SAP ABAP Domain - Index N, page 2
Domain - N
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
2 N1ME_STRGTHDOS IS-H*MED: Medication, Order - Dose Type CHAR   
3 N1ME_TEXT_60 IS-H*MED: Text 60 Characters with Small Letters CHAR 60    
4 N1ME_TEXT_80 IS-H*MED: Text 80 Characters with Small Letters CHAR 80    
5 N1ME_THCLD IS-H*MED: Therapeutic Class - Description CHAR 60    
6 N1ME_THCLID IS-H*MED: Internal Therapeutic Class CHAR 15    
7 N1ME_TIMEDIFF IS-H*MED: Medication - Time Difference in Hours/Minutes DEC 11    
8 N1ME_TIMSEN IS-H*MED: Time-Sensitive Drug CHAR   
9 N1ME_TMPL_FUNC IS-H*MED: Medication; Template Functions for Authorizations CHAR   
10 N1ME_TPDRUGID IS-H*MED: Medication, Template - Drug ID NUMC 10    
11 N1ME_TPGID IS-H*MED: Template Group Identification CHAR 10    
12 N1ME_TPGID_NUMC IS-H*MED: Template Group Identification (NUMC Field) NUMC 10    
13 N1ME_TPGTX IS-H*MED: Template Groupe - Short Name CHAR 20    
14 N1ME_TPID IS-H*MED: Template Identification CHAR 10    
15 N1ME_TPID_NUMC IS-H*MED: Medication; Template ID NUMC 10    
16 N1ME_TPORATEID IS-H*MED: Medication, Order Flow Rate ID NUMC 10    
17 N1ME_TPTX IS-H*MED: Template Name CHAR 20    
18 N1ME_UNIT IS-H*MED: Medication, Order - Unit of Measurement UNIT   
19 N1ME_UNIT_EXT IS-H*MED: Medication; Unit (External Code) CHAR   
20 N1ME_URL IS-H*MED: URL CHAR 255    
21 N1MGDLMOL Gesamtbilirubin CHAR   
22 N1MMGHKPA Einheiten CHAR   
23 N1MMHGKPA Einheiten CHAR   
24 N1MODCOMMENT IS-H/IS-H*MED: Day Comment CHAR 50    
25 N1MODE IS-H*MED: Call mode CHAR   
26 N1MONAT IS-H*MED: Calender month CHAR   
27 N1MOTOREAK Motorische Reaktion CHAR   
28 N1MPRIO IS-H*MED: Priority for Medication NUMC   
29 N1MSTID IS-H*MED: Medication Status (Internal Display) NUMC   
30 N1M_INSPIR Inspiratorische Sauerstoffkonzentration CHAR   
31 N1N001 Character field with digits only, length 1 NUMC   
32 N1N002 Character field only with digits, length 2 NUMC   
33 N1N003 Character field with digits only, length 3 NUMC   
34 N1N004 Character field with digits only, length 4 NUMC   
35 N1N008 Character field only with digits, length 8 NUMC   
36 N1NBRLINES_CHECK_TYPE IS-H*MED: Type of Check Number of Selected Rows Allowed CHAR   
37 N1NDAUER IS-H*MED: Clean-up time NUMC   
38 N1NODEKEY IS-H*MED: Unique Node in the Tree CHAR 12    
39 N1NRDAYS IS-H*MED: Number of Days Displayed NUMC   
40 N1NUMSP IS-H*MED: Domain for Numeric Values or Space CHAR   
41 N1OBJECT IS-H*MED: Object for which information is displayed CHAR   
42 N1OBJID Object ID in IS-H*MED CHAR 40    
43 N1OBJKE Object ID CHAR   
44 N1OBJTX Object text CHAR 30    
45 N1OBL_TDOK IS-H*MED: Technical Document Mandatory CHAR   
46 N1OB_TYP IS-H*MED: Object field (domains) CHAR 10    
47 N1ORGAN_DE IS-H*MED: Description of an organ CHAR   
48 N1OTYP IS-H*MED: Object Type for Cycles NUMC   
49 N1PACSSTAT IS-H*MED: Examination status for PACS CHAR   
50 N1PARAMETER_TYPE IS-H/IS-H*MED: Parameter Type for Functions CHAR   
51 N1PARID Name of OU Parameter (ALWAYS sort!) CHAR 10    
52 N1PATEIN1 IS-H*MED: Domains for "Patient consent" (movement data) CHAR   
53 N1PATEIN2 IS-H*MED: Domains for "Patient consent" (master data) CHAR   
54 N1PCNUM IS-H*MED: Code for the Palm-PC CHAR 50    
55 N1PDANMANRI PERINAT: Values for anamn. risks (catalog A) CHAR   
57 N1PDANMFS PERINAT: Spouse/partner / single CHAR   
58 N1PDANMIMMU PERINAT: Values for rubella immunity CHAR   
60 N1PDANMRIMP PERINAT: Pregnancy risks acc. to preg. reg. log CHAR   
61 N1PDASSARI PERINAT: Risk (code) CHAR   
63 N1PDASSITKD PERINAT: i.v. tocolysis duration in days NUMC   
64 N1PDAZGANAE PERINAT: Anesthesia types for the birth CHAR   
66 N1PDAZGCTG1 PERINAT: Values for CTG - internal, external, none CHAR   
67 N1PDAZGGGPL PERINAT: Birth planned in ... CHAR   
68 N1PDAZGGIND PERINAT: Indication for labor induction CHAR   
70 N1PDAZGMM PERINAT: Cervical os width at admission in cm NUMC   
71 N1PDCYPHER Perinat: Chiffriercode für die BQS-Exportateien CHAR 10    
72 N1PDDKIABGSEC PERINAT: Perioperative Antibiotikaprophylaxe (Sectio) NUMC   
73 N1PDDKIANTIBIOT PERINAT: Zeitpunkt erste Antibiotika-Gabe NUMC   
76 N1PDDKIBLRD PERINAT: Amniorrhexis spontan./premature/instrum. CHAR   
77 N1PDDKIFRRD PERINAT: Amniotic fluid clear/green/sanguine CHAR   
79 N1PDDKIHEJN PERINAT: Mid-wife yes/no/external CHAR   
80 N1PDDKIKOUM PERINAT: Head circumference DEC
82 N1PDDKIOPPA PERINAT: Training of OR assistant CHAR   
84 N1PDDKIZPABGA PERINAT: Zeitpunkt erste Antibiotika-Gabe CHAR   
85 N1PDDKSSTAOBJ PERINAT: Objekt für Statistik-Abgrenzung (Domäne) CHAR 10    
86 N1PDDKSSTATYP PERINAT: Typ eines Abgrenzungs-Intervalls (Domäne) CHAR   
87 N1PDEKIENWO PERINAT: Discharge from obstetric/pediatric clinic CHAR   
88 N1PDEKIERKR PERINAT: Illnesses of child CHAR   
89 N1PDEKIERNA PERINAT: Feeding breast-feeding complete/partial/not CHAR   
90 N1PDEKIFBID PERINAT: Internal code for malformations CHAR   
91 N1PDEKIICD9 PERINAT: Illnesses of child CHAR 10    
92 N1PDEKIVEKL PERINAT: Transferred to clinic NUMC   
93 N1PDEKIVEKLW PERINAT: Pediatric clinic (code) CHAR   
94 N1PDEKIVERG PERINAT: Reasons for transfer CHAR   
95 N1PDELMEA PERINAT: Sent home/expired CHAR   
96 N1PDELMEPI PERINAT: o.B./Sekundärh. CHAR   
97 N1PDELMMAM PERINAT: Breasts lactating/ablactated CHAR   
98 N1PDGEBST PERINAT: Birth status CHAR   
99 N1PDGKIABGSEC PERINAT: Perioperative Antibiotikaprophylaxe (Sectio) CHAR   
100 N1PDGKIEPI PERINAT: Values for episiotomy CHAR   
101 N1PDGKIGEBM PERINAT: Birth mode - spontaneous and all others CHAR   
102 N1PDGKIGM PERINATAL: Type of birth CHAR   
103 N1PDGKIGM_VS IS-H*MED: Perinatal: Type of birth - vaginal / C-section CHAR   
104 N1PDGKIGPOC PERINAT: Labor position CHAR   
105 N1PDGKIGRIS PERINAT: Birth risks CHAR   
106 N1PDGKIGVC PERINAT: Birth injuries (code) CHAR   
107 N1PDGKIGVL PERINAT: Birth injuries none/yes CHAR   
109 N1PDGKIKL PERINATAL: Fetal presentations (possible entries) CHAR   
110 N1PDGKIKLAG PERINAT: Birth presentation CHAR   
111 N1PDGKIPP PERINAT: Placental complications CHAR   
112 N1PDKATB PERINAT: Special findings in the course of pregnancy CHAR   
113 N1PDKATD PERINAT: Causes of death CHAR   
114 N1PDKLINIKNR Perinatal: Clinic Number for Data Carrier (3-digit) NUMC   
115 N1PDNATBEZ PERINAT: Text with length 50 CHAR 50    
116 N1PDNATION PERINAT: Value with nationality key CHAR   
117 N1PDNBERUF PERINAT: Table for occupation CHAR   
118 N1PDPBDFBC PERINAT: Malformations - prenatal CHAR   
119 N1PDPNDDIIC PERINAT: Indications for Doppler sonography CHAR   
120 N1PDPNDDRIC PERINAT: Risks with path. Doppler findings CHAR   
121 N1PDPNDEUSW PERINAT: PRG (PREG) from the first ultrasound examination NUMC   
122 N1PDPNDEUW PERINAT: PRG of the first examination NUMC   
123 N1PDPNDSEIN PERINAT: Indications for Doppler sonography CHAR   
124 N1PDPNDUSA PERINAT: Number of ultrasound examinations NUMC   
125 N1PDPNDVUA PERINAT: Number of preventive medical examinations NUMC   
126 N1PDROLLE PERINAT: Roll of the person CHAR   
127 N1PDSIGN Perinat: Kennzeichen für Unterschriftenspalte CHAR   
128 N1PDSQSBERU PERINAT: Occupation of mother acc. to SQS (Germany) CHAR   
129 N1PDSQSGM PERINAT: Indication for OR delivery acc. to SQS (Germany) CHAR   
130 N1PDSQSGPOS PERINAT: Delivery position acc. to SQS (Germany) CHAR   
131 N1PDSQSGV PERINAT: Birth injuries acc. to SQS (Germany) CHAR   
132 N1PDSQSLAGE PERINAT: Birth presentation acc. to SQS (Germany) CHAR   
133 N1PDSQSNAT PERINAT: Nations for perinat. acc. to SQS (Germany) CHAR   
135 N1PDSTATUSGEBNR PERINAT: Domains for the perinat. birth number CHAR   
136 N1PDTIME PERINAT: Time at start of contractions TIMS   
137 N1PDUR IS-H*MED: Medication, Planned Duration NUMC   
138 N1PD_BEX PERINAT: Blood Gas Analysis BE (Fetal Blood) DECV2.1 DEC
139 N1PD_NO_YES PERINATAL: no yes characteristic CHAR   
140 N1PD_YES_NO PERINAT: Domain yes/no CHAR   
141 N1PERIOD IS-H*MED: Domains for Defined Period DEC
142 N1PF_CHAR30 ISHMED: Character Field Length 30, for Nursing Short Text CHAR 30    
143 N1PF_CHAR80 ISHMED: Character Field Length 80, for Nursing Short Text CHAR 80    
144 N1PGMODE IS-H*MED: Planning Grid Mode CHAR   
145 N1PLAKZ IS-H*MED: Planning Authority Indicator CHAR   
146 N1PLANS Position Key NUMC   
147 N1PLDTE Planned duration of appointment (minutes) NUMC   
148 N1PLFDNR IS-H*MED: Sequential number of parameter NUMC   
149 N1PLGRMODE IS-H*MED: Planning Grid Call CHAR   
150 N1PLNRASTER IS-H*MED: Plng. interval constant for pln.objects in minutes INT4 10    
151 N1PLSICHT IS-H*MED: Views of OR planning CHAR   
152 N1PLVISFCT IS-H*MED: Planning Function for Visit Appointments CHAR   
153 N1PMERG IS-H*MED: Comments for the Medication Event CHAR 10    
155 N1POBKLCD IS-H*MED: Code for Planning Object Class CHAR 10    
156 N1POBKLT1 IS-H*MED: Description of a Planning Object Class CHAR 10    
157 N1POBKLT2 IS-H*MED: Description of Planning Object Class 2 CHAR 20    
158 N1POBTYP IS-H*MED: Type of Planning Object CHAR   
159 N1POCLASS IS-H*MED: Class Name CHAR 30    
160 N1PODESIGN IS-H*MED: Design of Patient Organizer CHAR   
161 N1PODISPID IS-H*Med: Key for Display Classes (Patient Organizer) CHAR 10    
162 N1PODISPTXT IS-H*MED: Display Class Description Text CHAR 50    
163 N1POLFDNR IS-H*Med: Key for the Red. Structure of Patient Org. NUMC 15    
164 N1POMODE IS-H*MED: Design of Patient Organizer CHAR   
165 N1POOBJCLASS Object Type Classifications of the Object Types NUMC   
166 N1POOBJID IS-H*MED: Key for Object Types (Patient Organizer) CHAR 10    
167 N1POOBJTTEXTSHORT IS-H*MED: Shrt Text Object Type Description Progress Display CHAR 20    
168 N1POOBJTXT IS-H*MED: Object Type Description Text CHAR 50    
169 N1POSNR IS-H: Item Number NUMC   
170 N1PO_SERVICES IS-H*MED PO: Code for Services STRG   
171 N1PO_SPLITTER_POSITION IS-H*MED: Patient Organizer Splitter Positions CHAR   
172 N1PRERRENT IS-H*MED: PATREG: Daten des nicht verbuchb. Eintr. (Domäne) CHAR 220    
173 N1PRERRKEY IS-H*MED: PATREG: Key des nicht verbuchb. Eintrages (Domäne) CHAR 56    
174 N1PRERRLN IS-H*MED: PATREG: Lfd. Nr. der fehlerh. Transaktion (Domäne) CHAR 10    
175 N1PRFUNC IS-H*MED: PATREG: Funktionskürzel CHAR   
176 N1PRG IS-H*MED: Program CHAR   
177 N1PRGAUSPR IS-H: Clinical Order Attributes CHAR   
178 N1PRIOE IS-H*MED: Request priority CHAR   
179 N1PRLGTXT IS-H*MED: PATREG: Name des Teilnehmers im Verbund CHAR 25    
180 N1PRMANDTLOC IS-H*MED: PATREG: Mandant der lokalen Installation CHAR   
181 N1PRMANDTPRG IS-H*MED: PATREG: Mandant am PatReg.-Server (Domäne) CHAR   
182 N1PRMITNAM IS-H*MED: PATREG: Kurzname des Geschäftspartners CHAR 12    
183 N1PRPATID IS-H*MED: PATREG: Patienten ID CHAR 10    
184 N1PRPATIDENT IS-H*MED: PATREG: Patientenzuordnungskennzeichen (Domäne) CHAR   
185 N1PRPLAID IS-H*MED: PLAID: Day-Related Planning Authority NUMC 10    
186 N1PRPNAME IS-H*MED: PATREG: Vor- Nachname des Patienten CHAR 60    
188 N1PRTABNAM IS-H*MED: PATREG: Tabellenname CHAR 30    
189 N1PRTABNAME IS-H*MED: PATREG: Name der Tabelle CHAR 15    
190 N1PRTLNRID IS-H*MED: PATREG: Patienten ID CHAR 10    
191 N1PTINT IS-H: Description of Scheduling Type for Inpatient Appts CHAR 15    
192 N1QUALI Qualification key NUMC   
193 N1RB_ED_ID IS-H*med: Radio Button - Every Day or Day Interval CHAR   
194 N1REFANZ IS-H*MED: Prescribed Amount DEC 10 
195 N1REFANZAB IS-H*MED: Prescribed Amount - Evening DEC 10 
196 N1REFANZMI IS-H*MED: Prescribed Amount - Noon DEC 10 
197 N1REFANZMO IS-H*MED: Prescribed Amount - Morning DEC 10 
198 N1REFANZNA IS-H*MED: Prescribed Amount - Night DEC 10 
199 N1REFANZVA IS-H*MED: Dispensed Amount (Factor for MEREEF) DEC 10 
200 N1REFANZVO IS-H*MED: Ordered Amount (Factor for MEREF) DEC 10 
201 N1REFEH IS-H*MED: Unit for RefAmt and Vol UNIT   
202 N1REFME IS-H*MED: Numerical Size of the Reference DEC 10 
203 N1REFRESH IS-H*MED: Updating Data NUMC   
204 N1REIKZ Row indicator CHAR   
205 N1REQCOMPID IS-H: Identification of a Request in Clinical Order NUMC   
206 N1REQCOMPNR IS-H: Request Number in Clinical Order CHAR   
207 N1REQTYPE IS-H*MED: Type of Request CHAR   
208 N1RLST_STATINT IS-H*MED: Release Status (Internal) NUMC   
209 N1ROLZUOTYP IS-H*MED: Type of Role Assignment IS-H <-> IS-H*MED CHAR   
210 N1ROUTING IS-H*MED: Routing Task Number NUMC 10    
211 N1ROUTINGNR IS-H*MED: Routing Number NUMC 10    
212 N1ROUTYP Routing Type CHAR   
213 N1RP IS-H*MED: Domains for the Field X-Ray Pass CHAR   
214 N1RSCAT IS-H*MED: Medical Indicator for Risk Factors CHAR   
215 N1SAPS2SCO SAPSII Score CHAR 14    
216 N1SART321 IS-H: Record type (§321) CHAR   
217 N1SCHWANGER IS-H*MED: Indicator whether Patient Is Pregnant CHAR   
218 N1SCORE AIS Score NUMC   
219 N1SCORET28 Score CHAR   
220 N1SEQNR IS-H*MED: Sequence Number NUMC   
221 N1SERUMKRE Kreatinin CHAR   
222 N1SINDIK SI-Indikator CHAR   
224 N1SKALA IS-H*MED: Time period NUMC   
225 N1SLFDNR IS-H*MED: Sequential number of service within the level INT4 10    
226 N1SM IS-H*MED: Domains for Pacemaker Field CHAR   
227 N1SORT IS-H*MED: Sorting for the care unit list CHAR   
228 N1STATE Appointment status CHAR   
229 N1STA_LSMA IS-H: service status ('X' = planned, ' ' = actual) CHAR   
230 N1STFBEZ IS-H*MED: Substance Description CHAR 100    
231 N1STFID IS-H*MED: Identification of a Substance NUMC   
232 N1STFTYPBEZ IS-H*MED: Substance Type Description CHAR 50    
233 N1STFTYPID IS-H*MED: Identification of a Substance Type CHAR   
234 N1STIME IS-H*MED: Shift time TIMS   
235 N1STOID IS-H: Reason for Cancellation CHAR   
236 N1ST_TWARD IS-H: Status conditions for care unit list CHAR   
237 N1SUBSCRBF IS-H*MED: Specify subscreens for treatment CHAR   
238 N1SWEITE IS-H*MED: Increment CHAR 20    
239 N1SYMBOL IS-H*MED: Graphic Symbol NUMC   
240 N1SYSTOL Systolischer arterieller Blutdruck NUMC   
241 N1SYSTOLBLUT Systolischer arterieller Blutdruck CHAR   
242 N1TABIDX IS-H*MED: Index of an internal table INT4 10    
243 N1TAGID IS-H*MED: Unique ID of the Control Element NUMC 10    
244 N1TC_CLASSIFICATION Classification of Matrix Assignment CHAR   
245 N1TC_COMPONENT Active Component for Check CHAR   
246 N1TC_DAYS_APPL Treatment Contract - Application Period in Days NUMC   
247 N1TC_DAYS_EXT Treatment Contract - Follow-Up Time in Days NUMC   
248 N1TC_LOGTEXT Information for Logging Access CHAR 80    
249 N1TC_OBJECT_TYPE Object Which Was Edited Using Treatment Contract CHAR 20    
250 N1TC_OU_RESP Jurisdiction of OUs CHAR 30    
251 N1TC_OU_RESP_TEXT Name of OU Jurisdiction CHAR 50    
252 N1TC_OU_RESP_TYPE Type of Treatment Contract CHAR   
253 N1TC_REASON Reason for Application SSTR 255    
254 N1TC_REQ_TYPE Request Type CHAR   
255 N1TC_SECURITY_LEVEL Treatment Authorization Security Level CHAR   
256 N1TC_TASK_DESC Procedure in Treatment Order Test CHAR 50    
257 N1TC_TYPE Type of Treatment Contract CHAR   
258 N1TEAM IS-H*MED: Employees Involved CHAR 200    
259 N1TERDT Date of Appointment (Scheduled, Desired Date) CHAR 10    
260 N1TERZT Appointment Time CHAR   
261 N1TEXT IS-H*MED: Help Text for a Control Element of a Control CHAR 220    
262 N1TEXT1 IS-H*MED: Comment for an Appointment / Movement CHAR 255    
263 N1TEXTFELD Textfeld TRISS CHAR 40    
264 N1THERSID IS-H*MED: ID of Therapeutic Scheme CHAR 10    
265 N1THROMBO Blutbild Thrombozyten CHAR   
266 N1TIME IS-H*MED: Export Time of the Service TIMS   
267 N1TMNSTR IS-H*MED: Appointment string CHAR 20    
268 N1TP IS-H*MED: PG - Variant Is Used in Appointment Planning CHAR   
269 N1TPA Transport types (internal) NUMC   
270 N1TPAE IS-H*MED: Transport Types (External) CHAR   
271 N1TPATXT IS-H*MED: Text for Transport Type CHAR 15    
272 N1TPGOEZO IS-H*MED: Assignment Type for Daily Schedule to Org. Unit NUMC   
273 N1TPTYP IS-H*MED: Transport Category NUMC   
274 N1TRENZ Separator CHAR   
275 N1TRISSORE TRISS Score CHAR 11    
276 N1TYP AIS Typ CHAR   
277 N1TYPE004 IS-H*MED: Type of Entry in View Type 004 CHAR   
278 N1TYPE_PARTNER IS-H*MED: Type of Employee (Physician or Nurse) CHAR   
279 N1UEBMG IS-H*MED: Amount of entries that can exceed quota NUMC   
280 N1UMEPID IS-H*MED: User-Dependent Value CHAR 20    
281 N1UNGUELT IS-H*MED: Exclude Invalid Entries CHAR   
282 N1URL132 IS-H*MED: Address (file, web-page, ...) CHAR 132    
283 N1USER IS-H*MED: Name of User who Executed the Download CHAR 12    
284 N1VALMOD IS-H*MED: Valid Values NUMC   
285 N1VBEM IS-H*MED: Vital Sign Comment (Movement Data) CHAR 40    
286 N1VCODE IS-H*MED: Planning Grid Call CHAR   
287 N1VDAUER IS-H*MED: Preparation Time NUMC   
288 N1VERB IS-H*MED: Vital Sign Connection CHAR   
289 N1VERBALE Verbale Reation CHAR   
290 N1VERBAND Verbandwechsel Radiobutton CHAR   
291 N1VERSA IS-H*MED: Dispatch Type CHAR   
292 N1VERSD IS-H*MED: Date Sent DATS   
293 N1VERSZ IS-H*MED: Dispatch time TIMS   
294 N1VIEWNAME IS-H*MED: Name of View CHAR 20    
295 N1VISUELLE Visuelle Reaktion CHAR   
296 N1VKGID IS-H*MED: ID of Order Item (Preregistration) NUMC   
297 N1VORGANG Task CHAR   
298 N1VORMERK IS-H*MED: Display Unconfirmed Pre-reg.d Services in Worklist CHAR   
299 N1VORMK IS-H*MED Pre-registration Indicator CHAR   
300 N1VPID IS-H*MED: Vital Sign Sequence Number NUMC 10    
301 N1VPLFDNR IS-H*MED: Vital Sign Sequence Number NUMC   
302 N1VPPID IS-H*MED: Vital Parameter ID CHAR 15    
303 N1VPRIO IS-H*MED: Vital Parameter Priority NUMC   
304 N1VWERT IS-H*MED: Vital Sign Value CHAR 20    
305 N1WASSERST Wasserstoff-Ionen-Konzentration CHAR   
306 N1WCHAR10 IS-H / IS-H*MED: Name of pushbutton CHAR 10    
307 N1WCHAR20 IS-H / IS-H*MED: Text on pushbutton in function variant CHAR 20    
308 N1WCHAR50 IS-H / IS-H*MED: Name of View (Language-Dependent) CHAR 50    
309 N1WDAY IS-H*MED: First Displayed Day CHAR   
310 N1WEEKDAY IS-H*MED: Weekday CHAR   
311 N1WIRK IS-H*MED: Effective Strength DEC 10 
312 N1WPV007_CHKPARA IS-H*MED: Parameter Name for Checkparameter Structure NUMC   
313 N1WPV007_FALAR IS-H: View Type Svce Facility/Outp. Clinic - Case Type CHAR   
314 N1WPV007_SATZART IS-H: View Type Svce Fac./Outp. Clinic - Record Type NUMC   
315 N1WZOTYP IS-H*Med: Assignment Type for Views CHAR   
316 N1XEINR IS-H*MED: VBUND: Einrichtung CHAR   
317 N1XMLDATA IS-H: Stringified XML Data RSTR   
318 N1XOEID IS-H*MED: VBUND: ID externe org.Einheit CHAR   
319 N1YESNO IS-H*MED: Yes/No/Not Maintained - Field CHAR   
320 N1ZIELOK IS-H*MED: Indicator whether a goal was reached CHAR   
321 N1ZOTYP IS-H*MED: Assignment Type CHAR   
322 N1ZPIE Time interpretation, user defined CHAR   
323 N1ZPITXT IS-H*MED: Text for time interpretation CHAR 30    
324 N1ZPITY IS-H*MED: Types of time interpretations CHAR   
325 N1ZPI_INT IS-H*MED: Time interpretation: internal display CHAR   
326 N1ZPTZUO IS-H*MED: Time assignment type CHAR   
327 N1ZTBEZ Time Description CHAR 20    
328 N1ZUTYP Service assignment type, fixed values CHAR   
329 N1ZUTYPAZ IS-H*MED: Asnmt.type work station - Time marker, fix values CHAR   
330 N1ZUTYPBE IS-H*MED: Assignment types for building units, fixed values NUMC   
331 N1ZUWEISER Departmental and nursing OU CHAR 17    
332 N1_ACTION_PERFORM IS-H*MED: Action Code for BAdI When Performing/Releasing CHAR 10    
333 N1_AEART IS-H*MED RAD: PACS Application Entity Type CHAR   
334 N1_ALTER IS-H: Patient age NUMC   
335 N1_CHK_RES_ACTUAL IS-H: Check if Resouce Is Up-to-Date CHAR   
336 N1_DOKELEMENTTYP IS-H*MED: Category of documentation element CHAR   
337 N1_FIRM IS-H*MED: PACS Producer CHAR   
338 N1_FUNCTION_PERFORM IS-H*MED: Function Code for BAdI when Performing/Releasing CHAR   
339 N1_HITLS_GUITYPE IS-H*MED: Display of Service Hit List CHAR   
340 N1_LISTKZ IS-H: List indicator for care unit list CHAR   
341 N1_MEDSRV_SCOPE Display Area for Medical Services CHAR   
342 N1_MODNAME IS-H*MED: Modality Name CHAR 50    
344 N1_PATDATA Patient Data in PACS CHAR   
345 N1_QBEZEB Reference level of the source document CHAR   
347 N1_RA_ZL IS-H*MED: Rule Type for Extra Services CHAR   
348 N1_ROOT IS-H*MED: PACS Dicom Root CHAR 27    
349 N1_SEL_ATTRIB IS-H/IS-H*MED: Attribute of Selected Object CHAR 30    
350 N1_STPLKAT IS-H*MED: Identification of a nursing plan profile CHAR   
351 N1_STPLKEY IS-H*MED: Coding of a Nursing Plan Profile CHAR 20    
352 N1_STPLKTXT IS-H*MED: Short Text for a Nursing Plan Profile CHAR 30    
353 N1_TEXT IS-H*MED: Long Text LCHR 32000    
354 N1_TEXT_LAENGE IS-H*MED: Text length INT2   
355 N1_TXT1024 IS-H*MED: Long Text Field (1024 Characters) LCHR 1024    
356 N1_TYP IS-H*MED: Category of a standardized nursing plan CHAR   
357 N1_UHRZEIT IS-H*MED: Time, form HH:MM TIMS   
358 N2AZ_AGENT_CLASS Rezeptierhilfe: Wirkstoff Stoffklassifikation CHAR 20    
359 N2AZ_AGENT_ID Rezeptierhilfe: Wirkstoffschlüssel CHAR   
360 N2AZ_AGENT_NAME Rezeptierhilfe: Wirkstoff Bezeichnung CHAR 200    
361 N2AZ_ATC_ID Rezeptierhilfe: ATC Code CHAR   
362 N2AZ_ATC_NAME Rezeptierhilfe: ATC Bezeichnung CHAR 150    
363 N2AZ_ATC_TRADENAME Rezeptierhilfe: ATC Suchbegriff CHAR 100    
364 N2AZ_DRUG_ID Rezeptierhilfe: Verbindungsschlüssel CHAR 10    
365 N2AZ_DRUG_PF_ID ACM: KV Rezeptierhilfe Darreichungsfrom CHAR   
366 N2AZ_DRUG_TRADENAME Rezeptierhilfe: Arzneimittel Handelsname CHAR 100    
367 N2AZ_F_FLAG Rezeptierhilfe: 1 stelliges Flag CHAR   
368 N2AZ_INDI_ID Rezeptierhilfe: Indikation Indikationsschlüssel CHAR   
369 N2AZ_INDI_NAME Rezeptierhilfe: Indikation Bezeichnung CHAR 100    
370 N2AZ_KVNUMMER Rezeptierhilfe: KVNummer CHAR   
371 N2AZ_KVP_DOMAIN Rezeptierhilfe: KVP Domäne CHAR   
372 N2AZ_KVP_ENTSCHLUESSELUNG Rezeptierhilfe: Entschlüsselung der Legende CHAR 100    
373 N2AZ_KVP_ERLAEUTERUNG Rezeptierhilfe: Erläuterung der Legende CHAR 500    
374 N2AZ_KVP_FELDIDENTIFIER Rezeptierhilfe: Feldidentifikator CHAR   
375 N2AZ_KVP_INAKTIVIERUNGSDATUM Rezeptierhilfe: Datum Deaktivierung CHAR   
376 N2AZ_KVP_INTERNE_NOTIZ Rezeptierhilfe: Interne Notiz Legende CHAR 250    
377 N2AZ_KVP_PLURAL Rezeptierhilfe: Plural CHAR 100    
378 N2AZ_KVP_SCHLUESSELWERT Rezeptierhilfe: Schlüsselwert für Legende CHAR 10    
379 N2AZ_LAYT_COLOR Rezeptierhilfe: Layout Color NUMC   
380 N2AZ_LAYT_ICON Rezeptierhilfe: LayoutIcons+Tooltip CHAR 132    
381 N2AZ_LAYT_TEXT Rezeptierhilfe: Layouttext CHAR 50    
382 N2AZ_PACK_AUTIDEM_ID Rezeptierhilfe: Verpackung Auswahltabellenschluessel CHAR   
383 N2AZ_PACK_F_LOWCOST Rezeptierhilfe: Verpackung presigünstige Festpreisartikel CHAR   
384 N2AZ_PACK_ID Rezeptierhilfe: Verpackung PZNR CHAR   
385 N2AZ_PACK_PF_ID Rezeptierhilfe: DarreichungsformIdent CHAR   
386 N2AZ_PACK_PRICE Rezeptierhilfe: Verpackung Apothekenverkaufspreis DEC 10 
387 N2AZ_PACK_PRICE_FIX_TAB Rezeptierhilfe: Verpackung Festbetragstabelle CHAR   
388 N2AZ_PACK_QU Rezeptierhilfe: Verpackung Mengeneinheit CHAR   
389 N2AZ_PACK_QUA Rezeptierhilfe: Verpackung Menge CHAR   
390 N2AZ_PACK_TRADENAME_L Rezeptierhilfe: Verpackung Handelsname lang CHAR 50    
391 N2AZ_PACK_TRADENAME_S Rezeptierhilfe: Verpackung Handelsname kurz CHAR 26    
392 N2AZ_PF_NAME Rezeptierhilfe: Darreichungsform Bezeichnung CHAR 50    
393 N2AZ_PINS_AGENT_QU Rezeptierhilfe: Packungsbeilage Wirkstoff Mengeneinheit CHAR   
394 N2AZ_PINS_AGENT_QUA Rezeptierhilfe: Packungsbeilage Wirkstoff Menge CHAR 20    
395 N2AZ_PINS_TEXT_INFO Rezeptierhilfe: Packungsbeilage Hinweise STRG   
396 N2AZ_PINS_WARN_NAME Rezeptierhilfe: Packungsbeilage Warnhinweise STRG   
397 N2AZ_PROD_ACCESS Rezeptierhilfe: Hersteller Notruf Erreichbarkeit CHAR   
398 N2AZ_PROD_CITY Rezeptierhilfe: Hersteller Ort CHAR 60    
399 N2AZ_PROD_ID Rezeptierhilfe: Hersteller Herstellerschlüssel CHAR   
400 N2AZ_PROD_INFO Rezeptierhilfe: Hersteller Notruf Erläuterung CHAR 80    
401 N2AZ_PROD_NAME_L Rezeptierhilfe: Hersteller Langname CHAR 120    
402 N2AZ_PROD_NAME_S Rezeptierhilfe: Hersteller Kurzname CHAR 80    
403 N2AZ_PROD_PHONE Rezeptierhilfe: Hersteller Telefon CHAR 60    
404 N2AZ_PROD_STREET Rezeptierhilfe: Hersteller Strasse CHAR 60    
405 N2AZ_PROD_ZIP Rezeptierhilfe: Hersteller PLZ CHAR 10    
406 N2BEWERF IS-H*MED: Movement required NUMC   
407 N2BGABT IS-H*MED: Abteilung mit eigener BG Nummernvergabe CHAR   
408 N2BI_MODULE IS-H*MED: Application Module for Base Items CHAR 10    
409 N2CAT_AREA Categories: Category Area CHAR   
410 N2CAT_CAT Categories: Category CHAR   
411 N2CAT_CONT Categories: Category Container CHAR   
412 N2CAT_CONT_TEXT Categories: Category Container Description CHAR 40    
413 N2CAT_CTYPE Categories: Data Set Type CHAR   
414 N2CAT_LEVEL Categories: Hierarchy Level INT1   
415 N2CAT_OBJECT_TYPE Categories: Object Type CHAR   
416 N2CAT_SET Categories: Category Set Key CHAR   
417 N2CAT_STATE_TXT Template Status Text CHAR 15    
418 N2COLORCOMBO PMD Demo: Color CHAR 60    
419 N2COMM_PART Communication Partner CHAR 10    
420 N2COMM_PART_WS Communication Partner for Web Service Dispatch CHAR 10    
421 N2COM_DIRECTION Direction of Communication CHAR   
422 N2COM_DOCSTAT Logical Status of Dispatched Document CHAR 10    
423 N2COM_EXTKEY External Key of a Transferred Object CHAR 120    
424 N2COM_INTKEY Internal Key of Transferred Object CHAR 120    
426 N2COM_LOG_STATTYPE Status Type for Dispatch Log CHAR   
427 N2COM_LOG_STATUS Dispatch Status CHAR 15    
428 N2COM_LOG_ST_TXT Communication Status (Short Text) CHAR 60    
429 N2COM_LOG_TYPE Entry Type CHAR 15    
430 N2CTRLNAME IS-H*MED: Name of the Control CHAR 30    
431 N2DAPPID IS-H*MED: Application ID for Document Categories CHAR 15    
432 N2DAPPTYP IS-H*MED: Operating System Type for Desktop Applications CHAR 10    
433 N2DDTXGRP IS-H*MED: Function module Doc.category extensions CHAR 30    
434 N2DEC10 Decimal Field with Length 10 DEC 10    
435 N2DI_ACTIV Activity Authoriz. Object Dictation and Speech Recognition CHAR   
436 N2DI_DESCR Description Field CHAR 60    
437 N2DI_DICTAT_STATE Dictation Status CHAR   
438 N2DI_FUNCTION_CODE Function Code CHAR 30    
439 N2DI_RECORD_STATE Status of Speech Recording CHAR   
440 N2DI_RECORD_TYPE Recording Type CHAR   
441 N2DI_START_DICT_AUTOM Create Dictation at Doc. Creation CHAR   
442 N2DI_SYSTEM_ID Key of External Dictation System CHAR 30    
443 N2DI_TEXT_ART Dictation Text to Text Felds Transfer Type (Doc. Element) CHAR   
444 N2DOC_DOCRELATN Relationship of Dispatched Document to Another CHAR 10    
445 N2DOC_MOVEMENTS Movements CHAR 45    
446 N2DOC_OWN_USER Documents: Own User Indicator CHAR   
447 N2DOC_SERVICES Services CHAR 120    
448 N2DOC_STATUS_SWITCH Documents: Control Status Change CHAR   
449 N2DOSTYPE IS-H*MED: Operating System Type for Desktop Applications CHAR 10    
450 N2DSETCOD IS-H*MED: Setup Code Word CHAR 15    
451 N2DSETDAT IS-H*MED: Setup Date DATS   
452 N2DSETSRC IS-H*MED: Setup Source CHAR 10    
453 N2DSETTIM IS-H*MED: Setup Time TIMS   
454 N2DSRCPTH IS-H*MED: Setup Source Path CHAR 128    
455 N2DT_ACTION_CODE Action Code for Display, Print, etc. CHAR   
456 N2DT_FORMAT Format of Document CHAR 15    
457 N2DT_SCREEN_TYPE Display Format CHAR   
458 N2DWSWL_AREA Work Areas CHAR   
459 N2DWSWL_BEWTY Movement Category Search Criteria CHAR   
460 N2DWSWL_CONTACT_EMAIL e-mail Address of Contact Person CHAR 53    
462 N2DWSWL_DESIGN_STATE Technical Status of a Template CHAR   
463 N2DWSWL_ICON Icon CHAR 66    
464 N2DWSWL_ID Key CHAR 33    
465 N2DWSWL_INFO_MODE_PATT Patient Viewer Setting for Task CHAR   
466 N2DWSWL_INFO_MODE_WS Patient Viewer Setting for Situation CHAR   
467 N2DWSWL_ITEM_NAME Item Type CHAR 20    
468 N2DWSWL_OBJECT_USAGE Use of Object CHAR   
469 N2DWSWL_SHORT_CODE Identification CHAR 20    
470 N2DWSWL_STATE_TXT Template Status Text CHAR 15    
471 N2DWSWL_SUGGEST_MODE Situation Template Proposal in Assignment Dialog Box CHAR   
473 N2DWSWL_TASK_STATE Task Completion Status CHAR   
475 N2DWSWL_USER User CHAR 12    
476 N2DWSWL_USER_FIELD Customer Parameter CHAR 32    
477 N2DWSWL_WORKMODE Work Mode of Template Management CHAR   
478 N2DWSWL_WORK_AUTO_CLOSE Close Situation after Completion of All Tasks CHAR   
479 N2DWSWL_WORK_OFFSET Setting for Completing and Deleting Situation CHAR   
480 N2DWSWL_WORK_STATE Situation Status CHAR   
481 N2DWS_COMPID DWS Component ID CHAR 33    
482 N2DWS_COMPLOAD Loading Mode of DWS Component CHAR   
483 N2DWS_CTX_VIEW Filter for DWS Context View CHAR 15    
484 N2DWS_OPCODE Operation Code on DWS Documents CHAR 15    
485 N2DWS_VISIBLE Output Area Type of Component CHAR   
486 N2DWS_WORKPLACE DWS Work Station CHAR 14    
487 N2D_CHAR30 ParamDocu-Demo (char30) CHAR 30    
488 N2D_CHAR40 Demo CHAR 40    
489 N2D_COLOR Demo: Colors CHAR   
490 N2D_DATE Demo DATS   
491 N2D_FELD_CHAR40 ParamDocu-Demo CHAR 40    
492 N2D_NUM_2 Demo NUMC   
493 N2D_TIME Demo: Time TIMS   
494 N2ENTLART IS-H*MED: Discharge type, fixed value domain for param.doc. CHAR   
495 N2ETEXT_LINE PMD: Extended Text - Line Type RAW 255    
496 N2EXTENSN IS-H*MED File extension for desktop applications CHAR 10    
497 N2FDBS_VMA_PARAM_LAYOUT Parameter for Employee Selection - Popup Type CHAR   
498 N2FDBS_VMA_PARAM_NAME Parameter for Employee Selection - Name Format CHAR   
499 N2FDBS_VMA_PARAM_OE Parameter for Employee Selection - OU Reference CHAR   
500 N2FDBS_VMA_PARAM_PERTYP Parameter for Empl. Selection - Person Category CHAR