SAP ABAP Domain - Index T
Domain - T
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
2 T160MVL_APPLI Application where controllable error messages are used CHAR   
3 T160MVL_GLOMD Global work mode / call-up type for a program CHAR   
4 T160MVL_REFMD Activity type during program run CHAR   
5 T310_LANUM Sequence number NUMC   
6 T311_KZUPD Indicator for update in tables 311 and 311A CHAR   
7 T312_PRLEI Profile for performance data CHAR   
8 T312_PRSPL Profile for transfer order split CHAR   
9 T313APROFI Verification profile for mobile data entry CHAR   
10 T313BVEBAT Verify batch NUMC   
11 T313BVEMAT Verify material NUMC   
12 T313DAIFOR Format for application identification CHAR   
13 T313DAISUB Partial field / subdivision of an application identification NUMC   
14 T313DAITYP Application identification type CHAR 10    
15 T313DAIVAL Application identification value CHAR   
16 T313DAMASK Mask NUMC   
17 T313DAPPLI Usage for bar code types NUMC   
18 T313EAITEX Text field 50 places CHAR 50    
19 T319AUTHU Indicator automatical pick HU creation CHAR   
20 T321_POPUP Dialog box: transmit goods and palletization data CHAR   
21 T321_TAFKZ Automatic transfer order creation CHAR   
22 T321_TBFKZ Indicator for transfer requirement updating CHAR   
23 T321_WEDKZ Indicator for creating the goods receipt date CHAR   
24 T327ALANUM Sequence number NUMC   
25 T328_DATYP Date reference in reference document CHAR   
26 T329FDRVBU Time of printing CHAR   
27 T329FISORT Name of sort include for TO printout CHAR   
28 T329FVERSD Find shipping data for printing transfer orders CHAR   
29 T331BABRUN Round off requested quantity to full storage units? CHAR   
30 T331BSUMME Level of totals information in block storage area CHAR   
31 T331BZEITS Time limit DEC   
32 T331C_ANZPM Number of reserve bins for a material in reserve storage INT4 10    
33 T331LLGKPR Priority of storage class in a storage type CHAR   
34 T331_GEFAL Indicator whether hazardous material management is active CHAR   
35 T331_KAPAP Capacity check CHAR   
36 T331_KZINV Inventory indicator without automatic inventory types CHAR   
37 T331_METYF Unit-of-measure type search for planned TO processing time CHAR   
38 T331_MISCH Indicator: mixed storage CHAR   
39 T331_NODIF Do not clear differences in Inventory Management CHAR   
40 T331_NOGIS Goods issue posting not allowed for this storage type CHAR   
41 T331_NOGRE Goods receipt posting not allowed for this storage type CHAR   
42 T331_NOTRP Posting changes not allowed for this storage type CHAR   
43 T331_PIKTA HU and pick TO creation control CHAR   
44 T331_PRBER Section check CHAR   
45 T331_REPLT Replenishment method in the storage type CHAR   
46 T331_STAUS Stock removal strategy CHAR   
47 T331_STEIN Putaway strategy CHAR   
48 T331_ZULAG Indicator whether addition to existing stock is allowed CHAR   
49 T333NBEAR2 Create transfer orders using criteria CHAR   
50 T333NBEAR3 Create transfer orders using reference number CHAR   
51 T333OAUTAT Text for automatic TO creation CHAR 25    
52 T333_ABILD Screen for creation of transfer orders CHAR   
53 T333_DBILD Standard View for Display of TO Items CHAR   
54 T333_PIKTA HU and pick TO creation control CHAR   
55 T333_QBILD Screen for transfer order confirmation CHAR   
56 T334TKZEAR Indicator for stock placement, stock removal CHAR   
57 T334ULANUM Sequence number NUMC   
58 T336_ABWEI Variance starting from which difference box is processed DEC   
59 T336_ABWEI_HU Variance starting from which difference box is processed DEC   
60 T336_TBFOR Update TR after confirmation with difference CHAR   
61 T336_TBVOR Update TR after confirmation with difference CHAR   
62 T337AMAXQU Maximum number of quants per bin section DEC   
63 T337BANZSA Number of columns in block storage area DEC   
64 T337BMAXST Maximum stack height in block storage area DEC   
65 T337C_EBENE Level as component of the storage bin coordinate CHAR   
66 T337C_SUCHB Search width for putaway strategy K per level INT4 10    
67 T337D_GANG Row (aisle) as component of storage bin coordinate NUMC   
68 T337D_REGAL Shelf as component of storage bin number NUMC   
69 T340DKOSPL Picking split indicator CHAR   
70 T340DKZSUB Indicator: activate link to subsystem CHAR   
71 T340DNALEI Message handing for performance data CHAR   
72 T340DVERLE Type of number assignment for storage units CHAR   
73 T340D_CMOFF_BACKGROUND Emergency Control of Change Management in Background CHAR   
74 T340D_CMOFF_FOREGROUND Emergency Control of Change Management in Foreground CHAR   
75 T340D_DBTCH Distribution Mode for the Delivery CHAR   
76 T340_KWVZP Time of comparison for forming picking waves CHAR   
77 T342_MODNR Number of subroutine CHAR   
78 T342_MODPL Module pool CHAR   
79 T342_VORDY Dynamic transaction type (single-character) CHAR   
80 T343XYZ_ANGLE Angle for the orientation of a storage type in degrees DEC
81 T343XYZ_INCRE Increment for X, Y, Z-Coordinates QUAN 10 
82 T343XYZ_STRUC Pointer to Structure CHAR   
83 T343_STELL Position field CHAR   
84 T344_LENKA Storage unit number - conversion exit CHAR   
85 T344_LNGTH Input/output length for storage unit numbers NUMC   
86 T346QALM Queue/Access limitation CHAR   
87 T512B_APPL Application ID for Table T512B CHAR   
88 T8PSCPRODT Balance Carry Forward Cost Type NUMC   
89 T8PSCSRCG PSC source group CHAR   
90 TABART Table category CHAR   
91 TABCLASS Table type CHAR   
92 TABCLASS_DBTB Table Types Database Table (For Search Help) CHAR   
93 TABCLASS_STRUC Table Type Structures (For Search Help) CHAR   
94 TABCN_NO_KK Initialization number in table TBACN NUMC 13    
95 TABDOMAENE Dummy domain RAW 900    
96 TABFD HR: Supplementary Pension Public Sector: Name of Table Field CHAR   
97 TABFILL Number of entries in internal table INT4 10    
98 TABFORM Table form CHAR   
99 TABHEADING Domain for Display text of Tab strip. CHAR 30    
100 TABHITRATO Table statistics: hit rate DEC 12 
101 TABID Compensation matrix CHAR   
102 TABIND Table Index - Domain NUMC   
103 TABIX Domain analogous to SY-TABIX INT4 10    
104 TABKAT Size category CHAR   
105 TABKEYL Area for table key CHAR 120    
106 TABKEYLONG Table Key for CDPOS in Character 254 CHAR 254    
107 TABKZ Pricing: make sales price entries in export tables CHAR   
108 TABL1024 Table analysis: For external table data up to length 1024 RAW 1024    
109 TABL32768 Width 32768 table RAW 32000    
110 TABL4096 4096 wide table RAW 4096    
111 TABL8000 Container for 8000 raw bytes RAW 8000    
112 TABLESLI_3 Name of reference structure for TABLES parameter CHAR 26    
113 TABLES___3 Name of TABLES parameter CHAR 30    
114 TABLE_KZ Name of internal table (for exception reporting) CHAR   
115 TABLG Field with entry 'X' or BLANK CHAR   
116 TABLGET String for controlling read routine CHAR   
117 TABLINE Template for table line CHAR 1248    
118 TABLNAM IS-H: Document management: Table name CHAR   
119 TABLPUT String for controlling table write routine CHAR   
120 TABNAM Table Name CHAR 10    
121 TABNAME AS400-DDIC: Table name CHAR 30    
122 TABNAME5 AS400-DDIC: Internal table name CHAR   
123 TABNAMEDOM Domain for Table type names CHAR 30    
124 TABNAMERE Table for field status of field trsfr in funds reservation CHAR 30    
125 TABNAMEVO Table for field transfer template type in funds reservation CHAR 30    
126 TABNAMEWF Table for workflow-relevant fields in funds reservation CHAR 10    
127 TABNAME_GLPL FI-SL Planning : Table name CHAR 30    
128 TABNAM_GRP Group referencing requirement: tables CHAR 30    
129 TABNAM_VB Table name for incompletion check CHAR 30    
130 TABNA_514K Table name CHAR   
131 TABNA_WRKC Tables Customizing Plant CHAR 10    
132 TABNC Table name CHAR 10    
133 TABNM Domain for customizing country versions CHAR 10    
134 TABORSTRUC Type: Table or field string CHAR   
135 TABPHACLNG Physical database accesses DEC 14    
136 TABSIZE Minimum tab.size for upload (1MB - 10MB) INT1   
137 TABSPACENR Number of an ORACLE tablespace CHAR   
138 TABST Characteristic groups as tabs CHAR   
140 TABST_FBWE Tabstrip for bill of exchange presentation CHAR   
141 TABTYP IS-H: Table category for medical grounds (internal) CHAR   
142 TABTYPE Table type CHAR   
143 TABTYPESD Table type CHAR   
144 TABW_ANTEI Indicator prop. values for asset transactions NUMC   
145 TAB_APPL Tabs in master records: Application using them CHAR 10    
146 TAB_BUF_INST_KEY Table Buffer - Instance Key CHAR 39    
147 TAB_LAYOUT Tab layout of master data maintenance CHAR   
148 TAB_LINE Table entry INT4 10    
149 TAB_NSUBS Maximum number of group boxes per tab title NUMC   
150 TAB_NTABS Maximum number of tab titles NUMC   
151 TAB_PIECE1 Part of table of length = 255 CHAR 255    
152 TAB_POSITION_COV_PS Business Partner Overview: Position of Tab Pages NUMC   
153 TAB_STRING Table Work Area (Case Sensitive) CHAR 1000    
154 TAB_TAB Number of tab index in master data tab NUMC   
155 TADIREXIST TADIR QUERY: Object exists (related object) CHAR   
156 TADIROBJ Indicator for development element with a short key CHAR   
157 TAESL Job designation key NUMC   
158 TAET_KLASS IS-M/SD: Activity classification CHAR   
159 TAG00 Daily shift (sort indicator 0) NUMC   
160 TAG01 Calendar day NUMC   
161 TAGBEZUG Indicator: billing for exact no. of days during move-in/out CHAR   
162 TAGE Number of days NUMC   
163 TAGE2 Number of days NUMC   
164 TAGE4_2 Days with 4 characters before, 2 after decimal point DEC
165 TAGESTYP IS-H: day category CHAR   
166 TAGESZTKZ IS-H: indicator for the time of day CHAR   
167 TAGGRENZ Field with 2 characters NUMC   
168 TAGGZ_052 Calendar day NUMC   
169 TAGIDHEX TAG Id (Hexadecimal format) RAW 24    
170 TAGIDTEXT TAG Id (Text Format) CHAR 50    
171 TAGID_PAY Identification of reference information (note to payee) CHAR   
172 TAGINEIP Current day in individual period DEC   
173 TAGRUPPE IS-H: Service group CHAR   
174 TAGTL Day type string CHAR 10    
175 TAGTY Day type CHAR   
176 TAGZGR IS-H: time of day group CHAR   
177 TAGZT IS-H: Time classification CHAR   
178 TAG_IN_WO IS-PAM: Date specification: day in period NUMC   
179 TAG_TYPE Item Type M or F (Mandatory or Free item) CHAR   
180 TALIZ Structure for licenses CHAR   
181 TAMOD_KK Change Payment Data: Transaction Mode CHAR   
182 TAMOTYPE Translation Monitoring Type CHAR   
183 TANUM Transfer Order Number NUMC 10    
184 TANZAHL Position inflow/outflow FLTP 16  16 
185 TAO_CHAR100_SENSITIVE char 100 case sensitive CHAR 100    
186 TAO_CHAR20_SENSITIVE char 20 case sensitive CHAR 20    
187 TAPOS Transfer order item NUMC   
188 TAR3_CATEGORY Type of Technical Asset CHAR   
189 TAR3_CATEGORY_UI Type of Technical Asset CHAR   
190 TAR3_ID Technical Asset Number CHAR 40    
191 TAR3_ID_UI Technical Asset Number CHAR 40    
192 TAR3_STRUCTURE_CODE Structure Indicator CHAR   
193 TAR3_STRUCTURE_CODE_UI Structure Indicator CHAR   
194 TAR3_TYPE Type of Technical Asset CHAR 10    
195 TAR3_TYPE_UI Type of Technical Asset CHAR 10    
196 TARAG_VEKP_C Tare weight of handling unit CHAR 19    
197 TARGETSYSTYPE System Name in Reservation System CHAR 20    
198 TARGET_RELEASE Version of a program (SAP Release) CHAR   
199 TARID RI: service catalog CHAR   
200 TARIFART Rate type CHAR   
201 TARIFF_GROUP_VK Tariff Group Tax Reporting FS-CD CHAR   
202 TARIFNR Rate key CHAR 10    
203 TARIFTYP Rate category CHAR 10    
204 TARKZ Controlling: Price Indicator CHAR   
205 TARLS IS-H: Service Identification in a Service Catalog CHAR 10    
206 TARSP IS-H: Column of a service catalog item (service) CHAR   
207 TARTID Classes: text type ID CHAR   
208 TARVKZ Activity price for actual/plan allocation CHAR   
209 TASER Indicator for document headers of serial number history CHAR   
210 TASK TASK for Criteria BDOCS CHAR   
211 TASKDOMAIN1 Test Task Domain CHAR 24    
212 TASK_CODE Transaction Code CHAR   
213 TASK_NAME Name of a Task (Assortment List) NUMC   
214 TASPATYP IS-H: Data type of the charge column CHAR   
215 TASPAWERT RI: value CHAR 12    
216 TATYP_KK Transaction Class for Document CHAR   
217 TAUNIT_CM_PRIO Priority as ATC/CheckMan finding CHAR   
218 TAUSART Type of exercise of a corporate action NUMC   
219 TAVOL_VELP_C Tare volume of handling unit CHAR 19    
220 TAXA1 Tax authority code CHAR 11    
221 TAXA2 Tax authority CHAR 11    
222 TAXAT Tax Authority CHAR   
223 TAXAU Tax authority code CHAR   
224 TAXBS Tax base in percentage NUMC   
225 TAXBS_MDG_BP Tax base in percentage NUMC   
226 TAXBUF Buffer for RFC to external tax systems CHAR 3200    
227 TAXCA Salary group CHAR   
228 TAXCD_KK Tax report: Tax code CHAR   
229 TAXCODEDESC Tax code description : Portugal CHAR 50    
230 TAXGR Grouping indicator for tax codes CHAR   
231 TAXIK1 Tax indicator: Account assignment (Purchasing) CHAR   
232 TAXIL Tax indicator: Import CHAR   
233 TAXIM1 Tax indicator for material (Purchasing) CHAR   
234 TAXIR Tax indicator: Region CHAR   
235 TAXIW1 Tax indicator: Plant (Purchasing) CHAR   
236 TAXKD Tax indicator CHAR   
237 TAXKEY Interface key HR Pay/FI-TV for tax codes CHAR   
238 TAXKL Tax classifications CHAR   
239 TAXKM Tax indicator for material CHAR   
241 TAXLV Tax level CHAR   
242 TAXNUMADDRULE Tax Number Checks: Rule for processing weighted values CHAR   
243 TAXNUMREMRULE Tax Number Checks: Rule for calculating Check Digit CHAR   
244 TAXOFF Tax office CHAR   
245 TAXPROCSTAT_VK Processing Status for Correction of Obsolete Tax Documents CHAR   
246 TAXRATE Tax Rate DEC
247 TAXRG RSA Tax Region CHAR   
248 TAXSJ Subject of tax calculation or reporting CHAR   
250 TAXT2 Tax CHAR   
251 TAXTB Type of salary CHAR   
252 TAXTY Tax type NUMC   
253 TAXTYPE_HU_KK Tax type for domestic sales Hungary CHAR   
254 TAXVALUE Tax Value CHAR   
255 TAXYR Start date of fiscal year CHAR   
256 TAX_DATE_TYPE_ICA Type of Tax Date CHAR   
257 TAX_DATE_TYPE_KK Type of Tax Date CHAR   
258 TAX_DEFAULTED Reason for defaulting tax amounts and tax rates CHAR   
259 TAX_DET_TYPE_KK Type of Tax Calculation CHAR   
260 TAX_DET_TYP_ICA Tax Calculation Type CHAR   
261 TAX_DYNNR Tax version CHAR   
262 TAX_EVENT Event for external taxation procedure CHAR   
263 TAX_INT_VERSION External Tax system API Version CHAR 10    
264 TAX_KALSM Pricing Procedure CHAR   
265 TAX_MAT_USAGE Material Usage CHAR   
266 TAX_MOD Tax modified manually INT1   
267 TAX_PERC_KK Tax Percentage DEC
268 TAX_RFC_ERROR RFC error code CHAR   
269 TAX_RFD_CHAR Code for Goods and Services for Input VAT Refund Procedure CHAR   
270 TAX_RFD_SUB_CODE VAT Refund Subcode CHAR 15    
271 TAZC2FLAG Sort Key NUMC   
272 TAZCFLAG Output option CHAR   
273 TAZFSELECT Selection entry in table display CHAR 30    
274 TAZKEYWORD Key word display in table display CHAR 20    
275 TAZOWNER Database CHAR   
276 TAZPAGE Page number INT4 10    
277 TAZPRAEFIX Database prefix CHAR   
278 TAZUORD Indicator: allocation to a rate type required CHAR   
279 TA_CLASS RI: view CHAR   
280 TA_KZ_X Indicator field for space and X CHAR   
281 TA_OK OK code domain for tab object CHAR 20    
282 TA_SUBSC Subscreen identification for tab CHAR   
283 TA_UPD_MOD Update mode CHAR   
284 TA_WMODE Editing Mode CHAR   
285 TBATGOBJ DD: Object Types of the Conversion Program CHAR   
286 TBATGSTATE DD: Status of an entry for bulk processing CHAR   
287 TBA_CNT Number of month INT1   
288 TBA_CTY_CURVE_TYPE commodity curve type NUMC   
289 TBA_CTY_ID Commodity ID CHAR 18    
290 TBA_CURRUNIT Currency Unit CHAR   
291 TBA_DCSID Derivative Contract Specification ID CHAR   
292 TBA_DCS_LIFECYCLESTATUS DCS Lifecycle Status - Search Help Dummy NUMC   
293 TBA_DCS_LIFECYCLESTATUS_SH DCS Lifecycle Status - Search Help Dummy NUMC   
294 TBA_DCS_SYMBL Derivative Contract Specification: Product Symbol CHAR   
295 TBA_DEC13_7 7 Decimal places DEC 13 
296 TBA_DERIVATIVETYPE Derivative Contract Category NUMC   
297 TBA_DERIVATIVETYPE_C01S01_1 Commodity Forwards     
298 TBA_DERIVATIVETYPE_SH Derivative Contract Category - Search Help Dummy NUMC   
299 TBA_EXPIRATIONDATE Expiration Date Logic NUMC   
300 TBA_EXPIRATIONDATE_SH Expiration Date Logic - Search Help Dummy NUMC   
301 TBA_MIC Market Identifier Code CHAR   
302 TBA_MIC_STATUS Market Identifier Code Lifecycle Status CHAR   
303 TBA_MIC_STATUS_SH Market Identifier Code Lifecycle Status - Search Help Dummy CHAR   
304 TBA_NODECIMALS Number of Decimals NUMC   
305 TBA_NUMBER_OF_DAYS Number of days NUMC   
306 TBA_NUMBER_OF_MONTHS Number of months NUMC   
307 TBA_NUMBER_OF_YEARS Number of years NUMC   
308 TBA_OPTSTYLE Option Style NUMC   
310 TBA_PERCENT Percentage DEC
311 TBA_PERIODDEF_ID Period Definition Procedure CHAR 10    
312 TBA_PERIODTYPE Period Type CHAR   
313 TBA_PERIODTYPE_C01S01_1 Period Types for Commodity Forward     
315 TBA_PERIODTYPE_FWD_C01S01_1 Period Types for Commodity Forward     
316 TBA_PERIODTYPE_SH Period Type - Search help dummy CHAR 40    
317 TBA_PHYSCOMM_GRP Physical Commodity Group CHAR 18    
318 TBA_PRICE Quotation Price D34D 31  14 
319 TBA_PUTCALL Put/Call Indicator NUMC   
320 TBA_REPORTINGDATE Reporting Date NUMC   
321 TBA_REPORTINGDATE_C01S01_1 Due Date     
322 TBA_REPORTINGDATE_SH Reporting Date - Search Help NUMC   
323 TBA_RETENTION_TIME Retention Period NUMC   
324 TBA_SECIDDEF_ID Security ID Definition Schema CHAR   
325 TBA_STOEFFCHEN Physical Commodity CHAR 18    
326 TBA_TENOR Time to Maturity CHAR 10    
327 TBA_TIMING Timing of Commodity Forward Prices NUMC   
328 TBBEP Release order reqmts in the availability check CHAR   
329 TBCHGCMP DD: Contains computation mode for table changes CHAR   
330 TBCNT Item number in field sequence in transfer string NUMC   
331 TBDEPCHK DD: Control dependent_setchecks INT2   
332 TBEDNR IS-M/AM: Rate Requirement Number CHAR   
333 TBHDCHK DD: header check control INT2   
334 TBHER Origin indicator: table CHAR   
335 TBITMNMDOM Toolbar item name CHAR 10    
336 TBITMVLDOM Toolbar item value CHAR   
337 TBIXCHK Control index checks INT2   
338 TBKEY_ABLP Table key CHAR 64    
339 TBL256 Table container Remote client copy 256 chars RAW 256    
340 TBL64 Table container, remote client copy 64 bytes RAW 64    
341 TBL8096 Structure width 8096 RAW 8096    
342 TBL8192 Raw 8k RAW 8192    
343 TBLISTBR List Width of Data Browser NUMC   
344 TBLP_BELNR Document Number NUMC 10    
345 TBLP_IND Transfer/Loan Indicator CHAR   
346 TBLP_KALNR Costing Number (Unit Costing/Product Costing) NUMC 12    
347 TBLP_POSNR WBS Element Number (Internal Counter as DB Key) CHAR 24    
348 TBLP_P_TLIND Indicator: Transfer Posting/Loan Transaction CHAR   
349 TBLP_TLIND Indicator: Transfer Posting/Loan Transaction CHAR   
350 TBLTY Payroll table type CHAR   
351 TBM_TOOLBAR_STATE ALV Toolbar Status NUMC   
352 TBNAM Table name CHAR   
353 TBNAMEDOM Domain for table names CHAR 10    
354 TBNUM Transfer Requirement Number NUMC 10    
355 TBOM_TROBJ_NAME TBOM: Object Name CHAR 130    
356 TBPOS Transfer Requirement Item Number NUMC   
357 TBPRI Transfer Priority CHAR   
358 TBRUE Indicator for verifying transfer requirement CHAR   
359 TBSHCHK DD: Flag if search help checks are made INT2   
360 TBTKZ Partial amount indicator CHAR   
361 TBTYP Table category for statistics type CHAR   
362 TBVIACT DD: Activation mode for dependent views INT2   
363 TBZUG DB access to transfer requirements for quantity reduction CHAR   
364 TB_ACID Customer characteristic ID, numc 1-10 NUMC   
365 TB_ACTIVE_COMPONENT CAPTR: Active Components in the Capital Transfer NUMC   
366 TB_AMORT_END Amortization to final due date / termination INT1   
367 TB_AMOUNT Currency amount CURR 17 
368 TB_ARNR Domain for reservation numbers CHAR 20    
369 TB_BREAKNR Breakpoints to Test 24h Capability of STC CHAR   
370 TB_BTYPE Toolbar button type INT4 10    
371 TB_BUSINESS_TRANS_CATEGORY Treasury: Posting log: Business transaction category CHAR   
372 TB_CALC_FLOW Recalculate cash flow for evaluations NUMC   
373 TB_CAPTR_REASON Indicator Capital Transfer Reason NUMC   
374 TB_CAPTR_TRANSFER_PROCEDURE CAPTR: Transfer Procedure within Capital Transfer CHAR   
375 TB_CONF Confirmation status NUMC   
376 TB_CORR_MEDIUM Correspondence medium CHAR   
377 TB_CORR_ST Principal correspondence medium for correspondence status CHAR   
378 TB_CORTYP Correspondence type CHAR   
379 TB_CTY_CURVE_TYPE Commodity Curve Type NUMC   
380 TB_CURR_11_0 Currency Field 11 Predecimal Places 0 Decimal Places DEC 11    
381 TB_CURR_11_2 Currency Field 11 Predecimal Places 2 Decimal Places CURR 13 
382 TB_CURR_11_3 Currency Field 11 Predecimal Places 3 Decimal Places CURR 14 
383 TB_CURR_11_5 Currency Field 11 Predecimal Places 5 Decimal Places CURR 16 
384 TB_CURR_PAIR Currency Pair CHAR 11    
385 TB_DATA_CM Mode: 'C': Copy; 'M': Move CHAR   
386 TB_DATE_PRESET FTR: Default Date for MiniApp Date Overview NUMC   
387 TB_DATE_RULE CFM: Date rule CHAR 10    
388 TB_DATE_RULE_TEXT Name of date rule CHAR 30    
389 TB_DEF_CHOFF_PR Abzuschreibende Kapitalrestschuld CURR 13 
390 TB_DEVSWSA Treasury: Foreign exchange swap rates DEC
391 TB_DFCUN Number CHAR   
392 TB_DIRECTION_GEN Copy Direction of Data for Generated Characteristics CHAR   
393 TB_DISP Maintenance mode CHAR   
394 TB_DISP_MODE '1' = Display Mode; '2' = Maintenance Mode CHAR   
395 TB_ESC_ACTION Action CHAR   
396 TB_ESC_SKOART Payment Type (Condition Type) NUMC   
397 TB_FIGURE Key Figure CHAR 30    
398 TB_INCL_INTEREST Inclusion of Interest in Amortization Calculation NUMC   
399 TB_KEYID Maximum characteristic length CHAR 32    
400 TB_KKURS Exchange rate with 9 decimal places DEC 13 
401 TB_KSICH Exchange rate with 9DP DEC 13 
402 TB_KSTATUS Status field NUMC   
403 TB_KURS Exchange Rate DEC 12 
404 TB_LIGHTS Traffic light values RYG (red, yellow, green) CHAR   
405 TB_LIMIT_INFINITE Indicator: Check limits CHAR   
406 TB_LIM_CATEGORY Limit Item Category CHAR   
407 TB_LSKNZ Long/short indicator CHAR   
408 TB_MD_NO_CHANGE Only Limited Changes Possible for Contract Indicator CHAR   
409 TB_MONAT Month NUMC   
410 TB_MSGT Message Category CHAR   
412 TB_NZUORD Position differentiation criterion CHAR 10    
413 TB_OENGA_PARAM Evaluation parameters for total loan commitment CHAR   
414 TB_PAYDET_FILL Origin Indicator for Payment Details CHAR   
415 TB_PLANFLAG Indicator for differentiating between planned/actual records NUMC   
416 TB_PLUSMINUS +/- Sign of Limit Transfer Amount CHAR   
417 TB_RATE_CHAR Exchange Rate as Text Field CHAR 15    
418 TB_RCID ID code for customer-defined characteristic CHAR   
419 TB_RECONF Counterconfirmation NUMC   
420 TB_RELSTAT Release status upon which release is based (0,1) CHAR   
421 TB_RELSTATE Release status of a limit (0, 1, 2) CHAR   
422 TB_REPL_KU Grace period in days for correspondence reply NUMC   
423 TB_REPL_TI Period in days for correspondence reply NUMC   
424 TB_RESCAT Reservation category CHAR   
425 TB_RESULT Short Result from Limit Check CHAR   
426 TB_RLF Limit filter number NUMC 20    
427 TB_SCONDCOLL Repayment Clash CHAR   
430 TB_SEPA_DOM_DD_ACC Domain for Access Sequence (SEPA Direct Debit) CHAR   
431 TB_SEPA_DOM_MND_USAGE Mandate Usage INT1   
432 TB_SEPA_IBAN_DET_DOM Domain for IBAN Determination Type of a Contract CHAR   
433 TB_SEPA_MND_TYPE_DOM SEPA: Type of Mandate NUMC   
434 TB_SFGZUTY_RE Transaction Activity Category for RE NUMC   
435 TB_SFKT be carr.out NUMC   
436 TB_SFWKURS Treasury: Foreign currency rate determination for valuation CHAR   
437 TB_SIGTYP Early warning control type NUMC   
438 TB_SLCOMM Take single transaction commitment into account CHAR   
439 TB_SLGLSEC Take global collateral into account CHAR   
440 TB_SLOSHKZ Long/short indicator for line item assignment CHAR   
441 TB_SLSC Update Category NUMC   
442 TB_SLSV Message Category CHAR   
443 TB_SLVC Indicator: Generate Limits Automatically CHAR   
444 TB_SPD Attribution Direction NUMC   
445 TB_SPLANIST_FLOW Posting status for flow-related evaluations CHAR   
446 TB_SPLANIST_STOCK Posting status for position-related evaluations CHAR   
447 TB_SPOSTYP Position management category Treasury CHAR   
448 TB_SREPORT Indicator Treasury Reporting Category CHAR   
449 TB_SRES 20-character text length CHAR 20    
450 TB_SSIGN_PM +/- sign CHAR   
451 TB_SWI_DAT Format for SWIFT files CHAR   
452 TB_SWOHER Treasury: Source of flow CHAR   
453 TB_TLI Object number category in limit management CHAR   
454 TB_TRANSFER_RATE CAPTR: Percentage Rate for Capital Transfer DEC 10 
455 TB_UTIL_FEE_CALC_CAT Fee Calculation for a Syndicated Facility CHAR   
456 TB_VLO Origin of limit NUMC   
457 TB_WAERS Currency key CUKY   
458 TB_WFACT Datafeed: Workflow activation CHAR   
459 TCA_AMOUNT_FACTOR Value Factor Corporate Actions FLTP 16  16 
460 TCA_CANR_EXECUTION Exercise number: Corporate action CHAR 13    
461 TCA_FLOWNUMBER Flow Number When Corporate Action is Exercised INT4 10    
462 TCA_FLOW_CATEGORY Update category: Corporate actions CHAR   
463 TCA_STATUS Status of the executed corporate action NUMC   
464 TCCAT Trading Contract: Category CHAR   
465 TCDAYREF Reference Base for Processing Using Exact Days CHAR   
466 TCDCOUPMSG Message Type When Checking for S_TCODE in CALL TRANSACTION CHAR   
467 TCDCOUPOKF Check Indicator for Checking S_TCODE in CALL TRANSACTION CHAR   
468 TCDENOMTOR Denominator of the time portion in a time slice DEC
469 TCDPATTERN Template CHAR 20    
470 TCDUICLASS User Interface Class of Transaction or Task CHAR   
471 TCDUICLA_C UI class of transaction or task (caller) CHAR   
472 TCEVERSION Configuration Versions NUMC   
473 TCHAR130 130 characters CHAR 130    
474 TCHDL_ICON_STATE Status of Action Icon in TC CHAR   
475 TCHDL_ICON_TYPE Type of Action Icon in TC CHAR   
476 TCINPERIOD Processing of aperiodic steps CHAR   
477 TCINT Integer flag for table control INT4 10    
478 TCLAS Transaction Class CHAR   
479 TCLUSTER Table cluster name CHAR 10    
480 TCMOVEIN Move-in processing CHAR   
481 TCMOVEOUT Move-out processing CHAR   
482 TCM_AMOUNT_ROLE_CD Transportation Management Amount Role Code CHAR   
483 TCM_BASE_BTDID Base Business Transaction Document ID CHAR 20    
484 TCM_BASE_BTD_ITEMID Business Transaction Document Item ID CHAR 10    
485 TCM_BTDID TCM Business Transaction Document ID CHAR 20    
486 TCM_BTD_CAT_CODE Business Transaction Document Category Code CHAR   
487 TCM_BTD_TYPE_CD Business Transaction Document Type Code CHAR   
488 TCM_CRD_SEG_ID Credit Segment ID CHAR 10    
489 TCM_CURRENCY_ROLE_CD Transportation Charge Manangement Currency Role CHAR   
490 TCM_DESCRIPTION_SHORT Description (Short) CHAR 40    
491 TCM_PKG_ID Package ID CHAR 40    
492 TCM_PRD_ID Product ID CHAR 40    
493 TCM_QUANT Transportation Charges Quantity QUAN 31  14 
494 TCM_RES_ID Resource ID CHAR 40    
495 TCM_TRCHARG_CAT_CD Transportation Charge Item Category Code CHAR   
496 TCM_TRCHARG_ELMNT_TYPE_CD Transportation Charge Item Type Code CHAR 15    
497 TCM_TRCHARG_ELMNT_TYPE_CD_EX Transportation Charge Item Type Code External CHAR   
498 TCM_TRCHARG_SUBCAT_CD Transportation Charge Item Subcategory Code CHAR   
499 TCNUMTOR Numerator of the time portion in a time slice DEC
500 TCODE Transaction code CHAR 20