SAP ABAP Domain - Index T, page 2
Domain - T
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 TCODEL Transaction code CHAR 40    
2 TCOLOR Text color CHAR   
3 TCOMT_VARIANT_KEY Variant Condition Name CHAR 26    
4 TCOND Conditions for times CHAR   
5 TCONDITIONS Flag: Convert condition currencies? CHAR   
6 TCP0F_LANG Language Key (Technical) CHAR   
7 TCPHASE Transport collector phase CHAR   
8 TCPOP_ITAGCY Posting Option for Temporary Collections CHAR   
9 TCPRO_ITAGCY Posting Process for Temporary Collections CHAR   
10 TCREASON_ITAGCY Agency Collections: Reasons for Temporary Collctns/Disbrsmnt CHAR   
11 TCREF Transaction code reference CHAR   
12 TCR_BUSTRANSCAT Business Transaction Category NUMC   
13 TCR_CSPREAD_TYPE Credit Spread Type CHAR   
14 TCR_CTY_AMOUNT for commodity price CURR 15 
15 TCR_CTY_PERIOD_TYPE Type of Price Period NUMC   
16 TCR_CTY_PROVIDER Provider of Commodity Market Data CHAR 10    
17 TCR_CTY_QUOTNAME Name of Quotation CHAR 18    
18 TCR_CTY_QUOTSRC Quotation Source CHAR   
19 TCR_CTY_QUOTTYPE Commodity quotation type CHAR   
20 TCR_CTY_QUOT_PRUN Price Unit of Quotation DEC   
22 TCSACHV Trading Contract: Suggest Person Responsible CHAR   
23 TCS_GRAPH_ID TimeChartSimple: ID of graphic for which settings are stored CHAR 10    
24 TCS_GSET_ID TimeChartSimple: IDs of stored graphic setting (customizg) CHAR 10    
25 TCTYP Trading Contract: Trading Contract Type CHAR   
26 TCTYP_DEFAULT Trading Contract: Default Trading Contract Type CHAR   
27 TCVARIANT Transaction variant CHAR 14    
28 TC_BOOL 1 = True, 0 = False INT1   
29 TC_CALL_MODE Call type for follow-up command in transaction control CHAR   
30 TC_CHANGE_CHECK Trading Contract: Schema for Fields to be Checked CHAR 10    
31 TC_LAST_CHANGED_FLAG Trading Contract Last Chngd Flag (Customer, Trader, Vendor) CHAR   
32 TC_RELEASED TC: Release Status for Generating Follow-On Documents CHAR   
33 TC_STRING Domain for TCS STRG   
34 TC_TYPE Test case attributes: Type CHAR   
35 TDACTIVATE SAPscript: Activation flag CHAR   
36 TDAFMCOUNT Counter for number of fontmetrics blocks in AFM file NUMC   
37 TDAFMFILE File name for AFM fontmetrics file CHAR 25    
38 TDAFMLINE AFM line CHAR 72    
39 TDANWEISNG ABAP/4 Editor Key Word CHAR 30    
40 TDAPPL Text editor interface for different applications CHAR   
41 TDATA_DEL Switch: delete blank lines in table infotypes CHAR   
42 TDATTR STXD attribute type NUMC   
43 TDBARCODE Bar code name CHAR   
44 TDBARCROT Graph. element rotation by printing of 0/90/180/270 NUMC   
45 TDBARCTYPE Technical barcode type (Barcode family) CHAR   
46 TDBAUSTEIN Name of a module integrated into navigation CHAR 30    
47 TDBCNUMC Number of characters in bar code NUMC   
48 TDBCSIZEU Unit of measurement for bar code width CHAR   
49 TDBMCOMP Graphic storage: Compressed bitmaps CHAR   
50 TDBOOL Boolean Value CHAR   
51 TDBOT SAPscript Editor: Space after CHAR   
52 TDBTYPE Graphic type CHAR   
53 TDCATEGORY SAPscript form translation: Check category CHAR 10    
54 TDCFBOLD SAPscript Editor: bold CHAR   
55 TDCFCOLOR SAP Smart Forms: Color for RTF display CHAR   
56 TDCFFONT SAPscript Editor: Font CHAR   
57 TDCFFTH SAPscript Editor: Font size CHAR   
58 TDCFHIDD SAPscript Editor: hidden CHAR   
59 TDCFITAL SAPscript Editor: italic CHAR   
60 TDCFPROT SAPscript Editor: protected CHAR   
61 TDCFPROTEX SAPscript Editor: protected (enhancement) CHAR   
62 TDCFSUB SAPscript Editor: subscript CHAR   
63 TDCFSUP SAPscript Editor: superscript CHAR   
64 TDCFUNDL SAPscript Editor: underlined CHAR   
65 TDCHAR Character CHAR   
66 TDCHAR16 TDIC Character field, length 16 CHAR 16    
67 TDCHAR4 TDIC character field, length 4 CHAR   
68 TDCHARSET TDIC character set CHAR   
69 TDCLINE SAPscript Smart Forms: Line of code CHAR 132    
70 TDCMODE Counter mode CHAR 10    
71 TDCOLOR SAPscript Editor: Color CHAR   
72 TDCOMPRESS SAPscript: Text is compressed CHAR   
73 TDCOPIES Number of copies NUMC   
74 TDCOPIES0 Copy Counter (0 to n-1) NUMC   
75 TDCOUNT SAPscript: Count variable DEC   
76 TDCOUNTER Counter NUMC   
77 TDCPI Characters per inch, unit of measurement for font width DEC
78 TDCPSELECT Character set selection from TSP0A NUMC   
79 TDCTXTTYPE Smart Forms: Text Type for Composer CHAR   
80 TDCURR SAPscript: Currency field CURR 11 
81 TDCURRKEY SAPscript: Currency key field CUKY   
82 TDCURSLINE TDIC cursor line NUMC   
83 TDDATE Date DATS   
84 TDDBMARKER Debugger line marker CHAR   
85 TDDEBEVENT Debugger event CHAR 15    
86 TDDEBEVPAR Debugger event parameter CHAR 52    
87 TDDEBFUNC Debugger function module CHAR 20    
88 TDDEBLINE Debugger line CHAR 79    
89 TDDEBVVAL Debugger value of a text symbol CHAR 56    
90 TDDEBVVALL Debugger value of a text symbol CHAR 255    
91 TDDEC1 Dec.value with two places before and two after the dec.point DEC
92 TDDELPROT Delete protection CHAR   
93 TDDEVICE STXD output device CHAR   
94 TDDIALCONF Confirmation Prompt CHAR 40    
95 TDDIRFLAG Flag with fixed values CHAR   
96 TDD_SLS_TEMPLATE_COMMIT Sales Template commit behavior upon save CHAR   
97 TDD_SLS_TEMPLATE_DLV_DATE Sales template item delivery date CHAR   
98 TDD_SLS_TEMPLATE_MODE Sales Template processing mode CHAR   
99 TDEDACTION User function last executed CHAR   
100 TDELEMENT Element name CHAR   
101 TDELEMENT8 TDIC element 8 CHAR   
102 TDELEMFORM Form element (page, window) CHAR   
103 TDELEMSTYL Style element name (paragraph, character string) CHAR   
104 TDELINE Element selection line CHAR 79    
105 TDENTRY SAPscript Editor: Indent of first line CHAR   
106 TDETYPE STXD event type CHAR   
107 TDEVENT STXD form event CHAR 30    
108 TDEXT SAPscript Editor: RTF extension CHAR 11    
109 TDFAMILY Font Family CHAR   
110 TDFATTR SAPscript Editor: Font attribute RTF CHAR 132    
111 TDFDBCOMM Debugger text command CHAR 20    
112 TDFDBTOKEN Debugger text token CHAR 20    
113 TDFID SAPscript Editor: Font ID CHAR   
114 TDFILL No. of elements NUMC   
115 TDFIXCH SAPscript Editor: fixed character CHAR   
116 TDFMNAME Name of style, form, or document template CHAR 16    
117 TDFMNUMB Smart Forms: Function Module Number NUMC   
118 TDFONTID STXD font index ID NUMC   
119 TDFONTSIZE STXD font size NUMC   
120 TDFORM Form name CHAR 16    
121 TDFORMATR2 R/2 texts: Line attribute CHAR   
122 TDFORMNEW STXD form CHAR 16    
123 TDFORMSIZE TDIC tag column width NUMC   
124 TDFRAMES Boxes and lines: Line width (system unit TWIP) INT4 10    
125 TDFSSYMVAL Smart Forms: Symbol Value CHAR 255    
126 TDFSTACK SAPscript Editor: format stack CHAR 100    
127 TDFUNCTION Text change made CHAR   
128 TDGROUP Grouping Copies CHAR   
129 TDGRTYPE SAPscript: Possible types for RSTXLDMC-Import CHAR   
130 TDHEIGHT TDIC font height DEC
131 TDID STXD text ID CHAR   
132 TDIDGR SAPscript Graphics Management: ID CHAR   
133 TDIDR2 R/2 texts: Text ID CHAR   
135 TDINDENT SAPscript Editor: Beginning of outline paragraph CHAR 14    
136 TDINDEX TDIC index level NUMC   
137 TDINSERT SAPscript: Insert CHAR   
138 TDINSTLANG SAP Smart Forms Indicator: Check Installed Languages CHAR   
139 TDINT SAPscript: Domain INT4, general use INT4 10    
140 TDINT4 SAPscript Editor: internal attribute INT4 10    
141 TDIOBJNAME Smart Forms: Internal Object Name NUMC   
142 TDIOTYPE SAP Smart Forms: Parameter Type CHAR   
143 TDJUST SAPscript Editor: Alignment CHAR   
144 TDJUSTR2 R/2 texts: Justification CHAR   
145 TDKENN Time data IDs CHAR   
146 TDKIND SAPscript Editor: Type of outline paragraph CHAR   
147 TDLDEPTH Outline level NUMC   
148 TDLDIST SAPscript Editor: Line spacing CHAR   
149 TDLEFT SAPscript Editor: left indent CHAR   
150 TDLEN255 Long text line CHAR 255    
151 TDLEVEL SAPscript Editor: Level in outline paragraph CHAR 10    
152 TDLINE Screen line CHAR 50    
153 TDLINENO Line number in TF004 NUMC   
154 TDLINEOFFS TDIC line offset NUMC   
155 TDLINER2 R/2 texts: Line contents CHAR 220    
156 TDLINESIZE TDIC line width NUMC   
157 TDLINETYP TDIC line type - ready-for-input option CHAR   
158 TDLINNR Smart Forms: Number of a Floating Text Line NUMC   
159 TDLITERAL Literal for character in paragraph no. CHAR 10    
160 TDLONGRAW Long Raw field for storing binary data LRAW 10000    
161 TDLTYPCOLS Number of columns of a line type NUMC   
162 TDMACODE Text module title CHAR 16    
163 TDMSGNR STXD message number NUMC   
164 TDNAMER2 R/2 texts: Matchcode CHAR 11    
165 TDNAM_F140 Text name CHAR 70    
166 TDNODETYPE Smart Forms: Node Type CHAR   
167 TDNTYPE TDIC numbering type CHAR   
169 TDNUMBERIN Numbering Type CHAR   
170 TDNUMBERR2 R/2 texts: Text number RAW   
171 TDNUMC5 TDIC 5-digit no. sequence NUMC   
172 TDOBJECT Texts: application object CHAR 10    
173 TDOBJECTGR SAPscript Graphics Management: Application object CHAR 10    
174 TDOBJNAME Smart Forms: Object name CHAR 30    
175 TDOBJTYPE SAPscript: Object type CHAR   
176 TDOBLIGAT Indicator for mandatory text CHAR   
177 TDOBNAME Object key for texts CHAR 70    
178 TDOCLASS SAPscript: Object class CHAR   
179 TDOLDSTR SAPscript: Search string CHAR 61    
180 TDOTFTYPE OTF type CHAR 12    
181 TDOTYPE Object type NUMC   
182 TDOUTLEN Output Length NUMC   
183 TDPAGESIZE TDIC page format CHAR 10    
184 TDPAGESLCT Printed page selection CHAR 60    
185 TDPAGESRC Type of paper feed CHAR   
186 TDPARAM STXD parameter CHAR 30    
187 TDPARENTR2 R/2 texts: Reference back CHAR 42    
188 TDPASSR2 R/2 texts: Password CHAR   
189 TDPATTNUM Pattern of an output table NUMC   
190 TDPERCENT STXD percentage NUMC   
191 TDPJUSTIFY Paragraph alignment CHAR 10    
192 TDPNCH SAPscript Editor: Replacement character CHAR   
193 TDPOLINE Line number NUMC   
194 TDPOOFFS Column offset NUMC   
195 TDPOSIDENT Smart Forms: Position for pattern CHAR   
196 TDPOSITION Tab position NUMC   
197 TDPPROTECT Paragraph attribute: protected CHAR   
198 TDPPROTLN Smart Forms: Number of protected lines NUMC   
199 TDPPROTNEX Paragraph - next paragraph CHAR 10    
200 TDPPROTPAG Paragraph page protection CHAR   
201 TDPRINTCOM Spool printer command CHAR   
203 TDPRINTPAR Spool printer command parameter CHAR 70    
204 TDPROGRAM TDIC program name CHAR 40    
205 TDPROTECT Smart Forms: Page protection CHAR   
206 TDPROTN SAPscript Editor: Page protection next page CHAR   
207 TDPROTP SAPscript Editor: Page protection CHAR   
208 TDPSAMEPAG Paragraph attribute: same page CHAR   
209 TDPTYPE STXD printer type CHAR   
210 TDRADIO Exclusive OR value (radio buttons) CHAR   
211 TDRANK TDIC window level NUMC   
212 TDRCE Character field, 10 long without check CHAR 10    
213 TDRDIMOD Raw data interface (RDI): Output mode CHAR   
214 TDRELEASE STXD release CHAR   
215 TDRESOLUT Graphic resolution NUMC   
216 TDRESTOKEN Token for CHECK_PARAGRAPH_AND_STRING analysis results CHAR   
217 TDRIGHT SAPscript Editor: right indent CHAR   
218 TDRMARGR2 R/2 texts: Line width RAW   
219 TDRTFFONT Replacement font for font family (TF016) CHAR 60    
220 TDRTFTEXT Corresponding RTF form for a font family in SAPscript CHAR 132    
221 TDRUBS Description of printer / location (TV-SN to M-Text) CHAR 50    
222 TDRUNAME External printer ID for M-Text interface CHAR 10    
223 TDRUSY System name of printer for TV-SN to M-Text CHAR   
224 TDSAVEMODE TDIC save mode CHAR   
225 TDSCANSTAT STXD scanner status CHAR   
226 TDSCRNPOS Screen display position for OTF: page, scroll x, scroll y NUMC 15    
227 TDSFALIGNH Smart Forms: Horizontal alignment CHAR   
228 TDSFALIGNV Smart Forms: Vertical alignment CHAR   
229 TDSFAMODE Smart Forms: Append mode for texts and graphics CHAR   
230 TDSFAPPMOD Smart Forms: Reference to Previous Text CHAR   
231 TDSFCEVT Smart Forms: Event for Calculations CHAR   
232 TDSFCMODEP Smart Forms: Page numbering mode CHAR   
233 TDSFCOLOR Smart Forms: Color value NUMC   
234 TDSFCOP Smart Forms: Comparison Operator CHAR   
235 TDSFCOPR Smart Forms: Operation for Calculations CHAR   
236 TDSFCPCOL Smart Forms: Composer color CHAR   
237 TDSFCRES Smart Forms: Reset for Calculations CHAR   
238 TDSFEVTYPE Smart Forms: Event type CHAR   
239 TDSFFIELD SAP Smart Forms: Field name CHAR 30    
240 TDSFFLAG Smart Forms: General flag CHAR   
241 TDSFFORMS Smart Forms: Number of printed forms NUMC   
242 TDSFFRAMES Smart Forms: Frame thickness INT4 10    
243 TDSFGNAME Smart Forms: Graphic - Identifier CHAR 255    
244 TDSFHMETH SAP Smart Forms: HTTP Method CHAR 10    
245 TDSFINDEX Smart Forms: Index NUMC 10    
246 TDSFINPUT SAP Smart Forms: Type of an Input Field CHAR   
247 TDSFLEVEL Smart Forms: Processing Step NUMC   
248 TDSFLINES Smart Forms: Maximum Number of Lines for Address CHAR   
249 TDSFLOP Smart Forms: Logical Operator CHAR   
250 TDSFMSG SAP Smart Forms: Error Message CHAR 240    
251 TDSFMTYPE Smart Forms: Formatting Tool CHAR   
252 TDSFNAME Smart Forms: Name CHAR 30    
253 TDSFNUM3 Smart Forms: Three-Digit Number NUMC   
254 TDSFNUMBER SAP Smart Forms: Number NUMC   
255 TDSFNUMBTY Smart Forms: Numbering type CHAR   
256 TDSFOBJIND Smart Forms: Object index in buffer NUMC   
257 TDSFOCOND Smart Forms: Output Condition CHAR   
258 TDSFOPD SAP Smart Forms: Operand CHAR 132    
259 TDSFOTYPE Smart Forms: Object type CHAR   
260 TDSFPAGE Smart Forms: page number/number of pages INT4 10    
261 TDSFREFTY SAP Smart Forms: Selection Field for Currencies/Quantities CHAR   
262 TDSFRELMOD Smart Forms: Reference point CHAR   
263 TDSFRESOLU Graphic resolution NUMC   
264 TDSFSIZE Unit without +/- sign DEC
265 TDSFSIZEV Unit with +/- sign DEC
266 TDSFSTATUS Smart Forms: Status of modification CHAR   
267 TDSFSYM Smart Forms: Symbol name CHAR 132    
268 TDSFTABTY SAP Smart Forms: Selection Field for Table Access CHAR   
269 TDSFTAREA SAP Smart Forms: Selection Field Text Area or Text Fields CHAR   
270 TDSFTEXTTY SAP Smart Forms: Selection Field for Text Type CHAR   
271 TDSFTYPE SAP Smart Forms: Type of a Smart Form CHAR   
272 TDSFVNAME Smart Forms: Variable name CHAR 30    
273 TDSFWTYP Smart Forms: Warning Type NUMC   
274 TDSFWTYPE Smart Forms: Window type CHAR   
275 TDSFWTYPE2 Smart Forms: Window Type (Restricted) CHAR   
276 TDSHOWNAME Display text name in editor CHAR   
277 TDSIZE TDIC measure without sign DEC
278 TDSIZEV TDIC measure with sign DEC
279 TDSLINE Status line CHAR 31    
280 TDSPLESC Print control spool escape CHAR   
281 TDSRC Source of Tax code held CHAR   
282 TDSSNAME SAP Smart Styles: Name CHAR 30    
283 TDSTART SAPscript Editor: Beginning of outline paragraph CHAR   
284 TDSTATUS Status of modification CHAR   
285 TDSTRING SAPscript: Find/replace string CHAR 61    
286 TDSTXLLINE SAPscript text line in STXL CHAR 132    
287 TDSTYLE Style Name CHAR   
288 TDSUBRC STXD return code RAW   
289 TDSYCHECK RDI IDOC: Check total for print and archiving parameters NUMC   
290 TDSYINDEX Table index INT4 10    
291 TDSYMBNAME SAPscript: Symbol name CHAR 132    
292 TDSYMVALUE SAPscript: SAPscript symbol value CHAR 255    
293 TDSYSIZE System unit (twip = 1/20 point) INT4 10    
294 TDTABLE SAPscript: Table name for program symbols CHAR 11    
295 TDTABLEPOS SAPscript: Horizontal position (left, right, center, ...) CHAR   
296 TDTABROW Line number of output table NUMC   
297 TDTABTYPE Output table type CHAR   
298 TDTELENUM Recipient number for telex, fax CHAR 30    
299 TDTEXT TDIC short text CHAR 30    
300 TDTEXT15 Screen line, length 15 CHAR 15    
301 TDTEXTTYPE SAPscript: Format of Text CHAR   
302 TDTHEIGHT Table Height, Table Line, ... INT4 10    
303 TDTHRULANG SAP Smart Forms: Restricted Language CHAR   
304 TDTIME Time TIMS   
305 TDTITLE STXD text title CHAR 50    
306 TDTJUST SAPscript Editor: Tab type CHAR   
307 TDTJUSTIFY Tab alignment CHAR 10    
308 TDTLINES Number of Lines in Output Table NUMC   
309 TDTLTYPE Smart Forms: Line Type CHAR 30    
310 TDTNUMB Smart Forms: Line/Column Number of Tables ? NUMC   
311 TDTOP SAPscript Editor: Space before CHAR   
312 TDTPC Trading Contract: Sales Group CHAR   
313 TDTPOS SAPscript Editor: Tab position CHAR   
314 TDTPV Trading Contract: Purchasing Group CHAR   
315 TDTRANSMIT Boolean value and inheritance CHAR   
316 TDTRANSTAT Translation status NUMC   
317 TDTRAYNUM Number of tray for paper feed NUMC   
318 TDTREETYPE Smart Forms: Tree Type CHAR   
319 TDTRLEVEL Smart Forms: Trace Level NUMC   
320 TDTROUTP Smart Forms: Trace Information NUMC   
321 TDTTYPE STXD text type CHAR   
322 TDTVARNAME SAPscript: Name of text symbol CHAR 32    
323 TDTVPOS SAPscript: Vertical position of a static table INT4 10    
324 TDTXTBA SAPscript Editor: Preceding/subsequent text CHAR 40    
325 TDTXTYPE Smart Forms: Text Type CHAR   
326 TDTYP ABAP/4 Editor message type CHAR   
327 TDTYPINT1 SAPscript: data type INT1 INT1   
328 TDTYPINT2 SAPscript: data type INT2 INT2   
329 TDTYPINT4 SAPscript: data type INT4 INT4 10    
330 TDUNIT All SAPscript units CHAR   
331 TDUNITEM Units per em (units in em space) NUMC   
332 TDUNITH Horizontal unit of measurement CHAR   
333 TDUNITV Vertical unit of measurement CHAR   
334 TDUPDAR2 R/2 texts: Update flag CHAR   
335 TDURAMIN TIS: Duration in Minutes (With External Displ. HHHHHHH:MM) DEC 11    
336 TDUSER TDIC user CHAR 12    
337 TDVALUE STXD decimal value NUMC   
338 TDVARIANT Smart Forms: Variant CHAR   
339 TDVARLINE Line in variable stack CHAR 255    
340 TDVARNAME Symbol name CHAR 22    
341 TDVARNAMEL Symbol name CHAR 130    
342 TDVARNUM SAPsript: Raw Data Interface - Sequential No. NUMC   
343 TDVARVALUE Symbol value CHAR 60    
344 TDVERSION STXD version NUMC   
345 TDV_RANK_VALUE Rank Value in % CHAR   
346 TDWIDTH SAPscript: Width of a column, table, ... INT4 10    
347 TDWTYPE Window type CHAR   
348 TD_INT_DATE Interval Date for Display Interval in Cash Flow CHAR   
349 TD_INT_OFFSET Interval Offset for Display Interval in Cash Flow NUMC   
350 TEAMMGL Domain for TEAMMGL CHAR 50    
351 TEARD Text type CHAR   
352 TEART Text type CHAR   
353 TECERR_TYP Error type communication with the technical system CHAR   
354 TECHGR Technical Operations Group CHAR   
355 TECHS Effectivity object CHAR 12    
356 TECH_IDENT_CA FI-CA: Techincal Identifier CHAR 60    
357 TECH_SYST IS-M/AM: Technical system CHAR   
358 TED_O_EXERCISE Teched Exercise CHAR 50    
359 TEEKZ Scheduling levels in the planning table CHAR   
360 TEHHST Teilelemente der dynamischen Haushaltstelle CHAR 10    
361 TEILBEL IS-M/AM: Selective booking (Item type: advertisement) CHAR   
362 TEILOBJEKT Sub-object in IS-U CHAR   
363 TEINN Trading Contract: Schedule Line Number NUMC   
364 TEL01 Telephone number CHAR   
365 TELBX Telebox number CHAR 15    
366 TELEF_ART Telephone type CHAR   
367 TELEX Telex CHAR 30    
368 TELF1 Telephone Number CHAR 16    
369 TELFX Fax number CHAR 31    
370 TELNR Telephone Number CHAR 14    
371 TELNR_BAS Telephone number CHAR 14    
372 TELNR_US Telephone Number CHAR 11    
373 TELTX Teltex number CHAR 30    
374 TELVW_ISP IS-PSD: Area code for local exchange area CHAR 10    
375 TELX1 Telex number CHAR 30    
376 TEMAN Process as for manually entered date CHAR   
377 TEMPB Temperature condition(s) CHAR   
378 TEMPBA Arithmetic 12-month average for gas temperature DEC
379 TEMPBG Weighted 12-month average for gas temperature DEC
380 TEMPCLAR_SO_ITAGCY Search Option for Clearing Temporary Collections CHAR   
381 TEMPDROP Temperature drop Joule-Thomson effect DEC
382 TEMPERKADM Temperature CHAR 10    
383 TEMPG Gas temperature DEC
384 TEMPGC Gas temperature CHAR   
385 TEMPL_LVL Template maintenance level NUMC   
386 TEMPL_NAME Name of a template CHAR 50    
387 TEMPL_STAT Import status of template CHAR   
388 TEMPL_TYPE Template type CHAR   
389 TEMPMITTEL Time base: temperature average CHAR   
390 TEMPMODEL Distribution model - template CHAR 10    
391 TEMPSTEU Use of temperature components CHAR   
392 TEMPWERT Fixed temperature, value DEC
393 TEMP_AREA Temperature area CHAR   
394 TEMP_ID Template ID CHAR 20    
395 TEMP_KIND Type of Template CHAR   
396 TEMP_VALUE Temperature FLTP 16  16 
397 TEM_ATTRIBUTE_NUMBER Number of a Free Attribute NUMC   
398 TEM_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE Value of a Free Attribute CHAR 20    
399 TEM_DEVKY Abbreviation for output medium CHAR   
400 TEM_EXPOSURE_AMT Foreign Currency Amount of Exposure CURR 17 
401 TEM_EXPOSURE_CAT Exposure Category CHAR   
402 TEM_EXPOSURE_ID Exposure ID CHAR 32    
403 TEM_EXPOSURE_ID_20 Domains for Number Range Exposure ID CHAR 20    
404 TEM_EXPOSURE_ORIGIN Exposure Origin CHAR   
405 TEM_EXPOSURE_STATE Exposure Status CHAR   
406 TEM_MESSAGE_INDICATOR Indicator for Messages on an Exposure NUMC   
407 TEM_PERIOD_END_DATE End of Planning Period DATS   
408 TEM_PERIOD_TEXT Planning Period Description CHAR 20    
409 TEM_PLANNING_PERIOD Planning Period CHAR   
410 TEM_PLANNING_PROFILE Planning profile CHAR 10    
411 TEM_POLICY_HORIZON Time Horizon of an Exposure NUMC   
412 TEM_POLICY_VALID_FROM Policy - Valid from DATS   
413 TEM_PROFILE_STATE Status of a Planning Profile CHAR   
414 TEM_PROFILE_TYPE Type of Exposure Planning Profile CHAR   
415 TEM_PROFILE_TYPE_TEXT OBSOLETE - Type of Exposure Planning Profile CHAR   
417 TEM_RAWEXPOS_PROC_SETTING Global Setting for Handling Release of Raw Exposures CHAR   
418 TEM_SCALE_RIGHT Scaling of Decimal Places NUMC   
419 TEM_TRANSFER_CAT Type of Transfer into Hedge Management CHAR   
420 TEM_VERSION Version NUMC   
421 TERART Scheduling type CHAR   
422 TERBV Scheduling for period lot sizes CHAR   
423 TERHW Scheduling note from order scheduling CHAR   
424 TERID Terminal ID CHAR   
425 TERMAPPLIK Application ID for transaction TERM NUMC   
426 TERMART Term type CHAR   
427 TERMASTAMM Application master record CHAR 60    
428 TERMBEGR Term CHAR 60    
429 TERMBER Print filter CHAR 35    
430 TERMFLAG Flag for TERM CHAR   
431 TERMG Scheduling CHAR   
432 TERMGELENK Link number NUMC 10    
433 TERMGEN Gender CHAR   
434 TERMINAL Terminal name (e.g. workstation plus screen number) CHAR 20    
435 TERMINART IS-M/AM: Type of publication date CHAR   
436 TERMINSPEZ IS-PAM: Date specification CHAR   
437 TERMINTYP IS-M/AM: Date type for interpreting the date field CHAR   
438 TERMKAT Part of speech CHAR   
439 TERMKBEZ Abbreviation CHAR 12    
440 TERMKNOTEN Node indicator in TERM CHAR   
441 TERMKNZ Scheduling indicator CHAR   
442 TERMKTEXT Short text CHAR 60    
443 TERMPARAT Parameter CHAR 40    
444 TERMPFAD Path CHAR 60    
445 TERMSA Type of schedule/parameter record CHAR   
446 TERMSA2 Type of schedule/parameter record CHAR   
447 TERMSCHL Schedule key (8 characters) CHAR   
448 TERMSTAMM Root CHAR 60    
449 TERMSTAT Status CHAR   
450 TERMSTATUS Terminology Maintenance Status CHAR   
451 TERMTEXTUC Term in Upper Case CHAR 132    
452 TERMT_CHKCHNG IS-M/AM: Identifying date category for order changes CHAR   
454 TERM_KPER rescheduling rule- workforce planning CHAR   
455 TERM_TEXT Term CHAR 132    
456 TERM_TYP Terminology Entry Classification CHAR   
457 TERR_ACC_REL_CHANGE_TYPE Type of change done to Territory-Account Relationship CHAR   
458 TERR_TEXT Territory description CHAR 250    
459 TERSL Date key CHAR   
460 TER_ACTIV Active flag for executable rights CHAR   
461 TER_AMOUNT_FACTOR Value Factor: Rights can be Exercised FLTP 16  16 
462 TER_EXPIRE Expiration of a security right NUMC   
463 TER_FLAG General Indicator CHAR   
464 TER_FLOWNUMBER Flow number of rights exercise INT4 10    
465 TER_FLOW_CATEGORY Flow category: Rights that can be exercised CHAR   
466 TER_REFERENCENUMBER Identifies number of rights for a class NUMC   
467 TER_RIGHTNUMBER ID number of executable right CHAR 13    
468 TER_RIGHTTYPE Rights category of an executable right NUMC   
469 TER_STATUS Status of executable right NUMC   
470 TER_STATUS_HEAD Status of executed right NUMC   
471 TEST Test CHAR   
472 TESTACT Status RTM Test CHAR   
477 TESTKIND Type of Runtime Monitor Test CHAR   
478 TESTS_CM_CA Collection Management: Test Series for Collection Strategies CHAR 10    
479 TEST_BRENNWT Calorific value of gas (per standard cubic meter) DEC 17 
482 TEST_CHIP_INT4 Test CHIP: INT4 INT4 10    
483 TEST_FLAG Test Indicator CHAR   
484 TEST_ICAL_STRING_TYPE Domain for ICAL String Type STRG   
485 TEST_OBJ_TYPE Test Object Types CHAR 50    
486 TEST_TOBJTYPE Test Object Type in Test Case Tab CHAR 50    
487 TETXT Date description in billing plan CHAR   
488 TETYP Technical BOM category CHAR   
489 TEXC_PRIO Exception prioroty with text identification INT2   
490 TEXID Application area for text NUMC   
491 TEXNR Text number DEC   
492 TEXT Text CHAR 30    
493 TEXT01 Text length 1 CHAR   
494 TEXT010 SAPoffice: text field length 10 CHAR 10    
495 TEXT02 2-character field (uppercase) CHAR   
496 TEXT021 Text field with 21 characters CHAR 21    
497 TEXT03 Text: length 3 CHAR   
498 TEXT03_GJV Text length 3 CHAR   
499 TEXT04 Text of length 4 (capital letters) CHAR   
500 TEXT06 Text (6 characters) CHAR