SAP ABAP Domain - Index S, page 16
Domain - S
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 SSFPSEMODE Mode of PSE File INT4 10    
3 SSFPSETYPE SSF_PSE object type CHAR   
4 SSFRETURND SSF Return Code Domain INT4 10    
5 SSFRPLTYPE Smart Styles: Subobject for Font Replacement CHAR   
6 SSFTOOLKIT SSF: Selection of Security Product CHAR 10    
7 SSFURL SAP Smart Forms: URL CHAR 255    
8 SSFXDFOMOD SAP Smart Forms: XDF Output Mode CHAR   
9 SSFXOMODE SAP Smart Forms: Output Type CHAR   
10 SSFXSFCMOD SAP Smart Forms: XSF/XDF Status set by Caller CHAR   
11 SSFXSFOMOD SAP Smart Forms: XSF Output mode CHAR   
12 SSICH Collateral key CHAR   
13 SSICHART Type of collateral group NUMC   
14 SSIGGR Tracking limit DEC
15 SSIND Random Sampling Pass/Reject indicator CHAR   
16 SSI_BYTE_TYPE 1 byte INT1   
17 SSI_ENUM_TYPE Enumeration INT4 10    
18 SSI_INTEGER_TYPE Integer INT4 10    
19 SSI_RELEASE_INFO Release Notes SSTR 255    
20 SSI_SERVER_STATE Current State of Application Server INT4 10    
21 SSI_TECHNICAL_NAME Technical Name (e.g. Server or Host Name) SSTR 255    
22 SSI_UINTEGER_TYPE Unsigned Integer INT4 10    
23 SSI_ULONG_TYPE Unsigned Long Integer INT4 10    
24 SSKEY ATP: Key for Special Stock Segment CHAR 16    
25 SSKZB BAV stock indicator NUMC   
26 SSKZF Tax office stock indicator NUMC   
27 SSM_DURL Text of length 255 CHAR 255    
28 SSM_ID Table Row IDs for Table SSM_CUST CHAR 20    
29 SSM_KUR2 Text of length 132 CHAR 123    
30 SSM_KURL Text of length 132 CHAR 132    
31 SSM_TEXT Character field length 100 CHAR 100    
32 SSM_TEXTS Texts for Internet Session Manager CHAR 100    
33 SSONDER Special treatment of loan NUMC   
34 SSONDV Number of special distribution CHAR   
35 SSOPGRA Optimization level CHAR   
36 SSOPT_PRO Space management profile CHAR   
37 SSOUR Statistic(s) origin CHAR   
38 SSPERR Lock flag for the blocking type CHAR   
39 SSPESEN Expenses key CHAR   
40 SSP_APPL Absence leave type (GB) CHAR   
41 SSQDP SSP qualifying day pattern (GB) CHAR   
42 SSQSS Control key QM CHAR   
43 SSRV_ADAPTER_ENGINE_NAME XI Services: Adapter Engine Name STRG 256    
44 SSRV_ADAPTER_ENGINE_TYPE XI Services: Adapter Engine Type CHAR   
45 SSRV_ADAPTER_NAME XI Services: Adapter Name CHAR 120    
46 SSRV_ATTRIBUTE_NAME XI Services: Attribute Name CHAR 120    
47 SSRV_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE XI Services: Attributes in XML Format STRG   
48 SSRV_BOOLEAN_TRUE_FALSE XI Services: Boolean (true = 1, false = 0) INT1   
49 SSRV_DIRECTION XI Services: Call Direction CHAR   
50 SSRV_MODULE_NAME XI Services: Module Name CHAR 255    
51 SSRV_MODULE_NS XI Services: Module Namespace (Key) CHAR 255    
52 SSRV_MODULE_POS XI Services: Module Position INT1   
53 SSRV_MODULE_TYPE XI Services: Module Type CHAR   
54 SSRV_MSGPROT XI Services: Message Protocol CHAR 10    
55 SSRV_MSGPROTVERS XI Services: Message Protocol Version CHAR 10    
56 SSRV_OBJ_TYPE XI Object type IDs - only for test - UI CHAR 16    
57 SSRV_TRNSPROT XI Services: Transport Protocol CHAR 10    
58 SSRV_TRNSPROTVERS XI Services: Transport Protocol Version CHAR 10    
59 SSRV_VALIDATION XI Services: Validation (0, 1, 2) CHAR   
60 SSRV_VIRUSSCANMODE XI Services: Virus Scan Mode CHAR   
61 SSRV_XI_ADAPTER_IDOC_IF_VERS XI Services: IDoc Adapter Interface Version INT1   
62 SSTATI Status NUMC   
63 SSTCK Initial stock specification for long-term planning CHAR   
64 SSTCKKZ Accrued interest calculation method CHAR   
65 SSTMNT_IDX Index in Statement Table of SCAN Command INT4 10    
66 SSTN_ACT Vendor Sustainability Permitted activities CHAR   
68 SSTN_AUTH Vendor Authorisation transaction types CHAR   
70 SSTN_CERTIFICATES Certificates CHAR 20    
71 SSTN_CERTIFIED_COMPANY Certificate Available (MBE, WBE) CHAR   
72 SSTN_CERT_RATING Certificate Status CHAR 10    
75 SSTN_CODE_OF_CONDUCT_INDICATOR Company code of conduct available/signed? CHAR   
79 SSTN_ECO_RATING Certificate Rating CHAR 10    
80 SSTN_ECO_SCORE Economic COmpliance INT4 10    
81 SSTN_EMP_COUNT Number of Employees NUMC 12    
82 SSTN_ENV_SCORE Total Environmental Compliance Score INT4 10    
83 SSTN_EXTENDED_COMPLIANCE Extended Compliance Code CHAR   
84 SSTN_FILENAME File name STRG   
85 SSTN_FILE_UPLOAD File upload in sustainability RSTR   
86 SSTN_ID Sustainability ID CHAR 12    
87 SSTN_LIFNR_ID Sustainability ID CHAR 12    
88 SSTN_MAT_ECOLABEL1 Preffered Ecolable CHAR 15    
89 SSTN_MAT_PERCENT Sustainability Rating NUMC   
90 SSTN_MGIR_UNIT_LENGTH Sustainaility Unit length QUAN 25    
91 SSTN_OVR_SCORE Overall Score INT4 10    
92 SSTN_PERCENTAGE Percentage Domain NUMC   
93 SSTN_QUALIFICATION_LEVEL Supplier Qualification Level Code CHAR   
94 SSTN_RATING Sunstainability Ratings CHAR   
95 SSTN_RATING_NAME Rating name CHAR 20    
96 SSTN_SCORE Score (Values 0 to 100) INT1   
97 SSTN_STRATEGIC_IMPORTANCE Strategic Importance Code CHAR   
99 SSTN_SUPPLIER_ORIGIN_TYPE Supplier Origin Type Code CHAR   
100 SSTN_SUPPLY_RISK Supply Risk CHAR   
102 SSTN_SUST_REPORT Sustainability Domain CHAR 10    
103 SSTN_TOT_SCORE Social Responsibility Compliance INT4 10    
104 SSTN_UNIT_LENGTH Sustainability Unit of Measure QUAN 25    
105 SSTN_UNIT_MEASURE SSTN Unit of Measure UNIT   
106 SSTN_UNIT_OF_MEASSURE SSTN Unit of measure UNIT   
107 SSTN_UOM SSTN Unit of Measure UNIT   
108 SSTN_URL URL CHAR 255    
109 SSTN_WASTE_DISPOSAL Waste Disposal NUMC   
110 SSTOGRD Reason for reversal CHAR   
111 SSTORNO Reversal indicator CHAR   
112 SSTORNOEBENEZEV Reversal level for reversing incoming payments CHAR   
113 SSTRINGWA WA: Short String CHAR 255    
114 SSTUF Range level IS-R CHAR   
115 SSWAPPOS Swap position ID (payer or receiver of fixed interest) NUMC   
116 SSWITCH_US Method for PFO universal succession     
117 SSWPPARAM Web Site Component Parameters CHAR 132    
118 ST02_10 Domain for 10-character CHAR fields CHAR 10    
119 ST02_13 Domain for 13-character CHAR object CHAR 13    
120 ST02_21 Domain for 21-character CHAR field CHAR 21    
121 ST02_3 Domain for 3-character CHAR field CHAR   
122 ST04N_DEC_1_4 Decimal number (1 digits before, 4 digits after comma) DEC
123 ST04N_DEC_5_1 Decimal number (5 digits before, 1 digit after comma) DEC
124 ST04N_DEC_6 Number for ST04N, DEC, 6 characters DEC   
125 ST04N_LIMIT Difference limit in % for displaying a key figure in color DEC   
126 ST04N_NODEKEY Key of a detailed analyses node CHAR 40    
127 ST04N_NODETEXT Name of a detail analyses node CHAR 40    
128 ST04N_NUMBER_12 Number for ST04N, 12 digits DEC 12    
129 ST04N_NUMBER_16 Number for ST04N, Output 16 characters DEC 16    
130 ST04N_NUMBER_3 Number for ST04N, 3 digits NUMC   
131 ST04N_NUMSGN_12 Number for ST04N, 12 digits, with sign DEC 12    
132 ST04N_PERCNTG_3_1 Percentage (3 digits before, 1 digit after comma) DEC
133 ST04N_PERCNTG_3_1_N Percentage (3 digits before, 1 digit after comma, Neg allow) DEC
134 ST04N_PERCNTG_3_2 Percentage (3 digits before, 2 digits after comma) DEC
135 ST04N_PERCNTG_3_4 Percentage (3 digits before, 4 digit after comma) DEC
136 ST04N_PROGTYPE Type of detail analysis programm CHAR   
137 ST05FMTSTR For ST05 result RAW 48    
138 ST05_DIFFERENCE ST05 Compare: Difference Domain INT4 10    
139 ST05_INCREASE_PERCENTAGE ST05 Compare: Ratio Trace 1:2 DEC 10 
140 ST06_CHAR8 8-character character fields CHAR   
141 ST06_INT_5 5-character integer fields INT2   
142 ST06_INT_8 8-character integer fields INT4 10    
143 STAAB Status of release CHAR   
144 STAAE Status of calculation unit CHAR   
145 STAAV_KK Payment advice status CHAR   
146 STABE Country of origin of the means of transport at departure CHAR   
147 STABLHW Control function of meter reading note CHAR   
148 STABR_K Status of transfer (shipment costs header data) CHAR   
149 STABR_P Status of transfer (shipment costs item data) CHAR   
150 STACK_TYPE Software Stack Type CHAR 10    
151 STACODE Status Code CHAR   
152 STACODE_CPPR Status Code For CPPR CHAR   
153 STADU Foreign Trade: Print Status for Foreign Trade Document CHAR   
154 STAERKE_T IS-M: Issue thickness (to a thousandth of a unit of meas.) CHAR   
155 STAFO Statistics update group CHAR   
156 STAFO_CM Credit Update CHAR   
157 STAFR Tax exemption CHAR   
158 STAGING_INDICATOR Catalog Variant Indexing: Staging Indicator CHAR   
159 STAGR Statistical key figure CHAR   
160 STAGR_PCA Statistical key figure CHAR   
161 STAIP_KK Payment Specification: Status CHAR   
162 STAIT_KK Payment Specification: Item Status CHAR   
163 STAKZC_KK Flag to check statistics indicator CHAR   
164 STAKZ_C Flag to check statistics indicator CHAR   
165 STAKZ_KK Type of statistical item CHAR   
166 STAKZ_PS Type of statistical item CHAR   
167 STAMD Mode for Worklist CHAR   
168 STAMV Lease out status CHAR   
169 STAND Current document number level DEC 10    
170 STAND_INQUIRY Domain values for CRM service reqeust     
171 STAND_NKUK Last change number allocated DEC   
172 STAND_RP Version CHAR   
173 STAND_TYP IS-M/AM: Contract Standing Screen Type CHAR   
174 STAND____2 Last document number assigned DEC   
175 STANP_KK Incorrect Bank Data Lot: Status of Items CHAR   
176 STANS_KK NOC Returns Lot: Status CHAR   
177 STANZNAC Number of decimal places NUMC   
178 STANZVOR Number of places before decimal point NUMC   
179 STAPA_KK Status of Payment Notification CHAR   
180 STAPL Lot number NUMC   
181 STAPN_KK Prenotification status CHAR   
182 STAPP_CA Payment Status of Item CHAR   
183 STAPP_KK Payment Status of Item CHAR   
184 STAPR_KK Prenotification: processing status CHAR   
185 STARA_KK Repayment request status CHAR   
186 STARN Start number NUMC   
187 STARS Sales price calculations: start rule for pricing strategy CHAR   
188 STARS_KK Status of the returns lot CHAR   
189 START Start NUMC   
190 START1 Start1 NUMC   
192 STARTTYPE Start Type CHAR   
193 STARTUP_EFF Start-Up Parameters for Effectivity CHAR 30    
194 START_BROWSER Indicator: Start Browser CHAR   
195 START_DYNP Initial screen for manual actual postings in CO CHAR   
196 START_PROCESS Start Mode in Single-Screen Transact. (1=Display, 2=Change) CHAR   
197 STASA Statistical flow CHAR   
198 STASS_KK Status of Payment Lot CHAR   
199 STAT Work status of FI document entry CHAR   
200 STATA Status indicator for actions CHAR   
201 STATABLBEL Status of meter reading documents at installation level CHAR   
202 STATACHAR Type of confirmation for operation CHAR   
203 STATANZ Number in statistics INT4 10    
204 STATAUTH Status maintenance for one/several projects NUMC   
205 STATBS_KK Status of transfer run of an electronic account statement CHAR   
206 STATDATUM Effectivity date for installer status DATS   
207 STATE Status string or control string (4 CHAR) CHAR   
208 STATECHAR Indicator: partial or final confirmation for operation CHAR   
209 STATECHAR_WS Error in usage of characteristics for prop./prod. units CHAR   
210 STATE_AGFI_ITAGCY Status of Posting Relevant Commission for Agency Accounting CHAR   
211 STATE_AGTRANSF_ITAGCY Status of Transfer to Accounting for the Agency CHAR   
212 STATE_BANKTRIGG_ITAGCY Incoming Payment Status for Agencies CHAR   
213 STATE_BR State of decision table record: Business Rule Editor CHAR   
214 STATE_D2D_LONG IS-H: D2D Nachrichtenstatus lang CHAR   
215 STATE_INSCOMP_ITAGCY Status: Shares to Insurance CHAR   
216 STATE_KK Check: Check clipboard status CHAR   
217 STATE_SUBAGTRANSF_ITAGCY Status of Transfer to Accounting for the Subagency CHAR   
218 STATE_VK Insurance dunning: Telephone collections: Status CHAR   
219 STATG Status error group CHAR   
220 STATGR Trading Contract: Status Group CHAR   
221 STATI Status acc. to table TZC37 NUMC   
222 STATIC_CODEPAGE_TYPE Type of Static in Codepage Defined in Destination CHAR   
223 STATIC_CODEPAGE_TYPE_EXT Type of Codepage Specified in External Destination CHAR   
224 STATID IS-H: Identification of statistics CHAR   
225 STATINS Status of installer CHAR   
226 STATION PM: Gas Station CHAR   
227 STATION_T Gas Station CHAR   
228 STATIST DD: Flag: Are statistics generated?/What type of statistics? CHAR   
229 STATM Material status CHAR   
230 STATN Status number NUMC   
231 STATOFUSE Use of customer or user options in ESS CHAR   
232 STATPOS Status of FI Item (Open, Cleared, Deleted) CHAR   
233 STATR Status of reservation CHAR   
234 STATS Status (Supplementary Pension: Public Sector) CHAR 10    
235 STATS_TASK_TYPE_ Task Type CHAR   
236 STATS_VL Status CHAR 10    
237 STATU Editing status for the customer/vendor A and B segments CHAR   
238 STATUS2_BR Status CHAR   
239 STATUSCODE_FIEB Success of Payment with OFX Message (OK or ERROR) CHAR   
240 STATUSPS Status of FI Items According to BW CHAR   
241 STATUSWF Status in workflow CHAR   
242 STATUS_ACCDOC_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Status Acct Maint. Document CHAR   
243 STATUS_AGENCY Travel Agency Status CHAR   
244 STATUS_AGFI_ITAGCY Status of Transfer to Agency FI CHAR   
245 STATUS_BRO Broker report status CHAR   
246 STATUS_BUS_AREA Result of Business Area Checks for HR CHAR   
247 STATUS_CMP_KK Status of Item in Manually Issued Checks Lot CHAR   
248 STATUS_CO Results of CO Checks for HR CHAR   
249 STATUS_CODE_DOMAIN Status code for RFC kernel statistics INT1   
250 STATUS_COMMCTRL_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Commission Monitoring: Status CHAR   
251 STATUS_CTBW Maintenance status for characteristics in CTBW CHAR   
252 STATUS_CTBW5 Maintenance Status for Characteristics in CTBW CHAR   
253 STATUS_CTRL Status Control for PM Orders CHAR   
254 STATUS_DIA Status field CHAR   
255 STATUS_FLAG Staus flag for temse CHAR   
256 STATUS_FM Results of Funds Management checks for HR CHAR   
257 STATUS_FR Results of funds committment checks for HR CHAR   
258 STATUS_GM Result of Grant Management Checks for HR CHAR   
259 STATUS_LS IS-H: service status ('X' = planned, ' ' = actual) CHAR   
260 STATUS_MDC_KK Status of Application CHAR   
261 STATUS_MIGRATION Migration status CHAR   
263 STATUS_MX Status update for approval number CHAR   
264 STATUS_NZDM Status AIM/API with respect to ZDM-enablement CHAR   
265 STATUS_OR_PHILIPPINES Status of Official Receipt CHAR   
266 STATUS_PVBW Maintenance Status for Attributes in CTBW CHAR   
267 STATUS_SCHEMA_NAME Schema Name CHAR 30    
268 STATUS_SEGMENT Result of Segment Checks for HR CHAR   
269 STATUS_SERV IS-U waste management: service order status CHAR   
270 STATUS_TD_PF IS-M: Processing Status of Time-Dependent Partner Roles CHAR   
271 STATUS_TEXT Status SSTR 20    
272 STATUS_TXT Text of order status CHAR   
273 STATUS_TYPE_SOCM Status Type in Change Management CHAR   
274 STATUS_VA General SD Status CHAR   
275 STATUS_VARIABLE Domain for status variable CHAR 30    
276 STATUS_ZDM Status AIM/API with respect to ZDM-enablement CHAR   
277 STATUV_TXT Text for the status of an operation or a network activity CHAR   
278 STATU_F42B Temporary text field: TS30 display status CHAR 79    
279 STATU_ZEIT Status Control CHAR   
280 STATV Document status CHAR   
281 STATVCS Cross-selling delivery control CHAR   
282 STATVCS_PD Cross-Selling Delivery Control CHAR   
283 STATVNR Free goods delivery control CHAR   
284 STATVNR_FG Free goods delivery control CHAR   
285 STATV_PKST Shipping Unit Status CHAR   
286 STATX Text for applicant status CHAR 20    
287 STATXT IS-H: status text insurance verification/certificate CHAR 14    
288 STATZ_EZG IS-H: Statistics line within the geographics statistics NUMC   
289 STAT_BOUND Lower time bound CHAR   
290 STAT_CATG_ACT Activation indicator for statistics category CHAR   
291 STAT_CHAR5 Statistics, field length 5 CHAR   
292 STAT_CHK Domain for Status checkbox CHAR   
293 STAT_CHR16 Statistics, 16-character CHAR 16    
294 STAT_CNTI0 Statistics, counter field INT4 10    
295 STAT_CNTP0 Statistics Number Field DEC 15    
296 STAT_CNTP1 Statistics, counter field DEC 15 
297 STAT_CNTPO Statistics Number Field DEC 15    
298 STAT_COMMT Statistics, comment CHAR 70    
299 STAT_CPULI CPU list CHAR 72    
300 STAT_CROSS Statistics, character 1 for cross-field CHAR   
301 STAT_DATEC Statistics, date (character) DATS   
302 STAT_DAY_C Date (character) CHAR 10    
303 STAT_DBSYS Database system CHAR 10    
304 STAT_DELAP No. of days CHAR   
305 STAT_DUR Status: Duration within status management INT2   
306 STAT_DYNPR Statistics, screen number/Tcode CHAR   
307 STAT_EXTYP Statistics, external data type CHAR   
308 STAT_EYE Statistics record, eyecatcher CHAR   
309 STAT_FLD_ACT Activation indicator for field in statistics CHAR   
310 STAT_HEX_1 Statistics, hex. field length 1 RAW   
311 STAT_HEX_2 Statistics, hex. field length 2 RAW   
312 STAT_HEX_4 Statistics, hex. field length 4 RAW   
313 STAT_HEX_8 Statistics, hex field length 8 RAW   
314 STAT_HOST Host name CHAR   
315 STAT_I4 Frequency from INT4 field specified with length 10 INT4 10    
316 STAT_INT2 Frequency from INT2 field specified in length 5 INT2   
317 STAT_INT4 Frequency from INT4 field specified with length 10 INT4 10    
318 STAT_INTVL Statistics, interval (minutes) NUMC   
319 STAT_IN_NO Status: Installation number CHAR 10    
320 STAT_KEYW Status: Keywords CHAR 12    
321 STAT_LEN60 Title length NUMC   
322 STAT_MANDT Statistics, client CHAR   
323 STAT_MW Status of regulatory reporting active/inactive NUMC   
324 STAT_NUM Sequence Number NUMC   
325 STAT_NUMC10 10-Digit Numeric Field for Reporting NUMC 10    
326 STAT_NUMC3 Numeric character string, length 3 NUMC   
327 STAT_PATH Path name CHAR 129    
328 STAT_PERC Status: Percentage value within status management NUMC   
329 STAT_PERIO Statistics, name of period CHAR   
330 STAT_PERVA Statistics, general period CHAR 13    
331 STAT_QUD2 Quality value with 2 decimal places DEC
332 STAT_REP Possible report statuses CHAR   
333 STAT_RESS Status: Resource CHAR 12    
334 STAT_RLKEY Statistics, roll key CHAR   
335 STAT_RLSIZ SAP rolling size INT4 10    
336 STAT_SELCT Status: Selection fields CHAR 12    
337 STAT_SELFI Path name CHAR 60    
338 STAT_STAT Status: Status within status management CHAR 10    
339 STAT_SYSID Statistics, system number CHAR   
340 STAT_TASK Statistics, task type CHAR   
341 STAT_TASK1 Task type name CHAR   
342 STAT_TCODE Statistics, program, transaction CHAR 40    
343 STAT_TERM Terminal ID in statistics record (individual record) CHAR 12    
344 STAT_TERML Statistics, terminal ID CHAR 20    
345 STAT_TIME Statistics, time interval (hours) CHAR   
346 STAT_TIME2 SAP Workload: Zeitangabe, DEC 31 DEC 31    
347 STAT_TIMI0 Statistics, time value INT4 10    
348 STAT_TIMP0 Statistics, time DEC 15    
349 STAT_TIMP1 Statistics, time DEC 15 
350 STAT_TNAM Statistics, table name (short) CHAR 10    
351 STAT_TNAME Statistics, table name (long) CHAR 24    
352 STAT_TW Status: Status of status management (test workbench) CHAR 10    
353 STAT_TXT IS-H: text for item status for the request for ins.verif. CHAR   
354 STAT_TYPE Document status type CRMPLM CHAR   
355 STAT_USER Statistics, account CHAR 12    
356 STAT_VK Flag: Status CHAR   
357 STAT_WPID2 Work process ID, 2-character CHAR   
358 STAUFG Indicator: Task list is used as a work task CHAR   
359 STAUFTERZ Always create meter reading order CHAR   
360 STAUG_KK Icon for clearing status in payment form list CHAR   
361 STAUS Domain: indicator for exception in statistics CHAR   
362 STAVO Statistics update sequence CHAR   
363 STAVR Tax procedure CHAR   
364 STAWN Commodity code CHAR 17    
365 STAWNP Commodity code (first 8 digits) preference CHAR   
366 STAX Real estate tax indicator CHAR   
367 STAZA_KK Status of Payment Order CHAR   
368 STAZO Customs status CHAR   
369 STAZS_CD_KK Status of Payment Lot in Cash Desk CHAR   
370 STAZS_KK Status of the payment lot CHAR   
371 STA_ACTION_TYPE Type of action in REPORT field of statistics record INT2   
372 STA_BUSTA Buffer status CHAR 10    
373 STA_C80 Statistics, character field length 80, no check CHAR 80    
374 STA_C80K Statistics; Character field length 80, no check CHAR 80    
375 STA_CHOICE Statistics; selection flag X or space CHAR   
376 STA_DEC6 Statistics; decimal field length 6 DEC   
377 STA_FILE SAP statistic: file name CHAR 100    
378 STA_FLTP Double value in statistics rec. FLTP 16  16 
379 STA_INT2 INT2 value for statistic INT2   
380 STA_OBJID Statistics; type of object CHAR   
381 STA_TIINT Time interval key CHAR 64    
382 STA_TTBITS Task type bit mask RAW   
383 STA_WP Workload Statistics: WP ID INT2   
384 STBEA Processing status CHAR   
385 STBEL Processing of Tax Assessment with Elster CHAR   
386 STBER_K Status of calculation (shipment costs header data) CHAR   
387 STBER_P Status of calculation (shipment costs item data) CHAR   
388 STBES Procurement status CHAR   
389 STBKZ_007B Posting indicator CHAR   
390 STBRF Occupational Status CHAR   
391 STC1_OP Compare operator CHAR   
392 STCAP CAPP status CHAR   
393 STCAT Category of employee reduction CHAR   
394 STCD1 Tax code 1 CHAR 16    
395 STCD2 Tax number 2 CHAR 11    
396 STCD3 Tax Number 3 CHAR 18    
397 STCD4 Tax Number 4 CHAR 18    
398 STCD5 Tax Number 5 CHAR 60    
399 STCEG Sales Tax Registration number CHAR 20    
400 STCEG_H Origin of sales tax ID number CHAR   
401 STCHG_KK Status Field for Changes to Line Item CHAR   
402 STCKSELE Domain for Popup Selection CHAR   
403 STCTSSFKEYLEN Initial Config SSF Key Length Domain NUMC   
404 STC_COMPONENT Component CHAR 12    
405 STC_HANDLE Encapsulated table control handle CHAR 40    
406 STC_PROGRESS Progress INT1   
407 STC_SC_DOM_RADIO Domain for optional RadioButton Group CHAR   
408 STC_SESSION_FINALIZED Task List Run Finalized CHAR   
409 STC_SESSION_MAINTAINED Task List Run Parameter Maintenance CHAR   
410 STC_SESSION_STATUS Task List Run Status NUMC   
411 STC_TASK_CHECK_STATUS Task Check Status NUMC   
412 STC_TASK_MAINTAINED Task Parameter Maintenance CHAR   
413 STC_TASK_STATUS Task Status NUMC   
414 STC_TIMESTAMP Timestamp DEC 15    
415 STDATE Local date: Start date CHAR   
416 STDAZ Number of hours DEC
417 STDCLASS Standard class indicator CHAR   
418 STDDA_KK Status of Debit Memo Notification CHAR   
419 STDIA Controlling the dialog with the user CHAR   
420 STDIA_CREATE_CHANGE Controlling the dialog with the user CHAR   
421 STDSRC Source of Supply Type CHAR   
422 STDTE Determine date for bill of materials configuration CHAR   
423 STDYN Item list screen, Logistics Invoice Verification CHAR   
424 STD_AREA_CODE Area Code CHAR   
425 STD_AREA_CODE_UI Area Code CHAR   
426 STD_COUNTRY_CODE Country Code CHAR   
427 STD_COUNTRY_CODE_UI Country Code CHAR   
428 STD_HIER Standard hierarchy CHAR 10    
429 STD_TELNUM Telephone Number CHAR   
430 STD_TELNUM_UI Telephone Number CHAR   
431 STD_TNUM_COMP Telephone Number - Full CHAR 15    
432 STD_TNUM_COMP_UI Telephone Number - Full CHAR 15    
433 STECHEM Organiz. term for accountancy firm dealing with heating csts CHAR 13    
434 STELL Job key NUMC   
435 STEN_IM Stock Information Store Engine CHAR   
436 STEPINACT Indicator: step is inactive CHAR   
437 STEP_ID_UI Checklist Step ID CHAR   
438 STEP_PRMAP_OBJ_NAME Object Names in STEP Customizing CHAR   
439 STEP_UNIT Unit of Time Step: Days, Weeks or Months CHAR   
440 STERM Leg determination CHAR   
441 STERMIN Deadline key NUMC   
442 STERMTYP Forward transaction cat. indicator CHAR   
443 STERM_DONE Leg determination complete CHAR   
444 STERM_LANGU Domain for Languages LANG   
445 STERN Indicator for automatic calculation CHAR   
446 STEUC Foreign Trade: Control code CHAR 16    
447 STEUC_BBP Foreign trade: control code CHAR 16    
448 STEUERGRP Control group for creation of multiple meter reading orders CHAR   
449 STEUF Control key for production resources/tools management CHAR   
450 STEUS Control key CHAR   
451 STEXTA Work Field CHAR   
452 STEXTI Name of select-option/parameter CHAR   
453 STEXTT Long text for select-option/parameter CHAR 30    
454 STFGR IS-M/AM: Level within a conditions grouping NUMC   
455 STFKZ Scale type indicator (from/to) CHAR   
456 STFLA Status flag for SD + W&S - item workload calculation NUMC   
457 STFLG_KK Reversal indicator for delayed revenue transfer postings CHAR   
458 STFRE_K Status of account determination (shipment costs header data) CHAR   
459 STFRE_P Status of account determination CHAR   
460 STGDL Statistics Group: Transportation Service Agent CHAR   
461 STGEN Generation status of DDIC structures CHAR   
462 STGKK Statistics grp for sales activity processing in order header CHAR   
463 STGKU Customer statistics group CHAR   
464 STGL_TERML Statistics, terminal ID CHAR 20    
465 STGMA Material statistics group CHAR   
466 STGRAMT Amount-related statistics group of billing line item CHAR   
467 STGRD Reason for reversal CHAR   
468 STGRP_007B Tax type CHAR   
469 STGRQNT Quantity-based statistics group for billing line item CHAR   
470 STGRU_CAS Sales Activity Status Group NUMC   
471 STGTA Statistics group: shipment type CHAR   
472 STGVB Statistics group CHAR   
473 STGVB_PAM IS-PAM: Statistics group for sales and distribution document CHAR   
474 STIDA HR: Supp. Pension Public Sector: Day and Month of Key Date NUMC   
475 STILGART Repayment type NUMC   
476 STIME NUMC 15    
477 STINVBEL Creation control for phys. inventory docs. in store phys.inv CHAR   
478 STITEL Security type indicator NUMC   
479 STKAN Edge in the exploded BOM NUMC   
480 STKEORD Type of grouping characteristic CHAR   
481 STKEY Origin of bill of material CHAR   
482 STKNZ Statistics indicator CHAR   
483 STKNZ_AVMG V0 Structure Type R: Taxation Feature CHAR   
484 STKRT Certification period NUMC   
485 STKZA Business partner subject to equalization tax ? CHAR   
486 STKZN Natural Person CHAR   
487 STKZV Control Indicator Benefits Payment CHAR   
488 STLAN BOM Usage CHAR   
489 STLRU_KK Clearing rule CHAR   
490 STLST BOM Statuses NUMC   
491 STLTY BOM Category CHAR   
492 STLTY_CL BOM category CHAR   
493 STLTY_WB Special BOM category for Engineering Workbench CHAR   
494 STMAN Processing status CHAR   
495 STMELDETYP Control Message Type CHAR   
496 STMENG08VZ IS-PSD: Quantity, 8 characters w/plus or minus sign DEC   
497 STMENGE Number of units DEC   
498 STMENGE15 Item qty, field lgth 15 for totals and calcs. in statistics DEC 15    
499 STMET_INT_KK Reversal Method Selected Internally CHAR   
500 STMET_KK Reversal Method CHAR