SAP ABAP Domain - Index D, page 7
Domain - D
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 DPROZ Percentage used for reducing duration in network DEC   
2 DPR_ABS_URL Absolute URL for Project Management Call CHAR 255    
4 DPR_ACTIVE_FLAG Object Link: Activation Checkbox CHAR   
5 DPR_ACTUAL2PLAN Overwrite Planned Dates by Actual Dates CHAR   
6 DPR_AMOUNT Demand or Effort in Enhanced Distribution DEC
7 DPR_API_OBJECT Project Management API: Object CHAR 30    
9 DPR_API_PSS_CHNGIND PSS: Change Indicator CHAR   
10 DPR_API_PSS_DOC_DESCRIPTION PSS: Document Description CHAR 64    
11 DPR_API_PSS_DOC_NUMBER PSS: External Document Number CHAR 64    
12 DPR_API_PSS_DOC_TYPE PSS: Document Category CHAR 10    
13 DPR_API_PSS_FC_PROPERTY_VALUE PSS: Field Control Property CHAR   
14 DPR_API_PSS_LISTTYPE PSS: Object Lists (MyObjects, MyFavorites, LastUsed, ...) CHAR   
15 DPR_APPROVAL_ASSIGN_PERSON Assign Decision Maker at the Start of Approval CHAR   
16 DPR_APPROVAL_COMPLETE_PHASE Complete Phase When Granting Approval CHAR   
17 DPR_APPROVAL_DECISION Approval/Individual Approval Decision CHAR   
18 DPR_APPROVAL_DOCUMENT Binary Approval Document RSTR   
20 DPR_APPROVAL_GRANT_FINAL Grant Approval After Last Individual Approval CHAR   
21 DPR_APPROVAL_GRANT_WITH_REJ Granting of App. with Rejected Individual Approval Allowed CHAR   
22 DPR_APPROVAL_IAP_CHANGE Changeability of Ind. Approvals After Approval Beginning CHAR   
23 DPR_AREA Area CHAR   
25 DPR_BADI_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type in Proj.Plan (with Set Values for BAdI Srch Hlp) CHAR   
26 DPR_BAPIUPDATE Flag to update fields in BAPI structures CHAR   
27 DPR_BAPI_CHAR_255 String, 255 characters long with capital/no capital letters CHAR 255    
28 DPR_BAPI_CHAR_40 String, 40 characters long with capital/no capital letters CHAR 40    
29 DPR_BAPI_CHAR_80 String, 80 characters long with capital/no capital letters CHAR 80    
30 DPR_BAPI_OBLINK_DESCRIPTION Description of Object Link CHAR 254    
31 DPR_BAPI_THRESHOLD_SEVERITY Evaluation Engine: Severity of Errors of Threshold Value NUMC   
32 DPR_BOOKING_TYPE Booking Type CHAR   
33 DPR_BOOLEAN Boolean value CHAR   
35 DPR_BP_PROFIL Budget / Plan profile CHAR   
37 DPR_BW_DQ_DS_TYP BW Delta Queue DataSource Types CHAR   
38 DPR_CALC_BASE Calculation Base CHAR   
39 DPR_CAPACITY Capacity DEC 26 
40 DPR_CAUSE Reason CHAR 15    
41 DPR_CAUSE_CO Cause CHAR 15    
42 DPR_CGPL_LEVEL CGPL Planning Level of an Activity (Interface Conversion) NUMC   
43 DPR_CHANGEABILITY Changeability CHAR   
44 DPR_CHANGEABILITY_ITEM Changeability of Checklist Items CHAR   
45 DPR_CHANGE_DOCS_PERIOD Time Frame for Selecting Change Documents CHAR   
46 DPR_CI_ACTIVE Switch for Activating a Customizing Entry CHAR   
47 DPR_CI_COLUMN Project Management: Table Column NUMC   
48 DPR_CI_FIELDNAME Project Management: Name of Customer Field CHAR 30    
49 DPR_CI_ROW Project Management: Table Row NUMC   
50 DPR_CI_SEQUENCE Project Management: Sequence of Field Groups NUMC   
51 DPR_CI_UI_DEF Project Management: Customer Field UI Definition CHAR   
52 DPR_CI_WIDTH_COLUMN Project Management: Width of Field Descriptions/Field Values NUMC   
53 DPR_CI_WORK_MODE Project Management: Customer Field in Processing Mode CHAR   
54 DPR_CKLITEM_RESULT Result for Checklist Item CHAR   
55 DPR_COMPONENT Software Component for Project Management CHAR 30    
56 DPR_CONTROLLING_METHOD Process Parameter Controlling Method for cProjects CHAR   
57 DPR_CONTROLLING_METHOD_VORLAGE Process Parameter Controlling Method for cProjects CHAR   
58 DPR_COPY_CHECKLISTS Create Proj. Template from Project: New Checklist Templates CHAR   
59 DPR_COPY_TYPE Type of copy CHAR   
60 DPR_CO_LEVEL Controlling Level NUMC   
61 DPR_CO_METHOD Controlling Method for Project Management CHAR   
62 DPR_CP_ACTIVE Switch for Activating a Customizing Entry CHAR   
63 DPR_CP_BADI_FILTER Control Plan: Filter for BAdI Object Creation CHAR   
64 DPR_CP_CHAR_UNIT Unit of Characteristic in Control Plan UNIT   
66 DPR_CP_CHA_CLASSF Control Plan: Classification of Special Characteristics CHAR 20    
67 DPR_CP_CHA_IND_PROD Product (1) or Process Characteristic (0) in Control Plan CHAR   
68 DPR_CP_CHA_SEQ_NR Control Plan: Sequence Number of Characteristic NUMC 10    
69 DPR_CP_CORE_TEAM Control Plan: Core Team CHAR 40    
70 DPR_CP_ITEM_ID Control Plan Characteristic ID in Control Plan CHAR 15    
71 DPR_CP_ITEM_TYPE Control Plan: Item Category CHAR   
72 DPR_CP_KEY_CONTACT Control Plan: Contact Person/Telephone CHAR 40    
73 DPR_CP_MTH_CTRL Control Plan: Methods --> Steering Methods CHAR 20    
74 DPR_CP_MTH_EV_MSR Control Plan: Methods --> Test System Used CHAR 15    
75 DPR_CP_MTH_PDPC Control Plan: Methods --> Product/Process Specification CHAR 20    
76 DPR_CP_MTH_SA_FQ Control Plan: Methods --> Frequency of Sample CHAR 10    
77 DPR_CP_MTH_SA_SZ Control Plan: Methods--> Sample Scope CHAR   
78 DPR_CP_PART_ID Control Plan Part Number /Last Change Status CHAR 40    
79 DPR_CP_PART_TEXT Control Plan Part Text/Description CHAR 40    
80 DPR_CP_PROC_ID Unique ID Control Plan Process in Control Plan CHAR 40    
81 DPR_CP_REACT_PLAN Control Plan: Response Plan CHAR 20    
82 DPR_CP_STAGE Control Plan: Classification/Category CHAR   
83 DPR_CP_SUPPLIER_ID Control Plan: Vendor Key CHAR 20    
84 DPR_CP_SUPPLIER_INFO Control Plan: Vendor/Location Release/Date CHAR 40    
85 DPR_CP_SUPPLIER_TEXT Vendor/Location Control Plan CHAR 40    
86 DPR_CP_TOOL_SEQ_NR Control Plan: Tool Sequence Number NUMC 10    
87 DPR_CP_VERSION Control Plan Version CHAR 10    
88 DPR_DATES Earliest or Latest Dates of Bar in Gantt Chart CHAR   
89 DPR_DEFAULT_MODE Processing Mode When Accessing Project Management CHAR   
90 DPR_DESCRIPTION Description CHAR 255    
91 DPR_DMS_LINK Document Link CHAR   
92 DPR_DOC_UPLOAD Document Import Procedure CHAR   
93 DPR_EDIT_MODE Edit Mode (Display or Change) CHAR   
95 DPR_EDMS_DOCNAME EDMS: Document Name CHAR 40    
97 DPR_EDMS_FILE_ID EDMS Worldwide Unique ID of a Logical or Physical Document CHAR 32    
98 DPR_ELEMENTTYPE Project Management API: ESI Element Type NUMC   
99 DPR_ENTITY_GUID GUID for Application Objects (Entity; with Conversion Exit) RAW 16    
100 DPR_ENTITY_GUID_CO GUID for Application Objects RAW 16    
101 DPR_ESSENTIAL_SHLP Single-Character Label for Essential/Optional Req. in SHLP CHAR   
102 DPR_EXTERNAL_ID_CO Project Planning: External ID for Projects and Activities CHAR 24    
103 DPR_EXTID External Identification NUMC 20    
104 DPR_FC Field Control CHAR   
105 DPR_FC_ACTION Action of an Object CHAR 30    
106 DPR_FC_ASSOCIATION Association of an Object CHAR 30    
107 DPR_FC_ATTRIBUTE Object Attribute CHAR 30    
108 DPR_FC_DESCRIPTION Description for Field Control CHAR 40    
109 DPR_FC_OBJECT_TYPE Object Category for Field Control CHAR 10    
110 DPR_FC_PROPERTY_VALUE Field Control Property CHAR   
111 DPR_FC_STRUCTURE Structure of an Object CHAR 30    
112 DPR_FC_STRUCTURE_ATTRIBUTE Structure and Attribute of an Object (Concatenated) CHAR 61    
113 DPR_FILTER_RANGE_LIST Dashboard Filter Selection NUMC   
114 DPR_FINISH_CONSTRAINT Constraint on Finish Date CHAR   
115 DPR_FIN_GECCO_REV_CALC_TYPE Revenue Calculation Type CHAR   
116 DPR_FIN_INT_SCENARIO Scenario for Accounting Integration CHAR   
117 DPR_FKBER Functional area CHAR 16    
118 DPR_FMEA_RATING FMEA Key Figure (0-10) DEC   
119 DPR_FONT_SIZE Font Size for Tree/Table View/ Gantt Chart CHAR 30    
120 DPR_FORM_NAME Print Form CHAR 30    
121 DPR_FORM_OPTION_COMPONENTS Form Option: With Components CHAR   
122 DPR_FORM_OPTION_COMPONENTS_TAB Form Option: With Components (Tabular Overview) CHAR   
123 DPR_FORM_OPTION_GRAPHIC Form Option: Graphic CHAR   
124 DPR_FORM_OPTION_TEXTS Form Option: Texts CHAR   
125 DPR_GUID GUID for Application Objects RAW 16    
126 DPR_HIER Project Structure Hierarchy CHAR   
127 DPR_HIERARCHY_ID Hierarchy Element Number NUMC   
128 DPR_HOURS_PER_DAY Hours per day DEC
129 DPR_INT_VERSION_HEADER Version Header (Internal Numbering) CHAR 20    
130 DPR_INT_VRSN_HEADER_NR Version Header Numbering CHAR   
133 DPR_JV_OTYPE Joint Venture Object Type CHAR   
134 DPR_LINK_LAG MSP Link Lag DEC   
135 DPR_LINK_TYPE Partner Object for Assignment of a Role CHAR   
136 DPR_LOCATION Location CHAR   
137 DPR_LOCKMODE Project Management API: Lock Mode CHAR   
138 DPR_LOG_PARAMETER Parameters for Logbook of Costing Interface CHAR 10    
139 DPR_MASTER_LANGU_SELECT Select Language for Text in Project CHAR   
140 DPR_MODE Mode of operation CHAR   
141 DPR_MSP_BOOL MS Project Type for Boolean CHAR   
142 DPR_OBJECT PPM objects CHAR 10    
143 DPR_OBJECT_TYPE Object Category in Project Planning CHAR   
144 DPR_OBJECT_TYPE_CO Object Category of Project Element CHAR   
145 DPR_OBLGRP_CATEGORY Uses of Object Link Groups CHAR 15    
146 DPR_OBL_CATEGORY Category for Object Types of Object Links CHAR 15    
147 DPR_OBL_GROUP Object Type Groups CHAR 15    
148 DPR_OBL_INTERNAL_ID Internal ID of a Linked Object (Character-Based) CHAR 120    
149 DPR_OBL_OBJ_TYPE Project Element Types for Object Links CHAR   
151 DPR_OBL_SHLP_NAME Object Link: Search Help Name CHAR 30    
152 DPR_OBL_TYPE Object Type of an Object Link CHAR 15    
153 DPR_OPTIMIZED_FOR_RESOLUTION Settings Optimized for Resolution CHAR 12    
154 DPR_OUTPUT_FORMAT Output Format for Print Template CHAR 10    
156 DPR_PARTICIPANT_ROLE Role Type for Projects CHAR 15    
157 DPR_PART_DISTRIBUTION Role: Distribute Total Demand CHAR   
158 DPR_PC_GROUP Domain for Project Charter Group CHAR 15    
159 DPR_PERFORMANCE_FINISH Key Figure: Performance Finish CHAR   
160 DPR_PERFORMANCE_START Key Figure: Start of Performance CHAR   
161 DPR_PERIOD Time Frame CHAR   
163 DPR_PERIOD_TYPE Period Category of Distribution NUMC   
164 DPR_PO_EXT_ID External Identification of an SRM Purchase Order CHAR 35    
165 DPR_PO_I_EXT_ID External Identification of an SRM Purchase Order Item CHAR 32    
166 DPR_PROCESS Process CHAR 15    
167 DPR_PROC_STATUS Summarized Processing Status CHAR   
168 DPR_PROFIDPROJ Profile ID: Work Breakdown Structure CHAR   
170 DPR_PROJECT_LOCATION Project Location CHAR   
171 DPR_PROJ_ELEM Project Element for Confirmation CHAR   
172 DPR_PSS_POWL_CHECKLISTITEMS Selection Logic for Checklist Items in POWL CHAR   
173 DPR_PSS_POWL_ISSUES Selection Logic for Issues in POWL CHAR   
174 DPR_PSS_POWL_KPIS Selection Logic for KPIs in POWL CHAR   
175 DPR_PSS_POWL_PROJECTS Selection Logic for Projects in POWL CHAR   
176 DPR_PSS_POWL_PROJECTS_NOACC Selection Logic for Projects in POWL Controlling CHAR   
177 DPR_PSS_POWL_TASKS Selection Logic for Tasks in POWL CHAR   
178 DPR_PS_ASTNR Applicant personnel number NUMC   
179 DPR_PS_SCHDPRF Profile for WBS scheduling CHAR 12    
180 DPR_PS_VERNR Project manager personnel number NUMC   
181 DPR_R3DMS_DESCRIPTION R3DMS: Document Description CHAR 64    
182 DPR_R3DMS_RAW2550 Data block 2550 LRAW 2550    
183 DPR_R3DMS_TEXT20 Text (30 characters) CHAR 30    
184 DPR_R3DMS_TEXT255 Source Text CHAR 255    
185 DPR_R3DMS_TEXT30 Text (30 characters) CHAR 30    
186 DPR_R3DMS_TEXT40 Text (40 Characters) CHAR 40    
187 DPR_R3DMS_TEXT55 Text, 55 Characters Long CHAR 55    
188 DPR_R3DMS_UPDMODE Update Document Link Mode CHAR   
189 DPR_RATE_QUAN_TYPE Activity Quantity (Base Quantity) QUAN
190 DPR_RATE_TYPE Cost Rate/Revenue Rate for Project Costing CHAR 15    
191 DPR_RECIPIENT_TYPE Recipient Type CHAR   
192 DPR_RELATIONSHIP_TYPE Type of relationship CHAR   
193 DPR_RELTYPE Relationship Type CHAR   
194 DPR_REPLICATION_KIND Time of Replication CHAR   
195 DPR_REV_DET_TYPE Revenue Calculation Type CHAR   
196 DPR_ROLE_FUNCTION_ID Role Function of a Role CHAR 15    
197 DPR_RPN Risk Priority Number DEC   
198 DPR_RULE Rule for BPS - DPR field mapping NUMC   
199 DPR_RULEDESC Description for Mapping Rules CHAR 40    
200 DPR_RULEID Rule ID for Conversion Rules NUMC   
201 DPR_SACK_EXT_ID External Identification of an SRM Service Entry CHAR 35    
202 DPR_SACK_I_EXT_ID External Identification of an SRM Service Entry Item CHAR 10    
203 DPR_SCHEDULE_BEHAVIOUR Scheduling Behavior CHAR   
204 DPR_SCHEDULE_TYPE Project Scheduling CHAR   
205 DPR_SCOPE Type of Setting CHAR   
206 DPR_SCOPE_CV Object class (five-figure print length) CHAR   
207 DPR_SCROLL Scroll Direction CHAR   
208 DPR_SC_EXTID Number Range for External Identification of Shopping Cart NUMC 10    
209 DPR_SC_EXT_ID External Identification of an SRM Shopping Cart CHAR 35    
210 DPR_SC_I_EXT_ID External Identification of an SRM Shopping Cart Item CHAR 10    
211 DPR_SC_QUANTITY Shopping Cart - Quantity (Requested, Ordered, Confirmed) DEC 19 
212 DPR_SEARCH_FUNCTION Project Management Search Function CHAR   
213 DPR_SEL_OPT Project Management API: Options for Selection Conditions CHAR   
214 DPR_SETTINGS_LABEL_TEXT GMI: Label and Label/Text for Gantt More Info User Settings CHAR 25    
215 DPR_SHARED_OBJECT Project Management: Object attribute CHAR 30    
216 DPR_SIGN Inclusive, Exclusive CHAR   
219 DPR_SIGNATURE_METHOD Selection of Signature Method CHAR   
220 DPR_SIGNATURE_STATE Signature Process Status CHAR   
221 DPR_SIGNATURE_TYPE Type of Signature CHAR   
222 DPR_SRCH_KIND Search Type CHAR 25    
223 DPR_SRCH_OBJ_TYPE Object Type CHAR   
224 DPR_SRM_PROD_CAT Identification of the SRM Product Category CHAR 40    
225 DPR_SRT_LP_CHAR60 Character 60 CHAR 60    
226 DPR_STAGE Control Plan: Category (Header Level) CHAR 15    
227 DPR_STAGE_IND Control Plan: Category Indicator CHAR   
228 DPR_START_CONSTRAINT Constraint on Start Date CHAR   
230 DPR_SUBOBJECT Application Log: Subobject CHAR 20    
231 DPR_SUBST_TYPE View of Substitute Definition CHAR   
232 DPR_SYSTEM_STATUS cProjects System Status CHAR   
234 DPR_TEXT Text CHAR 40    
235 DPR_TEXT_CO Text CHAR 40    
236 DPR_THLD_CHECK Check for Threshold Value Violations CHAR   
237 DPR_TIME_INTERVAL Time Interval in Relationship Between two Tasks DEC   
238 DPR_TIME_UNIT Time Unit NUMC   
239 DPR_TRA_TD_IM_ACT Import Actual Data CHAR   
240 DPR_TRA_TD_PRO_TYPE Project Type Domain CHAR   
241 DPR_TV_API_FULL_NAME Character for Full Name CHAR 80    
242 DPR_TV_API_NAME Name CHAR 40    
243 DPR_TV_COLL_NAME Collaboration Name CHAR 255    
244 DPR_TV_COLL_SCENARIO Collaboration Scenario: Fixed Value NUMC   
245 DPR_TV_CP_QUAN09 Control Plan: For Object Creation QUAN
246 DPR_TV_CUST_TABC_ACTIVE Active Indicator for Customer Enhancement Tab Page CHAR   
247 DPR_TV_CUST_TABC_ELEM_TYPE Project Element Category for Customer-Defined Tab Page CHAR   
248 DPR_TV_CUST_TABC_NAME Title for Customer-Defined Tab Page CHAR 120    
249 DPR_TV_CUST_TABC_WD_COMP Name of Customer-Defined WebDynpro Components CHAR 25    
250 DPR_TV_DEFAULT_VIEW Default Start View NUMC   
251 DPR_TV_EV_PROGRES_R3 Percentage of Completion (Project Progress in %) DEC
252 DPR_TV_IT_CATEGORY Category/Property Control Plan Characteristic CHAR 20    
253 DPR_TV_IT_GROUP Control Plan Characteristic Group CHAR 20    
254 DPR_TV_MSP_DATE Converted Date Format for MSP dates DATS   
255 DPR_TV_MSP_WORK Work Effort QUAN 16 
256 DPR_TV_NOTE_TXT Long Text as Character String STRG   
257 DPR_TV_SAMPLE_FREQ Text for Sample Frequency in Control Plan CHAR 40    
258 DPR_TV_SEARCH_OP Search method CHAR   
259 DPR_TV_STRING_UTF8 String for Encode/Decode UTF-8 CHAR 96    
260 DPR_TV_UI_COMPARE_WITH Version to compare with in Graphic CHAR   
261 DPR_TV_UI_DOCNAME Document Name CHAR 40    
262 DPR_TV_UI_EXPAND_LEVEL Expansion Level for Graphic View INT1   
263 DPR_TV_UI_SC_TYPE Type of Shopping Cart in SRM CHAR 50    
265 DPR_TV_VERSION Version CHAR 24    
266 DPR_TYPE Project Type, Phase, Etc. CHAR 15    
267 DPR_TYPE_CO Type of Project, Phase, Etc. CHAR 15    
268 DPR_UI_GANTT_CALENDAR_VIEW Switch for Gantt Calendar CHAR   
269 DPR_UI_RES_SEARCH_TYPE Type of Resource Search CHAR   
270 DPR_UI_RES_VIEW UI Views for Resources (Fixed Values) CHAR   
271 DPR_UI_ROL_SUBVIEW UI Views for Roles (Fixed Values) CHAR   
272 DPR_UI_STRING String STRG   
273 DPR_UI_VIEW_SUBST Substitute View CHAR   
274 DPR_URGENCY Urgency CHAR   
275 DPR_URL URL for Project Management Customizing CHAR 255    
276 DPR_USE_SUBTASKS Work with Task Hierarchy CHAR   
277 DPR_VERSION Version CHAR 10    
278 DPR_VERSION_CO Version CHAR 24    
279 DPR_VERSION_TYPE Version Type CHAR   
280 DPR_WFCID Factory calendar ID CHAR   
281 DPR_WORK Work/Demand/Effort QUAN
282 DPR_WORKING_DAYS Number of Working Days CHAR   
283 DPR_WORK_CO Expense QUAN
284 DPR_WORK_LONG Demand/Effort QUAN 16 
285 DPTYP Data provider type CHAR   
286 DPWTY_ACODE Activity Code CHAR   
287 DPWTY_ACTION_IDENT Indicator if the action is used for contract or simulation CHAR   
288 DPWTY_AKTIV Active Version CHAR   
289 DPWTY_CAUSP Damage-Causing Part CHAR   
290 DPWTY_CHECK_RESULT Result of Object Warranty Check NUMC   
291 DPWTY_CLMGRP Warranty Claim Groups CHAR 10    
292 DPWTY_CLMNO Warranty Claim Number CHAR 12    
293 DPWTY_CLMTY Warranty Claim Type Backend CHAR   
294 DPWTY_CNTTY Calculation Type for Contribution CHAR   
295 DPWTY_COMPL Parts to Be Returned Delivered CHAR   
297 DPWTY_DPREJCD_TXT Text Decision Code (FE) CHAR 40    
298 DPWTY_EQUNR Equipment Number CHAR 18    
299 DPWTY_HANDLE Warranty Handling, Number when no GUID Has Been Created CHAR 22    
300 DPWTY_KATEG Version Category CHAR   
301 DPWTY_KUNNR Customer Number CHAR 10    
302 DPWTY_MATNR Material Number (Field C18) CHAR 18    
303 DPWTY_MATNR_SERNO Material Number (40) CHAR 40    
304 DPWTY_MGANR Master warranty number CHAR 20    
305 DPWTY_MODEL Model for Reference Object CHAR 40    
306 DPWTY_MSEH6 External measurement unit CHAR   
307 DPWTY_MSG_ICON Activity Code CHAR   
309 DPWTY_OBJNR CO Object Number CHAR 22    
310 DPWTY_PARNR Partner ID CHAR 10    
311 DPWTY_PARVW Partner Function CHAR   
313 DPWTY_POSNR Item Number of the Document NUMC   
314 DPWTY_PRINT_EVENT Dealer Portal Warranty Print Event CHAR   
315 DPWTY_PRTLY Parts that Have to be Returned - Partly Received CHAR   
316 DPWTY_RCLOBJ_OBJ Object for Recall Campaigns CHAR 40    
317 DPWTY_RCLOBJ_SUBTYPE SubObjectType for Recall Campaigns CHAR   
318 DPWTY_RCLOBJ_TYPE Object Type for Recall Campaigns CHAR   
319 DPWTY_RECALL Recall Indicator CHAR   
320 DPWTY_REFKT_TXT Text for Reference Type CHAR 40    
321 DPWTY_REFNR Reference Number (Recall) CHAR 35    
322 DPWTY_REJCD_TXT Text for Decision Code (BE) CHAR 100    
323 DPWTY_RELOB Reference Object Number for Warranty CHAR 40    
324 DPWTY_RELTY Type of Warranty Object CHAR   
325 DPWTY_RETPA Part that Has To Be Returned CHAR   
326 DPWTY_RETPA_DATE Date for Status of Parts to be Returned DATS   
327 DPWTY_RETPA_TXT Text for Status of Parts CHAR 40    
328 DPWTY_STATUSBOX Overview Query assignment of claim status CHAR   
329 DPWTY_VELO_KEYTYPE Vehicle Key Type CHAR   
330 DP_ACTION IS-M/SD: Action when Payment Delayed CHAR   
331 DRAFTKEY_DOM User entered draft key value CHAR 12    
332 DRAFT_DOM Draft in application CHAR   
333 DRAFT_ID Draft id. INT4 10    
334 DRART Original print, partial print, or reprint CHAR   
335 DRCKSTUF Gas pressure level CHAR   
336 DRCKSTUF_GRID Gas Pressure Level at Installation Level (Grid) CHAR   
337 DRC_INFOT RED system: Infotype control break CHAR   
338 DRERZ Publication CHAR   
339 DRF_APPL Application CHAR 10    
340 DRF_BALLOGMODE Mode for Which Logs Are Displayed CHAR   
341 DRF_BO Business Object for Replication CHAR   
342 DRF_CHGID Type of Change CHAR   
343 DRF_CHG_POINTER_CONDENSE_TYPE Type of Change Pointer Condensation NUMC   
344 DRF_COMM_CHANNEL DRF: Communication Channel NUMC   
345 DRF_CP_ACTIVE Change Pointer active / inactive CHAR   
346 DRF_DATA_TYPE Allowed Data Type CHAR   
347 DRF_DATE_TIME Time Stamp: Date and Time DEC 15    
348 DRF_DLMOD Replication Mode CHAR   
349 DRF_FILTER Filter for a Filter Object NUMC   
351 DRF_FILTER_DEFINITION_TYPE Definition Level of Explicit Filter Criteria CHAR   
352 DRF_FILTER_OBJECT Filter Object CHAR 10    
353 DRF_FILTER_TP Time When Filter Is to Be Applied NUMC   
354 DRF_MDG_CREQUEST Change Request NUMC 12    
355 DRF_MDG_EDITION MDG Edition CHAR 10    
356 DRF_MDG_ENTITY Entity Type CHAR   
357 DRF_MDG_MODEL Data model CHAR   
358 DRF_MDG_OBJSTAT Status Regarding Activation CHAR   
359 DRF_MDG_OIF_INT_MOD_ID MDG: OIF Interface Model ID CHAR 20    
360 DRF_MDG_TRVARI Variant for Data Transfer 2 CHAR 10    
361 DRF_OUTB_IMPL Outbound Implementation CHAR   
362 DRF_OUTB_PARAM_NAME Outbound Parameter CHAR 20    
363 DRF_OUTB_PARAM_VALUE Outbound Parameter Value CHAR 40    
364 DRF_PARAMOD Parallel Run Mode CHAR   
365 DRF_RELID Origin of Statistical Information (Area for Import/Export) CHAR   
366 DRF_REPSTAT Replication Status CHAR   
367 DRF_RUNMOD Run Mode of Replication CHAR   
368 DRF_RUN_ID DRF Run ID NUMC 15    
369 DRF_SERSTAT Status of an object processed in serialized delivery CHAR   
370 DRF_SERV_IMPL Outbound Implementation CHAR 10    
371 DRF_SERV_NODE Node in a Service Interface Structure CHAR   
372 DRF_SERV_OPERATION Available Service Operation for Replication CHAR 10    
373 DRF_SERV_OPER_TYPE Service Operation Type CHAR   
374 DRH00 Speed NUMC   
375 DRING Priority of a control cycle DEC
376 DRMOD Print mode CHAR   
377 DRNAM Printer name CHAR   
378 DROBACTION Drag&Relate: Mode During Activation CHAR   
379 DROBJSTAT Drag&Relate: Object Status CHAR   
380 DROP_INDEX Counting Index for Dropdown List Boxes NUMC   
381 DROP_PERIF Periods and Annual Value (with Fixed Values) NUMC   
382 DRPCHAR241 DEV Reporting: CHAR 241 CHAR 241    
383 DRPDEC15 DEV Reporting: DEC 15 DEC 15    
384 DRPDEC20 DEV Reporting: DEC 20 DEC 20    
385 DRPDEC22 DEV Reporting: DEC 22 DEC 22    
386 DRPDEC24 DEV Reporting: DEC 24 DEC 24    
387 DRPDEC8 DEV Reporting: DEC 8 DEC   
388 DRPDEC9_6 DEV Reporting: DEC 9 6 DEC
389 DRPFLTVAL DEV Reporting (SE28): Floating Point Value FLTP 16  16 
390 DRPFORMELKEY DEV Reporting (SE28): Formula Key CHAR 13    
391 DRPFORMELTEXT DEV Reporting (SE28): Formula Text (Formula Interpreter) CHAR 65    
392 DRPINTVAL DEV Reporting (SE28): Integer Value INT4 10    
393 DRPMARK DEV Reporting (SE28): Mark CHAR   
394 DRPMETDESC DEV Reporting (SE28): Metric Description CHAR 30    
395 DRPMETFORM DEV Reporting (SE28): Formula is used for Calculations CHAR   
396 DRPMETINDEX DEV Reporting (SE28): Default Position in Table INT4 10    
397 DRPMETRNUMC DEV Reporting (SE28): Numbers 0-9 CHAR   
398 DRPMETRTYPE DEV Reporting (SE28): Result Type of Formula CHAR   
399 DRPMETUNIT DEV Reporting (SE28): Unit of Metric CHAR 10    
400 DRPMETVERS DEV Reporting (SE28): Metric Run Version Number NUMC   
401 DRPRFCREST DEV Reporting: Currently still free space in RFCOPT CHAR 198    
402 DRPRUN DRP planning run CHAR 30    
403 DRSTAT_KK Doubtful entry/individual value adjustment account CHAR   
404 DRUCKFLAG Status print indicator for printout of trips CHAR   
405 DRUERZART Publication Type CHAR   
406 DRUKZ Print Code CHAR   
407 DRULE Day-specific rule CHAR   
408 DRUVO Indicator: Print operation CHAR   
409 DRVCF Derivation: Indicator whether attribute is field or charact. CHAR   
410 DRVEV Derivation Event CHAR   
411 DRVEW Derivation: Indicator for warning or error CHAR   
412 DRVFI Derivation: Sequential number for values of an attribute NUMC   
413 DRVIT Derivation: Item number in log file NUMC   
414 DRVLVL Derivation: Number of Levels in Batch Usage NUMC   
415 DRVNO Derivation: Number of derivation, key to log file CHAR 10    
416 DRVORL_NR IS-M/AM: Camera ready copy number NUMC   
417 DRVORL_NRC IS-M: Camera ready copy number (as CHAR field) CHAR   
418 DRVPOP Derivation: Control Popup CHAR   
419 DRVSTAT Derivation: Status of derivation CHAR   
420 DRVTP Derivation type: Static / dynamic CHAR   
421 DRV_ZEITV IS-M: Camera ready copies time offset (in days) NUMC   
422 DRV_ZV_ART IS-M: Camera Ready Copies Time Offset Type CHAR   
423 DRZAE Print initialization counter (number of repeated printouts) NUMC   
424 DR_ACCESTP Drag&Relate: Type of Object Link CHAR   
425 DR_EXECMOD Drag&Relate: Function Module Instead of Transaction CHAR   
426 DR_FNAME Drag&Relate: Field Name for Structured Parameters CHAR 30    
427 DR_FPREFIX Drag&Relate: Prefix for Function Modules CHAR   
428 DR_IMPMODE Drag&Relate: Mode During Last Import CHAR   
429 DR_IMPORT Drag&Relate: Behavior During Metadata Import CHAR   
430 DR_LICENSE Driver's license number CHAR 20    
431 DR_LINKMODE Drag&Relate: Link Generation Mode for Interactive Maint. CHAR   
432 DR_LOGVERS Drag&Relate: Object Versions CHAR   
433 DR_MODIF Drag&Relate: Modification Status CHAR   
434 DR_OBJECTURL Drag&Relate: Object URL CHAR 2048    
435 DR_OBJGRP Supertype for Drag&Relate CHAR 10    
436 DR_PARREF Function Module: Parameter Reference CHAR 132    
437 DR_PARTYPE Type of function module parameter CHAR   
438 DR_RETTYPE Indicator: Return parameter is table or structure CHAR   
439 DR_SRVID Drag&Relate: Service ID CHAR 40    
440 DR_SRVPROP Drag&Relate: Service Properties CHAR 100    
441 DR_SRVTYPE Drag&Relate: Service Type CHAR   
442 DR_TABVERS Drag&Relate: Version in Runtime Table CHAR   
443 DR_TRANS Drag&Relate: Settings for Transporting Metadata CHAR   
444 DSART Planning type CHAR   
445 DSDVC_TXTOB Objects for DSD Visit Control     
446 DSENTRY Data set entry CHAR 24    
447 DSETACTYPE Type of Dataset Access CHAR   
449 DSETLFMODE Linefeed Mode for a Dataset CHAR   
450 DSETMODE Opening Mode for a Dataset CHAR   
451 DSE_TYP Indicator: Data set entry type CHAR   
452 DSHAUTHGROUPS F4 Help for DSH Authoring Group CHAR 40    
453 DSH_DOM_ACTIONTYPE Action type CHAR   
454 DSH_DOM_ALIASNAME Dashboard Alias name CHAR 128    
455 DSH_DOM_DESCRIPTION Dashboard description text CHAR 255    
456 DSH_DOM_PARAMNAME Parameter name CHAR 20    
457 DSH_DOM_PARAMTYPE DSH Parameter type CHAR 12    
458 DSH_DOM_TEXT Dashboard texts CHAR 40    
459 DSH_NAMESPACE Dashboard namespace domain CHAR 20    
460 DSIGMAND Digital Signatures Flag NUMC   
461 DSINT Internal design no. NUMC 10    
462 DSKWRITES Foo INT4 10    
463 DSMAPTXT Short text for authorization group MAP CHAR 40    
464 DSMOPDBOOLEAN Boolean Value CHAR   
465 DSMOPSOLDIRECT Solution Status in the Directory CHAR   
466 DSMPAUTH Dig.signature: Auth. group for multiple-signature principle CHAR   
467 DSNAM File name for seq. processing CHAR 50    
468 DSORT Indicator: use sort string CHAR   
469 DSPARTE Line of Business Package Insurance CHAR 20    
470 DSPRAS ABAP Dictionary: Language Domain LANG   
471 DSP_CORREC ALE Distribution Packet:Corr. Packets allowed in Target Sys. CHAR   
472 DSP_DSPSTS ALE Distribution Packet : Status CHAR   
473 DSP_FUNCTION ALE distribution packet : function of object entry CHAR   
474 DSP_HIELEV ALE distribution packet : 1. serial. level of object entries NUMC   
475 DSP_MODE ALE Distribution Packet : Packet Type CHAR   
476 DSP_NAME ALE Distribution Packet : Name CHAR 20    
477 DSP_NUMB ALE Distribution Packet : Number NUMC 10    
478 DSP_OBJKEY ALE Distribution Packet : Object Key CHAR 77    
479 DSP_OWNER ALE Distribution Packet : Owner CHAR   
480 DSP_STSPRF ALE Distribution Packet : Status Profile CHAR 10    
481 DSP_SUBLEV ALE Distribution Packet : 2 Serial. Level of Object Entries NUMC   
482 DSP_TEXT ALE Distribution Packet : Description CHAR 80    
483 DSP_TYPE ALE Distribution Packet : Packet Type CHAR 10    
484 DSP_TYPUSE ALE Distribution Packet : Use of Packet Type CHAR   
485 DSQLPCOLTY Type of a column within a parsed sql statement (obsolete) CHAR   
486 DSQLPCOLTYPE Type of a column within a parsed sql statement CHAR   
487 DSSRF Social Security Office Reference Number CHAR 20    
488 DSTAEN Status change date DATS   
489 DSTAT Posting of differences: status CHAR   
490 DSTAT_KK FSCM Biller Direct: Display Status of Bill CHAR   
491 DSTMP Planning file entry - time stamp last MRP NUMC 15    
492 DSTRI Distribution view: quantities in the planning table CHAR   
493 DSUPR Switch dialog mode NUMC   
494 DSVASALERTNO Alert Number NUMC   
495 DSVASALTYPE DSVAS: Type of rating CHAR   
496 DSVASAPPL_DO_24HOURS Hour Profile of Day (hh:mm) CHAR   
497 DSVASAPPL_DO_ELETYP Sizing Element Types CHAR   
498 DSVASAPPL_ISSUE_STATUS Status of Entries in Tentative Issue and Worklist CHAR   
499 DSVASAPPL_QSDO_OWNER QS: Owner of Project CHAR   
500 DSVASAPPL_QSDO_SIZ_KAT QS: Sizing methods: user/throughput CHAR