SAP ABAP Table - Index S, page 16
Table - S
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
2 SXMS_BCKGND_JOBS List of monitoring reports with assigned background jobs TRANSP S
3 SXMS_BCONF Assignment Package Configuration TRANSP G
4 SXMS_BCONF_SPEC Specific Packaging Configuration TRANSP C
5 SXMS_CUST_HDR Encrypting Customer Header TRANSP C
6 SXMS_EOIOREORG Reorganization of EOIO Queues TRANSP L
7 SXMS_EOIO_ERR Error Table for Overserialized EOIO Queues TRANSP L
8 SXMS_EOIO_REORG Reorganization of EOIO Queues TRANSP L
9 SXMS_EOIO_STAT Maximum Number of EOIO Queues TRANSP C
10 SXMS_EOIO_VIOL Exception Handling in EOIO Processing TRANSP C
11 SXMS_EO_RETRY_ER Automatic Retry Message Counter Table TRANSP L
12 SXMS_ESOA_DEST Test Configuration for IS Short Cut TRANSP C
13 SXMS_ESOA_T Test Configuration for IS Short Cut TRANSP C
14 SXMS_EXT_FIL Filter for Extractors TRANSP L
15 SXMS_FEH Lock Entries for FEH TRANSP L
16 SXMS_LCR_VERS XI: Version Information form SLD About Receiver Systems TRANSP L
17 SXMS_LMS_EXTR Lean Message Search Extractor TRANSP L
18 SXMS_MULTIM_REF Link Table Leading Message - Submessages TRANSP L
19 SXMS_NAC_MAP Non Addr. Client: Mapping Sender Sequence/Number Receiver TRANSP L
20 SXMS_NAC_SA SA-Bridge Enhancement for WS NAC Scenario TRANSP L
21 SXMS_NAC_SEQU Non Addressible Client Scenario: Inbound Sequence TRANSP L
22 SXMS_NSPREFIX Table for Extractor Namespace Prefixes TRANSP C
23 SXMS_PACKCOUNT Counter for Packaged Messages TRANSP L
24 SXMS_QM XML Message Broker: Queue Monitor TRANSP A
25 SXMS_QM_SERVER XI: Server for Queue Monitoring TRANSP A
27 SXMS_SCOPY WS/XI Log Table for System Copy TRANSP L
29 SXMS_SEQU_QUEUE Assignment of WS Inbound Sequence to XI Queue ID TRANSP L
30 SXMS_SH_MEM Shared Memory Area Configuration TRANSP C
31 SXMS_SYSPAR SAP System Parameter and Storage Location TRANSP S
32 SXMS_TCMP_TEST Test Data Event-Driven Message Processing TRANSP L
33 SXMS_VIOL_LOG Exception Handling in EOIO Processing TRANSP L
34 SXMS_WSRM_XI_MAP Map Table Between Inbound Sequence/Queue and Outbound Seq. TRANSP L
35 SXMS_WS_SYSERR Qualified Names for System Error Fragments TRANSP C
36 SXMS_WS_SYSERSAP Qualified Names for System Error Fragments TRANSP S
37 SXMS_ZDT_QREG Queue Registration Storage TRANSP L
38 SXNODES SAPconnect: Communication nodes TRANSP C
39 SXPARAMS SAPconnect: Parameter Table TRANSP G
40 SXPGBTCINF Who will get the data of an asynchronous command execution TRANSP C
41 SXPGCOSTAB Definition of logical OS commands(customer table) TRANSP C
42 SXPGCOTABE Definition of logical operating system commands(SAP table) TRANSP S
43 SXPGHISTOR History of Logical Commands TRANSP E
44 SXRETRY SAPconnect: Disruptions in RFC connections to node TRANSP L
45 SXRFC SAPconnect: Assignment of RFC address to node TRANSP C
46 SXROUTE SAPconnect: Routing table TRANSP C
47 SXSERV SAPconnect: Node capabilities TRANSP C
48 SXSLTERR SXSLT: Compiler messages TRANSP S
49 SXS_ATTR Exit: Definition side: Attributes for an enhancement TRANSP W
50 SXS_ATTRT Exit: Definition side: Attributes, Text table TRANSP W
51 SXS_COCO BAdI Definitions: Control Composites, Language Independent TRANSP W
52 SXS_FCODE Exit: Definition side: Component function codes TRANSP W
53 SXS_FCODET Exit, definition side: component function codes, text table TRANSP W
54 SXS_INTER Exit: Definition side: Interfaces TRANSP W
55 SXS_MLCO Conflicts of Multiple Active Implementations of Single BAdIs TRANSP L
56 SXS_SCRN Exit: Definition side: Component subscreens TRANSP W
57 SXS_SCRNT Exit: Definition side: Component subscreens, Text table TRANSP W
58 SXS_STAT Exit: Definition side: UUID assignment for statistics TRANSP W
59 SXS_TABLE Exit: Definition side: Tables TRANSP W
60 SXS_TABLET Exit: Definition side: Tables, Text table TRANSP W
61 SXTELMOIN SAPconnect: Telephone number modification (incoming) TRANSP C
62 SXTELMOOUT SAPconnect: Telephone number modification (outgoing) TRANSP C
63 SXVIEW_MOCK_COL XView Mock Data: Columns TRANSP L
64 SXVIEW_MOCK_MAIN Main Data for XView Mock TRANSP L
65 SYNC_VERITAB Verifikationstabelle für die Puffersynchronisation TRANSP L
66 SYNTA Quellcode der Syntaxfehlertests TRANSP S
67 SYNTB Syntaxfehlermeldungen mit Kommentaren TRANSP S
68 SYNTC Kommentare zu Meldungen aus der Tabelle TRMSG TRANSP S
69 SYSCOMP Directory of Repository Objects TRANSP W
70 SYSCOMP_DATA Directory of Repository Objects TRANSP W
72 SYSTABSTMT Contains SQL Statements for Change of Nametab TRANSP L
73 SYS_MENU Start Area Menu for SAP Initial Navigation TRANSP S