SAP ABAP Domain - Index N, page 3
Domain - N
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 N2FDBS_VMA_PARAM_VORB Parameter for Employee Selection - Presetting CHAR   
2 N2FO_OUTPUT_FORMAT FO: Output Format of Transformation INT1   
3 N2GL_ACTION_BEHAVIOR Pathways: Action Behavior when Confirming a Step CHAR   
4 N2GL_ACTIVE_DETAIL_BAR IS-H*MED: Layout Patient Pathway Default Display Step INT1   
5 N2GL_ACTIVE_INFO_BAR IS-H*MED: Layout Patient Pathway Default Display Pathway INT1   
6 N2GL_ACT_PRINTTYPE Base Items: Print Category CHAR   
7 N2GL_ACT_TYPE Action Type of Base Item CHAR 10    
8 N2GL_APPLICATION pathways - Key of Applications CHAR   
9 N2GL_ASSIGN_CHECK_AUTHORITY pathways Authorization Check Pathway Proposal CHAR   
10 N2GL_ASSIGN_WINDOWS IS-H*MED: Windows in Assignment Dialog CHAR   
11 N2GL_BADI_FLT_BADI IS-H*MED: Filter Value for PATHWAYS BAdI CHAR 15    
13 N2GL_BADI_FLT_PRN IS-H*MED: Filter Value Print BAdI CHAR 15    
15 N2GL_CALLING_APPLICATION pathways Calling Application CHAR 10    
16 N2GL_CHECK IS-H*MED: Check Type of Treatment Pathway CHAR   
17 N2GL_COMPARE IS-H*MED: Relational Operator CHAR   
18 N2GL_CONTACT_TEXT IS-H*MED: Text for Contact Data CHAR 40    
19 N2GL_CTS_MODE IS-H*MED: Treatment Pathway Transport Mode INT1   
21 N2GL_DESCR IS-H*MED: Description CHAR 255    
22 N2GL_DIFFERENCE pathways Difference INT4 10    
23 N2GL_DOC_ACTIONS Base Items: Actions of Document (TCODES) CHAR 20    
24 N2GL_DONE_STATE pathways Completion Status of Step CHAR   
25 N2GL_DURATION pathways Duration INT4 10    
26 N2GL_EMAIL IS-H*MED: E-Mail Address CHAR 255    
27 N2GL_EXPORT_MODE IS-H*MED: Export Mode for Creating XML File CHAR   
28 N2GL_FIX_VALUE_TXT IS-H*MED: Text of Fixed Value CHAR 50    
29 N2GL_FLTNAME IS-H*MED: Filter Value for PATHWAYS CHAR 15    
30 N2GL_ICON IS-H*MED: Icon for ALV Layout CHAR 66    
31 N2GL_ID pathways ID CHAR 32    
32 N2GL_INFO_POS pathways - Position of Information Unit INT1   
33 N2GL_INPUT_POSSIBLE Pathways: Input Behavior CHAR   
34 N2GL_ITEMTYPE Item Type in Pathways CHAR   
35 N2GL_ITEM_TITLE IS-H*MED: Title of Item CHAR 80    
36 N2GL_KEYWORD pathways Keyword CHAR 40    
37 N2GL_LAST_SEARCH IS-H*MED: Last Executed Search for Treatment Pathways CHAR   
38 N2GL_MED_STATE IS-H*MED: Medical Status of Treatment Pathway CHAR   
39 N2GL_MONTH pathways Month / Year ACCP   
40 N2GL_NOTECAT IS-H*MED: Category of Note CHAR 40    
41 N2GL_NOTECAT_ID IS-H*MED: Category ID of Note CHAR   
42 N2GL_OUT_MODE IS-H*MED: Output Mode CHAR   
43 N2GL_OVERDUE IS-H*MED: Availability After Check Date CHAR   
44 N2GL_PATHWAYS_VERSION pathways Version NUMC   
45 N2GL_PATHWAY_STATE Patient Path Status CHAR   
46 N2GL_PATHWAY_WINDOWS IS-H*MED: Window in Patient Pathway CHAR   
47 N2GL_PHONE IS-H*MED: Telephone Number CHAR 30    
48 N2GL_PROF_GROUP Occupational Group CHAR   
49 N2GL_PROPERTY_GROUP IS-H*MED: Layout Group (Display Graphical Editor) CHAR 10    
50 N2GL_PROPERTY_ID IS-H*MED: Layout Properties for Graphical Editor CHAR 20    
51 N2GL_PROPOSAL Procedure for Determining Proposals CHAR   
52 N2GL_RECORD_LENGTH Pathway Log - Information Block Version CHAR   
53 N2GL_REQ_WORKMODE IS-H*MED: Request Work Mode CHAR   
54 N2GL_RP_ACT_CAT_OPTION pathways Group by Categories CHAR 10    
55 N2GL_RP_ACT_TYPE pathways Activity Category CHAR   
56 N2GL_RP_AVG pathways Evaluation Runtime DEC
57 N2GL_RP_DISPLAY_MODE pathways Display Evaluations CHAR   
58 N2GL_RP_GROUP_BY_OPTIONS pathways Grouping of Evaluation Data CHAR 10    
59 N2GL_RP_GROUP_BY_OPTIONS_RSTE pathways Grouping of Evaluation Data CHAR 10    
60 N2GL_RP_OBJECTTYPE pathways Object Type CHAR 15    
61 N2GL_RP_PATH_GROUP_BY pathways Grouping of Pathways in Evaluations CHAR   
62 N2GL_RP_PATH_TYPE pathways Evaluation CHAR   
63 N2GL_RP_PCT pathways Evaluations Average DEC
64 N2GL_RP_REPORT_DISPLAY_STYLE OBSOLETE !!!!!pathways Display Evaluations CHAR   
65 N2GL_RP_SUM pathways Evaluation Number INT4 10    
66 N2GL_RP_TYPE pathways Type of Log CHAR   
67 N2GL_SEARCH_STRATEGY pathways Search Strategy CHAR   
68 N2GL_SEQUENCE_NUMBER IS-H*MED: Sequence Number of Step INT4 10    
69 N2GL_SHORT_CODE pathways Abbreviation of Treatment Pathway CHAR 20    
70 N2GL_SMARTFORM_STD Pathways: Name of Standard Smart Form CHAR 30    
71 N2GL_SSTRING IS-H*MED: Treatment Pathway Long Text SSTR 255    
72 N2GL_STATE IS-H*MED: Technical Status of Treatment Pathway CHAR   
73 N2GL_STEP_ACTION IS-H*MED: Process Step CHAR   
74 N2GL_STEP_STATE pathways Processing Status of Step CHAR   
75 N2GL_TIME IS-H*MED: Treatment Pathway Time TIMS   
76 N2GL_TIMEUNIT IS-H*MED: Unit of Time CHAR   
77 N2GL_TM_DONE_STATE pathways Patient Pathway Completion Status CHAR   
78 N2GL_TM_NAME IS-H*MED: Name of a Step in the Pathway CHAR 80    
79 N2GL_TM_STATE pathways Status of Patient Pathway CHAR   
80 N2GL_TM_STEP_STATE IS-H*MED: Status of Treatment Step CHAR   
82 N2GL_USER IS-H*MED: User CHAR 12    
83 N2GL_USER_FIELD Customer Parameter CHAR 32    
84 N2GL_VIS_SETTING pathways - Layout Setting NUMC   
85 N2GL_WORKMODE IS-H*MED: Work Mode of Treatment Pathway in Editor CHAR   
86 N2GL_YEAR pathways Year NUMC   
87 N2HIT_LIST_ID HL: ID of Hit List CHAR 15    
88 N2HTMLF_FTYPE Type of Form Field CHAR   
89 N2H_DOCFORMAT Format of Documentation Text CHAR   
90 N2H_REFOKEY Concatenated Key CHAR 100    
91 N2H_REFOTYP1 Type of Documented Customer Object CHAR   
92 N2H_REFOTYP2 Subtype CHAR   
93 N2LTEXT PMD: Long Text Line CHAR 72    
94 N2MATKAT IS-H*MED: Material Category CHAR   
95 N2MED_APPLIKATION URL Type Fixed Value Domain CHAR   
96 N2ME_WORKMODE IS-H*MED: Work Mode of Drug in Editor CHAR   
97 N2MIFLD IS-H*MED: Med-Image index field CHAR 30    
98 N2MIFLDI IS-H*MED: Med-Image data field internal CHAR 30    
99 N2MIME MIME Type CHAR 50    
100 N2MV_CITY Dispatch Control: City CHAR 40    
101 N2MV_FAX Dispatch Control: Fax Number CHAR 40    
102 N2MV_NAME_PART Dispatch Control: Person Name Component CHAR 40    
103 N2MV_PHONE Dispatch Control: Telephone Number CHAR 40    
104 N2MV_STREET Dispatch Control: Address CHAR 80    
105 N2MV_TITLE Dispatch Control: Title CHAR 60    
106 N2MV_TTL_LETTER Dispatch Control: Form of Address CHAR 50    
107 N2ODISPID_EXT IS-H*Med: Key for Display Classes (Patient Organizer) CHAR 10    
108 N2OZPID IS-H*MED: Time ID CHAR 10    
109 N2PMD_OBJPREFIX8 PMD: Prefix for Generated Objects (8) CHAR 12    
110 N2PP Flag Private Insurance CHAR   
112 N2RADDLZEIT IS-H*MED: RAD Fluoroscopy Time DEC
114 N2RADRADIO4 RAD: Radiobuttons 4 CHAR   
117 N2RAD_AE IS-H*MED: RAD Application Entity Title (AE Title) CHAR 16    
118 N2RAD_ATTRNAME IS-H*MED: RAD Attribute Name (Day) CHAR 16    
119 N2RAD_CHAR255 IS-H*MED RAD: 255 Characters CHAR 255    
120 N2RAD_CONVERTUPLW IS-H*MED: RAD Upper-Lower Convert Flag for Char Types CHAR   
121 N2RAD_CS IS-H*MED: RAD Code String CHAR 16    
122 N2RAD_CS_BODY_PART_EXAMINED IS-H*MED: RAD Code String Body Part Examined (0018,0015) CHAR 16    
123 N2RAD_CS_MODALITY IS-H*MED: RAD Code String Modality Type CHAR 16    
124 N2RAD_CS_MWL_TRANSMIT_STATUS IS-H*MED: RAD MWL Transmit Status (Code Strings) CHAR   
125 N2RAD_CS_REPORT_STATUS IS-H*MED: RAD Code String Report Status CHAR 16    
126 N2RAD_CS_REQPROC_PRIORITY IS-H*MED: RAD Code String DICOM Requested Procedure Priority CHAR 16    
128 N2RAD_CS_STUDY_PRIORITY IS-H*MED: RAD Code String DICOM Requested Procedure Priority CHAR 16    
129 N2RAD_CS_STUDY_STATUS IS-H*MED: RAD Code String DICOM Study Status CHAR 16    
133 N2RAD_DS IS-H*MED: RAD Decimal String CHAR 16    
134 N2RAD_EXAMVIEW IS-H*MED: Exam View Type CHAR 15    
135 N2RAD_EXT_FORMAT IS-H*MED: RAD external format string CHAR 128    
136 N2RAD_LO IS-H*MED: RAD Long String CHAR 64    
137 N2RAD_LOG IS-H*MED RAD: Log Flag CHAR   
139 N2RAD_PN IS-H*MED: RAD Person Name CHAR 64    
140 N2RAD_PROGDESC IS-H*MED: RAD Program Short Description CHAR 30    
141 N2RAD_PROGID IS-H*MED RAD: IC Load Study Program ID CHAR 255    
142 N2RAD_PROGPARMS IS-H*MED: RAD Program Call Parameter CHAR 255    
143 N2RAD_PROGTYPE IS-H*MED: RAD Fixed Values for Program Type CHAR   
144 N2RAD_PROTOCOL IS-H*MED: RAD Fixed Values for Transfer Log CHAR   
145 N2RAD_PROTVERS IS-H*MED: RAD Transmission Log Version CHAR   
146 N2RAD_SH IS-H*MED: RAD Short String CHAR 16    
147 N2RAD_SHIFT_LEFTRIGHT IS-H*MED: RAD Shift left-right flag for char types CHAR   
148 N2RAD_SQ IS-H*MED: RAD Sequence of Items INT4 10    
149 N2RAD_ST IS-H*MED RAD: Short Text up to 1024 Characters LCHR 1024    
150 N2RAD_TARATTR IS-H*MED: RAD Mapped Target Attribute Name (Day) CHAR 30    
151 N2RAD_TARATTRDESC IS-H*MED: RAD Mapped Target Attribute Name Description CHAR 35    
152 N2RAD_TEXT30 IS-H*MED: Exam View Type Text CHAR 30    
154 N2RAD_UI IS-H*MED: RAD Unique Identifier (UID) CHAR 64    
155 N2RAD_US IS-H*MED: RAD Unsigned Short INT2   
156 N2RAD_VALUE IS-H*MED: RAD value string for parameters CHAR 132    
157 N2SETID Key of Text Module Set CHAR 20    
158 N2TEXT255 IS-H*MED: Text 255 CHAR 255    
159 N2TEXT256 IS-H*MED: Text 256 CHAR 256    
160 N2TEXT30 IS-H*MED: Text with Small Letters CHAR 30    
161 N2TEXTLIN_LONG PMD: Long Text Line CHAR 72    
162 N2TRANSP_VARIANT Transport Route for Dispatch CHAR 10    
163 N2TXT072 PMD: Long Text Line - C72 - Case Sensitive CHAR 72    
164 N2USER IS-H*MED: Name of User CHAR 12    
165 N2VD_CLUSTER_LINE IS-H*MED PD: Line of Data Cluster for Items LRAW 510    
166 N2VD_CONTEXTID IS-H*MED PD: Context ID CHAR 10    
168 N2VD_DB_ACTIVITY IS-H*MED PD: Database Activity CHAR   
169 N2VD_FLAG IS-H*MED PD: General Indicator CHAR   
170 N2VD_INTKEY IS-H*MED PD: Key for Dependent Data Objects (Counter) NUMC   
171 N2VD_ITEMDESCR IS-H*MED PD: Description CHAR 64    
172 N2VD_ITEMKEY IS-H*MED VD: Item Key (GUID) CHAR 100    
174 N2VD_KEY IS-H*MED PD: PD Key CHAR 20    
175 N2VD_RANK IS-H*MED PD: Rank INT1   
176 N2VD_RELATION IS-H*MED PD: Relation to PD Context CHAR   
178 N2VD_TEXT30 IS-H*MED PD: PD Type Text CHAR 30    
180 N2VD_TYPE IS-H*MED PD: PD Type CHAR 10    
181 N2VD_USER IS-H*MED PD: Name of Employee CHAR 12    
182 N2WE_ATTPER_DEFAULT CWS: Presetting of Attending Physician CHAR   
183 N2WE_OEF_DEFAULT CWS: Presetting of Departmental OU CHAR   
184 N2WE_OEP_DEFAULT CWS: Presetting of Nursing OU CHAR   
185 N2WL_AREA Work Area CHAR   
186 N2WL_ID Key CHAR 33    
188 N2XML_FILETYPE IS-H*MED XML: File Type CHAR 10    
189 N2XML_LOC_ID IS-H*MED XML: Logical ID of File CHAR 20    
190 N2XML_SYNTAX Indicator for Syntax of an XML Document CHAR   
191 N2XML_VIEWTYPE IS-H*MED XML: Display Type of File CHAR 10    
192 N2X_CHAR10 PMD Demo CHAR 10    
193 N2ZPBER IS-H*MED: Area assignment for a time field CHAR   
194 N2ZPBEZ IS-H*MED: Name of a time field CHAR 30    
195 N2ZPKZBW Inconsitency for Durations for Transfer to BI CHAR   
196 N2ZPREF IS-H*MED: Reference time CHAR 30    
197 N2ZPTYP IS-H*MED: Time field category CHAR   
198 N2_72LINE PMD: Rows (c72) for Long Text Buffer CHAR 72    
199 N2_ABNORM IS-H*MED: Abnormal Values Indicator for Laboratory Values CHAR 10    
200 N2_ABSFORM Paragraph format in SAPscript CHAR   
201 N2_ACTION Defined prefetch - action CHAR 30    
202 N2_ALIAS1 Aliases CHAR 12    
203 N2_ALLGZUS General Condition of a Patient in Anamnesis CHAR 25    
204 N2_ALREADY_INSTALLED Characteristic Installation Executed Externally CHAR   
205 N2_ALTEINH Unit of Age CHAR   
206 N2_AMBSTAT IS-H*MED: Outpatient/Inpatient CHAR   
207 N2_ANALIST OR: Anesthetist CHAR 10    
208 N2_ANAPPLI Forms of Application CHAR   
209 N2_ANGERAE IS-H*MED: Type of Monitoring CHAR 15    
210 N2_ANZUANZ Number Field of Length 3 NUMC   
211 N2_APPLOG_OBJECT IS-H*MED: Application Log: Object Name (Application Abbrev.) CHAR 20    
212 N2_APPLOG_TYP IS-H*MED: Application Log: Type CHAR   
213 N2_APPLPAR Application parameters CHAR 30    
214 N2_ARCDN IS-H*MED: Med-Image archive document number CHAR 10    
215 N2_ARCHMODE Archiving Mode CHAR   
216 N2_ASAFEST IS-H*MED: ASA classification CHAR   
217 N2_ASAKLAS IS-H*MED: ASA classification CHAR   
218 N2_ATMUNG IS-H*MED: Respiration (fixed value domain) CHAR   
219 N2_ATTYP Addressing Type: Type CHAR 10    
220 N2_AUFSTAT IS-H*MED: Status of overall request CHAR   
221 N2_AUSLIEFERUNG IS-H*MED: Delivery Type of Parameterized Documents CHAR   
222 N2_AUSSM ISHM: Scrap Quantity Materials NUMC   
223 N2_AUSWDIA IS-H*MED: Selection option External data mod. diagnoses CHAR   
224 N2_BAKPROB ISHM: OR: Bacteriological sample CHAR 10    
225 N2_BAKUNT ISHM: OR: Bacteriological examination list CHAR 10    
226 N2_BAPRTYP IS-H*MED: Log Type for Temporary Treatment Contract CHAR   
227 N2_BASEITEM_ACTION_TYPE Base Items: Action Type CHAR   
228 N2_BASEITEM_AREA Base Items: Application Area CHAR   
229 N2_BASEITEM_EXIT_TECH Base Items: Enhancement Technology CHAR   
230 N2_BASEITEM_EXIT_TIME Base Items: BAdI Execution Time CHAR   
231 N2_BASEITEM_RESULT_STATUS Base Items: Result of Execution CHAR   
232 N2_BASEITEM_STATUS Base Items: Status CHAR   
233 N2_BASEITEM_TYPE Base Items: Base Item Type CHAR 10    
234 N2_BEFSTAT IS-H*MED: Findings status CHAR   
235 N2_BEFUNDG ISNM: X-ray findings fixed values CHAR   
236 N2_BERUF IS-H*MED: OR occupational groups CHAR   
237 N2_BEZ50 Name of doc.elements to doc.categories assignment CHAR 50    
238 N2_BEZEBLIM IS-H*MED: Limit the Assignments of a Document CHAR   
239 N2_BKENNZ IS-H*MED: Processing indicator CHAR   
240 N2_BKID IS-H*MED: Basic catalog CHAR   
241 N2_BLOBDATA Blob-Raw-Data LRAW 8192    
242 N2_BLOBTYPE Data Type - File Extension CHAR 10    
243 N2_BLORGAN ISHM:Surg: Organ list for bloodlessness CHAR 10    
244 N2_BLUTPRA ISHM:OR: Blood preparations CHAR 10    
245 N2_BSPLAGE ISHM:OR: List of sites of a tourniquet CHAR   
246 N2_BUTWIDTH Button width NUMC   
247 N2_CAACHS ISHMED Cardio: Axis (Degree) DEC   
248 N2_CAAGMG ISHMED Cardio: Morph. Vessel Wall Abdomin. Vess Fixed Values CHAR   
249 N2_CAAGSI ISHMED Cardio: Signal Abdominal Vessels Fixed Values CHAR   
250 N2_CAAGTFO ISHMED Cardio: Thrombus Form Fixed Values CHAR   
251 N2_CAAGWE ISHMED Cardio: Width Abdominal Vessels Fixed Values CHAR   
252 N2_CAANEF ISHMED Cardio: QA Fixed Values CHAR   
253 N2_CAANIK ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Indication Coronary Angio QA CHAR   
254 N2_CAANIP ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Indication PCI QA CHAR   
255 N2_CAANKA ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Anamnesis Data QA CHAR   
256 N2_CAANNI ISHMED Cardio: Renal Insufficiency Fixed Values CHAR   
257 N2_CAANNJ ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values No, Yes QA CHAR   
258 N2_CAANNJG ISHMED Cardio: QA Fixed Values CHAR   
259 N2_CAAOMG ISHMED Cardio: Morphology Vessel Wall Fixed Values CHAR   
260 N2_CAAOSI ISHMED Cardio: Signal Arteries of Extremities Fixed Values CHAR   
261 N2_CAAPOSI ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Echo Resting Values Position CHAR   
262 N2_CAAUBE ISHMED Cardio: Bypass Lower Extremities Assessment CHAR   
263 N2_CAAUBP ISHMED Cardio: Bypass Lower Extremities Fixed Values CHAR   
264 N2_CAAUCW ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values CW Curves Signal CHAR   
265 N2_CAAVSG ISHMED Cardio: Aortic Valve Degree of Stenosis Fixed Values CHAR   
266 N2_CABELD ISHMED Cardio: Echo Stress Duration (min) NUMC   
267 N2_CABELTY ISHMED Cardio: Echo Stress Type Fixed Values CHAR   
268 N2_CABEZ ISHMED Cardio: Description Measurement, CC Log CHAR 30    
269 N2_CABQUALI ISHMED Cardio: Image Quality Fixed Values CHAR   
270 N2_CABRDA ISHMED Cardio: Duration of Bradycardia CHAR   
271 N2_CABRGR ISHMED Cardio: Degree of Bradycardia CHAR   
272 N2_CABRZP ISHMED Cardio: Time Bradycardia/Tachycardia/Arrhythmia CHAR   
273 N2_CABWAW ISHMED Cardio: Wall Motion Evaluation Fixed Values CHAR   
274 N2_CACCS ISHMED Cardio: CCS Status Fixed Values CHAR   
275 N2_CACODE ISHMED Cardio: Code , CC Log CHAR 20    
276 N2_CACSYN ISHMED Cardio: Acute Coronary Syndrome Fixed Values CHAR   
277 N2_CADEDIFF ISHMED Cardio: DE Differentiation Fixed Values CHAR   
278 N2_CADELOK ISHMED Cardio: Localization Delayed Enhancement Fix. Values CHAR   
279 N2_CADETM ISHMED Cardio: Transmurality Delayed Enhancement Fix. Values CHAR   
280 N2_CADFDG ISHMED Cardio: Overall Evaluation LV Diastol. Function CHAR   
281 N2_CADM ISHMED Cardio: Diameter (mm) NUMC   
282 N2_CADM2 ISHMED Cardio: Diameter (mm) NUMC   
283 N2_CADOB ISHMED Cardio: Dobutamine Dosage NUMC   
284 N2_CADPIG ISHMED Cardio: Degree of Insufficiency Fixed Values CHAR   
285 N2_CADPSG ISHMED Cardio: Degree of Stenosis Fixed Values CHAR   
286 N2_CAEBS ISHMED Cardio: Ergometry Stress Level NUMC   
287 N2_CAEDE ISHMED Cardio: LV End-Diast. Volume Epi. (ml) Rounded NUMC   
288 N2_CAEDI ISHMED Cardio: LV End-Diast. Volume Index (ml/cm) Rounded DEC
289 N2_CAEDV ISHMED Cardio: Left Ventricle End-Diast. Volume (ml) Rounded NUMC   
290 N2_CAEKGNP ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values ECG Normal or Pathological CHAR   
291 N2_CAEKHABL ISHMED Cardio: Lead CHAR   
292 N2_CAEKLU ISHMED Cardio: Lumen Fixed Values CHAR   
293 N2_CAEKMG ISHMED Cardio: Morph. Vessel Wall Extracranial Fixed Values CHAR   
294 N2_CAEKMGS ISHMED Cardio: Morph. Vessel Wall Stent Extracranial Fix.Val CHAR   
295 N2_CAEKSOFN ISHMED Cardio: Flow Amplitude A. Supratrochlearis w/o Provoc CHAR   
296 N2_CAEKSOFR ISHMED Cardio: Flow Direction A. Supratrochlearis w/o Provoc CHAR   
297 N2_CAEKSUFR ISHMED Cardio: Flow Direction A. Supratrochlearis a. Provoc. CHAR   
298 N2_CAELSAVB ISHMED Cardio: AV Block Types Fixed Values CHAR   
299 N2_CAELSPAM ISHMED Cardio: Sensing/Pacing Pacemaker Fixed Values CHAR   
300 N2_CAERAWFO ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Form Repolarization Disorder CHAR   
301 N2_CAERAWLO ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Localization Repolariz. Disorder CHAR   
302 N2_CAERAWPE ISHMED Cardio:Fixed Values Position During Rest. Value Entry CHAR   
303 N2_CAERAWSI ISHMED Cardio: Significance Repolariz. Disorder CHAR   
304 N2_CAERBEBT ISHMED Cardio: Stress Type Fixed Values CHAR   
305 N2_CAERBOE ISHMED Cardio: Department Performing Service CHAR   
306 N2_CAEREWBR ISHMED Cardio: Blood Pressure Regulation Fixed Values CHAR   
307 N2_CAEREWFG ISHMED Cardio: Frequency Regulation Fixed Values CHAR   
308 N2_CAESV ISHMED Cardio: Left Ventricle End-Syst. Volume (ml) Rounded NUMC   
309 N2_CAETBEBE ISHMED Cardio: Stress in Watts Fixed Values CHAR   
310 N2_CAFUBEBT ISHMED Cardio: Vascular Diagnostics Stress Type Fixed Values CHAR   
311 N2_CAFUPRR ISHMED Cardio: Pressure Relationship DEC
312 N2_CAGLFK ISHMED Cardio: Left Ventricle Global Function Fixed Values CHAR   
313 N2_CAGLMB ISHMED Cardio: Wall Motion Fixed Values CHAR   
314 N2_CAGMB ISHMED Cardio: Ventricle Global Mobility Fixed Values CHAR   
315 N2_CAGRFK ISHMED Cardio: Right Ventricle Global Function Fixed Values CHAR   
316 N2_CAGVS ISHMED Cardio: Vascular Obstruction Fixed Values CHAR   
317 N2_CAHKBETH ISHMED Cardio: Therapy Recommendations Fixed Values CHAR   
318 N2_CAHKBYZS ISHMED Cardio: Bypass Target Segment Fixed Values CHAR   
319 N2_CAHKINTM ISHMED Cardio: TIMI Classification Fixed Values CHAR   
320 N2_CAHKRBIN ISHMED Cardio: Intervention Type Fixed Values CHAR   
321 N2_CAHKRBVI ISHMED Cardio: Hemodynamics Type Fixed Values CHAR   
322 N2_CAHKSTGR ISHMED Cardio: Degree of Stenosis (%) Fixed Values CHAR   
323 N2_CAHKVETY ISHMED Cardio: Ventriculography Type Fixed Values CHAR   
324 N2_CAHKVISH ISHMED Cardio: Shunt Fixed Values CHAR   
325 N2_CAHUANLO ISHMED Cardio: Anastomosis Localization Fixed Values CHAR   
326 N2_CAHUANMO ISHMED Cardio: Prosthesis Materials Fixed Values CHAR   
327 N2_CAHUAVLO ISHMED Cardio: Localization Draining Vein Fixed Values CHAR   
328 N2_CAHUAVMO ISHMED Cardio: Morphology Draining Vein Fixed Values CHAR   
329 N2_CAHUZALO ISHMED Cardio: Localization Supplying Vein Fixed Values CHAR   
330 N2_CAHUZAMO ISHMED Cardio: Morphology of Supplying Artery Fixed Values CHAR   
331 N2_CAICDMO ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values ICD Mode CHAR   
332 N2_CAIKPWDB ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values PW Doppler Art. Basilaris CHAR   
333 N2_CAIKPWDF ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values PW Doppler Frontal CHAR   
334 N2_CAIKPWDO ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values PW Doppler Occipital CHAR   
335 N2_CAIKRESC ISHMED Cardio: Functional Reserve Capacity Fixed Values CHAR   
336 N2_CAILSARS ISHMED Cardio:Fixed Value Extent RBB/LBB, Intrav. Cond.Dist. CHAR   
337 N2_CAINFDIA ISHMED Cardio: Infarction Diagnosed Fixed Values CHAR   
338 N2_CAINFSTA ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Infarction Stage CHAR   
339 N2_CAINTV ISHMED Cardio: Interval (ms) NUMC   
340 N2_CAISCH ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Ischemia Proof CHAR   
341 N2_CAKBBFS ISHMED Cardio: Fontaine Status Fixed Values CHAR   
342 N2_CAKBBTS ISHMED Cardio: Trophic Disorder Fixed Values CHAR   
343 N2_CAKEFSTR ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Value Segment S-T Interval Changes CHAR   
344 N2_CAKRF ISHMED Cardio: Valve Regurgitation Percentage (%) NUMC   
345 N2_CAKRV ISHMED Cardio: Valve Regurgitation Volume (ml) NUMC   
346 N2_CALAGR ISHMED Cardio: Size Left Atrium Fixed Values CHAR   
347 N2_CALAGTY ISHMED Cardio: Position Type Fixed Values CHAR   
348 N2_CALBT ISHMED Cardio: Measurement (cm) DEC
349 N2_CALC_SIZE Size for Calculation NUMC   
350 N2_CALEAFAR ISHMED Cardio: AV Fistula Supplying Vein Fixed Values CHAR   
351 N2_CALEAFVE ISHMED Cardio: AV Fistula Draining Vein Fixed Values CHAR   
352 N2_CALEASLU ISHMED Cardio: Lumen Spurious Aneurysm Fixed Values CHAR   
353 N2_CALEHAMO ISHMED Cardio: Morphology Groin Hematoma Fixed Values CHAR   
354 N2_CALMAS ISHMED Cardio: Ascites Fixed Values CHAR   
355 N2_CALMCILU ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Lumen V. Cava Inf. Intrahep. CHAR   
356 N2_CALMDM ISHMED Cardio: Diameter (mm) NUMC   
357 N2_CALMKKAU ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Character. Collateral Circul. CHAR   
358 N2_CALMLG ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Lobe Size CHAR   
359 N2_CALMMF ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Spleen Size CHAR   
360 N2_CALMMG ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Spleen Size CHAR   
361 N2_CALMMSFR ISHMED Cardio: Flow Direction V. Mesenterica Superior CHAR   
362 N2_CALMOK ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Surface Contour CHAR   
363 N2_CALMPHLU ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Lumen V. Portae CHAR   
364 N2_CALMPS ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Parenchym Structure CHAR   
365 N2_CALMSI ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Signal V. Hepatica CHAR   
366 N2_CALMVHLU ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Lumen V. Hepatica CHAR   
367 N2_CALVGR ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Left Ventricle Size CHAR   
368 N2_CALVHY ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values LV Hypertrophy CHAR   
369 N2_CALVI ISHMED Cardio: LV Muscular Mass Index (g/cm) Rounded DEC
370 N2_CALVM ISHMED Cardio: LV Muscular Mass (g) Rounded NUMC   
371 N2_CALVMET ISHMED Cardio: LV Method EF CHAR 30    
372 N2_CALVSV ISHMED Cardio: LV Stroke Volume (ml) Rounded NUMC   
373 N2_CAMRBTY ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values MRI Stress Type CHAR   
374 N2_CAMRGEW ISHMED Cardio: MRI Tissue Characteristic NUMC   
375 N2_CAMRKM ISHMED Cardio: MRI Contrast Medium Administration NUMC   
376 N2_CAMRKME ISHMED Cardio: MRI Contrast Medium Admin. (Enhancement) NUMC   
377 N2_CAMRLAX ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values MRI Stress Type CHAR   
378 N2_CAMRRAT ISHMED Cardio: MRI Tissue Ratio Skeletal Muscle/Myocardium DEC
379 N2_CAMRWBS ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Wall Motion Abnormalities MRI CHAR   
380 N2_CAMTINT ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Interval for Drug Administration CHAR   
381 N2_CAMVSG ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Mitral Valve Stenosis Degree CHAR   
382 N2_CANANV ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Condition Renal Vein CHAR   
383 N2_CANARAS ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Signal A. Renalis CHAR   
384 N2_CANARAW ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Morph. Vessel Wall A. Renalis CHAR   
385 N2_CANASAS ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Signal Segment Arteries CHAR   
386 N2_CANSTAT ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Fasting Status CHAR   
387 N2_CANYHA ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values NYHA Classifications CHAR   
388 N2_CAPDHD ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Diagnosis QA CHAR   
389 N2_CAPDJ ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Yes QA CHAR   
390 N2_CAPDPA ISHMED Card.: Fixed Values PCI on How Many Supply Areas CHAR   
391 N2_CAPDPR ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Type of Procedure CHAR   
392 N2_CAPDTE ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Therapy Recommendations QA CHAR   
393 N2_CAPDZE ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Imp. Intervention Target Achiev. CHAR   
394 N2_CAPKHR ISHMED Cardio: Pericard. Effus., Fix. Val. Hemodyn. Relev. CHAR   
395 N2_CAPMMO ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Pacemaker Mode CHAR   
396 N2_CAPOPSI ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Signal A. Poplitea P3 CHAR   
397 N2_CAPRAKO ISHMED Cardio: Percentage Relating to All Complexes NUMC   
398 N2_CAPRVI ISHMED Cardio: Pressure Values Vitien Forms DEC   
399 N2_CAPVR ISHMED Cardio: Peak Velocity Ratio DEC
400 N2_CAPVVA ISHMED Card. : Pulmonary Vein Flow (A-Wave) (cm/s) DEC
401 N2_CAQTDABL ISHMED Cardio: QT Dispersion Lead CHAR   
402 N2_CAQTDT ISHMED Cardio: QTD Time (ms) NUMC   
403 N2_CARAGR ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Right Atrium Size CHAR   
404 N2_CARD_CTR Absolute Tab Number in a DocCat NUMC   
405 N2_CARD_SEQ Sequence of the Tabcard in the Register NUMC   
406 N2_CARES ISHMED Cardio: Vessel Resistance ( dyne*cm*s-5 ) NUMC   
407 N2_CARFGR ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Basic Rhythm CHAR   
408 N2_CARFHF ISHMED Cardio: Heart Rate NUMC   
409 N2_CARI ISHMED Cardio: Resistance Index DEC
410 N2_CAROKT ISHMED Cardio: CC Log Contrast Medium Type CHAR   
411 N2_CARVGR ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values RV Size CHAR   
412 N2_CARVOL ISHMED Cardio: Vol. Contrast Medium, CC Log NUMC   
413 N2_CASGR ISHMED Cardio: Degree of Stenosis (%) Fixed Values CHAR   
414 N2_CASHUN ISHMED Cardio.: Unit for Value Flows and Shunts,....;CC Log UNIT   
415 N2_CASON1 ISHMED Cardio: Free Text Other Information CHAR 40    
416 N2_CASTAR ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Stenosis Area CHAR   
417 N2_CASTBE ISHMED Cardio: Stenosis Comment CHAR 60    
418 N2_CASTGR ISHMED Cardio: Degree of Stenosis (%) NUMC   
419 N2_CASTKA ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Stenosis Calcification CHAR   
420 N2_CASTLG ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Stenosis Length CHAR   
421 N2_CASTTY ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Value Stenosis Type acc. to AHA CHAR   
422 N2_CASV ISHMED Cardio: Shunt Vitien (%) NUMC   
423 N2_CATEXT ISHMED Cardio: Text of Length 60 CHAR 60    
424 N2_CATPG ISHMED Cardio: Transpulmonary Gradient (TPG) NUMC   
425 N2_CATRHY ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Rhythm Type CHAR   
426 N2_CATTUN ISHMED Cardio: Unit Further Measurement UNIT   
427 N2_CATTVA ISHMED Cardio: Value Further Measurement QUAN
428 N2_CATVIG ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Tricuspid Valve Deg. Insuffic. CHAR   
429 N2_CATXT ISHMED Cardio: Free Text (255 Characters) CHAR 255    
430 N2_CAUBED ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Examination Conditions CHAR   
431 N2_CAUSTA ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Examination Status CHAR   
432 N2_CAVAJT ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Size Evaluation Insuffic. Jet CHAR   
433 N2_CAVAL ISHMED Cardio: Value Flows and Shunts,.... ; CC Log QUAN
434 N2_CAVAMO ISHMED Cardio: Valve Mobility Fixed Values CHAR   
435 N2_CAVAMOR ISHMED Cardio: Morphology Ventricular Arrhythmia CHAR   
436 N2_CAVDDIN ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values V. S. Magna Distal Insufficiency CHAR   
437 N2_CAVDPEI ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Perforant Insufficiency CHAR   
438 N2_CAVDPIN ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Prox. Insufficiency CHAR   
439 N2_CAVDPPIN ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Prox. Insuffic. V. Saphena Parva CHAR   
440 N2_CAVDSTV ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Main Branch Varicosis CHAR   
441 N2_CAVDVSL ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Lateral Branch Varicosis CHAR   
442 N2_CAVEST ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Vessel Status Veins CHAR   
443 N2_CAVETY ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Coronary Angiogr. Supply Type CHAR   
444 N2_CAVFL ISHMED Cardio: Flow Velocity (cm/sec) NUMC   
445 N2_CAVHERW ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Value Atrial Excitation Wave CHAR   
446 N2_CAVPDIN ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values V. S. Parva Distal Insufficiency CHAR   
447 N2_CAVTLA ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Length Tachycardia CHAR   
448 N2_CAVTNA ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Non-Persistent Tachycardia CHAR   
449 N2_CAWBS ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Wall Motion Abnormalities CHAR   
450 N2_CAYEAR ISHMED Cardio: Time (e.g. Year) CHAR 10    
451 N2_CA_AQ ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Recording Quality CHAR   
452 N2_CA_EF ISHMED Cardio: LV Ejection Fraction (%) NUMC   
453 N2_CA_FL ISHMED Cardio: Area (mm2) NUMC   
454 N2_CA_GZS ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Good/Satisfactory/Poor CHAR   
455 N2_CA_LA ISHMED Cardio: Length (mm) NUMC   
456 N2_CA_SCH ISHMED Cardio: Fixed Values Acoustics CHAR   
457 N2_CDATE Generation date of a DICOM Object DATS   
458 N2_CHAR08 Character field 08 CHAR   
459 N2_CHAR1 IS-H*MED: Character field of length 1 CHAR   
460 N2_CHAR10 Character Field with 10 Characters CHAR 10    
461 N2_CHAR115 IS-H*MED: Character with Length 115 CHAR 115    
462 N2_CHAR128 IS-H*MED: Length 128 characters CHAR 128    
463 N2_CHAR132 IS-H*MED: Character field 132 byte for diagnosis long text CHAR 132    
464 N2_CHAR14 IS-H*MED: Domain CHAR 14 CHAR 14    
465 N2_CHAR15 IS-H*MED: Domain CHAR 15 CHAR 15    
466 N2_CHAR2 IS-H*MED: Character field with 2 bytes CHAR   
467 N2_CHAR20 String of length 20 CHAR 20    
468 N2_CHAR20K Free Text Length 20 Small Letters CHAR 20    
469 N2_CHAR25K Text Field Length 25 Small Letters CHAR 25    
470 N2_CHAR3 IS-H*MED: 3 character field CHAR   
471 N2_CHAR30 IS-H*MED: 30 character field CHAR 30    
472 N2_CHAR30K IS-H*MED: Character Field Length 30 Small Letters CHAR 30    
473 N2_CHAR4 IS-H*MED: Character 04 CHAR   
474 N2_CHAR40 IS-H*MED: 40 character feld CHAR 40    
475 N2_CHAR5 IS-H*MED: 5 character field CHAR   
476 N2_CHAR50 IS-H*MED: 50 character field CHAR 50    
477 N2_CHAR6 IS-H*MED: 6 CHAR domain CHAR   
478 N2_CHAR8 Domain CHAR 8 CHAR   
479 N2_CHARGE ISHM: Batch number CHAR 10    
480 N2_CHARKUM IS-H*MED: Marker character for cumulative findings CHAR   
481 N2_CHARMARK IS-H*MED: Marker character for lab values CHAR 10    
482 N2_CHRFOR IS-H*MED: Character format CHAR   
483 N2_CLUSTER_BEREICH Cluster Area CHAR   
484 N2_COL IS-H*MED: Column position NUMC   
485 N2_COLTYPE IS-H*MED: Type of Column Display CHAR   
486 N2_COND Condition of a prefetch rule CHAR 254    
487 N2_CONDTYP Condition type of a prefetch rule CHAR   
488 N2_CPARM Parameter segment of the condition function called CHAR 254    
489 N2_CS_STUDYPRIOR Priority of the DICOM study CHAR 10    
490 N2_CS_STUDYSTATUS DICOM study status CHAR 10    
491 N2_CTIME Generation time of a DICOM object TIMS   
492 N2_CVALUE Comparison Value that Satisfies the Condition CHAR 30    
493 N2_DATTYP IS-H*MED: File font CHAR   
494 N2_DATUM IS-H*MED: Date DATS   
495 N2_DEBUG Debug Function in the Generator CHAR   
496 N2_DECODE Param.doc: Print options with fixed values CHAR   
497 N2_DEEA IS-H*MED: In/output field identifier CHAR   
498 N2_DEID Ident. of Documentation Element CHAR 10    
499 N2_DESC Short description of the DICOM study CHAR 30    
500 N2_DESINFK ISHM:OR: List of disinfectants CHAR 10