SAP ABAP Domain - Index S, page 18
Domain - S
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 SWA_P_004 packed, 4 bytes DEC   
2 SWA_P_005 packed, 5 bytes DEC   
3 SWA_P_006 packed, 6 bytes DEC 11    
4 SWA_P_007 packed, 7 bytes DEC 13    
5 SWA_P_008 packed, 8 bytes DEC 15    
6 SWA_P_009 packed, 9 bytes DEC 17    
7 SWA_P_010 packed, 10 bytes DEC 19    
8 SWA_P_011 packed, 11 bytes DEC 21    
9 SWA_P_012 packed, 12 bytes DEC 23    
10 SWA_P_013 packed, 13 bytes DEC 25    
11 SWA_P_014 packed, 14 bytes DEC 27    
12 SWA_P_015 packed, 15 bytes DEC 29    
13 SWA_P_016 packed, 16 bytes DEC 31    
14 SWA_REFTYP Reference type for expression CHAR   
15 SWA_SEXPR Workflow container binding: Fast entry for expression CHAR 50    
16 SWA_STATES WF: Internal storage of 32 independent states RAW   
17 SWA_VAREXP Workflow expressions: Expression from container elements CHAR   
18 SWB1BMAP Handling of Errors During Evaluation of the Condition CHAR   
19 SWBBOOLEAN Boolean value (initial, true, false, exception) CHAR   
20 SWBCLNTSTG WF: Type of contact with clients CHAR   
21 SWBCURR Currency-dependent amount in WF CURR 13 
22 SWBRASSTYP WF: Type of secondary condition of rule system CHAR 12    
23 SWBRSYSTYP WF: Type of evaluation of rule system CHAR   
24 SWBTECHLVL How 'technically' is the data displayed CHAR   
25 SWB_BINTYP WF: Data type of line in rule runtime table CHAR 12    
26 SWB_CMPOP Comparison operators for Boolean rules CHAR   
27 SWB_ELMTYP WF condition editor: Element type CHAR   
28 SWB_IDTYP WF: Type of object for which a GUID is used CHAR   
29 SWB_LINTYP Boolean Workflow: Line type CHAR   
30 SWB_LOGOP Logical operator for Boolean rules CHAR   
31 SWB_MODE Edit Mode of a Transaction CHAR   
32 SWB_NOT Operation Negated ('NOT') CHAR   
33 SWB_OPTYP Comparison of Type of an Operand CHAR   
34 SWB_VISNOT Boolean processor ('NOT') CHAR   
35 SWC_BOOL Boolean CHAR   
36 SWC_EDITEL Element in lower/upper case CHAR 32    
37 SWC_EDMODE Workflow container CHAR   
38 SWC_ELEM Element CHAR 32    
39 SWC_ELEMTP Element type CHAR   
40 SWC_FUNCT Function on a container CHAR 20    
41 SWC_FVALUE Floating point value FLTP 16  16 
42 SWC_INDEX Index NUMC   
43 SWC_INHERI Flag inherited no/yes/without implementation CHAR   
44 SWC_IVALUE Integer value INT4 10    
45 SWC_LENGTH Length of a container value in bytes NUMC   
46 SWC_REFTYP Data type reference CHAR   
47 SWC_RELTYP Type of relationship between two object types CHAR   
48 SWC_VALUE Character value CHAR 255    
49 SWDFORMNAM Form CHAR 30    
50 SWDILOGOP Internal Log: Operation, Time, Method CHAR   
51 SWDP_TEST_ONLY_INTERVALS Test: Domain with Intervals as Fixed Values Exclusively INT4 10    
52 SWDUWEBPRT Transfer protocol (e.g. HTTP) CHAR 20    
53 SWD_ADMTYP WF: Agent type CHAR   
54 SWD_AGTTYP WF: Agent type CHAR   
55 SWD_AGTYP2 WF: Agent type CHAR   
56 SWD_AGTYP3 WF: Agent type CHAR   
57 SWD_API_AS Status CHAR   
58 SWD_API_IT Object type (workflow or single job) CHAR   
59 SWD_ARROW Workflow definition: Arrow CHAR   
60 SWD_AUTHTY Authentication CHAR   
61 SWD_BINSTYP Binding Subtype CHAR   
62 SWD_BINTYP Workflow definition: Type of binding CHAR   
63 SWD_BLCKDG Block Appears as Dialog Step in Inbox (GP) CHAR   
64 SWD_BLCKTY Block Type CHAR   
65 SWD_BLOCKS Blocks CHAR   
66 SWD_CADMTYP WF: Agent type CHAR   
67 SWD_CASETY Multiple Condition Type CHAR   
68 SWD_CLSTYP Object Category CHAR   
69 SWD_CLSTYP2 Object Category CHAR   
70 SWD_CNODEID Character-Based Node ID CHAR 10    
71 SWD_CNTPRS Workflow: Persistence Class for Containers CHAR 30    
72 SWD_CNTSTYP Container Subtype CHAR   
73 SWD_CNTTYP Container Type CHAR   
74 SWD_COLOUR Workflow definition: Color NUMC   
75 SWD_CONASS WF: Domain for definition of assignment/supplement operators CHAR   
76 SWD_CONCMD Workflow definition: Workflow control NUMC   
77 SWD_CONDTY WF: Condition type CHAR   
78 SWD_CONFIG Configuration type NUMC   
79 SWD_CONOPR Workflow definition: Container operation CHAR   
80 SWD_CONSTYP Condition Subtype CHAR   
81 SWD_CONTRL Workflow definition: Commands NUMC   
82 SWD_CRLTYP Correlation with or Without Basis Element CHAR   
83 SWD_CTLFLG Binary-Coded Control Indicator INT4 10    
84 SWD_DEADAC WF: Type of action in case of missed deadline CHAR   
85 SWD_DEADTY Deadline Modeled or Already Exceeded CHAR   
86 SWD_DEAREA Reaction to missed deadline CHAR   
87 SWD_DFTYPE Type of Function CHAR   
88 SWD_DIALTY Dialog Type of a Block CHAR   
89 SWD_DLINET WF: API: Line type CHAR 10    
90 SWD_DNODET WF: API: Node type CHAR 10    
92 SWD_DTTYPE Type of task CHAR   
93 SWD_DVIEW WF: View of graphical workflow editor CHAR   
94 SWD_DWFTYP Type of Workflow Definition: Standard, Checklist, Ad Hoc, .. NUMC   
95 SWD_EDTMOD Workflow definition: Mode of editor CHAR   
96 SWD_EDTTYP Workflow definition: Editor type CHAR   
97 SWD_ELEMID Workflow definition: ID of an element NUMC 10    
98 SWD_ELEMNT Workflow definition: Sub-objects of a workflow CHAR   
99 SWD_ENQUQU Locking properties CHAR   
100 SWD_EVTRTG Type of event delivery CHAR   
101 SWD_EXCEPT Workflow definition: Value of exception CHAR   
102 SWD_EXEC_V Workflow definition: Execution versions CHAR   
103 SWD_EXETYP Workflow definition: Workflow type CHAR   
104 SWD_EXPTYP Workflow definition: Type of expression NUMC   
105 SWD_EXVIEW Technical format CHAR   
106 SWD_F4TYPE Selection Restriction for Container Elements CHAR   
107 SWD_HIDE Log CHAR   
108 SWD_HOBJID Workflow definition: Object ID of standard object CHAR 12    
109 SWD_HWAITTYP Wait for Event CHAR   
110 SWD_INVSBL Visibility CHAR   
111 SWD_LEVTSTATE Status of Local Event/Exception NUMC   
112 SWD_LEVTTYPID Type of Local Event NUMC   
113 SWD_LEVTTYPTYP Meta-Event Type CHAR   
114 SWD_LINE WF: Counter for number of current bindings INT1   
115 SWD_LINTYP Workflow definition: Semantics of line CHAR   
116 SWD_MAPTYP Mapping NUMC   
117 SWD_MRECTY Recipient Type CHAR   
118 SWD_MSELNOTE Note Required for Decision CHAR   
119 SWD_MSELTY Type of User Decision CHAR   
120 SWD_NAVDOM Type of entries in navigation structure for WF editor NUMC   
121 SWD_NODETP Workflow definition: Node types CHAR   
122 SWD_NODIDS Workflow definition: Node IDs NUMC 10    
123 SWD_NODTXT Workflow definition: Node description CHAR 80    
124 SWD_NOLOG Indicator: Reduce number of log entries to minimum CHAR   
125 SWD_O2WPRS Workflow: Persistence Class for Work Item/Object Relation CHAR 30    
126 SWD_OLDVAL Workflow Definition: Container Value Old Length 132 CHAR 132    
127 SWD_OPERAT Workflow definition: Relational operator CHAR   
128 SWD_OUTTYP Type of Outcome CHAR   
129 SWD_PERSID Workflow: ID of Persistence Profile NUMC   
130 SWD_PFEUCT ParForEach: Include Context CHAR   
131 SWD_PRIORI Workflow definition: Priority (step, workflow) NUMC   
132 SWD_PROCCAT Process Category CHAR 10    
133 SWD_PRTGRP Use Log or Group CHAR   
134 SWD_RCOUNT Workflow definition: Receiver step: Number of events NUMC   
135 SWD_RESULT Workflow definition: Result for modelling method NUMC   
136 SWD_RHMODE Workflow definition: Search mode for RH help CHAR   
137 SWD_RTYPID Workflow: ID of Receiver Type NUMC   
138 SWD_RULE WF: Rule for binding CHAR 70    
139 SWD_SENDTY Send: Standard or Rule? CHAR   
140 SWD_STATUS Workflow definition: Status CHAR   
141 SWD_TIME_B Workflow definition: Reference point for deadlines CHAR   
142 SWD_TIME_O Workflow definition: Offset for deadlines INT4 10    
143 SWD_TRASTT Transport Status CHAR   
144 SWD_TRETYP Workflow definition: Node type (modelling) CHAR   
145 SWD_TRIGTY Type of Event Creator CHAR   
146 SWD_TXTTYP Workflow definition: Text type CHAR   
147 SWD_TXTYPE Text Type CHAR   
148 SWD_ULEVEL <<Obsolete>> CHAR   
149 SWD_URLTYP WF: Agent type CHAR   
150 SWD_VALUE Workflow definition: Container value CHAR 255    
151 SWD_VERSIO Workflow definition: Version CHAR   
152 SWD_WAITTY Type of Wait Step CHAR   
153 SWD_WEBTYP XML Format: Standard or Rule CHAR   
154 SWD_WFDIDS Workflow definition: ID of workflow CHAR 10    
155 SWD_WFDIID Workflow definition: Internal WIDID without prefix NUMC   
156 SWD_XMLCLV Function Property CHAR   
157 SWD_XMLCMD Transfer Log Function CHAR 10    
158 SWD_XMLGRP Log Group CHAR   
159 SWD_XMLOPR Transmission Protocol Operation NUMC   
160 SWD_XMLPRT Transmission Protocol Used in Web Activity NUMC   
161 SWECDCHIND Change item: Type of change (U, I, E, D) CHAR   
162 SWECDCOUPL Linkage between change document and WFL events NUMC   
163 SWECDFVALU Field contents of changed field CHAR 254    
164 SWENR Number of Business Entity CHAR   
165 SWEPO Selection by GR/IR indicator CHAR   
166 SWE_ADMID Identification of administrator CHAR 132    
167 SWE_CDFBTY Function Module Type for Change Document Linkage CHAR   
168 SWE_DELRFC Event queue: Type of event delivery CHAR   
169 SWE_ERROR Event log: Error number NUMC   
170 SWE_EVTCLS Event queue: Classification of an event NUMC   
171 SWE_EVTID ID of an event instance (event ID) NUMC 20    
172 SWE_EVTSTA Event queue: Status of an event in the queue INT1   
173 SWE_EXTEND Special extension to an event INT1   
174 SWE_JOBKD Event queue: Operation mode of background job INT1   
175 SWE_NUMBER Serial number of instance linkage (key replacement) NUMC 12    
176 SWE_PRIORI Event manager: Priority NUMC   
177 SWE_QERRET Number of delivery attempts after temporary errors NUMC   
178 SWE_QKIND Event queue: Type of queueing (selective, etc. ) INT1   
179 SWE_QRECER Event queue: Behavior upon error feedback INT1   
180 SWE_QUATYP Qualifier type for event linkage CHAR 42    
181 SWE_RECERR Event linkage: Behavior upon error in receiver INT1   
182 SWE_RECIDX Field for free index over RECID (uses WI_ID, for example) NUMC 12    
183 SWE_RECSTA Status of event receiver INT1   
184 SWE_RECTYP Name of the receiver type (event receiver)(lng.14 - HR.ORG) CHAR 14    
185 SWE_RHOBJ Dummy for HR-ORG object CHAR 14    
186 SWE_TIMTYP Type of time event CHAR   
187 SWE_TRFCID ID of tRFC (total of structure ARFCTID) CHAR 24    
188 SWFACCDIR SWF Internal: Access Direction/Quality for Expr. Component CHAR   
189 SWFACCTYP Access Type for an Expression Component CHAR   
190 SWFATTRIBNAME Name of an XML Attribute CHAR 120    
191 SWFBHTYP BAM: Event Handler Type CHAR   
192 SWFBMETHNAME Operation name of Proxy CHAR 61    
193 SWFBNDCAST Binding Option: Cast to Target Object Type CHAR   
194 SWFBNDCOP Binding Operation CHAR   
195 SWFBNDEOP Binding Operation at Row Level (Expression -> Expression) CHAR   
196 SWFBNDETYP Instantiation Information for Expression in Binding CHAR   
197 SWFBNDOP Binding Operation CHAR   
198 SWFBNDOPCL Classification of a Binding Operator CHAR   
199 SWFBNDOPD Binding Operation CHAR   
200 SWFBND_SHOW_OP Display Internal Binding Operators CHAR   
201 SWFBULKMONCAP_UTIL_DOM Utilization of BPE Inbound Processing CHAR   
202 SWFCHAR64 Character String in Uppercase or Lowercase, Length 64 CHAR 64    
203 SWFCOMPOP Comparison Operator in a Condition CHAR   
204 SWFCONVTYP Conversion Type for Object References NUMC   
205 SWFDBGMOD Debug Mode Workflow Runtime NUMC   
206 SWFDBITS32 Constant for Storage of Bit Sequences (Up To Length of 32) RAW   
207 SWFDBITS64 Constant for Storage of Bit Sequences (Up To Length of 64) RAW   
208 SWFDBNDLOG Log Categories for Binding NUMC   
209 SWFDBOOL Boolean value (truth value) with ternary logic CHAR   
210 SWFDCNTKND Container Editor: Kind of Data Type Reference CHAR   
211 SWFDCOMPAT Compatibility Level (Re. Assignment) of Two Elements NUMC   
212 SWFDCRLDSC Description of a Correlation CHAR 80    
213 SWFDCRLEXOBJ Correlations: Object Check CHAR 32    
214 SWFDCRLNAM Name of a Correlation CHAR 22    
215 SWFDCUKY Unit Key for Currencies CUKY   
216 SWFDEVPROP Event Property CHAR   
217 SWFDEXPQKY Additional Information for Specifying an Expression CHAR   
218 SWFDEXPTOK Special Chaacters (Token) in the Expression Syntax CHAR   
219 SWFDLMTY Workflow Log: Message Type CHAR   
220 SWFDPARMTY Description of parameter type CHAR   
221 SWFDTKIND ABAP Type of a Data Object (from ABAP Type Descriptor) CHAR   
222 SWFDTOKTYP Types of Tokens in Expression Parsing + Analysis CHAR   
223 SWFDTYPE Component types (workflow editor, condition editor,...) CHAR   
224 SWFDUNIT Unit Key for Physical Unit, 3 Places UNIT   
225 SWFDUNITTP Describes the type of a unit CHAR   
226 SWFDXIDIRNAM XI: Process Name in Directory CHAR 120    
227 SWFDXIDIRPTY XI: Party in Directory CHAR 60    
228 SWFDXIDIRSRV XI: Service (Process Name) in Directory CHAR 60    
229 SWFDXISACKTYP XI: Sending Ack: Type of Acknowledgment CHAR   
230 SWFDXISDAK XI: Sender Confirmation CHAR   
232 SWFDXISRECTYP XI: Type of Receiver Handling When Sending CHAR   
233 SWFDXMPACTYP XML Message Proxy: Access Type for Element Value CHAR   
234 SWFDXMPCATEG XML Message Proxy: Proxy Category CHAR   
235 SWFDXMPDESCR XML Message Proxy: Description CHAR 60    
236 SWFDXMPNAM XML Message Proxy: Name CHAR 30    
237 SWFDXMPNSALIAS XML Message Proxy: Namespace Alias CHAR 30    
238 SWFDXMPNSVALUE XML Message Proxy: Namespace CHAR 255    
239 SWFDXMPXINAM XML Message Proxy: XI Interface Name CHAR 120    
240 SWFDXMPXINS XML Message Proxy: XI Interface Namespace CHAR 255    
241 SWFECLSTYP Object Category (for Events) CHAR   
242 SWFEDELMOD Way and Means of Delivering an Event CHAR   
243 SWFEDESTYP Type for Call Destination CHAR   
244 SWFEDMPARA Parameter for Delivery Mode CHAR 32    
245 SWFEFBTYP Type of Function Module CHAR   
246 SWFELEMNAM Name of an XML Element CHAR 120    
247 SWFELNKTYP Type of Event Linkage CHAR   
248 SWFEMETTYP Method Type CHAR   
249 SWFERECCAT Category Indicator of Event Receiver CHAR   
250 SWFERECFBT Type of Receiver Function Module CHAR   
251 SWFERECMOD Indicator for Event Handler CHAR   
252 SWFERECTYP Name of Receiver Type CHAR 32    
253 SWFERROFFS Offset of Error in Expression INT4 10    
254 SWFERRPH Logical Phase in Which Error Occurred CHAR   
255 SWFEXPCODE Byte Code for Expression Machine CHAR   
256 SWFEXTRANS Type of Transformation to Be Executed CHAR   
257 SWFGPACDIALOG Indicator Whether Dialog Step Exists CHAR   
258 SWFGPACIRESTYP Result of a GP Action CHAR   
259 SWFGPACISTAT Status of an Activity CHAR 12    
260 SWFGPACTYP Type of GP Activity CHAR   
261 SWFGPACTYPWUL GP: Type of Activity for Where-Used List CHAR   
262 SWFGPAGENT Agent of a Guided Procedure Action CHAR 14    
264 SWFGPCONFKEY Configuration Parameter Guided Procedures CHAR 10    
265 SWFGPCONFVALUE Configuration Parameter Value Guided Procedures CHAR 255    
266 SWFGPDEFNODTXT Guided Procedures Step Text CHAR 80    
267 SWFGPDEPTYPE Type of GP Deployment CHAR   
268 SWFGPDISPTRSEL GP: Preselection of Display Period CHAR   
269 SWFGPDPDEF ID of Guided Procedures Process Definition CHAR 32    
270 SWFGPDPVERS Version of a Guided Procedures Process Definition CHAR   
271 SWFGPDTYPE Type of GP Definition CHAR   
273 SWFGPDUETYPE Guided Procedures: Deadline Type CHAR   
274 SWFGPDVERS Version of GP Definition NUMC   
275 SWFGPERRCAT Error Category for GP Actions CHAR   
276 SWFGPGENOBJCAT GP: Category of Generated Objects CHAR   
277 SWFGPGENOBJKEY GP: Key of a Generated Object CHAR 32    
278 SWFGPGENVALIDITY Validity of a Generated Object CHAR   
279 SWFGPID ID of a GP Component CHAR 32    
280 SWFGPMETHTYP GP: Type of Method CHAR   
281 SWFGPMODID ID of Guided Procedure Modeling Element CHAR 32    
283 SWFGPRETCODE Guided Procedures API: Return Code NUMC   
284 SWFGPREUSESTAT GP: Reuse-Status for Generated Objects CHAR   
285 SWFGPROLE_NAME Role Name CHAR 32    
286 SWFGPRULE_NAME Agent Rule Name CHAR 10    
288 SWFGPSTEPTYPE GP-Status Internal Step Types CHAR 14    
289 SWFHANDTY Web Services in the Workflow: Handler Type CHAR   
290 SWFHPATH Handler Path CHAR 255    
291 SWFIMPLTYP Web Services in Workflow: Implementation Type CHAR   
292 SWFMESPPROP Properties of Message Parts RAW   
293 SWFMETARL Meta-Rule Type CHAR   
296 SWFMIG_CTRL_KEY primary key for process migration ctrl table NUMC 10    
297 SWFMIG_FLAG Flag to indicate boolean choice CHAR   
298 SWFMIG_MIG_ID Process Migration Instance ID NUMC 10    
300 SWFMIG_STEP_NUM step number NUMC   
302 SWFMOD_ACTVT Workflow Modeler Activities ( Authorization field) CHAR   
303 SWFMOD_FLAG Workflow modeler flag (X/' ') CHAR   
304 SWFMOD_FOLDER_ID Unique identification number of a folder CHAR 32    
305 SWFMOD_OBJECT_TYPE Modeler object type: C, T, U CHAR   
306 SWFMOD_OPTION Range Option CHAR   
307 SWFMOD_SECURITY_OBJECT Security object: manage access to UI area: container, templa CHAR   
309 SWFMOD_TECHNICAL_NAME Technical name (folder) CHAR 30    
310 SWFPFAGGLEVEL Aggregation Level CHAR   
311 SWFPFAGGREGATE Form of Aggregation CHAR   
312 SWFPFCOLLID Identifier of a Collector NUMC   
313 SWFPFCOUNT Number of Measured Values INT4 10    
314 SWFPFDATA Non-Interpreted Performance Data CHAR 64    
315 SWFPFMSDESCR Description of a Measuring Section CHAR 100    
316 SWFPFMSECTID Identifier of a Measuring Section NUMC   
317 SWFPFRTFIELD Runtime, Maximum 12-Figure NUMC 12    
318 SWFPFTOGGLE Switch for Activating Measuring Sections CHAR   
319 SWFPORT Handler Port CHAR 16    
320 SWFRAC Workflow Log: Action on a Step INT4 10    
321 SWFRACTION Workflow Log: Level for System Actions NUMC   
322 SWFRCLTY Workflow: Type of Class (Transient/Persistent) CHAR   
323 SWFREFPNT WF: Text for time-based reference point CHAR 20    
324 SWFREPSTRY Repository (DDIC/SE24/BOR/WebFlow/...) CHAR   
325 SWFREXTPROCID Workflow: ID of an External Process CHAR 50    
326 SWFREXTPROCSTAT Workflow: Status of an External Process CHAR 12    
327 SWFREXTPROCTYPE Workflow: Type of External Process CHAR 10    
328 SWFRINDX Workflow: Loop/Parallelism Index in a Workflow INT4 10    
329 SWFRLMKD Workflow Log: Message Type CHAR   
330 SWFRLSBMAP Mapping for Truth Values CHAR   
331 SWFRLSFLAV Editing Option ('Flavour') for Text/Symbol in SWF_RLS CHAR   
332 SWFRLSOPTY Unique ID of Operator Node of a Rule CHAR   
333 SWFRMSGLV Workflow Log: Level for System Messages NUMC   
334 SWFRSTAT Workflow: Status of a Step NUMC   
335 SWFRUNSECT Workflow: Date/Time for Log and Trace NUMC   
336 SWFRWISTAT Workflow: Work Item Status NUMC   
337 SWFRWITYPE Workflow: Step Type CHAR   
338 SWFRWLC Workflow - Worklist Client CHAR 10    
339 SWFRWLCWIEVT Workflow - Worklist Client: Work Item Event CHAR 12    
340 SWFRXIACKPROPS XI Adapter: Ack Properties RAW   
341 SWFRXICPNT XI Adapter: Instance Generation Indicator CHAR   
342 SWFRXIDELSTATE XI Adapter: Delivery Status of XI Message CHAR   
343 SWFRXIREQACK XI Adapter: Requested Confirmation (Ack) CHAR   
344 SWFRXMLCHR XML Data in Character Format CHAR 2044    
345 SWFSDEFS Service Definition Source CHAR   
346 SWFSERVER Handler Server CHAR 255    
347 SWFSLS_APPLID Scheduling Services: Application ID CHAR   
348 SWFSLS_APPLKEY Scheduling Services: Application Key of Deadline CHAR 70    
349 SWFSLS_COUNT Number INT4 10    
350 SWFSLS_DLSTATUS Scheduling Services: Deadline Status CHAR   
351 SWFSLS_GUID GUID of Deadline CHAR 32    
352 SWFSLS_NUMC4 4-Figure Number NUMC   
353 SWFSLS_PRIO Priority NUMC   
354 SWFSLS_TIMUNIT SLS: Time Units for Periodic Deadlines CHAR   
355 SWFSPONAME Name for the Triple: Service Port Type Operation CHAR 120    
356 SWFSWRWLTYPE Worklist Type CHAR   
357 SWFTIMEOFF Workflow definition: Offset for deadlines INT4 10    
358 SWFTRACEID Unique ID in Trace RAW 16    
359 SWFTRCDESC Trace Date/Time CHAR 32    
360 SWFTRCGLOACTV Global Activation of Trace Components CHAR   
361 SWFTRCHDSC Workflow Trace Header: Descriptive Text CHAR 132    
362 SWFTRCLEV Trace Level Workflow Runtime NUMC   
363 SWFTRCSTATE Status Trace Component Client-Specific Configuration CHAR   
364 SWFTRCTEXT Trace Time/Date: Long Text CHAR 127    
365 SWFTRCUSRMOD User Mode for Trace Activation CHAR   
366 SWFTRC_ACTIVE Trace Active/Inactive CHAR   
367 SWFTRC_CMP Workflow-Trace: Component CHAR 30    
368 SWFTRC_DEMO_LEVEL Possible Values for Trace-Level of Workflow-Trace Demo NUMC   
369 SWFTRC_DEMO_TEXT Workflow-Trace-Demo Text CHAR 12    
370 SWFTRC_ETYP Trace: Type of Trace Entry CHAR   
371 SWFTRC_PCK Description of a Component in Trace CHAR 30    
372 SWFTRC_TYP Type of Trace CHAR   
373 SWFTRC_WF_PACKAGE_TRACES Workflow Packages for Which a Package Trace Can Be Activated CHAR 30    
374 SWFTSISPC TSI: Service Provider Category CHAR   
375 SWFTSIUPDMOD TSI: Update Mode of Transaction NUMC   
376 SWFURIPNAM Name of a Query Parameter CHAR 132    
377 SWFURIPVAL Value of a Query Parameter CHAR 132    
378 SWFURISCH Web Services in the Workflow: URI Procedure CHAR 10    
379 SWFVMETH Method Name CHAR 32    
380 SWFVOTYP Object Type CHAR 32    
381 SWFVVNAM Visualization Parameter Name CHAR 30    
382 SWFVVPAR Visualization Parameter CHAR 20    
383 SWFVVTYP Visualization Type CHAR 10    
384 SWFVVVAL Visualization Parameter Value CHAR 255    
385 SWFVWLC Worklist Client CHAR 10    
386 SWFWSADDR Port Address CHAR 255    
387 SWFWSBCDBU Callback Dialog Box URL CHAR 132    
388 SWFWSBINDNAM Name of a Binding CHAR 120    
389 SWFWSBINDTYP Type of a Message Part Binding CHAR   
390 SWFWSCBDBU Basis URL of Callback Dialog CHAR 132    
391 SWFWSCBDHO Name of Callback Dialog Host CHAR 132    
392 SWFWSCBDIALG Callback Dialog Type CHAR   
393 SWFWSCBDNM Name of Callback Dialog CHAR 132    
394 SWFWSCBDPA Path of Callback Dialogs CHAR 132    
395 SWFWSCBDPO Port of Callback Dialog NUMC 16    
396 SWFWSCBDPR Log of Callback Dialog CHAR   
397 SWFWSCBDTY Type of Callback Dialog CHAR   
398 SWFWSCBDUR URL of Callback Dialogs CHAR 132    
399 SWFWSCLTYP Type of Client When Calling a Web Service CHAR   
400 SWFWSCM Call Mode of a Web Service CHAR   
401 SWFWSCTURL Basis URL of Work Item Controllers CHAR 132    
402 SWFWSDEFRL Definition Release of Task CHAR   
403 SWFWSDLNAM Name of WSDL Elements CHAR 120    
404 SWFWSDLNS Namespace of WSDL Elements CHAR 255    
405 SWFWSEXCAT Error Category for Web Service Error Handling CHAR   
406 SWFWSFCBDU URL of Callback Dialog in Frame CHAR 132    
407 SWFWSHANDI Direction of an Incoming WebService Request CHAR   
409 SWFWSIFSPOSK Search Term for Search for Web Service Definitions (Name) CHAR 30    
410 SWFWSIMPMESTEXT Message Text CHAR 255    
411 SWFWSMESKI Type of Message (Input/Output/Error) CHAR   
412 SWFWSMESPDIR Direction of a Message Part (Import/Export) CHAR   
414 SWFWSMSKND Message Type (Input, Output, Fault) CHAR   
415 SWFWSPONAM Name of a Service Port CHAR 120    
416 SWFWSPOSAPNAM SAP Name of a Service Port CHAR 120    
417 SWFWSPPSTAT Persistence Status of a Web Service Definition CHAR   
418 SWFWSPVER Version of an XML Cache Document NUMC   
419 SWFWSRCDBU URL of Callback Dialog Frame CHAR 132    
420 SWFWSRQTYP Web Service Execution: Type of a Request CHAR   
421 SWFWSSADDR String Address of a Service Port STRG   
422 SWFWSSHTEXT Short Text CHAR 120    
423 SWFWSWCBDU URL of Callback Dialog in Window CHAR 132    
424 SWFWSWSDIR Service Directory CHAR   
425 SWFWSWSDLFPATH File Path for WSDL File CHAR 255    
426 SWFWSWSDLNODETYPE Node Type in the Tree Display of WSDL Import CHAR   
428 SWFXIADM_PTYPE XI: BPE Administration Process Type CHAR 10    
429 SWFXIADM_STATE XI: BPE Administration Component Status CHAR   
430 SWFXIADM_STEP XI: BPE Administration Process Step CHAR 10    
431 SWFXIBULKSTATUS Processing Status of a Message in BPE CHAR   
432 SWFXIDISPSTATUS Processing Status of a Message in BPE CHAR   
433 SWFXIERROTYP XI Adapter: Type of Object that Caused Error CHAR   
434 SWFXIEXISTING_LOG_DOM Log Entries Available for Message CHAR   
436 SWFXIINBCOMCRIT Criterion Bulk is Complete CHAR   
437 SWFXIINBCONFVERSION Version Configuration Entry of Inbound Processing NUMC   
438 SWFXIINBDISPVERSION Version of an Entry in the DISPATCH Table NUMC   
439 SWFXIINBLOGLEVEL Logging Level of Dispatcher CHAR   
440 SWFXIINBMODE XI Adapter: Inbound-Processing Mode CHAR   
441 SWFXIINBMSGPROCREL Relationship Between Message and Process Instance CHAR   
442 SWFXIINBPPMODE Principal Propagation Mode of a Process Type CHAR   
443 SWFXIINBPPSTATUS Status Regarding Principal Propagation CHAR   
444 SWFXIINBQMODE XI Adapter: Queue Handling for Inbound Processing CHAR   
445 SWFXIINBTESTCASE Test Variants for BPE Inbound Processing NUMC   
446 SWFXIINBVERSSTATE Status of Configuration Version of Inbound Processing CHAR   
447 SWFXIMSGPROCREL Relationship of a Message to a Process Instance CHAR   
448 SWFXIOTYP XI: CACHE: Type of Dependent Objects CHAR   
449 SWFXIPPDATA Application Data for Principal Propagation RAW 16    
450 SWFXISIMPLEMAPPARTYPE Type Simple Mapping Parameter CHAR   
451 SWFXISTYP XI: CACHE: Sub Type of Dependent Objects (Tasks) CHAR   
452 SWFXMLNS XML Namespace CHAR 255    
453 SWFXSLMESCAT Category of an XSLT Message (WSDL Import) CHAR   
454 SWFXST_ANYURI XML Schema Simple Type anyURI STRG   
455 SWFXST_BASE64BINARY XML Schema Simple Type base64Binary RSTR   
456 SWFXST_BOOLEAN XML Schema Simple Type Boolean CHAR   
457 SWFXST_BYTE XML Schema Simple Type Byte INT4 10    
458 SWFXST_DATE XML Schema Simple Type Date DATS   
459 SWFXST_DECIMAL XML Schema Simple Type Decimal DEC 31 
460 SWFXST_DOUBLE XML Schema Simple Type Double FLTP 16  16 
461 SWFXST_DURATION XML Schema Simple Type Duration STRG   
464 SWFXST_FLOAT XML Schema Simple Type Float FLTP 16  16 
465 SWFXST_GDAY XML Schema Simple Type gDay CHAR 11    
466 SWFXST_GMONTH XML Schema Simple Type gMonth CHAR 12    
467 SWFXST_GMONTHDAY XML Schema Simple Type gMonthDay CHAR 13    
468 SWFXST_GYEAR XML Schema Simple Type gYear STRG   
469 SWFXST_GYEARMONTH XML Schema Simple Type gYearMonth STRG   
470 SWFXST_HEXBINARY XML Schema Simple Type hexBinary RSTR   
471 SWFXST_ID XML Schema Simple Type ID STRG   
472 SWFXST_IDREF XML Schema Simple Type IDREF STRG   
474 SWFXST_INT XML Schema Simple Type Integer INT4 10    
475 SWFXST_INTEGER XML Schema Simple Type Integer INT4 10    
476 SWFXST_LANGUAGE XML Schema Simple Type Language LANG   
477 SWFXST_LONG XML Schema Simple Type Long INT4 10    
478 SWFXST_NAME XML Schema Simple Type Name STRG   
479 SWFXST_NCNAME XML Schema Simple Type NCName STRG   
480 SWFXST_NEGATIVE_INTEGER XML Schema Simple Type negativeInteger INT4 10    
483 SWFXST_NON_NEGATIVE_INTEGER XML Schema Simple Type nonNegativeInteger INT4 10    
484 SWFXST_NON_POSITIVE_INTEGER XML Schema Simple Type nonPositiveInteger INT4 10    
485 SWFXST_NORMALIZED_STRING XML Schema Simple Type normalizedString STRG   
487 SWFXST_POSITIVE_INTEGER XML Schema Simple Type positiveInteger INT4 10    
488 SWFXST_QNAME XML Schema Simple Type QName STRG   
489 SWFXST_SHORT XML Schema Simple Type Short INT4 10    
490 SWFXST_SIMPLETYPE Name of an XML Schema simpleTypes CHAR 30    
491 SWFXST_STRING XML Schema Simple Type String STRG   
492 SWFXST_TIME XML Schema Simple Type Time TIMS   
493 SWFXST_TOKEN XML Schema Simple Type Token STRG   
494 SWFXST_UNSIGNED_BYTE XML Schema Simple Type unsignedByte INT4 10    
495 SWFXST_UNSIGNED_INT XML Schema Simple Type unsignedInt INT4 10    
496 SWFXST_UNSIGNED_LONG XML Schema Simple Type unsignedLong INT4 10    
497 SWFXST_UNSIGNED_SHORT XML Schema Simple Type unsignedShort INT4 10    
498 SWF_ADAPTER_MODE mode/ status ACTIVE/INACTIVE (start/stop) CHAR   
499 SWF_AGTYP1 WF: Agent type CHAR   
500 SWF_AGTYP2 WF: Agent type CHAR