SAP ABAP Domain - Index D, page 9
Domain - D
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 DUNN_IT Option Whether Object is Dunned CHAR   
2 DUNTYPES_CA Dunning by Dunning Procedure or Collection Strategy CHAR   
3 DUN_FILTERSTATUS_CA Dunning History: Filter Status CHAR   
4 DUPD_SINGLE BW Control for Single Documents CHAR   
5 DUPLDAT Character field - length 8 CHAR   
6 DUPLEX Print Double-Sided CHAR   
7 DUPRO Percentage Rate DEC
8 DURAS Copy default values for material from vendor master CHAR   
9 DURAT Total service duration in months (YYMM) NUMC   
10 DURATION_KK Length of Interval in HH:MM:SS TIMS   
11 DURATION_SCEM Time Duration Format for SCEM and BW DEC 11    
12 DURATION_SEC Duration of execution in seconds DEC 15 
13 DURCALC Control of Remaining Duration Adjustment in APO After Conf. NUMC   
14 DUSTA DUEVO: Nationality CHAR   
15 DUTY_TYPE_DOM Excise duties CHAR 10    
16 DUVAVERW Meldewesen Österreich: DÜVA-SS Verwendungskennz. f. Umschl. CHAR   
18 DUV_DEFAULT Distribution of Consumption Differences: Default Indicator CHAR   
19 DU_ACTION Dunning run action CHAR   
20 DU_ACTVT FI dunning - authorizations CHAR   
21 DVBST Indicator: default values must be confirmed CHAR   
22 DVMAR Indicator: only selected entries CHAR   
25 DVM_DEC17_3 DVM: number, length 17, decimal: last 3 DEC 17 
26 DVM_FLTP_16 DVM: domain for floating point key figures FLTP 16  16 
27 DVM_FND_OPTION Option for Ranges CHAR   
28 DVM_FND_SIGN_RANGE Sign for Ranges CHAR   
31 DVM_TABNAME tablename CHAR 60    
33 DVORNAME First Name of Policy Holder CHAR 20    
34 DVRST Indicator: default values deleted CHAR   
35 DVSART Batch Record: Type of DMS Used CHAR   
36 DVSET Indicator: default values entered CHAR   
37 DVSNR Insurance Policy Number NUMC 20    
38 DVUEB Indicator: copy default values CHAR   
39 DWAO_BCNTP Percentage of inventoried bins (Web Add-On) DEC
40 DWAO_LRF_QUEUE Queue ID (Web Add-On) CHAR 10    
41 DWAO_LRF_QUTXT Description of a queue (Web Add-On) CHAR 40    
42 DWAO_LRF_RELAT Ratio workload to users (Web Add-On) DEC 15 
43 DWAO_PCAPA Percentage of capacity being used (Web Add-On) DEC
44 DWAO_PFULL Percentage of storage bins being used (Web Add-On) DEC
45 DWBRU Official Housing Gross Amount Key CHAR   
46 DWLCHR4000 LCHR-Feld für DWTREE LRAW 4000    
47 DWLFNR Sequence Number for InfoSources in Time Management NUMC 10    
48 DWLRAW4000 VARC field for DWTREE LRAW 4000    
49 DWNAM Name of user responsible CHAR 12    
50 DWNLDTYP Download Types in CRMRFCPAR CHAR   
51 DWNLOADTYP Download Type CHAR   
52 DXAUTHMODE DX Workbench: Authorization Mode CHAR 20    
53 DXDEFINIT Data Transfer - Run Definition CHAR 15    
54 DXDELFLAG Delete Duplicate Fields Flag CHAR   
55 DXDIRECT Direction CHAR   
56 DXFILEID File ID for data transfer into R/3 NUMC   
57 DXFILENAME File name (logical or physical) CHAR 128    
58 DXFILEOP Operation to perform on file CHAR   
59 DXFILETYP File type (logical or physical file name?) CHAR   
62 DXFTOCCUR XFT: Frequency STRG   
63 DXFTTAG XFA Tag CHAR 255    
64 DXLINE Line Number in Search Function in DX Workbench NUMC   
65 DXLOADTYPE Type of data transfer CHAR   
66 DXLOCATION Flag: Application or presentation server CHAR   
67 DXMAPSCRN Description of Depicted Sets for Data Transfer CHAR 30    
68 DXMXSTATE DD: Status of a table with reference to its INMAP entry CHAR   
69 DXPROGRAM Program for Mass Data Transfer CHAR 40    
70 DXPROGTYPE Type of Method for Mass Data Transfer CHAR   
71 DXPROJECT Data Transfer Project CHAR 15    
72 DXRAWDATA Unstructured Line of File (7000 Chars) CHAR 7000    
73 DXRETTYP Return type CHAR   
74 DXRPLSTNG Replaced String for DX Workbench CHAR 132    
75 DXRUNID ID of data transfer run NUMC   
76 DXRUNSTAT Status of data transfer run CHAR   
77 DXSHSTNG Search String for DX Workbench CHAR 132    
78 DXSPLITTYP Way Source File Is To Be Split CHAR   
79 DXSUBPROJ Data Transfer Subproject CHAR 15    
80 DXTASK Data transfer task CHAR 15    
81 DXTASKIO Input or output task file CHAR   
82 DXTASKTYPE Data transfer -task type CHAR   
83 DXTDECMAX DEC 31.0 DEC 31    
84 DXTNUMC20 NUMC 20 NUMC 20    
85 DXTRAW127 RAW 127 RAW 127    
86 DYFKL Dynamic plant group yes/no CHAR   
87 DYFOL Screen sequence for the extended MRP list header CHAR   
88 DYNAMIC_SDATA Dynamically Longer String in Place of EDIDD-SDATA STRG 256    
89 DYNDMAC Matchcode / function code/type CHAR 132    
90 DYNFLD Dynpro field for Transaction SM20 CHAR 25    
91 DYNFLDP Field ID in matchcode subkeys CHAR   
92 DYNFN Screen field text CHAR 30    
93 DYNFNAM Field name CHAR 132    
94 DYNFTEXT Screen field text CHAR 132    
95 DYNGROUP Dynamic backbilling group CHAR   
96 DYNNM Screen text CHAR 13    
97 DYNNR Screen number CHAR   
98 DYNNU Screen number CHAR   
99 DYNPCHOICE Function selection on screen CHAR   
100 DYNPER_FROM Dynamic Scheduling Period - From ACCP   
101 DYNPER_TILL Dynamic Scheduling Period - To ACCP   
102 DYNPRODOM Domain for DYNPRO number NUMC   
103 DYNPRONR Screen number NUMC   
104 DYNPRO_NR Screen number CHAR   
105 DYNPRO_OKCODE Technical OK Code of a Screen CHAR 200    
106 DYNRESE Screen source reserve field area without structure CHAR 255    
107 DYNSELID Dynamic selection ID CHAR   
108 DYNSET Dynamic Backlog Quantity CHAR   
109 DYNTXLINE Screen text line in the flow logic CHAR 72    
110 DYNWNAM Currency key/ reference CHAR 132    
112 DYN_ABAP_DOM_EVENT_TYPE Event Types for Dynamic ABAP Coding CHAR   
113 DYPERCON Dynamic period control CHAR   
114 DYPNO Screen number CHAR   
115 DY_FIELD General screen field CHAR 24    
116 DZEIL Line display CHAR   
117 DZINS_KK Interest Calculation from Original Items CHAR   
118 DZIVDST Summarization level NUMC   
119 DZWEG Payment method CHAR 30    
120 D_AD_TYPE EPM: Domain for Address Type CHAR   
121 D_ANZ_HH Domain for Data Element ANZ_HH NUMC 10    
122 D_ANZ_OI Domain for Data Element ANZ_OI NUMC 10    
123 D_BOOL EPM: Boolean CHAR   
124 D_BP_ROLE EPM: Domain for Business Partner Roles CHAR   
125 D_BUSI Fixed Values NUMC   
126 D_CASE Fixed Values NUMC   
127 D_CHAR_20 EPM: Upper/Lower case char field CHAR 20    
128 D_CHAR_255 EPM: Upper/Lower case char field CHAR 255    
129 D_CHAR_40 EPM: Upper/Lower case char field CHAR 40    
130 D_CHAR_60 EPM: Upper/Lower case char field CHAR 60    
131 D_CTYPVAL Values for Cost Element Categories NUMC   
132 D_DAY Domains for week days CHAR   
133 D_DBVMU Conversion of planning file entries for MRP areas CHAR   
134 D_DIAGLS_APPLICATION Application names CHAR 25    
135 D_DIAGLS_DESTINATION_PURPOSE The purpose of the Destination CHAR 32    
136 D_DIAGLS_DESTINATION_TYPE The type of the Destination CHAR 32    
137 D_DIAGLS_FILTER_NAME Filter name. CHAR 30    
138 D_DIAGLS_HOST_TYPE Host type (logical, physical) CHAR 16    
139 D_DIAGLS_ID The domain of the Landscape API ids. CHAR 128    
140 D_DIAGLS_IMPLEMENTATION Landscape implementation CHAR 16    
141 D_DIAGLS_MACHINE_CATEGORY Machine Category : architecture / processor description CHAR 32    
142 D_DIAGLS_NUMBER_OF_LINES Number of lines INT4 10    
143 D_DIAGLS_PPMS_TYPES PPMS list of types CHAR   
144 D_DIAGLS_STATUS Status CHAR 15    
145 D_DIAGLS_STATUS_HANDLER_TYPE Status Handler Type (TS, Host, DB...) CHAR 30    
146 D_DIAGLS_TECH_SCEN_NAME Technical Scenario name CHAR 32    
147 D_DIAGLS_TECH_SCEN_TYPE_CAT Category of a tech scen type group CHAR   
148 D_DIAGLS_TECH_SYST_DETAIL Detail type of the Technical System. CHAR 16    
149 D_DIAGLS_WD_SEARCH_MODE Landscape Browser search mode NUMC   
150 D_DIAGSTP_AGENT_STATUS Agent status CHAR 30    
151 D_DIAGSTP_CANDIDATE_STATUS Agent candidate status CHAR 200    
152 D_DIAGSTP_WILY_EM_ACT_STATUS Define an installation status CHAR   
153 D_DIAGSTP_WILY_EM_AGENT_STATUS Domain for em agent status CHAR 200    
154 D_DIAGSTP_WILY_EM_STRING Define an installation status STRG   
155 D_DIAGSTP_WILY_EM_TYPE Enterprise Manager type CHAR 25    
156 D_DIAG_API_NAME Log level CHAR 10    
157 D_DIAG_FILTER_TYPE Filter type CHAR 64    
158 D_DIAG_LOG_DURATIONS Log duration filters CHAR   
159 D_DIAG_LOG_LEVEL Log level CHAR   
160 D_DIAG_NOTIF_ACTION Status CHAR 10    
161 D_DIAG_NUMBER_OF_LINES Number of lines INT4 10    
162 D_EPM_DESC EPM: Domain for descriptions and names CHAR 255    
163 D_EPM_ID EPM: IDs used in EPM tables CHAR 10    
164 D_EPM_LR_STATUS EPM: Domain for Leave Request Status CHAR   
165 D_FCAT_APPLICATION Field Catalog - Domain for Application NUMC   
166 D_FCAT_BOOLEAN Field Catalog - YES/NO Indicator CHAR   
167 D_FCAT_FIELDSTATUS Field Catalog - Domain for Field Status NUMC   
168 D_FCAT_RESPONSIBLE Field Catalog - Control Indicator for Customizing CHAR   
169 D_FCAT_TEXT Field Catalog - Text Domain CHAR 50    
170 D_FLAG Indicator Yes/No NUMC   
171 D_FNAM Field Name CHAR 30    
172 D_GEOPREC Accuracy of a Geo location (Caution: Domain constants) NUMC   
173 D_LAT_LON EPM: Domain for Geo Coordinates DEC 15  12 
174 D_MF EPM: Domain for Sex CHAR   
176 D_PDU_OBJTYP Domain for PDU_OBJTYP CHAR 18    
179 D_PD_CAT EPM: Product Category CHAR 40    
180 D_PD_ID Product ID CHAR 10    
181 D_PD_UNIT Units of Measurement of Various Types UNIT   
182 D_PERIO IS-H: Period (Outpt.billing AT) CHAR   
183 D_PERTOT Indicator: Period/Annual Values NUMC   
184 D_PO_AP EPM: Domain for Purchase Order Approval Status CHAR   
185 D_PO_CF EPM: Domain for Purchase Order Confirmation Status CHAR   
186 D_PO_IN EPM: Domain for Purchase Order Invoicing Status CHAR   
187 D_PO_I_ATP EPM: Domain for Purchase Order Item ATP Status CHAR   
188 D_PO_LC EPM: Domain for Purchase Order Lifecycle Status CHAR   
189 D_PO_OR EPM: Domain for Purchase Order Ordering Status CHAR   
190 D_PROTOCOLS Protocols CHAR 64    
191 D_PR_TAX EPM: Product Tax Tariff Code INT1   
192 D_PR_TYPE EPM: Domain for Product Type Code CHAR   
193 D_QUAN_SIGNED Quantity field, length 13 QUAN 12 
194 D_SOI_PS EPM: Domain for Sales Order Invoice Payment Status CHAR   
195 D_SO_CF EPM: Domain for Sales Order Confirmation Status CHAR   
196 D_SO_I_ATP EPM: Domain for Sales Order Item ATP Status CHAR   
197 D_SO_LC EPM: Domain for Sales Order Lifecycle Status CHAR   
198 D_SO_OR EPM: Domain for Sales Order Delivery Status CHAR   
199 D_STRNM Retraction NewGL: Structure Name CHAR 30    
200 D_TAGE_KK Number of days NUMC   
201 D_VARI_KK Domain for a variant CHAR   
202 D_VSEL Retraction NewGL: Value Selection NUMC   
203 D_WEEK Domain number week CHAR