SAP ABAP Domain - Index D, page 4
Domain - D
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 DELI_INDICATOR Delivery Indicator CHAR   
2 DELKZ MRP element indicator CHAR   
3 DELM Delimiter CHAR 200    
4 DELMANDUSE_KK Remove Use in Mandate CHAR   
5 DELNOQT Qualifier for Delivery Determination (Ref.Doc.Determination) CHAR   
6 DELNR MRP element number CHAR 10    
7 DELPS MRP element item NUMC   
8 DELST ATP Server: Status of a document CHAR   
9 DELTA Differences DEC 13 
10 DELTAFCT ATP: Function for managing transaction IDs for deltas CHAR   
11 DELTAIND ATP: Indicator for writing delta records CHAR   
12 DELTAMD ATP Server: mode for Delta handling CHAR   
13 DELTA_FLAG Update Type CHAR   
14 DELTA_OP Delta Operation CHAR   
15 DEL_ASSORTMENT Flag: Cycles Allowed CHAR   
16 DEL_BANKDATA_KK Reverse SEPA Mandates If Bank Details Deleted CHAR   
17 DEL_FLAG Indicator for a Material for Assortment List Preparation CHAR   
18 DEL_RES_PRICE Is deletion of CO resource prices allowed? CHAR   
19 DEMANDCATEGORYGROUP Demand Groups for Supply and Demand Matching CHAR   
20 DEMAN_KK Indicator: Deactivated manually CHAR   
21 DEMODATE Demonstration for F4 help on screens DATS   
22 DEMOTIME Demonstration for F4 help on screens TIMS   
23 DEMO_ADDRE Address (DE Demo) CHAR 40    
24 DEMO_CAPAC No. of places in airplane NUMC   
25 DEMO_CITY City CHAR 15    
26 DEMO_CR_CATEGORY Car Category CHAR   
27 DEMO_CURRN Place number (DE Demo) NUMC   
28 DEMO_DATE Departure date (DE Demo) DATS   
29 DEMO_FLID Flight number (DE demo) CHAR   
30 DEMO_OCC Flight occupancy DEC
31 DEMO_PASS Passport CHAR 10    
32 DEMO_UZEIT Uhrzeit Flugplan (EU-Demo) TIMS   
33 DEMPFENTW Check recipient or reason for invalidity CHAR 75    
34 DENTRY Number of entries on screen NUMC   
35 DEPACTION DD: Action to be executed for a dependent DD object CHAR   
36 DEPAC_KK Additional Activity CHAR   
37 DEPOL Automatically generated object list CHAR   
38 DEPOS Transfer interval CHAR   
39 DEPRE Indicator for purchase requisition processing CHAR   
40 DEPRT Depreciation method CHAR   
41 DEPR_RATE Depreciation Rate DEC 16  14 
42 DEPT Department CHAR 11    
43 DEP_CHECK Test with compound characteristic NUMC   
44 DEP_FCT Authorization function for sec. account /sec. acct position CHAR   
45 DEP_TYPE Dependency type for user exits CHAR 20    
46 DEREGSTAT Deregulation status CHAR   
47 DERIVSTAT Secondary translation status NUMC   
48 DES1F External destination indicator CHAR   
49 DES2F Destination indicator within HR CHAR   
50 DESC01 Description field 01 CHAR 40    
51 DESC02 Field description 02 CHAR 40    
52 DESCB Descriptive text CHAR 38    
53 DESCR Description of combinations of process and sub-process code CHAR 50    
54 DESCRIPTION_UC description_uc CHAR   
55 DESCR_40 Descriptive text CHAR 40    
56 DESGN Special function for creating an evaluation CHAR   
57 DESROI_BI Required ROI (for ALE) CHAR   
58 DESTI Component 709: Destination field CHAR 40    
59 DESTIBDF Recipient CHAR   
60 DESTINATION_ID Key Value for Accessing Defined Destination Names CHAR 10    
61 DESTJMPTYP Call type CHAR 20    
62 DESTSTAT Message Text for a Destination CHAR 132    
63 DESTTYPE Type of destination (SAP , non-SAP etc) CHAR   
64 DESTTYPE_INT Open Hub: Type of Destination (Internal) CHAR   
65 DETAILIER Level of detail for control report CHAR   
66 DETAINFO_KK Detailed information for note to payee creation (yes/no) CHAR   
67 DETDELDATE Determine Delivery Date Recipient CHAR   
68 DETDELDATE_VZ Determine Delivery Date Distribution Center CHAR   
69 DET_PAYAMOUNT_ITAGCY Automatic Determination of Payment Amount CHAR   
70 DEVCLASS Package CHAR 30    
71 DEVCTEXT development class text CHAR 60    
72 DEVELEMTYP Type of development element CHAR   
73 DEVELOPMENTLAYER Development Layer Level NUMC   
74 DEVELOPMENTLAYER1 Development Layer Level NUMC   
75 DEVGRP Device group CHAR   
76 DEVGRPCAT Device group category NUMC   
77 DEVGRPTYP Type of device group CHAR   
78 DEVIATION Deviation DEC 13 
79 DEVICE Output medium CHAR   
80 DEVICEID Additional Device Data CHAR 40    
81 DEVICETYPE Device Type CHAR 16    
82 DEVICE_TEXT ME: Device description CHAR 255    
83 DEVLAYER Transport Layer CHAR   
84 DEVOBJ_NAME Development Object Name CHAR 100    
85 DEVPARTYP Field Type CHAR   
86 DEVPROF Batch record: deviation profile CHAR   
87 DEVTYPE Type of development system CHAR   
88 DEV_REST Remaining procedure QUAN   
89 DEV_STATE Device status CHAR   
91 DE_PBSVAVG_UMRECHNUNGSWERT Conversion Values Pension DEC 17  10 
92 DFAKT Average execution factor DEC
93 DFELD IS-H: Name of screen field CHAR 30    
94 DFIDPT_DPR_PPR Pro-Rata Coefficient DEC
95 DFIDPT_PRACORIG Use original account in Pro-Rata adjustment posting CHAR   
96 DFIDPT_PRADJCV Pro-Rata adjustment type flag CHAR   
97 DFIDPT_PRENTITY Pro-Rata entity CHAR 60    
98 DFIDPT_PRPERTY Y - Year, Q - Quarter, M - Month, P - Period CHAR   
99 DFIDPT_PRPOSTAG Pro-Rata posting aggregation key identifier CHAR 10    
100 DFIDPT_VATLNMETH Balance line method CHAR   
101 DFILESYST Domain file system NUMC   
102 DFNAMEADM Short text CHAR   
103 DFONT_FLAVOR Font Flavor INT4 10    
104 DFONT_OPTSIZE Font Optical Size CHAR   
105 DFONT_STRETCH Font Stretch INT4 10    
106 DFONT_STYLE Font Style CHAR   
107 DFONT_VARIANT Font Variant CHAR   
108 DFONT_WEIGHT Font Weight INT4 10    
109 DFORM_VK File format CHAR   
110 DFPS_LOGLEV Logistics Level CHAR   
111 DFPS_MCOND Material Condition Management CHAR   
112 DFPS_NSNID NATO Stock Number CHAR   
113 DFPS_RETDELC Return Code CHAR   
114 DFREG Default Rule CHAR   
115 DFREG_SUBO Distribution rule for sub-order CHAR   
116 DFTTC Tax rate CHAR   
117 DFWK_BW_FILTER_SOURCE_TYPE BW filter source type CHAR   
118 DFWK_BW_IOBJ_TYPE BW Infoobject Type CHAR   
120 DFWK_DOM_UI_ACT_TRIG_TYPE Flash UI action triggering type CHAR   
121 DGELD Currency CUKY   
122 DGRAD_KK Level of detail for tax on sales/purchases recording NUMC   
123 DHDID Key for screen header layout CHAR   
124 DIACHAR255 DIA: Character 255 for file name allowing lowercase CHAR 255    
125 DIACL_CNTR_UPD_SETTING Counter update setting in Logbook CHAR   
126 DIACL_COCE Logbook: Flag for completion (partially) certified CHAR   
127 DIACL_DESTINATION Logbook: Flight Destination CHAR 40    
128 DIACL_DS_ACTIVE_FLG Digital signature (certification) active in Logbook CHAR   
129 DIACL_END_DT Logbook: end of operation date DATS   
130 DIACL_END_TM Logbook: end of operation time TIMS   
131 DIACL_FLG_LGE Logbook flag: Flagged object is used for log entry CHAR   
132 DIACL_LETYP Log Entry Type CHAR   
133 DIACL_LETYP_TEXT Log Entry Type Description CHAR 40    
134 DIACL_LGE_STAT Text length 4 CHAR   
135 DIACL_LGE_UTYPE Log Entry Usage Type CHAR   
137 DIACL_LOGID Logbook: ID of log entry CHAR 12    
138 DIACL_MTORY Mandatory flag CHAR   
139 DIACL_ORIGIN Logbook: Flight Origin CHAR 40    
140 DIACL_START_DT Logbook: start of operation date DATS   
141 DIACL_START_TM Logbook: start of operation time TIMS   
142 DIACL_STXT Log entry descriotion (short text) CHAR 40    
143 DIACL_UPD_MODE Domain for update mode in logbook CHAR   
144 DIAD_SOBKZ_LB Special stock indicator Subcontracting CHAR   
145 DIAEX Foreign Trade: Export - Message during Document Processing CHAR   
146 DIAFE Dialog in the case of an error CHAR   
147 DIAGCPL_TEMPLATE_DESCRIPTION Contains the description of the web template CHAR 255    
148 DIAGCPL_TEMPLATE_DESCRIPTION2 long description of configuration validation templates CHAR 255    
149 DIAGM Dialog when creating an assembly order CHAR   
150 DIAGNAV_APP_TYPE Diagnav link type CHAR 10    
151 DIAGNAV_HOST_TYPE Domain for host type in link sdefinition CHAR 10    
153 DIAGNAV_LINK_SEL_TYPE Link type CHAR 10    
154 DIAGNAV_LINK_TYPE Diagnav link type CHAR 10    
155 DIAGNAV_LINK_USAGE How the link is used CHAR   
156 DIAGST_C60SM 60 characters and lower case CHAR 60    
157 DIAGST_CALLING_APPL CCDB Read-API: Calling Application CHAR 10    
158 DIAGST_CHAR250_LC Char250 Lower-Case CHAR 250    
159 DIAGST_CUST_TTYPE_DESC CCDB: Custoizing TableType ID description CHAR 60    
160 DIAGST_FIELDROLE Domain containing field roles of a table column CHAR   
161 DIAGST_FIELDVALUE_SH Field value short CHAR 250    
162 DIAGST_FULLALIAS Full Alias CHAR 57    
163 DIAGST_IMPORT_PARA Import Para CHAR 512    
164 DIAGST_MAINALIAS Main Alias CHAR 30    
165 DIAGST_PARAM_NAME_SHORT Parameter Name (Short) CHAR 60    
166 DIAGST_PARAM_TYPE CCDB: Parameter Type CHAR   
167 DIAGST_PARAM_VALUE_SHORT Parameter Value (Short) CHAR 100    
168 DIAGST_RUNTIME_DEC Runtime Domain: dec 12 decimals 3 DEC 12 
169 DIAGST_STORE_ACTIVE CCDB Store Activity Domain CHAR   
170 DIAGST_STORE_NAME_LONG Store Name Long - Long representation STRG   
172 DIAGST_STORE_PATH_SHORT Store Path Short CHAR 250    
173 DIAGST_STRING_LC String containing upper and lower case characters STRG   
174 DIAGST_SUBALIAS Sub Alias CHAR 25    
175 DIAGST_TS_STATUS CCDB Technical System Status CHAR   
176 DIAG_ICON Icon in Text Fields (substitute display, alias) CHAR   
177 DIAG_WC_APP_START_MODE Workcenter Application Start mode CHAR   
178 DIAG_WC_PREF_NAME Workcenter preference name CHAR 25    
179 DIAG_WC_PREF_START_MODE Application start mode values CHAR   
180 DIAG_WC_SEL_TYPE Workcenter selection type NUMC   
181 DIAID IS-H: Diagnosis coding CHAR 30    
182 DIAIM Export - Message During Document Processing CHAR   
183 DIALOG Name of the dialog type CHAR   
184 DIALOG_ID Dialog module CHAR 30    
185 DIALOG_STATE Values of Dialog Box State CHAR 20    
186 DIAN_D_ACCOUNT G/L Account Number CHAR 10    
187 DIAN_D_AMOUNT DIAN amount CURR 22 
188 DIAN_D_AMOUNT_AUX Auxiliar type to be used in convertions to DIAN format CURR 20 
189 DIAN_D_CONCEPT Dian Concept NUMC   
190 DIAN_D_CONCEPT_CODE Concept Code NUMC   
191 DIAN_D_CONCEPT_VERSION Concept Version NUMC   
193 DIAN_D_DIR DIAN Adress CHAR 200    
194 DIAN_D_DOC_TYPE DIAN Document Type CHAR   
195 DIAN_D_EXTR_INFO_DESCR DIAN Extraction entity information description CHAR 250    
198 DIAN_D_ID_TYPE DIAN Minimum Amount Document Type CHAR   
199 DIAN_D_NAME Name CHAR 60    
200 DIAN_D_RAZ DIAN Corporate Name CHAR 450    
202 DIAN_D_WTH_CLASSIFICATION DIAN Withholding Classification Format 1001 CHAR   
203 DIAN_XRUN_APPLICATION DIAN: Application indicator for origin of extraction records CHAR   
204 DIAPA Dialog for product attribute CHAR   
205 DIAP_CLASS Parameter class CHAR   
206 DIAP_KIND Parameter type CHAR   
207 DIASI IS-H: Degree of Diagnostic Certainty CHAR   
208 DIASP IS-H: Blocking Indicator for Diagnosis CHAR   
209 DIATY IS-H: Diagnosis Category CHAR   
210 DIATYP IS-H: Diagnosis Category (Referral, Treatment Diagnosis) CHAR   
211 DIAVZ Check f.comb. of mode of transp. and customs office in doc. CHAR   
212 DIA_FLAG IS-H: Flag for Diagnosis Processing CHAR   
213 DIA_OR_DARK RMPU Ind.: Dialog step in dialog mode or automatically CHAR   
214 DIBEZ MRP description CHAR 30    
215 DICBERCLS Table Authorization Group CHAR 14    
216 DICNA HR: Comp. 709: DDic table name CHAR 30    
217 DICOMLEVEL IS-H*MED: Level for DICOM Information Model CHAR 16    
218 DICOMROOT IS-H*MED: Root for DICOM Information Model CHAR 16    
219 DICT_REFTYPE Typing in the Dictionary CHAR   
220 DIDEC3 3 places before, 2 decimal places after decimal point DEC
221 DIDX D021S: Height of box RAW   
222 DIDX_____4 Field index for key word language maintenance INT2   
223 DIEKZ Service indicator CHAR   
224 DIENL IS-M/SD: Service CHAR 18    
225 DIENSTGR Shift Groups for Organizational Units CHAR 10    
226 DIENTYP IS-M/AM: Service Type CHAR   
227 DIFBT Field Number for Difference Amount NUMC   
228 DIFF Difference record CHAR   
229 DIFFACCREASON_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Reasons for Differences in Payts on Acct CHAR   
230 DIFFCALLER_ITAGCY Caller for Difference Application CHAR   
231 DIFFDAYS IS-M/SD: Number of offset days DEC   
232 DIFFDDTYPE Object type in DD (for DBDIFF) CHAR   
233 DIFFE Distribution of remaining stocks CHAR   
234 DIFFISSUES IS-M/SD: Number of copies DEC   
235 DIFFLOC_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Callpoint Difference Screens CHAR   
236 DIFFOBJTYP Object type of a DB object (in DBDIFF) CHAR   
237 DIFFRULE_AGASSGN_ITAGCY Assignment: For Which Agency Categories Is Diff. Rule Valid CHAR   
238 DIFFRULE_ITAGCY Rule for Handling Differences CHAR   
239 DIFFT_110 Difference days DEC   
240 DIFF_ID Note ID CHAR   
241 DIFF_INVOICE Differential Invoicing CHAR   
242 DIFF_PROZ IS-M: Difference in Percent DEC   
243 DIFF_TYPE Retroactive Accounting Difference Type CHAR   
244 DIFGR Report: Suppl. Pension (PS): Reason for Difference Notif. CHAR   
245 DIFPBPEB Difference between last billing and period-end billing INT1   
246 DIFZT Time difference in days DEC
247 DIF_CRITERION Differentiation type CHAR   
248 DIF_CRITERION_WP Differentiation type CHAR   
249 DIF_DIFF_TERM Differentiation type CHAR   
250 DIF_IDENT_CONTEXT Context for identification CHAR   
251 DIKEY HR-FPM: Distribution Key for Default Value CHAR   
252 DIM ID: dimensions for alloc. tbl CHAR   
253 DIMBZ Dimension of eval. no. CHAR   
254 DIMEX Exponent for dimension INT2   
255 DIMID Dimension key CHAR   
256 DIMPR Lead column display format CHAR   
257 DIMP_ABRUF_PART DIMP-Append for domain ABRUF_PART     
258 DIMP_GENERAL_ABLADPL DIMP-Append for domain ABLADPL     
259 DIMP_GENERAL_APPL_OKKK DIMP-Append for domain APPL_OKKK     
260 DIMP_GENERAL_APPL_UPOS DIMP-Append for domain APPL_UPOS     
261 DIMP_GENERAL_ARBGEB DIMP-Append for domain ARBGEB     
262 DIMP_GENERAL_ATRKZ DIMP-Append for domain ATRKZ     
263 DIMP_GENERAL_BSTNKP DIMP-Append for domain BSTNKP     
266 DIMP_GENERAL_CK_VERKZ DIMP-Append for domain CK_VERKZ     
267 DIMP_GENERAL_CO_SOBKZ_D DIMP-Append for domain CO_SOBKZ_D     
268 DIMP_GENERAL_ERSGR DIMP-Append for domain ERSGR     
269 DIMP_GENERAL_HNWKM DIMP-Append for domain HNWKM     
271 DIMP_GENERAL_IBTYP DIMP-Append for domain IBTYP     
272 DIMP_GENERAL_KBNKZ DIMP-Append for domain KBNKZ     
273 DIMP_GENERAL_KOAID DIMP-Append for domain KOAID     
274 DIMP_GENERAL_LTYPA DIMP-Append for domain LTYPA     
275 DIMP_GENERAL_PABART DIMP-Append for domain pabart     
276 DIMP_GENERAL_PABZUS DIMP-Append for domain PABZUS     
278 DIMP_GENERAL_PRSQU DIMP-Append for domain PRSQU     
280 DIMP_GENERAL_PS_ARGEB DIMP-Append for domain PS_ARGEB     
281 DIMP_GENERAL_P_SORTKZ DIMP-Append for domain P_SORTKZ     
282 DIMP_GENERAL_RKSTA DIMP-Append for domain RKSTA     
283 DIMP_GENERAL_RU_DT_DYNNR DIMP-Append for domain RU_DT_DYNNR     
284 DIMP_GENERAL_SOBVO DIMP-Append for domain SOBVO     
285 DIMP_GENERAL_STATUS_VA DIMP-Append for domain STATUS_VA     
286 DIMP_GENERAL_TABNAM_VB DIMP-Append for domain TABNAM_VB     
287 DIMP_GENERAL_TYPPS DIMP-Append for domain TYPPS     
288 DIMP_GENERAL_UEVOR_VA DIMP-Append for domain UEVOR_VA     
289 DIMP_GENERAL_VBASD DIMP-Append for domain VBASD     
290 DIMP_GENERAL_VBKLT DIMP-Append for domain VBKLT     
291 DIMP_GENERAL_VBKLT_VA DIMP-Append for domain VBKLT_VA     
293 DIMSPPB_DOM_UPD_FLAG Update Indicator CHAR   
294 DIMSP_DOM_COUNTER_TYPE Name of Counter Type CHAR   
295 DIMSP_DOM_END_OF_MAINT End of maintenance DEC 15    
296 DIMSP_DOM_FLTPS Standard Floating Point Field FLTP 16  16 
297 DIMSP_DOM_LOC_DESC Description of Installed Location for MSP CHAR 40    
298 DIMSP_DOM_MOBJ_GRP_ID Maintenance Object Group ID for MSP CHAR 10    
299 DIMSP_DOM_MOBJ_ID Maintenance Object ID for MSP CHAR 22    
300 DIMSP_DOM_MOBJ_REFERENCE Maintenance object reference - Func Loc or Equipment for MSP CHAR 30    
301 DIMSP_DOM_MOBJ_TYPE Maintenance Object Type for MSP CHAR   
302 DIMSP_DOM_MPLAN_ACT Indicator whether maintenance plan is active CHAR   
303 DIMSP_DOM_REGISTR_ID Register ID for MSP CHAR 22    
304 DIMSP_DOM_TRGT_SYS_CNTR Target System Counter for MSP CHAR 32    
305 DIM_CONV Dimension conversion for calorific value CHAR 20    
306 DIM_CVZZ Dimension conversion for volume correction factor CHAR 20    
307 DIM_SEITE IS-M: Dimensions for page format information QUAN 10 
308 DINFO Page format CHAR   
309 DIOHFW_APPL Type used for application type CHAR   
310 DIOHFW_CNTXT_CREATE Indicator: enable creation of node in OHFW via context menu CHAR   
312 DIOHFW_FCODES Function codes CHAR 20    
313 DIOHFW_LEVEL Node level INT2   
314 DIOHFW_NODE_ACTION OHF node action CHAR   
315 DIOHFW_NODE_TYPE Type used for node type CHAR   
316 DIOHFW_RELATION Relation between OHF-nodes CHAR   
317 DIOHFW_TIME Time of log entry TIMS   
318 DIOHFW_TYPE Type used for node type and application type CHAR   
320 DIREC Direction of CAD data transfer CHAR   
321 DIRECTIONAL IS-M: Direction text for streets CHAR 10    
322 DIRNAME_AL11 Directory Name in Transaction AL11 CHAR 1024    
323 DIR_ACTION_NR Solution Directory: Interface Attribute Action Number CHAR   
324 DIR_ATTRGROUP_TO_VIEW Solman Directory: Attribute groups CHAR 50    
325 DIR_ATTRMULT Multiple Values Attribute CHAR   
326 DIR_ATTR_CATEGORY Solution Manager: Attribute category CHAR   
327 DIR_ATTR_CATEGORY_ARCHIVE Solution Manager: Attribute category for archive screen CHAR   
328 DIR_DOC_COPY_HANDLE Directory Document Copy Handling CHAR   
329 DIR_DOC_TAB The Document Tab Which to be copied to the Directory INT1   
330 DIR_IFACETECH Solution Manager: Interface Technology CHAR 50    
331 DIR_IFATTRGROUP Solution Manager: Interface Attribute Group CHAR 50    
332 DIR_IFATTRGROUP_VIEW Solution Manager: Interface Attribute Tabs CHAR 50    
333 DIR_IFTYPE SAP Solution Manager Directory: Interface type CHAR   
334 DIR_IFTYPE_CUSTOMIZING Solution Manager: Interface type CHAR   
335 DIR_INTERFACEREF_ACTION Actions for resolving the InterfaceRef's CHAR   
336 DIR_INTERFACEREF_ACTION_RESULT Result of the action INT2   
337 DIR_MONTHS Solution Directory: Peak Months CHAR 15    
338 DIR_PEAKHOURS Solution Directory: Interface Attribute (Peak hours) CHAR   
339 DIR_PROCESSINGTYPE SAP Solution Manager Directory: Processing type CHAR   
340 DIR_PROXYTYPE Solution Directory: Proxy Type (Interface attributes) CHAR 10    
341 DIR_QOSERVICE Solution Manager: Quality of service CHAR   
342 DIR_SATUS Solution Manager: Expected user volume (Minimum doc) CHAR   
343 DIR_SERIALIZ_TYPE Solution Directory: Interface attributes Serialization type CHAR   
344 DIR_SQLREQUEST Solution Directory: Interface Attributes (SQL Request) CHAR   
345 DIR_TECHOBJBATCHINPUTSESSION Solution Directory: Inteface Attributes: Batch Input session CHAR   
346 DIR_TECHOBJBC Solution Manager: Interface Attribute (Business Connector) CHAR   
347 DIR_TECHOBJEMAIL Solution Directory: Interface Attribute ( EMAIL ) CHAR   
348 DIR_TECHOBJFILE Solution Directory: Interface Attribute (File) CHAR   
349 DIR_TECHOBJGENERICSOAPMESSAGE Solution Directory: Inteface Attributes (Generic SOAP msg ) CHAR   
350 DIR_TECHOBJIDOC Solution Directory: Interface Attribute (IDOC) CHAR   
351 DIR_TECHOBJJMSMESSAGE Solution Directory: Interface Attribute (JMS Message) CHAR   
352 DIR_TECHOBJSOAPMESSAGE Solution Directory: Interface Attribute (SOAP message ) CHAR   
353 DIR_TECHOBJURL Solution Directory: Interface Attribute ( URL ) CHAR   
354 DIR_TECHOBJWEBSERVICE Solution Directory: Attributes of interface (WebService) CHAR   
355 DIR_TECHOBJXISOAP Solution Directory: Interface Attribute (XI SOAP Message) CHAR   
356 DIR_TRIGGER_MODE Solution Manager: Trigger mode CHAR   
357 DIR_TRSFMODE Solution Manager: Interface Transfer Mode CHAR   
358 DIR_YESNO Solution Directory: CHAR   
360 DISCACT Disconnection activity number NUMC   
361 DISCACTDAT Disconnection activity date DATS   
362 DISCACTTIM Time of a disconnection activity TIMS   
363 DISCACTTYP Disconnection Activity Category CHAR   
364 DISCALC_DETAIL_LOG Processing options for RDISCALC: Detail Log CHAR   
365 DISCNO Disconnection document number CHAR 12    
366 DISCOBJ Disconnection object number NUMC   
367 DISCOBJTYP Disconnection object category CHAR   
368 DISCPROCV Processing variant for disconnection/reconnection CHAR   
369 DISCREASON Disconnection reason CHAR   
370 DISCSTATE Disconnection status CHAR   
371 DISCTERMS Discterms CHAR 21    
372 DISC_DAYS_KK Cash Discount Days NUMC   
373 DISER MRP list creation indicator CHAR   
374 DISGR MRP group CHAR   
375 DISIGN_FILE_NAME PSE Filename CHAR 30    
376 DISIGN_PRINT_CHAR Signature: Print Characters CHAR   
377 DISKB Cash Management Account Name CHAR 10    
378 DISKZ Storage location MRP indicator CHAR   
379 DISLS Lot sizing CHAR   
380 DISMETH Discount distribution method NUMC   
381 DISMM MRP type CHAR   
382 DISP Display Field for PDFs CHAR 12    
383 DISPLAY_BPS Field block special features log CHAR   
384 DISPLAY_BPU Display forms in environment log CHAR   
386 DISPL_PHONE IS-M/AM: Central access - home/business telephone number NUMC   
387 DISPMENGED IS-M/AM: AI planned quantity still to be distributed DEC   
388 DISPNCAENR Change number for netchange procedure for planning NUMC 10    
389 DISPO MRP controller CHAR   
390 DISPOART IS-M/SD: Planning type for edition circulation planning CHAR   
391 DISPR Material: MRP profiles CHAR   
392 DISPSTAT Status for edition circulation planning CHAR   
393 DISPUTE_IF_TYPE Dispute Management: Dispute Type CHAR   
394 DISP_ADR_DOM Display Field for PDFs CHAR 80    
395 DISP_CHK Domain for Display Mode Checkbox CHAR   
396 DISP_PLUS_1 Relevancy to materials planning CHAR   
397 DISSORTFLD Sorting field for RFFDIS70 and RFFDIS72 CHAR   
398 DISST Low-level code CHAR   
399 DISST_CL Low-level code CHAR   
400 DISTIBUT DD: Distribution of processes CHAR   
401 DISTKEY_VY Distribution key CHAR   
402 DISTR Travel Expenses Assignment in Percent DEC
403 DISTRIB Distribution indicator CHAR   
404 DISTRIBUTION_FLAG Distribution Flag CHAR   
405 DISTRIBUTION_FLAG_UI Distribution Flag CHAR   
406 DISTRIB_ACT Distribution Indicator Activities CHAR   
407 DISTRIB_D Distribution indicator CHAR   
408 DISTTYPE Distribution Type for Installation Groups CHAR   
409 DISUB_SOBKZ_LB Special stock indicator Subcontracting CHAR   
410 DISUB_SOBKZ_LB_LIEFERANT Special stock indicator Subcontracting at vendor CHAR   
411 DISVF MRP procedure CHAR   
412 DIS_WRTTP Value Type CHAR   
413 DITAT_AUTHORINGSTATE Authoring state (draft, validation or unknown) CHAR   
414 DITAT_BOOL Boolean CHAR   
415 DITAT_CCNAME Content container name STRG   
416 DITAT_CCNAMEID Content container name id NUMC   
417 DITAT_CONTAINER Container name STRG   
418 DITAT_DEADLINE Deadline date DATS   
419 DITAT_DEADLINETYPE Deadline type CHAR   
420 DITAT_FIPR Fingerprint (SHA-1 as base64) CHAR 27    
421 DITAT_HASH Hash CHAR 28    
422 DITAT_LANGUAGE ISO-639-1-language '-' ISO-3166-country CHAR   
423 DITAT_LDS Logical data set NUMC   
424 DITAT_LEVEL Nesting level NUMC   
428 DITAT_PROJECTNAME Project name STRG   
429 DITAT_PROJECTNAMEID Project name id NUMC   
430 DITAT_REFTYPE Reference type (file, map, buildable-map) CHAR   
431 DITAT_SLSPROJECTID SLS project id CHAR 18    
432 DITAT_STATEKEY State key CHAR 16    
434 DITAT_TRANSFERTOKEN Structural data transfer token CHAR 22    
435 DITAT_TRANSOVERWRITEMODE Translation overwrite mode CHAR   
436 DITAT_TRNSTATUS Translation status CHAR   
437 DITAT_UPLOADMODE Upload mode (default or recovery) CHAR   
439 DITAT_VERSIONID Version id NUMC   
441 DIWPS_MEB_AREAS MEB Screen Areas CHAR   
443 DIWPS_REVTY Revision Type CHAR   
444 DIWPS_REVTY_CORE Revision Type CHAR   
445 DIWPS_REVTY_TEXT Revision Type Text CHAR 40    
446 DIWPS_SCOPE_TYPE Type of Scope CHAR   
447 DIWPS_TIMESTAMP Time Stamp DEC 15    
448 DIWPS_USNAM User name CHAR 12    
450 DIWPS_WPS_REV_ACTY Revision Operations for WPS Process CHAR   
451 DI_CREA_TYPE_KK Parallel processing: Type of interval formation CHAR   
452 DI_DATA Long data part: 5000 bytes CHAR 5000    
453 DI_DELKZ MRP element indicator CHAR   
454 DI_ESDUPDABL Update Indicator for Unloading Point (Project ESD DI 3.0) CHAR   
455 DI_ESDUPDBST Update Indicator for Order Number (Project ESD DI 3.0) CHAR   
456 DI_ESD_AB Variances NUMC   
457 DI_ESD_AMPEL Traffic Lights in EDI Monitor for Forecast/JIT Del. Scheds. CHAR   
458 DI_ESD_BEZ Domain for Description of Additional Fields DI ESD CHAR 15    
459 DI_ESD_FELD Additional Fields for SD Forecast Delivery Schedule Header CHAR   
460 DI_ESD_GRZ Limits for Daily Schedule Lines NUMC   
461 DI_ESD_HO Length of Horizon NUMC   
462 DI_ESD_MGFZ Quantities/Cumulative Quantity Check CHAR   
463 DI_ESD_MSGGRP Message Group DI 3.0 ESD NUMC   
464 DI_ESD_PRAB Percentage/Absolute Variance CHAR   
465 DI_ESD_PROFIL Tolerance Profile CHAR 10    
466 DI_ESD_RMK Comment CHAR 30    
467 DI_ESD_WF Workflow indicator CHAR   
468 DI_OHNE Domain for DI_OHNE CHAR   
470 DI_SLDURL Development Infrastructure: System Landscape Directory URL CHAR 255    
471 DI_SOBKZ Stock determination: Special stock indicator CHAR   
474 DI_UNWIND Retention period for historical simulation in RM INT2   
475 DJABEI Annual contribution DEC 10    
476 DJAMON Date format YYYYMM CHAR   
477 DKIND_CLS Graphics display type CHAR   
478 DKLIVERZ Credit management: Output type of days in arrears CHAR   
479 DKOND Loan Conditions CHAR   
480 DKVZ_CPDKO One-time customers CHAR   
481 DKVZ_KSORT Account sorting of customer accounts CHAR   
482 DKWEG Foreign trade: Control foreign trade data - Goods receipt CHAR   
483 DL Qty in dl DEC
484 DLANNODEID Language Transport Node Type CHAR   
485 DLAUFZEIT Coverage periods DEC
486 DLDEST Character field 32 CHAR 32    
487 DLDNR POS outbound log NUMC 14    
488 DLDPARNAME DB2 installation parameter name for EW DLD CHAR 80    
489 DLDPARVAL DB2 installation parameter value for EW DLD CHAR 20    
490 DLFNR Current number of dimension NUMC   
491 DLGGR Infotype menu/info group CHAR   
492 DLGRP Service agent procedure CHAR   
493 DLMOD Preparation mode at POS outbound CHAR   
494 DLPOS POS outbound log: item NUMC   
495 DLTYP Loan category CHAR   
496 DLTYPE Delivery cat.: Inb./ CHAR   
497 DLVTP DelivCat CHAR   
498 DLVUNIT Software Component CHAR 30    
499 DLV_CHANGE System Change Option for Software Component CHAR   
500 DLV_SPLIT_INITIATOR Delivery Split Inititator CHAR