SAP ABAP Domain - Index T, page 4
Domain - T
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 TIMTY2 Time Type: Unit Key (2-digit) NUMC   
2 TIMTYP Time category (days or months) CHAR   
3 TIMTYP_NO Indicator: No time category CHAR   
4 TIMTY_TMW Time Type: Unit Key (2-digit) NUMC   
5 TIM_BLPTPOINT_EX Time Point ID for BLP Enhancements CHAR   
6 TIM_BLP_PERMITTED_SEX Permitted Gender CHAR   
7 TIM_COLLI_REAC Reaction indicator CHAR   
8 TIM_GENWS Automatic Generation of Period Work Schedule CHAR   
9 TIM_OBJFACTORY_APP PT Object Factory: Application Area of an OF Class CHAR 16    
10 TIM_QCTYP Abs./attendance quota compensation type CHAR   
11 TIM_REL_LABEL BLP Relations: Label for Relationships CHAR 30    
12 TIM_REQ_ACTOR_TYPE Request Participant Type CHAR   
13 TIM_REQ_JOB_ID Current Job Number NUMC   
14 TIM_REQ_MSG_CONTEXT Leave Request: Message Context CHAR 25    
15 TIM_REQ_MSG_SUBCONTEXT Leave Request: Message Subcontext CHAR 25    
16 TIM_REQ_STATUS Processing Status of a Request CHAR 12    
17 TIM_REQ_WF_COMMAND Workflow Control (Start, Stop, Continue, Return, Approval) CHAR 10    
18 TIM_REQ_XFER_EVENT Status Transition Event CHAR 15    
19 TIM_TDM_BL Business Logic of a Time Data Record/Infotype CHAR   
20 TIM_TDM_BUFFER Buffer in which a Time Data Record/Infotype Is Saved CHAR   
21 TIM_TMWAUTHSTAT Business Logic Processing: Authorization Check Status CHAR   
22 TIM_TMWBOOL Boolean value INT1   
23 TIM_TMWBUFRECSTA Status of data records within TMW buffer INT1   
24 TIM_TMWCATEGORY Time Manager's Workplace: Data Category CHAR 10    
25 TIM_TMWINSTAT Input status CHAR   
26 TIM_TMWMSGCATEGORY TMW Message Handler: Message Category CHAR 10    
27 TIM_TMWMSGCONTEXT TMW Message Handler: Message Functional Area CHAR 10    
28 TIM_TMWMSGSUBCONTEXT TMW Message Handler: Message Subfunctional Area CHAR 10    
29 TIM_TMWOPERA Operation ID CHAR   
30 TIM_TMWPRSTAT Status for internal record processing CHAR   
31 TIM_TMWRECUID Record ID INT4 10    
32 TIM_TMWSPRPS_R Business Logic Processing: Filter Values for IT Lock Key CHAR   
34 TIM_TMWTYPE Time Manager's Workplace: Data Types CHAR 10    
35 TIM_TMW_AUTHC TMW: Authorization Level CHAR   
36 TIM_TMW_DELIM_MODE Delimitation Mode CHAR   
37 TIM_ZONADJ Selection: By time slice CHAR   
38 TINFO Location of Type Information for RTYPE CHAR   
39 TIOSS Social Insurance office CHAR   
40 TIPCL Time evaluation class CHAR   
42 TITEL Title/name prefix/name suffix CHAR 15    
43 TITELAMT IS-M/AM: Official title CHAR   
44 TITELART Title type NUMC   
45 TITELNAME Short form of the CUA screen title CHAR   
46 TITLE____2 Screen title CHAR 72    
47 TITTY Title type: selection group NUMC   
49 TKCNT SDB: Task Code Counter NUMC   
51 TKEH_DATASOURCE CO-PA Accelerator: Data Source CHAR   
52 TKEH_ERRBACK CO-PA Acc.: Error Handling for Background Processing CHAR   
53 TKEH_ERRDIAG CO-PA Acc.: Error Handling for Dialog Processing CHAR   
54 TKESZ_TYP Lock table TKESZ, type of entry CHAR   
55 TKETD_RUNID Top-Down Distribution Run NUMC 10    
57 TKEXXX Price unit in controlling area currency NUMC   
58 TKGV PGL flag for sec. flows CHAR   
59 TKKA_ANWKZ Application Indicator for Table TKKAZ CHAR   
60 TKMART Type of corporate action NUMC   
61 TKNUM Shipment number CHAR 10    
62 TKONN Trading Contract: Trading Contract Number CHAR 10    
63 TKONN_EX Trading Contract: External Trading Contract Number CHAR 30    
64 TKONN_EX_ACT Trading Contract: External Number Active CHAR   
65 TKONN_EX_CHECK Trading Contract: Check External Number Entry CHAR   
66 TKONST Constant amount which changes position CURR 15 
67 TKRIT Subcriterion for main criterion NUMC   
68 TKTYP Trading Contract: Contract Type CHAR   
69 TLANZ Number of partial lots DEC
70 TLART Day String Type CHAR   
71 TLDBBS Short description of logical database for TV-interface CHAR 50    
72 TLDB_ENTRY Function part of table TLDB CHAR 200    
73 TLENGTH Max. length of object area for ref. charact. CHAR 4096    
74 TLEVEL Report Writer level (3-digit) CHAR   
75 TLGRP Repayment Group, Simultaneous Garnishments NUMC   
76 TLOC Location of Type Definition for RTYPE CHAR   
77 TLOGDB Name of logical database for word processing interface CHAR   
78 TLOG_TYPE Change Log Entry Type CHAR   
79 TMART Date/deadline type CHAR   
80 TMAS_CLASSNAME Absolute ABAP class name CHAR 200    
82 TMAS_COUNTER Counter INT4 10    
83 TMAS_DIPSTATE State of document in process CHAR   
84 TMAS_DOCID Document id NUMC 16    
85 TMAS_ERROR_CAT Error category INT4 10    
86 TMAS_ERROR_MSG Error message STRG   
87 TMAS_JOBID Job id NUMC   
88 TMAS_JOBSTATUS Analysis job status CHAR   
89 TMAS_KEY 32 character key CHAR 32    
90 TMAS_OLA_BGJOBCNT Background job count NUMC   
91 TMAS_OLA_BGJOBID Backgound job id NUMC   
93 TMAS_OLA_JOBSTATUS Analysis job status CHAR   
94 TMAS_OLA_LCOUNTER Counter DEC 12    
95 TMAS_OLA_LOGID Log id NUMC 16    
97 TMAS_OLA_OBJSTATUS Object processing status CHAR   
100 TMAS_T2007_CAT SDL Trados analysis result category CHAR   
101 TMAS_TMHOSTID Translation Memory Host ID NUMC   
102 TMAS_TMMEMID Translation Memory ID NUMC   
103 TMAS_TMTYPE Translation memory type CHAR   
104 TMAS_TMUSERID Translation Memory User ID NUMC   
106 TMAXBW Maximum value to be transferred DEC 15 
107 TMBTIMESTP Domains for Time Stamp for Material Valuation Tables NUMC 19    
108 TMCP_EXCLUDE_TYPE Type of TMC Exclusion NUMC   
109 TMD_LE_RELATION_CAT Relation Category of the Legal Entity CHAR   
110 TMEHR Value added tax indicator CHAR   
111 TMODE Transaction process mode for batch input CHAR   
112 TMON_CALLER_APP Name of the caller application of status monitoring CHAR 255    
113 TMON_DOM_FLEX_VIEW_NAME Domain for selecting Tech Monitoring Flex Page name CHAR 30    
114 TMON_DOM_SHOW_VIEW_TYPE Flag to launch the appropriate type of tech mon UI CHAR 30    
115 TMON_D_NAVIGATION_DEST Destination for navigation CHAR 20    
116 TMON_ERROR_TYPE_D Error type in tmon INT4 10    
117 TMON_MON_OBJ_TYPE Monitoring object type CHAR 20    
118 TMON_MO_TYPE Monitored Objerct Type Handled by Status Monitoring CHAR 50    
119 TMON_NAVIGATION_LINK Navigation Link CHAR 255    
120 TMOTIV_KE IS-M: Indicator sub ad spec/linking CHAR   
121 TMP Temporary flag CHAR   
122 TMPFX31 TMPFX31 CHAR 31    
123 TMREL Transportation Management Relevance CHAR   
124 TMSCATEGORY Translation Memory System Statistics Category CHAR   
125 TMSCFGSTAT TMS: status of TMS configuration CHAR   
126 TMSCISTAT TMS: status of CI configuration CHAR   
128 TMSDLCFG TMS: Configuration Distribution Status for Other Changes CHAR   
129 TMSDOMNAM TMS: transport domain CHAR 10    
130 TMSIGNADM Time control/mean values CHAR 25    
131 TMSIMPSTAT TMS: Import status CHAR   
132 TMSNFSGRP TMS: transport group CHAR 10    
133 TMSQAMTN TMS: Alert Monitor (CCMS) Tree Nodes NUMC   
134 TMSQNAMESH TMS QA: Short Name of Monitoring Type CHAR 40    
135 TMSSNCNAME TMS: SNC Printable Name CHAR 132    
136 TMSSYSTYP TMS: TMS system type CHAR   
137 TMSTFLAG Flag indicating changes relevant to DYNP or ABAP/4 CHAR   
138 TMSTPSTAT TMS: Status of the tp configuration CHAR   
139 TMS_AUTHOR Author description for declaration in configuration DDB NUMC 18    
140 TMS_BTD_CATEGORY_CODE Business Document Category Code CHAR   
141 TMS_BTD_ID Business Document Type CHAR 35    
142 TMS_CONFIRMATION_STS TM ERP Integration: Confirmation Status CHAR   
143 TMS_CONSUMPTION_STS TM ERP Integration: Consumption Status CHAR   
144 TMS_DOC_ITEM TM-ERP-Integration: Document Item CHAR 10    
145 TMS_DOC_NR TM-ERP-Integration_ Document Number CHAR 20    
146 TMS_DOC_TYPE TM-ERP-Integration: Document Type CHAR   
147 TMS_DOC_TYPE_TM TM-ERP-Integration: Document Type for TM Documents CHAR   
148 TMS_EXECUTION_BLOCK TM ERP Integration: Blocked for Execution CHAR   
149 TMS_EXECUTION_STS TM ERP Integration: Execution Status CHAR   
150 TMS_INVOICING_STS TM ERP Integration: Invoicing Status CHAR   
151 TMS_ITEM_CATEGORY_CODE Business Document Item Category Code CHAR   
152 TMS_ITEM_ID Business Document Item CHAR 10    
153 TMS_LIFECYCLE_STS TM ERP Integration: Lifecycle Status CHAR   
154 TMS_PLANNING_BLOCK TM ERP Integration: Blocked for Planning CHAR   
155 TMS_PLAN_IND Transportation Management Planning Indicator CHAR   
156 TMS_PRODUCT_ID Product ID CHAR 40    
157 TMS_STAGE_SEQ_TYPE TM-ERP Integration: Sequence Type Stages CHAR   
158 TMS_SUBCONTRACTING_STS TM ERP Integration: Subcontracting Status CHAR   
159 TMS_TENDERING_STS TM ERP Integration: Tendering Status CHAR   
160 TMW_CID Cross System Lock Check ID CHAR   
161 TMW_CTSUB Time substitution ID CHAR   
162 TMW_ENTNR Entry number NUMC   
163 TMW_OBJD Domain for Type of TMW Objects CHAR   
164 TMW_STATD Status of TMWFLOW Tracking Object CHAR   
165 TMW_TDLANGU Definition set for IDs CHAR 10    
166 TMW_TDLANGU_NAME Definition set ID CHAR 50    
167 TMW_TDSUBLA Subset IDs in TMW CHAR   
168 TMW_TDTSIGN Processing Indicator for Time Data ID CHAR   
169 TMW_UPDATE_MODE Translation Middleware Update Mode for TM Import CHAR   
170 TM_BTD_TYPE_CODE TCM Document Type for Business Transaction CHAR   
171 TM_CHAR12 Tree Control: Node Key CHAR 12    
172 TM_CHAR132 Text with length 132 in tree control CHAR 132    
173 TM_CHAR72 Header name in a tree control (FuGr CNT4) CHAR 72    
174 TM_CONF_KEY Raw data RAW 16    
175 TM_CTRL_KEY_DESC Ext. Transport Management: Transfer Control Key Description CHAR 60    
176 TM_FLTEXT Tree Model - internal CHAR 100    
177 TM_ITEMTXT Tree Model: Text of an item CHAR 132    
178 TM_NODEKEY Tree Model: Node Key CHAR 100    
179 TM_NODETXT Simple Tree Model: Text of a node CHAR 132    
180 TM_ON_CAT Terminology Concept Category CHAR   
181 TM_PROP_V SAPterm Attribute Value STRG   
182 TNAME ATAB table name CHAR   
183 TNAME_514K Table name CHAR   
184 TNDRRC Tendering Status Reason Code CHAR   
185 TNDRST Tendering status CHAR   
186 TNDSRC Source of Sypply Type CHAR   
187 TNT_Y_COVERAGE Coverage of the Stakeholder CHAR 40    
188 TNT_Y_DENOM Denomination CHAR 40    
189 TNT_Y_EXP_TYPE Type of Expectations CHAR 40    
190 TNT_Y_GUID Contact Name CHAR 50    
191 TNT_Y_INFLUENCE Stakeholder Influence CHAR 40    
192 TNT_Y_INITIATOR Initiator CHAR   
193 TNT_Y_RELTYP Relationship of the Stakeholder CHAR 50    
194 TNT_Y_SEC_TYPE Security Type CHAR 40    
195 TNT_Y_SHARE_TYPE Type of Company Shares CHAR 40    
196 TNT_Y_SID Security ID Number CHAR 40    
197 TNT_Y_SID1 Security ID Number CHAR 40    
198 TNT_Y_SOURCE Source Category CHAR 40    
199 TNT_Y_STH_GRP Stakeholder Group CHAR 40    
200 TOBJECT Transport object CHAR 10    
201 TOBJN DDIC name of technical object CHAR   
202 TODIRSTAT Object status in TODIR during exchange CHAR   
203 TODOF Further Processing with Credit Card Transactions NUMC   
204 TODOPGNAME TODO exceptions: Object name CHAR 84    
205 TODUR IS-H: Cause of Death CHAR   
206 TOEXXX Price units in object currency NUMC   
207 TOGGLEDOM Domain for the display change toggle button value NUMC   
208 TOGRR Tolerance group, Invoice Verification CHAR   
209 TOGRU Tolerance group CHAR   
210 TOGRU_KK Tolerance group CHAR   
211 TOKEN Sign for range tables CHAR   
212 TOLER_043G Tolerance days NUMC   
213 TOLSL Tolerance key (invoice verification) CHAR   
214 TOL_KEY Tolerance Test Key CHAR   
215 TOOLBOX Tool box CHAR 20    
216 TOPLA Route planning indicator CHAR   
217 TOPOLOGIEK IS-PSD: Topographical category CHAR   
218 TOPOS Total number of items CHAR   
219 TOPST Increment for sub-calculations NUMC   
220 TOTAL1034 TOTAL1034 CHAR 18    
221 TOTALREL_ACCTMNT_KK Consider Cleared Items in Final Invoice Amount CHAR   
222 TOTALSAMPLECOUNT Number of Sample Dates per Base Value INT2   
223 TOTALSUM Total of all entries in a key figure DEC 16 
224 TOTAL_AMNT_USE Use of bill sum total CHAR   
225 TOTXT South African Tax Office Text CHAR 50    
226 TOT_SUMTYPE_CA Indicator for Line for Insertion in TOTALS CHAR   
227 TOT_SUMTYPE_KK Indicator for Subitem for TOTALS CHAR   
228 TOURN Outline tour CHAR   
229 TO_CHAR Upper case letters CHAR 60    
230 TO_DATS DATS Value DATS   
231 TO_DEC DEC Value DEC 30    
232 TO_INT1 INT1 Value INT1   
233 TO_INT2 INT2 Value INT2   
234 TO_INT4 INT4 Value INT4 10    
235 TO_LANG LONG Value LANG   
236 TO_NUMC NUMC Value NUMC 60    
237 TO_QUAN DMC: Quantity Field QUAN 12    
238 TO_TRANSP Flag: check to see if POOL/CLUSTER -> TRANSP? CHAR   
239 TO_UNIT UNIT Value UNIT   
240 TP Transaction program CHAR   
241 TPARSOURCE Source, originator of the DB char. stat. values CHAR   
242 TPCOD Time ID for time evaluation CHAR   
243 TPCOLL_KK Third Party Collector CHAR   
244 TPD Transaction program CHAR 64    
245 TPDA_BP_SUBKEY TPDA: BP Subkey INT4 10    
246 TPDA_BP_TYPE TPDA: Breakpoint Type CHAR   
247 TPDA_CCMP_DOM_CC_STATE State of Code Composer CHAR 30    
248 TPDA_CHAR40 tpda: char 40 CHAR 40    
249 TPDA_CHAR50 Character field length 50 CHAR 50    
250 TPDA_CLASS_TYPE TPDA: Class Type INT4 10    
251 TPDA_CONV_EXIT tpda: Conv Exit Test CHAR 50    
253 TPDA_DEBUG_INCREMENT TPDA: Debug Increment INT4 10    
254 TPDA_DEBUG_STEP TPDA: Debug Increment INT4 10    
255 TPDA_DEBUG_VARIANT TPDA: Debugger Variant CHAR   
256 TPDA_DOCKER TPDA: Docker INT4 10    
257 TPDA_DYNPRO_FLAG TPDA: Display Flags CHAR   
258 TPDA_EVENTTYPE TPDA: Event Type INT4 10    
259 TPDA_ICON TPDA: Icon with Long Text CHAR 46    
260 TPDA_INT4_NO_VZ TPDA: INT4 Without Prefix INT4 10    
261 TPDA_JOIN_TYPE TPDA: JOIN Type (SCAN of a Select) INT4 10    
262 TPDA_MEM_NAV_DIR TPDA Memory Explorer Navigation Direction CHAR   
263 TPDA_NAV_DE TPDA Chosen Detail View CHAR   
264 TPDA_NAV_DETAIL_TAB TPDA: Navigation to Detail Tool CHAR   
265 TPDA_NAV_QUICK_VARS TPDA: Navigation to Detail Tool CHAR   
266 TPDA_NAV_TO_TOOL TPDA: Navigation to Secondary Tool CHAR   
267 TPDA_QV_DEFAULTTAB TPDA: Default Tab of Quick Vars Tool CHAR   
268 TPDA_SCRIPT_BP_TYPE TPDA: Breakpoint Type INT4 10    
269 TPDA_SCRIPT_CHOISE Debugger Scripting: Selection for List Box CHAR   
270 TPDA_SCRIPT_WP_TYPE TPDA: Breakpoint Type INT4 10    
271 TPDA_SEARCH_SERVICES_DISPLAY Domain for Fixed Values of Display Options for Hits INT1   
272 TPDA_SKIP_COND TPDA: Skip - Condition INT4 10    
273 TPDA_SOURCE_KIND TPDA: Type of Code (ABAP, Screen, ...) CHAR   
277 TPDA_TOOL_INSTANCE_COUNT Constants for Number of Instances Required NUMC   
278 TPDA_TOOL_TEXT TPDA: Text with Lowercase Letters CHAR 40    
279 TPDA_VAR_SCOPE_TYPE TPDA: Validity Area INT4 10    
280 TPDA_WEBDYNPROMEM_TREETYPE Type of Application of the Semantic Tree CHAR   
281 TPDA_WPKIND TPDA: Watchpoint Type INT4 10    
282 TPDA_WP_SINGLETON TPDA: Watchpoint for one or All Instances of a Module CHAR   
283 TPDA_WP_SUBKEY TPDA: BP Subkey INT4 10    
284 TPERI Period of route allocation NUMC   
285 TPGRP Means of transport group CHAR   
286 TPKLA Daily work schedule class CHAR   
287 TPKNZ Transfer Price Indicator NUMC   
288 TPK_DATUM IS-H: Date of the charge line item DATS   
289 TPLEV Tax Transfer Document CHAR   
290 TPLKZ Functional location structure indicator CHAR   
291 TPLNR Functional Location CHAR 30    
292 TPLNR_0 Functional location (with conversion exit for primary label) CHAR 30    
293 TPLNR_1 Functional location (with conv.exit for alt. label '1') CHAR 30    
294 TPLNR_2 Functional location (with conv.exit for alt. label '2') CHAR 30    
295 TPLNR_3 Functional location (with conv.exit for alt. label '3') CHAR 30    
296 TPLST Transportation planning point CHAR   
297 TPL_APPL Valid Applications for Template CHAR   
298 TPL_ID Template ID CHAR 20    
299 TPL_VAR Variable for template VM CHAR 10    
300 TPL_V_TEXT Short text for template variable CHAR 80    
301 TPMVERSION Translation performance monitor version NUMC 10    
302 TPM_AAR_TRANSFER_IN_OUT_FLAG Posting/Clearing Flag NUMC   
303 TPM_AA_REF Treasury: Account assignment reference CHAR 12    
304 TPM_AA_REF_PARAMETER Grouping Characteristic for Acct Assignment Ref. Definition CHAR   
305 TPM_AA_REF_PAR_TEXT Group Description CHAR 60    
306 TPM_ACCGRP_STRAT TR: Strategy for Automatically Generating Sec. Acct Groups CHAR   
307 TPM_ACCINT_COMP Calculation of Derived Business Transactions for Interest CHAR   
308 TPM_ACCOUNT_ASS_REF Treasury: Account assignment reference CHAR   
309 TPM_ACCRUE_COMP Additional Components Managed CHAR   
310 TPM_ACC_ASS_REF Treasury: Valuation area-dependent account assignment ref. CHAR 10    
311 TPM_ACC_CODE Treasury accounting code CHAR   
312 TPM_ACC_RULE TR Position Management: Calculation rule for derived comps CHAR   
313 TPM_ACC_SYMBOL Treasury: Account symbol for account determination CHAR 16    
314 TPM_ACTIVE_PASSIVE Asset/liability indicator CHAR   
315 TPM_ACTIVE_PASSIVE_2 Asset/liability indicator CHAR   
316 TPM_ADJTRANSTATE Update status of a reconciliation business transaction CHAR   
317 TPM_ADJUSTMENT_CAT Treasury: Reconciliation category CHAR   
318 TPM_ADJUSTMENT_DATE Reconciliation key date DATS   
319 TPM_AD_POS_TYPE Categorization of a Position CHAR   
320 TPM_AMORT_END Amortization to final due date / termination INT1   
321 TPM_AMORT_PROC Amortization procedure CHAR   
322 TPM_AMOUNT Treasury Position Management: Amount CURR 21 
323 TPM_AMOUNT_CMP_GRP TR Position management: Group of position components NUMC   
324 TPM_AMOUNT_FACTOR Value Coefficient FLTP 16  16 
325 TPM_AMT_PM_CAT TR Position management: Position management category amount CHAR   
326 TPM_ASYNC_DISTRIBUTION Indicator: Asynchronous Distribution CHAR   
327 TPM_ASYNC_POSTING Indicator: Asynchronous Update CHAR   
328 TPM_AUTO_POST CFM: Indicator for automatic debit position CHAR   
329 TPM_AWKEY Treasury: Reference number for Accounting interface NUMC 18    
330 TPM_AWREF Treasury: Reference Number for Accounting Interface NUMC 10    
331 TPM_BARRIERTYPE Treasury: Position lock type CHAR   
332 TPM_BRUTTO_NETTO Treasury: Indicator gross or net procedure CHAR   
333 TPM_BUSTRANSCAT Treasury: Business Transaction Category NUMC   
334 TPM_BUSTRANSPROCAT Treasury: Processing category of the business transaction CHAR   
335 TPM_BUSTRANS_OWNER Origin of a distributor business transaction INT1   
336 TPM_BUSTRANS_STATE Status of distributor business transaction CHAR   
337 TPM_BW_ACTIVE BW Link for Parallel Position Management Active INT1   
338 TPM_CALC_TYPE Amortization Calculation Type CHAR   
339 TPM_CF_SPECIAL_MODIF Amortization: Special Manipulation of Cash Flow CHAR   
340 TPM_CHANGED_BY_BADI Modified by BAdI CHAR   
341 TPM_COMPUTATION_CAT Calculation category for amortization CHAR   
342 TPM_COMP_VAL Select Components for Valuation CHAR   
343 TPM_COM_VAL_CLASS Treasury: General valuation class NUMC   
344 TPM_COM_VAL_CLASS_GROUP Grouping of General Valuation Class CHAR   
345 TPM_COND_DIR Payment Direction for Condition Item CHAR   
346 TPM_CONSUMPTION_CAT Treasury: Consumption sequence procedure CHAR   
347 TPM_CONSUMPTION_CAT_BAPI CFM: Consumption Sequence Procedure for BAPI Mode CHAR   
348 TPM_CONSUMPTION_CAT_VIEW CFM: Consumption Sequence Procedure CHAR   
349 TPM_CONSUMPTION_PROP_VIEW CFM: Consumption Sequence Procedure CHAR   
350 TPM_CONTRIBUTION Treasury: Distribution key for lot assignment DEC 25 
351 TPM_CONTRIBUTION_SUM Treasury: Distribution total for lot assignment DEC 28 
352 TPM_COUNTER Counter Field (31 Digits, 14 Decimal Places, +/- Sign) DEC 31  14 
353 TPM_CTY_ID Commodity ID CHAR 18    
354 TPM_CURRENCY_CAT Currency category INT1   
355 TPM_CURRENCY_FLAG Currency Swap Indicator: 1st or 2nd Position CHAR   
356 TPM_DATE_INCL Indicator for Including Date in Time Period CHAR   
357 TPM_DATE_RULE Treasury: Rule for the TRL date CHAR   
358 TPM_DB_OS_GUID TR Position Management: Database reference CHAR 32    
359 TPM_DEAL_LOT_CATEGORY Transaction category for lot management CHAR   
360 TPM_DEDOC_FIPOSTINGSTATE FI posting status of derivatives document CHAR   
361 TPM_DEDOC_POSTINGSTATE TR posting status of derivatives document CHAR   
362 TPM_DEDOC_RDOCNREXT External document number of derivatives document CHAR 15    
363 TPM_DEDOC_RDOCNRINT Internal document number of derivatives document CHAR 15    
364 TPM_DEDOC_SOURCE_OBJECT ID of application object that generates a derivatives doc. CHAR   
365 TPM_DELIVERY_STATE OLD: TR: Status of Transfer Run step to Treasury Ledger NUMC   
366 TPM_DELIVERY_STEP OLD: Treasury: Step in Transfer Run NUMC   
367 TPM_DERIVATION_CAT Position management category NUMC   
368 TPM_DERIVED_CMP_RULE Treasury: Rule to calculate derived components CHAR   
369 TPM_DERIVTRANSSTAT Treasury: Status of a business transaction CHAR   
370 TPM_DERIV_CAT Position management procedure NUMC   
371 TPM_DERIV_COMP_CAT Calculation category derived components CHAR   
372 TPM_DERIV_ONLINE Online calculation of derived components CHAR   
373 TPM_DERIV_STATE Control of posting status of derived business transactions CHAR   
374 TPM_DESCRIPTION TR Position Management: Long text CHAR 60    
375 TPM_DE_PM_CATEGORY Position management category derivatives CHAR   
376 TPM_DFT_REPL_CAT Condition for Replacing Update Types NUMC   
377 TPM_DFT_SOURCE Use of the update type NUMC   
378 TPM_DISTRIBUTOR_CATEGORY Distributor Category NUMC   
379 TPM_DIS_FLOWTYPE Treasury: Update type CHAR   
380 TPM_DOC_STATE_TEXT Document status text CHAR 15    
381 TPM_DOWN Write-down rule CHAR   
382 TPM_EFF_INTEREST_SAC Treatment of Effect. Interest Rate for Amort. Acc. to SAC NUMC   
383 TPM_EXCL_FLAG Exclude Product Group/Category/Type in Parallel Val. Areas CHAR   
384 TPM_EXTBUSTRANSID Default ID from creator for distributor business transaction CHAR 60    
385 TPM_FIXING_SUM_CAT Status of the transaction figure NUMC   
386 TPM_FLAG Yes/No Indicator CHAR   
387 TPM_FLAG_INACTIVE_TRF Treasury: Indicator - business transaction is inactive CHAR   
388 TPM_FLAG_LONG_SHORT Treasury: Indicator - long/short position CHAR   
389 TPM_FLAG_POSTING_TRAC_ONLY Indicator for Suppressing FI Posting CHAR   
390 TPM_FLAG_SIMULATED Indicator: Simulated CHAR   
391 TPM_FLAG_SL_ACTIVE Treasury: Flag - "Activate special ledger posting" CHAR   
393 TPM_FLG_MIGR_INIT Bus. Transaction Originated from Migration/Initialization CHAR   
394 TPM_FLOWCAT_TRF Treasury: Flow categories for TRF CHAR   
395 TPM_FLOWCAT_TRS Treasury: Flow category for securities account management CHAR   
396 TPM_FLOWCAT_TRS_ACCINT Treasury: Accrued interest flow cat.for sec. acct management CHAR   
397 TPM_FLOWGROUP_CAT Category of the flow group CHAR   
398 TPM_FLOWGROUP_REVERSED Flag for flow groups with only reversed flows CHAR   
399 TPM_FLOW_CLASS_TRS Flow Classification for Securities Account Management CHAR   
400 TPM_FORWARD_CAT Rate Valuation Category Forward CHAR   
401 TPM_FORWARD_PROC OLD! Rate Valuation Procedure: Forward CHAR   
402 TPM_FX_DATE Date to Determine FX Rate CHAR   
403 TPM_GAIN_LOSS_HANDLING Handling of gains/losses CHAR   
404 TPM_GEN_VAL_CLASS Treasury: General valuation class CHAR   
405 TPM_GROUP_NUMBER Number of Grouping Characteristic NUMC   
406 TPM_IMP_PROC Impairment Procedure CHAR   
407 TPM_INCL_INTEREST Inclusion of Interest in Amortization Calculation NUMC   
408 TPM_INCL_SIGN Indicator: Inclusive date, business transaction etc. NUMC   
409 TPM_INCREASE_DECREASE_FLAG +/- Sign of Component Change CHAR   
410 TPM_INIT_STATE Treasury: Status of the Treasury ledger initialization NUMC   
411 TPM_INIT_STEP Treasury: Phase of the Treasury ledger initialization NUMC   
412 TPM_INIT_STEP_RULE Rule for Initialization Step NUMC   
413 TPM_LEADING_OWNERSHIP Origin of Leading Business Transactions NUMC   
414 TPM_LEDGER_CATEGORY Category for FI Update INT1   
415 TPM_LEDGER_SELECTION Treasury: Ledger Selection INT1   
416 TPM_LFDNR Sequence number NUMC   
418 TPM_LOT Position management lot NUMC 12    
419 TPM_LOT_CREATION Treasury: Lot Creation Category NUMC   
420 TPM_MARGIN_RELEVANT Treasury: Indicator: Margin payments to be made CHAR   
421 TPM_MIGRATION_CAT Migration Type CHAR   
422 TPM_MIGRATION_STATE Status of the Migration Step NUMC   
423 TPM_MIGRATION_STEP Steps in Migration to CFM 1.0 CHAR   
424 TPM_MIGRATION_STEP_CAT Type of Conversion Steps CHAR   
425 TPM_MIGRATION_STEP_ORDER Sort Sequence of Migration Steps NUMC   
426 TPM_MIGRATION_STEP_RULE Migration Step Rule NUMC   
427 TPM_MIGR_BTATY Migration ERP20: Processing Cat. for TRD Bus.Transactions NUMC   
428 TPM_MIGR_CFM10 Status of Flow Related to Migration to CFM 1.0 CHAR   
429 TPM_MIGR_CORPACT_TYPE Type of Corporate Action For Migration NUMC   
430 TPM_MIGR_ERP20 Status of Flow Related to Migration to ERP2.0 CHAR   
431 TPM_MIGR_RIGHTTYPE Type of Right for Migration NUMC   
433 TPM_MODE Mode CHAR   
434 TPM_NOM_CORR_NUMBER Treasury: Number of nominal adjustment CHAR   
435 TPM_NOM_CORR_STATUS Treasury: Status of nominal adjustment CHAR   
436 TPM_NO_CHECK No Check CHAR   
438 TPM_NR Sequence number NUMC   
439 TPM_NUMBER_OF_STEPS OLD! TR - Indicator for One-Step/Two-Step Price Valuation CHAR   
440 TPM_OBJECT_NR External number NUMC 20    
441 TPM_ONE_STEP_DOWN OLD! TR: One-Step, Write-Down Rule CHAR   
442 TPM_ONE_STEP_UP OLD: TR: One-Step, Write-Up Rule CHAR   
443 TPM_OPERATIVE_SIMU Simulation Mode CHAR   
444 TPM_OPTION Treasury: Option of a range table CHAR   
445 TPM_OP_PM_CAT Pos. change cat. values (Values for operative update types) CHAR   
446 TPM_ORIGIN_DATE Treasury: Original Position Inflow Date DATS   
447 TPM_OVERWRITE_FLAG Treasury: Indicator - Overwriting allowed INT1   
448 TPM_PACKAGE Package for Parallel Position Management CHAR   
449 TPM_PARTITION_CATEGORY Category of group of distributor flow partitions INT1   
450 TPM_PARTNER_CONTEXT Context for Identification of the Partners CHAR   
451 TPM_PARTNER_PACKAGE Partner Packages in Parallel Position Management CHAR   
452 TPM_PAYMENT_STATE Status of an External Payment CHAR   
453 TPM_PAY_CTRL CFM: Indicator - Generate debit position flow CHAR   
454 TPM_PAY_RELEVANT CFM: Flag - relevant for payment CHAR   
455 TPM_PAY_SIGN CFM: Payment direction CHAR   
456 TPM_PERS_MODULE_TYPE Type of Function Module of Persistence Service CHAR   
457 TPM_PIN_CREATION Generation of Position Indic. CHAR   
458 TPM_PLANNED_ACTION Planned action for a business transaction INT1   
460 TPM_PL_SSIGN Direction of Profit/Loss CHAR   
461 TPM_PMCAT_USAGE Usage of Position Change Category NUMC   
462 TPM_PM_CAT Position change category CHAR   
463 TPM_POSITION_DATE Treasury: Position value date DATS   
465 TPM_POSITION_RELEVANCE Position Relevant Flag CHAR   
466 TPM_POSTING_CAT Posting category INT1   
467 TPM_POSTING_MODE Posting Mode INT1   
468 TPM_POSTING_SPEC_VAL Posting Specifications Selection CHAR   
469 TPM_POSTRULE Treasury: Posting specifications for account determination CHAR   
470 TPM_POS_ACCOUNT Treasury: Number of the position account CHAR 10    
471 TPM_POS_ACCOUNT_FUT Treasury: Futures Account for Listed Options and Futures CHAR 10    
472 TPM_POS_ACC_FUT_TEXT Treasury: Futures account text CHAR 30    
473 TPM_POS_CMP_RULE Position change rule NUMC   
474 TPM_POS_CNTXT_STATE Treasury: Status of the position context INT1   
475 TPM_POS_COMP_CAT Treasury: Component category NUMC   
476 TPM_POS_MAN_PROC Treasury: Position management procedure CHAR   
477 TPM_PREMIUM_TRANS_CAT Transfer Option Value to Underlying (OTC Derivatives) CHAR   
478 TPM_PRIORITY Priority when sorting business transactions NUMC   
479 TPM_PRIO_NUM Priority level NUMC   
480 TPM_PROCEDURE Procedure CHAR   
481 TPM_PROC_CAT OLD: Category for One-Step Price Valn, Sec. Valn or FX Valn CHAR   
482 TPM_PRODUCT_GROUP Product Group NUMC   
483 TPM_PROD_GRP_CONTROL Control of Product Groups for the Parnters NUMC   
484 TPM_PURCHASE_GAAP Treasury: Indicator - Purchase GAAP NUMC   
485 TPM_QTY_PM_CAT Position change category: quantity CHAR   
486 TPM_QUANTITY_CAT Treasury: Position quantity category CHAR   
487 TPM_QUANTITY_CMP_GRP TR Position Management: Group of quantity components NUMC   
488 TPM_QUAN_POS_CAT Treasury: Position category - collective/single position CHAR   
489 TPM_RATE_PRICE_VAL_PROC OLD! TR: Rate/Price Valuation Procedure CHAR   
490 TPM_RAW4096 X Field with 4096 Bytes RAW 4096    
491 TPM_RECON_ERROR_MESSAGE Treasury: Error message CHAR 110    
492 TPM_RECON_NUMBER Treasury: Comparison Entity Number NUMC 10    
493 TPM_RECON_RECORD_NAME Treasury: Name of External Data Record CHAR 15    
494 TPM_RECON_RECORD_TEXT Treasury: External data record text CHAR 40    
495 TPM_RECON_RECORD_TYPE Treasury: External data record category CHAR   
496 TPM_RECON_RECORD_TYPE_TEXT Treasury: Type of external data record of pos. description CHAR 40    
497 TPM_RECON_SEC_TEXT Treasury: External class text CHAR 50    
498 TPM_RECON_STATUS Treasury: Status of external securities account statement CHAR   
499 TPM_RECON_STATUS_TEXT Description of Status CHAR 40    
500 TPM_RECON_TEXT Treasury: Securities account statement text CHAR 50