SAP ABAP Domain - Index D, page 2
Domain - D
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 DB2TIMEP DB2 thread time percentage CHAR   
2 DB2TMSTMP DB2 data type timestamp CHAR 26    
3 DB2TSNAME Table space name CHAR   
4 DB2TSSTAT Availability status of the tablespace CHAR   
5 DB2TYPE Tablespace type CHAR   
6 DB2UNIQUE Whether the index is unique CHAR   
8 DB2UTILNAM Utility specification CHAR 20    
9 DB2WHICHPM Indicates if ICLI-based performance monitor or new one used NUMC   
10 DB2XMTYP Type of object that got an extent alert CHAR   
12 DB2YESNOL Yes or No CHAR   
13 DB2YNFLAG Yes/No flag CHAR   
14 DB2_APPSERVER_NAME application server name CHAR 80    
15 DB2_CON_ID Connections identifier CHAR 10    
16 DB2_CON_NAME logical name of a DB2 connection CHAR 32    
17 DB2_FTP_HOST Host used for FTP STRG   
18 DB2_GROUP_NAME Name of a group of DB2 connections CHAR 80    
19 DB2_HOST DB2 host name (mainframe) CHAR 128    
20 DB2_LINE Line CHAR 255    
21 DB2_LOCATION DB2 location(DDF) CHAR 128    
22 DB2_MEMBER member of a data sharing group CHAR   
23 DB2_PLAN DB2 plan name CHAR 24    
24 DB2_PORT DB2 port CHAR 96    
25 DB2_PS DB2 package set (collection) CHAR 128    
26 DB2_RETRY_CNT Numer of connect retries if connect fails CHAR   
27 DB2_SLEEP_TIME Time in ms between to consecutive connection attempts CHAR 11    
28 DB2_SSID DB2 subsystem identifier CHAR   
29 DB2_STRING String STRG   
30 DB4BOUNDEXCL DB2/400: Exclusion Property of a Boundary Vector CHAR   
31 DB4DIMVAL DB2/400: Boundary Value of a Single-Dimensional Value Area CHAR 60    
32 DB4EVI Index created as DB2/400 encoded vector index CHAR   
33 DB4EVIVAL Number of values for DB2/400 encoded vector index NUMC 10    
34 DB4IXPARTED DB2/400: Partition Property of an Index CHAR   
35 DB4KEYCOLNAME DB2/400: Partition Key Column CHAR 30    
36 DB4NULLSLAST DB2/400: NULL Value Sort Below RANGE Partitioning CHAR   
37 DB4NUMPARTS DB2/400: Number of Partitions of a Table NUMC   
38 DB4PARTBY DB2/400: Partitioning Properties of a Table CHAR   
39 DB4PARTNAME DB2/400: Name of a Table Partition CHAR 10    
40 DB4SCALE iSeries: Time Interval CHAR   
41 DB4TABLEPARTED DB2/400: Partition Property of the Basic Table CHAR   
42 DB4TABTYP Dummy for DB4TS structure CHAR   
43 DB4TIME iSeries: Timer interval for DB monitor dump INT4 10    
44 DB4TUNIT iSeries: Time unit for DB monitor dump interval CHAR   
45 DB4_ANZ15 iSeries: Object Size DEC 15    
46 DB4_DATE iSeries: Date used for multiple purposes DATS   
47 DB6CFG_GROUP_ID DB6: Group ID for Database/Database Manager Config Groups INT4 10    
48 DB6DEC22S DB6: signed decimal for integer64 data DEC 22    
53 DB6PATH DB6: Path Name CHAR 255    
54 DB6SCRIPTNAME DB6: Script Name CHAR 40    
55 DB6XPLPAR DB6: Parameter Value for EXPLAIN Test Execute CHAR 73    
56 DBACTION Action in the Database CHAR   
57 DBADBSYS Database System for DBA CHAR 10    
58 DBAKZ_T054 Settlement indicator for recurring entries CHAR   
59 DBAOBJ Object type database administration CHAR 10    
60 DBASE Logical database CHAR   
61 DBASE_011A FI financial calendar database from which data is selected NUMC   
62 DBA_ACE_TRAFFIC_LIGHT_NUMERIC DBA: Numeric Traffic Light for Alert Calculation Engine INT1   
63 DBA_ALERT_ICON DBA: Message Type Icon INT4 10    
64 DBA_ALERT_METRIC_SOURCE DBA: Alerting Metric Source CHAR   
65 DBA_ALERT_RULE_DIRECTION DBA: Alert Direction CHAR 10    
67 DBA_CHAR30_LOW DBA Cockpit: Character Field with lower case CHAR 30    
70 DBA_DBH_TEXT100 DBA-DBH: Text 100 CHAR 100    
71 DBA_DBH_TEXT255 DBA-DBH: Text 255 CHAR 255    
73 DBA_DBH_TIMEFRAME_TXT DBA-DBH: Timeframe Text CHAR 30    
74 DBA_DBNAME DBA Cockpit: Database Name CHAR 128    
75 DBA_GC_CHART_COLOUR_NAME DBA: Graphic Component - Color Name CHAR 70    
76 DBA_GC_CHART_Y_AXIS DBA: Graphic Component - Chart Y-Axis CHAR 70    
77 DBA_GC_Y_AXIS DBA: Graphic Component - Y-Axis Domain CHAR 70    
78 DBA_GRAPHIC_COMPONENT_COLOUR DBA: Graphic Component - Color Domain CHAR 70    
79 DBA_GRAPHIC_COMPONENT_Y_AXIS DBA: Graphic Component - Y-Axis Domain CHAR 70    
80 DBA_IMP_OBJ_DESCR DBA-SYSCHK: Description of Impacted Object CHAR 128    
81 DBA_LISTBOX_VALUE DBA Cockpit: Listbox Values CHAR 40    
82 DBA_LOG_SEVERITY DBA: Audit/Log Severity INT1   
83 DBA_PACKED_INT64 DBA Cockpit: Packed Decimal for INT64 Counters DEC 22    
84 DBA_SERVER DBA Cockpit: Server Name CHAR 255    
85 DBA_SYSID DBA Cockpit: System ID CHAR   
86 DBBA_GROUP Assignment of FUNC ID to OP Groups CHAR 20    
88 DBCODEJSDF IS-M/SD: DB code for structure changes used in non-SAP sys. CHAR   
89 DBCON_DBMS Database Systems Supported for Multi-Connect CHAR   
90 DBCON_DBMS_NEW Database Systems Supported for Multi-Connect CHAR 35    
91 DBCON_NAME Logical name for a database connection CHAR 30    
92 DBDEFVAL Description for screen field: default value CHAR 14    
93 DBDIFFKIND DD: Types of inconsistency between DD and DB NUMC   
94 DBDIFFOBJ Name of the object in the DBDIFF table CHAR 30    
95 DBDSETNB DD: Number of data records in an extent NUMC 10    
96 DBDTEL Data element CHAR 30    
97 DBFEL Data base field for time data CHAR   
98 DBFIELDNAM Name of a DB field CHAR 30    
99 DBFIELDTYP Type of a DB field CHAR 20    
100 DBFILESET dbfileset name for ALLBASE CHAR 20    
101 DBFLOAT Floating FLTP 16  16 
102 DBFUNCNAME DD: Name of a DB Function on the Database CHAR 30    
103 DBGBCOUNT Breakpoint counter INT2   
104 DBGCONTEN2 ABAP Debugger: Field contents (long) CHAR 132    
105 DBGCONTENT Variable contents in debugging CHAR 132    
106 DBGEVENT Screen event (PBO,PAI,EXIT) CHAR   
107 DBGLOW41 C field length 41 in lower case CHAR 41    
108 DBGLOW72 C field length 72 in lower case CHAR 72    
109 DBGLOW74 C field length 74 in lower case CHAR 74    
110 DBGNAME Name in debugging CHAR 132    
111 DBGPART Debugger: Part of name CHAR 30    
112 DBGPOPLINE Input line for user dialog CHAR 30    
113 DBGTABLINE Line of an internal table CHAR 75    
114 DBGTMODE Debugging: Table display mode CHAR   
115 DBGTYPE ABAP Debugger: Data type (internal view) CHAR   
116 DBGVINDEX Internal number of an ABAP/4 variable (e.g. 10, V10, P10) CHAR   
117 DBGWCOMPOP Comparison operator for watchpoints CHAR   
118 DBH_TIMEFRAME_TEXT DBH: Timeframe CHAR 20    
119 DBH_TIME_VALUES DBH: Time Values NUMC   
120 DBINDEX Database index name CHAR 18    
121 DBINIT Size of an initial DB extent NUMC 10    
122 DBKEY Data base key CHAR 60    
123 DBKONTEXT Context of a database operation CHAR   
124 DBLEN DD: DB length of DD objects and table fields INT2   
125 DBLOCKHELD Number of seconds that a DB has been locked INT4 10    
126 DBLOCKLEVL DB lock step (1 = holder does not wait for other locks) INT2   
127 DBLOCKWAIT Number of seconds waiting for a DB lock INT4 10    
128 DBM000_AUFART Order Type CHAR   
129 DBM000_BODTYPE Body Type CHAR   
130 DBM000_BUSTYPE Vehicle Business Transaction CHAR   
131 DBM000_CONYEAR Year of Manufacture NUMC   
132 DBM000_DEVLINE Development Line CHAR 20    
133 DBM000_ERDAT_T Date of Creation (Time Stamp) DEC 15    
134 DBM000_GROSS_PROFIT Gross Profit CURR 15 
135 DBM000_HSTAT Order Status CHAR   
136 DBM000_INTORD Internal Order Number CHAR 12    
137 DBM000_INV_DAYS Inventory Days of Supply DEC   
138 DBM000_ITCAT Item Category CHAR   
139 DBM000_KSCHL Condition Type CHAR   
140 DBM000_KUNRE Bill-To Party CHAR 10    
141 DBM000_LICEXT External Indicator CHAR 15    
142 DBM000_MCODESD Sales Model Number CHAR 18    
143 DBM000_MODLINE Production Series CHAR 20    
144 DBM000_MODYEAR Model Year NUMC   
145 DBM000_PSTCD Postal Code CHAR 10    
146 DBM000_SPLNR Split number NUMC   
147 DBM000_VCLASS Fleet Object Type CHAR   
148 DBM000_VGUID Globally Unique Vehicle Identification Number CHAR 22    
149 DBM000_VHCLE Internal Vehicle Number CHAR 10    
150 DBM000_VHVIN Vehicle Identification Number CHAR 35    
151 DBM000_ZIEME Unit of Measure UNIT   
152 DBM000_ZMENG Order Quantity QUAN 13 
153 DBMAL Mail control for direct procurement CHAR   
154 DBMAXEXT Maximum number of DB extents NUMC   
155 DBMINEXT Minimum number of DB extents NUMC   
156 DBMON Recurring entry run frequency in months NUMC   
157 DBMRFC_SDB Indicator of Whether DBMRFC is Used and in Which Form CHAR   
158 DBMSVE Version of database management system (DBMS) CHAR 16    
159 DBNAM Name of DB table CHAR 10    
160 DBNAME SDIC00CZARNECKA 19910211135559 CHAR   
161 DBNEXT Size of a DB next extent NUMC 10    
162 DBNULLABLE Field description for screen: nullable, not null CHAR   
163 DBOBJ_NAME DD: Name of a database object (length 16) CHAR 16    
164 DBOPERATION Update indicator CHAR   
165 DBSERVERNA Foo CHAR 20    
166 DBSKZ Direct procurement indicator CHAR   
167 DBSOANALYSISNAME Name of an I18N_SEARCH Analysis CHAR 40    
168 DBSOCSTAT Status after the conversion of a field CHAR   
169 DBSODATE Date of a message in the main log DATS   
170 DBSOFLAG General flag for I18N_SEARCH analysis CHAR   
171 DBSOGLOBALSTATUS Global status of an I18N_SEARCH analysis CHAR   
172 DBSOLEVEL Scan Level CHAR   
173 DBSOLOGNO Message Number of a message in the main log INT4 10    
174 DBSOLOGTYPE Type of a message in the main log CHAR   
175 DBSOMETHOD Search method of am I18N_SEARCH analysis CHAR   
176 DBSOOBJECT Analysis Object CHAR 10    
177 DBSOREASON Reason: why did the conversion not work CHAR   
178 DBSORESULTS Result Type of an I18N_SEARCH analysis CHAR   
179 DBSOSTATUS Status of a Table in the Worklist CHAR   
180 DBSOTEXT General Text for I18N_SEARCH CHAR 40    
181 DBSOTIME Time of a message in the main log TIMS   
182 DBSOWORKERJOB Type of a Worker Job CHAR   
183 DBSPACE DD: Size of a database area NUMC 10    
184 DBSPNAME DB space name CHAR 30    
185 DBSSTORDEF Database default CHAR   
186 DBSYSABBR 3-place identifier for database CHAR   
187 DBSYSFLAG Mark list of inclusions (+) or list of exclusions (-) CHAR   
188 DBSYSTEM Database system CHAR 10    
189 DBSYS_TYPE_SELECTOR Selector Value for Database-Specific Optimizations CHAR 10    
190 DBTCH Distribution Mode for the Delivery CHAR   
191 DBTC_EXT_CALLBACK_SCOPE ExtSdl: Scope of a Callback CHAR   
192 DBTC_EXT_COMM_TYPE ExtSdl: Communication Type CHAR   
193 DBTC_EXT_COMM_VERS ExtSdl: Version of Communication Protocol NUMC   
194 DBTC_EXT_EVENT_RAISE_MODE ExtSdl: Mode of the External Event CHAR   
195 DBTC_EXT_EVENT_RESUBMIT_MODE ExtSdl: Resubmit Mode of the External Event CHAR   
196 DBTC_EXT_EVENT_STATUS ExtSdl: Status of External Event CHAR   
197 DBTC_EXT_JOB_CHANGE_SOURCE External Scheduler: Source of Change CHAR   
198 DBTC_EXT_JOB_CTRL_MODE ExtSdl: Administration Mode CHAR   
199 DBTC_EXT_JOB_DEF_TYPE ExtSdl: Type of Job CHAR 80    
200 DBTC_EXT_JOB_OUTPUT_TYPE ExtSdl: Output Type CHAR   
201 DBTC_EXT_JOB_PRIORITY ExtSdl: Priority of a Job NUMC   
202 DBTC_EXT_JOB_SCHED_MODE ExtSdl: Type of Scheduling for an External Job CHAR   
203 DBTC_EXT_JOB_START_TYPE ExtSdl: Type of Start Condition of External Job CHAR   
204 DBTC_EXT_JOB_STATUS ExtSdl: Status of the External Job CHAR   
205 DBTC_EXT_OBJ_TYPE ExtSdl: Type of an Object CHAR 80    
206 DBTC_EXT_OM_REPLY_STATUS ExtSdl: Reply Status CHAR   
207 DBTC_EXT_PAR_DIRECTION ExtSdl: Parameter Direction CHAR   
208 DBTC_EXT_PAR_SCOPE ExtSdl: Scope of a Parameter CHAR   
209 DBTC_EXT_PAR_TYPE ExtSdl: Parameter Type CHAR   
210 DBTC_EXT_QUEUE_STATUS ExtSdl: Status of the External Queue CHAR   
211 DBTC_EXT_QUEUE_TYPE ExtSdl: Type of External Queue CHAR   
212 DBTC_EXT_SDL_AUDIT_LEVEL ExtSdl: Audit Level CHAR   
213 DBTC_EXT_SDL_INTERVAL ExtSdl: Time Period NUMC   
214 DBTC_EXT_SDL_KEY ExtSdl: Key CHAR 128    
215 DBTC_EXT_SDL_NAME ExtSdl: Name of an Object CHAR 80    
216 DBTC_EXT_SDL_STATUS ExtSdl: Status of External Scheduler CHAR   
217 DBTC_EXT_SDL_TYPE ExtSdl: Type of External Scheduler CHAR   
218 DBTC_EXT_STATUS_NOTIFIC ExtSdl: Status Notification CHAR   
219 DBTOOL Tool for performing a DB operation CHAR 10    
220 DBTYPE Database type CHAR 20    
221 DBVIEWNAME DD: DB View Name CHAR 250    
222 DB_PROFILE Traveler profile (DB) CHAR 12    
223 DCACDO0001 Flag for activating dependent objects CHAR   
224 DCACTMODNC DD: Definition of activation mode (NUMC version) NUMC   
225 DCADE0004 Flag if and what type of upgrade is running CHAR   
226 DCALIF_LIQ RED system: Settlement appraiser (TC2) CHAR   
227 DCCHECKMODE DD: Mode for Checks INT1   
228 DCCHECKTYP DD: Typ eines Massenchecks CHAR 10    
229 DCCHKID DD: Check ID for DD objects NUMC   
230 DCCNVSCAN DD: Number of runs for data transfer CHAR   
231 DCCOMPARE DD: Control of Comparison N Version with A Version CHAR   
232 DCDDLPARSE_STRICTNESS DD: Controls the stringency of checks during parsing INT4 10    
233 DCDOMA0100 DD: Activation mode for domains NUMC   
234 DCDOMA0200 DD: Check ID for domains NUMC   
235 DCDTEL0100 Activation mode for data elements NUMC   
236 DCDTEL0107 DD: Flag for sending success message CHAR   
237 DCDTEL0108 DD: Flag to output user, date and time CHAR   
238 DCDTEL0501 Aliases for activation mode CHAR 10    
239 DCENRES003 Result of checks CHAR   
240 DCERRMSG Error message CHAR   
241 DCERRNUMB Fehlernummer NUMC   
242 DCESTATUS DD: Status eines Fehlers NUMC   
243 DCEXTBOOL DD: Truth value or default setting CHAR   
244 DCFDVALUE Field contents CHAR 132    
245 DCFL_ACTION_CODE Action Code CHAR   
246 DCFL_BLOCK_STATUS Accounting Notification Cancellation Status CHAR   
247 DCFL_BO_SHORTNAME Short Name of Business Object CHAR   
248 DCFL_CANCEL_STATUS Accounting Notification Cancellation Status CHAR   
249 DCFL_DESCRIPTION Decoupling: Description CHAR 40    
250 DCFL_ITEMID Item ID NUMC 10    
251 DCFL_MESSAGE_TYPE Decoupling: Message Type for Testing CHAR 80    
252 DCFL_NUMBER_INT Internal Number for ID Conversion NUMC 14    
253 DCFL_OPERATION Decoupling: Operation CHAR   
254 DCFL_REFID Accounting Notification: Reference ID CHAR 35    
256 DCFL_RTKEY Runtime Key for Preprocessor NUMC 10    
257 DCFL_STEP Decoupling: Step CHAR 16    
258 DCFL_STEPVARIANT Decoupling: Step Variant CHAR 16    
259 DCFL_SUBSTEP Decoupling: Substep NUMC   
260 DCFUNCT 'ACT' for Activate, 'CHK' for Check CHAR   
261 DCHANDLED DD: Number of converted records in nth run CHAR 17    
262 DCHANDLED0 Number of converted data records in 1st run CHAR 19    
263 DCHANDLED1 DD: Number of converted data records in nth run CHAR 17    
264 DCHANDLED2 DD: Number of converted records in n+1th run CHAR 19    
265 DCHANDLED3 DD: Number of converted records in n+2nd run CHAR 19    
266 DCHAR10 Char 10 for Dictionary CHAR 10    
267 DCHAR2 Char 2 for VERIS CHAR   
268 DCHAR40 Char40 for VERIS CHAR 40    
269 DCHAR5_LC Character field of length 5 lowercase CHAR   
270 DCICNVTAB DD: Table for incremental conversion CHAR 34    
271 DCIGNORE_ASSOCIATION DD: Controls whether associations will be ignored CHAR   
272 DCIND Plus/minus sign for Report Writer CHAR   
273 DCIND_KK Plus/Minus Sign of Generated Document CHAR   
274 DCINFO_COMPLETE DD: Indicator that current info is complete CHAR   
275 DCJSTRUK Project structure length NUMC   
276 DCLASE_LIQ RED system: Payroll type NUMC   
277 DCMATCHDOU Valuation NUMC   
278 DCMATCHFOR Request for data compatibility NUMC   
279 DCMATCHREQ Flag if field must, should or may occur in matching NUMC   
280 DCMATCHTYP Flag for matching CHAR   
281 DCMODE DD: mode in the mass activation program CHAR   
282 DCMSGTXT Message text CHAR 100    
283 DCM_ACTIVITY Processing types for versions (version management) CHAR   
284 DCM_LENGTH Length of Decimal Places NUMC   
285 DCNDTABLCHK DD: Controls whether a node table will be checked CHAR   
286 DCNTSTATE DD: Nametab state (active/inactive) or default setting CHAR   
287 DCOBJSTATE DD: Object status or default setting CHAR   
288 DCOCO Legal Control: Departure Country from Organizational Unit CHAR   
289 DCOPERATN DB operation CHAR 10    
290 DCOPY Copy Main Operation to Subnetwork Header CHAR   
291 DCPERISTDDLCONT Contains info whether DDL content (view, ent.) is persisted CHAR   
292 DCPROC DD: Number of processes currently running CHAR   
293 DCREFPROT DD: Contains info on if and how reference log is written CHAR   
294 DCRRCHANGEREC Value for change record request CHAR   
295 DCRRCHECKSTATE CRR Replay Check Status CHAR   
296 DCRRERRSTATE Error state of a CRR task CHAR   
297 DCRRERRSTRATEGY CRR task error handling strategy CHAR   
298 DCRRMARKER CRR Start/Stop Mark NUMC   
299 DCRROPSTATE CRR Operation status CHAR   
300 DCRROPTASKDP CRR operation task dependency variants CHAR   
301 DCRRSTATE CRR state type CHAR 30    
302 DCRRTASKTYPE Type of CRR task CHAR   
303 DCRRTRTYPE CRR Transport Request Classification CHAR   
304 DCRR_MSG_LEVEL Message Level NUMC   
305 DCSAAN0015 Test for Uppercase/Lowercase CHAR   
306 DCSENDMESS DD: String for messages to be sent CHAR 10    
307 DCSETTMST DD: Set time stamp or default setting CHAR   
308 DCTABAPPGEN DD: Flag ('X', '') whether tab./ be generated for node CHAR   
309 DCTABLCHK DD: Flag: Carry out table checks ? INT2   
310 DCTABTCHK DD: Flag if technical settings should be checked INT2   
311 DCTABTGET DD: Flag for version to be read CHAR   
312 DCTABTPUT DD: Flag whether technical settings are written CHAR   
313 DCWRACTFLD DD: Write ACTFLAG for dependent TABL -> VIEW CHAR   
314 DCWRITE DD: Defines whether an object is written CHAR   
315 DCXMLD0C Handling of Zeros After the Decimal Point CHAR   
316 DCXMLERROR Error Handling During Conversion of XML to ABAP CHAR   
317 DCXMLHEX Handling of HEX Values in RAW Fields CHAR   
318 DCXMLINIT Handling of Initial Components CHAR   
319 DCXMLSCHVR Version for XML Schema CHAR   
320 DCXMLTELEM Display of Elementary Components in XML Template CHAR   
321 DCXMLTTYPM Selecting Tables in XML Templates CHAR   
322 DCXMLWARN Warning Handling During Conversion of XML to ABAP CHAR   
323 DDABAPSYSTVAR DD: ABAP system variable as field in an association CHAR 61    
324 DDABTYPE_D DD: Name of an ABAP Type CHAR 10    
325 DDACTCOUNT Act.counter in DD10L INT4 10    
326 DDACTION Action in the ABAP Dictionary CHAR   
327 DDACTMODE DD: Mode of an activation CHAR   
328 DDACTS DD: Activates single activation by mass activation program CHAR   
329 DDADDTYPE Whether and how to read information about referenced types CHAR   
330 DDALLDATAINCLU DD: DataAging: Handle data as hot and cold if switched on CHAR   
331 DDALWAYSTRP DD: Table is always transparent on selective databases CHAR   
332 DDAMPMFORMAT DD: Indicator whether AM/PM time format is required CHAR   
333 DDANNOTATION_KEY DD: Key/Name for Annotation CHAR 100    
334 DDANONYM DD: Anonymization Indicator (for User Fields) CHAR   
335 DDAPPEXI DD: Indicator that at least one domain append exists CHAR   
336 DDAPPVAL DD: Defines whether value of appender belongs to append CHAR   
337 DDASSKIND DD: Type of an Association INT1   
338 DDASSNAME Dictionary: Assembler name (table field structure R/2 ) ? CHAR   
339 DDASSOCIATIONNAME DD: Name of an Association CHAR 30    
340 DDASSOCNAME_RAW DD: Association Name Original Spelling CHAR 30    
341 DDASSORIGIN DD: Origin of an Association CHAR   
342 DDASSOZIATIONKIND DD: Type of Association CHAR   
343 DDASSOZIATIONNAME DD: Name of an Association CHAR 30    
344 DDAT General date DATS   
345 DDATE Collective date in DATE format DATS   
346 DDATEXT DD: text for action CHAR 20    
347 DDATTRLENGTH DD: Runtime Length of a BO Attribute CHAR 10    
348 DDATY_KK Debit Memo Notification: Category of Payment Method CHAR   
349 DDAUTH Dictionary: Authorization object name (domain structure R/2) CHAR   
350 DDAUTHLVL Access level NUMC   
351 DDAUTOSUGGEST DD: Automatic Word Supplementation During Search CHAR   
352 DDAYNUM Daily ID for ABAP/4 Dictionary activation NUMC   
353 DDBASEOBJECTS DD: Base Objects Used CHAR 1333    
354 DDBOACTMODE DD: Activation Mode for DDIC BO INT2   
355 DDBOCLASS DD: Types of a BO Structure CHAR 10    
356 DDBOCLASSNAME DD: Name of Generated Class for a BO CHAR 30    
357 DDBOKIND DD: Type of a BO CHAR   
358 DDBONAME Name of a BO in the ABAP Dictionary CHAR 30    
359 DDBOOKAUS Checkbox for output CHAR   
360 DDBOOKLDE Output length: data element NUMC   
361 DDBOOKLDO Output length: domain name NUMC   
363 DDBOOKLTX Output length: short text NUMC   
364 DDBOOKPOS Position fields NUMC   
365 DDBOOL DD: truth value CHAR   
366 DDBOXES Table manual: checkbox CHAR   
367 DDBRGRU Authorization group for DD objects CHAR   
368 DDCARDINALITY DD: Cardinality of an Association, Minimum, Maximum INT4 10    
369 DDCEXITS DD: To copy the names of conversion routines CHAR 255    
370 DDCHECKINDICATOR DD: Carries the information whether check should take place CHAR   
371 DDCHKDDLDEP DD: Checks DDLDEPENDENCY during name check CHAR   
372 DDCHKFLAG Check-Aktion für Veri-Prozessor CHAR   
373 DDCHUNK DD: Description of a work list CHAR 10    
374 DDCLASS Object class CHAR   
375 DDCLIINDEP DD: Indicator for cross-client CHAR   
376 DDCMPKIND Source of information for comparison table (DB check) CHAR   
377 DDCMPNUMC4 Numeric values up to 9999 NUMC   
378 DDCMPTITLE Column heading CHAR 30    
379 DDCNVCHG Conversion required (really or due to threat of data loss) CHAR   
380 DDCNVMETHD Conversion method CHAR   
381 DDCNVMETHO Method for converting tables CHAR 10    
382 DDCOLKIND DD: Describes how a field is to be handled CHAR 10    
383 DDCOMPINDICATOR DD: Carries the information whether a composition exists CHAR   
384 DDCOMPRESS DD: Compress BO Structure CHAR   
385 DDCOT_KK Correspondence Category for Debit Memo Notification CHAR   
386 DDCSCOPE DD: Locality of a conversion procedure CHAR   
387 DDCTEXT DD: text for a class CHAR 20    
388 DDCTRTYPE Deductor Type CHAR   
389 DDDATE Dictionary: Date of last change DATS   
390 DDDATMOD Status of a date CHAR   
391 DDDAY DD: Day of week, exclusion times for incremental conversion CHAR 10    
392 DDDBCHKOPT Delta option for DB check CHAR   
393 DDDBFEATURE DD: Indicator for a Database Feature CHAR   
394 DDDBFUNCNAME DD: Name of a Function on the Database CHAR 60    
395 DDDBFUNCTYPE DD: Type of DB Function (Function or Procedure) CHAR 10    
396 DDDBOBJTYPE DD: DB Object Type CHAR 10    
397 DDDBOPER Name of database operation CHAR   
398 DDDBTRFUNCNAME Function on the Database - Transport CHAR 35    
399 DDDBUTREQS DD: Database utility, request status CHAR   
400 DDDBVERSION DD: Database Version CHAR 30    
401 DDDDLPARSERINACT DD: Ntab status with which DDL parser is called CHAR   
403 DDDECFLOATEX Displays whether at least one decfloat column exists CHAR   
404 DDDELALL DD: flag if all versions should be deleted CHAR   
405 DDDELNOREF DD: Flag if all versions should be deleted CHAR   
406 DDDEPTYPE DD: Type of a dependency between objects of DDIC CHAR   
407 DDDIR Description of access path directions CHAR   
408 DDDOMNAME Dictionary: domain name CHAR 20    
409 DDDONE DD: Indicator as to whether an operation is complete CHAR   
410 DDDOPATH DD: DO prefixes also concatenated at target (DO path) CHAR 125    
411 DDDTYPE Directory type CHAR   
412 DDDYNNAME Dictionary: Screen name CHAR 16    
413 DDEMODE Execution mode for a DD process CHAR   
414 DDENABLED DD: Flag whether a field is active CHAR   
415 DDENQOPCOD Code whether lock or unlock NUMC   
416 DDENQSCOPE Control lock behavior when calling the update task NUMC   
417 DDENQUEUE DD: Lock in the mass activation program (shared/exclusive) CHAR   
418 DDENTITYTYPE DD: Entity Type CHAR   
419 DDEUTYPE DD object type in EU management system CHAR   
420 DDEXPAND DD: Flag if expanded and how to react to error CHAR   
421 DDEXPR_IS_USED DD: In the view, at least one expr. used (current append) CHAR   
422 DDEXTVIEW_INCLUDED DD: Contains at least one external view in the hierarchy CHAR   
423 DDEXTYP DD: Type of specification of conversion methods CHAR   
424 DDFCT DD: Actions for DD objects CHAR   
425 DDFDPOS DD: Marked Position in a Repeat Group INT4 10    
426 DDFEATURE_NR DD: Number of DB Feature INT4 10    
427 DDFIELDLABEL DD: Text for Input/Output Fields CHAR 250    
428 DDFIELDNAME_L DD: Concatenated Field Name CHAR 256    
429 DDFILE File name also contains op.sys-spec. path name CHAR 60    
430 DDFLAG Any flag (X) or ( ) for use in the ABAP/4 Dictionary CHAR   
431 DDFLDNAME Dictionary: Field name CHAR 30    
432 DDFLDNUM No. of fields NUMC   
433 DDFLDORIGIN DD: Origin of a BO Structure Node Field (STOBJ) CHAR   
434 DDFLG Dictionary: Flag byte (domain structure R/2 ) RAW   
435 DDFMODUS Mode in which a file is accessed CHAR   
436 DDFMT Dictionary: Format for domain structure R/2 CHAR   
437 DDFORMAT Dictionary: Assembler format (domain structure R/2 ) CHAR   
438 DDFRCACT DD: Force Activation CHAR   
439 DDFULLTEXT DD: Full Text Index CHAR   
440 DDFUNC DD: abbreviation for a DD action CHAR   
441 DDFUNCACTION DD: Action for Functions CHAR   
442 DDFUNCNAME DD: Name of a DB Function CHAR 30    
443 DDFUNKTION Function in the Dictionary maintenance CHAR   
444 DDFUZZY_SEARCH DD: Fuzzy Search During Search CHAR   
445 DDFUZZY_SIMILARITY DD: Similarity Value for Fuzzy Search DEC
446 DDFVOPTION Option for domain fixed values CHAR   
447 DDGLBNAME Dictionary: Global name (domain structure R/2) CHAR   
448 DDGOTSTATE Status of an ABAP/4 Dictionary object CHAR   
449 DDGROUP Group name for named includes CHAR 30    
450 DDHIDEFLAG Flag if the search help inclusion is hidden CHAR   
451 DDICNVDAY Selectable days of the week for exclusion interval CHAR 10    
452 DDICNVMOD Kennzeichen zur Darstellung der ICNV Kandidaten CHAR   
453 DDICNVOK DD: Defines if ICNV should be executed for an object CHAR   
454 DDICNVSTAT Status of the incremental conversion CHAR 10    
455 DDICTXT Field desc. selection CHAR   
456 DDIC_ADT_TEST_DOMA_DE Domain for testing different logon languages DEC
457 DDIC_ADT_TEST_DOMA_MAN Domain used for ADT unit tests (manually created) modified DEC 15 
458 DDID Identification of component objects of ABAP Dictionary CHAR 10    
459 DDIDENT Identifier for area in generation table CHAR 20    
460 DDIFATTRIBUT DD: Interface Attribute (for Association Constants) CHAR 250    
461 DDIMIGDEST Destination for step of ICNV/IMIG CHAR   
462 DDIMPROC Incremental Migration Process CHAR 10    
463 DDINIT Dictionary: Initial value (table field structure R/2) CHAR 25    
464 DDINT1 DD: 1 byte integer INT1   
465 DDINT2 DD: 2 byte integer INT2   
466 DDINT4 ABAP Dictionary: 4 Byte Integer INT4 10    
467 DDIPROC Incremental conversion process CHAR 10    
468 DDIPROP Attributes of ICNV tools CHAR 10    
469 DDISEXTIND DD: Flag if index is extention index CHAR   
470 DDISLOBSTRUC Displays whether a derived LOB structure exists CHAR   
471 DDISMASTER DD: Database object determines structured object CHAR   
472 DDIVALUE Alphanumeric value CHAR 40    
473 DDIXDBSEL Choose a database system for DB-specific indexes CHAR   
474 DDIXDBSTAT Status of index on the database CHAR   
475 DDIXINCEX List of DB systems is used as list of inclusions/exclusions CHAR   
476 DDJCONSTANT DD: Literals in the On condition CHAR 250    
477 DDKEYLENMAX DD: Maximum Width Key Fields INT2   
478 DDKIND Description of relationship types CHAR   
479 DDKLASSE Class of an object in the ABAP Dictionary CHAR 10    
480 DDLANGUAGE Language Key CHAR   
481 DDLANGUA_1 Short text LANG   
482 DDLANGUFLG DD: Indicator for a Language Field CHAR   
483 DDLEN Field length (output, internal, external) NUMC   
484 DDLENG Length of Fields in Dictionary, Successor of DDLEN NUMC   
485 DDLENMAX DD: Maximum Width Table or View INT4 10    
486 DDLFIELDNAME DD: Long Field Name (concatenated) CHAR 300    
487 DDMAINOBJEX DD: Indicator whether a main object exists CHAR   
488 DDMAXNAMAU Object name for Dictionary authorization CHAR 18    
489 DDMESSAGE DD: Message from T100 (appl. area and number) CHAR 23    
490 DDMFLAG Flag indicating whether error is proc. by calling program CHAR   
491 DDMIME_TYPE_DESCR DD: Mime Type Description CHAR 256    
492 DDMIME_TYPE_NAME DD: Mime Type Name CHAR 256    
493 DDMIN DD: Minutes spec.: exclusion times, incremental conversion NUMC   
494 DDMODE Dictionary: Mode of the entry CHAR   
495 DDMODIFY Dictionary: Modification indicator RAW   
496 DDMODKZ Modification ID CHAR   
497 DDMSCHK037 Weekday CHAR   
498 DDMSSCENE DD: Scenarios for Parallel Mass Activator CHAR   
499 DDNAME Name of an ABAP Dictionary object CHAR 30    
500 DDNAMECOCL Class of name conflicts CHAR