SAP ABAP Domain - Index S, page 3
Domain - S
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 SBELA Indicator for rental unit occupancy type NUMC   
2 SBELN Document no. of allocation rule CHAR 10    
3 SBERI Number of the adjustment portfolio CHAR 10    
4 SBESANT Holding CHAR   
5 SBETTYP Legal form NUMC   
6 SBEWAGRP Flow type group CHAR   
7 SBEWART Flow type of flow item CHAR   
8 SBEWEGRP Flow record group in cash flow calculator NUMC   
9 SBEWEGRP2 Flow Record Group in Cash Flow Calculator NUMC   
10 SBEWFIMA Calculation categories of cash flow calculator CHAR   
11 SBEWGRP Valuation group (pool securities acct) CHAR   
12 SBEWK Valuation type indicator NUMC   
13 SBEWKR Financial Assets Management valuation area CHAR   
14 SBEWTYP Valuation type (individual/collective) CHAR   
15 SBEWZITI Flow category CHAR   
16 SBEWZUAB Category of Additional Flow Types for Valuation CHAR   
17 SBFAK Credit Factor NUMC   
18 SBFA_ALPHA ABAP/4 valiadtion: Domain with conversion ALPHA CHAR 10    
19 SBF_CHKPRG Check program for BAPI Todo CHAR 20    
20 SBF_PRIO Priority of TODO message NUMC   
21 SBF_PRIOX Priority of BAPI Todo message (data transfer format) CHAR   
22 SBGRD Challenge group CHAR   
23 SBGRP_CM Credit representative group for credit management CHAR   
24 SBIACTION Self-billing processing types CHAR   
25 SBILK Balance sheet indicator CHAR   
26 SBINAKTIV Agent is not Active CHAR   
27 SBIZC_BOOL Boolean CHAR   
28 SBJKT Examination area for internal medical service CHAR   
29 SBMIGAUTO Migration (Automatic/Manual) CHAR   
30 SBNAM Person responsible CHAR 12    
31 SBNUM Simulation requirements number NUMC 10    
32 SBOBJNR Internal collateral object number NUMC 10    
33 SBONI Credit standing application NUMC   
34 SBONITA Credit standing of applicant CHAR   
35 SBORMINST PPMS Main Instance CHAR 20    
36 SBORMPNR Generically Created Key (in CST) CHAR 20    
37 SBORPVNR Product Versions CHAR 20    
38 SBO_CAT Loans: Business operation category CHAR   
39 SBO_STATUS Loans: Business operation status CHAR   
40 SBO_TERM Unscheduled repayment: Term end - ID for reduced term CHAR   
41 SBPOS Simulation requirements item number NUMC   
42 SBPROZ Percentage: NNN,nnn DEC
43 SBPTSTYLE Apeparance of Container Bars CHAR   
44 SBPT_GROUP FWWP: Assignment of function object CHAR   
45 SBP_CR Creation of Posting in Self-Billing Procedure CHAR   
46 SBP_NF Necessity to Create Posting CHAR   
47 SBRANCH Industry sector CHAR 15    
48 SBRANCHE Industry number NUMC   
49 SBRART Accountancy firms fuel type NUMC   
50 SBREF Reference of special stock indicator CHAR   
51 SBRNTTTDOM SBRN Test Environment CHAR 30    
52 SBRN_KEY Table Keys RSTR   
54 SBRN_STR Text Field of Unrestricted Length STRG   
55 SBRUNE Compression ID CHAR   
56 SBRUTNET Gross/net indicator NUMC   
57 SBSTYP Category of purchasing document (external service) CHAR   
58 SBTOLVAL Tolerance Value as Absolute Amount in a Currency CURR 13 
59 SBTRT Negative indicator for wage types CHAR   
60 SBVER Processing indicator: screen sequence, special stock CHAR   
61 SBWNR Applicant number NUMC   
62 SBWSTAT Applicant status CHAR   
63 SBWTYP Applicant category CHAR   
64 SBZUZVER Replacement volume corrctn factor proc. for reg. reltnshp ZZ CHAR   
65 SB_INTG Indicator for generating scale values CHAR   
66 SB_KRECH Indicator for usage as calculation type CHAR   
67 SB_LENMOD Indicator for variable input length for scale values CHAR   
68 SB_RATWV Measuring DEC 12 
69 SB_RNDRL Indicator rounding rule allowed CHAR   
70 SB_UNITCHECK Check unit of measure for a scale basis CHAR   
71 SC2_BCO_ACCESSTYPE C2: Configuration Data Access Type NUMC   
72 SC2_BCO_EXITNAME Exit Event Name CHAR 30    
73 SC2_BCO_IF_TYPE Interface Types for Access to C2 Server NUMC   
74 SC2_BCO_NODE_IS_CODE Node is of type Code CHAR   
75 SC2_BCO_PROPNAME Configuration Object Attribute CHAR 30    
76 SC2_BCO_PROPVALUE C2 Server: Attribute Value CHAR   
77 SC2_BCO_PROPVALUE_TIME_DEP Configuration Time-Dependency CHAR   
78 SC2_BCO_PROPVALUE_TIME_DEP_VAL Time-Dependence: Field Attributes CHAR   
79 SC2_BCO_QUERYTYPE C2: Method Query Type (e.g. Fully-Qualified) NUMC   
80 SC2_BCO_RETURNCODE C2: Return Code INT4 10    
81 SC2_IDE_APP_PARID Application ID Parameters CHAR 10    
82 SC2_IDE_APP_PARVAL Parameter Values CHAR 100    
83 SC2_IDE_PARID Parameter ID of Central C2 IDE CHAR 10    
86 SCABAS Scale basis (KZBZG) CHAR   
87 SCACD Standard Carrier Access Code CHAR   
88 SCAGR Scales group CHAR   
89 SCAID Scale identification CHAR 10    
90 SCALEDTYP Staggered interest rate type CHAR   
91 SCALEN Length of scale value NUMC   
92 SCALE_ART Scale type CHAR   
93 SCALE_ID Scale ID NUMC   
94 SCAL_CALENDAR Calendar type CHAR 30    
95 SCART Screen type NUMC   
96 SCATRY Question Categories CHAR 20    
97 SCATYP Indicator from/to (STFKZ) CHAR   
98 SCCMSCIMNAME CIM Class Names CHAR 64    
100 SCCMSSLDALIAS System Landscape Directory Alias Name CHAR 20    
101 SCCONFLICT Exception Rule for Non-Working Days CHAR   
102 SCCOUNT_SC Item ID CHAR 12    
103 SCC_ASPECT_GROUP_ID SCC: Check Aspect Group CHAR 30    
104 SCC_ASPECT_ID SCC: Check Aspect CHAR 30    
105 SCC_ASPECT_ID_SSTRING SCC: Check Aspect SSTR 30    
106 SCC_ASPECT_KIND SCC: Check Aspect Type CHAR   
107 SCC_ASPECT_VALUE SCC: Check Aspect Value SSTR 255    
108 SCC_ASPECT_VALUE_FXDLN SCC: Check Aspect Value CHAR 255    
109 SCC_ASPECT_VALUE_ID SCC: Value of a Parameterizable Check Aspect CHAR 10    
110 SCC_BOOL ABAP Code Completion: Boolean (true, false) INT1   
111 SCC_CONFIG_ID SCC: Check Configuration CHAR 30    
112 SCC_CONFIG_ID_SSTRING SCC: Check Configuration SSTR 30    
113 SCC_DATE SCC: Date DATS   
114 SCC_DESCRIPTION SCC: Short Description CHAR 80    
115 SCC_PARAMETERS SCC: Check Parameter of a Parameterizable Check Aspect RSTR   
116 SCC_PRIORITY SCC: Priority INT1   
117 SCC_RULE_ID SCC: Check Configuration Rule CHAR 30    
118 SCC_USER SCC: User CHAR 12    
119 SCC_VALUE_ORIGIN SCC: Check Aspect Type (Domain or Service Class) CHAR 30    
120 SCC_VERSION SCC: Version CHAR   
121 SCC_WB_ASPVALUE_DEFAULTFLAG Default Check Aspect Value Flag CHAR   
122 SCDSUBACT Indicator: Subitem active CHAR   
123 SCDTKONZS Group keys CHAR 10    
124 SCDTLTYP Lock Type CHAR   
125 SCDTOBJTYP Object Type CHAR   
126 SCDTOPER Operator in Filter Condition CHAR   
127 SCDTOPERATOR Operator for Selection Conditions CHAR   
128 SCDTOPT Options CHAR 50    
129 SCDTSECOMPDESCR Scout Initial Screen: Software Component Description CHAR 40    
130 SCDTSUBJCT Maintenance Object CHAR   
131 SCDTSWCOMP Software component CHAR 30    
132 SCDTSYSDES System description CHAR 60    
133 SCDTSYSID System ID Display Field CHAR 10    
134 SCDTSYSRL Cross-System Monitoring: Role of a System in Comparison CHAR   
135 SCDTSYSROL Role of a System in a Landscape CHAR   
136 SCDTTRGGRP_C Distribution Target Group CHAR 30    
137 SCDTTRIG Start method CHAR   
138 SCDTTRIG_S Start Method CHAR   
139 SCDTTRPURP Timestamp Type CHAR 10    
140 SCDTVERS Version CHAR 10    
141 SCDTWLKIND Comparison/Adjustment Worklist Creation Type CHAR   
142 SCDT_DISTTYPE Distribution Type CHAR   
143 SCDT_DIST_FLG Distribution-Relevant CHAR   
144 SCDT_EXC Exception Types CHAR   
145 SCDT_FINISHED Successful (W = Warning) CHAR   
146 SCDT_ID Customizing Distribution Object CHAR 32    
147 SCDT_LOCK_TYPE Blocking type CHAR   
148 SCDT_LOG_TIME_SELECTION Text for date selection CHAR 32    
149 SCDT_PURPOSE Klassifizierung der RFC-Destinationen CHAR 10    
150 SCDT_SCENA Scenarios for Mapping CHAR 32    
151 SCDT_SZENA Distribution Group CHAR 32    
152 SCD_CD (C)opy/(D)elete CHAR   
153 SCEDAT LCHR(3600) LCHR 3600    
154 SCENE Scenario of Meter reading Activities on Transaction Date NUMC   
155 SCEN_DESCR Short Description for Check Scenario CHAR 80    
156 SCEN_EDIT_MODE Editing Option CHAR   
157 SCEN_HMODE Status for Switchable Authorization Checks Scenario CHAR   
158 SCEN_MODE Mode for Switchable Authorization Checks Scenario CHAR   
159 SCEN_MODI Modification flag CHAR   
160 SCEN_NAME Scenario Name for Switchable Authorization Check CHAR 40    
161 SCEN_SAL_MODE Recording Mode in Security Audit Log CHAR   
163 SCHAEGR Estimation reason CHAR   
164 SCHAEVER Estimation procedure CHAR   
165 SCHAR10 Case sensitive CHAR 10    
166 SCHAR55 CHARSTRING 55 with lowercase letters CHAR 55    
167 SCHEDCOND Operator for comparison in scheduling - SD/WS CHAR   
168 SCHEDDIREC Scheduling direction SD/WS CHAR   
169 SCHEDDURID Description for a duration CHAR 10    
170 SCHEDEVENT Description for a scheduling time CHAR 10    
171 SCHEDLINE Line in scheduling procedure NUMC   
172 SCHEDMAN_APPL Schedule Manager: Application CHAR 30    
173 SCHEDMAN_FB_SAVE Function Module Name for Saving Application-Specific Data CHAR 30    
174 SCHEDMAN_FLAG General flag with one character for schedule manager monitor CHAR   
175 SCHEDMAN_ICON Icons for the monitor CHAR 50    
176 SCHEDMAN_ID ID of Processed Object (see SCHEDMAN_TYPE for Category) DEC 20    
177 SCHEDMAN_JOB_STATI Processing results from business point of view CHAR   
178 SCHEDMAN_KINDOFCALL Possible callups of the Schedule Manager monitor CHAR   
179 SCHEDMAN_LOW Selection criteria CHAR 40    
180 SCHEDMAN_SDATE Date field in the monitor DATS   
181 SCHEDMAN_STIME Start Time of Processing TIMS   
182 SCHEDMAN_TYPE Object Category of the ID CHAR   
183 SCHEDMAN_USER_STATI Processing results from business point of view CHAR   
184 SCHEDNO Schedule Number CHAR 21    
185 SCHEDSTORNO_VK Item reversed by scheduling reversal CHAR   
186 SCHEDTIMLO Time in SD/Shipping without reference to organizational unit TIMS   
187 SCHED_ENTRYPOINT Shipment Scheduling: Entry Point CHAR 12    
188 SCHED_LOCKREASON_KK Payment plan item lock reason CHAR   
189 SCHED_TYPE Scheduling type for capacity planning CHAR   
190 SCHEMANR Billing schema key CHAR 10    
191 SCHEMA_TYPE Standard schema type CHAR 10    
192 SCHEMEPROG Name of a schema program CHAR 18    
193 SCHEME_GRP Referencing requirement: Procedure CHAR   
194 SCHEMZUL Indicator: rate permissibility CHAR   
195 SCHEM_PS_VERW Use of Schema in Public Sector CHAR   
196 SCHFELDANZ No. of key fields for generic buffers NUMC   
197 SCHGRUP Grouping for shift definitions and shift sequences CHAR   
198 SCHIND ATP: Scheduling Indicator CHAR   
199 SCHKN Work schedule rule CHAR   
200 SCHLART Type of lock CHAR 10    
201 SCHLGLDKAT IS-M/SD: Key compensation category CHAR   
202 SCHLKAST Place of deposit/key box NUMC   
203 SCHLKAT IS-M/SD: Key category CHAR   
204 SCHLNR Key number NUMC   
205 SCHLTYP Key type CHAR 10    
206 SCHLW Key word for G/L accounts CHAR 30    
207 SCHLWORT Key word for hierarchy levels CHAR 10    
208 SCHLZT IS-M: Shop Closing Time CHAR   
209 SCHOID Selection option CHAR 15    
210 SCHPROG Shift sequence CHAR   
211 SCHTZKZ Estimation indicator CHAR   
212 SCHULBILD IS-H: höchste abgeschlossene Schul- oder Berufsbildung CHAR   
213 SCHULTXT IS-H: Text zur Schulbildung CHAR 52    
214 SCHWA Indicator for Heavy Labor Position (AT) CHAR   
215 SCIDM_DESCR Description CHAR 80    
216 SCIDM_TV_BOOL Boolean value CHAR   
217 SCIDM_TV_BSYSTEM_NAME Name of Business System from SLD CHAR 60    
218 SCIDM_TV_BSYSTEM_NAME_UC Business System Name from SLD - Upper-Case CHAR 60    
219 SCIDM_TV_BUS_SYS Customizing ID Mapping - Business System CHAR 60    
220 SCIDM_TV_CARDINALITY Customizing ID Mapping - Cardinality CHAR   
221 SCIDM_TV_CHECK_RES Inspection Result NUMC   
222 SCIDM_TV_CONFIG_OBJ_NAME Name of Object from a Configuration Step CHAR 40    
223 SCIDM_TV_CONFIG_STEP Configuration Step CHAR 10    
224 SCIDM_TV_CUST_OBJTYPE Customizing ID Mapping - Customizing Object Type CHAR   
225 SCIDM_TV_DISPLAYED_ID ID in Readable Form SSTR 255    
226 SCIDM_TV_DOMVAL_TXT Text from Domain Fixed Values CHAR 60    
227 SCIDM_TV_ENTITY_TYPE Customizing ID Mapping - Entity Types CHAR 10    
228 SCIDM_TV_FLG_DUPLICATE Flag: Duplicate CHAR   
229 SCIDM_TV_GLOBAL_ID_TYPE Global Cust.ID Type CHAR 40    
230 SCIDM_TV_GLOBAL_ID_TYPE_UCC Global Cust.ID Type CHAR 40    
231 SCIDM_TV_IDT_SET_ID ID for ID Type Group CHAR 32    
232 SCIDM_TV_IDT_SET_NAME ID Type Group Name CHAR 40    
233 SCIDM_TV_IDT_SET_NAME_UC ID Type Group Name (Upper-Case) CHAR 40    
234 SCIDM_TV_ID_CLASS Classification of IDs CHAR   
235 SCIDM_TV_ID_TYPE Customizing ID Type CHAR 40    
236 SCIDM_TV_ID_TYPE_UCC Customizing ID Type CHAR 40    
237 SCIDM_TV_IS_MAP_STATE Mapping Status in IS: Up-To-Date/Obsolete CHAR   
238 SCIDM_TV_IS_NAME Integration Server Name CHAR 60    
239 SCIDM_TV_IS_TYPE Integration Server Type CHAR   
240 SCIDM_TV_LOCAL_KEY Local ID Value CHAR 100    
241 SCIDM_TV_MAP_SOURCE ID Mapping Source: Direct Input/Replication CHAR   
242 SCIDM_TV_MAP_TXT_MISSING_ASGN Text to Indicate Missing Assignments CHAR 20    
243 SCIDM_TV_NAMESPACE Namespace Interface Repository CHAR 60    
244 SCIDM_TV_OP Operation CHAR   
245 SCIDM_TV_STATE_OF_MAPPING Status of a Mapping CHAR   
246 SCIDM_TV_SYS_REL_NAME Customizing ID Mapping: Relationships of Business Systems CHAR 40    
247 SCIDM_TV_TXT_FOR_ID Descriptive Text for an ID SSTR 100    
248 SCIDM_TV_TYPESET_STATE Type Group Mapping Status CHAR   
249 SCITEM_SC Bill Scheduling: Document number CHAR 12    
250 SCI_CHKLST_ITEM Code Inspector: Entry in Performance Check List CHAR   
251 SCI_ENVI Code Inspector: Environment Determination Object Types CHAR   
252 SCI_ERRTY Code Inspector: Message Type CHAR   
253 SCI_ERRTYB Code Inspector: Counter for Message Type INT4 10    
254 SCI_ERRTYN Code Inspector: Message Type CHAR   
255 SCI_IDX_TYPE Code Inspector: Type of a Table Index CHAR   
256 SCI_OC_ERRTY SCI: Modification for Message Type CHAR   
258 SCI_REGULAR_EXPRESSION Regular Expression for Name Prefix of Data- and Type Def. CHAR 40    
259 SCI_TYPE_PREFIX CKomponent for Name Prefix of Identifier for Data Type CHAR   
260 SCI_X_PRG Code Inspector: Activate Program Set Selection CHAR   
261 SCMANZAHL2 SCMP numeric field length 2 NUMC   
262 SCMASEQUENCE Schedule Manager: Flow definition CHAR 12    
263 SCMATASK_ID Domain for the SCMATASK_ID data element CHAR   
264 SCMATASK_STATUS Domain for the SCMATASK_STATUS data element CHAR   
265 SCMATASK_TYPE Task type CHAR   
266 SCMATASK_VAR Domain for the data element variant of a report CHAR 40    
267 SCMA_DAY_TYPE Schedule Manager: Type of Day (Calendar or Workday) CHAR   
268 SCMA_FIRST_DAY_OF_WEEK First Day of the Week NUMC   
269 SCMA_INDEX Schedule Manager: Index for the Time of Day CHAR   
270 SCMA_MINUTE_INTERVALL Time Interval in Minutes NUMC   
271 SCMA_NODE Domain for the SCMA_NODE data element CHAR 12    
272 SCMA_NODETXT Schedule Manager: Name of task in the flow definition CHAR 40    
273 SCMA_NUMBER_OF_LINES Schedule Manager: Number of rows for each unit of time NUMC   
274 SCMA_OFFSET_REL Schedule Manager: Relative time specifications CHAR   
275 SCMA_SEQUENCE Schedule Manger: WF flows CHAR 40    
276 SCMA_SHIFT_TYPE Schedule Manager: Scheduling Restrictions CHAR   
277 SCMA_START_TIME Schedule Manager: Start time of a task CHAR   
278 SCMA_TASK_NAME Schedule Manager: Technical Name of a Task CHAR 40    
279 SCMA_TASK_STATUS Schedule Manager: Task status CHAR   
280 SCMA_TASK_TEXT Schedule Manager: Task description CHAR 60    
281 SCMA_TASK_TYPE Schedule Manager: Task type (report, flow,...) CHAR   
282 SCMA_TASK_USER Schedule Manager: User who schedules the task CHAR 12    
283 SCMA_TIME Schedule Manager: Time in the day view CHAR   
284 SCMA_TRUE_FALSE Schedule Manager: Boolean value for true or false NUMC   
285 SCMA_WDAY_REL Offset for relative start time CHAR   
286 SCMCAREA CCMS Monitoring Console: Area ID for Authorization Check CHAR   
287 SCMCFUNCTION CCMS Monitoring Console: Function ID for Authorization Check CHAR   
288 SCMCHAR18 use predefined type char 18 CHAR 18    
289 SCMCMDLINE SCMP command line CHAR 79    
290 SCMC_CMP_NAME SCMC Domain for the Component Names STRG   
291 SCMC_COMMENT SCMC Domain for the Description of Objects STRG   
292 SCMC_DATE SCMC Domain for the Date Fields DATS   
293 SCMC_FLOAT SCMC Domain for All Floating Point Number Fields FLTP 16  16 
294 SCMC_GUID SCMC Domain for GUIDs CHAR 255    
295 SCMC_INT SCMC Domain for All Integer Fields INT4 10    
296 SCMC_MSG SCMC Domain for All Monitoring Object Messages STRG   
297 SCMC_NAME SCMC Domain for Names of Objects CHAR 128    
298 SCMC_RFCDEST RFC Destination Name CHAR 32    
299 SCMC_TIME SCMC Domain for All Time Fields TIMS   
300 SCMC_USER SCMC Domain for the Name of a System User CHAR 128    
301 SCMDATE SCMP change date CHAR 10    
303 SCMGATTRGROUP Case: Attribute Group NUMC   
305 SCMGCLASSPARAM Case: Parameter CHAR 10    
306 SCMGCUSTSTATSCHEME Case: User Status Schema CHAR   
307 SCMGFUNCDESCR Case: Function Name CHAR 40    
308 SCMGINDEXDOM counter NUMC   
309 SCMGLOCAPROFID Locator: Profile ID CHAR   
310 SCMGLOCPROFID Locator: Profile ID CHAR   
311 SCMGNUMC3 Line, column, length etc. NUMC   
312 SCMGPARAMID Case: Central Parameter CHAR   
313 SCMGPARAMVALUE Case: Parameter Value CHAR 40    
314 SCMGPROCDESCR Case: Process Short Text CHAR 40    
315 SCMGPROCESS Permitted Process for Case Type CHAR   
316 SCMGPROFID Case: Profile ID CHAR   
317 SCMGPROF_DESCR Case: Profile Name CHAR 40    
318 SCMGSORTDOMAIN Sorting order CHAR   
319 SCMGSORTEDBY Case: Sort By... CHAR   
320 SCMGSORT_COUNTER Sequence of Text Types Within a Text Schema NUMC   
321 SCMGSTATLINE Case: Status Description (Central Status Administration) CHAR 40    
322 SCMGSTATOBJTYPE Case: Status Object Type CHAR   
323 SCMGSTATUS Case: Status CHAR   
324 SCMGSTATUSONR Case: Status Number for Status NUMC   
325 SCMGSTAT_DESCR Case: Status Name CHAR 40    
326 SCMGTERMDESCR Case: Terminology Text CHAR 73    
327 SCMGTERMID Case: Terminology ID CHAR   
328 SCMGTXT_VISIBILITY Text ID Not Visible Externally CHAR   
329 SCMG_ATTRVAL_DOM Domain for attribute value CHAR 255    
330 SCMG_AUT_ACTIVITY Activity for authorization check CHAR   
332 SCMG_CASE_TOOLBARTYPE Button Type in Toolbar CHAR   
333 SCMG_CREATION_USER Case Author CHAR 12    
334 SCMG_EXT_KEY Case ID: External Case Key CHAR 12    
335 SCMG_PROPN Attribute of a Case Document CHAR 50    
336 SCMG_PROPV Attribute feature CHAR 255    
337 SCMG_TIMESTAMP UTC Timestamp DEC 15    
338 SCMG_UI_FUNC Case: Function Code in Frontend CHAR 30    
339 SCMLINE SCMP text line CHAR 72    
340 SCMLNO SCMP line number CHAR   
341 SCMMESSAGE SCMP message line CHAR 79    
342 SCMOVO Indicator: adjustment reversal in the case of a move-out CHAR   
343 SCMS_CHURL Test URL CHAR 128    
344 SCMS_CR30 Content Repository CHAR 30    
345 SCMS_CREP KPRO CMS: Storage location for physical information objects CHAR 30    
346 SCMS_CRSTP KPro CMS: Respository Sub-Type (Normal, URL, ...) CHAR   
347 SCMS_CRTYP KPRO CMS: Cont. server type (DB, file system, archive, ...) CHAR   
348 SCMS_CRUSE KPRO CMS: Usage Type of a Repository CHAR   
349 SCMS_CRVDB CMS interface version (R3 database) CHAR   
350 SCMS_CRVER CMS interface version CHAR   
351 SCMS_CRVFI CMS interface version (FILE) CHAR   
352 SCMS_CRVFT CMS interface version (FTP) CHAR   
353 SCMS_CRVHT CMS Interface Version (HTTP) CHAR   
354 SCMS_CRVRF CMS interface version (RFC) CHAR   
355 SCMS_CRVRP CMS interface version (RPC) CHAR   
356 SCMS_CRVTR CMS interface version (structure) CHAR   
357 SCMS_DOCST KPRO CMS: Document status CHAR   
358 SCMS_ERRKY SCMS: Error Code NUMC   
359 SCMS_FCNT KPRO CMS: Number of files on the server INT4 10    
360 SCMS_FTPPO KPRO CMS: HTTP service port CHAR   
361 SCMS_FTPPW KPRO CMS: Password for FTP connections CHAR 20    
362 SCMS_FTPUS KPRO CMS: User for FTP connections CHAR 12    
363 SCMS_HTCOD KPRO CMS: HTTP status code CHAR   
364 SCMS_HTTPS HTTP availability CHAR   
365 SCMS_IPADR Subnet Based on an IP Address CHAR 15    
366 SCMS_IPSNT Subnet Based on an IP Address CHAR 18    
367 SCMS_NSIHT No signature CHAR   
368 SCMS_NUM5 CMS: 5-Digit Number NUMC   
369 SCMS_ONOFF CMS Flag On/Off CHAR   
371 SCMS_STOR SDOK: Memory space in bytes INT4 10    
372 SCMS_TRCOD KPRO CMS: Transport status code NUMC   
373 SCMS_URIC SAP ArchiveLink: Domain type CHAR length 4096 CHAR 4096    
374 SCMTMS_DESCR_30 Description CHAR 30    
375 SCMTMS_KPI_TYPE Key Performance Indicator Type - Positive/Negative INT1   
376 SCMTMS_WEIGHTAGE Key Performance Indicator Weightage INT1   
377 SCMTOPLNO SCMP number of top line NUMC   
379 SCODE_CONV_TYPE Context Value Conversion Type in Codelist Provider CHAR 10    
380 SCODE_REG_F4_TYPE Value Help Data Source Type CHAR   
381 SCOL_ACTION_CARDINALITY ESF : Cardinality of Action CHAR   
382 SCOL_AFFECTS <cool> : Attribute for Side Effect Modeling NUMC   
383 SCOL_ASSOCIATION_PROVIDER ESF: Association Implemented at Source or Target NUMC   
384 SCOL_BOOLEAN Boolean CHAR   
386 SCOL_COL Sort by Column INT4 10    
387 SCOL_LOCKMODE <cool> Lock Mode CHAR   
388 SCOL_MESSAGE_STATUS Nachrichtenstatus CHAR   
389 SCOL_MESSAGE_TYPE Nachrichtentyp CHAR   
390 SCOL_ORDER Sort Sequence INT4 10    
393 SCOL_RELATION_CLASSIFICATION Classification of Relation (Parent-Child...) CHAR   
394 SCOL_SEL_OPT Options for Selection Conditions CHAR   
395 SCOL_SIGN Inclusive, Exclusive CHAR   
397 SCOMCHANG Modifiable nature of a package CHAR   
398 SCOMIFNAM Package interface CHAR 30    
399 SCOMOPTION Option domain for ranges table CHAR   
400 SCOMPAKCAT Package category CHAR   
401 SCOMPAKEXS Existence of package CHAR   
402 SCOMSIGN Sign domain for ranges table CHAR   
403 SCOMSTATE Logical status of loaded package API objects CHAR   
404 SCONFOBJT Object types for configuration groups CHAR   
405 SCONN_IDX EBR: index of shadow table for link to archive NUMC 20    
406 SCONTEXT Context for questions CHAR 20    
407 SCOOLASPECTCATEGORY Cool: Aspect Category CHAR   
409 SCOOLBUTTON Button for Detail Display CHAR 40    
410 SCOOLCARD SCOOL: Cardinality CHAR   
412 SCOOLCATEGORY SCOOL: Category of Relation CHAR 10    
413 SCOOLDATASETNAME ESF: Name of a Test Dataset CHAR 60    
414 SCOOLDESCRIPT ESF: Short Text CHAR 255    
415 SCOOLELEMENTTYPE Cool : Type of Cool Element NUMC   
416 SCOOLFIELDTYPE Cool : Type of Structure Field NUMC   
417 SCOOLLOCKPOLICY Properties of Lock NUMC   
418 SCOOLME Interface/Method CHAR   
419 SCOOLOBJECT ESF Object CHAR 30    
420 SCOOLPAGINGMODE Paging Properties NUMC   
421 SCOOLPAGINGMODES Paging Properties NUMC   
422 SCOOLRELATIONTYPE <cool> : Attribute of Relation CHAR   
424 SCOOLSTATUS Action Status CHAR   
426 SCOOLTRANSACTION Transaction Support CHAR   
427 SCOOLTYPE Type of Message CHAR   
428 SCOPE Object class CHAR   
429 SCOPE_CV Object class (five-figure print length) CHAR   
430 SCOPE_LI Object Class (Length-Independent Conversion Routine) CHAR   
431 SCPDBACT Database action CHAR   
432 SCPLANGMIX Mixed languages used CHAR   
433 SCPL_ACTOR Name of an Actor (Unique Identifier, case-sensitive) CHAR 30    
434 SCPL_CHARACTER Character (Type) of an Actor CHAR 30    
435 SCPL_DIALOG Dialog Subject (Unique Identifier, case-sensitive) CHAR 30    
436 SCPL_LOCATION_DESCRIPTION Short Description of a Location CHAR 200    
437 SCPL_LOCATION_ID Unique ID of a Location (case-sensitive) CHAR 30    
438 SCPL_MAKEUP_SET Makeup Set (Unqiue Identifier, case-sensitive) CHAR 30    
439 SCPL_SCENE Scene Name (Unique Identifier, case-sensitive) CHAR 30    
440 SCPOSNR_SC Bill Scheduling: Item number CHAR 12    
441 SCPRACCASCAD BC Sets: Client Control of Cascading Switch BC Sets CHAR   
442 SCPRACFORCED BC Sets: Activation Option Ignoring prev. Activations CHAR   
443 SCPRACNODCL BC Sets: Activation Option Ignore Table Class CHAR   
444 SCPRACREFCUST BC Sets: Client Control of Non-Cascading Switch BC Set CHAR   
445 SCPRACSDOW BC Sets: Overwrite Default Values CHAR   
446 SCPRACST BC Sets: Activation Status of Classical BC Sets CHAR   
447 SCPRACSTEP BC Sets: Activation Steps CHAR   
448 SCPRACTLNK BC Sets: Activation Links Control at Activation CHAR   
449 SCPRAUTH BC Sets: Authorization Values CHAR 12    
450 SCPRCALLER BC Sets: Caller of the Switch BC Set Activation CHAR   
451 SCPRCONTEXT BC Sets: Context in which a BC Set is Used CHAR   
452 SCPRCRVIA BC Sets: Default Creation Flavor CHAR   
453 SCPRCURR BC Sets: Aux. domain currency amount CURR 20 
454 SCPRFLG1 Distinguish object, table and data errors CHAR   
455 SCPRFLIST BC Sets: Favorites List in Maintenance Transaction CHAR   
456 SCPRIMGTYP BC Sets:IMG Types CHAR 10    
457 SCPRLANGOP BC Sets: Language Settings CHAR   
458 SCPRSACST BC Sets: Activation Status of Switch BC Sets CHAR   
459 SCPRSREVERTSTATUS Revertability status CHAR   
460 SCPRSTRREASON Switch BC Sets: Reason for Exception Table CHAR   
461 SCPRSTRTEXT Switch BC Sets: Text for Exception Table CHAR 120    
462 SCPRTABTYP BC Sets: Categories for Internal Tables CHAR   
463 SCPR_ACT BC Set: Change type CHAR   
464 SCPR_AFLAG BC Set: Additional activation behavior information CHAR   
465 SCPR_C1024 BC Set: Long character field CHAR 1024    
466 SCPR_C130 BC Sets: Values up to a length of 130 CHAR 130    
467 SCPR_C30 BC Set: Value of Length 30 CHAR 30    
468 SCPR_CHAR Any character field of length 1 CHAR   
469 SCPR_CHAR4 BC Set: Character field length 4 CHAR   
470 SCPR_CHAR5 BC Set: Char. field length 5 CHAR   
471 SCPR_CLCAS BC Set: Cascading BC Set Data/Contents in Clients CHAR   
472 SCPR_CLDEP BC Set: Client-Dependent BC Set Data/Contents CHAR   
473 SCPR_CTGRY BC Set: Category CHAR   
474 SCPR_CVAL Value in character format CHAR 255    
475 SCPR_DOCID BC Sets: Document keys CHAR 28    
476 SCPR_ERR Object, table or data error flag CHAR   
477 SCPR_ERRNR BC Sets: Activation error number CHAR   
478 SCPR_ERRTX BC Sets: BC Set activation error text CHAR 250    
479 SCPR_FEAT BC Set: Feature in Exception Handling CHAR 10    
480 SCPR_FLAG BC Set: FIX flag CHAR   
481 SCPR_FLAGS BC Set: BC Set flag CHAR   
482 SCPR_GUID BC Sets: GUID CHAR 32    
483 SCPR_ID BC Set: Key CHAR 32    
484 SCPR_INT1 BC Sets: Integer1 INT1   
485 SCPR_LINES BC Set: Long char. field for compressed data LCHR 8096    
486 SCPR_LNG BC Set: Value length INT2   
487 SCPR_MANDT BC Sets: Client CLNT   
488 SCPR_NR BC Set: Sequential Number NUMC   
489 SCPR_NUMB Numbering for internal purposes INT4 10    
490 SCPR_OPT Options in ranges CHAR   
491 SCPR_ORGID Key of creator organization (SAP, other) CHAR 10    
492 SCPR_RECNR BC Set: Record number CHAR 10    
493 SCPR_REFNA BC Set: Reference Object Name at Creation CHAR 40    
494 SCPR_REFTX BC Set: Reference object types text CHAR 55    
495 SCPR_REFTY BC Set: Reference Object Type at Creation CHAR   
496 SCPR_REL BC Set: Release validity CHAR   
497 SCPR_SIGN Sign in ranges CHAR   
498 SCPR_STATE BC Set: Status CHAR   
499 SCPR_SYSID BC Set: ID of system in which the BC Set was activated CHAR 20    
500 SCPR_TEXT BC Set: Short text CHAR 60