SAP ABAP Domain - Index J
Domain - J
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 J1I_REG_TYP Register type CHAR   
2 J1I_RGDATE_TYPE RG23 Date Type CHAR   
3 J1_BPIS_IND_NAT_PJ Corporate Nature Indicator NUMC   
4 J1_BPIS_TIPO_ESRIT Bookkeeping Type NUMC   
5 J1_JDELSTA Delivery Status CHAR   
6 J1_JINSTAT Invoice Status CHAR   
7 J3RF_AUXNAME Memory ID if parameter returned by memory CHAR 20    
8 J3RF_DEFVAL Default value CHAR 40    
9 J3RF_DPKEY Unique data provider key CHAR   
10 J3RF_DPTYPE Data provider type CHAR   
11 J3RF_EXTNAME External name of param CHAR 20    
12 J3RF_HAVEDEF Have default param CHAR   
13 J3RF_INTNAME Internal name from XML report CHAR 20    
14 J3RF_MODIF Value modifier INT4 10    
15 J3RF_PARTYPE Data provider parameter type CHAR 50    
16 J3RF_PNAME Name of the returned parameter CHAR 20    
17 J3RF_REP_ADT_DESC Human readable description of data provider CHAR 50    
18 J3RF_RETMETH Data return method CHAR   
19 J3RF_SS_TYPE Type of parameter for selection screen CHAR   
20 J3RF_VALRANGE Value range for data provider CHAR 40    
21 J3R_OSHP Ownership CHAR 10    
22 JABGR Delimitation of annual waiting period for new employees CHAR   
23 JABGRUND IS-M/SD: Termination reason CHAR   
24 JABRPOSART IS-M/SD: Settlement item type CHAR   
25 JADDRESS_CHECK_TYPE IS-M: Address Check - Type of Entity to be Checked CHAR   
26 JADINSERTORIGIN IS-M: Origin of Inserts for Insert Planning CHAR   
27 JADKT_NR IS-M: Address chain number NUMC   
28 JADRNR IS-M/SD: Address number CHAR 10    
29 JADRTA Time slice counter in logical address NUMC   
30 JADRTYP IS-M: Type of address name formatting CHAR   
31 JAENR_REKL IS-M/SD: Current change to complaint NUMC   
32 JAHR Year (4 digits) NUMC   
33 JAHR2 Duration in years NUMC   
34 JAHRGANG Year number NUMC   
35 JAHRPER Period and year in format YYYYPPP NUMC   
36 JAHR_1901_2200 Year With Value Range From 1901 to 2200 NUMC   
37 JALGVART Indicator for "general contract" contract type CHAR   
38 JAMNT8 8 character value field without +/- sign CURR 15 
39 JAMON_XPO Fiscal year/posting period from posting date CHAR   
41 JAM_DEMO_FUNC_NOTIFY Functions: Jam Demo Report for Notifications NUMC   
42 JAM_DEMO_OBJECTTYPE Demo for Jam Library: Object Type NUMC   
43 JAM_STATUS_SIPOT IS-M/AM: Status of planned AI circulation quantity CHAR   
44 JAM_STATUS_VTPOT IS-M/AM: Status of planned distribution quantity CHAR   
45 JANE Yes/no indicator CHAR   
46 JANEI Yes/No indicator (four possible entries for transfer) CHAR   
47 JANEIN Numerical Yes/No indicator DEC   
48 JANEIX10 Yes/no domains, values 1, X -> Yes; 0, SPACE -> No CHAR   
49 JANEI_VK Yes/No decision field CHAR   
50 JANRED IS-M: Form-of-Address Key CHAR   
51 JANZFPOS Number of billing items in billing document NUMC   
52 JANZMA IS-M/SD: Number of employees NUMC   
53 JANZMANUM IS-M/SD: Number of employees DEC   
54 JANZTYP Address type CHAR   
55 JARAF Duration in years NUMC   
56 JARTB Type of 'to' Entry CHAR   
57 JARTUEB IS-M/SD: Higher-level type within assignment CHAR   
58 JARTV Type of 'from' Entry CHAR   
59 JAUARTGRP IS-M/SD: Sales document type grouping CHAR   
60 JAUSW Checkbox CHAR   
61 JBAANZ No. of points on grid INT1   
62 JBABLOCK Block size for selecting reporting dataset in RR NUMC   
63 JBACCMAIN Account Management CHAR   
65 JBAENDBEL Create change documents CHAR   
66 JBAIDX Character Field of Length 10 CHAR 10    
67 JBAIDXART Character field length 2 CHAR   
68 JBAKURSTYP Exchange Rate Type CHAR   
69 JBALMDLID ALM: ID of Detailed Log NUMC 12    
70 JBALMDLTEXT ALM: Detail Log Text CHAR 255    
71 JBALMGFORM ALM Transaction Form for Fictitious Transactions CHAR   
72 JBALMTYPE ALM: Cat.of a Final Results Key Figure (Act, Act+Stnd.Sim..) CHAR   
73 JBANREI IS-B: Derivation CHAR   
74 JBANZBZR Number of Analysis Periods CHAR   
75 JBANZGSEITE Number of Directions of the Transaction CHAR   
76 JBAQUANT Quantity QUAN 15 
77 JBAQUOTE ALM Quota in Simulation (Percentage) INT1   
78 JBASEUNAME Node name CHAR 30    
79 JBASIMSTATUS ALM: Status of Simulation Activity CHAR   
80 JBASZSREF ID of Reference Interest Rate CHAR 10    
81 JBAWAERS Currency Key CUKY   
82 JBAZE Number of Lines INT4 10    
83 JBAZINS Simulation Interest DEC 10 
84 JBAZREFART Type of Interest Rate Reference CHAR   
85 JBAZZRHYTM ALM Interest Payment Cycle in Months NUMC   
86 JBA_US_ACCT Balancing Account Name CHAR 30    
87 JBBASHIFT Amount domain for additive shifts FLTP 16  16 
88 JBBERBA Calculation Category for Variable Transactions CHAR   
89 JBBEWEGART Flow type CHAR   
90 JBBEWEGART_T Flow Type Description CHAR 50    
91 JBBEWTYPE Cash Flow Transaction: Category of Flow CHAR   
92 JBBFT FO Integration: Transaction Category CHAR   
93 JBBI_RTERM Indicator for Determining Individual Dates CHAR   
94 JBBI_RZINS Indicator for Controlling Incoming/Outgoing Interest CHAR   
95 JBBSHIFT Risk factor shift - packed with 8 decimal places DEC 10 
96 JBBTERMP SAP Banking: Domain for forward price of option price model NUMC 11    
97 JBBUTTON Pushbutton CHAR   
98 JBBVOLUM 17-Digit Amount, 2 Decimal Places, +/- Sign CURR 17 
99 JBBZIGRE IS-B: Marginal amount for graduated interest rates CURR 17 
100 JBBZRMETHOD Processing Method for the Analysis Period CHAR   
101 JBCALCTYPE Costing type for CO-OM-ABC CHAR   
102 JBCFEXTNUM Cash Flow Transaction: External Number CHAR 40    
103 JBCFINTNUM Cash Flow Transaction: Internal Number CHAR 13    
104 JBCFVERSNR Version number NUMC   
105 JBCNDLIST List of conditions CHAR   
106 JBCOLCOND Collective Condition CHAR 16    
107 JBDADDFUNC SEM Banking: Datapool Functions CHAR   
108 JBDAENDRELFLG Change Relevance Indicator: Basel II IAS CHAR   
109 JBDAPPLTYPE IS-B: RM Application Type of a Due Date Scenario NUMC   
110 JBDBAENINT SAP Banking: Position Change - Internal Number CHAR 16    
111 JBDBAENTYP Category of Position Change CHAR   
112 JBDCCEXTRAPOL Continous compounding extrapolation INT4 10    
113 JBDCDFP_SETTY Record Category for Class Data for the Financial Product NUMC   
115 JBDEXPRELFLG Indicator for Export Relevance Check (Basel II) NUMC   
116 JBDFLOAT Domain for adopting up a real number FLTP 16  16 
117 JBDFUNC Function module name CHAR 30    
118 JBDRAPPL IS-B: Application of required/optional control CHAR   
119 JBDRCN_FLG Reconciliation Indicator CHAR   
120 JBDVOLKZ SAP Banking: Indicator for volume costing CHAR   
121 JBDVTFDSETY Record Type for Data Transfer - Variable Trans: Flow Data CHAR   
122 JBDVTMDSETY Record Type for Data Transfer - Variable Trans: Master Data CHAR   
123 JBDZUABKNZ Indicator for Additions and Withdrawls for Positions CHAR   
124 JBD_ARCFLG Archiving indic. CHAR   
125 JBD_BANK_MARK General Indicator (SPACE 'X') CHAR   
126 JBD_BLKSIZE Block Size NUMC   
127 JBD_CDCHGIND Change Indicator CHAR   
128 JBD_CONDNR Condition number NUMC   
129 JBD_EXPDATE Date/Time of Export (YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) CHAR 14    
130 JBD_EXPFLAG Exp.Indic. CHAR   
131 JBD_EXPOBJ Export Object Category CHAR   
132 JBD_EXPOBJDESC Description of Export Object Type CHAR 60    
133 JBD_EXPRELFLG Indicator for Export Relevance CHAR   
134 JBD_EXPSUBOBJ Subobject of Export Object CHAR   
135 JBD_FIELDVALUE Characteristic Value CHAR 60    
136 JBD_ILFLG Initial Load Flag CHAR   
137 JBD_PROCCNT Number of processes INT4 10    
138 JBD_READCE4_MODE Read Mode for Characteristics of CE4xxxx Tables CHAR   
139 JBD_REVERSAL_FLAG Reversal Indicator CHAR   
140 JBD_REVFLG Reversal indicator CHAR   
141 JBD_TRACE_MOD Trace mode CHAR   
142 JBD_TRACE_MODE Trace mode CHAR   
143 JBESTNR IS-M/AM: Element number of media agent contract CHAR 10    
144 JBESTNR_EX IS-M/AM: Element number of media agent contract NUMC   
145 JBEZKOND IS-M/AM: Condition Reference CHAR   
146 JBFBFAKTOR Beta Factor DEC 10 
147 JBFEWE Definition of Fixed Values for a Control Parameter CHAR   
148 JBFMOD IS-B: RM Modification Factor DEC 11 
149 JBFSEL Field selection control CHAR 100    
150 JBFSHIFT Data type market price shift FLTP 16  16 
151 JBGART Transaction type CHAR   
152 JBGART_T Transaction Type Description CHAR 50    
153 JBGSEITE Direction of the Transaction CHAR   
154 JBGSEITE_T Transaction Direction - Name CHAR 50    
155 JBIBP_AD_NO_USE Flag: Not Deliverable CHAR   
156 JBIBP_BAPIBP_BAPICUREXT Currency Amounts in BAPI Interfaces DEC 28 
157 JBIBP_BNK_MIN_RSV Indicator for Minimum Reserve Requirement (Bank) NUMC   
158 JBIBP_BP_ADDTYPE Information category NUMC   
160 JBIBP_BP_CRITER Differentiation Type: Criterion CHAR 10    
161 JBIBP_BP_CT_FIELD Business Partner Acquisition Data: Customizable Fields CHAR 20    
162 JBIBP_BP_DATA_TYPE Information Type NUMC   
163 JBIBP_BP_GRADE Valuation CHAR 10    
164 JBIBP_BP_GRADE_METHOD Valuation procedure CHAR 10    
165 JBIBP_BP_GROUP_FEATURE BP: Partner Grouping Characteristic CHAR 10    
166 JBIBP_BP_JANEI Yes/No indicator (four possible entries for transfer) CHAR   
167 JBIBP_BP_TENDENCY BP Ratings: Tendency CHAR   
168 JBIBP_BURS_EI_VERSION_TASK Ext. Interface: Activity Indicator Address Version Type CHAR   
169 JBIBP_BUR_EI_ADDRESS_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Address (Relationships) CHAR   
170 JBIBP_BUR_EI_GENERAL_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator General Relationship Data CHAR   
171 JBIBP_BUR_EI_OBJECT_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Relationships CHAR   
172 JBIBP_BUS_EI_HOURS_TASK External Interface: Domain for Date Task CHAR   
173 JBIBP_BU_AUGRP Authorization Group CHAR   
174 JBIBP_BU_BKCCNAME Freely-Definable Name for Bank/Credit Card CHAR 40    
175 JBIBP_BU_EI_ADDRESSREMARK_TASK Ext. Interface: Activity Indicator Address Remark CHAR   
176 JBIBP_BU_EI_ADDRESSUSAGE_TASK Ext. Interface: Activity Indicator Address Usage CHAR   
177 JBIBP_BU_EI_ADDRESS_TASK Ext. Interface: Activity Indicator Address CHAR   
178 JBIBP_BU_EI_BANKDETAIL_TASK Ext. Interface: Activity Indicator Bank Details CHAR   
179 JBIBP_BU_EI_COMREM_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for Communication Remark CHAR   
180 JBIBP_BU_EI_CREDITCARD_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Credit Card CHAR   
181 JBIBP_BU_EI_FAX_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Fax Number CHAR   
182 JBIBP_BU_EI_IDENTIFICATION_TAS Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for Identification Numbers CHAR   
183 JBIBP_BU_EI_INDUSTRYSECTOR_TAS Ext. Interface: Activity Indicator Industries CHAR   
184 JBIBP_BU_EI_OBJ_TASK Ext. Interface: Activity Indicator Object CHAR   
185 JBIBP_BU_EI_PAG_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for Pager CHAR   
186 JBIBP_BU_EI_PRT_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for Printer CHAR   
187 JBIBP_BU_EI_RFC_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for RFC Destination CHAR   
188 JBIBP_BU_EI_RML_TASK Ext. Interface: Activity Indicator Remote Mail CHAR   
189 JBIBP_BU_EI_ROLE_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for Role CHAR   
190 JBIBP_BU_EI_SMTP_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator SMTP CHAR   
191 JBIBP_BU_EI_SSF_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for SSF CHAR   
192 JBIBP_BU_EI_TAXNUMBER_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for Tax Number CHAR   
193 JBIBP_BU_EI_TEL_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator Telephone Number CHAR   
194 JBIBP_BU_EI_TLX_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for Telex Number CHAR   
195 JBIBP_BU_EI_TTX_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for Teletex Number CHAR   
196 JBIBP_BU_EI_URI_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator for FTP and URL CHAR   
197 JBIBP_BU_EI_VERSION_TASK External Interface: Activity Indicator Address Version CHAR   
198 JBIBP_BU_EI_X400_TASK Ext. Interface: Change Indicator X.400 CHAR   
199 JBIBP_BU_ID_CATEGORY BP Identification Category CHAR   
200 JBIBP_BU_ISDEF Default Industry Code CHAR   
201 JBIBP_BU_ISTYPE Industry System CHAR   
202 JBIBP_BU_NATURAL_PERSON Indicator: Business Partner is a Natural Person CHAR   
203 JBIBP_BU_OPERATION Business Transaction for BP Address Determination CHAR   
206 JBINT1 Integer <=255 INT1   
207 JBIZINS Interest Rate DEC 10 
208 JBIZINSS Interest Rate DEC 10 
209 JBJAENDER Change indicator for database update CHAR   
210 JBJAEQRE SAP Banking: Domain for credit equivalence indicator CHAR   
211 JBJAKTIV SAP Banking: Marker for whether variant is active CHAR   
212 JBJALL All indicator for factors in scenarios CHAR   
213 JBJBSTCHG SAP Banking: Position update flag CHAR   
214 JBJCH20 Field for Position 1 CHAR   
215 JBJINTERP Indicator showing whether interpolation carried out CHAR   
216 JBJKALK Indicator - Transfer to Include Costing? CHAR   
217 JBJKENNZEI IS-B: Read-indicator CHAR   
218 JBJLOESCH SAP Banking: Deletion indicator CHAR   
219 JBJMARK Marker CHAR   
220 JBJREL Yes/No indicator for relative shifts CHAR   
221 JBJRF IS-B: RM Risk Hierarchy - Factor Indicator CHAR   
222 JBJTAGGEN To-the-day indicator CHAR   
223 JBJTESTL Test Run CHAR   
224 JBJTIEIG SAP Banking: Domain for 'own securities' indicator CHAR   
225 JBJUMTSH SAP Banking: Domain for option exchange feature CHAR   
226 JBJUSED Access indicator CHAR   
227 JBJVERD Summarization Indicator CHAR   
228 JBJVERDI Summarization Indicator CHAR   
229 JBJWOBAU SAP Banking: Domain for housing construction indicator CHAR   
230 JBJZUSTA SAP Banking: Domain for commitment statistics indicator CHAR   
231 JBLD_BAL_TYPE Balance Category of Ledger NUMC   
232 JBLD_CRQU_TYPE Currency Type or Quantity Type of Ledger NUMC   
233 JBLISTTYPE Type of Condition List CHAR   
234 JBMKKE Required/Optional indicator CHAR   
235 JBNANZGSCH ALM Number of Simulated Transactions INT4 10    
236 JBNAPPLZ Line number for application functions rq./opt.control NUMC   
237 JBNBRANCH RM: Degree of Branching for Each Primary Transaction NUMC   
238 JBNCFKNZ Cash flow indicator - value field definition CHAR   
239 JBNCFNR RM: Sequence Number for a Flow of an Extended Cat.Prim.Trans NUMC   
240 JBNFIKTCF IS-B: RM Number (Fictitious Cash Flow) NUMC   
241 JBNGIDNR RM: Sequence Number for Trans. ID in Primary Transaction NUMC   
242 JBNKUSTUFE Level Number (Short) for Internal Numbering NUMC   
243 JBNLASTUFE Level Number (Long) for Internal Numbering NUMC   
244 JBNLAUFZ Term in Days INT4 10    
245 JBNLFDNR ALM Sequence Number INT4 10    
246 JBNLNUMMER IS-B: Sequential Number (Logic Analysis) NUMC   
247 JBNMISTUFE Level Number (Middle) for Internal Numbering NUMC   
248 JBNMONLAUFZ Term in Months INT4 10    
249 JBNPERIODE IS-B: RM Freeze Dataset for Period CHAR   
250 JBNREF SAP Banking: Reference number for access to text table CHAR   
251 JBNSTUFE Level Number for Procedure INT2   
252 JBNTAGE Time in days (whole numbers) INT4 10    
253 JBNUMBER Number (up to 254) INT1   
254 JBNVERFAHR IS-B: RM Evaluation Procedure CHAR   
255 JBNWERTE Number of values NUMC   
256 JBNZEIT Time in days (whole numbers) INT2   
257 JBNZSKP IS-B: RM Indicator for Commitment Category CHAR   
258 JBNZSP ALM Number of Interest Rate Hedging Periods INT4 10    
259 JBODUMMY OR: DUMMY Field, DO NOT use/choose CHAR   
260 JBONITAET IS-M/AM: Creditworthiness CHAR   
261 JBONUS IS-M: Bonus groups for edition in Sales and Distribution CHAR   
262 JBONUSTYPE IS-M/SD: Bonus Type CHAR   
263 JBORIGIN Origin of Transaction CHAR   
264 JBORIGN Origin of Transaction CHAR   
265 JBOYESNO OR: Yes/No Indicator CHAR   
266 JBPERCENT Percental entry DEC   
267 JBPOSSGLDPR FLA Price Management Indicator CHAR   
268 JBPOSSGLDVOL Indicator: FLA Volume Management CHAR   
269 JBPPROZE Percent with Two Places Behind Decimal Point DEC
270 JBP_TRANSTYPE Transaction Identification NUMC   
271 JBRABLKNZ RM gap analysis: outflow indicator CHAR   
272 JBRABREG RM: Write-Down Rule CHAR   
273 JBRABSREL Indicator: Absolute or Relative Interest Payments NUMC   
274 JBRADKEY Additional Key for Object No. of Transactions in STC CHAR   
275 JBRAGDISAG IS-B: RM Indicator: Premium or Discount CHAR   
276 JBRAGGKZ Aggregation Indicator NUMC   
277 JBRAGGREG IS-B: RM, Aggreg. Rule in Hier.of Financial Trans. Data Type CHAR   
278 JBRAGIOKNZ Processing Indicator for Premium/Discount CHAR   
279 JBRAKTPAS Indicator: Asset/Liability Transaction CHAR   
280 JBRALM_CAP IS-B: RM - Asset/Liability Indicator CHAR   
281 JBRAMOUNT Currency Amount CURR 17 
282 JBRANTYPE_INT RM: Evaluation Category (Internal for Program Generation) CHAR   
283 JBRANZEIGE Indicator: Data Record Displayed CHAR   
284 JBRAP RM: Asset/Liability Indicator CHAR   
285 JBRAPPLOT RM: Application Object Type CHAR   
286 JBRARECID SAP Banking: Domain for additional record ID of reportin NUMC   
287 JBRAUSWEIS Processing Indicator: Gross/Net CHAR   
288 JBRA_AP ALM, ind. sim.: Asset/liab. indic. for MB dep. plan. par. CHAR   
289 JBRA_SIM_GFORM Transaction form for simulated transactions NUMC   
290 JBRBAENINT Position Change - Internal Number CHAR 16    
291 JBRBARW Domain for NPV Positions in One Currency CURR 17 
292 JBRBEWREG Valuation Rule for Risk Management CHAR   
293 JBRBFART Beta Factor Type CHAR   
294 JBRBILBEWE RM Gap Analysis: Assignment of Flow to Side of Balance Sheet CHAR   
295 JBRBILCHKFKNZ Change Balance Sheet Ind.for Complex Gap Analysis CHAR   
296 JBRBILKZ IS-B: RM Balance sheet Indicator (On/Off-Balance Sheet) CHAR   
297 JBRBILVOLKNZ Inclusion of Off-Balance-Sheet Transactions in Interest Vol. CHAR   
298 JBRBKONT Account Number in Front Office CHAR 16    
299 JBRBPID IS-B: RM Domain for Base Portfolio ID CHAR 12    
300 JBRBPROD Bank Product CHAR 10    
301 JBRBPVAR Bank Product Variant for Costing CHAR   
302 JBRBRBAN SAP Banking: Domains for branch key of bank CHAR 10    
303 JBRBRSAP SAP Banking: Domains of branch key according to SAP NUMC   
304 JBRBRSAP_FS IS-B: Domains of the Industry Key LT SAP NUMC   
305 JBRBSTDGR RM: Position Group CHAR   
306 JBRBSTFU Bank Position Management Point CHAR 10    
307 JBRBVARSIMART_D Simulation Type for Value at Risk NUMC   
308 JBRBVARSIMTYP Value-at-Risk Simulation Category NUMC   
309 JBRCFART IS-B: RM Domain for Cash Flow Type CHAR   
310 JBRCFART2 RM: Cash Flow Type in Extended Risk Object CHAR   
311 JBRCHANG Group Change CHAR   
314 JBRCHECK Intensity of Checks CHAR   
315 JBRCLUSKAT IS-B: RM Number of Dataset in Catalog CHAR 22    
316 JBRCLUSKEY IS-B: RM Cluster Key CHAR 22    
317 JBRCOMMD Commodity CHAR   
318 JBRCTRL ALM Attribute in List Tool CHAR   
319 JBRCUKY5 IS-B: Data Type CUKY5 CUKY   
320 JBRCURR11 IS-B: Data Type CURR11 CURR 11 
321 JBRCURR17 IS-B: Data Type CURR17 CURR 17 
322 JBRCURRCONV RM: Indicator: Currency Translation (Internal or External) CHAR   
323 JBRDATKNZ GAP analysis date indicator CHAR   
324 JBRDDMETH IS-B: RM Drilldown Method (Summarized Data or Objects) CHAR   
325 JBRDELTA Data Category for Unitless Delta Positions DEC 17 
326 JBRDERIORD RM: Sequence of Characteristic Derivation CHAR   
327 JBRDEVTERM Depiction of Forward Exchange Transactions in ALM Simulation CHAR   
328 JBRDURA IS-B: RM Effective Duration (Domain) QUAN 16  14 
329 JBRDURAQ IS-B: RM Effective Duration (Domain) QUAN 16 
330 JBREADTYPE Read Type for Business Partner Credit Standing CHAR   
331 JBRENDEFLG Indicator: Fill to End of Day/Month/Year CHAR   
332 JBRENDTYP Yield category CHAR   
333 JBRERGTYP Result Category for External Key Figures CHAR   
334 JBREVAL RM Evaluation ID Domain CHAR   
335 JBREVSIGN Reverse +/- Signs CHAR   
336 JBREXTKNZ GAP analysis editing indicator - external CHAR   
337 JBREXTNR External number CHAR 18    
338 JBRFART IS-B: RM Text for Update Type CHAR 16    
339 JBRFDNAME Local field name CHAR 10    
340 JBRFEWRT Fixed Value CHAR   
341 JBRFIKON SAP Banking: Domains for account number of GL account CHAR 10    
342 JBRFIN Input File CHAR 50    
343 JBRFLAGSZ RM Gap/ALM: Indicator for Scenario or Scenario Progression CHAR   
344 JBRFOUT Output File CHAR 80    
345 JBRFREEZE IS-B: RM Indicator: Freeze Datset Yes/No CHAR   
346 JBRFRIST Maturity Pattern for Core Deposits Products CHAR   
347 JBRFSART IS-B: RM Update Type of Transaction on BP Level per View CHAR   
348 JBRFSARTBZ IS-B: RM Name of Update Type CHAR   
349 JBRGAPART Domains: ALM Valuation Type CHAR   
350 JBRGAPAUSW IS-B: RM Gap Evaluation (P, O, C, L) NUMC   
351 JBRGAPAUSWTYP Category of Evaluation NUMC   
352 JBRGAPEXMSGDO RM Gap: Error Messages for External Gap Analysis CHAR 40    
353 JBRGAPSAVE RM Gap Analysis: Saving of Calculated Results CHAR   
354 JBRGAPSVIDX ID of a saved gap evaluation result NUMC 12    
355 JBRGDESCR Short Description of Different Transaction Categories CHAR   
356 JBRGENUM Transaction Number CHAR 10    
357 JBRGENUX Transaction Number (External) CHAR 30    
358 JBRGESCHNR IS-B: RM Transaction Number in Treasury CHAR 16    
359 JBRGETOZ RM Procurement of opportunity interest for ALM CHAR   
360 JBRGRXX IS-B: Domain for Characteristic Group CHAR 30    
361 JBRGSBER IS-B: RM Business Area for Transfer of Test Data CHAR   
362 JBRHIERID IS-B: RM Hierarchy ID CHAR   
363 JBRHIST Period for Historical Simulation in Risk Management INT2   
364 JBRIASZ Utilization Scenario CHAR   
365 JBRIASZ_MODE Utilization Scenario: Processing Mode CHAR   
366 JBRIDBSTD RM: Internal Number for Position of Risk Objects CHAR 20    
367 JBRIDBSTDEXT RM: External ID for Position of Risk Objects CHAR 20    
368 JBRIDEXT RM: External identifier of risk object CHAR 20    
369 JBRIDEXTRTEXT RM: External Identifier for External Risk Object CHAR 20    
370 JBRIDRTEXT RM: Internal Number for External Risk Object CHAR 20    
371 JBRIDXRT RM: Internal Number of Extended Risk Object CHAR 20    
372 JBRINT1 IS-B: Data Type INT1 INT1   
373 JBRINT2 IS-B: Data Type INT2 INT2   
374 JBRINT4 IS-B: Data Type INT4 INT4 10    
375 JBRINTBASTYP Interpolation basis CHAR   
376 JBRINTTYP Interpolation category CHAR   
377 JBRIST_SIM ALM Simulation Indicator CHAR   
378 JBRKALRG Costing rule CHAR   
379 JBRKALSM Costing Sheet CHAR   
380 JBRKEY2 Key field comprising 2 characters CHAR   
381 JBRKEY22 Key field comprising 22 characters CHAR 22    
382 JBRKEYS SAP Banking: Internal key for collateral CHAR 15    
384 JBRKNT IS-B: RM Node ID for Risk Hierarchy NUMC   
385 JBRKNZEINH RM: Domain for Unit of Key Figure Category CHAR   
386 JBRKNZINTEXT External/Internal Key Figure CHAR   
387 JBRKNZTYP Value of Variable Assignment Rule ID CHAR   
388 JBRKONFI Confidence level for historical simulation DEC 10 
389 JBRKZEIT Costing Event CHAR   
390 JBRLENG Length of a Field CHAR   
391 JBRLFNR RM Gap/ALM Sequence No. of a Scenario or Scen. Progression CHAR   
392 JBRLFZENDE Position Outflow at End of Term or Fixed Interest Period CHAR   
393 JBRLINNUM RM: Line Number in Lists CHAR   
394 JBRLIQ IS-B: RM Liquidity Indicator CHAR   
395 JBRLIQUID IS-B: RM Liquidity Indicator CHAR   
396 JBRLQDUR Liquidation Period NUMC   
397 JBRLQSZ Liquidation Scenario CHAR   
398 JBRLQSZKNZ Gap Analysis: Processing Indicator for Liquidity Scenario CHAR   
399 JBRLZB Maturity band CHAR   
400 JBRLZBGENMOD Generation Mode of Maturity Band CHAR   
401 JBRLZBNR Consecutive Numbering of Maturity Band Units NUMC   
402 JBRMERKM IS-B: RM Characteristic for Use in Maintenance View JBVSIM CHAR 10    
403 JBRMERKML IS-B: RM Characteristic CHAR   
404 JBRMHTYPE IS-B: RM Category of Char. Hierarchy (Selective/Non-Sel.) CHAR   
405 JBRMIGSTAT RM: Migration Status for Generic Transaction CHAR   
406 JBRMISSES Number of Errors in Historical Data INT2   
407 JBRMWREG SAP Banking: Domain for regulatory reporting rule NUMC   
408 JBRNAME Drilldown Reporting: Encrypted Node of Portfolio Hierarchy CHAR 30    
409 JBRNAMEAUS Disbursement Procedure (Loan) - ID CHAR 10    
410 JBRNODETYPE Type of a Node in the Tree CHAR   
411 JBRNUMC10 IS-B: RM NUMC Field, 10 Digits NUMC 10    
412 JBROBJECT Object Key for Logical Analysis CHAR 10    
413 JBROBJNR SAP Banking: Grouping object number CHAR 14    
414 JBRONLY_ONCE ALM Indicator to Appear in List Once Only CHAR   
415 JBROPDELTA IS-B: RM Include Options in Gap Evaluation CHAR   
416 JBROPTFLAG IS-B: RM Option Indicator for Gap CHAR   
417 JBROPTION Option of an Object (Logical Analysis) CHAR 20    
418 JBROZGEW Sequential Number for OI Weighting NUMC   
419 JBROZWAE OI Weighting, Division of Trans. and Local Currency CHAR   
420 JBRPALM RM: ALM Interest in percent DEC
421 JBRPARTN Business Partner CHAR 10    
422 JBRPGAP RM: Gap interest in percent DEC 12 
423 JBRPHID IS-B: RM Portfolio Hierarchy NUMC   
424 JBRPHKNID IS-B: Node ID of Portfolio Hierarchy NUMC   
425 JBRPHPRIO Priority of Characteristics in the Hierarchy of the View CHAR   
426 JBRPKNZ RM: Percentage DEC 12 
427 JBRPLANV ALM Planning Variant CHAR 12    
428 JBRPMARGE Percentage to Two Decimal Places DEC
429 JBRPMZINS IS-B: RM Indicator: Product/Market Interest Rate CHAR   
430 JBRPRCNT IS-B: RM Profit Center for Test Data Transfer CHAR   
431 JBRPROGN IS-B: RM Name of BP Determ. Program Based on RM Data Area CHAR   
432 JBRPRTX SAP Banking: External partner number, RR CHAR 15    
433 JBRPRZ Percentage Rate Packed without +/- Sign NNN.NN 0 - 100 DEC
434 JBRPSCALCP VaR: Fixed Values for Position Calculation: Variance/Covar. NUMC   
435 JBRRECHGAP RM: Control of Gap Analysis from Drilldown CHAR   
436 JBRRECID SAP Banking: Domains for record ID of reporting data record NUMC 12    
437 JBRREGID Rule ID data category NUMC 10    
438 JBRREGIDX Numerical rule index NUMC   
439 JBRRHID Risk Hierarchy ID CHAR   
440 JBRRHKNID Risk hierarchy node ID NUMC   
441 JBRRKZ Fixed value domain for identifying risk hierarchy NUMC   
442 JBRRMBID Analysis Structure CHAR   
443 JBRRTYP RM Rule category NUMC   
444 JBRRTYP_R Value-at-risk method NUMC   
445 JBRSAVEID ID of a Saved Gap Analysis Result NUMC 12    
446 JBRSDBEST IS-B: RM Key Date Position or Average Position CHAR   
447 JBRSERVI Service number CHAR 10    
448 JBRSHIFT IS-B: RM Risk Factor Shift QUAN 10 
449 JBRSHTYP Shift category NUMC   
450 JBRSICHTA View Type NUMC   
452 JBRSIMLFNR RM: Number of a Simulation Run or Planning Run CHAR 12    
453 JBRSIMREAL Status of a Transaction CHAR   
454 JBRSIMTYP RM: Simulation Category CHAR   
455 JBRSIMZINS Simulated interest payments CHAR   
456 JBRSISTAT IS-B: RM Current Maintanance Status of a View CHAR 15    
457 JBRSITYP View Category NUMC   
458 JBRSMETH Fixed values for shift method NUMC   
459 JBRSONDER IS-B: Indicator for Special Processing CHAR   
460 JBRSORT IS-B: RM Sort Order of Characteristic Group NUMC   
461 JBRSPEV IS-B: RM Evaluation-Specific Special Processing CHAR   
462 JBRSPPR IS-B: RM Product-Specific Special Processing in Gap CHAR   
463 JBRSPPROCESS IS-B: RM Control Indicator for Postprocessing (Gap/IR) CHAR   
464 JBRSPREADS RM Gap Analysis: Spread Processing CHAR   
465 JBRSRFTYP Fixed values for risk factor category NUMC   
466 JBRSSCALCP VaR: Fixed Values for Position Calculation: Variance/Covar. NUMC   
467 JBRSTATKNZ RM Gap display of stat.interest rate or prod.interest rate CHAR   
468 JBRSTEPS Increment NUMC   
469 JBRSTPRO Quotation Type for Securities CHAR   
470 JBRSTYP RM: Category for Temporary Object Numbers CHAR   
471 JBRSVFLAG RM Gap Analysis: Indicator for Single Value Analysis CHAR   
472 JBRSVSTATEID RM: ID of a Saved Data Status NUMC 20    
473 JBRSZENWAHL RM Gap Analysis: Select Scenario or Scenario Progression CHAR   
474 JBRTAG Historical Day NUMC   
475 JBRTAGEM IS-B: RM Days Method NUMC   
476 JBRTERMKNZ RM Gap Analsis: Calculate Forward Rate CHAR   
477 JBRTYPEN Technical Name for a Field CHAR   
478 JBRUBEST IS-B: ID for non-interest bearing position CHAR 10    
479 JBRUNWIND Retention period for historical simulation in RM INT2   
480 JBRVALLOW Option Status (Logical Analysis) CHAR 10    
481 JBRVARART Domain for Value-at-Risk Type CHAR   
482 JBRVARMETH Historical simulation: VaR method CHAR   
483 JBRVARTYP Fixed Values for VaR Category CHAR   
484 JBRVERDKZ IS-B: RM Summarization Indicator CHAR   
485 JBRVERFAHR IS-B: RM Evaluation Procedure CHAR 30    
486 JBRVERSION IS-B: RM Version of a Dataset CHAR   
487 JBRVREGEL Summarization Rule CHAR   
488 JBRVREGL Processing rule (Regulatory Reporting) CHAR   
489 JBRWAERK IS-B: RM Currency Group for Test Data Transfer CHAR   
490 JBRWAERS ALM: Display Currency or Transaction Currency CHAR   
491 JBRWAERSKNZ Indicator: Local Currency or Transaction Currency CHAR   
492 JBRWERTZL Flag for reading back in market data table CHAR   
493 JBRWKN RM: Security ID Number for Complex Class xSDTFT CHAR 13    
494 JBRXTEXT RM: Textfield for a More Precise Description CHAR 30    
495 JBRZEBETRAG IS-B: RM Amount of Interest Result CURR 17 
496 JBRZEILNR IS-B: RM Line Number of Instruction INT1   
497 JBRZINS Interest Rate (Incl. VI) DEC 10 
498 JBRZKB IS-B: RM Gap: Interest Commitment or Capital Commitment CHAR   
499 JBRZKBIND IS-B: RM Indicator: Interest or Capital Commitment Cash Flow CHAR   
500 JBRZKNZ RM: Percentage DEC 12