SAP ABAP Domain - Index J, page 2
Domain - J
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 JBRZSBAR Flow type within cash flow CHAR   
2 JBRZSTILG IS-B: RM Indicator: Interest or Repayment Cash Flow CHAR   
3 JBRZTKNZ IS-B: RM Indicator: Interest or Repayment Cash Flow CHAR   
4 JBRZVDWT IS-B: Value to be summarized CHAR   
5 JBR_BRANC IS-B: RM Industry Version CHAR   
6 JBR_DISB_START Start of Disbursement Procedure CHAR   
7 JBR_PREPAYMENT Control for Prepayment Handling CHAR   
8 JBR_VALRULE_ACTIVATE Switch for valuation rule related customizing CHAR   
10 JBS13AWV Domain for the further processing ind. with § 13 CHAR   
11 JBS13AWV_FS IS-B: Domain for Further Processing Indicator with § 13 CHAR   
12 JBSABGUV Control of Variance Amount for P+L Calculation CHAR   
13 JBSABRKA Settlement Calculation CHAR   
14 JBSABSKNZ Indicator: Absolute Points in Time CHAR   
15 JBSABTRT Domain for assignment of loans indicator CHAR   
16 JBSABTYP Write-Down Category CHAR   
17 JBSABZUG Deduction from liable equity capital CHAR   
18 JBSAKPAS Asset/Liability Indicator CHAR   
19 JBSALF IS-B: RM Anticipated Outflows CHAR   
20 JBSALFD Due Date Scenario CHAR   
21 JBSAMRFR AMR exemptions CHAR   
22 JBSAMRKR AMR adjustment items CHAR   
23 JBSAMRKZ AMR indicator CHAR   
24 JBSAMRSN Other reserve-carrying liabilities CHAR   
25 JBSANART Display type CHAR   
26 JBSANDOR Link within a Condition (Logic Analysis) CHAR   
27 JBSAUFRE Domain for the account netting form indicator CHAR   
28 JBSAVHC Required/Optional (if error-free) Save of the SEM Applic. CHAR   
29 JBSBBKKU Bundesbank customer system for SAMBA CHAR   
30 JBSBBRCH IS-B: Domain for CI industry grouping CHAR   
31 JBSBEGBG IS-B: Issue of bearer debenture abroad CHAR   
32 JBSBERBN IS-B: Banks in reporting countries CHAR   
33 JBSBERBN_FS IS-B: Banks in Reporting Countries CHAR   
34 JBSBIL ALM Indicator: Balance Sheet CHAR   
35 JBSBILANZ ALM Indicator: Position (On-Bal.Sheet, Off-Bal. Sheet, Both) CHAR   
36 JBSBILRL SAP Banking: Relevance for Balance Sheet CHAR   
37 JBSBIMODE Mode for Batch Input Processing NUMC   
38 JBSBKUSY IS-B: Domains for customer system of Bundesbank CHAR   
39 JBSBNKVR IS-B: Daily clearing of due bank accounts CHAR   
40 JBSBOERS IS-B: Exchange listing CHAR   
41 JBSBONKD IS-B: Domain for indicator for borrower's credit standing CHAR   
42 JBSBORKZ IS-B: Domain for stock market indicator CHAR   
43 JBSBSTDIFF Position/Change Indicator CHAR   
44 JBSBUEKZ IS-B: Domain for guarantee indicator / § 14 double display CHAR   
45 JBSBUKRSA1 IS-B: Alternative company code 1 NUMC   
46 JBSBWVOL Net Present Value of Average Effective Capital CHAR   
47 JBSCAPEX ALM indicator: Physical Principal Swap CHAR   
48 JBSCASH ALM Indicator: Cash Flow Control CHAR   
49 JBSCFITYPE Cash Flow Transaction: Category of Entry CHAR   
50 JBSCOKBR IS-B: COOKE industry grouping CHAR   
51 JBSCOKRF IS-B: Legal form - counterparty CHAR   
52 JBSDATABL IS-B: Storage of (master) data CHAR   
53 JBSDATBE Control of flow data storage CHAR   
54 JBSDATST Control of Master Data Storage CHAR   
55 JBSDBLE Control Field for DB Accesses CHAR   
56 JBSDISAB Accrued Discount CHAR   
57 JBSDSVOL Average Balance CHAR   
58 JBSDUPLK IS-B: Duplication indicator CHAR   
59 JBSDUPPF IS-B: Mandatory duplicate indicator CHAR   
60 JBSDUPPF_FS IS-B: Indicator: Duplicate Required CHAR   
61 JBSDUPZL IS-B: Counter for creation of duplicate INT4 10    
62 JBSDURAT Control indicator for calculating additional OI CHAR   
63 JBSEBENI IS-B: Domain for internal hierarchy level NUMC   
64 JBSEFFZ Control Indicator for Calculating Effective Interest Rate CHAR   
65 JBSEFFZI Control Ind.- Flow Types Relevant for Effective Interest CHAR   
66 JBSEGEPBE Contribution from One-Off Charges/Commission CHAR   
67 JBSEGEPBW NPV of One-Off Charges/Commission CHAR   
68 JBSEGUB Indicator for relevance of record for profitability analysis CHAR   
69 JBSEINWE Initial Value CHAR   
70 JBSELBD Selection Criteria of Source System CHAR 30    
71 JBSELTYPE RM, STC or LM Application CHAR   
72 JBSEMAPPL SEM Applications CHAR   
73 JBSERREL Revenue Relevance Indicator CHAR   
74 JBSERROR IS-B: Error flag CHAR   
75 JBSERTRZ Own-Account Revenue CHAR   
76 JBSEUMODE EURO conversion (contract currency): Mode CHAR   
77 JBSEZDUR Average Effective Interest CHAR   
78 JBSFELD Table Fields CHAR 10    
79 JBSFEVE Control Indicator for Executing Fixed Procedures CHAR   
80 JBSFILET IS-B: Category of reporting dataset file to be saved CHAR   
81 JBSFKMD CL Organization/Data Transfer Indicator CHAR   
82 JBSFNLFZ IS-B: Maturity calculation for guarantees on fin.innovations CHAR   
83 JBSFOART IS-B: Domain for breaking down asset items CHAR   
84 JBSFORTREG Update Rule CHAR   
85 JBSFORTZAP Update Rule Interest Rate Adjustment CHAR   
86 JBSFSVAR Cash Flow Fixed/Variable CHAR   
87 JBSGEART IS-B: Transaction type for financial innovations CHAR   
88 JBSGEMKR IS-B: Indicator for joint loan CHAR   
89 JBSGESAR IS-B: Trans.type of account from reporting point of view CHAR   
90 JBSGEWKZ IS-B: Domain for guarantee assumption indicator CHAR   
91 JBSGLDAN Indicator for Floating Average Adjustment CHAR   
92 JBSGLDKR IS-B: Position calculation CHAR   
93 JBSGMPAP IS-B: Domain for differentiation of money market instruments CHAR   
94 JBSGOLDD IS-B: Gold holdings covered by gold payables CHAR   
95 JBSGSART Type of Transaction (Costing-Based) CHAR   
96 JBSGSTAT Transaction Status CHAR   
97 JBSHANDW IS-B: Manual worker indicator (borrower statistics) CHAR   
98 JBSHANDW_FS IS-B: Manual Worker Indicator (Borrower Statistics) CHAR   
99 JBSHERKU Legacy System (Front End) CHAR   
100 JBSHKOBE Trading Terms Contribution CHAR   
101 JBSHYPKR IS-B: Mortgage loans CHAR   
102 JBSIA1PN IS-B: False pension transactions for pensioner CHAR   
103 JBSIA3GE IS-B: Domain for number to calculate diff.amount GS Ia3 CHAR 13    
104 JBSIHERK Internal Source Indicator CHAR   
105 JBSINLAUS IS-B: Domestic/Foreign indicator (related to highest BUKRS) CHAR   
106 JBSIST_SIM ALM Indicator: Simulation Based on Actual or Actual + Sim. CHAR   
107 JBSJANEIN Yes/No Indicator with the Fixed Values 0 and 1 CHAR   
108 JBSKALRT Costing Rule Category CHAR   
109 JBSKALUP Costing Control CHAR   
110 JBSKAPZINS IS-B: RM Indicator: Capital or Interest Commitment CHAR   
111 JBSKBRCH IS-B: Non-bank industry CHAR   
112 JBSKDREF IS-B: Indicator for legal form of customer CHAR   
113 JBSKDREF_FS IS-B: Indicator for Legal Form of Customer CHAR   
114 JBSKENNUNG Record ID of a Condition (Logical Analysis) CHAR   
115 JBSKKUEB IS-B: RR, Control of current account transfer CHAR   
116 JBSKLAMM Bracket in a Condition (Logical Analysis) CHAR   
117 JBSKLUB CL Indicator Showing whether Record Relevant for CL CHAR   
118 JBSKNBCH IS-B: Domain for borrower industry CHAR   
119 JBSKNLND IS-B: Country information for borrower statistics CHAR   
120 JBSKNOTART Node Type CHAR   
121 JBSKNSKZ IS-B: Consolidation indicator CHAR   
122 JBSKNSVR IS-B: Elimination within consolidation CHAR   
123 JBSKNSVR_FS IS-B: Consolidation Clearing CHAR   
124 JBSKNTTYP RM: Node Type CHAR   
125 JBSKNVOL Contract Volume CHAR   
126 JBSKNZHL IS-B: Indicator acc. to activity directory CHAR   
127 JBSKNZKD IS-B: Group/Non-group customer CHAR   
128 JBSKNZMODE RM: Indicator - User Mode, Transfer of External Key Figures CHAR   
129 JBSKRART IS-B: Text for loan types CHAR   
130 JBSKREDT IS-B: Credit type for including German Banking Act CHAR   
131 JBSKTART IS-B: Regulatory reporting - account type CHAR   
132 JBSKTAUS IS-B: Account print-out CHAR   
133 JBSKTKLS IS-B: Differentiation of transaction for GS 1A CHAR   
134 JBSKUEFR IS-B: Domain for period of notice indicator CHAR   
135 JBSKUEND IS-B: Domain for withdrawal limitation CHAR   
136 JBSKUGVS SAP Banking: Split price gains and losses CHAR   
137 JBSKVBER Purchases and Sales within the Period CHAR   
138 JBSKZLBUW Key Figure Determination - Book Value CHAR   
139 JBSKZLMKW Key Figure Determination - Market Value CHAR   
140 JBSKZMEL IS-B: Status indicator German foreign trade regulations data CHAR   
141 JBSLAUFG IS-B: Maturity group of account CHAR   
142 JBSLEIST Cash Flow Disturbance CHAR   
143 JBSLIQ ALM Indicator: Liquidity Levels CHAR   
144 JBSLKFIN IS-B: Local financing CHAR   
145 JBSLNZON IS-B: Land zone CHAR   
146 JBSLNZON_FS IS-B: Country Zone CHAR   
148 JBSMBWPR IS-B: Distribution to periods CHAR   
149 JBSMEART IS-B: Domain for reporting type NUMC   
150 JBSMGELA ALM Indicator: Margin or Elasticity CHAR   
151 JBSMICRO IS-B: Indicator for micro hedge CHAR   
152 JBSMINRK Reserve Requirement Costs CHAR   
153 JBSMINRS Control of Reserve Requirement Days CHAR   
154 JBSMKKEN Required/Optional indicator CHAR   
155 JBSMKTPREISTYP Market Price Category CHAR   
156 JBSMKVOL Market Volume CHAR   
157 JBSMODE Mode of Data Flow CHAR   
158 JBSMRGIN IS-B: Indicator for margin system CHAR   
159 JBSMUTLD IS-B: Domain for country of parent CHAR   
160 JBSMWSYS IS-B: Regulatory reporting system which creates report CHAR   
161 JBSMWUB IS-B: RR transfer indicator for object transfer CHAR   
162 JBSNDLLD IS-B: Branch country CHAR   
163 JBSNERWR Domestic state administration not pursuing business targets CHAR   
164 JBSNERWR_FS IS-B: Domestic State Admin. not Pursuing Business Targets CHAR   
165 JBSNETAR IS-B: Domain for type of contractual netting CHAR   
166 JBSNGPT Category of New Business Planning CHAR   
167 JBSNOMOZ RM Gap Determination of Nominal Transfer Price Using STC CHAR   
168 JBSNOT Negation of a Condition (Logical Analysis) CHAR   
169 JBSNRANG IS-B: Domain for lower priority receivables/payables ind. CHAR   
170 JBSOBJART IS-B: Type of grouping object (part of JBSPGRUP) CHAR   
171 JBSONE_ALL ALM Indicator: Display One or All Scenario Progressions CHAR   
172 JBSOPBAS Control Indicator for Base Value of Opportunity Revenue CHAR   
173 JBSOPCLO IS-B: Open/Closed indicator CHAR   
174 JBSOPKOS Opportunity Costs CHAR   
175 JBSOPPBE Opportunity Contribution CHAR   
176 JBSOPPBH Opportunity Contribution in Local Currency CHAR   
177 JBSOPPER Control Indicator for OI Transfer CHAR   
178 JBSOPPKD Condition Date for MCM Access CHAR   
179 JBSOPPSU Search procedure for opportunity interest rates CHAR   
180 JBSOPPZH Opportunity Interest Rate in Local Currency CHAR   
181 JBSOPPZS Opportunity Interest Rate CHAR   
182 JBSOPTMO IS-B: Domain for option price calculation indicator CHAR   
183 JBSOPTYP Option Category (Call/Put) CHAR   
184 JBSOPVOL SAP Banking: Opportunity Volumes CHAR   
185 JBSORIG RM: Indicator for the Origin of the Risk Object Position CHAR   
186 JBSORIG_ALT RM: Indicator for the Origin of the Risk Object Position CHAR   
187 JBSORTPOS Sort Key INT1   
188 JBSPART IS-B: RM Definition of Program Segments CHAR   
189 JBSPBLD Period Block CHAR   
190 JBSPFAND IS-B: Domain for the attachability of a security CHAR   
191 JBSPGRUP IS-B: Domain for the product group of a bank product CHAR   
192 JBSPREAD_METH Procedure for Markup or Markdown CHAR   
193 JBSPRKZ Control Indicator for Market Prices NUMC   
194 JBSPROD IS-B: Product indicator in collateral management CHAR   
195 JBSPRPAY Indicator for Calculating Prepayments CHAR   
196 JBSPRREL Relevant Flow Indicator CHAR   
197 JBSPRTYP Product Category CHAR   
198 JBSPTRFGET Categories of Pointers for Primary Transaction CHAR   
199 JBSRANG IS-B: Secondary receivables/payables CHAR   
200 JBSRANTYP Contract Type for Selection CHAR   
201 JBSRART Risk category in Risk Management CHAR   
202 JBSRDISK IS-B: Bill rediscount position CHAR   
203 JBSREALFICT RM: Actual/Fictitious Indicator for Financial Objects CHAR   
204 JBSREFIN IS-B: Domain for refinancing ability indicator CHAR   
205 JBSREFNR IS-B: Domain for unit/service officer number CHAR   
206 JBSREGL IS-B: Rule for data selection in regulatory reporting NUMC   
207 JBSREIHN IS-B: Row ind.for treasury bills and int-free treasury bills CHAR   
208 JBSRELATIO Relation (Logic Analysis) CHAR   
209 JBSRKUGV Price Gains and Losses CHAR   
210 JBSRKUGVB Price Gains and Losses (Position) CHAR   
211 JBSRMUB IS-B: RM Indicator; Is the record relevant for RM? CHAR   
212 JBSRSAKT IS-B: Transaction differentiation for Cooke or GAB CHAR   
213 JBSRUECK IS-B: Control of back-dating/posting to prior periods CHAR   
214 JBSSALBL Balance Formation CHAR   
215 JBSSART IS-B: RM Indicator for Balance Type CHAR   
216 JBSSART1 IS-B: Collateral key 1 for §13 of German Banking Act CHAR   
217 JBSSART2 IS-B: Collateral key 2 for §13 of German Banking Act CHAR   
218 JBSSART3 IS-B: Collateral key 3 for §13 of German Banking Act CHAR   
219 JBSSART4 IS-B: Collateral key 4 for §13 of German Banking Act CHAR   
220 JBSSART5 IS-B: Collateral key 5 for German Banking Act CHAR   
221 JBSSHLNG Short/Long Indicator CHAR   
222 JBSSIART IS-B: Collateralization type CHAR   
223 JBSSICH IS-B: RR Type of collateral CHAR   
224 JBSSICHA IS-B: Domain for type of loan collateralization for § 14/16 CHAR   
225 JBSSIGN +/- sign CHAR   
226 JBSSIMA Simulation Type CHAR   
227 JBSSIMFICT ALM Indicator: Simulated or Fictitious CHAR   
228 JBSSIMT Simulation Category CHAR   
229 JBSSNDER IS-B: Special circumstances/corrections CHAR   
230 JBSSNDLZ IS-B: Special terms key CHAR   
231 JBSSONDA IS-B: Special processing type for collateral CHAR   
232 JBSSOPE Indicator for Execution Time of Procedure CHAR   
233 JBSSPRDS Control Indicator for Markups/Markdowns on OI CHAR   
234 JBSSTAT RM: Status of Generic Transaction CHAR   
235 JBSSTFLX Control of Flexible Procedures CHAR   
236 JBSSTKBW Net Present Value of Unit Costs CHAR   
237 JBSSTUFE Number of Steps (Revaluation Method) CHAR   
238 JBSSWPFZ IS-B: Fixed interest rate swap indicator CHAR   
239 JBSSZIKZ Swap - Interest Receiver/Interest Payer Indicator CHAR   
240 JBSTORNOKZ SAP Banking: Reversal Indicator for Funds Transfer Pricing CHAR   
241 JBSTPA Definition of Control Parameters CHAR 10    
242 JBSTRHND IS-B: Trust assets indicator CHAR   
243 JBSTUF Definition of Levels INT1   
244 JBSUEBERHG ALM Indicator: Gap (Key Date, Average) CHAR   
245 JBSUEBKZ IS-B: Domain for monitoring case § 13,14,16 of GBA CHAR   
246 JBSUEBW IS-B: Monitoring indicator for §§13,14,16 CHAR   
247 JBSUETYP Transfer Category CHAR   
248 JBSUSALG Control of General User Exits in Costing Rule CHAR   
249 JBSUTRAG IS-B: Domain for transfer type indicator CHAR   
250 JBSVARIA IS-B: Domain for variants in reg. reporting Customizing CHAR   
251 JBSVERFA Definition of Procedures CHAR   
252 JBSVERFG Procedure Group in Own-Account Trading NUMC   
253 JBSVERS RM: Indicator for Retrieval of a Version CHAR   
254 JBSVERWZ IS-B: Domain for application of loan funds CHAR   
255 JBSVRARB IS-B: Processing indicator CHAR   
256 JBSVRBRT IS-B: Break-down of various liabilities CHAR   
257 JBSVRLAB ALM Indicator: Relative or Absolute Volume CHAR   
258 JBSVRPTR IS-B: Contracting party assignment CHAR   
259 JBSVRSIC IS-B: Liabilities to collaterals CHAR   
260 JBSVTRPA IS-B: Domain for contracting party classification in SAMBA CHAR   
261 JBSWATRA Currency Translation Contribution CHAR   
262 JBSWEART IS-B: Exchange type CHAR   
263 JBSWPART IS-B: Security type for diff. in security account stats CHAR   
264 JBSWPBRN IS-B: Security industry CHAR   
265 JBSWPDIF IS-B: Security differentiation (BISTA and Provision I) CHAR   
266 JBSWPDOP IS-B: Domain for double report with sec. lending transacts CHAR 10    
267 JBSWPEIN IS-B: Unit of securities note CHAR   
268 JBSWPVAL IS-B: Forward securities transaction indicator CHAR   
269 JBSWPVRZ IS-B: Return on securities CHAR   
270 JBSWTBBW NPV of Currency Translation Contribution CHAR   
271 JBSYS External Data System CHAR 10    
272 JBSZABER IS-B: Domain for pymt area acc. to German frgn trade reg.ind CHAR   
273 JBSZIGRE Indicator as from Minimum Amount CHAR   
274 JBSZINBE Interest Contribution CHAR   
275 JBSZINKO Interest Terms Contribution CHAR   
276 JBSZINSART RM: Indicator for the Type of Interest Rate CHAR   
277 JBSZKART Yield Curve Type NUMC   
278 JBSZKBIND ALM Indicator: Interest Commitment/Capital Commitment CHAR   
279 JBSZNSAN IS-B: Interest adjustment mode indicator CHAR   
280 JBSZSART IS-B: Cash Flow Category CHAR   
281 JBSZSTKZ Cash Flow Indicator CHAR   
282 JBSZSTRM Cash Flow for Costing Rule CHAR   
283 JBSZUKZC IS-B: Irreversible loan commitment indicator (COOKE) CHAR   
284 JBSZUSKC IS-B: Domain for irreversible loan commitment indicator CHAR   
285 JBSZUSKZ IS-B: External loan commitment CHAR   
286 JBSZUSTA IS-B: Allocation to commitment statistics CHAR   
287 JBSZUTYP Write-Up Category CHAR   
288 JBTABE Table Name CHAR   
289 JBTEXT30 Text CHAR 30    
290 JBTMARKTZINS Market Interest Rate Time TIMS   
291 JBTONUM_INT Internal turnover number for variable transaction CHAR 16    
293 JBT_CFD_FLL_DSB_STFD Status of Cash Flow from Full Disbursement CHAR   
295 JBT_INTINV_ENABLED Earnings from Interim Investment CHAR   
296 JBT_INTINV_INCLDE_IN_INTCO Include in Interest Contribution Calculation CHAR   
297 JBT_PERIOD_COMMITMENT_INTR Committment Interest (in Period) CHAR   
299 JBUETYP Transfer Category CHAR   
300 JBUZEIT Fixed Values Domain for Time Units Day/Month/Year CHAR   
301 JBVAL_MAIN Variable transaction - type of value maintenance CHAR   
302 JBVENR Definition of Procedure Numbers CHAR   
303 JBVERDI Summarization Indicator CHAR   
304 JBVERFAH Definition of procedures for a costing rule CHAR   
305 JBVNR IS-M/SD: Employment relationship CHAR 10    
306 JBVORZEICHEN +/- sign CHAR   
307 JBVTNAME_POS Item in name of a variable transaction NUMC   
308 JBVTNUM Number of variable transaction CHAR 40    
309 JBVTNUM_INT Internal Number for Variable Transaction CHAR 16    
310 JBVWFE Administrative fields CHAR 10    
311 JBWAER IS-B: Currency CUKY   
312 JBWKB Definition of when Costable CHAR 10    
313 JBW_COASLICE BW: Distribution Rule: Contract Target Amongst Time Slices CHAR   
314 JBW_ETMENGE_GEW Quantity 3 decimal places (in whole numbers) QUAN 16 
315 JBW_TEILABOGEW Part.subscription weighting 3 decimal places (in whole nos) DEC 17 
316 JBW_WORKLOAD IS-M: Worklist of Contracts Unloaded from BW CHAR 10    
317 JBW_ZIEL IS-M/AM BW: Fraction of a target agreement QUAN 14 
318 JBW_ZSR IS-M/AM BW: Time slice rule for COA update CHAR   
319 JBXABAPTXT IS-B: RM ABAP Text Modules CHAR 72    
320 JBXADKEY Transaction Differentiation Text CHAR 30    
321 JBXATEXT IS-B: Characteristic value text (logical analysis) CHAR 60    
322 JBXC40 IS-B: Text field, length 40 CHAR 40    
323 JBXEXTKNZ RM: Indicator for External Risk Object CHAR   
324 JBXFILEN IS-B: Name of reporting dataset file CHAR 128    
325 JBXFLAG X Indicator for Yes/No Decisions CHAR   
326 JBXKBEZ RM Short Description CHAR 30    
327 JBXKNNAM IS-B: Domain for description of borrower entity CHAR 40    
328 JBXLBEZ RM Long Description CHAR 60    
329 JBXMBEZ ALM Description (45 digit) CHAR 45    
330 JBXSITKU IS-B: Customer's place of residence CHAR 40    
331 JBXSITZK IS-B: Domain for the seat of the borrower entity CHAR 40    
332 JBXSTRING Domain for Including Table Name CHAR 10    
333 JBXTEXT40 General Test (40 Characters) CHAR 40    
334 JBXZEILE Long String for Including General Table Contents CHAR 200    
335 JBZSTRTYP Category of cash flow CHAR   
336 JBZUPFEL Definition of Fields To Be Checked CHAR 10    
337 JBZUPTAB Definition of Tables To Be Checked CHAR 10    
338 JCAPA_FREE IS-PAM: Free capacity INT4 10    
339 JCBKEY IS-M/SD: Technical Surrogate Key for Circulation Book NUMC 20    
340 JCEBUCOCODE Domain for Cebuco Code CHAR   
341 JCFCT_CNT IS-M/AM: Copy to a new date (number of conflicts) INT2   
342 JCFCT_TEXT IS-M/AM: Copy to a new date (conflict text) CHAR 90    
343 JCHAR40_G 40-character name in upper case with conversion exit CHAR 40    
344 JCHAR5 Char 5 CHAR   
345 JCHAR50_G 50-character upper case name with conversion exit CHAR 50    
346 JCHECK External data transfer: rigorosity of checks CHAR   
347 JCHNGTYPE IS-M/SD: Order change type for deliverer notification CHAR   
348 JCHOICE IS-M: Group CHAR   
349 JCNT_DSP IS-M/AM: Planning spaces INT4 10    
350 JCOLLECTSTATE IS-M: Collection Status CHAR   
351 JCOMMENTLINE IS-M: Comment Row CHAR 255    
353 JCREDIT_TYPE IS-M: Retail - type of credit memo CHAR   
354 JCRMLOC_NODETYPE IS-M: CRM Locator, Node Type CHAR 10    
355 JCURSORPOS_ZE IS-M/SD: Positioning of cursor in central access CHAR   
356 JDAY_MINUS IS-M: Number of Days Retroactively INT4 10    
357 JDAY_PLUS IS-M: Number of Days in Advance in Quantity Planning INT4 10    
358 JDEC3_6 Decimal fig. with 3 places before the dec.point and 6 after DEC
359 JDEMANDBLOCKED Quantity Planning Blocked CHAR   
360 JDEMANDORIGIN IS-M: Origin of quantity CHAR   
361 JDESCRIPTION IS-M: Description CHAR 10    
362 JDEST Report storage place CHAR   
363 JDFITYP Type of name formatting for customer in FI CHAR   
364 JDFMODKZ IS-M/SD: Screen field modification indicator CHAR   
365 JDLART IS-M: Service type CHAR   
366 JDRFTYP IS-M: Type of name formatting for customer in RF CHAR   
367 JDTABOGWBR Numerator/denominator for partial subscription weighting NUMC   
368 JDUBIOS IS-M/AM: Credit query CHAR   
369 JETID Jet id CHAR   
370 JEVENTID IS-M: CHAR 10    
371 JEVENTTYPE Event Type in Quantity Planning CHAR   
372 JEXTKOMART IS-M/SD: Type of external communication CHAR   
373 JFAMST IS-M/SD: Business Partner's Marital Status CHAR   
374 JFEATURE_ID IS-M: Feature ID CHAR   
375 JFIXPROCED_ID IS-M: Procedures for Fixed Quantities (Quantity Planning) CHAR   
376 JFKART IS-M/SD: Billing type CHAR   
377 JFLAGG Yes / no flag CHAR   
378 JFORMNR IS-M: Printing format number CHAR 10    
379 JFRFBSK IS-M/SD: Status for transfer to Accounting CHAR   
380 JFUNC Function NUMC   
381 JFUNCNAME IS-M/SD: Subprograms CHAR 30    
382 JGBP_IDENTIFIER IS-M: Business Partner Identification CHAR   
383 JGCVI_EVENT Event for Processing Organizational Units CHAR   
384 JGEOASSIGNTYPE IS-M: Usage Type of Geographical Assignment CHAR   
385 JGEOHIEVST IS-M: Geographical hierarchy variant for statistics CHAR 10    
386 JGESCHL IS-M/SD: Gender Key CHAR   
387 JGRUND Reason for surch./deduction for creating conds in M/AM order CHAR   
388 JGVARDATA IS-M/SD: Variable Part for BP Data Transfer LCHR 4000    
389 JGWWWIU_MSGPOS IS-M: Position of Error Message on HTML Template CHAR   
390 JHAABR_AUS IS-M/AM: Structure of scale access for COA settlement NUMC   
391 JHAGVX_FKDAT_BASIS IS-M/AM: Base date for planned settlement date (sales agent) CHAR   
392 JHASSUMART IS-M/AM: Total types For contract status NUMC   
393 JHASSUMBED IS-M: Effect of an indicator on a total type NUMC   
394 JHAUSGCODE IS-M: Output code CHAR   
395 JHCLUST IS-PAM: Billing cluster CHAR   
396 JHDRSTS IS-M/AM: Print control schema CHAR   
397 JHERRABSUL IS-M: Error handling for contract overlap CHAR   
398 JHFKTYP IS-M/AM: Billing category CHAR   
399 JHGTC_AVM_NR IS-M: Number for Order-Publishing-Media in General TC CHAR 10    
400 JHHIERAEAR IS-PAM: Hierarchy change type CHAR   
401 JHKQ_VERH Control prevention of group COA creation NUMC   
402 JHKRECH Calculation type for entering conditions (purch.conditions) CHAR   
403 JHKZEXL IS-M/AM: Perform Partner Accesses If... CHAR   
404 JHMSGTXT IS-PAM: Expanded output text CHAR 200    
405 JHOBJKT IS-M: Billing Document Object CHAR   
406 JHPARGR IS-PAM: Partner group CHAR   
407 JHPROZ33 IS-M/AM: Percentage rate, 000,000 without +/- DEC
408 JHPROZBETR IS-M: Percent/amount code CHAR   
409 JHPXBEZUG IS-M: Reference for agent settlement index CHAR   
410 JHQU_VERH IS-M: Prevent Conflicts for System Contracts NUMC   
411 JHRABATT IS-M/AM: Discount (Code) CHAR   
412 JHRFBSK IS-M/AM: Status for transfer to Accounting / HR CHAR   
413 JHRHHABD IS-PAM: Delta coverage indicator CHAR   
414 JHRSMAL IS-PAM: Number for COA status DEC   
415 JHSAMMG IS-PAM: Collective processing number CHAR 10    
416 JHSCBAS IS-M/AM: Scale basis (allowed for commission key) CHAR   
417 JHSETLSTAT IS-M/AM: Settlement status CHAR   
418 JHSHKZG IS-M/AM: Debit/Credit indicator CHAR   
419 JHSHOWBLOK IS-M: Bit string for blocks CHAR 10    
420 JHTAPVFIND IS-M/AM: Control Sales Agent Determination (Item Category) CHAR   
421 JHTBF_OBJSTAT IS-M/AM: Status of an Object in the Document Flow CHAR   
422 JHTC_LIN IS-M/AM: Entry #--# from # INT4 10    
423 JHTDOBNAME IS-M: like domains TDOBNAME only 32 chars for so10 maint. CHAR 32    
424 JHTEILBEL IS-PAM: Selective booking indicator CHAR   
425 JHUEBART IS-PAM: Transfer type CHAR   
426 JHUEBTYP IS-M/AM: Transfer category CHAR   
427 JHVGBEL IS-PAM: Document number CHAR 10    
428 JHVGPOS Item number of the template document NUMC   
429 JHVSWFELD IS-M: VSW field from VSW interface structure CHAR 10    
430 JHVZCC IS-M/AM: Reason for Correction to Sales Agent Assignment CHAR   
431 JHXERLV IS-M/AM: Revenue distribution performed indicator CHAR   
432 JHZAEHL IS-M: Counter for discount/surcharge (occurence) NUMC   
433 JHZUO_KOZGF Access seq.for partner selection in contract determination CHAR   
434 JHZUSCHL IS-M/AM: Surcharge (Code) CHAR   
435 JH_ABRSTATUS IS-M: Settlement status of a media-mix contract NUMC   
436 JH_ABSART IS-M: Contract Type CHAR   
437 JH_ABS_NANL IS-M: Trigger for contract output CHAR   
438 JH_AUFSTATUS IS-M: Explode status of a media-mix contract NUMC   
439 JH_BETE_ERF IS-M: Fulfillment rule: Fulfillment of involved contracts CHAR   
440 JH_BRABS IS-M: Time discount/bonus was granted CHAR   
441 JH_BWCOALEVEL_BP IS-M/AM: Contract BW classification for BP CHAR   
442 JH_BWCOALEVEL_BU IS-M/AM: Contract BW Classification for Booking Unit CHAR   
443 JH_COACPVAR IS-M: Copying variant for contract CHAR   
444 JH_COAFSCOPE IS-M: Scope of COA determination during order billing CHAR   
445 JH_COA_AKTUA IS-M: Order update from contract NUMC   
446 JH_COA_TABNAME IS-M: Contract-relevant tables CHAR 30    
447 JH_DRANW IS-M: Components that are not to be read: Application CHAR   
448 JH_ENQMODE IS-M: Execution mode for contract-specific lock modules CHAR   
449 JH_ERFREGEL IS-M: Fulfillment rule for media-mix contract CHAR   
450 JH_GTORE IS-M: Largest subsidiary rule - sort criterion CHAR   
451 JH_GVZ_ORIGIN IS-M/AM: Sales Agent Assignment Origin CHAR   
452 JH_KAUSSCHL IS-M: Condition exclusion rule for media-mix contract CHAR   
453 JH_KONFL IS-M: Conflict control CHAR   
454 JH_KONFL_RABNR IS-M: Discount number for sort fields in conflict control CHAR   
455 JH_LFZAEND IS-M: Modifiability of val.period by contract determination CHAR   
456 JH_MAANW IS-M: Conflict control - Use for manual contract assignments CHAR   
457 JH_MANZUO IS-M: Level of manual influence for a COA assignment CHAR   
458 JH_MMIXPRUEF IS-M: Check during use of a media-mix package CHAR   
459 JH_MXART IS-M: Type of media-mix contract creation CHAR   
460 JH_MXBESNR IS-M: Media-mix package element number NUMC   
461 JH_MXPAKNR IS-M: Number of a media-mix package CHAR 10    
462 JH_MXPOSNR IS-M: Media-mix package item number NUMC   
463 JH_UVEVB IS-M: Incompleteness of a revenue object document CHAR   
464 JH_UVMRK IS-M: Cntrct Incompleteness Characteristic in the Bill.Datst CHAR   
465 JH_VTNR IS-M: Number of an involved contract CHAR   
466 JH_VZUONR IS-M/AM: Sales agent assignment number (corrections) NUMC   
467 JH_XRABANP IS-M: Disc./price adjustment during contract validity period CHAR   
468 JH_ZIELMAL IS-M/AM: Target number in the contract DEC   
469 JH_ZWGRFTYP IS-M/AM: Type of twinned billing dataset CHAR   
471 JINFOBLOCK IS-M/SD: Info block for IS-M bus.partner master data sheet CHAR   
472 JINFOSICHT IS-M/SD: IS-M info view CHAR   
473 JINKTYP IS-M: Type of inkjet name formatting CHAR   
474 JINSERTGROUP IS-M: Business Partner Insert Group CHAR 10    
475 JINTERRUPTREASON02 IS-M: Suspension Reason CHAR 30    
476 JINTERRUPTRESAON Reason for Suspension CHAR   
477 JINTERRUPTTYPE IS-M: Suspension Type CHAR   
478 JINVOICE_POSPONE IS-M/SD: Reason for Moving Billing CHAR   
479 JISPCART IS-M: ISPC mailbox type NUMC   
480 JITALY_VAT_CATEGORY Add-on Italy: VAT category of product incl.combination CHAR   
481 JITCOGRS GR Status of a Summarized JIT Call Item CHAR   
482 JITCOGS Status of a Summarized JIT Call Item CHAR   
483 JITCORS Status of a Summarized JIT Call Item CHAR   
484 JITCOST Status of a Summarized JIT Call Item CHAR   
485 JITO_CREAT Type of Call Generation CHAR   
486 JITO_DCTYP Delivery Confirmation: Type CHAR   
487 JITO_GRDON Goods Receipt Status CHAR   
488 JITO_JCTYP Call Type JIT Outbound CHAR   
489 JITO_REPRL Entry in Reprocessing List CHAR   
490 JITO_SENDF Status Indicator for Outbound Delivery Confirmation CHAR   
491 JITO_TIMESENSE Time Sense Forwards (+) Backwards (-) CHAR   
492 JITSCPRF Scheduling Profile Summarized JIT Call CHAR   
493 JIT_ABNUM JIT: Call Header NUMC 10    
494 JIT_ABNUM_BC JIT: Call header with barcode prefix CHAR 11    
495 JIT_ABRVZ Relevant for summarized JIT calls CHAR   
496 JIT_ABTYP Call Type CHAR   
497 JIT_AGGR_LEVEL Display JIT calls on aggregation level CHAR   
498 JIT_AKTGM Origin components groups material CHAR   
499 JIT_AKTION Action CHAR   
500 JIT_ANLIE JIT : Sequenced JIT call delivery CHAR