SAP ABAP Domain - Index N, page 5
Domain - N
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 NAVP_FLAG_USER_SPECIFIC List Box: User-Specific CHAR   
2 NAVP_FUNCTION_ID Function Number NUMC   
3 NAVP_FUNCTION_PARAMETER Function Parameters CHAR 10    
4 NAVP_FUNCTION_POSITION Position of Function INT2   
5 NAVP_FUNCTION_QUICKINFO Quick Info for Function Icon CHAR 30    
6 NAVP_FUNCTION_TEXT Function Text CHAR 40    
8 NAVP_PROFILE_NAME Navigation Profile Name CHAR 12    
9 NAVP_PROFILE_TEXT Navigation Profile Short Text CHAR 40    
11 NAVP_SAVE_USER_INDEPENDENT Save User-Independent Navigation Profiles CHAR   
12 NAVP_TOOLBAR_SETUP Application Toolbar Settings in the Navigation Profile CHAR   
13 NAV_DETAIL_TAB_EDITOR TPDA: Options Navigation from Editor to Detail Views CHAR   
14 NA_AENDE Change message flag CHAR   
15 NA_ERLVZ Dispatch times not permitted CHAR   
16 NA_FORMTYPE Form Type CHAR   
17 NA_KNZUG Access to output condition CHAR   
18 NA_MANUE Message processed manually CHAR   
19 NA_MEHRF Multiple issuing of output CHAR   
20 NA_MSGNA Output description CHAR 30    
21 NA_NACHA Message transmission medium CHAR   
22 NA_NATYP Output type NUMC   
23 NA_NBEAR Output cannot be changed manually CHAR   
24 NA_OBJKEY Object key (Message Control) CHAR 30    
25 NA_OBJKY_L Object key (long) CHAR 70    
26 NA_OPTAR Archive number for optical archives NUMC 10    
27 NA_PARAB Output independent of partner CHAR   
28 NA_PARN241 Partner number CHAR 241    
29 NA_PARNR Partner number CHAR 10    
30 NA_PARNR12 Partner number CHAR 12    
31 NA_PFLD Parameter field or value CHAR 30    
32 NA_PRKEY Selection criteria for maintaining print parameters CHAR   
33 NA_RA_HS IS-H AT: Regelart für Höchstwertstaffeln CHAR   
34 NA_RA_VP IS-H AT: Regelart für Pauschalierung/Abrechenbarkeit CHAR   
35 NA_REPET Maximum usage of a message CHAR   
36 NA_RGART IS-H AT: Regelart für Leistungshöchstwerte CHAR   
37 NA_RONAM Name of the FORM routine in the processing program CHAR 30    
38 NA_SORE1 Sort output from inbound deliveries CHAR   
39 NA_SORM1 Sort order for output from rough goods receipt CHAR   
40 NA_SORME Sort order for output from goods movements CHAR   
41 NA_SORMR Sort order for output from invoices CHAR   
42 NA_SORV1 Sort order for output from orders CHAR   
43 NA_SORV2 Sort order for output from deliveries CHAR   
44 NA_SORV3 Sort order for output from billing documents CHAR   
45 NA_SORV4 Sort order for output from delivery picking CHAR   
46 NA_SORV5 Sort order for output from delivery groups CHAR   
47 NA_SORV6 Sort Order for Output from Handling Units CHAR   
48 NA_SORV7 Sort order for output from shipments CHAR   
49 NA_SORWN Sorting output from subsequent settlement - settlement run CHAR   
50 NA_SORWRL Sort output for document lists from agency business CHAR   
51 NA_SORWRS Sort output for single documents from agency business CHAR   
52 NA_SORWS Sort output from subsequent settlement - agreement CHAR   
53 NA_SORWT Sort Order for Output from Trading Contract CHAR   
54 NA_VAKEY Variable key CHAR 34    
55 NA_VERMO Processing mode NUMC   
56 NA_VERMO_NEW Processing Mode NUMC   
57 NA_VSTAT Processing status CHAR   
58 NA_VSZTP Processing Time CHAR   
59 NBANDNR Land register volume number CHAR   
61 NBKKL Travel Expense Type - Permissibility CHAR   
62 NBLATTNR Land register page number CHAR   
63 NBQS_FPSE BQS: Assignment Flat Rate Per Case/Procedures Surcharge CHAR   
64 NBQS_FREIW BQS: "QA Required/Voluntary" Indicator CHAR   
65 NBQS_ICDS BQS: Assignment Dependent on Diagnoses CHAR   
66 NBQS_OPSST BQS: Assignment Independent of Procedures CHAR   
67 NBQS_PORG BQS: Determination of Specialty via Org. Unit CHAR   
68 NBQS_STUFE BQS: Classification According to BQS Specification CHAR   
69 NBRISSUES IS-M/SD: Number of copies DEC   
70 NBUTTONTXT IS-H*MED: Texts on pushbuttons (toolbar) CHAR 40    
71 NCH_ABRV IS-H CH: Billing agreement CHAR   
72 NCH_ABWANZEH IS-H CH: Unit for absence limitation CHAR   
73 NCH_ABWLIMIT IS-H CH: Absence limit CHAR   
74 NCH_ABWRGL IS-H CH: Absence rules CHAR   
75 NCH_ABWVEREH IS-H CH: Unit for absence billing CHAR   
76 NCH_AGREEMENT IS-H CH: Convention (hospital <-> canton) CHAR   
77 NCH_ANZSCH IS-H CH: Number for pregnancies, births, etc. NUMC   
78 NCH_CLASS_INT IS-H CH: Internal class CHAR   
79 NCH_EINH IS-H CH: Unit of time for delimitation CHAR   
80 NCH_GEBNR IS-H CH: Internal birth number NUMC   
81 NCH_GESTA IS-H CH: Gestational age NUMC   
82 NCH_KONMIS IS-H CH: Congenital malformation CHAR   
83 NCH_KP_PR IS-H CH: Period for percentage reduction CHAR   
84 NCH_KP_PZ IS-H CH: Periode für prozentualen Zuschlag CHAR   
85 NCH_MERKI IS-H: Unterstützte Merkmale CHAR   
86 NCH_MERKN IS-H CH: Nummer zur Kriterienbestimmung fuer Sammelauftraege NUMC   
87 NCH_MNGRGL IS-H CH: Rule for determining service quantity CHAR   
88 NCH_MSGTY IS-H CH: Message type (without A message) CHAR   
89 NCH_PATART IS-H CH: Patient type CHAR   
90 NCH_PATTYP IS-H CH: Patient category CHAR   
92 NCH_PRIO IS-H CH: Prioritaet fuer Zuordnung von Sammelauftraegen NUMC   
93 NCH_RA_LL IS-H CH: Rule type for service maximum values CHAR   
94 NCH_RA_LS IS-H CH: Rule type for service breakdown (HP tariff) CHAR   
95 NCH_RA_OP IS-H CH: Regelart für Generierung OP-Leistungen CHAR   
96 NCH_RA_RD IS-H CH: Regelart für Radiologieregel CHAR   
97 NCH_RA_VP IS-H CH: Rule type for flat rate consolidation/billability CHAR   
98 NCH_RA_ZS IS-H CH: Regelart für Generierung Zuschlagsleistungen CHAR   
99 NCH_RP_ALZS Analyse - Periode für Abrechenbarkeit von Leistungen CHAR   
100 NCH_RP_LG IS-H CH: Periode für Leistungsgenerierung CHAR   
101 NCH_RP_LL IS-H CH: Period for service maximum values CHAR   
102 NCH_RP_OP IS-H CH: Periode für die Generierung der OPS-Leistungen CHAR   
103 NCH_RP_RD IS-H CH: Periode für Radiologieregel CHAR   
104 NCH_RP_VP IS-H CH: Period for service billability CHAR   
105 NCH_RP_ZS IS-H CH: Periode für die Generierung der Zuschlagsleistung CHAR   
106 NCH_SPLITART IS-H CH: Service breakdown type CHAR   
107 NCH_TARCDE IS-H CH: Canton tariff CHAR   
108 NCNAME NCName: XML "non-colonized" Name STRG   
109 NCOMPR IS-HCM: Compression method CHAR   
110 NCOMP_VALID_FROM IS-H: Validity Start Date of Module DATS   
111 NCOMP_VALID_TILL IS-H: Validity End Date of Module DATS   
112 NCTOTY IS-H: Context-to-Object Assignment Type CHAR   
113 NCUM_LOADTYPE Type of Non-Cumulative Data for Loading CHAR   
114 NCXTYP IS-H: Context CHAR   
115 NC_STATUS_KK Noncash security deposit status NUMC   
116 NDASCHAR IS-HCM: ASCII string length 4K (4096 characters) CHAR 4096    
117 NDASLANG IS-HCM: Length of ASCII table NUMC   
118 NDASNAME IS-HCM: Name of the transfer file (communications module) CHAR   
119 NDASQUITT IS-HCM: Acknowledgment for communication module CHAR   
120 NDBTSYSTYP NDI System Type CHAR 10    
121 NDC NDC Type CHAR   
123 NDIREL NDI Release CHAR   
124 NDI_SYSTYP NDI System Type CHAR 10    
125 NDM_ABC_ZONE Newspaper Designated Market Zone for ABC CHAR   
126 NDPROZ Change percentage rate period of duration NUMC   
127 NEGBL_KK Rule for Negative Postings CHAR   
128 NEGBU_KK Control Field for Negative Postings NUMC   
129 NEGKO_KK Rule for Negative Postings of Corrections CHAR   
130 NEGTEST Processing of negative values NUMC   
131 NEINTRAG Number of entry in land register NUMC   
132 NENNBEL Nominal load DEC 10 
133 NENNBELADM Nominal load CHAR 13    
134 NEO_ORDCAT IS-H: Order Category of External Order CHAR   
135 NEO_ORDTYP IS-H: Order Type of External Order CHAR   
136 NETALIVE Interval for graphic to respond NUMC   
137 NETAUTOCLS Mode for positioning frames during alignment CHAR   
138 NETAUTOPRT Mode for unbundling links CHAR   
139 NETBUTPOS Toolbox position CHAR   
140 NETCLCOLS Number of columns in cluster editor NUMC   
141 NETCLCOLWD Width of columns in cluster editor NUMC   
142 NETCLDELS Space between columns in frame editor NUMC   
143 NETCLUSPRO Frame group for network/hierarchy graphics CHAR 12    
144 NETCONMODE Mode when linking nodes CHAR   
145 NETDUPMODE Copying mode CHAR   
146 NETFLDKEY Field attributes ID CHAR   
147 NETFMTKEY Format attributes ID CHAR   
148 NETGRUPPE Group for sorting network profiles CHAR   
149 NETHLTKEY Name of color combination CHAR   
150 NETID Network identification CHAR   
151 NETINSMODE Mode when inserting nodes CHAR   
152 NETKANPROF Group for links in Network/Hierarchy Graphics CHAR 12    
153 NETKNOPROF Node group in Network/Hierarchy Graphics CHAR 12    
154 NETLAYORD Arrangement type from layout window CHAR   
155 NETLAYOUT Mode for aligning graph in network CHAR   
156 NETLAYSTL Style type in ordering window CHAR   
157 NETLEGEND Legend in network CHAR   
158 NETMARKND Marking type for nodes in network graphics CHAR   
159 NETMASTERV Drawing mode for the navigation window CHAR   
160 NETMODMODE Change mode CHAR   
161 NETMRKLINK Marking type for links CHAR   
162 NETNODELMS Time interval for status text display NUMC   
163 NETNODESZ Initial node size NUMC   
164 NETOBJTYPE Object type CHAR   
165 NETOFFSET Scrolling offset NUMC   
166 NETOPTPROF Profile for options CHAR 12    
167 NETPHNTBND Movement response of phantoms in network CHAR   
168 NETPORTSIZ Size of link symbols in 1/100 mm NUMC   
169 NETPRFGRUP Profile group (sort graphics profiles) CHAR   
170 NETPROF Profiles for network graphics CHAR 12    
171 NETROWCOL Number of lines or columns in cluster editor NUMC   
172 NETRPONLY Positioning only with Y coordinates CHAR   
173 NETSELOMOD Mode for object selection CHAR   
174 NETSELTMOD Mode for type selection CHAR   
175 NETSTUFE Limit on the number of networks (depth) in an overall netwk. NUMC   
176 NETTIMER Time interval NUMC   
177 NETTITLBOX Print/display header CHAR   
178 NETTRACKOP Path optimization in network graphics CHAR   
179 NETTYPE Type for identification of graphic objects CHAR   
180 NETUNQLKSY Positioning link symbols NUMC   
181 NETVALUE Net Value Amounts DEC 28 
182 NETXYPERCN Window division (percentage) NUMC   
183 NETYP Link category CHAR   
184 NETZ Network for postal shipping CHAR   
185 NETZKONT Indicator for the account assignment of a network(hdr/act.) CHAR   
186 NETZOOMFAC Zoom factor NUMC   
187 NETZPLAN Network number CHAR 12    
188 NEUTE Rescheduling of deliveries (<SPACE>, X, Y, A) CHAR   
189 NEUTOBJART IS-M: Object Type for Generation CHAR   
190 NEUTOBJEKT IS-PSD: Neutral object for generation CHAR 20    
191 NEUTOBJRTE IS-P: Route generation rule CHAR   
192 NEUTR Ind.: language-independent characteristic/value processing CHAR   
193 NEUTVARTYP IS-PSD: Neutral variant type for generation rule CHAR   
194 NEWS_BODY News Text LCHR 1024    
195 NEWS_CLIENT Client for news CLNT   
196 NEWS_DATE Date for news DATS   
197 NEWS_INT2 Int2 for news text INT2   
198 NEWS_LINE_TYPE news line type CHAR   
199 NEWS_MEMBER News Member CHAR 12    
200 NEWS_NUMMER Sort Number of News NUMC   
202 NEWS_TIME Time for news TIMS   
203 NEWS_TYPE News Type CHAR   
204 NEWS_UI_ID NEws UI-ID CHAR 32    
205 NEWWM Indicator: Open time ticket CHAR   
206 NEW_BANKDATA_KK Behavior with New Bank Details ID CHAR   
207 NEW_COND_MNT Selection: Condition lines handling (SD document change) CHAR   
208 NEW_INDEX Meter for new register relationship NUMC   
209 NEW_IS IS release CHAR 12    
210 NEW_SAP SAP release CHAR 10    
211 NEXKZ Pricing: Fill sales price fields of export struc. PESPR CHAR   
212 NEXT Next flag for navigation CHAR   
213 NEXTINT Rounding up of valuation quantity to next whole number CHAR   
214 NEXTSAMPLEDATE Next Sample Date DATS   
215 NFAM_LFDNR IS-H: serial number of the message NUMC   
216 NFELD Number of lines of master data text DEC 15    
217 NFICH Form name CHAR   
218 NFKEY IS-H/IS-H*MED: Function Key NUMC   
219 NFLURNR Title number from land register CHAR   
220 NFNUMBER_UTILITIES Nota Fiscal number for IS-U NUMC 14    
221 NFUML Quantity transfer factor for follow-up material DEC
222 NFVTYPE IS-H: Field Type CHAR   
223 NF_PARTNER_TYP Nota Fiscal Partner Type (SAP ECC) CHAR   
224 NICAT NI category (GB) CHAR   
225 NIELS Nielsen ID CHAR   
226 NIHC_ACIBAN International Account Number CHAR 35    
227 NIHC_AMNT Amount Field for Item CURR 17 
228 NIHC_EXRATE Exchange Rate DEC
229 NIHON Foreign Trade: Indicator: Import/Export NUMC   
230 NINOUTSIGN IS-HCM: Indicator inbound - outbound message(s) CHAR   
231 NINUM NI number CHAR   
232 NINVOICE Billing document WITHOUT invoicing CHAR   
233 NIPAY NI contribution DEC 11    
234 NISSE Company CA code NUMC 11    
235 NITF_ADM Permissibility of New Infotype Framework CHAR   
236 NIWE_PROZ Deval. threshold for lowest value NUMC   
237 NI_ADDR_TYPE Network Address Type INT4 10    
238 NI_BUFFER_STAT Buffer Status INT1   
239 NI_HOSTBUF_TYPE Host Buffer Entry Type CHAR   
240 NI_IPV4ADDR Address of Network Node (usually IPv4 address) CHAR 15    
241 NI_NODEADDR Address of Network Node (usually IP address) CHAR 45    
242 NI_NODEADDR_MASK Address of Network Node with Subnetwork Information CHAR 43    
243 NI_PROTO_FAM Network Protocol Family INT4 10    
244 NI_SERVNO Service Number (Port) INT2   
245 NKLV_DATKZ Name of file for the number range CHAR   
246 NKMOD Number range grouping code CHAR   
247 NKNUM Kanban calculation: Number assignment of new kanbans NUMC   
248 NKPRI Foreign Trade: Number Range Objects - Printing Documents CHAR 10    
249 NKSP_REFNR IS-H: Reference field IV item CHAR 20    
250 NLEIUP IS-H: Events for aligning NLEI with NBEW CHAR   
251 NLFZT Lead-time offset DEC   
252 NLGBNAS IS-H NL : Standardisierter Geburtsname CHAR   
253 NLISTBOX_TYPE IS-H: List Box Type (Screen or ALV Grid or ...) CHAR   
254 NLMAT Flag used in subsequent listing CHAR   
255 NLMATFB Flag used in subsequent listing CHAR   
256 NLNAME2 IS-H NL : Pseudonym, Ordensname CHAR   
257 NLNAMS IS-H NL : Standardisierter Nachname CHAR   
258 NLOCK Kanban Calculation: Locking of New Kanbans CHAR   
259 NLSBUCHN Realty number from land register NUMC   
260 NLS_BIDI Selection for Write Direction CHAR   
261 NLVORSW IS-H NL : Vorsilbe Name CHAR   
262 NMDIG_KK used characters NUMC   
263 NMEDIUM IS-HCM: Medium for data exchange (data carrier type) CHAR   
264 NMODAPPCAP IS-H/IS-H*MED: Number of Time Slots NUMC   
265 NMODDSPTYTXT IS-H/IS-H*MED: Modification of Scheduling Type Text CHAR 10    
266 NMODID IS-H/IS-H*MED: Modification ID NUMC 10    
267 NMODRMTXT IS-H/IS-H*MED: Time-Related Comment CHAR 50    
268 NMODTYP IS-H/IS-H*MED: Modification Type CHAR   
269 NMPRT_KK Number of Signs (+/-) DEC   
270 NMTOKEN Name Token STRG   
271 NM_MODE Domain for Mode. Subscription-Notification Manager CHAR   
272 NNUMC2 Two-Figure Number with Check on Interval 0-50 NUMC   
273 NOAP Reaction indicator for 'No organizational assignment' CHAR   
274 NOBJTY IS-H: Object Type CHAR   
275 NOCTYASSGN IS-H: Context Type-to-Object Type Assignment Type NUMC   
276 NODATA_BI No batch input exists for this field CHAR   
277 NODEDOM Domain name for node text CHAR 30    
278 NODEFUNC Node functions CHAR   
279 NODELEVEL Node level NUMC   
280 NODENAME Node name CHAR 30    
281 NODES Hierarchy Node CHAR 18    
282 NODETYPE Plant category / node type: DRP network CHAR   
283 NODE_KEY Node Key INT4 10    
284 NODE_PROF Graphical object selection CHAR 10    
285 NODE_TYPE Graphic object type in the planning table CHAR   
286 NODGUID Internal Node Number RAW 16    
287 NODIR21 DD: Inactive nametab and activation prog. do not rec. conv. CHAR   
288 NODIS Requirements record is not relevant for MRP CHAR   
289 NODISCONCT Reason for guarantee of supply CHAR   
290 NODISP_PLUS Ind.: Reservation relevance to materials planning (X/' '/N) CHAR   
291 NODNO Status Number NUMC   
292 NOLEAVE_COMP Do not account CHAR   
293 NOLST_KK Account balance: Output mode of data CHAR   
294 NOMEN Nomenclature NUMC   
295 NOMOD Ignore model CHAR   
296 NOMVF No selection of material variants CHAR   
297 NOMZI 3 places before the decimal point, 2 decimal places DEC
298 NOORYES Fixed values for yes or no CHAR   
299 NOPOSI No. of positions INT4 10    
300 NORET2SEND Flag: No return to sending system wanted CHAR   
301 NORM Norm for performance monitoring INT4 10    
302 NORMD Standardization of Release Date on Release Creation CHAR   
303 NORMDAT Characteristic data records norm data CHAR 50    
304 NORMT Industry standard description CHAR 18    
305 NORSETGLOB Global reset CHAR   
306 NOSELYEAR Choose year CHAR   
307 NOTADIROBJ Indicator for dependent development element CHAR   
308 NOTE_ADDTXT Additional text for notes CHAR 50    
309 NOTE_DYN_OBJTYPE Object type of dynamic note NUMC   
310 NOTE_LOC Note: Storage location CHAR   
311 NOTICE Information CHAR 40    
312 NOTIF_ACT_TYPE Activity Type for Notification Maintenance CHAR   
313 NOTIF_KEY Message Key CHAR 24    
314 NOTIF_TASK_ACT_TYPE Activity Type for Tasks in General Notifications CHAR   
315 NOTNULL Flag for handling NULL/NOT NULL fields CHAR   
316 NOTOL Deactivate tolerance check CHAR   
317 NOTPROT Unprotected Mode Permitted in Transaction MSINA CHAR   
318 NOT_ASS_OPER Non-assigned activities CHAR 40    
319 NOT_CURR Quotation for currency translation CHAR   
320 NOT_SEND_TICKET Do not send a ticket (at logon) CHAR   
321 NOWAB Indicator: Item not relevant for goods movements CHAR   
322 NO_ATP_CHECK Flag for deactivating ATP/requirements checks in document CHAR   
323 NO_AUSOP Number of output operants of a variant program NUMC   
324 NO_BUTTON Number of button within browser (max 4) NUMC   
325 NO_COLUMNS Number of columns NUMC   
326 NO_COUNT Number range statistics INT4 10    
327 NO_DISP_PLUS Relevancy to materials planning CHAR   
328 NO_EINOP Number of input operands of a variant program NUMC   
329 NO_EXTR Generation of Extract Suppressed CHAR   
330 NO_GUESTS Number of Additional Guests DEC   
331 NO_PARTNERS Number of Employees of Business Partners DEC   
333 NO_SERVICE_BUNDLING No Service Bundling Indicator CHAR   
334 NO_SESSION_MANAGEMENT ICF: Service: Usage / Generation of Security Sessions CHAR   
335 NO_SP No-Blocking Field CHAR   
336 NO_STAFF Number of Employees DEC   
337 NO_STATISTICS Deactivate Statistics Update CHAR   
338 NO_YES_FLAG Yes/no indicator (fixed values: Y and N) CHAR   
339 NO_ZOANADJ Selection: No price block adjustment CHAR   
340 NPARENTTYPE IS-H: Type of Container (Parent) CHAR   
341 NPART Type of guaranteed net amount CHAR   
342 NPERIO Number of calculation periods per acct settlement variant NUMC   
343 NPOOLTYPE_KK Check number lot: Number pool category CHAR   
344 NPRCHR IS-H: Preregistration Characteristic NUMC   
345 NPRGETRBY IS-H: Preregistration Initiated By CHAR   
346 NPRGNR IS-H: Preregistration Number CHAR 10    
347 NPSTLZ IS-PSD: New postal code, like PSTLZ but value table CHAR 10    
348 NPYFP No payment due as no employees or subcontractors paid CHAR   
349 NR3ACTION Log file action performed CHAR 30    
350 NR3DEVCL Development class that can be assigned to an application CHAR 30    
351 NR3DISTRUN Distribution run counter NUMC   
352 NR3FLAG Indicator CHAR   
353 NR3HIGH Auxiliary Structure for Translation CHAR 255    
354 NR3KEY Translation: Internal text key of a PC component CHAR 80    
355 NR3KEYWRD Keyword CHAR 32    
356 NR3LOW Auxiliary Structure for Translation CHAR 255    
357 NR3MAXLEN Translation: Max. length of a PC component text NUMC   
358 NR3MESSAGE Message CHAR 80    
359 NR3NAME32 NR3 Name CHAR 32    
360 NR3NAME4 NR3 Name CHAR   
361 NR3OPTION Auxiliary Structure for Translation CHAR   
362 NR3RUN Log file run performed CHAR 10    
363 NR3SECTN Section CHAR 32    
364 NR3SIGN Auxiliary Structure for Translation CHAR   
365 NR3STEP Counter NUMC   
366 NR3STRING Project information CHAR 60    
367 NR3SYSDESC Translation system RFC connection description CHAR 60    
368 NR3TLINE Translation: PC component text line CHAR 132    
369 NR3TNAME Technical name CHAR 255    
370 NR3TXT Text CHAR 255    
371 NR3VALUE Value CHAR 255    
372 NRA1OWN Abteilung 1, lfd. Nummer der Eintragung CHAR   
373 NRABT1 Number of land register section 1 NUMC   
374 NRABT2 Number of land register section 2 NUMC   
375 NRABT3 Number of land register section 3 NUMC   
376 NRAEN Sequential change number NUMC   
377 NRAKZ Assignment of repayment balance - monthly claim CHAR   
378 NRANG Rank in section 3 of land register NUMC   
379 NRART Type of partner number CHAR   
380 NRBEL Index: Document number CHAR   
381 NRBVV HR-DSV: Co. No. for Suppl. Insurance for Bank Employees CHAR   
382 NRDARLEH No. of loan NUMC 12    
383 NRELE2 Test number ranges CHAR   
384 NRELE4 Test no. ranges, 4 figure group elements CHAR   
385 NRELEMTEXT Element text CHAR 60    
386 NRELETEST2 Test no. ranges, test case 2 CHAR   
387 NRELETEST3 Test no. ranges, test case 3 CHAR   
388 NRELETEST4 Test no. ranges, 4 figure group elements CHAR   
389 NRELETEST5 Test no. ranges, test case 5 CHAR   
390 NRELETEST6 Test no. ranges, test case 6 CHAR   
391 NRELETEST7 Test no. ranges, 4 figure group elements CHAR   
392 NRELETEST8 Number Range Test, Four-Figure Group Elements CHAR   
393 NREMFIN Number of Recipient Determination CHAR   
394 NRFHG Material qualifies for discount in kind CHAR   
395 NRGEW Indicates whether free goods are granted CHAR   
396 NRLEVEL Number range status CHAR 20    
397 NROBJ Name of number range object CHAR 10    
398 NROFFSET Offset DEC   
399 NRPERC Critical area for number range assignment DEC
400 NRPERC5 Number Range: Percentage DEC 5, Two Decimal Places DEC
401 NRPOS Current item number CHAR   
402 NRRANGE Number Range CHAR   
403 NRRANGE_M_KK Number Range for Parallel Mass Processing CHAR   
404 NRRANGE_S_KK Number Range for Individual Processing CHAR   
405 NRSORTK Sort criterium number CHAR   
406 NRTABIX Index of incorrect line DEC   
407 NRWTE Value determination no. CHAR   
408 NRZAA_KK Refund request number CHAR 10    
409 NRZAS_CA Payment Form Number CHAR 12    
410 NRZAS_KK Payment form number CHAR 12    
411 NRZLG HR: Supplementary Pension Public Sector: License No. (VBL) CHAR   
412 NR_DOMWNTIME Number range for downtime NUMC 10    
413 NR_OF_DAYS number of days NUMC   
414 NR_PROJECT Project number for SAP partner CHAR   
415 NR_PROJTXT Empty text for projects of SAP partners CHAR 60    
416 NR_RESPONS Project manager (SAP partner) CHAR 12    
417 NR_TAB_ENT Number of entries in a table INT4 10    
418 NSECO Duration in seconds DEC 10    
419 NSELID IS-H: Selektionsschema CHAR   
420 NSGNR IS-HCM: Message segment number CHAR   
421 NSP_TEXT Text (CHAR 60) CHAR 60    
422 NS_CL Characters CHAR   
423 NTABL HR: Comp. 709: Table name CHAR 30    
424 NTABLONG Long nametab field RAW   
425 NTABSHORT Short nametab field RAW   
426 NTB_BUTT IS-H / IS-H*MED: Function display (toolbar / pushbutton) CHAR   
427 NTEMPB Standard temperature DEC
428 NTEXT255 IS-H: Text 255 Characters CHAR 255    
429 NTEXTMODULE_ID IS-H: Text Module (SAPScript) - ID CHAR   
430 NTFACT Factor for foreign currency translation DEC   
431 NTGEW_VEKP_C Loading Weight of Handling Unit CHAR 19    
432 NTNR IS-HCM: Message type number CHAR   
433 NTOWNERCDE IS-HCM Owner ID message type CHAR   
434 NTSTAT IS-HCM: Message type status CHAR   
435 NTSTD IS-HCM Standard message CHAR   
436 NTVER IS-HCM Version of message type CHAR   
437 NTVERSION Nametab version CHAR   
438 NTVOL_VEKP_C Loading volume of handling unit CHAR 19    
439 NUM01 Numeric Field, Length 1 NUMC   
440 NUM02 Numerical field (length 2) NUMC   
441 NUM03 Numerical field length 3 NUMC   
442 NUM04 Number NUMC   
443 NUM05 Numeric field length 5 NUMC   
444 NUM06 Numerical Field (6 Digits) NUMC   
445 NUM07 Numeric field length 7 NUMC   
446 NUM08 Numerical field, length 8 without check NUMC   
447 NUM1 1-character numeric fields without check NUMC   
448 NUM10 Numeric field length 10 NUMC 10    
449 NUM11 Numeric field length 11 NUMC 11    
450 NUM12 Numeric field length 12 NUMC 12    
451 NUM13 Numeric value length 13 NUMC 13    
452 NUM14 Numeric field length 14 NUMC 14    
453 NUM15 Numeric field length 15 NUMC 15    
454 NUM16 Numeric field length 16 NUMC 16    
455 NUM17 Numeric field length 17 NUMC 17    
456 NUM18 Numeric field length 18 NUMC 18    
457 NUM19 Numeric field length 19 NUMC 19    
458 NUM1_01 Flag with values 0 and 1 NUMC   
459 NUM1_13 Flag with values 1 to 3 CHAR   
460 NUM2 Two-digit numeric value NUMC   
461 NUM20 Numeric field length 20 NUMC 20    
462 NUM21 21 digit numerical field without check NUMC 21    
463 NUM22 22 digit numerical field without check NUMC 22    
464 NUM23 23 digit numerical field without check NUMC 23    
465 NUM24 Numeriacally 24 items NUMC 24    
466 NUM25 25 digit numerical field without check NUMC 25    
467 NUM26 26 digit numerical field without check NUMC 26    
468 NUM27 27 digit numerical field without check NUMC 27    
469 NUM28 28 digit numerical field without check NUMC 28    
470 NUM29 29 digit numerical field without check NUMC 29    
471 NUM2_DI Number of participants CHAR   
472 NUM3 Three-digit numerical value NUMC   
473 NUM30 30 digit numerical field without check NUMC 30    
474 NUM31 31 digit numerical field without check NUMC 31    
475 NUM32 32 digit numerical field without check NUMC 32    
476 NUM4 Numeric field length 4 NUMC   
477 NUM5 Numeric field length 5 NUMC   
478 NUM6 Numeric field length 6 NUMC   
479 NUM7 Numeric field length 7 NUMC   
480 NUM8 Eight-digit numeric value NUMC   
481 NUM9 9-digit numerical value NUMC   
482 NUMART Numbering method in a street NUMC   
483 NUMBE Unique number CHAR 32    
484 NUMBERBYTE Number of bytes NUMC 15    
485 NUMBER_ASSIGNM Number Assignment Price Group Category CHAR   
486 NUMBR Version number: Cluster TE INT1   
487 NUMB_CHAIN Processing Priority for Hierarchy Chain of Contexts NUMC   
488 NUMB_PR_CH Number of Price Changes NUMC   
489 NUMB_TYPE IS-M/SD: Numbering type NUMC   
490 NUMC Defined for data element NUMC: Test NUMC   
491 NUMC01 Numerical field (length 1) NUMC   
492 NUMC015 Numeric with 15 places NUMC 15    
493 NUMC02 2-digit numeric field without check NUMC   
494 NUMC03 Numerical field (length 3) NUMC   
495 NUMC04 Numerical field (length 4) NUMC   
496 NUMC05 Numerical field (length 5) NUMC   
497 NUMC06 Numerical field (length 6) NUMC   
498 NUMC07 Numerical field (length 7) NUMC   
499 NUMC08 Numerical field (length 8) NUMC   
500 NUMC09 Numerical field (length 9) NUMC