SAP ABAP Domain - Index S, page 17
Domain - S
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 STMIDENT_BRO Broker report key CHAR 12    
2 STMORIGIN_BRO Origin of Broker Report CHAR   
3 STNBY Availability type CHAR   
4 STNR Tax number selection 1/2 CHAR   
5 STNUM BOM number CHAR   
6 STNUM_CL BOM number CHAR   
7 STOBJ Statistical account assignment object CHAR 12    
8 STOCK Floor CHAR   
9 STODOAREA Quellbereiche von Syntaxwarnungen fuer die TODO CHAR   
10 STODOCHK Checkman: Meldungswerte für Todo CHAR   
11 STODOSLN Werte der TodoMeldungen im erweiterten Syntaxcheck CHAR   
12 STODOSTA Valuation CHAR   
13 STODOSYN Werte der TodoMeldungen im Syntaxcheck CHAR   
14 STOFF Hazardous material number (dangerous goods master record) CHAR 18    
15 STOGRD_PAM IS-M/AM: Reason for cancellation CHAR   
17 STOPD_KK Processing lock until DATS   
18 STOPGR Stop Reasons CHAR   
19 STOPG_KK Reason for processing lock CHAR   
20 STOPS SP calculations: end rule for pricing strategy CHAR   
21 STOP_TYPE Destination type CHAR   
22 STOP_TYPE_APPEND Append for Stop Type     
23 STOP_TYPE_EH4 Destination Type: Extended by a Trip Break CHAR   
24 STORAGEID DB2/390: Storage ID CHAR   
25 STORDAYS IS-M/SD: Number of hold days DEC   
26 STORE_LABEL Domain for Store label CHAR 60    
27 STORE_URL Domain for Store URL CHAR 255    
28 STORNOGRD Reversal Reason CHAR   
29 STORNOGRUPPE Grouping of documents in the reversal transaction CHAR   
30 STORNOTYP IS-M/AM: Reversal Type CHAR   
31 STORSRCCOM Flag for storage source CHAR   
32 STORT Asset location CHAR 10    
33 STOZW_KK Reversal indicator for adjusted receivables CHAR   
34 STPAC Activate stop function in the case of FRC/JIT CHAR   
35 STPA_ADT_INSTANTIATION_KIND Instantiation kind of an object CHAR 20    
36 STPDA_ADT_ACCESS_KIND Access kind of an object (public, private, ...) CHAR 20    
37 STPDA_ADT_INSTANTIATION_KIND Instantiation kind of an object (instance or static) CHAR 20    
38 STPDA_ADT_KIND Variable kind CHAR 20    
39 STPDA_ADT_META_TYPE Meta type of an object (object ref, structure, ...) CHAR 30    
40 STPDA_ADT_PARAMETER_KIND Kind of a parameter (importing, exporting, etc.) CHAR 20    
41 STPIN Stop Indicator for FRC/JIT CHAR   
42 STPOS BOM item number DEC   
43 STPOS_VBAP Bill of material item number (VBAP not used at present) DEC   
44 STPRE Status prefix CHAR   
45 STPRT Log Indicator Statistics CHAR   
46 STPRZ_CA Tax Rate NUMC   
47 STPRZ_KK Tax rate NUMC   
48 STPTX Kanban container status and text CHAR 62    
49 STR10 String with 10 characters CHAR 10    
50 STR132 String length 132 CHAR 132    
51 STR40 String with 40 characters CHAR 40    
52 STRANSFORMATION_KIND Transformation Type CHAR   
53 STRAS Street and house number CHAR 30    
54 STRASSENNR IS-M/SD: Number of Street from Postal Structure CHAR 10    
55 STRASTAT Release flag CHAR   
56 STRAS_MACO IS-PSD: Street names (upper case for matchcode) CHAR 35    
57 STRAT Planning strategy CHAR   
58 STRAT2 Configuration processing strategy CHAR   
59 STRAT_CM_CA Collection Strategy CHAR   
60 STRCT Name of the DDIC structure CHAR   
61 STRDS Street identifiers CHAR   
62 STREA Status reason NUMC   
63 STREK Leg CHAR   
64 STRES_KK Status Field for Restrictions to Modifiability CHAR   
65 STREV Version status CHAR   
66 STRG32 String with 132 characters CHAR 132    
67 STRGA Sales price calculation: pricing strategy (strategy type) CHAR   
68 STRGR Strategy group CHAR   
69 STRHN Active ingredient in percent DEC
70 STRHNR1000 IS-PSD: Thousands column for postal house numbers (key) CHAR   
71 STRICT Procedure CHAR   
72 STRID Structure indicator (plan, actual, variance) CHAR   
73 STRING String STRG   
74 STRING128 128 Lowercase and Uppercase Letters CHAR 128    
75 STRING25 Character field of 25 length with small init. letters CHAR 25    
77 STRKL Tax Bracket (D) CHAR   
78 STRKS Reason for not submitting tax card CHAR   
79 STRKT Structure of service type CHAR   
80 STRKZ_EE Tax codes for other taxes in IS-U CHAR   
81 STRKZ_KK Tax code for other taxes CHAR   
83 STRMM Tax Feature CHAR   
84 STRNAMEDOM Domain name for structure CHAR 10    
85 STRNETTO_SC Net tax CHAR   
86 STRREADTI SAP STATTRACE: Domain for Read Period for Statistics INT2   
87 STRT1 Version for initial cost component breakdown CHAR   
88 STRT2 Version for cost comp. group switch CHAR   
89 STRTIEFE Depth of structure for class hierarchies INT1   
91 STRTYPEAB Street type abbreviation CHAR   
92 STRT_CODE Street Number for City/Street File CHAR 12    
93 STRT_SCTN_CODE Street Section Code CHAR 10    
94 STRUA Type of structure (feature, group, type) CHAR   
95 STRUCIND ATP: Structure Indicator CHAR   
96 STRUCTART Type of SAP object component CHAR   
97 STRUC_COV_INS Structure Selection CHAR   
98 STRUC_COV_PS Structure Selection CHAR   
99 STRUC_ID_PS BRF: Structure ID CHAR 30    
100 STRUC_VK Indicator for structures CHAR   
101 STRUKNOTEN IS-PSD: Nodes in geographical structures CHAR 10    
102 STRUKTIEFE Depth of structure for class hierarchies NUMC   
103 STRUKTURPL Strategy for Breakdown Structure Values CHAR   
104 STRUM Structure CHAR   
105 STRURICHT IS-PSD: Read direction of structure explode CHAR   
107 STRUSTAPPLTXT STRUST Application Description Long Text Domain CHAR 50    
108 STRX2 Selection field for strategy 2 and 3 CHAR   
109 STRXX Strategy CHAR 31    
110 STRX_CNTT Content Type of Documents or Attributes CHAR   
111 STRX_DOCT Representation Type of Document CHAR   
112 STRX_DSTAT Possible Document Status for Index Queue Documents CHAR   
113 STRX_IDXT Index type CHAR   
114 STRX_OP Operators CHAR   
115 STRX_SEAT Search Method CHAR   
116 STRX_SRTDR Sort Sequence CHAR   
117 STRX_TECHT Technical Property of Index CHAR   
118 STRX_TRMT Content Type of Term CHAR   
119 STR_CODE IS-M/SD: Street code for coding street sections CHAR   
120 STR_MODE Structure maintenance transaction processing mode CHAR   
121 STR_NRPOST IS-PSD: Street number with postal service (for upgrade) CHAR 15    
122 STSCR_KK Initial screen for document processing CHAR   
123 STSON_KK Other Status of Payment Assignment CHAR   
124 STSTA_KK Status of the payment lot CHAR   
125 STSVE General status for distribution CHAR   
126 STTAB Tax table (D) CHAR   
127 STTARIFNR Key for statistical rates CHAR 10    
128 STTRA Transport status CHAR   
129 STTRG Overall transportation status CHAR   
130 STTZ1 Statistical Part-Time Indicator CHAR   
131 STTZK Statistical Part-Time Indicator CHAR   
132 STUFE Controlling the STACK import and export process DEC   
133 STUFFE Level number INT2   
134 STUICHAR16 STUI Character Field of Length 16 CHAR 16    
135 STUIFLOAT Floating point FLTP 16  16 
136 STUIPGIO_S Average pages read/written per second DEC
137 STUI_1000 Decimal Value up to 9999.9 DEC
138 STUI_BILL Decimal Value up to 9 999 999 999.99 DEC 12 
139 STUI_DEC64 STUI: Some Very Long Decimal DEC 18 
140 STUI_INT Integer value <256 INT1   
141 STUI_INT64 64 bit Integer DEC 18    
142 STUI_PCNT Percentage DEC
143 STULI Material structure CHAR   
144 STUNR Level number NUMC   
145 STUNRFCAVL Availability flag for arbitrary data CHAR   
146 STUNRFCCET RFC error type CHAR   
147 STUNT_KK Deferral days NUMC   
148 STUN_INT4 INT4, without +/- sign INT4 10    
149 STUPEROFF_SC Deferral: Base days DEC   
150 STUPER_SC Base period for deferral CHAR   
151 STVA2 Report Writer status variable (2-digit) CHAR   
152 STVAR FI-SL Report Writer status variable CHAR   
153 STVERG Maximum number of days start date can be in the past NUMC   
154 STVKY Scale key CHAR 50    
155 STVMJ Indicator: Tax Procedure Monthly or Annually CHAR   
156 STW_ACTIVITY_ID UUID in compressed form (22 character UUENCODEd) CHAR 22    
157 STW_ACTIVITY_INVITABLE Invitable if Privacy Level Is Set to Confidential CHAR 20    
158 STW_ACTIVITY_NAME SAP Jam: Group Name CHAR 255    
161 STW_ACTIVITY_QUERY_STATUS SAP Jam: Query by Group Status CHAR 30    
162 STW_ACTIVITY_SHARING SAP Jam Group: Sharing State CHAR 30    
163 STW_ACTIVITY_STATUS SAP Jam Activity Status CHAR 30    
164 STW_ACTIVITY_STATUS_CHANGE SAP Jam Group Status Action CHAR 30    
165 STW_ACTIVITY_TEMPLATE_ID UUID in compressed form (22 character UUENCODEd) CHAR 22    
166 STW_BO_ID Collaboration: Business Object ID CHAR 90    
167 STW_BO_ID_80 Collaboration: Business Object ID (Short) CHAR 80    
168 STW_DATS DATS Field Type DATS   
169 STW_ENTITY_ID UUID in compressed form (22 character UUENCODEd) CHAR 22    
170 STW_ENTITY_TYPE Collaboration: Entity Type CHAR   
172 STW_ENTITY_VISIBLE SAP Jam: Entity Visible CHAR   
173 STW_FEED_AUTHOR UUID in compressed form (22 character UUENCODEd) CHAR 22    
175 STW_INVITATION_STATUS Invitation Status of a Group Participant CHAR   
176 STW_ITEM_DESCRIPTION SAP Jam Item Description CHAR 255    
178 STW_ITEM_FILE_FILENAME SAP Jam File Item File Name STRG   
179 STW_ITEM_ID UUID in compressed form (22 character UUENCODEd) CHAR 22    
180 STW_ITEM_LOCKED Indicator: SAP Jam Item Is Locked CHAR   
182 STW_ITEM_METHOD_TYPE_ID SAP Jam: Item Type ID CHAR 100    
183 STW_ITEM_NAME SAP Jam: Item Name CHAR 255    
184 STW_ITEM_TYPE SAP Jam: Item Type ID CHAR 100    
185 STW_ITEM_VERSION 3-Digit Numerical Fields Without Check NUMC   
186 STW_ITM_OPERATION_TYPE SAP Jam: Operation Types for Group Items CHAR   
187 STW_METH_CARDINALITY SAP Jam: Cardinality of API Method Response CHAR   
188 STW_STRING_LOWER_CASE SAP Jam: Test String Lower Case STRG   
189 STW_TASK_DESCRIPTION SAP Jam: Task Description STRG   
190 STW_TASK_ID UUID in compressed form (22 character UUENCODEd) CHAR 22    
191 STW_TASK_STATUS SAP Jam: Task Status CHAR 30    
192 STW_TASK_TITLE SAP Jam: Task Title CHAR 255    
193 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_ACTIVITY Test Functions for Group NUMC   
194 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_BO4ACTIVITY Test Functions for Business Object and Groups NUMC   
195 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_BO4ITEM Test Functions for Business Object and Items NUMC   
196 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_BO4TOPIC Test Functions for Business Object for Topics NUMC   
197 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_COMMENT Function for Comments NUMC   
198 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_FEED Test Functions for Feed NUMC   
199 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_ITEM Test Functions for Item NUMC   
200 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_SW_USER Test Functions for SAP Jam User NUMC   
201 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_TASK Test Functions for Task NUMC   
202 STW_TEST_FUNCTION_TOPIC Test Functions for Topic NUMC   
203 STW_TEST_STRING_LOWER_CASE SAP Jam Test String Lower Case STRG   
206 STW_TEST_TOPIC_ID SAP Jam: Test Topic ID CHAR 64    
207 STW_TEXT255 Source Code CHAR 255    
208 STW_TIME Field of Type TIMS TIMS   
209 STW_TOPIC_DESCRIPTION SAP Jam: Topic Description STRG   
210 STW_TOPIC_EXT_ENT_ID SAP Jam: External Entity/Topic ID STRG   
211 STW_TOPIC_EXT_ENT_LINKBACK_URL SAP Jam: External Entity/Topic Link Back to URL STRG   
212 STW_TRISTATE Statement with three poss. values CHAR   
213 STW_USER_ORG_POST_OUTSIDE_ORG Indicator: Company Allows Posts Outside of Company CHAR   
214 STW_USER_PROFILE_PICTURE_URL SAP Jam: URL to User Profile Picture STRG   
215 STW_USER_SW_COMPANY SAP Jam: User Company Profile CHAR 255    
216 STW_USER_SW_EMAIL SAP Jam: User E-Mail CHAR 254    
217 STW_USER_SW_FIRST_NAME Text (40 characters) CHAR 40    
218 STW_USER_SW_ID UUID in compressed form (22 character UUENCODEd) CHAR 255    
219 STW_USER_SW_IM SAP Jam: User IM Address CHAR 254    
220 STW_USER_SW_LAST_NAME Text (40 characters) CHAR 40    
221 STW_USER_SW_NAME SAP Jam: User Name CHAR 255    
222 STW_USER_SW_NICKNAME SAP Jam: User Nickname CHAR 40    
223 STW_USER_SW_PHONE_MOBILE SAP Jam: User's Mobile Phone Number CHAR 30    
224 STW_USER_SW_PHONE_OFFICE SAP Jam: User's Office Phone Number CHAR 30    
225 STW_USER_SW_TITLE SAP Jam: User's Academic Title CHAR 40    
226 STW_UUID_22 UUID in compressed form (22 character UUENCODEd) CHAR 22    
227 STXBDUMMY SAPscript: Data field for STXB LRAW 7902    
229 STXLDUMMY2 SAPscript: LONG RAW field for table STXL LRAW 7902    
230 STXTBEZU Text reference for lease additional text CHAR   
231 STXT_____1 Text CHAR 132    
232 STYLE_COLOR Color definition for field according to general list colors NUMC   
233 STYLE_PRIORITY Prioritize color definition for collisions NUMC   
234 STYLE_STATUS Planning status of color and character formatting CHAR 10    
235 STYP Statistics area CHAR   
236 STYPE Set type CHAR   
237 STYPEDARL Record type for TR-EDI: Loans CHAR   
238 STYPEGP Record Type for TR-EDT: Business Partner CHAR   
239 STYPE_AV Selection field type CHAR   
240 STYPE_AV_KK Record Type for Payment Advice Transfer Interface CHAR   
241 STYPE_BEW Record type for TR-EDT: Loan flows CHAR   
242 STYPE_BRO Record Category For Broker Report Transfer CHAR   
243 STYPE_B_KK Record Category for Document Transfer Interface CHAR   
244 STYPE_CM_KK Record Type for Transfer of Manually Issued Checks CHAR   
245 STYPE_C_KK Record Type for Check Presentation Transfer Interface CHAR   
246 STYPE_PC_KK Payment Cards: Record Category for Billing CHAR   
247 STYPE_R_KK Record type for returns lot transfer interface CHAR   
248 STYPE_Z_KK Record type for payment lot transfer interface CHAR   
249 STYPNUA Rental unit utilization type NUMC   
250 STYUSE_KK Use of clearing type CHAR   
251 STZAL_KK Status of Payment Processing CHAR   
252 STZER Certificate Status CHAR   
253 STZKL Serviceable life class (as a factor) (variable portion) DEC
254 STZON Salary range CHAR   
255 STZZU Serviceable life surcharge (fixed portion) DEC   
256 ST_DATUM Default value for date CHAR   
257 ST_NAME ECL Viewer: Stamp Texts for Authorization Object S_ECL_STP CHAR 40    
258 ST_STATUS Status of inc.wage transaction CHAR   
259 SU2X_GRP Authorization Group Name CHAR 30    
260 SU2X_GRP_TX Short Text for Authorization Group CHAR 40    
261 SU2X_SRC_AREA Search Area for USOBKEY Entries CHAR   
262 SU2X_USOBT_DIFF Default Values - Change Process CHAR   
263 SU2X_USOBX_DIFF Check Indicator - Change Process CHAR   
264 SUABNDV Subsection number of premium reserve fund list NUMC   
265 SUART Document type indicator CHAR   
266 SUBACT Substitution activity CHAR   
267 SUBAK ED-PCA: Indicator: Substitutions in SD active NUMC   
268 SUBANWDG Text interface: Document groups CHAR   
269 SUBAP_KK Subapplication Indicator in Contract Accounts Rec. & Payable CHAR   
270 SUBAP_PS Subapplication Indicator in Contract Accts Rec. & Payable CHAR   
271 SUBAR Type of substitution CHAR   
272 SUBC Program type CHAR   
273 SUBCOMMTYPE_ITAGCY Subcommission Category CHAR   
274 SUBCOMM_STATE_AGENCY_ITAGCY Status of Transfer of a Subcommission to Agency FI CHAR   
275 SUBCOMM_STATE_POST_ITAGCY Posting Status of a Subcommission CHAR   
276 SUBEZ Company relationship CHAR   
277 SUBFIELD Name of a reference in included search help or selec. method CHAR 30    
278 SUBGR Subgroup for internal/external number assignment in PD CHAR   
279 SUBGRPTYP ATP: Type of Requirements Subgroup CHAR   
280 SUBITEM_TYPE_SC Payment Plans: Payment Plan Subitem Type CHAR   
281 SUBLOC Sublocation CHAR   
282 SUBMENUFLG Sub-Menu flag CHAR   
283 SUBOBART Subobject Type (Order, Project Profile, Etc.) CHAR 10    
284 SUBOBJECT Number range sub-object CHAR   
285 SUBOBJECT4 Subobject of Number Ranges for Mass Test CHAR   
286 SUBOBJECT6 Number range sub-object CHAR   
287 SUBPARTBY Subpartitioning Method (since Oracle 10) CHAR 12    
288 SUBRK Indicator: Recursive serial numbers CHAR   
289 SUBROLE Role subtype CHAR   
290 SUBSCREEN Domain for subscreen screen fields CHAR 30    
291 SUBSCRSTXT Subscreen short text CHAR 30    
292 SUBSEQNR Substitution step number CHAR   
293 SUBSER Object name by which substitution takes place CHAR 61    
294 SUBSETDTEL Data elements for subsets in set hierarchioes CHAR 30    
295 SUBSTERT Description of substitution method (such as constant value) CHAR 15    
296 SUBSTID Substitution ID CHAR   
297 SUBSTNB SI FM substitute doc. type NB CHAR   
298 SUBSTUB SI FM substitute doc. type UB CHAR   
299 SUBST_SLANA_EVALTYPE SL Analytics Evaluation Type CHAR   
300 SUBSVAL Value in substitutions CHAR 24    
301 SUBTOTLEVEL Subtotal at Specific Level CHAR 10    
302 SUBTP Type of dependent object CHAR   
303 SUBTY Subtype CHAR   
304 SUBTYP Subtype CHAR   
305 SUBTY_591A Subtype CHAR   
306 SUB_CO_ACTION Division of CO_ACTION in Two Parts CHAR   
307 SUB_EXT_TAX_ID_KK External Tax Subcode CHAR   
308 SUB_NW_AVLB Sbnetwork available for an activity CHAR   
309 SUB_OBJECT Sub-object CHAR   
310 SUB_OBJECT_ACT Activity type CHAR   
311 SUCCESS Success Message CHAR   
312 SUCCESS_FLAG Indicator: Successful Task CHAR   
313 SUCC_CODE Success Code INT4 10    
314 SUCC_CODEC Success code in characters CHAR 10    
315 SUCHBEGEA Match code search term for input/output group CHAR   
316 SUCHBEGK Matchcode search term for command group CHAR   
317 SUCHBEGWG Search term for winding group CHAR   
318 SUCHBEGZ Matchcode search term for register group CHAR   
319 SUCHKRIT Search criterion for weighting tables CHAR   
320 SUDEC Branch of insurance NUMC   
321 SUDRU Print control for material substitution CHAR   
322 SUDS_CHAR255 Character 255 CHAR 255    
323 SUDS_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 120    
324 SUDS_OPTION Option CHAR   
325 SUDS_SIGN Sign CHAR   
326 SUEBNART Main usage type CHAR   
327 SUERG Outcome of substitution CHAR   
328 SUGRD Reason for material substitution CHAR   
329 SUGRD_PD Reason for Material Substitution CHAR   
330 SUGSBASSTA Status of Basis Release (CVERS, SVERS) CHAR   
331 SUGSBOOL Boolean value (' ' = FALSE, 'X' = TRUE) CHAR   
332 SUGSUPGINC Extent of upgrade information CHAR   
333 SUGSUPGMOD Mode when reading upgrade administration information CHAR   
334 SUHIE Hierarchical level (doc.header, item,...) for statistics CHAR   
335 SUIDADTYPE Identity Address Type NUMC   
336 SUIDTECHDESC Description of the Technical User Account CHAR 80    
337 SUIDTECHID Technical User CHAR   
338 SUID_AUTH_ACTION Activities for Authorization Check CHAR   
339 SUID_AUTH_OBJECT Authorization Objects CHAR   
340 SUID_CERTIFICATE Certificate (Binary Format) RSTR   
341 SUID_CHANGE_MODE Change Mode for a Table Entry CHAR   
342 SUID_CHAR512 Character, Length 512 CHAR 512    
345 SUID_ENV_ID Setting ID CHAR 15    
346 SUID_ENV_VALUE Setting CHAR 10    
347 SUID_LOCKSCOPE Lock in CUA: Local or Global CHAR   
348 SUID_ORGTYPE Organization Type CHAR   
349 SUID_PASSWORD_LOGON Password logon not possible CHAR   
350 SUID_PASSWORD_STATE Password Status CHAR   
351 SUID_ROLE_ADJUSTMENT_STATUS Status of Profile Comparison CHAR   
352 SUID_SAVED_STATUS Status of the Identity Processing CHAR   
353 SUID_SHA1_HASH_CHAR SHA1 Hash Value (160 Bit) CHAR 40    
354 SUID_SNC_INFO SNC: Profile Parameters for Unsecured Logon CHAR   
355 SUID_SNC_KSTAT Status of the Canonical Name CHAR   
356 SUID_TCODE_MODE Transaction: Individual Maintenance, Mass Maintenance CHAR   
357 SUID_TEXT40 Text of Length 40 CHAR 40    
358 SUID_UUID UUID for Identity (Char 36) CHAR 36    
359 SUIM_CHDOC_KEY_TYP Types for Index Key CHAR   
360 SUIM_LOCK_SEL Lock Status Y=Locked, N=Not Locked, Space=Irrelevant CHAR   
361 SULPA Scope of selection for sch. agmt. items for release creation CHAR   
362 SUM08 HR-DSV: Total Contributions from IT 08 CURR 12 
363 SUMBD Summarized requirements CHAR   
364 SUMBEW IS-H: Summe der Bewegungen NUMC 10    
365 SUMBRUNTYPE Closing Postings - Run Type CHAR   
366 SUMCT2 Control Type SumJC External Procurement CHAR   
367 SUMCT3 Control Type SumJC Stock Transfer CHAR   
368 SUMFELD Element of a totals line CHAR 80    
369 SUMGTZ Total of degree day coefficients DEC 16 
370 SUMID Qualifier: Totals Segment CHAR   
371 SUMKNZ_KK Totaling CHAR   
372 SUMKZ Summation level CHAR   
373 SUMMA Addend FLTP 16  16 
374 SUMMAPPLID The Summarizer: Application ID CHAR   
375 SUMMARIZATION Summarization CATS -> CO CHAR   
376 SUMMFAL IS-H: Summe der Fälle NUMC 10    
377 SUMMFIELD CATS: Group total CHAR   
378 SUMMODE Summation mode of a key figure for rows and column totals CHAR   
379 SUMMSTUFE Summation level CHAR 12    
380 SUMNO_BRO Broker Report: Number for Totals Postings CHAR 16    
381 SUMRST2 Replenishment Strategy External Procurement for SumJC CHAR   
382 SUMRST3 Replenishment Strategy Stock Transfer for SumJC CHAR   
383 SUMST_KK Status of Aggregated Interim Status CHAR   
384 SUMTY Key field control (meaning of totals fields) CHAR   
385 SUM_LEVEL Summation level CHAR   
386 SUM_N Summation level NUMC   
387 SUM_OPWERT Sum of operand values in statistics DEC 17 
388 SUNTG Certificate Subgroup (Intern. Certif. Type for PPA Billing) CHAR   
389 SUPCD Special Payment Methods CHAR   
390 SUPCOMPR Indicator: Use super compressibility factor CHAR   
391 SUPERTYPE Supertype for table TALIM CHAR   
392 SUPGAS4DAT Generic AS4DATE for upgrade CHAR 10    
393 SUPGAS4USR Generic AS4USER for upgrade CHAR 12    
394 SUPGTRKORR Generic TRKORR for upgrade CHAR 20    
395 SUPGUUID Upgrade Tools UUID CHAR 32    
396 SUPG_TABLE_CATALOG Upgrade Table Catalog CHAR   
397 SUPKZ Statistics update indicator (post in/post out) CHAR   
398 SUPKZD Update Indicator Extraction BW CHAR   
399 SUPMODE Table Supplementation Mode (Language Transport) CHAR   
400 SUPPLY_OR_NET Budget Billing Plan: Grid or Supplier Contract Modifiable CHAR   
401 SUPPORTS_KEYFIGURE_DUPLICATES Supp. queries w/ dupl. KYF which cont. diff. aggregations CHAR   
402 SUPPRESS_TRANSL_TECH_TEXTS Suppress Translation of Technical Texts CHAR   
403 SUPRC Language Supplementation Return Code NUMC   
404 SURCHARGERATE_SC Charges Installment DEC 30  10 
405 SUREA ATP: Substitution reason for rules-based ATP CHAR   
406 SURICHT Direction of document CHAR   
407 SURL URL length 255 CHAR 255    
408 SURVEYKEY Survey key CHAR 32    
409 SURVEYOBJKEY Key to survey including target ID CHAR 40    
410 SURVEY_CALLUPPOINT Survey: Call-Up Point NUMC   
411 SURVEY_ID Survey: survey name CHAR 20    
412 SURVEY_OBJECT Survey: object CHAR 25    
413 SUR_APPLI Survey: Application CHAR 12    
414 SUR_APPLINT_TYPE Survey: function module type for application interfaces CHAR   
415 SUR_PLUGIN Survey: plugin components CHAR 10    
416 SUR_STATUS Survey total status NUMC   
417 SUR_STYLE Survey: style of generated HTML CHAR   
418 SUR_TARGET_TYPE Survey: type of target items CHAR 10    
419 SUSRFLAG Selection Switch CHAR   
420 SUS_ASYNC_FLAG SUS: Flag for asynchronous send CHAR   
421 SUS_EXTENSION_OBLFLAG SUS: Binary field flag (X or space) CHAR   
422 SUS_EXTENSION_TYPE SUS: Product extension type CHAR   
423 SUS_LONGTEXT SUS: Product longtext LCHR 2048    
424 SUS_SCHEME SUS: Scheme for product categories CHAR 40    
425 SUS_SYSTEM SUS: Receiving business system CHAR 60    
426 SUTRREASON Additional Information for Check CHAR 40    
427 SUTRRESULT Result of Authorization Check INT4 10    
428 SUTYP Substitution category CHAR   
429 SUVAR Totals variant CHAR   
430 SUVNR Totals variant CHAR   
431 SUZEI Subnumber of an FI item NUMC   
432 SVALUE Default set CHAR 12    
433 SVARI Selection Variant CHAR 12    
434 SVATT SI Attribute CHAR   
435 SVAUS SI Specification CHAR   
436 SVBAT Distribution of SI Contributions CHAR   
437 SVBRE Contractual right indicator NUMC   
438 SVBSA Type of restraint on drawing CHAR   
439 SVBTR SI Contribs, Curr. w/ Sign, 4 Chars Before, 2 After Dec.Pt CURR
440 SVCP_TIMESLOT Full hours CHAR   
441 SVEAR Allocation rule type CHAR   
442 SVERKEHR Business entity transport connections CHAR   
443 SVERROPT Option clearing indicator NUMC   
444 SVERWA Custody type CHAR   
445 SVER_CI_PRIO SVER Code Inspector: Priorität für CSS-Meldungen CHAR   
446 SVER_CNVEX_TEST Verifikation Konvertierungsexit CHAR 132    
447 SVER_P_8_2 Nur für Verifikation DEC 12 
448 SVFIX Fix stores in allocation rule CHAR   
449 SVGNG Transaction for Controlling Technical Objects CHAR   
450 SVGRP Domain - Grouping of selection variants CHAR   
451 SVIEW View selection for planning table CHAR   
452 SVKRZ Reduction of SI days CHAR   
453 SVKZ1 Social insurance indicator CHAR   
454 SVKZFUSE Indicator: field usage CHAR   
455 SVMCRTCOMPTYPE Type of Installed Java Components CHAR 10    
456 SVMCRTCONFBASE Basis (Customer or SAP) CHAR   
457 SVMCRTDEPLOYOPER VMC: Manual Control of Java Deployment INT1   
458 SVMCRTINSTOBJTYPE VMC: Type of Installable Object CHAR   
459 SVMCRTMODINSTSTATUS Module Status with Reference to Deployment CHAR   
460 SVMCRTRESNAMEPOSTFIX VMC Runtime: Name of Resource (Postfix) CHAR 250    
461 SVMCRT_EXT_MODE External Mode Number CHAR   
464 SVMCRT_JIT_ADDRESS Address Details in JIT with Hexadecimal Display STRG   
465 SVMCRT_LGV_SEVERITY Value for Severity of a VMC Java Log Message INT4 10    
466 SVMCRT_P4 Value from (0..1) multiplied by 10^4, shown as a percentage INT2   
467 SVMCRT_PROF_SESSION_DIR Directory of VMC Profiling Session STRG   
468 SVMCRT_RAW8192 Binary Field of Length 8192 RAW 8192    
469 SVOBJ_ID Service object ID CHAR   
470 SVORFALL Business operation CHAR   
471 SVORGANG Business Operation (Activity) CHAR   
472 SVPRZ Social Insurance Percentage DEC
473 SVRGPAR Range parameter name CHAR 13    
474 SVRS_BOOL Boolean CHAR   
475 SVR_NAME Name of Web server CHAR 64    
476 SVSCH SI Key CHAR   
477 SVSCX Amt./Percentage CHAR   
478 SVSPA SI Division CHAR   
479 SVSPB Calculation of SI Division CHAR   
480 SVSTABNAME Name of internal table structure for selection variants CHAR 30    
481 SVSTABVAL Content of internal table for selection variants CHAR 500    
482 SVSTSOND Preferential tax treatment CHAR   
483 SVTAK SI Scheme CHAR   
484 SVTGE RP-DSV: Social Insurance Days DEC
485 SVTYPE Server type CHAR   
486 SVTYT SI indicator text CHAR 45    
487 SVVER Supplementary SI CHAR   
488 SVZSP Division of SI Supplementary Insurance CHAR   
489 SVZWK Purpose of loan CHAR   
490 SV_SETEBENE Set level for service objects CHAR 10    
491 SWABINDTYP Type of binding operation CHAR   
492 SWA_CONTMO Workflow binding: Container change mode CHAR   
493 SWA_DAFLOW Workflow binding: Data flow CHAR   
494 SWA_ERRCNT Workflow expressions: Message counter NUMC   
495 SWA_EXPRTY Workflow expression type CHAR   
496 SWA_ISKEY Workflow expressions: Attribute is key component CHAR   
497 SWA_LINEID WF: 6-digit line index NUMC   
498 SWA_P_001 packed, 1 byte DEC   
499 SWA_P_002 packed, 2 bytes DEC   
500 SWA_P_003 packed, 3 bytes DEC