SAP ABAP Domain - Index T, page 8
Domain - T
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 T_AZVOLA Volatility display DEC
2 T_AZZINS Interest display DEC
3 T_BADTYP Direction of option barrier CHAR   
4 T_BAD_ADDRESS_FLAG Response When Correspondence Cannot Be Delivered CHAR   
5 T_BAITYP In/Out of option barriers CHAR   
6 T_BAPI_COND_KEY Key which identifies a condition in the BAPI CHAR 23    
7 T_BAPI_FLOW_KEY Key which identifies a flow in the BAPI CHAR 23    
8 T_BAPI_MODE The mode of a BAPI CHAR   
9 T_BDCMODE Display mode for batch input and call transaction ... using CHAR   
10 T_BDCUPD Update mode for call transaction ... using CHAR   
11 T_BERART Type of calculation NUMC   
12 T_BETRAG Amount category in currency CURR 17 
13 T_BILL_ITEM_TYPE Bill Item Type CHAR   
14 T_BILL_METH Billing Category CHAR   
15 T_BILL_METHOD Billing Category NUMC   
16 T_BILL_NUMBER Bill Number CHAR 15    
17 T_BLV Limit Amount CURR 17 
18 T_BO_APPLICATION BO: Applications That Call the Business Operation CHAR 10    
19 T_BO_APPL_MODE Application Mode CHAR   
20 T_BO_GUI_MODE Interface Mode CHAR   
21 T_BO_MODUS Mode for payments CHAR   
22 T_BO_PROT Print log? NUMC   
23 T_BPID Numerical base portfolio category NUMC   
24 T_BP_DESCR_FORMAT Business Partner Description Format NUMC   
25 T_BRBETR Amount as fraction CHAR 13    
26 T_BSALDO Balance without sign, output length 18 CURR 13 
27 T_BTR Treasury amount field without sign CURR 13 
29 T_CAINDEX Condition Adapter: Run Index (GUID) RAW 16    
30 T_CALCTYP_SEFFMETH Type of Effective Interest Rate Calculation CHAR   
31 T_CALCV Calculation method CHAR   
32 T_CALC_COND Fixed Interest Periods Relevant for Evaluation NUMC   
33 T_CANCRES_TYPE Catagory Rescission / Withdrawal NUMC   
34 T_CAPITAL_CONTROL Indicator Capital Amounts Control NUMC   
35 T_CAPITAL_CONTROL_RECAP Indicator Control Capital Amnts for Remaining Capital Only NUMC   
36 T_CAPLTYP Single/average fixed volatility values for cap/floor NUMC   
37 T_CAPTITAL_TAB_DEFAULT Initial Tab Page CHAR 20    
38 T_CAPTR_APPLICATION CAPTR: Applications That Call the Capital Transfer CHAR 10    
39 T_CAPTR_REASON Indicator Capital Transfer Reason NUMC   
40 T_CAVIEWCAT Condition Adapter: View Category NUMC   
41 T_CAVIEWTYPE Condition Adapter: View Type NUMC   
42 T_CBR_ACCOUNT_TYPE Loan Type for Transfer in Metro2 Format CHAR   
43 T_CBR_AGENCY_IDENT Agency Identification CHAR   
44 T_CBR_AMOUNT_METRO2 Total for Transfer in Metro2 Format NUMC   
45 T_CBR_CREDIT_BUREAU_ID_10 Identification Number of Credit Bureau CHAR 10    
46 T_CBR_CREDIT_BUREAU_ID_5 Identification Number of Credit Bureau CHAR   
47 T_CBR_PAYMENT_INDICATOR Payment Arrangements CHAR   
48 T_CBR_PORTFOLIO_INDICATOR Portfolio Indicator CHAR   
49 T_CBR_PORTFOLIO_TYPE Portfolio Type for Passing on Information in Metro2 Format CHAR   
50 T_CBR_SEGM_LEN Segment length INT2   
51 T_CBR_SOFTWARE_RELEASE_NO_5 Software Release Number for Transfer in Metro2 Format CHAR   
52 T_CBR_STSFLD_NO Field Number for Assignment of Status Field to Profile NUMC   
53 T_CFA_LOAN_ID Domain for Loan ID CHAR 10    
54 T_CFA_Y_OR_N Domain for [SPACE / X] Entries (No / Yes) CHAR   
55 T_CHANGED Type of change to data record CHAR   
56 T_CHAR055 Text Field Length 55 CHAR 55    
57 T_CHAR088 Text Field Length 88 CHAR 88    
58 T_CHAR10 Text field, length 10 CHAR 10    
59 T_CHAR20 Tr: 20 characters CHAR 20    
60 T_CHAR255 Datafeed: Char 255 CHAR 255    
61 T_CHAR3 Datafeed: Character 3 CHAR   
62 T_CHAR5 Datafeed: Character field with length 5 CHAR   
63 T_CHAR5_CAPITALS Datafeed: Character 5 (Block Capitals) CHAR   
64 T_CHAR60 Character field, length 60 CHAR 60    
65 T_CHAR7 Datafeed: Character field with length 7 CHAR   
66 T_CHAR80 Datafeed: Character field with length 80 CHAR 80    
67 T_CHAR9 Datafeed: Character field with length 9 CHAR   
68 T_CHARGE_ACTIVE_COMPONENT CHARGE: Active Components in Charges NUMC   
69 T_CHARGE_APPLICATION Applications That Call the Charge CHAR 10    
70 T_CHARGE_BO_APPL_MODE Application Mode CHAR   
71 T_CHARGE_BO_GUI_MODE Interface Mode CHAR   
72 T_CHARGE_BO_PROT Print log? NUMC   
73 T_CHARGE_SBO_SUBCAT Business Operation Subcategory CHAR   
74 T_CHECKED Check status for a data record CHAR   
75 T_CHGCATG Change Category CHAR   
76 T_CHGCATGSUB Change Sub-Category CHAR   
77 T_CHK_EVENT Control Check Process CHAR   
78 T_CLASS Datafeed: Class CHAR   
79 T_CLI_BOBEHAVIOUR Determine Behavior of Transfer Indic. for CLI Recalculation CHAR   
80 T_CLI_BOOLE Boolean Values: Yes (='X') No (=' ') CHAR   
81 T_CLI_GESCHLECHT Character field CHAR   
82 T_CLI_INSURANCE_PARTNER Business Partner Number for CLI Insurance Company CHAR 10    
83 T_CLI_INSURANCE_RATE CLI - Insurance Rate CHAR 10    
84 T_CLI_INSURANCE_VERSION CLI Sequential Version Number NUMC   
85 T_CLI_MODE Processing Mode for Handling CLI from Business Operation CHAR   
86 T_CLI_RISK Risks Covered by the Rate CHAR   
87 T_CLI_SBO_SUBCAT Business Operation Subcategory CHAR   
88 T_CLI_SEX_CHAR Gender Text CHAR 25    
89 T_CLI_UPPER_LOWER_CASE Character Area Upper/Lower Case CHAR 30    
90 T_CML_AMOUNT_STANDARD Domains for Amounts in CML in Standard Format w/o +/- Sign CURR 13 
91 T_CML_BP_AGE_IN_YEARS Person: Age in Years NUMC   
93 T_CML_NOTICE_PERIOD_VALUE Duration of Period in Number of Time Units NUMC   
94 T_CML_PERCENTAGE Percentage Rate with Decimal Point DEC 10 
95 T_CNCL Rescission Indicator CHAR   
96 T_CNCL_CLI Rescission/Notice Flag in Credit Life Insurance CHAR   
97 T_COLL_CAG_CATEGORY Cat. ID for Objects in the Collateral Management System CHAR   
98 T_COLL_CAG_GLOBAL Collateral Agreement is Abstract CHAR   
99 T_COLL_CAG_ID Collateral Agreement ID CHAR 40    
100 T_COLL_CAG_SYS_STAT System Status CHAR   
101 T_COLL_CAG_TYPE Type ID for Collateral Agreements CHAR   
102 T_COLL_CAG_TYPE_NAME Name of Collateral Agreement Type CHAR 40    
103 T_COLL_CAG_USR_STAT User Status CHAR   
104 T_COMPLETE_INDICATOR Indicator if transferred data is complete CHAR   
105 T_COMPONENT Components CHAR 10    
106 T_COMP_FIRSTDUE First Due Date DATS   
107 T_COMP_LOAN_CAT Loan Contract Classification CHAR   
108 T_CONDVER_DATATYPE Condition Verifier: Data Type for Message Details CHAR   
109 T_CONDVER_DATEFORMATTED Condition Verifier: Formatted Date CHAR 10    
110 T_CONDVER_FIELDCONTROL Condition Verifification: Field Attribute CHAR   
111 T_CONDVER_KEY Condition Verifier: Key CHAR 75    
112 T_CONDVER_MESSAGE Condition Verification: Check and Message Number CHAR   
113 T_CONDVER_MSGSTEXT Condition Verification: Short Text for Check CHAR 60    
114 T_CONDVER_MSGTYPE Condition Verifier: Message Category CHAR   
115 T_CONDVER_PATTERN Condition Verification: Key for Condition Constellation CHAR   
116 T_CONDVER_TEXT20 Condition Verifier: Text Length 20 CHAR 20    
117 T_CONTACT_ITEM Domian to define allowed contact items INT1   
118 T_CONTACT_ITEM_CALE Domian to define allowed contact items INT1   
119 T_CORRESP_PROC Word processing facilities supported by the system CHAR 10    
120 T_CORR_MODE Processing Mode for Correspondence Overview (Techn. Field) CHAR   
121 T_CORTYP Correspondence type CHAR   
122 T_CRDT_LINE_TEXT Line of Credit Description CHAR 30    
123 T_CREDIT_LINE Line of Credit CHAR   
124 T_CURR17 Currency field: length 17, 2 decimal places, no +/- sign CURR 17 
125 T_CURRENT_NR Sequence Number NUMC   
126 T_CUSTOMER_SCORE Determined Scoring Result CHAR   
127 T_DANZ Number NUMC   
128 T_DCNCL_E Date of Declaration of Rescission DATS   
129 T_DCNCL_ZE Date of Incoming Payment DATS   
130 T_DCOM_STATUS Date on Which Communication Status Was Set DATS   
131 T_DEBTTRANSFER Indicator - Borrower Change Exists CHAR   
132 T_DEBTTR_MODUS Session: Borrower Change Without Capital Transfer CHAR   
133 T_DEBTTR_REASON Borrower Change Reason CHAR   
134 T_DEBTTR_TAB_DEFAULT Default Tabstrip CHAR 20    
135 T_DEC_1_1 Currency Field, 1 Predecimal Place, 1 Decimal Place CURR
136 T_DEC_1_3 Decimal Field, 1 Predecimal Place, 3 Decimal Places CURR
137 T_DEC_1_4 Decimal Field, 1 Predecimal Place, 4 Decimal Places CURR
138 T_DEC_1_6 Decimal Field, 1 Predecimal Place, 6 Decimal Places CURR
139 T_DEC_3_7S Dec 10 with 7 Decimal Places and Plus/Minus Sign DEC 10 
140 T_DEFCAPREASON Reason for Deferral/Capitalization of Overdue Items NUMC   
141 T_DEFCAP_APPLICATION CAPTR: Applications That Call the Capital Transfer CHAR 10    
142 T_DEFERRAL_TAB_DEFAULT Initial Tab Page CHAR 20    
143 T_DEF_AMLIFE Charges Posted (Over Loan Term) DEC 13 
144 T_DEF_AMPY Charges Posted (Last Calendar Year) DEC 13 
145 T_DEF_AMYEAR Charges Posted (Current Calendar Year) DEC 13 
146 T_DEF_ASSMLIFE Total Number of Charge Postings (Loan Term) INT4 10    
147 T_DEF_ASSMPY Number of Postings for Charges (Last Calendar Year) INT4 10    
148 T_DEF_ASSMYEAR Number of Postings for Charges (Current Calendar Year) INT4 10    
149 T_DEF_BATXT Posted Amounts CHAR 30    
150 T_DEF_CCTXT Counter per Past Due Categ. CHAR 50    
151 T_DEF_CCYEAR Calendar Year of Counter Reading Entry NUMC   
152 T_DEF_CHTXT Dunning History CHAR 30    
153 T_DEF_CLTXT Dunning Control CHAR 30    
154 T_DEF_CNTCAT Days Past Due Category NUMC   
155 T_DEF_CNTMETH Counter Method CHAR   
156 T_DEF_CNTMETH_TXT Name of Counter Method CHAR 30    
157 T_DEF_CNTVALUE Counter for Days Past Due Category INT1   
158 T_DEF_DAYS_PDUE Number of Days Past Due NUMC   
159 T_DEF_DLASTFP Date of Last Full Payment DATS   
160 T_DEF_FEEA Charge Amount Due CURR 13 
161 T_DEF_FPAYMA Full Payment Amount CURR 13 
162 T_DEF_GDATTXT General Data CHAR 30    
163 T_DEF_INTERESTA Interest Amount Due CURR 13 
164 T_DEF_LCTXT Late Fees CHAR 30    
165 T_DEF_NEXT_PDUED Next Payment Due Date DATS   
166 T_DEF_NEXT_SCHP Next Scheduled Payment (Date) DATS   
167 T_DEF_NEXT_SCHPMA Next Scheduled Payment (Amount) CURR 13 
168 T_DEF_NOAINTBAL Interest Balance As of Placement in Non-Accrual CURR 13 
169 T_DEF_NON_ACCRUAL Indicator for Automatic Placement in Non-Accrual CHAR   
170 T_DEF_NPHONENO Telephone Number CHAR 30    
171 T_DEF_NPTXT Number of Postings CHAR 30    
172 T_DEF_ORIG_MONTH Contract Term in Months NUMC   
173 T_DEF_PASTDUEA Amount overdue CURR 13 
174 T_DEF_PPAYMA Amount of Partial Payment CURR 13 
175 T_DEF_PRINCA Repayment Amount Due CURR 13 
176 T_DEF_PTOPAM Promised Payment Amount CURR 13 
177 T_DEF_PTOPDCALL Date of Telephone Call DATS   
178 T_DEF_PTOPDPAY Date of Receipt of Promised Payment Amount DATS   
179 T_DEF_STATE State Where Loan is Valid NUMC   
180 T_DEF_STATUS Key for Default Status CHAR   
181 T_DEF_STATUS_TEXT Text for Default Status CHAR 30    
182 T_DEF_YEAR Current Calendar Year for Posting of Charges INT4 10    
183 T_DEF_ZVTXT Payment history CHAR 40    
184 T_DEVIATION_VALUE Variance Value DEC 15 
185 T_DFAKT Datafeed: Selection Field to Refresh ERP Master Data CHAR   
186 T_DFCHAR1 Datafeed: lower/upper case, 1 character CHAR   
187 T_DFCHAR10 Datafeed: lower/upper case, 10 characters Value table VTBDFF CHAR 10    
188 T_DFCHAR120 Datafeed: Character 120 with lower case letters CHAR 120    
189 T_DFCHAR15 Datafeed: lower/upper case, 15 characters CHAR 15    
190 T_DFCHAR2 Datafeed: lower/upper case, 2 characters CHAR   
191 T_DFCHAR20 Datafeed: lower/upper case, 20 characters CHAR 20    
192 T_DFCHAR30 Datafeed: lower/upper case, 30 characters CHAR 30    
193 T_DFCHAR5 Datafeed: lower/upper case, 5 characters CHAR   
194 T_DFCHAR50 Datafeed: lower/upper case, 50 characters CHAR 50    
195 T_DFDSPL Datafeed: Screen Selection Field CHAR   
196 T_DFNUM1 Datafeed: numeric category for log display NUMC   
197 T_DFPOSPO Earliest Date on Which a Payoff is Possible DATS   
198 T_DINSTR Instruction Date for Business Operation Rescind Loan DATS   
199 T_DIRECTION Payments: Direction of a payment method CHAR   
200 T_DISBM_ACT Disbursement: Activity CHAR   
201 T_DISBM_MODE Disbursement: Processing mode CHAR   
202 T_DISBNETGROSS Indicator for Gross / Net Disbursement CHAR   
203 T_DISBQUOTE Disbursement Quota DEC 12 
204 T_DISBSTAT Disbursement Status - Rescission CHAR   
205 T_DISBURSEMENT_STATUS Disbursement Status CHAR 40    
206 T_DISB_APPLICATION Applications that call the disbursement CHAR 10    
207 T_DISB_POSTPROCESSING Reason for Manual Processing NUMC   
208 T_DISB_SBO_SUBCAT Business Operation Subcategory CHAR   
209 T_DISPLAY Display NUMC   
210 T_DJAHR Expiration year NUMC   
211 T_DMOANT Expiration month NUMC   
212 T_DPADD Tolerance Days for Payment After Due Date NUMC   
213 T_DPBDD Tolerance Days for Payment Before Due Date NUMC   
214 T_DUNN_BAD_ADDRESS Response When Correspondence Cannot Be Delivered CHAR   
215 T_EDI_SDATA Data section of 'container' segment LCHR 1200    
216 T_EFFINT_PROCESSING_MODE Type of Effective Interest Rate Calculation NUMC   
217 T_EFFINT_SBO_CAT Business Operation Cat. for Effective Int. Rate Calculation CHAR   
218 T_ENTRYTYP Split Financial Transaction for Central Entry CHAR   
219 T_ESC_APER Month in Which the Escrow Analysis is Performed NUMC   
220 T_ESC_BUCKET Bucket NUMC   
221 T_ESC_CAPITALIZE Interest Capitalization Yes/No CHAR   
222 T_ESC_CHANGE Yes/No Field CHAR   
223 T_ESC_CONTREF Reference to (Insurance) Policy CHAR 20    
224 T_ESC_DGUEL_KP Escrow Condition Item Effective from DATS   
225 T_ESC_EFFFROM Escrow Analysis Effective from DATS   
226 T_ESC_EFFTO Escrow Analysis Effective to DATS   
227 T_ESC_FIC Date of First Interest Calculation DATS   
228 T_ESC_FIRSTDUE First Due Date DATS   
229 T_ESC_GUID_16 GUID RAW 16    
230 T_ESC_INTEREST Percentage Rate for Escrow Interest Calculation DEC 12 
231 T_ESC_INTPERIOD Frequency of Interest Calculation NUMC   
232 T_ESC_LTV Loan to Value Percentage Rate DEC 10 
233 T_ESC_NSTUFE Level number of condition item for recurring payments NUMC   
234 T_ESC_PERIOD Condition Frequency NUMC   
235 T_ESC_REASON Reason for Opening / Closing CHAR   
236 T_ESC_SECURITY Security Level CHAR   
237 T_ESC_SKOART Payment Type (Condition Type) NUMC   
238 T_ESC_SKOKOART Type of Escrow Condition Header NUMC   
239 T_ESC_STATELAW Applicable State Law CHAR   
240 T_ESC_STATUS Status CHAR   
241 T_ESC_STATUSPP Status Escrow Payment Plan NUMC   
242 T_ESC_STATUS_DEF Default Status CHAR   
243 T_ESC_TELOAN Term End for the Contract DATS   
244 T_ESC_TYP Category CHAR   
245 T_ESRINVCOLLECT CML Corr: Grouping Option: Group Invoices CHAR   
246 T_ESRINVOICENR CML Corr.: Invoice Printing, Invoice Numbers NUMC 10    
247 T_ESRINVPLANACTUAL CML Corr.: Selection of Items: Plan Records, Actual Records CHAR   
248 T_ESRPOSITION CML Corr.: Pos. Line in Document (Single Line,per Fin.Proj.) NUMC   
249 T_EXTSKIP_ACTIVE_COMPONENT EXTSKIP: Active Component BO Extension, Skip NUMC   
250 T_EXTSKIP_APPLICATION EXTSKIP: Application for Renewals CHAR 10    
251 T_EXTSKIP_BO_APPL_MODE Application Mode CHAR   
252 T_EXTSKIP_BO_GUI_MODE Interface Mode CHAR   
253 T_EXTSKIP_BO_PROT Print log? NUMC   
254 T_EXTSKIP_SBO_SUBCAT Business Operation Subcategory CHAR   
255 T_FACILITY_CAT Facility Category CHAR   
256 T_FC_CONTEXT Reporting Context CHAR   
257 T_FEAS_TXT Text for Localization Function CHAR 50    
258 T_FELD_ACTIVE Field ready for input CHAR   
259 T_FICO_CONTAB Condition Table Number CHAR   
260 T_FICO_CONTAB_VERSION Condition Table Version NUMC   
261 T_FICO_FFLAG Indicator CHAR   
262 T_FICO_IPOSNO Scale Item Number NUMC   
263 T_FICO_NDIVISOR Divisor DEC   
264 T_FICO_OAMTCATG Amount Category CHAR   
265 T_FICO_OCONDCLASS Conditions: Classification Postion / Activity NUMC   
266 T_FICO_OIRUNIT Time Unit for Interest Rate NUMC   
267 T_FICO_OLEVEL Indicator Scaled or Interval Calculation NUMC   
268 T_FICO_OLEVELTOFROM Indicator Scaled Item from or to NUMC   
269 T_FICO_OSAVE_EFFECT Conditions: Type of Effect of Save Operation NUMC   
270 T_FICO_OSTATUS Conditions: Object Status NUMC   
271 T_FICO_OTIMELIM Reason for Time Limit on Condition NUMC   
272 T_FICO_UROUNDUNIT Rounding Unit DEC 13    
273 T_FIELDCONTROL Field Control on Screen CHAR   
274 T_FIELDNR Field number CHAR   
275 T_FIELD_STAT Additional flows: Field status CHAR   
276 T_FIMA_METHOD Control Settings for FiMa Connection CHAR   
277 T_FLAG_DRAWABLE Indicator: Is drawing permissible on a line of credit CHAR   
278 T_FLG_ACTIVE Interest on Arrears Calculation Active Indicator CHAR   
279 T_FLG_CALCULATION_TYPE Indicator for Interest on Arrears Calculation Category CHAR   
280 T_FLG_CLEARING_PAYMENT_DATE Inclusive Indicator for Clearing Payment Date IOA Calc. NUMC   
281 T_FLG_DEBIT_POS_PAYMENT_DATE Incl. Indicator for Payment Date of Debit Pos in IOA Calc. NUMC   
282 T_FLG_IOA_INDIV_COND Indicator for Individual Conditions CHAR   
283 T_FLG_OPEN_ITEM Indicator for Open Items in Interest On Arrears Calculation CHAR   
284 T_FLG_SINGLE_POSTING Indicator for Single/Collective Posting of Interest on Arrs CHAR   
285 T_FLG_TRIVIAL_AMOUNT Indicator for Trivial Amount in Interest on Arrears Calc. CHAR   
286 T_FLTP Float Type for Exact Calculations FLTP 16  16 
287 T_FMSFRANZ FiMa control indicator for shifting due date NUMC   
288 T_FOGRUPP Future/Option group CHAR   
289 T_FORMBE Formula identification CHAR   
290 T_FORTVERTZ Update for calculation/due date for interest NUMC   
291 T_FRGPRCHK Transaction release: Condition for ongoing trans. processing CHAR   
292 T_FRGPSTCHK Transaction release: Subsequent requirement CHAR   
293 T_FRGSTF Transaction release: Number of steps CHAR   
294 T_FRGTACT Transaction release: Activities CHAR   
295 T_FRGZUST Transaction release: Release status CHAR   
296 T_FTCT_COMBI_TEXT Text for Combination Field Condition / Flow Type CHAR 30    
297 T_FTR_FUNCTION FTR: Transaction Management function CHAR   
298 T_FTR_FUNCTIONTYPE Function type CHAR   
299 T_FTR_GUI_CONTEXT Context of GUI object NUMC   
300 T_FTR_TYPE_WRKTREENODE TR Transaction Management worklist: Types of tree nodes INT1   
301 T_FTR_WRKLIST_CONTEXT TR Transaction Management: Context of worklist CHAR   
302 T_FTSSRC US Incoming Payment: Flow Type for Underpayment Allocations CHAR   
303 T_FT_CT_COMBI Condition / Flow Type CHAR   
304 T_FUNCTION Data transfer function for CFM CHAR   
305 T_FUNKTION Treasury function identification CHAR   
306 T_FVD_BADI_UI_DATA_IF_VERSION Version of Function Module Interface NUMC   
307 T_FVD_PRODUCT Check Against Underlying Product CHAR   
308 T_FVVZEV_TYPE Domain: Usage of a Payment Segment (pay seg) CHAR   
309 T_FW_DISPLAY_MODE Display Mode NUMC   
310 T_FXTYP Single Transaction / Swap NUMC   
311 T_FZUA_OBJECT_TYPE Object Type Processed During Auto. Clearing of Overpayments CHAR   
312 T_GAMMA 2nd derivatives: gamma, color, charm, .. DEC 14 
313 T_GDETAIL Detailed Information for Transaction Form: Fixed Values NUMC   
314 T_GFORM Fixed Values for Transaction Form NUMC   
315 T_GGABZ Control discounting underlyings CHAR   
316 T_GROUP Additional flows: Group for flows NUMC   
317 T_GSTAGE Number of working days INT4 10    
318 T_GTAGE Whole days DEC   
319 T_GUI_MODE Interface Mode CHAR   
320 T_HIERID Hierarchy Category Key CHAR 10    
321 T_HIERTYP Hierarchy Type CHAR   
322 T_IDENTIFIER10 10 Character Identifier CHAR 10    
323 T_IDENTIFIER100 100 Character Identifier CHAR 100    
324 T_IL_PPLAN_CATEGORY Category of Entry in Payment Plan CHAR   
325 T_IMPACT_ON_TERM Effect of a Partial Payoff on the Loan Term CHAR   
326 T_INCPAYMTEVENT Key for Incoming Payment Event for Special Handling NUMC   
327 T_INDEX Index ID CHAR   
328 T_INDEX_TC Index Table Control NUMC   
329 T_INL_COLLATERAL Collateral NUMC   
330 T_INL_INSURANCE Insurance NUMC   
331 T_INL_SOLIST Principle of Interest Calculation for Installment Loans CHAR   
332 T_INL_TIMEUNIT Time Unit CHAR   
333 T_INSTR Datafeed: Instrument type CHAR   
334 T_INS_CATEGORY Insurance Categories CHAR   
335 T_INS_DATE_EVENT_OCCURED Date Insurance Event Occurred DATS   
336 T_INS_ITEM_VALID_FROM Insurance Premium Valid from DATS   
337 T_INS_ITEM_VALID_TO Insurance Premium Valid to DATS   
338 T_INS_LINK_ID Internal Identification Number for Insurance Policy RAW 16    
339 T_INS_OBJECT_INSURE Insured Objects CHAR   
340 T_INS_POL_KEY Technical Key for Insurance Policy CHAR 32    
341 T_INS_POL_NO Insurance Policy Number CHAR 40    
342 T_INS_REBATE_METH Recalculation Method CHAR   
343 T_INS_STAT Insurance Status CHAR   
344 T_INS_STATUS Insurance Status CHAR   
345 T_INS_TYPE Insurance Category CHAR 10    
346 T_INTEREST_PER_DIEM Int. per Day DEC 17 
347 T_INTERIM_ACCOUNT Receivables Interim Account CHAR 10    
348 T_IOA_APPLICATION Applications that Call the Interest on Arrears Calculation CHAR 10    
349 T_IOA_CONTROL_TYPE Indicates Whether ALV or Table Control is Used CHAR   
350 T_IOA_FLOW_TYPE_GROUPING Interest on Arrears: Flow Type Grouping CHAR   
351 T_IOA_FLOW_TYPE_GROUPING_TXT Text for Flow Type Grouping in Interest on Arrears Calc. CHAR 20    
352 T_IRATE_STRUCTURE Treasury: Interest form NUMC   
353 T_IRA_ACTIVITY_STATE Treasury: Activity status of int.rate adjustmnt registration CHAR   
354 T_IRA_BEARER_CAT Treasury: Interest rate adjustment category CHAR   
355 T_IRA_BEARER_ID Treasury: Interest rate adjustment bearer ID CHAR 32    
356 T_IRA_BEARER_REF Treasury: Interest rate adjustment bearer reference NUMC   
357 T_IRA_BEARER_STATE Treasury: Interest adjustment bearer status CHAR   
358 T_IRA_CASHFLOW_ID Treasury: Cash flow ID NUMC   
359 T_IRA_DATE Treasury: Interest rate fixing date DATS   
360 T_IRA_OPENED_FOR Treasury: Purpose of TRIA-OPEN CHAR   
361 T_IRA_OPEN_MOD Treasury: Mode of a TRIA-OPEN CHAR   
362 T_IRA_PLAN_STRATEGY Treasury: Planned record update strategy CHAR   
363 T_IRA_REFERENCE Treasury: Reference interest rate CHAR 10    
364 T_IRA_REGISTRATION_STATE Treasury: Status of interest rate adjustment registration CHAR   
365 T_IRA_TERM_FROM Treasury: Start of interest rate adjustment period DATS   
366 T_IRA_TERM_TO Treasury: End of interest rate adjustment period DATS   
367 T_IRA_TIME Treasury: Interest rate fixing time TIMS   
368 T_IRA_TRIGGER Treasury: Interest Rate Adjustment Trigger CHAR   
369 T_IRA_VALUE Treasury: Interest rate DEC 10 
370 T_ISPECPAYMOVER Handling of Specified Payments NUMC   
371 T_ITEMNAME Item in the Receivables List CHAR 50    
372 T_KATEKZ Indicator for spot and forward transactions CHAR   
373 T_KEY Datafeed: key CHAR 15    
374 T_KEY1 Datafeed: key CHAR 15    
375 T_KEY1_EX Datafeed: Key 1 (external) CHAR 20    
376 T_KEYCHANGED Key for Changed Payment Data CHAR   
377 T_KEYDATE Key date DATS   
378 T_KEY_EX Datafeed: key CHAR 20    
379 T_KLART Unit type CHAR   
380 T_KLTYP Unit category NUMC   
381 T_KOMPR RM: X Flag for Activating Presummarization CHAR   
382 T_KOND Condition NUMC   
383 T_KORART Correlation types CHAR   
384 T_LC_CASH_FLOW Effect of a Flow on a Processing Characteristic CHAR   
385 T_LC_CHARAC Processing Characteristic CHAR   
386 T_LC_CHARACVALUE Value for Processing Characteristic CHAR   
387 T_LC_CNT_CHARAC Sequence Number for Proc. Characteristics of a Loan NUMC   
388 T_LC_FLG DO NOT USE: Checkbox CHAR   
389 T_LC_STATUS Status of Processing Characteristics for Loan CHAR   
390 T_LFDNR Sequence number NUMC   
391 T_LFDNR2 Consecutive number (length 2) NUMC   
392 T_LFZ Treasury: Term of a forex swap rate CHAR   
393 T_LFZEIT Term in days INT4 10    
394 T_LFZTAGE Term in days, NUMC data category NUMC 10    
395 T_LIMIT Datafeed: Rate Deviation INT1   
396 T_LIMITAR Limit type CHAR   
397 T_LOAN_CNCLTERM Rescission Period for the Loan NUMC   
398 T_LOG_CAT Log Type for Message Handling NUMC   
399 T_LOS_ATT_TYPE Loan Contract Identifier CHAR   
400 T_LOS_ATT_WEB Attachment for Loan CHAR 255    
401 T_LOS_BP_AGE Age Data for Calculation NUMC   
402 T_LOS_BP_CALC_DATA CLI Calculation Key NUMC   
403 T_LOS_CHARA Loan Classification CHAR 30    
404 T_LOS_EIU Frequency of Effective Interest Calculation CHAR   
405 T_LOS_EXT_ID External ID for Loan Contract CHAR 100    
406 T_LOS_ICT Interest Calculation Type CHAR   
407 T_LOS_INT_HANDL Interest Handling CHAR   
408 T_LOS_LOAN_PURPOSE Loan Purpose According to CRM CHAR   
409 T_LOS_MARGIN Margin DEC 10 
410 T_LOS_MESSAGE_TYPE Message Type CHAR 30    
411 T_LOS_ORIGINATOR Initiator of Origination Process CHAR 30    
412 T_LOS_RECEIVER Recipient CHAR 30    
413 T_LOS_ROUND__MARGIN Rounding Margin DEC 10 
414 T_LOS_SALES_ORG Sales Organization CHAR 10    
415 T_LOS_SALES_PRODUCT Product CHAR 32    
416 T_LOS_SALES_PRODUCT_CATEGORY Product Category CHAR 32    
417 T_LOS_SALES_VPRODUCT Product Version CHAR 32    
418 T_LOS_SKOART_CATEGORY Condition Category NUMC   
419 T_LOS_TARIF_IDENTIFIER Insurance Policy Key CHAR 10    
420 T_MAN_POSTPROCESSING Domains Postprocessing Capital Transfer NUMC   
421 T_MARGART Margin type CHAR   
422 T_MARGE Forex fixing margin with 9 decimal places DEC 13 
423 T_MARKTPAR Changed market para. for sensitivity calc. TR-CRM FLTP 16  16 
424 T_MATTYP Due date category CHAR   
425 T_MCOM_STATUS Communication Status NUMC   
426 T_MCOM_STATUS_TXT Text for Communication Status CHAR 40    
427 T_MCSEDIT Payoff Can Be Changed CHAR   
428 T_MD_CONDITION_CATEGORY Condition Category for Master Data Transaction (UI, API) NUMC   
429 T_MD_CONDITION_TABSTRIP Selected Tabstrip Position Number NUMC   
430 T_MD_CONDITION_TYPE_SCENARIO Scenario for Condition Display NUMC   
431 T_MD_DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL Distribution Channel CHAR 10    
432 T_MD_DISTRIBUTION_CHANNEL_GRP Group of Sales Channels CHAR 10    
433 T_MD_ORGUNIT_CNMGT Organizational Unit (Contract Management) CHAR 12    
434 T_MD_ORGUNIT_CNMGT_GRP Group of Organizational Units (Contract Management) CHAR 12    
435 T_MEDIUM Output media for generating correspondence (P,F,S...) CHAR   
436 T_MESSH Dealing with messages CHAR   
437 T_MESSID Message ID for SWIFT messages CHAR   
438 T_METHOD Method Key NUMC   
439 T_MFLOWSET Number of Flow Types for a Subcategory NUMC   
440 T_MFUNCTION Function CHAR   
441 T_MICR_CODE MICR Code STRG 256    
442 T_MLOANCAT Product Category CHAR   
443 T_MMETHOD Calculation Method CHAR   
444 T_MODEL_AMT_OR_PCT Model Calculation: Domains for [AMT/PCT] Entries (Amount/%) CHAR   
445 T_MODEL_AUTHORITY_SUBJECT Subject for Authorization Check NUMC   
446 T_MODEL_FIMA_TYPE Model Calculation: Domain for "FiMa Category" Indicator CHAR   
447 T_MODEL_FIXED Fixed Entry CHAR   
448 T_MODEL_ID_MODEL_CALCULATION Model Calculation Number CHAR 12    
449 T_MODEL_LOG_OP Model Calculation: Relational Operators EQ, LT, GT CHAR   
450 T_MODEL_PERIOD_TYPE Model Calculation: Type of Condition Periods CHAR   
451 T_MODEL_PROCESS_PASS Model Calculation: Domain for Process Stages Indicator CHAR   
452 T_MODEL_P_CALC_BASE Calculation Base Reference for Amounts Included in Loan CHAR   
453 T_MODEL_P_CALC_TYPE Calculation Category for Amounts Included ín Loan CHAR   
454 T_MODEL_P_EQUA_OR_FIMA Calculation Using Formula or FIMA? CHAR   
455 T_MODEL_P_FINANCED_AMOUNT Indicator: Amount Included in Loan CHAR   
456 T_MODEL_P_RATE_OR_TERM Installment Amount or Number of Installments? CHAR   
457 T_MODEL_RATE_COUNT Number of instalments INT4 10    
458 T_MODEL_SPLANIST Plan/Actual Record/Record to Be Released Indicator CHAR   
459 T_MODEL_VERSION Number for Model Calculation NUMC   
460 T_MODEL_Y_OR_N Model Calculation: Domain for [SPACE/X] Entries (No/Yes) CHAR   
461 T_MODUS Datafeed: operating mode CHAR   
462 T_MQUOTE Business Operation Is Payoff Quote Or Payoff CHAR   
463 T_MREQUESTOR Number of the Business Partner Requesting the Payoff CHAR 10    
464 T_MSHOWZERO Display Elements with Value 0 CHAR   
465 T_MSUBCAT Subcategory Used in the Receivables List NUMC   
466 T_NCURTPENPERIODS US IP: No. Periods with Penalty Charge for Curtailment NUMC   
467 T_NORISKMS Number of Risk-Increasing Measures NUMC   
468 T_NOTTYPE Quotation type CHAR   
469 T_NO_ACCOUNT_DET Indicator, Do Not Carry Out Account Determination? CHAR   
470 T_NPREPPERIODS Number of Periods That Can Be Prepaid NUMC   
471 T_NREQNZUPRIO Prioritization for Required Flow Type Criteria NUMC   
472 T_NUMCURTPERIOD Data Element: Number of Curtailment Penalty Periods NUMC   
473 T_OKCODE OK code CHAR   
474 T_OKUART Price/NPV type for OTC transactions CHAR   
475 T_OKUART_CORE Price/NPV type for OTC transactions CHAR   
476 T_OPAPPL Application Indicator NUMC   
479 T_OPTTYP Option category: standard, down&out, up&in, digital, ... NUMC   
480 T_ORIGIN Loan Origin CHAR   
481 T_ORLZ_PARAM Loans: Eval. Parameters for Statement of Remaining Terms NUMC   
482 T_PATOP Tolerance Amount for Overpayments as a Percentage NUMC   
483 T_PATSP Tolerance Amount for Underpayments as a Percentage NUMC   
484 T_PAYM_STATUS Payment Status CHAR   
486 T_PAY_APPL Loans: Application that uses payments CHAR   
487 T_PAY_EXP Payments: Subscreen expanded CHAR   
488 T_PAY_MODUS Mode for payments CHAR   
489 T_PAY_SEG_TYPE Domain for Payment Category of a Payment Segment (pay seg) CHAR   
490 T_PAY_SUBSCRTYP Payments: Subscreen Category CHAR   
491 T_PCURLIMIT Limit for Curtailment as % of Capital DEC
492 T_PKTKUR Price in points DEC 11 
493 T_PLANID Payment Plan Key CHAR 10    
494 T_POSGR Treasury: Subsequent Screen Control Initial Position Group CHAR   
495 T_POSITION Call Position CHAR   
496 T_POSITIONRL Position of an Item in the Receivables List NUMC   
497 T_POS_AMOUNT FTR assigment management: Amount of profile changes CURR 17 
498 T_POS_CURR FTR assignment management: Currency of profile changes CUKY   
499 T_POS_OBJ FTR assignment management: Assigned position object CHAR 22    
500 T_POS_OBJ_CAT FTR assignment management: Position object category CHAR