SAP ABAP Domain - Index S, page 7
Domain - S
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 SHM_CONSTR_INVOCATION_MODE Shared Objects: Call Type of the Constructor INT4 10    
2 SHM_DETACH_INFO Type of Detach (Constants in CL_SHM_AREA) INT4 10    
3 SHM_DISPLACE_KIND Flag for Displacement Type (Constants in CL_SHM_AREA) INT4 10    
4 SHM_ID General Shared Memory ID INT4 10    
5 SHM_LIFETIME_KIND Kind of Lifetime (Constants in Class CL_SHM_Area) INT4 10    
6 SHM_LIFE_CONTEXT Lifetime of an Area (Constants in CL_SHM_AREA) INT4 10    
7 SHM_LOCK_KIND Type of Handle (Constants in CL_SHM_AREA) INT4 10    
8 SHM_LONG_CNT_P ABAP Shared Objects: Counter Type (Min. 64-Bit Integer) DEC 20    
9 SHM_MONI_ACTION Activity in Shared Objects Monitor CHAR 12    
10 SHM_PROPAGATION_KIND Type of Synchronization (Constants in Class CL_SHM_AREA) INT4 10    
11 SHM_RC Return Value (Constants in CL_SHM_AREA) INT4 10    
12 SHNAM Abbreviation of Customer Name CHAR   
13 SHOME Home statement NUMC   
14 SHORD SH agreement CHAR   
15 SHORTCUT_AUDIENCE_TYPE Shortcut Audience Type CHAR 10    
16 SHORT_INTEGER Integer with +/- Sign (-32.768 .. 32.767) INT2   
17 SHORT_TEXT_ELE short text CHAR   
18 SHOST Symbolic host name CHAR   
19 SHOW Display field CHAR   
20 SHOW_CC Show/Hide Customer Contact CHAR   
21 SHOW_PV_SAVE Display Save Period Consumption Checkbox CHAR   
22 SHOW_ZS_SAVE Display Save Meter Reading Checkbox CHAR   
23 SHPAPOORIG APO procedure control data CHAR   
24 SHPRO Period profile for safety time CHAR   
25 SHP_ATP_AKTYP Processing mode CHAR   
26 SHP_ATP_DOC_TRTYP Document processing mode CHAR   
27 SHP_ATP_GRPMD Group check mode in the LES ATP check CHAR   
29 SHP_DB_INTERFACE_VERSION Database interface version CHAR 10    
30 SHP_ES_GDT_BTDITEMHIERTYPECODE BusinessTransactionDocumentItemHierarchyRelationshipTypeCode CHAR   
31 SHP_ES_GDT_BTD_ITEM_TYPE_CODE BusinessTransactionDocumentItemTypeCode: codes in shipping CHAR   
32 SHP_ES_GDT_BTD_TYPE_CODE BusinessTransactionDocumentTypeCode: codes used in shipping CHAR   
33 SHP_ES_GDT_POD_STATUS_CODE ProofOfDeliveryStatusCode: codes in shipping CHAR   
34 SHP_FCODE_ALLOW Indicator for whether or not a function code is allowed CHAR   
35 SHP_PARTNER_CHECK Partner check for selection of documents due for shipping CHAR   
36 SHP_PICO_NO_MESSAGES_UPDATE Switch: No output determination CHAR   
37 SHP_PLUSMINUS Plus / Minus CHAR   
38 SHP_SET_BY_APPL Flag: cursor position set by application CHAR   
39 SHP_STGE_LOC_CHANGE Temporary Change of Storage Locations in Delivery CHAR   
40 SHP_UOM_PRECEDENCE Priority of units of measure in delivery CHAR   
41 SHP_UPDATE_FLAG Control for copying data into the delivery CHAR   
42 SHP_UPDKZ_ADR Update Indicator for Requested Address Changes CHAR   
43 SHP_UPDKZ_PAR Update Indicator for Requested Partner Changes CHAR   
44 SHP_VL10_ANZEIGEUMFANG Display range CHAR   
45 SHP_VL10_BATCH_INPUT_MODE Batch input mode CHAR   
46 SHP_VL10_BERECHTIGUNG Authorization check of shipping due list CHAR   
47 SHP_VL10_CREATE_PROFILNAME Profile name: create parameters - deliveries CHAR   
48 SHP_VL10_DARSTELLUNG List appearance CHAR   
49 SHP_VL10_DEBUG Debugging control CHAR 10    
50 SHP_VL10_DO_SEL_EXT_TMS Selection of External TMS-Relevant Orders CHAR   
51 SHP_VL10_ENQUE List with/without blocked documents CHAR   
52 SHP_VL10_FCODE Functions in one object of the delivery CHAR 20    
53 SHP_VL10_FCODE_ALLOW_PROFIL Profile of allowed dialog function codes in shippng due list CHAR   
54 SHP_VL10_FCODE_PROFIL Function codes for processing the shipping due list CHAR   
55 SHP_VL10_FCODE_STOCK Transaction for extended stock display CHAR 20    
56 SHP_VL10_KEY_TYPE Type of foreign key for the shipping due list, ALV CHAR   
57 SHP_VL10_KUMNG_RULE Rule for determining the quantity to be delivered CHAR   
58 SHP_VL10_LAYOUT_TYPE Layout type of the shipping due list CHAR   
59 SHP_VL10_LEDAT_RULE Rule for determining default value for deliv. creation date CHAR   
60 SHP_VL10_LIST_TYPE Possible types of shipping due lists CHAR   
61 SHP_VL10_OPEN_DELIVERIES Restriction for selected/displayed deliveries CHAR   
62 SHP_VL10_PACKAGE_TYPE Way in which a packet is created INT4 10    
63 SHP_VL10_PROFILNAME Profile name CHAR   
64 SHP_VL10_PROT_SHOW Log - display mode CHAR   
65 SHP_VL10_SELEKTIONEN Description of the documents that are selected CHAR 20    
66 SHP_VL10_SELKZ_RULE Choose rule on initial output of the list CHAR   
67 SHP_VL10_SEL_HU Parameter that controls selection and display of HUs CHAR   
68 SHP_VL10_SEL_ITEM_ONLY Deliver only selected document items CHAR   
69 SHP_VL10_SEL_SCREEN Selection screen variant for extended delivery due list CHAR   
70 SHP_VL10_SHOW_SCHEDULE_LINE Conditions under which schedule lines are shown CHAR 10    
71 SHP_VL10_SHOW_VBTYPS Sales document categories to be displayed CHAR 20    
72 SHP_VL10_SORT1 First sorting criterion - shipping due date list CHAR   
73 SHP_VL10_SORT_FCODE Sort sequence of FCODES - shipping due date processing NUMC   
74 SHP_VL10_SPLIT_RULE Creation of multiple delivery items per sched. agreemnt item CHAR   
75 SHP_VL10_SZENARIO Shipping due date processing scenario CHAR   
76 SHP_VL10_TASK_NAME Task name CHAR   
77 SHP_VL10_VIEW_MODE Display mode - shipping due date list CHAR   
78 SHP_VL10_YES_NO Yes/no CHAR   
79 SHP_WEIVOL_CUMULATE_ACTION Processing type for the cumulation of weight and volume CHAR   
80 SHP_WEIVOL_ITEM_ACTION Values for calculating item's weight and volume CHAR   
81 SHR_SDATA Data container for HR IDOC data LCHR 3000    
82 SHSKZ Debit/credit indicator CHAR   
83 SHST_DOM_PROCTYPE Type of procedure CHAR   
84 SHST_STATE Status of ABAP Hotspot Trace INT4 10    
85 SHTYP Shipment type CHAR   
86 SHTYPE Type of field assignment of search help and structure CHAR   
87 SHUTDOWN_ACTION Action To Be Terminated During Shutdown INT4 10    
88 SHYPART Mortgage Type CHAR   
89 SH_PRINTTIME Print Time When Displaying Budget Billng Plan CHAR 30    
90 SIACICONUPLOAD_FILE File Name for Icon (for Report SIAC_ICON_UPLOAD) CHAR 12    
91 SIACICONUPLOAD_ICON_INT Internal icon CHAR 10    
92 SIAPPLID SODIS:Application IDs CHAR   
93 SIATTRIB_NAME SODIS:Attribute name (possible values) CHAR 20    
94 SIATTRIB_TXT SODIS:Attribute Description CHAR 250    
95 SIATTRIB_VALUES SI-SODIS:Possible attribute values (check table) CHAR 250    
96 SIBEARBTYP IS-PAM: AI processing type CHAR   
97 SIBEAR_ART IS-M/AM: Ad insert processing types CHAR   
98 SIBFBORIID Instance Ident. in BOR Compat. Persistent Object References CHAR 70    
99 SIBFCATID Category of Objects in Persistent Object References CHAR   
100 SIBFEVENT Event CHAR 32    
101 SIBFINSTID Instance Identification in Persistent Object References CHAR 32    
102 SIBFLPORBU Local Persistent Object Reference - BOR Compatible Unstruct. CHAR 104    
103 SIBFTYPEID Type of Objects in Persistent Object References CHAR 32    
104 SICAT NI category CHAR   
105 SICHT HRIS: data view CHAR   
106 SICHTCON Organizational area CHAR   
107 SICHTKZ Organizational area indicator CHAR   
108 SICHTWEISE View of the data to be processed CHAR   
109 SICJIT_SCENA Scenario for JIT Internet CHAR   
110 SICJIT_SORTB Sort criteria for SICJIT scenario CHAR   
111 SICJIT_VIEW View of Internet scenario CHAR   
112 SICNO Standard Industry Code CHAR   
113 SIC_BOOLEAN Boolean Type CHAR   
114 SIC_CARDINALITY Cardinality of a node relationship CHAR   
115 SIC_COMM_MODE Communication mode INT1   
116 SIC_CONTENT_TYPE Content type CHAR   
117 SIC_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 40    
118 SIC_EXECUTE_PARALLEL Flag: Execute Service as parallel task INT1   
119 SIC_FIELD_PROPERTY Field property CHAR   
120 SIC_FM_FIELD_WEIGHT Weight of a field in Fine Match DEC
121 SIC_FM_MULTI_NODE_STRATEGY Definition of comparison strategy for node instances NUMC   
122 SIC_FM_MULTI_VALUE_STRATEGY Definition of comparison strategy for multi value fields NUMC   
123 SIC_FM_NODE_WEIGHT Weight of a node in Fine Match DEC
124 SIC_FM_THRESHHOLD_MATCH Threshhold for match DEC
125 SIC_HANA_STRING String CHAR 40    
126 SIC_INDEX_DESTINATION RFC Destination for SES or Catalog for MDM CHAR 32    
127 SIC_INDEX_FIELD_NAME Field name CHAR 30    
128 SIC_INDEX_INDEX_OBJECT Index object for SES or Catalog for MDM CHAR 10    
129 SIC_INDEX_OBJECT_TYPE Type of the indexed object CHAR 10    
130 SIC_INDEX_SEARCH_ENGINE Define the index and search engine CHAR 10    
131 SIC_INT_COUNTER Counter INT4 10    
132 SIC_KUNNR Customer number CHAR 10    
133 SIC_LIFNR Vendor's account number CHAR 10    
134 SIC_LOG_LEVEL Log level INT4 10    
135 SIC_MARKER Marker for xml CHAR 30    
136 SIC_MATCH_TYPE Match Type NUMC   
137 SIC_MAX_HITS Maximum number of hits for an usable search result NUMC   
138 SIC_MESSAGE_TYPE_COUNTER Counter for messages of a specific type INT4 10    
139 SIC_NORM_ANORMR_STATUS Status of Attribute Normalizing Rule CHAR   
140 SIC_NORM_ATTR_ASSIGN_TYPE Type of Attribute Assignment CHAR   
141 SIC_NORM_ATTR_NORM_RULE Atttribute Normalizing Rule CHAR 30    
142 SIC_NORM_BASIC_RULE Basic Normalizing Rule CHAR 30    
143 SIC_NORM_BASIC_RULE_TYPE Rule Type for Basic Normalizing Rule CHAR 30    
145 SIC_NORM_CONDITION Condition CHAR 30    
146 SIC_NORM_CONDITIONAL_RULE Conditinal Rule CHAR 30    
147 SIC_NORM_CONDITION_TYPE Condition Type CHAR 30    
148 SIC_NORM_CONDRU_STATUS Status of Conditional Rule CHAR   
149 SIC_NORM_COND_CONST_VALUE Constant for Conditions of Condition Type CHAR 30    
150 SIC_NORM_DESCRIPTION Descriiotions CHAR 60    
151 SIC_NORM_FIXED_UOM Flag: Unit of Measurement is fixed CHAR   
153 SIC_NORM_NORMST_CONTEXT_STATUS Status of Object Normalizing Strategy CHAR   
154 SIC_NORM_NORMST_STATUS Status of Object Normalizing Strategy CHAR   
155 SIC_NORM_OBJ_NORM_STRAT Object Normlizing Strategy CHAR 30    
156 SIC_NORM_REGEX Regular Expression CHAR 120    
157 SIC_NORM_TOKEN Token CHAR 120    
158 SIC_NORM_TOKEN_SEPARATOR Separator for Tokens CHAR 255    
159 SIC_NORM_TOKEN_SET Set of Tokens CHAR 30    
160 SIC_NORM_TYPE Normalization type CHAR 20    
161 SIC_NORM_VARIABLE_NAME Variable Name CHAR 20    
162 SIC_NORM_VARIABLE_TYPE Type of Variable CHAR   
163 SIC_NORM_VAR_TYPE_ANORMRI Type of Variable in Interface of Attribute Normalizing Rules CHAR   
164 SIC_OWNER Owner of table entries (Namespace separation) CHAR   
165 SIC_PARAMETER_NAME Parameter name CHAR 30    
166 SIC_PARAMETER_VALUE Parameter value CHAR 70    
167 SIC_PROFILE_ACTIVE Profile is active CHAR   
168 SIC_PROFILE_TYPE_TEXT Description of profile type CHAR 30    
169 SIC_PROVIDER_TYPE Provider type CHAR   
170 SIC_READ_DB Read the formula from DB CHAR   
171 SIC_RUNTIME_MODE Runtime mode of framework and services NUMC   
172 SIC_SERVICE_NAME Name of a service CHAR 30    
173 SIC_SERVICE_TYPE Service Type CHAR   
174 SIC_SRC_CONDITION Strategy condition CHAR 60    
175 SIC_SRC_FORMULA Strategy formula CHAR 200    
176 SIC_SRC_FORM_ID Formula ID CHAR 32    
177 SIC_SRC_PERCENTAGE Percentage DEC   
178 SIC_SRC_PRECISION Search precision CHAR 10    
179 SIC_SRC_TYPE Search type CHAR   
180 SIEVNT Sub-item events NUMC   
181 SIFRIDOCIO Processing Direction for IDocs CHAR   
182 SIGAUTXT Short Text for Authorization Group for Digital Signatures CHAR 40    
183 SIGGR Tracking limit DEC
184 SIGN +/- sign CHAR   
185 SIGNAUTH Authorization Group for Digital Signatures CHAR   
186 SIGNBEZ +/- sign of reference item CHAR   
187 SIGNCOUN Internal Counter for Strategy/Individual Signature Assignmnt NUMC   
188 SIGND Previous day indicator CHAR   
189 SIGNMETHOD SSF PP/PI: Signing method CHAR   
190 SIGNSEQ Sequence indicator for individual signatures CHAR   
191 SIGNSTAT Int. Release Status Counter (dig.sig. mutiple-sig.principle) NUMC   
192 SIGNSTEP Individual Signature CHAR   
193 SIGNSTRAT Signature Strategy CHAR   
194 SIGN_ACTION Signature Step in a Signature Process CHAR   
195 SIGN_AP Plan/actual indicator CHAR   
196 SIGN_APPL Application for Digital Signature CHAR   
197 SIGN_ARCH_STATE Archiving Status for Digital Signature CHAR   
198 SIGN_BTGL Sign for change in share CHAR   
199 SIGN_BW Debit/credit sign (+/-) CHAR   
200 SIGN_CL +/- sign CHAR   
201 SIGN_COMM Comment on Digital Signature STRG   
202 SIGN_CP Check/Post Indicator CHAR   
203 SIGN_DOC Binary Document for Digital Signature RSTR   
204 SIGN_DOM Select Option - Sign CHAR   
205 SIGN_DRULE Digital Signature: Document Rule NUMC   
206 SIGN_EXT External Digital Signature CHAR   
207 SIGN_FLAG Balance sheet preparation (check +/- sign indicator) CHAR   
208 SIGN_FLAG2 Indicator with Two States 'X', ' ' CHAR   
209 SIGN_FLAG3 Indicator with Three States 'X', 'O', ' ' CHAR   
210 SIGN_FML +/- sign for formula CHAR   
211 SIGN_INDEX Index Within a Signature Process NUMC   
212 SIGN_KK +/- Sign CHAR   
213 SIGN_MAX Quantity/Maximum Quantity Indicator CHAR   
214 SIGN_METHOD Selection of Signature Method CHAR   
215 SIGN_NAME Complete Name of the Digital Signature Log CHAR 62    
216 SIGN_OBJECT Digital Signature Object CHAR   
217 SIGN_RANGE Selection operator SIGN (as per range table) CHAR   
218 SIGN_RANGE_PROPREFIX Selection Operator SIGN (According to Range Table) - Copy CHAR   
219 SIGN_REASON Reason for Signature CHAR 70    
220 SIGN_REMARK_CHG Remark Can Be Changed CHAR   
221 SIGN_STATE Digital Signature: Three States CHAR   
222 SIGN_STATE_REMARK Digital Signature: States When Entering Remark CHAR   
223 SIGN_STYPE Digital Signature: Character 20 Field CHAR 20    
224 SIGN_TXT Domain for Digital Signature Descriptions CHAR 70    
225 SIGN_TYPE Type of Signature CHAR   
226 SIGN_TYPE_SINGLE Signature Type For Single Signatory CHAR   
227 SIGSTETXT Short Text for Individual Signature CHAR 40    
228 SIGSTTXT Short Text for Signature Strategy CHAR 40    
229 SIG_CO_OBJ Digital signature in ECO before object processing CHAR   
230 SIG_CO_REL Electronic signature in ECO on release CHAR   
231 SIG_DOCRULE Rule for layout of document to be signed CHAR   
232 SIG_IL_RES Dig. signature in inspection lot when results are recorded CHAR   
233 SIG_IL_RES_EHP New Digital Signature     
234 SIG_IL_SDR Digital signature for confirmation of phys.-sample drawing CHAR   
235 SIG_IL_SDR_EHP New Digital Signature     
236 SIG_IL_USA Digital signature for insp. lot when usage decision made CHAR   
237 SIG_IL_USA_EHP New Digital Signature     
238 SIG_LINENO Line number of the signed document NUMC   
239 SIG_NO Number of Signature NUMC 20    
240 SIG_NUMCUR Current signature NUMC   
241 SIG_OBJ Signature Object CHAR   
242 SIG_SAVMOD Signature: save mode CHAR   
243 SIG_SH Digital signature in the PI sheet CHAR   
244 SIHAN Handling of sub-item data CHAR   
245 SIKGR Processing key for sub-items CHAR   
246 SIKOTYP Internal cond. category NUMC   
247 SIKTY Account assignment category in sub-item CHAR   
248 SILM_VIEW_ID View Description CHAR 30    
249 SIMAM Alloc tbl qty simulation CHAR   
250 SIMG_ACT IMG attribute: Activity NUMC   
251 SIMG_CRIT IMG attribute: Critical NUMC   
252 SIMG_C_AT1 IMG attribute: Customer attribute 1 CHAR   
253 SIMG_C_AT2 IMG attribute: Customer attribute 2 CHAR   
254 SIMG_C_AT3 IMG attribute: Customer attribute 3 CHAR   
255 SIMG_C_OPT IMG attribute: Country ID CHAR   
256 SIMG_L_OPT IMG attribute: Industry sector ID CHAR   
257 SIMG_MIDDL IMG attribute: Medium-sized firms CHAR   
258 SIMG_STAT Status within IMG status management CHAR 10    
259 SIMID SIM Card Number CHAR 20    
260 SIMID_UI SIM Card Number CHAR 20    
261 SIMRUNID Identification of simulation run CHAR   
262 SIMRUNSTATE Status of mass simulation run CHAR   
263 SIMSTATE Status of simulation index NUMC   
264 SIMUCTR Invoice Simulation Control Indicator CHAR   
265 SIMULATION Indicator for billing simulation CHAR   
266 SIMULATION_CODE Simulation Code CHAR   
267 SIMUPD ISU: Update Simulation for Selective Rate Transport CHAR   
268 SIMVAR Simulation version (RA Reporting) CHAR   
269 SIM_AG Simulation of automatic account assignment, application area CHAR   
270 SIM_CHANGE_MODE Change Mode for Identity: 'C'reate, 'U'pdate, 'D'elete CHAR   
271 SIM_DELTA_FLAG Change Mode for Delta Roles and Profiles CHAR   
272 SIM_DOC Indicator: Simulated billing docs selected for invoicing CHAR   
273 SIM_INPUT Simulation of automatic account assignment, input mode CHAR   
274 SIM_KCHECK Simulation automatic account assignment, accounts check CHAR   
275 SIM_METHOD Simulation Method of Remaining Depreciation CHAR   
276 SIM_PLAUF Indicator for simulative planned orders CHAR   
277 SIM_PROFIL Simulation profile CHAR   
278 SIM_VALUE Simulation CHAR   
279 SINDI No longer used CHAR   
280 SINKASSO Collection type CHAR   
281 SINSTBEZ Maintenance district NUMC   
282 SINT4_NOS INT4 without sign INT4 10    
283 SIN_AC_DO SAPBPT: To be completed explicitly CHAR   
284 SIN_ADRNAM SAPBPT: Address name CHAR 35    
285 SIN_ATTACH SAPBPT: Attachments CHAR   
288 SIN_CLDEP SAPBPT: Text length 255 CHAR 255    
289 SIN_CL_DES SAPBPT: Class description CHAR 20    
290 SIN_CNT Counter field NUMC   
291 SIN_CTYPE Attribute type CHAR   
293 SIN_DAT_OU SAPBPT: Output of date field CHAR 10    
294 SIN_DHSTAT Deadline status CHAR 24    
295 SIN_DISTRI SAPBPT: Distribution list CHAR 40    
296 SIN_DYNCOL Dynamic column (long) CHAR 80    
297 SIN_DYNCOM Dynamic column (medium) CHAR 30    
298 SIN_DYNCOS Dynamic column (short) CHAR 10    
300 SIN_FLAG2 SAPBPT: Flag length 2 CHAR   
301 SIN_FNAME SAPBPT: Field name CHAR   
302 SIN_FOLDES Folder description CHAR 50    
303 SIN_FOLID Folder ID CHAR 17    
304 SIN_FOLNAM Folder name CHAR 12    
305 SIN_FOLRGT Type of folder area CHAR 20    
306 SIN_FORFB SAPBPT: No forwarding CHAR   
307 SIN_GROUID Sort Key 2 CHAR 45    
308 SIN_HIGH SAPBPT: HIGH field of SELECT-OPTIONS table CHAR 100    
309 SIN_ICON Icon CHAR   
310 SIN_IND10 SAPBPT: Index 10 characters NUMC 10    
311 SIN_INT4 SAPBPT: Index 10 characters INT4 10    
312 SIN_LOW SAPBPT: LOW field of SELECT-OPTIONS table CHAR 100    
313 SIN_MARK Checkbox CHAR   
314 SIN_NOT_NR Numbers of notes for a work item NUMC   
315 SIN_NUM10 NUMC field, length 10 NUMC 10    
316 SIN_NUMC10 SAPBPT: Index 10 characters NUMC 10    
317 SIN_NUMC3 SAPBPT: 3-digit number NUMC   
318 SIN_OBJCHN Object can be changed CHAR 20    
319 SIN_OBJLEN Size of document content CHAR 12    
320 SIN_OBJRD SAPBPT: Viewed flag CHAR   
321 SIN_OBJRR SAPBPT: Reply required CHAR   
322 SIN_OBJRS Reply sent CHAR   
323 SIN_OBJSND Object has already been sent CHAR   
324 SIN_OBJ_AC SAPBPT: Processing status CHAR 32    
325 SIN_OBJ_DE SAPBPT: Object description CHAR 100    
326 SIN_OBJ_NA SAPBPT: Object name CHAR 12    
327 SIN_OBJ_PR SAPBPT: Object priority CHAR   
328 SIN_OBJ_TP SAPBPT: Object type CHAR   
330 SIN_PNAME SAPBPT: Field name CHAR 10    
331 SIN_POS SAPBPT: Position display NUMC   
332 SIN_PRIFB SAPBPT: Printing not allowed CHAR   
333 SIN_PROC SAPBPT: Process CHAR   
334 SIN_PTYPE Attribute type CHAR   
335 SIN_RAW255 SAPBPT: Binary data, length 255 RAW 255    
336 SIN_REC_PR SAPBPT: Recipient priority CHAR   
337 SIN_REJECT Rejectable CHAR   
338 SIN_RESUB SAPBPT: Resubmission CHAR   
339 SIN_RFCDES SAPBPT: Destination of an RFC call CHAR 32    
340 SIN_SELECT SAPBPT: Selection field CHAR   
342 SIN_SND_BC SAPBPT: Blind copy CHAR   
344 SIN_SND_EX SAPBPT: Express length 2 CHAR   
345 SIN_STATSO SAPBPT: Office status attributes CHAR 20    
346 SIN_STATUS SAPBPT: Status attribute CHAR 12    
347 SIN_STATWF SAPBPT: Workflow status attributes CHAR 20    
348 SIN_STICON Status Workplace CHAR 20    
349 SIN_STYLE Style attributes for lines INT1   
350 SIN_SUBCL Subclass workplace CHAR 12    
351 SIN_SYSTEM SAPBPT: System CHAR 12    
352 SIN_TASK SAPBPT: Task CHAR 40    
353 SIN_TIM_OU SAPBPT: Output of time field CHAR   
356 SIN_TP_DES SAPBPT: Type description CHAR 30    
357 SIN_TXT001 SAPBPT: Text length 1 CHAR   
358 SIN_TXT004 SAPBPT: Text length 4 CHAR   
359 SIN_TXT012 SAPBPT: Text length 12 CHAR 12    
360 SIN_TXT020 Configuration Name CHAR 20    
361 SIN_TXT030 SAPBPT: Text length 30 CHAR 30    
362 SIN_TXT050 Column title CHAR 50    
363 SIN_TXT070 Text, length 70 CHAR 70    
364 SIN_TXT100 Column title CHAR 100    
365 SIN_TXT200 Text length 200 CHAR 200    
366 SIN_TXT255 SAPBPT: Text length 255 CHAR 255    
367 SIN_TXT36 Text, length 36 CHAR 36    
368 SIN_USER SAPBPT: User name CHAR 12    
370 SIN_VISIB Visibility status INT1   
371 SIN_WIOBJ Sort Key 1 CHAR 45    
372 SIPST Item category in sub-item CHAR   
373 SIPT_MOVEMENT_TYPE SAFT-PT Movement of Goods - Movement Type CHAR   
374 SIPT_PRINT_CHAR Signature PT: Print Characters CHAR   
375 SIPT_SOURCE_OF_BILLING SAFT-PT Movement of Goods - Source of Billing CHAR   
376 SIQM_ACTION Action/Correction (Information Quality) CHAR 30    
378 SIQM_CHECKKIND Kind of Check CHAR   
379 SIQM_CHECKNAME Check Identifier (Information Quality) CHAR 40    
380 SIQM_CHECKSCOPE Scope of Check CHAR   
381 SIQM_CHECKTYPE Check Technology (Information Quality) CHAR 20    
382 SIQM_DELTATIME LOC Timestamp Short Form (JJJJMMTThhmmss) for BI Delta DEC 15    
383 SIQM_DEVIANCE Deviation from Target (0 to 100) DEC
384 SIQM_HASHKEY Hash Value: Object Key CHAR 42    
385 SIQM_INSPECTION Inspection plan (Information Quality) CHAR 30    
386 SIQM_INSPECTIONTYPE Type of Inspection CHAR   
387 SIQM_OBJECTTYPE Object Type (Information Quality) CHAR 40    
388 SIQM_OBJECTTYPE_FULL Object Type Long Form (Information Quality) STRG   
389 SIQM_OBJECTVALUE Object Value (Information Quality) --> RSCHAVL CHAR 60    
390 SIQM_PACKAGE Number of Data Package INT4 10    
391 SIQM_PROCESS Process (Information Quality) CHAR 30    
392 SIQM_PROCESSTYPE Type of Process (Information Quality) CHAR 10    
393 SIQM_RECORD Number of Data Record/Data Object INT4 10    
394 SIQM_RELATIONTYPE Type of Relation CHAR   
395 SIQM_SOURCETECHNOLOGY Object Technology (Information Quality) CHAR   
397 SITETYPE Site Type CHAR 32    
398 SITKZ Specification for Issuing Valuated Stock in Transit CHAR   
399 SITSICONUPLOAD_SELECTTYPE ITS: Type of Selection for ICON Upload CHAR   
400 SITS_SERVICE_PARAMETER Service Parameters CHAR 255    
401 SITUA Situation CHAR   
402 SITXT Text for National Insurance category CHAR 35    
404 SIWP_RANGE_OF_USE Range of use of a structure/view in the audit area CHAR   
405 SIWP_TXT50 Description CHAR 50    
406 SIW_COM_ACCESS_MODE Obsolete: Operation code of a service operation CHAR   
407 SIW_COM_OPERATION_CODE Obsolete: Operation code of a service operation CHAR   
408 SIW_DOM_ACCESS_MODE Operation code of a service operation CHAR   
409 SIW_DOM_ACTIVATION_GROUP Activation Group Number NUMC   
410 SIW_DOM_API_CMP_ID Name of funtion module, method or service operation CHAR 120    
411 SIW_DOM_API_ID Name of function pool, class, interface or service interface CHAR 120    
413 SIW_DOM_ASYNC_PATTERN Pattern for asynchronous service operations CHAR   
414 SIW_DOM_AUTH_CHECK Flag f. authorization check CHAR   
415 SIW_DOM_BOPF_ACCESS_MODE Operation code of a service operation CHAR   
416 SIW_DOM_BOPF_BO_NAME Bopf BO Name CHAR 120    
418 SIW_DOM_BO_NAME Domain for business object names CHAR 120    
419 SIW_DOM_BO_NAME_ABRV Domain for business object names CHAR 16    
420 SIW_DOM_CHECK_RESULT SIW check result INT4 10    
422 SIW_DOM_CLIF_CATEGORY Class/Interface Category (SEOCATEGRY) NUMC   
423 SIW_DOM_CLIF_INCL_EXTENSION Extensions of CLIF includes CHAR   
424 SIW_DOM_CMP_CALLBACK_ID Callback Id in Code Composer CHAR 100    
425 SIW_DOM_CONFIG_ID ID of the configuration CHAR 20    
428 SIW_DOM_DIRECTION Direction of a Service Operation CHAR   
429 SIW_DOM_DISPLAY_MODE Display Mode of Variable CHAR   
430 SIW_DOM_ESR_NAMESPACE ES Repository Namespace (case sensitive) CHAR 255    
432 SIW_DOM_ESR_SERVICE ES Repository Service (case sensitive) CHAR 120    
433 SIW_DOM_ESR_TYPE_CATEGORY ES Repository Type Category CHAR   
434 SIW_DOM_EXAMPLE_DROPDOWN domain for example dropdown CHAR 10    
435 SIW_DOM_EXML_DIRECTION extendend XML direction CHAR   
437 SIW_DOM_FIELD_NAME Domain for SXF field names CHAR 120    
438 SIW_DOM_FLAG Obsolete: Indicator for General Use CHAR   
439 SIW_DOM_FLG Yes/No - Field CHAR   
440 SIW_DOM_FLG_CHECK_TRANS_CONFL check for transport conflicts before generation CHAR   
441 SIW_DOM_FLG_CUSTOM_MAPPING Domain flag custom mapping CHAR   
442 SIW_DOM_FLG_INACTIVE domain flag config inactive CHAR   
443 SIW_DOM_GEN_SCOPE SIW Generation Scope CHAR   
444 SIW_DOM_IDT_PREFIX Domain for IDT prefix CHAR 30    
445 SIW_DOM_IF_PATTERN Interface Pattern CHAR 10    
446 SIW_DOM_LANDSCAPE_ID ID of landscape CHAR 20    
447 SIW_DOM_LANG_CONFLICT_STRATEGY SIW: Language Conflict Resolution Strategy CHAR   
449 SIW_DOM_MSGTYPE_KIND Domain for Messagetype kind CHAR   
450 SIW_DOM_NODE_ID domain for node id CHAR 128    
451 SIW_DOM_OBJSTABLTY Release status of a development object CHAR   
452 SIW_DOM_OCCURRENCE Cardinality of Service Operation CHAR   
453 SIW_DOM_OPERATION_KIND Kind of Service Operations CHAR   
454 SIW_DOM_OPERATION_TYPE Service operation type CHAR 16    
455 SIW_DOM_PAKNOCHECK Check exceptions for package checks CHAR   
456 SIW_DOM_PIECE_ID Domain for piece ids CHAR 48    
457 SIW_DOM_PIECE_NAME SIW: Domain for Object Name CHAR 100    
458 SIW_DOM_PIECE_TYPE piece type INT4 10    
459 SIW_DOM_PIECE_TYPE_DESCR_STATE State of a piece description CHAR   
460 SIW_DOM_PROCESS_POINT_OF_TIME SIW: Point of Time of a Process Block/Step CHAR   
461 SIW_DOM_PROJECT_ID Projekt ID CHAR 40    
462 SIW_DOM_PROJECT_REALM project realm STRG   
463 SIW_DOM_PROJECT_STATE Obsolete: Enumerates Project States CHAR   
464 SIW_DOM_PROPERTY_VAL property value CHAR 128    
465 SIW_DOM_PROXY_SOURCE Proxy Generation: Proxy Type CHAR 30    
466 SIW_DOM_PRX_DIR Proxy Generation: Interface Direction (Inbound/Outbound) CHAR   
467 SIW_DOM_PRX_PREFIX Domain for SPROXY prefix CHAR 20    
468 SIW_DOM_RELEASE_ID release id CHAR 30    
469 SIW_DOM_RELEASE_STATE Life cycle state CHAR   
471 SIW_DOM_RESERVATION_NAMESPACE domain for name reservations (namespaces) CHAR 30    
472 SIW_DOM_RESERVATION_UUID domain for reservation uuids RAW 16    
473 SIW_DOM_RESERVED_NAME domain for reserved object names CHAR 255    
474 SIW_DOM_SEMANTIC_ID Semantic ID CHAR 120    
475 SIW_DOM_SERVICE_LEVEL SIW Service Creation Type CHAR   
476 SIW_DOM_SERVICE_TYPE Service operation type CHAR 16    
477 SIW_DOM_SG_PROCESS_COMPONENT SIW: Process Component of a Service Group STRG   
478 SIW_DOM_SG_TARGET_NAME SIW: Target Name of a Service Group STRG   
479 SIW_DOM_SG_TARGET_NAMESPACE SIW: Target Namespace of a Service Group STRG   
480 SIW_DOM_STATE Enumerates States CHAR   
481 SIW_DOM_STATUS_CLASS Classifies the Status CHAR 200    
482 SIW_DOM_STATUS_CODE SIW Status definition NUMC   
483 SIW_DOM_STATUS_STORE SIW Status storage type NUMC 20    
484 SIW_DOM_STATUS_TEXT Statustext CHAR 60    
486 SIW_DOM_SWCV_CAPTION software component version caption CHAR 30    
488 SIW_DOM_SYNC_MODE Sync mode of a service CHAR   
489 SIW_DOM_TESTDATA testdata RSTR   
490 SIW_DOM_TIMESTAMP Test Timestamp SIW Table Entry Producer DEC 21 
491 SIW_DOM_TRANS_STRAT transport strategy CHAR   
492 SIW_DOM_TRAN_CONFLICT_STRATEGY SIW Domain: Transport Conflict Resolution Strategy CHAR   
493 SIW_DOM_TYPE_NAME Domain for ES Repository type name CHAR 120    
494 SIW_DOM_UNSAVED_LVL Level of the modification CHAR   
495 SIW_DOM_VARIANT_ID variant id CHAR 50    
496 SIW_DOM_XFELD Yes/No field CHAR   
497 SIW_DTE_PROGNAME Servie Implementation - Program Name CHAR 30    
498 SIZECL Classification of the scale of an object CHAR   
499 SIZEC_CM Document value class from credit view CHAR   
500 SIZE_FREQU FreqSize INT4 10