SAP ABAP Application Component FI-CA (Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable)
Basic Data
Application Component I210007300  
Application Component ID FI-CA  
Short Description   Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable  
First Release Date 19970123 
First Release   30E 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
FI-CA-BF Basic Functions  I210007301 
FI-CA-BF-AD Account Balance Display  I210007330 
FI-CA-BF-BP Business Partner  I210007302 
FI-CA-BF-CA Contract Accounts  I210007303 
FI-CA-BF-CR Correspondence  I210007306 
FI-CA-BF-DP Postings and documents  I210007304 
FI-CA-BF-OI Open Item Management  I210007305 
FI-CA-BF-PW Print workbench  I110004804 
FI-CA-BT Business transactions  I210007307 
FI-CA-BT-CC Customer Contact  I110004872 
FI-CA-BT-CF Control functions  I210007320 
FI-CA-BT-DC Debit Entries and Credit Memos  I210007308 
FI-CA-BT-DI Deferral and Installment Plans  I210007317 
FI-CA-BT-DU Dunning Notices  I210007313 
FI-CA-BT-IC Interest Calculation  I210007314 
FI-CA-BT-IC Item interest calculation  I210007315 
FI-CA-BT-IC Account Balance Interest Calculation  I210007316 
FI-CA-BT-PY Payments  I210007309 
FI-CA-BT-PY-CP Incoming/Outgoing Payment Creation  I210007311 
FI-CA-BT-PY-PP Processing Incoming and Outgoing Payments  I210007310 
FI-CA-BT-RE Returns  I210007312 
FI-CA-BT-SE Security Deposits  I500000021 
FI-CA-BT-TP Transfer  I210007319 
FI-CA-BT-WO Write-Offs  I210007318 
FI-CA-CL Closing Operations  I210007325 
FI-CA-CL-DE Deferred Revenue Postings  I500000171 
FI-CA-CL-DR Doubtful receivables  I210007327 
FI-CA-CL-FC Foreign Currency Valuation  I210007326 
FI-CA-CL-RE Reclassifications  I210007328 
FI-CA-IN Integration  I210007321 
FI-CA-IN-CM Cash Management  I210007323 
FI-CA-IN-CO Controlling  I210007324 
FI-CA-IN-CR SAP Credit Management  KK49000011 
FI-CA-IN-FM Funds Management  I500000270 
FI-CA-IN-GL General Ledger Accounting  I210007322 
FI-CA-IN-RE Real Estate Management  KK49000021 
FI-CA-IN-SD Sales and Distribution  I500000121 
FI-CA-INV Invoicing to Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable  ANI1000001 
FI-CA-IS Information System  I210007329 
FI-CAX Generic Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable  KK47000001 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
EEREV_REP Sales Tax Reporting 
EWU_FICA EURO Conversion in FI-CA 
FI-CA Structure Package for FI-CA 
FKJO Tools for Synchronized and Normal Jobs 
FKKB Contract A/R & A/P: Central Objects 
FKKBW FI-CA: BW Extraction 
FKKB_DM Contract Accts Receivable and Payable - Dispute Management 
FKKC Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable: Correspondence 
FKKCONREP Contract Reporting 
FKKEF Funds Commitments in Contract Accounts Receivable + Payable 
FKKFMCHK Funds Management Checks/Derivations in FI-CA 
FKKH FI-CA: Application Components 
FKKIDOC Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable: IDoc Interface 
FKKLOCK Business Locks in FI-CA 
FKKMDC Request for Master Data Changes 
FKKOI FI-CA: Outbound Interface for GPART Items 
FKKOO FI-CA Programming Model - General 
FKKS Mass Contract Invoicing: Service Functions 
FKKTHP Convergent Billing 
FKKTOOLS FI-CA Tools (Application Basis) 
FKKXI FI-CA: XI Interface (Proxies and Mappings) 
FKKXI_SE Contract A/R & A/P: Central Objects 
FKK_ID_AR FI-CA localisation Argentina 
FKK_ID_BE FI-CA localization: Belgium 
FKK_ID_BR FI-CA: Country specific development (Brazil) 
FKK_ID_CH FI-CA localisation Switzerland 
FKK_ID_DK Denmark FI-CA localization 
FKK_ID_ES FI-CA localization: package for Spain 
FKK_ID_FI Finland FI-CA localization 
FKK_ID_GB FI-CA localization UK 
FKK_ID_HU FI-CA Localization Hungary 
FKK_ID_IT FI-CA localization Italy 
FKK_ID_JP FI-CA localisation Japan 
FKK_ID_MX FI-CA localisation Mexico 
FKK_ID_NO FI-CA Localization Norway 
FKK_ID_PT FI-CA localisation Portugal 
FKK_ID_PT_ODN FI-CA Localization Portugal - ODN 
FKK_ID_PT_SAFT FI-CA Localization Portugal - SAF-T 
FKK_ID_PT_SIGN FI-CA Localization Portugal - Digital Signature 
FKK_ID_RU FI-CA country specific development for Russia 
FKK_ID_SE Sweden FI-CA localization 
FKK_ID_US FI-CA localisation USA 
FKK_ID_XX FI-CA Localization Cross-Country 
FKK_INTDEV FI-CA: Country specific development 
FKK_ORDER Requests 
FKK_SUPPORT Contract A/R & A/P: Central Objects 
IBSPI_RFC Manage Plug-In RFC Destination for Development Purposes 
RE_XA_BD Real Estate Business Transactions in Contract AP/AR 
RE_XA_FC Real Estate Master Data/Customizing in Contract AP/AR 
U107 Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable 
Software Component FI-CA  FI-CA 
SAP Release Created in