SAP ABAP Domain NEGBU_KK (Control Field for Negative Postings)
FI-CA (Software Component) FI-CA
   FI-CA (Application Component) Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
     FKKB (Package) Contract A/R & A/P: Central Objects
Basic Data
Domain Name NEGBU_KK
Short Description Control Field for Negative Postings  
Data Type NUMC Character string with only digits
No. Characters  
Decimal Places    
Output Length  
Conversion Routine   
Lower Case  
Value Range
# Lower Limit Upper Limit Short Description
1 0     No Negative Posting
2 1     Negative Posting
3 2     Negative Clearing
4 3     Negative Posting + Clearing
5 4     Negative Clearing Required
6 5     Negative Posting + Clearing Required
7 6     Negative Clearing Required + Posted
8 7     Negative Posting + Clearing Required + Posted
Last changed by/on SAP  20050223 
SAP Release Created in 472