANSP S
268 SUR_APPL_T Survey: application, text table TRANSP S
269 SUR_SSM_BUFFER Survey Status Manager: buffer table for status changes TRANSP A
270 SUR_SSM_WL Survey Status Manager: assigning survey/worklist TRANSP A
272 SUS_CATEG SUS: Product categories TRANSP A
273 SUS_CATEG_TEXT SUS: Category descriptions TRANSP A
274 SUS_PRODUCT SUS: Products of a supplier TRANSP A
275 SUS_PRODUCT_HIST SUS: Product history of supplier products TRANSP A
276 SUS_PROD_EXT SUS: Product extensions TRANSP C
277 SUS_PR_ATTACH SUS: Product attachments TRANSP A
278 SUS_PR_ATTACHD SUS: Product attachment data TRANSP A
279 SUS_PR_ATTRIBUT SUS: Product attributes TRANSP A
280 SUS_PR_ATTR_HIST SUS: Product attribute history TRANSP A
281 SUS_PR_DESCR SUS: Product descriptions TRANSP A
282 SUS_PR_DES_HIST SUS: Product description history TRANSP A
283 SUS_SUP_SCHEME SUS: Supplier specific settings content TRANSP C
284 SUS_TARGET_SYST SUS: Targe business systems for product scenarios TRANSP C
285 SUWLNOTIFCFGTBL Configuration table for UWL java-side notifications TRANSP L
286 SUWLNOTIFREGTBL Registration table for java side server instances TRANSP L
288 SVCP_DPTR Delta pointer service provider reporting TRANSP A
289 SVCP_EXT_USAGE List of scenarios using Incidient Management Reporting TRANSP S
290 SVCP_PROP Extractor properties TRANSP L
298 SVER_64BIT_INDX Systemtabelle INDX TRANSP A
299 SVER_SET SVER: Table for Administration of Sver Run TRANSP A
300 SVKO Allocation Rule / IS-R Allocation TRANSP A
302 SVMCRT_COMP_CAT Catalog of Installed Java Components TRANSP W
303 SVMCRT_CONF VMC Runtime: Configurations TRANSP W
304 SVMCRT_CONF_NODE VMC Runtime: Configuration Node TRANSP W
305 SVMCRT_CONF_NPRP VMC Runtime: Characteristics of Configuration Node TRANSP W
306 SVMCRT_CONF_NVLB VMC Runtime: Binary Configuration Data TRANSP W
307 SVMCRT_CONF_NVLI VMC Runtime: Configuration Data (Integer Values) TRANSP W
308 SVMCRT_CONF_NVLS VMC Runtime: Configuration Data (Character String) TRANSP W
309 SVMCRT_FB_DEST VMC Fallback RFC Destinations TRANSP C
311 SVMCRT_MOD_CAT Repository of Installed Java Components TRANSP W
312 SVMCRT_MOD_DEP Dependencies Between Installed Java Modules TRANSP W
313 SVMCRT_MOD_TRANS VMC Runtime: Transport Table for Modules TRANSP W
314 SVMCRT_MOD_TR_T VMC Runtime: Descriptions of Modules TRANSP W
316 SVMCRT_RES_TRANS VMC Runtime: Transport Table for Resources TRANSP W
317 SVMCRT_TEST_DATA Tabelle zum Ablegen von VMC Tesdaten TRANSP S
318 SVPOS Allocation Rule Items / SAP IS-R Allocation TRANSP A
319 SVRS_VCNT_DATA Data table for TLogo test objects with variable content TRANSP W
320 SVRS_VCNT_HEAD Header table for TLogo test objects TRANSP W
321 SVRS_VCNT_LANG Data table for TLogo test objects with language dependency TRANSP W
322 SVUP Allocation Rule Sub-Item (Stores) TRANSP A
323 SW3M_ADMIN Administration Table for MiniApp Catalog TRANSP S
324 SW3M_ADMT Short Texts for MiniApp Catalog TRANSP S
325 SW3M_ATTR MiniApp Attributes TRANSP S
326 SW3M_ATTRC Customizing Data for WebApps TRANSP C
327 SW3M_PARAM MiniApp Parameters TRANSP W
328 SW3M_PARAT Parameter Description for a MiniApp TRANSP W
329 SWASYSTFLD WF: List of system fields with categorization TRANSP S
330 SWBRULEBIN WF: Runtime Representation of a Rule TRANSP S
331 SWBRULECOM WF: Client-specific start conditions TRANSP C
332 SWBRULECOU WF: Connecting Condition/Context to Event Linkage TRANSP W
333 SWBRULEHDR WF: Header Table for Managing a Rule System TRANSP S
334 SWBRULETXT WF: Language-Dependent Texts for Rules and Rule Systems TRANSP S
335 SWBSAPDFLT SAP Default Values for Prog./Trans./FMs (Applic.-Specific) TRANSP S
336 SWBTESTCUR Test Table for Currency Translation TRANSP L
337 SWBUSRDFLT Default Values of SAP User for Prog./Trans./FMs TRANSP L
339 SWDAHEAD Ad Hoc Agents - Header Table TRANSP L
340 SWDANOTES References to Notes for Ad Hoc Agents TRANSP L
341 SWDAOBJCTS Relationship Between Object Type and Task Groups TRANSP C
342 SWDFACTION Form Types and Actions TRANSP G
343 SWDHRS1205 Copy of HRS1205 (Last Active Version) TRANSP W
344 SWDILOG Internal Log of Changes to Workflow Definitions TRANSP L
345 SWDPCMD Web Activity: Possible Functions TRANSP S
346 SWDPCMDT Web Activity: Possible Functions (Text) TRANSP S
347 SWDPEXCP Web Activity: Possible Exceptions TRANSP S
348 SWDPEXCPT Web Activity: Possible Exceptions (Text) TRANSP S
349 SWDPGRPHDR Web Activity: Log Group TRANSP S
350 SWDPGRPPRT Web Activity: Log of a Log Group TRANSP S
351 SWDPGRPTXT Web Activity: Log Group (Text) TRANSP S
352 SWDPHEADER Web Activity: Transmission Protocol Header Data TRANSP S
353 SWDPOPERS Web Activity: Transmission Protocol Operations TRANSP S
354 SWDPPRCMD Web Activity: Possible Functions Within a Log TRANSP S
355 SWDPPRCMEX Web Activity: Exceptions Within a Function TRANSP S
356 SWDPTEXTS Web Activity: Long Texts for Transmission Protocols TRANSP S
357 SWDSBINDEF WF Definition: Bindings TRANSP W
358 SWDSCNTIDX WF Definition: Container Index (Where-Used List from 610) TRANSP W
359 SWDSCONDEF WF Definition: Conditions TRANSP W
360 SWDSCONT WF Definition: Container (from 610) TRANSP W
361 SWDSDSTEPS WF Definition: Definition-Relevant Steps Only TRANSP W
362 SWDSEVNTS WF Definition: Events TRANSP W
363 SWDSEXPR WF Definition: Expressions TRANSP W
364 SWDSFORMS WF Definition: Forms TRANSP W
365 SWDSFUNCS WF Definition: Functions TRANSP W
366 SWDSGLOBAL WF Definition: Cross-Version Basic Data TRANSP W
367 SWDSHEADER WF Definition: Basic Data TRANSP W
368 SWDSLEVNTS WF Definition: Local Events TRANSP W
370 SWDSMETHOD WF Definition: Methods TRANSP W
371 SWDSMLINES WF Definition: Lines TRANSP W
372 SWDSMNODES WF Definition: Nodes TRANSP W
373 SWDSPROPTS WF Definition: Properties TRANSP W
374 SWDSSTEPS WF Definition: Steps TRANSP W
375 SWDSTASKS WF Definition: Tasks TRANSP W
376 SWDSTEXT WF definition: Language-dependent texts TRANSP W
377 SWDSWFCONT WF Definition: Container (Up To 46D) TRANSP W
378 SWDSWFCTXT WF Definition: Container Text (All Releases) TRANSP W
379 SWD_BINDEF WF Definition/Runtime: Bindings TRANSP G
380 SWD_CNTIDX WF Definition: Container Index (Where-Used List from 610) TRANSP G
381 SWD_CONDEF WF Definition/Runtime: Conditions TRANSP G
382 SWD_CONT WF Definition: Container (from 610) TRANSP G
383 SWD_CUSTOM WF: Customizing TRANSP C
384 SWD_EVNTS WF Definition/Runtime: Events TRANSP G
385 SWD_EXPR WF Definition: Expressions TRANSP G
386 SWD_FUNCS WF Definition/Runtime: Functions TRANSP G
387 SWD_HEADER WF Definition/Runtime: Basic Data TRANSP G
388 SWD_HRS1205 Copy of HRS1205 (Last Active Version) TRANSP W
389 SWD_LEVNTS WF Definition: Local Events TRANSP G
390 SWD_LEVTTYPS Workflow: Rec Types for Workflow Event Receivers TRANSP S
391 SWD_LINES WF-Runtime: Lines TRANSP G
392 SWD_METHOD WF-Definition/Runtime: Methods TRANSP G
393 SWD_MLINES WF Definition: Lines TRANSP G
394 SWD_MNODES Workflow Definition: Node Table (Definition) TRANSP G
395 SWD_NODES WF-Runtime: Nodes (Part 1) TRANSP G
396 SWD_NODES2 WF-Runtime: Nodes (part 2) TRANSP G
397 SWD_PROFILE Workflow Profile TRANSP S
398 SWD_PROPS Possible Properties of a Workflow Definition TRANSP S
399 SWD_PROPTS WF Definition/Runtime: Functions TRANSP W
400 SWD_RECUSD WF Definition : WF Templates Last Used by a User TRANSP L
401 SWD_RTYPES Workflow: Rec Types for Workflow Event Receivers TRANSP S
402 SWD_RUSED WF Definition : WF Templates Last Used by a User TRANSP L
403 SWD_STEPS WF-Definition/Runtime: Steps TRANSP G
404 SWD_TEXT WF definition: Language-dependent texts TRANSP G
405 SWD_WFCONT Workflow definition: Container TRANSP G
406 SWD_WFCTXT Workflow definition: Container texts TRANSP G
407 SWD_WFPERS Workflow: Persistence Profile for Business Workflow TRANSP S
408 SWECDFIELD Combined field restrictions for change document TRANSP G
409 SWECDOBJ Events for Change Document TRANSP G
410 SWECDOBTYP Assignment change document/workflow object types TRANSP E
411 SWECDVALUE Field (Values) for Event Linkage TRANSP G
412 SWEINSTCOU Instance Linkage Event - Receiver TRANSP A
413 SWELCF Selection Criteria for Selective Logging TRANSP L
414 SWELCFG (Switch On/Off) Administration Data Event Log TRANSP L
415 SWELOG Table for entries of the event log TRANSP A
416 SWELTS UTC Data for Event Log TRANSP A
417 SWEQADM Administration Data for Event Queue TRANSP C
418 SWEQCONT Collection of persistent event containers TRANSP L
419 SWEQJOB Event Queue: Administration Data for Background Jobs TRANSP C
420 SWEQUEUE Event Queue for Temporary Storage of Triggered Events TRANSP L
421 SWETYPECOU Type Linkage Events - Receiver TRANSP G
422 SWETYPEENA Type Linkage Events - Receiver: Activation Table TRANSP G
423 SWE_CCINI Consistency Checks in Event Manager: Initialization TRANSP S
424 SWE_CD_TST Test of Event Triggering via Change Documents TRANSP A
425 SWFBBINDEF BAM Definition: Bindings TRANSP G
426 SWFBND_OPCONF Visibility of Binding Operators TRANSP E
427 SWFBPROXYOP BAM Definition: Proxy and Operations TRANSP G
428 SWFBRULECOM BAM: Client-Specific Conditions TRANSP G
429 SWFBRULECOU BAM: Cross-Client Condition TRANSP W
430 SWFCLOG Automatisc Customizing (Workflow): Log Table TRANSP L
431 SWFCNTBUF Container & Shared Objects: Instances to be Buffered TRANSP L
432 SWFCNTBUFMON Container and Shared Objects: Update Monitor TRANSP L
433 SWFCTASK Automatic Customizing (Workflow): Control Table TRANSP S
434 SWFDCNTSDT Container Editor: List of Standard Data Types TRANSP S
435 SWFDCRLCBN Correlation: Binding for Each Components TRANSP W
436 SWFDCRLCMP Correlation: Relevant Components TRANSP W
437 SWFDCRLDLVMODE Configuration of Inbound Processing TRANSP L
438 SWFDCRLDVERS Versioning of Configuration of Inbound Processing TRANSP L
439 SWFDCRLHCN Correlation: Parameter (XML Container) TRANSP W
440 SWFDCRLHCT Correlation: Parameter Texts (XML Container) TRANSP W
441 SWFDCRLHDR Correlation: Header Data TRANSP W
442 SWFDCRLHDT Correlation: Texts TRANSP W
443 SWFDEBUG Workflow Debugger: Breakpoints TRANSP L
444 SWFDEBUGCOUNTER Workflow Debugger: Breakpoint Instances Counter TRANSP L
445 SWFDEBUGF4HELP Empty Table as Basis for Search Help (swfdebug) TRANSP L
446 SWFDEVENA Activations for Event Linkages TRANSP A
447 SWFDEVINST Event Linkages with Instance Reference TRANSP A
448 SWFDEVTYP Event Linkages Without Instance Reference TRANSP G
449 SWFDEXPVER Test and Verification of Expression Package SWF_EXP TRANSP S
450 SWFDLCONFIG Workflow: Deadline configuration TRANSP L
451 SWFDLCONFIG2TASK Workflow: Configured tasks for special deadline handling TRANSP L
452 SWFDLJOB Workflow: Active jobs for special deadline handling TRANSP L
453 SWFDLJOBMON Workflow: Deadline job monitoring TRANSP L
454 SWFDLOGCMP Log Manager: Components of a Log Type TRANSP E
455 SWFDLOGHDR Log Manager: Headers for Log Profiles TRANSP E
456 SWFDLOGPRO Log Manager: Log Profiles TRANSP E
457 SWFDLOGPRT Text Table for Log Profiles TRANSP E
458 SWFDLOGTYP Log Manager: Log Types TRANSP E
459 SWFDWISTAT Workflow: Status of Work Item - Texts TRANSP S
460 SWFDXMPCFGCAT XML Message Proxy: Configuration for Categories TRANSP S
461 SWFDXMPCNT XML Message Proxy: Container Definition (XML Persistence) TRANSP W
462 SWFDXMPCNTT XML Message Proxy: Container Definition (Text) TRANSP W
463 SWFDXMPEAC XML Message Proxy: Element Access TRANSP W
464 SWFDXMPHDR XML Message Proxy: Header TRANSP W
465 SWFDXMPHDRT XML Message Proxy: Header Text TRANSP W
466 SWFDXMPINDX XML Message Proxy: INDX table TRANSP L
467 SWFDXMPNSP XML Message Proxy: Namespaces of a Proxy TRANSP W
468 SWFDXMPXI XML Message Proxy: Relationship to XI Identification TRANSP W
469 SWFDXMPXIRT XML Message Proxy: Relationship to Root Tags TRANSP W
470 SWFEATURE Information About Installed Software Features (Instances) TRANSP W
471 SWFEATUREINC Informationen zu inkludierten Software-Features (Instanzen) TRANSP W
472 SWFGPACTIVITIES Relation Between GP Activities and GP Processes TRANSP L
473 SWFGPCONF Configuration Guided Procedures TRANSP C
474 SWFGPDEPLOY Guided Procedures Deployment-Run TRANSP L
475 SWFGPGENOBJNUM GP Generation Number Assignment TRANSP L
476 SWFGPREUSE List of Reusable Objects for GP TRANSP A
477 SWFGPROLEDEF Guided Procedures: Role Definition TRANSP A
478 SWFGPROLEINST Guided Procedures: Role Instance TRANSP A
479 SWFGPWULACDEF Where-Used List of Activities in Workflow Definitions TRANSP L
480 SWFGPWULDATOBJ GP Where-Used List for Generated Data Objects/Contexts TRANSP L
481 SWFGPWULFLOWS GP Where-Used List for Generated Workflow Definitions TRANSP L
482 SWFGPWULTASKS GP Where-Used List for Generated Single-Step Tasks TRANSP L
484 SWFMIG_INST_DATA Process instance data TRANSP L
486 SWFMIG_REF_EVNT Events of Workflows TRANSP L
487 SWFMIG_REF_MESG Process Migration : Messages referred by Work Items TRANSP L
488 SWFMIG_REF_TASK Standard tasks referred by Workflows (ccBPM) TRANSP L
489 SWFMIG_WFDID Table for storing WFD_ID of Workflow generated for ccBPM TRANSP L
490 SWFMOD_ACTION store temporary information about action for a workflow TRANSP L
491 SWFMOD_COMP_TMPL Templates and components for the workflow modeler TRANSP E
492 SWFMOD_FOLDER Folders for components, templates and user workflows TRANSP E
494 SWFMOD_USER_WKFL User specific workflows (created in modeler) TRANSP L
495 SWFPFCONF Configuration of Measuring Sections TRANSP A
496 SWFPFMSECTION Defined Measuring Sections TRANSP S
497 SWFPFMSECTIONT Text for Defined Measuring Sections TRANSP S
498 SWFPFRUNTIME Data for Runtime Collector TRANSP L
499 SWFRCNTXML Container: XML Runtime Data TRANSP A
500 SWFRCNTXMLS Container: XML Runtime Data as XSTRING TRANSP A