SAP ABAP Domain - Index J, page 3
Domain - J
# Domain Name Short Description Data type Length Decimals
1 JIT_APPL_VP JIT: Application for Packaging CHAR   
2 JIT_ATPCH ATP Check on Delivery Creation CHAR   
3 JIT_BAFLU JIT : Goods movement execution (backflush) CHAR   
4 JIT_BOMEX Indicator for BOM explosion CHAR   
5 JIT_BWEXT Business Information Warehouse Extraction Status CHAR   
6 JIT_CHANGETYPE Type of Change CHAR   
7 JIT_CNTRL JIT: Call Control CHAR   
8 JIT_COUNT Counter NUMC 10    
9 JIT_CRHU Creation of handling units with delivery creation CHAR   
10 JIT_CRIT Selection criterion in JIT Cockpit CHAR 40    
11 JIT_CTYPE Call type CHAR   
12 JIT_CUSTO JIT : Sequenced JIT call customer CHAR   
13 JIT_DAYDF Time difference in days NUMC   
14 JIT_DD_TYPE Documentation Data Type CHAR   
15 JIT_DESTI JIT: Key for Unloading Pt. and Install. Pt. of each Customer CHAR   
16 JIT_DLSLV SumJC: Split level delivery creation for sum. JIT calls CHAR   
17 JIT_DOLOG Action Logging CHAR   
18 JIT_DON_SPLIT Control of quantity changes within a parts call CHAR   
19 JIT_EXTST JIT : External Status CHAR   
20 JIT_FCOMP Display Components for Progress Confirmation CHAR   
21 JIT_FPRIO JIT: Priority on Components Group Determination CHAR   
22 JIT_FPRIOX JIT: Priority on Components Group Determination CHAR   
23 JIT_GRIND Additional index for grouping and sequencing information CG NUMC   
24 JIT_GRPIN Grouping and sequencing information components group CHAR 20    
25 JIT_GRPIN_BC Grouping and sequencing information CG with barcode prefix CHAR 13    
26 JIT_GRPIN_FER Control profile with grpg assgmt at progress confirmation CHAR   
27 JIT_GRPIN_INT Grouping Information NUMC 10    
28 JIT_GRPIN_NUM Grouping info numeric NUMC 12    
29 JIT_IDLEV Summarized JIT call identification level CHAR   
30 JIT_INFOTEXT Type of display of infotext or description CHAR   
31 JIT_INTST JIT : Internal Processing Status CHAR   
32 JIT_IN_OUT Inbound/Outbound Relevance of Action CHAR   
33 JIT_JOBJK JIT: object for barcode issue / action control CHAR 38    
34 JIT_JQUAL Object qualifier for barcode issue /action control CHAR   
35 JIT_LEVEL Display level in JIT cockpit CHAR   
36 JIT_LEVTY Assignment Level of Reference Number CHAR   
37 JIT_LNNUM JIT: Line Number of a Text NUMC   
38 JIT_MAINT_MODE Maintenance Mode for Sequenced JIT Calls CHAR   
39 JIT_MATID JIT: Sequenced JIT Call Material NUMC   
40 JIT_MSGLEVEL Log level for messages CHAR   
41 JIT_MTCH JIT: Indicator how logistic matching dely conf. takes place CHAR   
42 JIT_NEW_LINES Number of New Lines That May Be Entered NUMC   
43 JIT_OPDEL Selection of open deliveries CHAR   
44 JIT_OQUAL JIT: Table field to define the barcode qualifier CHAR   
45 JIT_ORDER Sort sequence CHAR   
46 JIT_PMODE JIT:print mode CHAR   
47 JIT_POSID Components Group Number NUMC 10    
48 JIT_POSID_BC JIT : components group number with barcode prefix CHAR 11    
49 JIT_POSTF JIT: number of objects for automatic execution of action NUMC   
50 JIT_PPRIO JIT: Print priority CHAR   
51 JIT_PRIID Reference Numbers in Delivery IDoc CHAR   
52 JIT_PRINF JIT: Technical key (production information) NUMC   
53 JIT_PRIO1 JIT: Criterion for sort variant CHAR   
54 JIT_PRIVC Reference Numbers in IDoc for Billing Document CHAR   
55 JIT_PRODN External Call Number (JIT Inbound and JIT Outbound) CHAR 35    
56 JIT_QUALO JIT: Table field to define the barcode qualifier CHAR   
57 JIT_REFIO Inbound/Outbound Relevance of the Reference Fields CHAR   
58 JIT_REFTX Additional Reference Number / Text for JIT Call CHAR 25    
59 JIT_REFTY Type of Reference Number CHAR   
60 JIT_REFTYT Description for Type of Reference Number CHAR 40    
61 JIT_RELTIME Relative Time Data INT1   
62 JIT_RELUOM Unit of Measure for Relative Time Data CHAR   
63 JIT_RNPID Type of Reference No. in Delivery Creation with Reference No CHAR   
64 JIT_SORT JIT: Sort criterion in JIT cockpit CHAR   
65 JIT_SORTV JIT: Sort Variant CHAR 12    
66 JIT_SPRIO JIT: Criterion for sort variant CHAR   
67 JIT_SUM Number of seq. JIT transaction data (calls, comp.groups) NUMC 10    
68 JIT_TIMED Time shift in hh:mm:ss TIMS   
69 JIT_TSART JIT: type of time stamp CHAR   
70 JJBELNR IS-PAM: Settlement document CHAR 10    
71 JJFATBB1 IS-M/AM: Free attribute 1 Requirement element CHAR   
72 JJFATBB2 IS-M/AM: Free attribute 2 Requirement element CHAR   
73 JJFATBB3 IS-M/AM: Free attribute 3 Requirement element CHAR   
74 JJFATBB4 IS-M/AM: Free attribute 4 Requirement element CHAR   
75 JJFATBB5 IS-M/AM: Free attribute 5 Requirement element CHAR   
76 JJFATBB6 IS-M/AM: Free attribute 6 Requirement element CHAR   
77 JJFATBB7 IS-M/AM: Free attribute 7 Requirement element CHAR 10    
78 JJJJMM Date without specific day CHAR   
79 JJMVERM IS-PAM: Business Partner CHAR 10    
80 JJPOSNR IS-PAM: Item settlement document NUMC   
81 JJTPRDH_POPUPTITLE IS-M/AM: S&P Dialog Box Title CHAR 40    
82 JKAKTIVTYP IS-M/SD: Activity type for data transfer of sales order CHAR   
83 JKAPPL IS-M/AM: All IS-M/AM output applications CHAR   
84 JKARENZ IS-M/AM: Grace period for price changes NUMC   
85 JKEFUNKTION IS-M/SD: Processing function for schedule line data transfer CHAR   
86 JKEREIGNIS IS-M/SD: Event - trigger for retail circulation increase CHAR   
87 JKFUNKTION IS-M/SD: Editing function for data transfer - sales order CHAR   
88 JKONDID IS-M/SD: Condition class CHAR   
89 JKONDM IS-M: Condition group for edition CHAR   
90 JKONZ Corporate group ID types NUMC   
91 JKOPOVORBEL Default Value From Customizing For Conditions CHAR   
92 JKPERIOD IS-M/SD: Date-controlled period time CHAR 10    
93 JKRECTYPE IS-M/SD: Record Type for Data Import in Order Environment CHAR   
94 JKSATZART IS-M/SD: Record type for data transfer of orders CHAR   
95 JKSDAUART_RETURNCOLL Return Collection Types CHAR   
96 JKSDCOLLAUARTTEXT Long Text for Order Type for Return Collection CHAR 30    
97 JKSDCOLLPHASE Return Collection Phase CHAR 10    
98 JKSDCOLLREASON Return Collection Reason CHAR   
99 JKSDCOLLREASONTEXT Description of Collection Reason CHAR 30    
100 JKSDCOLLRULE Rule for Determining Date for Return Collection CHAR   
101 JKSDCOLLRULETEXT Rule Description CHAR 30    
102 JKSDCOLLSTATE Status of Return Collection CHAR   
103 JKSDEVENTACTION IS-M: Determine Reference Field for Event CHAR   
104 JKSDEVENTACTIONFIELD IS-M: Field Definition in Event Management CHAR 30    
105 JKSDHEIGHT IS-M: Height INT4 10    
106 JKSDPLANEVENTSTATUSEXEC IS-M: Status of Problem Situation in Quantity Planning CHAR   
107 JKSDPODELIVERY IS-M: Order Type for Purchase Order Generation CHAR   
108 JKSDPSTYE Item Category for Collection CHAR   
109 JKSDPSTYGRPE Item Category Group for Collection CHAR   
110 JKSELRULE IS-M/SD: Active Selection for Change Rule CHAR   
111 JKTAGE IS-M/SD: Number of days NUMC   
112 JKTERMTYP_INT IS-M/SD: Internal date category (date/copy) CHAR   
113 JKTGRD_MA IS-M/SD: Cust.account assignment group for service comp.EE CHAR   
114 JKTGRD_VSG IS-M/SD: Cust.account assignment group - service company CHAR   
115 JKTOKD IS-M/SD: Account Group for Business Partner CHAR   
116 JKUKARR IS-M/AM: Customer Profile CHAR   
117 JKUNNRVERL IS-M/SD: Customer Number of Ext. Pub. (External Del. Order) CHAR 15    
118 JKVARDATA IS-M/SD: Variable data part for order data transfer LCHR 1800    
119 JKWWW05_MSGPOS IS-M: Positioning of error message on HTML template CHAR   
120 JKWWWMSGPOS IS-M/SD: Positioning of error message on HTML template CHAR   
121 JK_EVENT IS-M/SD: Event in Order Processing CHAR   
122 JLALIND IS-M/SD: Internal settlement/delivery index CHAR   
123 JLANDV IS-M/SD: Country versions CHAR   
124 JLAP_POS IS-M/SD: Item number in service contract NUMC   
125 JLFDNR IS-M/SD: Sequence number NUMC   
126 JLFDNR1 IS-M/SD: Sequence number (one digit) NUMC   
127 JLOCKPROCEDURE IS-M: Blocking Procedure in Quantity Planning CHAR   
128 JLOEKZ Indicator for deletion in land register CHAR   
129 JLOESCH Delete indicator for master records CHAR   
130 JLOESCHAE Delete indicator for master records CHAR   
131 JLOGADR IS-M: Logical address number NUMC   
132 JLTRACEKZ IS-M/SD: Indicator for trace formatting for deliv.settlement CHAR   
133 JMC_MENGE Quantity w/o decimal places (whole number) w/o +/- (+) QUAN 14    
134 JMC_MENGE2 Qty, 2 decimal places (whole numbers), no +/- (positive) QUAN 16 
135 JMC_QUAN15 Quantity field 15 chars in length, no decimal places QUAN 15    
136 JMENG10 IS-M: Quantities (Quantity Planning) QUAN   
137 JMENG13 Quantity13-MPM QUAN 10 
138 JMENGDIVIDER IS-M: Bundle divider QUAN   
139 JMITHAFT Joint liability law indicator CHAR   
140 JMNGVT_ART IS-M/AM Distribution customer quantity distribution key CHAR   
141 JMSDORDERGET IS-M: Procedure for determining orders during release CHAR   
142 JMSGTY CHAR01 domain for SYST CHAR   
143 JMULTZUORD Indicator "no distribution on object" CHAR   
144 JMZAH No.of employees for the year NUMC   
145 JNBRIEFTYP IS-M/SD: Letter type for generating letters w/output control CHAR   
146 JNFELD IS-PAM: Yes/no field (0 = no, 1 = yes) CHAR   
147 JNIPSTATUS IS-M: Status of Shipping Schedule Record CHAR   
148 JNKAE Indicates that usage type participates in SC settlement CHAR   
149 JNOVERTEIL Indicator "multiple assignment object -> contract allowed" CHAR   
150 JNRIMJAHR Issue number in year CHAR   
151 JOBABAUSP JOBA: Home Loan+Savings Ass. No. CHAR 10    
152 JOBART Art des Honorarjobs CHAR   
153 JOBJART IS-M/SD: Object type CHAR   
154 JOBJARTPO IS-M/SD: Object type (post) CHAR   
155 JOBJID IS-M/SD: Object ID CHAR 50    
156 JOBNO_KK Number of job INT2   
157 JOBNR Internal number for background processing CHAR 10    
158 JOB_STATUS Status of report group NUMC   
159 JOPERATION IS-M: Operation on current screen CHAR   
161 JORDERGENSTATUS IS-M: Status of Order Generation CHAR   
162 JORIG Indicator of original/derivative borrower's note acquisition NUMC   
163 JORIGIN IS-M: Data Origin CHAR   
164 JOULTHOM Take into account the Joule-Thomsom effect CHAR   
165 JOULTH_F Joule-Thomson correction factor DEC
166 JOULTH_F_D Denominator part: Joule-Thomson correction factor DEC
167 JOULTH_F_N Numerator part: Joule-Thomson correction factor DEC
168 JPARVW IS-M: Business partner roles CHAR   
169 JPARVWGPAG IS-M/SD: Partner usage of sold-to party CHAR   
170 JPARVW_MULTI IS-M: Business Partner Roles CHAR 20    
171 JPARZA IS-M: Counter for Partner Roles NUMC   
172 JPERNR IS-M/SD: Personnel number CHAR 20    
173 JPEVART IS-M/SD: Period-related revenue distribution type CHAR   
174 JPLANNING IS-M: Planning CHAR   
175 JPLZAWGEB IS-M/SD: Postal code evaluation area CHAR   
176 JPLZAWVAR IS-M/SD: Postal code area evaluation variant CHAR   
177 JPMMGEN_MODE IS-M: Generation mode for media products CHAR   
178 JPOART IS-PSD: Item type for transfer to FI/RF CHAR   
179 JPOSNR IS-M: Settlement item NUMC   
180 JPRDGRPTYP IS-M/SD: Prod.grp type CHAR   
181 JPRN_EVENT IS-M: Output control - event CHAR   
182 JPROCESSTRAT IS-M: Additional Processes (Order Generation) CHAR   
183 JPROCESSTYP IS-M/SD: Operation Type (Delivery Viability Optimization) CHAR   
184 JPRODGRP IS-M/SD: Repetition grouping for production CHAR   
188 JPRODHX IS-M/AM: Domains f. Standard Data element JPRODH4 to JPRODH9 CHAR   
189 JPRODNR IS-M/SD: Production number (from bundling) CHAR 10    
190 JPROMNR Promotion sales order NUMC   
191 JPROTOCOLCOUNT IS-M: Message Counter in Log CHAR 20    
192 JPROTOCOLSTATE Number of Contracts in Status DEC 10    
193 JPROVKDAT IS-M/SD: Due date of deposit retained DATS   
194 JP_CON Cotract Type for Direct Debit CHAR   
195 JP_DME_NR Dummy field in japan format CHAR   
196 JQPLANEVENTSTATUS IS-M: Status of Problem Situation in Quantity Planning CHAR   
197 JQUANFIX_ORIGIN IS-M: Origin of Fixed Quantity CHAR   
198 JRABGRENZE Discount limit DEC
199 JRABVGLOP IS-M/SD: Adjustment operation for discount (AR cat.determ.) CHAR   
200 JREAK_WE IS-M/AM: Response warning/error CHAR   
201 JREAK_WES_PROT IS-M/AM: Response warning/error CHAR   
202 JREASONCODE IS-M/SD: Reason for Quantity Change CHAR   
203 JREFNR IS-M/SD: Reference number for ad pre-print order CHAR 20    
204 JREGEL_1 IS-M/SD: Transportation info 1 for shipping schedule CHAR 20    
205 JREKLZUSTAND IS-M/SD: Status of complaint CHAR   
206 JREORGART IS-M/SD: Reorganization type CHAR   
207 JREORGDAUR IS-M/SD: Reorganization time QUAN   
208 JRETURNQUANTITY Return Quantity Field CHAR 15    
209 JRMSMERKML IS-B: RM Characteristic CHAR   
210 JRSTD Number of hours DEC
211 JRULEBILLINGDATE IS-M: Rule for Determining Billing Date CHAR   
212 JRULESHIPPINGDATE IS-M: Rule for Determining Delivery Date CHAR   
213 JSALESORGCHECK IS-M: Sales Area Check CHAR   
214 JSAMMG IS-M/SD: Collective processing number for settlement CHAR 10    
215 JSDQUANTITYORIGIN Origin of Quantity CHAR   
216 JSDVERSION IS-M/SD: Requirements Planning Version CHAR 10    
217 JSD_COUNTER IS-M: Quantity adjustment for M/AM-SD entry INT4 10    
218 JSD_MENGE_STATUS IS-M: Status of SD quantities CHAR   
219 JSEARCHDOCTYPE IS-M: Search Strategy for Order Type CHAR   
220 JSEARCHSTRAT IS-M: Search Strategy for Issue (Order Generation) CHAR   
221 JSEARCHSTRATADD IS-M: Search Strategy for Add. Issues (Order Generation) CHAR   
222 JSEPA_CONTEXT SEPA: Access Context STRG 256    
223 JSEPA_IBAN_MND_STATUS IS-M/AM: Status of Mandates for an IBAN CHAR 128    
224 JSEPA_IBAN_MND_STATUS_ICON IS-M/AM: Status Icon for Mandates for an IBAN CHAR 128    
225 JSEPA_IBAN_MND_STATUS_TEXT IS-M/AM: Status of Mandates for an IBAN CHAR 128    
226 JSEPA_STATUS IS-M/AM: SEPA Mandate Status Text CHAR 128    
227 JSEPA_STATUS_ICON IS-M/AM: SEPA Mandate Status Icon CHAR 255    
228 JSEPA_STATUS_TEXT IS-M: SEPA Mandate Status Quick Info CHAR 255    
229 JSHOWCANCEL IS-M: Select Reversed Contracts CHAR   
230 JSMART IS-M/SD: Collective processing type for settlement CHAR   
231 JSORTFOLGE IS-M/SD: Sort sequence number NUMC   
232 JSOUR Source of SAP-EIS report CHAR   
233 JSTATE IS-M: Processing status CHAR   
234 JSTATUS IS-M/SD: Status of carrier CHAR   
235 JSTATWAER Status of currency change CHAR   
236 JSTBFREI Type of tax exemption CHAR   
237 JSTGMA IS-M: Statistics group for material (edition) CHAR   
238 JSTGVB IS-M/SD: Statistics group for sales document CHAR   
239 JSTMENGE IS-M/SD: Quantity DEC
240 JSTMNGQUAN Number of units with unit of measure QUAN   
241 JSTOGRD IS-M/SD: Reversal Reason CHAR   
242 JSTOGRDF IS-M/SD: Billing Document Reversal Reason CHAR   
243 JSUBACTAMOUNT IS-M: Number of Subscription Units NUMC 10    
244 JSUBDISCLEVEL IS-M: Discount Level CHAR   
245 JSUBGROUPDIS IS-M: Discount Group CHAR 10    
246 JSUCHTYP IS-M: Type of search field formatting (business partner) CHAR   
247 JSUSPENDTYPE Suspension Type for POS Planning CHAR   
248 JTACLGP IS-M/AM: Tax classification for business partner CHAR   
249 JTAGVPLAN IS-M: Weekdays for Shipping Schedule NUMC   
250 JTIME IS-M/SD: Internal units of measure for frequencies CHAR   
251 JTYPE_KK Set of values for job category CHAR   
252 JTYPNUA Indicator for utilization type of rental unit NUMC   
253 JUEBART IS-M/SD: Transfer type CHAR   
254 JUMLE Apportionment unit for rental unit or lease-out CHAR   
255 JUMLGLEI Domain for apportionment with equal shares CHAR   
256 JUPDKZ Update indicator CHAR   
257 JUPER Legal person CHAR   
258 JUPER_REL Behaviour of relevance test if change in legal person CHAR   
259 JUST Data justifying CHAR   
260 JVALU Criterion value NUMC   
261 JVANR IS-M: Exclusion number CHAR   
262 JVASHIFTPOOL IS-M/AM: Name of Pool with Order Items Following Issue Shift CHAR 10    
263 JVASPLIT IS-M: Issue mix NUMC   
264 JVAS_INFO IS-M/AM: Information on Order Items Following Issue Shift CHAR 60    
265 JVBELN IS-M/SD: Settlement number CHAR 10    
266 JVBELNTRANSFER IS-M: Transfer CHAR 10    
267 JVBTYP IS-M/SD: Sales document category CHAR   
268 JVDELTA_NBR Sequence number of delta imports in address-based shipping NUMC   
269 JVERF Indicator: Drawings or payments exist CHAR   
270 JVERMART IS-M/AM: Media agent type: General/local/special agent CHAR   
271 JVERMKURZ IS-PAM: Media agent identification code for quick input CHAR   
272 JVERMVTYP IS-M/AM: Contract type for media agent contract CHAR   
273 JVGRUP IS-PAM: Media agent contract grouping CHAR   
274 JVLSTATUS Yearly advance payment status CHAR   
275 JVLTE Participation in yearly advance payment procedure NUMC   
276 JVL_AKTIV Yearly advance payment active CHAR   
277 JVMBEDART IS-M/AM: Requirement type in media agent contract CHAR   
278 JVMVFKAT IS-PAM: Field catalog for media agent contract elements CHAR 21    
279 JVMVVNR IS-M/AM: Media agent contract number with SC CHAR 10    
280 JVOH_RATE JV Overhead rate DEC
281 JVOH_SUMMARY_OR_DETAIL Show summary report or detail report CHAR   
282 JVON1 Specification of 'from' Position INT4 10    
283 JVON2 Specification of 'from' Position 2. INT4 10    
284 JVPHASEMDL IS-M/SD: Phase shipping - model CHAR 10    
285 JVPHSUBDEL IS-M: Indicator for Phase Model Usage CHAR   
286 JVREFPVAOBJ IS-M/SD: Validity of reference edition per object type CHAR   
288 JVSDSPLITNUMBER IS-M: Split number CHAR   
289 JVSOIJNBR IS-M/SD: Number of Import Job for Shipping Order NUMC   
290 JVSOIJSTATUS IS-M/SD: Status of Import Job for Shipping Order CHAR   
291 JVSOP_IMPORT_LINETYPE IS-M/SD: Row cat.for import files in address-based shipping CHAR   
292 JVSPMENGE Quantity for printing IS-P shipping documents with +/- sign DEC   
293 JVTBEPMART IS-M/AM: Distribution planned quantity types CHAR   
294 JVTBSTKEN IS-M/AM: Distribution element identification CHAR   
295 JV_10_DIGIT_KEY 10 digit key generated by number range NUMC 10    
296 JV_A019 City Name CHAR 19    
297 JV_A026 Country Code CHAR   
298 JV_A028 Group Control Number CHAR   
299 JV_A029 Group Date CHAR   
300 JV_A030 Group Time CHAR   
301 JV_A066 Identity Qualifier CHAR   
302 JV_A067 Identity Id Code CHAR 17    
303 JV_A076 Invoice Number CHAR 22    
304 JV_A081 Weight CHAR   
305 JV_A093 Entity name (Operator, Partner, Property) CHAR 35    
306 JV_A096 Number Included Segments CHAR   
307 JV_A097 Number of Transaction Sets Included CHAR   
308 JV_A098 Entity Id Code CHAR   
309 JV_A116 Postal Code CHAR   
310 JV_A116_2 Postal Code CHAR 15    
311 JV_A124 Application Receiver's Code CHAR 15    
312 JV_A127 Reference Number CHAR 30    
313 JV_A128 Reference Qualifier Number CHAR   
314 JV_A128_B Reference Qualifier Number CHAR   
315 JV_A142 Application Sender's Code CHAR 15    
316 JV_A143 Transaction Set ID CHAR   
317 JV_A156 State/Province Code CHAR   
318 JV_A166 Address CHAR 35    
319 JV_A183 Volume CHAR   
320 JV_A212 Unit Price CHAR 14    
321 JV_A234 Product/Service ID Code CHAR 30    
322 JV_A235 Product/Service Qualifier Code CHAR   
323 JV_A245 Date Field (YYMMDD) CHAR   
324 JV_A245_2 Date Field (YYYYMMDD) CHAR   
325 JV_A286 Condition Code CHAR   
326 JV_A309 Location Qualifier CHAR   
327 JV_A310 Location Id CHAR 25    
328 JV_A323 Purchase Order Date (YYMMDD) CHAR   
329 JV_A323_2 Purchase Order Date (YYYYMMDD) CHAR   
330 JV_A324 Purchase Order Number CHAR 22    
331 JV_A326 Request Ref No CHAR 45    
332 JV_A327 Change Order Sequence Number CHAR   
333 JV_A328 Release Number CHAR 30    
334 JV_A329 Transaction Set Control Number CHAR   
335 JV_A333 Terms Basis Date Code CHAR   
336 JV_A336 Terms Type Code CHAR   
337 JV_A337 Time (HHMM) CHAR   
338 JV_A338 Terms Discount Percent CHAR   
339 JV_A347 Hash Total CHAR 10    
340 JV_A348 Item Description Qualifier CHAR   
341 JV_A349 Item Description Code CHAR   
342 JV_A350 Assigned Identifier CHAR   
343 JV_A351 Terms Discount Days Due CHAR   
344 JV_A352 Descriptive Text CHAR 80    
345 JV_A354 Number Line Items CHAR   
346 JV_A355 Unit Of Measure CHAR   
347 JV_A358 Quantity Invoiced CHAR 10    
348 JV_A361 Total Invoice Amount CHAR 10    
349 JV_A362 Terms Discount Amount CHAR 10    
350 JV_A364 Communication Number CHAR 21    
351 JV_A365 Communication Number Qualifier CHAR   
352 JV_A366 Contact Function Code CHAR   
353 JV_A370 Terms Discount Due Date (YYMMDD) CHAR   
354 JV_A370_2 Terms Discount Due Date (YYMMDD) CHAR   
355 JV_A373 Date (YYMMDD) CHAR   
356 JV_A373_2 Date (YYYYMMDD) CHAR   
357 JV_A374 Date/Time Qualifier Code CHAR   
358 JV_A380 Quantity Amount (Equipment) CHAR 10    
359 JV_A386 Terms Net Days CHAR   
360 JV_A390 Amount Subject to Terms Discount CHAR 10    
361 JV_A391 Discounted Amount Due CHAR 10    
362 JV_A446 Terms Net Due Date (YYMMDD) CHAR   
363 JV_A446_2 Terms Net Due Date (YYMMDD) CHAR   
364 JV_A455 Responsible Agency Code CHAR   
365 JV_A479 Functional Identifier Code CHAR   
366 JV_A480 Version/Release/Industry ID Code CHAR 12    
367 JV_A522 Amount Qualifier (Coded) CHAR   
368 JV_A522_2 Amount Qualifier (Coded) CHAR   
369 JV_A559 Agency Qualifier Code CHAR   
370 JV_A613 Statement Number CHAR 16    
371 JV_A623 Time Code ? CHAR   
372 JV_A639 Basis Of Unit price Code CHAR   
373 JV_A640 Tranaction Type Code CHAR   
374 JV_A750 Product Char. Code CHAR   
375 JV_A751 Product Description Code CHAR 12    
376 JV_A752 Surf/Layer Pos. Code CHAR   
377 JV_A781 Statement Format (COPAS or PASC) CHAR   
378 JV_A782 Monetary Amount (Leading sign - left justified) CHAR 15    
379 JV_A826 Partner Share CHAR 10    
380 JV_ACCOVR Account Assignment Override Flag CHAR   
381 JV_ACLASS Joint operating agreement class CHAR   
382 JV_ACTTYPE JV activity type CHAR   
383 JV_ADJSHAR JV Floating Point Domain FLTP 16  16 
384 JV_AEGROUP Equity group - JOA level CHAR   
385 JV_AFEI_P JV AFE Indicator CHAR   
386 JV_AI01 Authorization Information Qualifier CHAR   
387 JV_AI02 Authorization Information CHAR 10    
388 JV_AI03 Security Information Qualifier CHAR   
389 JV_AI04 Security Information CHAR 10    
390 JV_AI05 Interchange ID Qualifer CHAR   
391 JV_AI06 Interchange Sender ID CHAR 15    
392 JV_AI07 Interchange Receiver ID CHAR 15    
393 JV_AI08 Interchange Date CHAR   
394 JV_AI09 Interchange Time CHAR   
395 JV_AI10 Interchange Control Standards Identifier CHAR   
396 JV_AI11 Interchange Control Version Number CHAR   
397 JV_AI12 Interchange Control Number CHAR   
398 JV_AI13 Acknowledgment Requested CHAR   
399 JV_AI14 Test Indicator CHAR   
400 JV_AI15 Subelement Separator CHAR   
401 JV_AI16 Number of Included Functional Groups CHAR   
402 JV_ALV_OUTPUT ALV Output Check CHAR   
403 JV_AMBILL Combinations of Billable / Nonbillable Senders/Receivers CHAR   
404 JV_AMLINE AM Line Items for JV Depreciation areas only ? CHAR   
405 JV_AMMETH Method for AM/MM Postings CHAR   
406 JV_AMNT Amount to use in an AM/MM Posting line CHAR   
407 JV_ANRANGE Joint operating agreement number range number CHAR   
409 JV_ASSTVNT Venture derivation from asset CHAR   
410 JV_BANK JV venture bank account switching CHAR   
411 JV_BASE_AMT_CONDITION_KEY Base amount condition key entered by the user CHAR 10    
412 JV_BATCH JV_Batch name for Cash calls CHAR 10    
413 JV_BATCHN JV Cash Call Batch Number CHAR 10    
414 JV_BBASIS Billing Basis NUMC   
415 JV_BFORM JV Billing format CHAR   
416 JV_BFORMAT Billing Format CHAR   
417 JV_BFRQ JV Billing Frequency NUMC   
418 JV_BILFORM JV Billing Format CHAR   
419 JV_BILIND Billing indicator CHAR   
420 JV_BILLING_PYI JV Perod/Year/Inception to Date Data for Billing CHAR   
421 JV_BILLSTR JV Billing Structure CHAR   
422 JV_BILL_STATUS JV billing status CHAR   
423 JV_BIL_EVT JV Event SAPscript CHAR   
424 JV_BIL_LEV JV Level SAPscript CHAR   
425 JV_BIL_SDS JV Level SAPscript CHAR   
428 JV_BLV_SAP JV Billing level CHAR   
429 JV_BMETHOD Billing Method CHAR   
430 JV_BWATYPE Type of JV asset posting CHAR   
431 JV_CB_PRT JV flag: Level of print detail CHAR   
432 JV_CB_REV_DCT JV cutback reversal document types CHAR   
433 JV_CB_REV_TYPE_D JV cutback reversal record type values CHAR   
434 JV_CCTHRES DEC 13    
435 JV_CCTYPE Joint Venture Cost Centre Type CHAR   
436 JV_CC_COPY Relevent for JV company code copy CHAR   
437 JV_CHBOX Field movement for JADE - Check box CHAR   
438 JV_CIGRP JV Carried Interest Group CHAR   
439 JV_CLEAR Clear Field when creating new subnumberc CHAR   
440 JV_CLERSEI JV Clearing SE Indicator CHAR 10    
441 JV_COMPON JV Component Identifier CHAR 15    
442 JV_COMP_PA JV Component Part Sequence Number NUMC   
443 JV_CONDCOD JV Condition Code CHAR   
444 JV_CONDESC JV Condition Description CHAR 50    
445 JV_CONTRAC JV contract CHAR 24    
446 JV_CREATE_MODE Create mode used to create Overhead Organizer's components CHAR   
447 JV_CRPOVR Activate CRP CHAR   
448 JV_CUGROUP Customizing group for authorization CHAR 10    
449 JV_DATE JV Date CHAR   
450 JV_DECSHR Non-Operated Override Decimal Share DEC 12 
451 JV_DEFAULTCOFORTAX Use default cost object for tax lines CHAR   
452 JV_DELIMD Field movement for JADE - Delimiter domain CHAR   
453 JV_DOCNBR_TYPE IS-M: Origin of Document Number CHAR   
454 JV_DOCST JV FB01 Document Status CHAR   
456 JV_DUNNING Fields for summarizing and subtotals in dunning CHAR 10    
457 JV_EC_RECID_TYPE Type of recovery indicators to be included CHAR   
458 JV_EC_STATUS Farm in/out: Status of a step in the process CHAR   
459 JV_EDICOMP EDI partner code CHAR 12    
460 JV_EDI_BIL JV EDI Billing Level CHAR   
461 JV_EDI_DBL JV Invoice Direct Billing Indicator CHAR   
462 JV_EDI_ICD JV EDI Invoice Code CHAR   
463 JV_EDI_SCD JV EDI Statement Code CHAR   
464 JV_EDI_STY JV EDI Statement Type CHAR   
466 JV_EGROUP Equity group CHAR   
467 JV_ENRICHFAGLSPLIT Enrich NewGL document with JV data CHAR   
468 JV_ETYPE Equity type CHAR   
469 JV_EV_STAT JV event status CHAR   
471 JV_EXPTYPE JV Expense type CHAR   
479 JV_F0070 JV INTERNATIONAL JID-EDI - Sequence Message Transfer No. NUMC   
481 JV_F1000 JV Doc name EDI CHAR 35    
482 JV_F1001 JV Doc name (coded) EDI NUMC   
483 JV_F1004 JV Doc Number EDI CHAR 35    
488 JV_F1225 JV Message Function Code NUMC   
491 JV_F2005 JV Date Time Qualif EDI CHAR   
493 JV_F2461 JV Time Zone (C) CHAR   
494 JV_F3035 JV Party Partner Qual EDI CHAR   
495 JV_F3036 JV Party Name EDI CHAR 35    
497 JV_F3042 JV Street PO Box EDI CHAR 35    
498 JV_F3124 JV Name and Address EDI CHAR 35    
499 JV_F3139 JV Contact Function CHAR   
500 JV_F3148 JV Comm Numb CHAR 25