SAP ABAP Domain - Index J, page 7
Domain - J
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 J_3RSOPERTYPE Type of Operation Assigned to Incoming VAT CHAR   
2 J_3RSRUNID Separate VAT Run ID CHAR 10    
3 J_3RSSEPVATCOEF Separate VAT Coefficient DEC 15  14 
4 J_3RSTRUCTDIV Settings for organization department or location CHAR   
6 J_3RS_CCDITEMID Cargo Customs Declaration Item Number NUMC   
7 J_3RS_CCDSUBID Cargo Customs Declaration Subitem Number NUMC   
8 J_3RS_CCD_ALLOWANCE Percent of Allowed Increase in Quantity in CCD NUMC   
9 J_3RS_CCD_BELN Cargo Customs Declaration Document Number CHAR 10    
11 J_3RS_CCD_ID CCD Items/Subitems ID NUMC   
12 J_3RS_CCD_NEWOPT Option When Creating New CCD CHAR   
13 J_3RS_CCD_NUM CCD Number CHAR 10    
14 J_3RS_CCD_PTYPE Fees or Duties Posting Type in FI CHAR   
15 J_3RS_CCD_STATUS Cargo Customs Declaration Status CHAR   
16 J_3RS_CCD_TYPE Cargo Customs Declaration Type CHAR   
17 J_3RS_CCD_VEND Partner Type for Posting CHAR   
18 J_3RS_CONTRACT_STATUS Contract status CHAR   
19 J_3RS_DAY Number of days between events NUMC   
20 J_3RS_DB_CMD DB Command CHAR   
21 J_3RS_DOCUMENT_STATUS Document Status CHAR   
22 J_3RS_DOCUMENT_TYPE Document Type CHAR   
23 J_3RS_INVBELNR Invoice number CHAR 10    
24 J_3RS_PODSTAT Passport of deal status CHAR   
25 J_3RS_PRICINGMODE Cargo Customs Declaration Pricing mode NUMC   
26 J_3RS_PRSCRMODE Cargo Customs Declaration Pricing Screen Mode NUMC   
27 J_3RS_UNIT_TYPE Type of Loaded Units CHAR   
28 J_3RTAXCAT Tax category CHAR   
29 J_3RTAX_ONLY Tax item only CHAR   
30 J_3RTAX_PER09 Tax Period Code for VAT Return 09 CHAR   
31 J_3RTYPDESC Vehicle type description CHAR 120    
32 J_3RTYPVTLNG Character field length 240 CHAR 240    
33 J_3RT_PRIV_TYPE Type of privilege for russian transport tax CHAR   
34 J_3RT_PRIV_VAL_TYPE Type of value for privilege CHAR   
35 J_3RVAL_ADJUST Value adjustments CHAR 10    
36 J_3RVOZM Reimbursed VAT amount CURR 13 
37 J_3RWITHOUTTAX Include VAT into item CHAR   
38 J_3RWWAREA Depreciation Area Type CHAR   
39 J_3RWW_OP_CLASS Workwear movement class CHAR   
40 J_3R_ADVREPNUM Advance report number NUMC 10    
41 J_3R_AITYPE Operation type in Inventory card lines CHAR   
42 J_3R_BRAND Vehicle Brand Source CHAR 120    
43 J_3R_DECL_DOC_TYPE Document Type for Declaration NUMC   
44 J_3R_DOC_NO Document Number for Legal Forms NUMC 10    
45 J_3R_DOC_TYPE Document Type CHAR   
46 J_3R_ECO_CLS Ecological Class CHAR   
47 J_3R_FELD Yes/No field CHAR   
48 J_3R_FIELD_USAGE Field usage CHAR   
49 J_3R_FNAM Name of form object CHAR   
50 J_3R_FNR Domain for form number CHAR 10    
51 J_3R_GRTYPE Asset movement type for inventory card CHAR   
52 J_3R_INV26_SECTION Section types CHAR   
53 J_3R_INVDIFF_SORT Sorting sequence CHAR 15    
54 J_3R_INVMESTYPE Investment Measure Type CHAR 15    
55 J_3R_INV_ORD_TYPE Inventory Order Type CHAR   
56 J_3R_IOTYPE Asset transfer type CHAR   
57 J_3R_LOCATION Asset Location CHAR   
58 J_3R_LOCATION_TTAX Asset Location CHAR   
59 J_3R_PBU_TRANSFORM_CODE Transformation code for data transfer to FI-SL for PBU18 CHAR   
60 J_3R_QUARTER Quarter of the Fiscal Year CHAR   
61 J_3R_REORG Reorganization CHAR   
62 J_3R_REP_PERIOD Reporting Period - Quarter CHAR   
63 J_3R_REP_PERIOD_2C Reporting Period - Quarter CHAR   
64 J_3R_SECTION Identifier of the form's section CHAR   
65 J_3R_STRNAM Structure name CHAR 40    
66 J_3R_TAX_TYPE Tax Type - Property / Transport Tax CHAR   
67 J_3R_TIO Inventory Order Type CHAR 15    
68 J_3R_TTAX_STATUS Domain for the Status of the Entries of the Tax Reports CHAR   
69 J_3R_TYPECODE Type of the cluster for storing legal forms CHAR   
70 J_7L14 Amount Field with One Place Before and Four After Dec.Point DEC
71 J_7L22 Amount Field with One Place Before and Four After Dec.Point DEC
72 J_7L3STATE Three-value checkbox CHAR   
73 J_7LABLSKO Derivation Rule for Special Condition Type CHAR   
74 J_7LAPPEND_MODUS REA Declaration System: Spool Control CHAR   
75 J_7LBAGTRG REA: Petty rule for weight-dependent fee CHAR   
76 J_7LBELART Recycling partner's document type CHAR   
77 J_7LBLART Document Type CHAR   
78 J_7LBLARTX REA: Document type for External Usage CHAR   
79 J_7LBLFLVW REA Use of Document Flow Evaluation CHAR   
80 J_7LBUDATX REA: Posting Date Control CHAR   
81 J_7LC1 Flag for documentation CHAR   
82 J_7LCHAR52 characterfield lengthens 52 CHAR 52    
83 J_7LCHAR90 Text field, 90 characters CHAR 90    
84 J_7LCHECKSTATE Check Status CHAR   
85 J_7LCOND_MODE Condition Update Mode CHAR   
86 J_7LCURR__00 Currency field with 0 decimal place NUMC 15    
87 J_7LCURR__03 Currency field with 3 decimal places DEC 13 
88 J_7LCURR__04 Currency with 4 decimal places DEC 13 
89 J_7LCURR__07 Currency with 7 Decimal Places DEC 10 
90 J_7LCUST_AP_KEY REA Customizing: Key Field for Customer Enhancement CHAR 10    
91 J_7LDATABX REA: "Billing Document From" Selection Range Mode CHAR   
92 J_7LDATBIX REA: "Billing Document To" Selection Range Mode CHAR   
93 J_7LDBAKTN Database action to be performed CHAR   
94 J_7LDEC Dec field, 17 characters, 6 decimal places DEC 17 
95 J_7LDEC12_8 Decimal 12.8 DEC 12 
96 J_7LDEC9_5 Decimal 9,5 DEC
97 J_7LDEFKEY REA: Key Definition for Accruals Correction Posting NUMC   
98 J_7LDFSTRG REA: Data Filter Control CHAR   
99 J_7LDFTYP REA: Data Filter Type CHAR   
100 J_7LDIFFKRIT REA Differentiation Criterion for Reporting CHAR   
101 J_7LEHP5 EHP5 Recovery Document Type     
102 J_7LEHP5_EVENT Event Control in EHP5     
103 J_7LEHP6 Festwerterweiterung EHP6 (CwoMM)     
104 J_7LENQUE_MODE Lock Mode CHAR   
105 J_7LENTNAM Recycling partner short name CHAR   
106 J_7LEVENT REA Time of call CHAR   
107 J_7LFAKTOR Factor (REA Processing) DEC 10 
108 J_7LFBGRP Consecutive Document Type Group NUMC   
109 J_7LFKEY REA: Data Filter Key NUMC 10    
110 J_7LFLAECH REA Area QUAN 13 
111 J_7LFMGRP REA Form Group CHAR   
112 J_7LFORM REA Form Routine CHAR 30    
113 J_7LFORMEL REA: Formular for Fee Calculation CHAR   
114 J_7LFRMSKA REA Application of Special Condition Type on Formula Price CHAR   
115 J_7LFRMVPA REA Use when Formula Applied CHAR   
116 J_7LFTYP REA General Interface: Error Type CHAR   
117 J_7LFUELLG Content ID Key CHAR   
118 J_7LGRUPPE Grouping of Price Formula Characteristics CHAR   
119 J_7LHDLST Trade Level NUMC   
120 J_7LHDLSTKO REA: Trade level combination NUMC   
121 J_7LHDLSTN REA: Trade Levels for Packaging CHAR 50    
122 J_7LHLVORM Deletion indicator yes/no/yes+no for selection CHAR   
123 J_7LHRKFTDQ RAE: Data Origin CHAR   
124 J_7LHRKSD Origin of billing data for quantity declaration CHAR   
125 J_7LHSTAT Indicator: Active/inactive/active+inactive for selection CHAR   
126 J_7LINFOK Additional Info Key CHAR   
127 J_7LINPUT_MODE Input Mode INT1   
128 J_7LKHIZGF REA: Access Sequences NUMC   
129 J_7LKOARTATT Attribute for Condition Type INT1   
130 J_7LKOTYP REA: Condition Type Category CHAR   
131 J_7LKPEIN REA Condition Pricing Unit DEC   
132 J_7LKQUELL Source for Condition Creation CHAR   
133 J_7LKRKMM Origin of Consumption Data for Quantity Declaration CHAR   
134 J_7LKSTAT Status of Packaging Components in BOM CHAR   
135 J_7LKUMSTKZ REA Cumulation Mode for Number of Pieces in Declaration Item CHAR   
136 J_7LKWATCH Annual Prepaid Decl. Symbol Indicator for Old Data CHAR   
137 J_7LKZBGRE REA Petty Rule Use Mode CHAR   
138 J_7LKZJAHR Indicator for Status of Annual Prepaid Declaration CHAR   
139 J_7LKZKLGR Indicator for Less / Greater / Equal CHAR   
140 J_7LKZKON REA Use of Conditions CHAR   
141 J_7LKZKUPD Indicator for Condition Adjustment REA CHAR   
142 J_7LKZMKEYP REA: Key Check Mode CHAR   
143 J_7LKZMMSD REA Indicator for pricing purchasing / sales CHAR   
144 J_7LKZMMSDS REA Indicator Splitting Filter for Sales/Purchasing CHAR   
145 J_7LKZSTL Indicator for Article or Packaging BOM CHAR   
146 J_7LKZSTLR Indicator Designating REA Bill of Materials CHAR   
147 J_7LLFDNR 10-Digit Integer NUMC 10    
148 J_7LLOG_LEVEL Level of Detail for Log Function NUMC   
149 J_7LLOG_PERSISTENCE Log Entry Retention Period NUMC   
150 J_7LMART Declaration Type CHAR   
151 J_7LMASTERDATABUFFER Categories for Master Data Buffering INT1   
152 J_7LMATKL Material Class Key CHAR   
153 J_7LMENG17_2 Quantity Field, 17 Digits, 2 Decimal Places with +/- Sign QUAN 17 
154 J_7LMENG17_3 Quantity Field, 17 Characters, 3 Decimal Places w/o +/- Sign QUAN 17 
155 J_7LMENG17_6 Quantity Field, 17 Characters, 6 Decimal Places w/o +/- Sign QUAN 17 
156 J_7LMENGV17_6 Quantity Fld, 17 Characters, 6 Decimal Places with +/- Sign QUAN 17 
157 J_7LMENU_TEXT REA Favorite Texts CHAR 30    
158 J_7LMEREL Derivation from Sales Units for Article CHAR   
159 J_7LMERKMALFELD REA Customizing: Freely Definable Characteristic Field CHAR 10    
160 J_7LMHRKFT REA: Origin Declaration Item CHAR   
161 J_7LMMARX REA Use Article Determination from Material Movements CHAR   
162 J_7LMOBJKEY Object type of declaration key CHAR   
163 J_7LMODUSFI FI Integration Mode INT1   
164 J_7LMODUSV REA: Correction Posting Mode CHAR   
165 J_7LMODUSX REA: Update Mode CHAR   
166 J_7LMSGEWICHT_UK Weight, 12 figures without decimal places QUAN 12    
167 J_7LMSGTY REA: Message Type CHAR   
168 J_7LMSTAT Declaration Status CHAR   
169 J_7LMUSSKZ Indicator for mandatory/optional rule, petty rule CHAR   
170 J_7LNETWR__02 Currency with 2 Decimal Places DEC 15 
171 J_7LNETWR__03 Currency with 3 Decimal Places DEC 15 
172 J_7LNRSATZ Logical Record Number for Interface NUMC   
173 J_7LNRZEILE Physical Line Number of an Import Record INT4 10    
174 J_7LNUM09 Numerical Field of Length 09 NUMC   
175 J_7LNUMKZ REA: Number Assignment Control - External/Internal CHAR   
176 J_7LOFFSET Offset for year CHAR   
177 J_7LOMENG Quantity Field, 6 Decimal Places Without +/- Sign QUAN 17 
178 J_7LPANZ Annual prepaid declaration, number of price lists INT1   
179 J_7LPARAMETER REA Customer Exit: Freely Selectable Parameters CHAR 40    
180 J_7LPERINR Period Number NUMC   
181 J_7LPERIO_TEXT REA Declaration: Periodicity in Words CHAR 30    
182 J_7LPFORMEL REA: Price Formula CHAR   
183 J_7LPFORMVW REA: Use Price Formula CHAR   
184 J_7LPGKEYX Indicator Calculate Price for Splitting/Trans.Characteristic CHAR   
185 J_7LPLAUS_MODE Plausibility Check Mode CHAR   
186 J_7LPOSAR Declaration Item Type CHAR   
187 J_7LPOSARPF REA: Item Type Price Formula Use CHAR   
188 J_7LPOSARV Transaction-Based Line Item Type CHAR   
189 J_7LPOSARVW REA: Use of Item Type CHAR   
190 J_7LPOSNVW REA: Use of Standard Item CHAR   
191 J_7LPRFSTUF REA: Check Level CHAR   
192 J_7LPROP_MODE Propagation Mode CHAR   
193 J_7LPRZNT Percentage DEC
194 J_7LQUART Quarter number NUMC   
195 J_7LREFAKTOR REA Recycling Partner Master: Refunding Factor DEC
196 J_7LRESDT REA: Selection Result CHAR   
197 J_7LRESTAT Recycling Partner Status CHAR   
198 J_7LREUSE Packaging Reuse DEC 15 
199 J_7LRKZIE Customizing REA: Indicator for Data Filter Inclusive/Exclus. CHAR   
200 J_7LRMTYP Article Category for REA Processing CHAR   
201 J_7LRP Possible Selection Criteria for Declaration CHAR   
202 J_7LRPERIO Periodicity: Declaration CHAR   
203 J_7LRPLPOS Price List Item NUMC   
204 J_7LRPLT Price list item type CHAR   
205 J_7LRPLVRS Price List Version CHAR   
206 J_7LRSTOFI Internal Fraction CHAR   
207 J_7LRTYP Article referencing type CHAR   
208 J_7LRUNDG Rounding Type CHAR   
209 J_7LRVBTYP Document Category CHAR   
210 J_7LRVFLKL Volume/Area/Length Class CHAR   
211 J_7LRVMVRP Indicator: Transfer packaging of reference material CHAR   
212 J_7LRVORZ Billing sign +/- CHAR   
213 J_7LRVPART Packaging Type NUMC   
214 J_7LRVPGRP Packaging group (REA processing) CHAR   
215 J_7LRVRSST Version control CHAR   
216 J_7LRVTYP Packaging Class CHAR   
217 J_7LSASH_POSITION Position of Separator in Container Control INT1   
218 J_7LSOKOA REA Special conditions type NUMC   
219 J_7LSPERI Period Grid Info Structure: External Document Data REA CHAR   
220 J_7LSTATUS REA Internal Use: Field Status CHAR   
221 J_7LSTKLZ REA: Control Plant-Dependency of BOM Assignment CHAR   
222 J_7LSTOFFATT Attribute for Recycling Partner Fraction NUMC   
223 J_7LSTOFFE Recycling Partner Fraction CHAR   
224 J_7LSTP4 Double-Precision Price CURR 15 
225 J_7LSTUEC REA: Number Field Without Decimal Places DEC 15    
226 J_7LSUMMSTUFE Summation Level for Output on Document INT1   
227 J_7LUPDATE_MODE Update Mode CHAR   
228 J_7LVARIANTE Variant of REA Master Data CHAR 18    
229 J_7LVBFADIR REA Evaluation Direction for Document Flow CHAR   
230 J_7LVBFAFILTER REA Document Type Filters for Document Flow Evaluation NUMC   
231 J_7LVBFAKEY REA Access Sequence Keys for Document Flow Evaluation NUMC   
232 J_7LVBFAPATH REA Path for Document Flow Evaluation NUMC   
233 J_7LVBFAREAD REA Definition of Single Access for Document Flow Evaluation NUMC   
234 J_7LVBFTAB REA Results Table for Sales Document Flow Evaluation CHAR 30    
235 J_7LVDFTYP REA: Transaction-Dependent Data Filter Type CHAR   
236 J_7LVEBENE Packaging Level NUMC   
237 J_7LVFORMT Packaging Form Type CHAR   
238 J_7LVGBELX REA Reference Document Evaluation Mode CHAR   
239 J_7LVGTYP REA: Transaction Category Material Movement CHAR   
240 J_7LVMENT Indicator: Transfer Re. Partner from Reference Material CHAR   
241 J_7LVMSTF Indicator: Transfer Fractions of Reference Material CHAR   
242 J_7LVMVRS Transfer Assignment of All Versions of Reference Material CHAR   
243 J_7LVORGKEY REA Data Filters: Transaction Keys NUMC   
244 J_7LVPARTATT Packaging Type Attribute INT1   
245 J_7LVRPKT REA: Packaging Category Fraction CHAR   
246 J_7LVRPKTATT Attribute for Packaging Category INT1   
247 J_7LVRSSATZ Version of an import record structure NUMC   
248 J_7LVTBERX REA: Sales Area Derivation Clearing Document Mode CHAR   
249 J_7LVTRNKZ Indicator for Packaging Separability CHAR   
250 J_7LWERTVX REA: Long Value Field with +/- Signs and 2 Decimal Places CURR 17 
251 J_7LWF_MODE Mode Workflow Event Control CHAR   
252 J_7LXMSGLOG REA: Level of Detail for Display of Messages and Error Log CHAR   
253 J_7LZART Payment Type of Licensee CHAR   
254 J_7LZGFTYP REA: Access Sequence Type CHAR   
255 J_7LZNEH Licensee, Customer Number for Recycling Partner CHAR 12    
256 J_7L_BUFFERMODE Buffer Mechanism CHAR   
257 J_7L_EHP06 Erweiterung EhP 6     
258 J_7L_RULETYPE Rule Type CHAR   
259 J_AEABPER IS-M/SD: Month (Period) in Circ. Revenue Accrual YYYYMM ACCP   
260 J_ANWEN IS-M/SD: Text for logical application CHAR   
261 J_APPKL IS-M: Application CHAR   
262 J_BERSL Authorization keys in status management CHAR   
263 J_BONDTYP Excise Bonding: Bond Type CHAR   
264 J_CHAR2 Character field length 2 CHAR   
265 J_CHIND Change indicator (insert/update) CHAR   
266 J_CIRC_ORIGIN IS-M/SD: Technical data origin of issue CHAR   
267 J_EINNR IS-M: Document sub-item document flow NUMC   
268 J_ESTAT Status CHAR   
269 J_EVENT IS-M/SD: Event to trigger actions CHAR   
270 J_FLAG Indicator for status sequence control CHAR   
271 J_INACT 'Status Inactive' Indicator CHAR   
272 J_ISTAT System status CHAR   
273 J_ISTATEXT System status with external conversion CHAR   
274 J_MEINS IS-M: Base Unit of Measure for Unloading Rules CHAR   
275 J_MODKZ Modification flag NUMC   
276 J_OBART Object type (general object number) CHAR   
277 J_OBART_LD Language-dependent object types (general object number) CHAR   
278 J_OBART_RE_AA Object Type Real Estate Object for Depr. (Language-Dep.) CHAR   
279 J_OBJID Object ID (general object number) CHAR 20    
280 J_OBJNR Object number CHAR 22    
281 J_OBJNREXT Object number (format for reporting system) CHAR 22    
282 J_OBJNRKEY Object number (preparation for classification) CHAR 22    
283 J_OBJNROUT Object number in printed form CHAR 22    
284 J_OBJNR_ED Object number in edited format CHAR 24    
285 J_OBTYP Object Category CHAR   
286 J_OUT_ART IS-M/SD: Output type for shipping document NUMC   
287 J_POSNR IS-M: Document item document flow NUMC   
288 J_PRODH IS-M/AM: Product hierarchy CHAR 18    
289 J_R3_FNAM Name of form object CHAR   
290 J_RK_AUFNR IS-M/SD: Order number for CO order CHAR   
291 J_RK_POSNR IS-M/SD: Item number in CO order NUMC   
292 J_STATUS Object status CHAR   
293 J_STONR Status Order Number NUMC   
294 J_STSMA Status profile CHAR   
295 J_VBELN IS-PAM: Document object flow CHAR 10    
296 J_VORGANG Business Transaction CHAR   
297 J_ZAEHL Counter used to differentiate between data base entries NUMC