SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index O, page 13
Transaction Code - O
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
2 OT01 C FI Maintain Table 001_K  
3 OT02 C FI Maintain Table T056S  
4 OT03 C FI Maintain Table T056A2  
5 OT05 C FI Maintain Table T039  
6 OT06 C FI Maintain Table T079D  
7 OT07 C FI Maintain Table T078D  
8 OT08 C FI Maintain Table T079K  
9 OT09 C FI Maintain Table T078K  
10 OT10 C FI Maintain Table T077D  
11 OT11 C FI Maintain Table T077K  
12 OT12 C FI Maintain Table T036  
13 OT13 C FI Maintain Table T035  
14 OT14 C FI Maintain Table T036  
15 OT16 C FI Maintain Table T035D  
16 OT17 C FI Maintain Table T038  
17 OT18 C FI Maintain Table T038T  
18 OT19 C FI Maintain Table T038V  
19 OT20 Number Ranges of Memo Records SAPMSNUM
20 OT21 C FI Maintain Table T037  
21 OT22 C FI Maintain Table T037A  
22 OT23 C FI Maintain Table T036S  
23 OT24 C FI Maintain Table T018C  
24 OT25 C FI Maintain Table T056P  
25 OT26 C FI Maintain Table T056R  
26 OT27 C FI Maintain Table T018D  
27 OT29 C FI Maintain Table 001_I  
28 OT30 Current Account RFFDKU00
29 OT31 Not Current Account RFFUEB00
30 OT32 C FI Maintain Table T004F  
31 OT33 C FI Maintain Table T056  
32 OT34 C TD Levels for Special G/L  
33 OT35 Purchase orders RFFDMM10
34 OT36 C FI Maintain Table T056B  
35 OT37 C FI Maintain Table T077S  
36 OT38 C FI Batch Input Program RFBIDE00
37 OT39 C FI Batch Input Program RFBIKR00
38 OT40 C FI Change Customer  
39 OT41 C FI Change Vendor  
40 OT42 C FI Change G/L Account  
41 OT43 C Maintain version: Man. bank stmt SAPMFKM0
42 OT45 C Maintain variants: check deposit SAPMFKM0
43 OT47 C FI Maintain Table T0350  
44 OT48 C FT CMF Reorganization RFFDIS00
45 OT49 C FI Maintain checks recd (T028D)  
46 OT50 C Elec acct assignment /checks recd SAPMFKM0
47 OT51 C FI Maintain T028G  
48 OT52 C FI Maintain T028H  
49 OT53 C FI Maintain T028H  
50 OT54 C FI Maintain T001F  
51 OT55 C FI Maintain T028B  
52 OT56 C FI Maintain manual acct (T028D)  
53 OT57 C FI Maintain elec account (T028D)  
54 OT58 C Elec acct determntn (manual acct) SAPMFKM0
55 OT59 C Elec.bkng ac.assignment ( SAPMFKM0
56 OT60 C TR Acct determin G/L acct bal int SAPMFKM0
57 OT61 Program and variant selection  
58 OT62 C acct determination dep./loan mgmt SAPMFKM0
59 OT63 C FI Maintain table T001F (BlExPres)  
60 OT64 C FI Maintain table T001G (BlExPres)  
61 OT65 C FI Maint. Table T001F (RetBlEx)  
62 OT66 C FI Maintain table T001G (RetBlEx)  
63 OT67 C FI Maintain table T046S  
64 OT68 C FI Maintain table T012K (RetBlEx)  
65 OT69 Reorganize CM data from orders RFFDSD10
66 OT73 C FI Maintain Table T028M  
67 OT74 C FI Maintain Table T028O  
68 OT75 Reconstruct CM from Vendor Bill.Docs RFFDLF00
69 OT76 Reconstruct CM from Loans RFFDDA00
70 OT77 Reconstruct CM from Securities RFFDWP00
71 OT78 Reconstruct FC, Money Mkt, Deriv. RFFDTR00
72 OT79 Reconstruct CM from Securities RTPM_CM_UPDATE
73 OT80 Planning levels/Treasury Management  
74 OT81 Process Repetitive Codes FIBL_RPCODE_MAINTAIN
75 OT82 C FI Tabellenpflege T028L  
76 OT83 Basic Settings for the El.Bank St.  
77 OT84 Bank Stmt/Check Dep.Posting Specs  
78 OT85 C FI Mainenance in Table T035Z  
79 OT90 C FI Maintenance Table T028Q  
81 OTC_CONV CFM 1.0: Migration OTC Int.Rte Inst.  
82 OTF1 Material-Freight Groups  
83 OTF2 Forwarding Agent - Freight Groups  
84 OTF3 Freight Code Sets  
85 OTF4 Determine Freight Code Set  
86 OTF5 Freight Codes  
87 OTF6 Freight Code Determination  
88 OTF7 Define Freight Code Index  
89 OTLA Report Selection SAPMKKB5
90 OTLD Current Settings for Cash Management  
91 OTPM Define El.Bank Stmt Search String SAPMF40M
92 OTR1 Number Range for Form Numbers  
93 OTR2 Number Range for Control Numbers  
94 OTR3 Number range for log numbers  
95 OTR4 Number range for temse files  
96 OTZ1 C FI Users  
97 OTZ2 C FI Profiles  
98 OTZ3 C FI Authorizations  
99 OV-0 View V_TVP0, Attribute 10  
100 OV-1 View V_TVPH, Attribute 1  
101 OV-2 View V_TVP2, Attribute 2  
102 OV-3 View V_TVP3, Attribute 3  
103 OV-4 View V_TVP4, Attribute 4  
104 OV-5 View V_TVP5, Attribute 5  
105 OV-6 View V_TVP6, Attribute 6  
106 OV-7 View V_TVP7, Attribute 7  
107 OV-8 View V_TVP8, Attribute 8  
108 OV-9 View V_TVP9, Attribute 9  
109 OV/1 Generate Record Layout RDDSRCG0
110 OV/2 RV Batch Input Program RFBIDE00
111 OV/3 RV Batch Input Program RFBIKR00
112 OV/4 RV Batch Input Program RMMMBIM0
113 OV/5 RV Batch Input Program RV14BTCI
114 OV/6 RV Transfer Program RVINVB00
115 OV/7 Test Data for Data Transfer RVINVBT0
116 OV/8 Test Data - Transfer Data - Cond. RVBTCI01
117 OV/9 Display Test Data RVBTCI02
118 OV01 Access Sequence: Matl Listng/Exclsn  
119 OV02 Condition Type: Listing/Exclusion  
120 OV03 Procedure: Listing/Exclusion  
121 OV04 C RV Tab. TVAK "Listing/Exclusion"  
122 OV05 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion A SAPMV12A
123 OV06 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion C SAPMV12A
124 OV07 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion D SAPMV12A
125 OV08 Condition Table: Add Index SAPMV12A
126 OV09 Condition table: Change Index SAPMV12A
127 OV10 Condition Table: Display Index SAPMV12A
128 OV11 Access Sequence: Matl Determination  
129 OV12 Condition Types: Material Determin.  
130 OV13 Procedure: Material Determination  
131 OV14 C SD Tab. TVAK "MaterialSub"  
132 OV16 Condition Table: Material Substit. A SAPMV12A
133 OV17 Condition Table: Material Substit. C SAPMV12A
134 OV18 Condition Table: Material Substit.D SAPMV12A
135 OV1Z Define Product Allocation Procedure  
136 OV20 Condition Table: Create Rebate SAPMV12A
137 OV21 Condition Table: Change Rebate SAPMV12A
138 OV22 Condition Table: Display Rebate SAPMV12A
139 OV23 Condition Exclusion: SD  
140 OV24 Pricing: V_T681F for A U  
141 OV25 V_T681F: RevAccDeter - Allowed Flds  
142 OV26 V_T681F: MatDeterm. - Allowed Flds  
143 OV27 V_T681F: List Excl. - Allowed Fields  
144 OV28 V_T681F: Rebate - Allowed Fields  
145 OV29 V-T681F: Index Field Catalog  
146 OV2Z Define Product Allocation Object  
147 OV30 Condition Exclusion: ProcedAssignmnt  
148 OV31 Maintain Exclusion Group  
149 OV32 Maintain CondTypes for ExclusionGrp  
150 OV33 C RV View V_TVFK_KON  
151 OV34 View V_T687 Account Key  
152 OV35 C RV View V_T683S_EL  
153 OV36 Archiving Conditions V_T681H  
154 OV3Z Determine Prod. Allocation Hierarchy  
155 OV40 V_T681F:Cross-Selling:PermittedFldNo  
156 OV41 Access sequences: Cross-selling  
157 OV42 Condition types: Cross-selling  
158 OV43 Diagram: Cross-selling  
159 OV46 Condition table: Cross-selling H SAPMV12A
160 OV47 Condition table: Cross-selling Ä SAPMV12A
161 OV48 Condition table: Cross-selling A SAPMV12A
162 OV4Z Product Allocation Control  
163 OV50 Comparison of master data for cust. RFDKAG00
164 OV51 Display of Changes for Customer RFDABL00
165 OV52 Del.Customers Pre-Production Startup SAPV019
166 OV5Z Maintain Consumption Periods  
167 OV60 V_T681F: RecAccDet - Allowed fields  
168 OV61 Recon. account det.: Create table SAPMV12A
169 OV62 Rec. account det.: Change table SAPMV12A
170 OV63 Rec. account det.: Display table SAPMV12A
171 OV64 Account determin. - rec. accounts  
172 OV65 Cond. proc. for rec. account det.  
173 OV66 Cond. types: Acc. det. rec. accounts  
174 OV67 Rec. account det.: Access sequences  
175 OV68 Ass. billing type - rec. acc. proc.  
176 OV71 Cash account det.: Change table SAPMV12A
177 OV72 Cash account det.: Display table SAPMV12A
178 OV73 V_T681f: RecAccDet - Allowed fields  
179 OV74 Cash account det.: Access sequences  
180 OV75 Cash account det.: Condition types  
181 OV76 Cond.: Procedure for cash acc. det.  
182 OV77 Account determination -Cash accounts  
183 OV78 Assign billing type-cash acc. proc.  
184 OV7Z Create Characteristics for Rem.Alloc RMQUOT01
185 OV80 Acc. det.- credit cards: Create tab. SAPMV12A
186 OV81 Acc. det.- credit cards: Change tab. SAPMV12A
187 OV82 Acc. det.- credit cards: Displ. tab. SAPMV12A
188 OV83 V_T681F: Credit card -Allowed fields  
189 OV84 Credit card acc. det: Acc. sequences  
190 OV85 Condition types: Acc.det.  
191 OV86 Cond.proc. for credit cards  
192 OV87 Credit card accounts  
193 OV88 Assign billing type-credit card proc  
194 OV8Z Check Settings RMQUOT00
195 OV90 COPA project: Create table SAPMV12A
196 OV91 COPA project: Change table SAPMV12A
197 OV92 COPA project: Display table SAPMV12A
198 OV93 V_T681F: COPA project all. fields  
199 OV94 COPA project: Access sequences  
200 OV95 COPA project: Condition types  
201 OV96 Pricing procedure for COPA project  
202 OV97 Accounts COPA project  
203 OV98 Assign billing types-COPA proj.proc.  
204 OV9A Card Authorization Requirements  
205 OV9B Copying Requirements for Deliveries  
206 OV9C Copying Requirements f. Billing Docs  
207 OV9Z Suitable Statistical Structures RMQUOT10
208 OVA0 C_RV_Tab. VVVS "Status group" SAPL080I
209 OVA2 Incompletion log  
210 OVA3 C_RV_Tab. TAUUM SlsDocType Convers.  
211 OVA4 /nse38/nse38Schedule Usage  
212 OVA5 C SD Tab.VHA Ord.Type Group Itm Det. SAPMSTBM
213 OVA6 Credit Groups for Document Types  
214 OVA7 Credit Relevancy of Item Categories  
215 OVA8 Automatic Credit Checks  
216 OVA9 /nse38/Handling Errors SchedAgrs  
217 OVAA C SD Tab. VAG Rejection Reasons SAPMSTBM
218 OVAB /nse38/Schedule Line Types  
219 OVAC C SD Tab VCPA "Copy Documents SAPMSTBM
220 OVACT Revenue Recognition: Activations  
221 OVAD Delivery Type Assignment  
223 OVAF C SD Tab. 184 Item Category Determ. SAPMSTBM
224 OVAG C SD Tab. VAG Rejection Reasons SAPL080I
225 OVAH /nse38/Variable Messages  
226 OVAI /nse38/Determine Sold-to Party  
227 OVAJ /nse38/Distribution Function  
228 OVAK Sales Order Type Assignment  
229 OVAL C SD Table VASP Sales Docs: Blocks  
230 OVAM C SD View TVKOV_AU DistChanDoc.Types  
231 OVAN C SD View TVKOS_AU "Div.Doc.Types"  
232 OVAO C SD View TVKO_AU "SlsOrgDoc.Types"  
233 OVAP C SD Tab. VAP Item Categories  
234 OVAQ C SD Tab. VAU Order Block Reasons SAPMSTBM
235 OVAR C SD Tab. ROAZ Route Determination SAPL080V
236 OVAS C SD Tab. VAST "Order: Block Reasons SAPMSTBM
237 OVAT C SD Tab. TXVR Copy Document Text SAPMSTBM
238 OVAU C SD Tab. VAU Other Reasons SAPL080I
239 OVAV C SD Tab. MVFU Avail.Check Criteria SAPMSTBM
240 OVAW C SD Tab. PTM Item Category Groups  
242 OVAY C SD Tab. 184E Sched.Line Determ. SAPMSTBM
243 OVAZ C SD Tab. VAKZ Order Type/Organiz. SAPL080K
244 OVB0 Change "Billing: Document Types"  
245 OVB1 Sales Organizations - Rebate  
246 OVB2 (empty)  
247 OVB3 Rebate: Reorganiz. of Billing Index RV15B001
248 OVB5 Req. for Creating a Purch.Requisit.  
249 OVB6 Requirement for Picking a Delivery  
250 OVB7 Requ. for Goods Issue of a Delivery  
251 OVB8 Criteria for Creating a Requirement  
252 OVB9 Create Delivery Due Index  
253 OVBA Conditions: Views (Pricing)  
254 OVBB Conditions: View sequence A,V,Rebate  
255 OVBC Documents Value Classes  
256 OVBD Assign Credit Control Area  
257 OVBE Default Values for Display Variant  
258 OVBF Conditions: View sequence A,V,SDeal  
259 OVBH Conditions: View sequence A,V, Price  
260 OVBI Maintain Billing Plan Type  
261 OVBJ Maintain Date Category for BillPlan  
262 OVBK Assign Bill Plan Type to Item Catgry  
263 OVBL Date Category Proposal for Bill Plan  
264 OVBM Maintain dates  
265 OVBN Maintain Date IDs  
266 OVBO Maintain milestone billing plan type  
267 OVBP Assign billing plan type  
268 OVBR Assignment to Item Category  
269 OVBS Rule Table for Determining Dates  
270 OVBT Modification Report Billing Plan SDFPLA02
271 OVBV_DIS Requ. for Goods Issue of a Delivery  
272 OVC1 C SD Tab. TVC1 Activity Outcomes  
273 OVC2 C SD Tab. TVC2 Activity Reason  
274 OVC3 C SD Tab. TVC Sales Activity Status  
275 OVC4 C SD Tab. TVC4 Activity Outcomes  
276 OVC5 C SD Tab. TVC5 Sales Activities  
277 OVC6 C SD Tab. TVC6 Activity Status  
278 OVC7 c SD Tab TVC7 Assign Activities  
279 OVCA C RV Tab. TVKK "NoRng Adr > Acct.  
280 OVCB Structure of Reporting View SAPLO81C
281 OVCC Assign View to User SAPL081C
282 OVCD Definition of Reporting View SAPL081C
283 OVCE Control Update of Perform.Measures SAPL081C
284 OVCF Control Reporting - Info Blocks RVCAS001
285 OVCG Mtn Action Box for Follow-Up Act.  
286 OVCH Version Change: Listing  
287 OVCI C SD Set Workflow Action box  
288 OVCK C SD Tab. TVKK Activity Types  
289 OVCM RVCust:TVKK:Planning:Sales Act. Type SAPL080G
290 OVCN C RV Tab. TVKK "NoRng for sls.activ.  
291 OVCO C RV Tab. TVKK (SalesAct <--> STGRP)  
292 OVCP C SD Tab. TVCPK Activity Copying Con  
293 OVCS C SD Tab. TVKK Activity Types  
294 OVCT C RV Tab. TKSF "CAS: Statistics grp  
295 OVCU C RV Tab. TKSFK "CAS: Statistics seq  
296 OVCW C RV View V_TVKO_COM "Competit/TVKO  
297 OVD0 /nse38/Spec.Features EDL-LS-EDI  
298 OVD1 /nse38/Special Billing Features  
299 OVD2 Define reference conditions  
300 OVD3 Define tolerances for self-billing  
301 OVD4 SD Self-Billing: General Parameter  
302 OVD5 SD Self-Billing: EDI Partner  
303 OVD6 SD Self-Billing: Tolerance Groups  
304 OVD7 SD Self-Billing:Sold-To Party Params  
305 OVD8 SD Self-Billing: Tolerances Definitn  
306 OVDSP Customize Subsequent Deliv. Split  
307 OVE1 Commodity Code / Import code no.  
308 OVE2 C SD Table T615 Customs offices  
309 OVE3 C SD Table T618 Mode of Transport  
310 OVE4 C SD Table T605 "Business type"  
311 OVE5 C RV Table T605Z "Prop. for bus.type  
312 OVE6 C RV Table T616 "Exp/Import Proced. SAPL080E
313 OVE7 C SD Table T616Z "BusTransTypeProp. SAPL080E
314 OVE8 C SD Table TVFM "MatPrGrp-Imp/Exp SAPL080E
315 OVE9 Completion check  
316 OVELO00 Global VMS parameters  
317 OVELO1 Define Actions  
318 OVELO11 Define Action Controls  
319 OVELO12 Define Vehicle Status  
320 OVELO13 Define Availability  
321 OVELO14 Define Vehicle Usage  
322 OVELO18 Define Vehicle Search Areas  
323 OVELO19 Define VMS Roles  
324 OVELO2 Define No. Range for Int.Veh. No.  
325 OVELO20 Define Vehicle Categories RVLCOVELO20
326 OVELO21 Assign Vehicle Categories SAPLVELO23
327 OVELO27 Access Auth. During Vehicle Search  
328 OVELO29 Define Search Views  
329 OVELO3 Define No. Range for Act. Ctrl Det.  
330 OVELO30 Calculation sheet profile  
331 OVELO4 Define Addnl Data for Vehicle  
332 OVELO5 Define External Status  
333 OVELO6 Define Technical Data for Actions  
334 OVELO7 Assign Own Dialog Messages  
335 OVELO8 Define No.Range f, Config Chg Determ  
336 OVELOL Define Vehicle Location  
337 OVELOM01 Maintain Condition Tables SAPMV12A
338 OVELOM04 Define Field Catalog for Messages  
339 OVELOM11 Define Access Sequences  
340 OVELOM21 Define Message Types  
341 OVELOM31 Define Message Determ. Procedures  
342 OVELOM41 Assign Msge Determ. Schema to Plant  
343 OVELOTREX Define Columns for TREX Download  
344 OVELOVSRINIT Initialize Category Rule Maintenance RVLC_VSR_INITIALISE
345 OVEP Rev. recognition: Ind. Item Categ.  
346 OVF0 C SD Table T134G Business Areas  
347 OVF1 C SD Table TVTA Business Areas  
348 OVF2 C SD Table TVTA Business Areas  
349 OVF3 C_RV_Tab. VAUK "Cost Centers" SAPL080C
350 OVF4 C SD Matchcodes Billing Documents  
351 OVF6 VAUK Dunning Areas  
354 OVFD Forms of payment guarantee  
355 OVFE Payment guarantee procedure  
356 OVFF Control for payment guarantee proced  
357 OVFG Customer payment guarantee procedure  
358 OVFH Document payment guarantee procedure  
359 OVFI Assign doc. payment guarantee proced  
360 OVFJ Determine payment guarantee proced.  
361 OVFK C SD Table VFK Billing Documents SAPMSTBM
362 OVFL Assign credit contrl area/sales area  
365 OVFV C SD Tab.TVPR  
366 OVG1 Redetermine subtotal RV15B003
367 OVH1 C RV Tab. THIT Hierarchy Type SAPL0V02
368 OVH2 C SD Tab. THIZU AcctGrpAssignment SAPL0V02
369 OVH3 C RV Tab. THIOZ Org.assignments SAPL0V02
370 OVH4 C RV Hierarchie Pricing  
371 OVHU01 Define customizing HU check profile  
372 OVHU2 Customizing for Pack. Transn Profile  
373 OVHU3 Nummernkreispflege: KONP SAPMSNUM
374 OVHU4 Customizing HU Picking Profile  
375 OVK1 C SD Table V_TST "Tax Catg./Country" SAPMSTBM
376 OVK2 C SD Table T005S "Regions"  
377 OVK3 C SD Table TSKD "Cust.Tax Indicator" SAPL080D
378 OVK4 C SD Table TSKM "Mat.Tax Indicator" SAPL080D
379 OVK5 V Table VKM Material Acct Grp SAPL080C
380 OVK6 C SD Table T001W Plants/Countries  
381 OVK7 C SD Table T459 "Reqt/PlanOrd.Type" SAPMSTBM
382 OVK8 C SD Tab. TVKT Customer Acct Grp SAPL080C
383 OVK9 Tax Records for Each Country RVTSTLSA
384 OVKA SD Tab. T686C "Responsibility  
385 OVKB Tax Record Conditions VK11  
386 OVKC Tax Record Conditions VK12  
387 OVKD Tax Record Conditions VK13  
388 OVKE Tax Record Conditions VK14  
389 OVKF C SD Table T005E Ctry/Region/County  
390 OVKG C SD Table T005G Ctry/Region/City  
391 OVKH C SD Table TVAK Sales Document Types  
392 OVKI C RV Table V_TVKV "DocPricingProcdr"  
393 OVKJ C RV Table V_TVAK_PR "Order > Procd  
394 OVKK C RV Table T683V "ProcedrDeterminatn  
395 OVKL C RV Table TVAP "Assign Billing Itm  
396 OVKM C RV Table TVCPA 'Flow Order'  
397 OVKN C RV Table V_TVCPF "Flow Bill Doc  
398 OVKO C RV Table TVAP_PR "Item Pricing  
399 OVKP SD Table TVKD "Customer detrm procdr  
400 OVL1 C SD Tab. VRO Transportat.Planning SAPL080V
401 OVL2 Shipping Point Determination  
402 OVL3 Picking Location Determination  
403 OVL5 Maintain Transit Time SAPL080V
404 OVL6 C_RV_Tab. VUVS "Status Group Dely"  
405 OVL7 Assigning Shipping Point/Ctry/Zone  
406 OVLA C SD Tab T173 Shipping Types SAPL080V
409 OVLD SD Table VKN Trans.connection points SAPL080V
410 OVLE SD Table VTR Mode of Transport SAPL080V
412 OVLG C SD Tab. TVLG Weight Grp/Delivery SAPMSTBM
413 OVLH SD Table VRO Routes SAPL080V
414 OVLK C SD Tab TVLK Delivery Header  
415 OVLL C SD Tab T630L Loading Times SAPL080S
416 OVLM C RV Tab. TROLZ "Route determ." SAPL080S
417 OVLN C SD Tab TVLSP Delivery Blocking SAPMSTBM
418 OVLO C SD Table TVLK Route Control  
419 OVLP C SD View 142 Picking by Item  
420 OVLQ C SD Table TVLK "Picking Control"  
422 OVLS C SD Tab TVLS Delivery Block Reasons SAPL080I
423 OVLT C SD Table TVST "Picking Lists"  
424 OVLU c_rv_tab. vro "Transit time" SAPL080V
425 OVLV C SD Tab T630R Shipping Times SAPL080S
427 OVLX C SD Tab TVLSP Delivery Blocks SAPL080I
428 OVLY C SD Table Scheduling Control  
429 OVLZ Scheduling by Shipping Point  
430 OVM1 Controllable Error Messages Shipping  
431 OVM2 I Messages in Mult. Processing Log  
433 OVNB C SD Tab. TVST Shipping Point Info SAPMSTBM
435 OVND C SD Tab TNAPN Output/Part.Function SAPMSTBM
436 OVNE C SD Tab. TVKO Sales Org.Information SAPMSTBM
438 OVNG C SD Tab. TVAK Assign Ouput SAPMSTBM
439 OVNI C SD Tab. TVLK Assign Output SAPMSTBM
440 OVNJ C SD Tab. TVFK Assign Output SAPMSTBM
441 OVNK C SD Table 077D Higher-level Output SAPMSTBM
443 OVNM C SD Background job messages SAPMSTBM
444 OVNN C SD Output Variants  
445 OVNO C SD Table TVKO Form for Sales Off. SAPMSTBM
446 OVP0 Pr. point gr. -> Organization/MatGrp  
447 OVP1 Create price point group  
448 OVP2 Create pricing group  
449 OVP3 Change price point group SAPMW01V
450 OVP4 Display price point group  
451 OVP5 Assignment to VKALS/LIFEL  
452 OVP6 Create list variant  
453 OVP7 Pricing group -> Organization  
454 OVP8 Assignment: fields -> list variant  
455 OVP9 Assignment: Texts -> List field  
456 OVPS Document Mgmt Customizing MENUOVPS
457 OVR0 SD Table 171 Sales Regions SAPL0V01
458 OVR1 SD Table ZONE Transportation Zones SAPL080V
459 OVR2 c_rv_Tab. T016 "Sectors" SAPL080F
460 OVR3 C SD Tab. Customer Calendar SAPMSTBM
461 OVR4 C SD Tab. Billing Schedules SAPMSTBM
462 OVR5 C SD Tab. TBRC Industry Code (Cust.)  
463 OVR6 C SD Tab. TVGF Legal Status (Cust.)  
465 OVRA C SD Tab. TVSD Customer Stats Grps  
466 OVRB Statistical Currency per Sales Org. SAPL081K
467 OVRD C SD Background Jobs f. Ord. on Hand SAPMSTBM
468 OVRF C SD Table TVSM Material Stats Grps SAPL080K
470 OVRG C SD Background Jobs f. Top Cust/Mat SAPMSTBM
471 OVRH C RV TAB TVAK "Sales Document Types"  
472 OVRI C RV Tab. TVAP "Sales Doc.Item Cat."  
473 OVRK C RV Tab. TVLK "Delivery Types"  
474 OVRL C RV Tab. TVLP "Delivery Item Categ"  
475 OVRM C SD Tab. TVFK BillingDoc: DocTypes  
476 OVRN C RV Tab. TVSF "SD:Stats"  
477 OVRO C RV Tab. TVSFK "Updates"  
478 OVRP C RV Tab. TVSFP "Updates"  
479 OVRQ C SD Table TVSU "Substit.Reason"  
480 OVRT Customizing: Routes  
481 OVRX SD Cust.Tble TBPROC:Business Trans.  
482 OVRZ C TV_Table TVST Assign Transprt Zone  
483 OVS0 C SD Matchcodes Product Proposals SAPMSD20
484 OVS1 SD Matchcodes Materials SAPMSD20
485 OVS2 C SD Matchcodes Customers SAPMSD20
486 OVS3 C SD matchcode for contact person SAPMSD20
487 OVS4 C SD Matchcodes Vendors SAPMSD20
488 OVS5 C SD Matchcodes Sales Personnel SAPMSD20
489 OVS6 C SD Table TKUKL "Customer Classif." SAPL080H
490 OVS7 C SD Tab.TKUPA "PartnerGrp/Customer" SAPMSTBM
491 OVS8 Maintain Weight Groups  
492 OVS9 C SD Table T151 "Customer Groups" SAPL080H
493 OVSA C SD Table T130W "Plant Fld Selec." SAPL080K
494 OVSB C SD Tab.T176 "Purchase Order Types" SAPL080I
495 OVSC C SD Table TVWA "GoodsReceivingHrs." SAPL080H
496 OVSD C SD Tab.TPRIO "Delivery Priorities" SAPL080H
497 OVSF C SD Table TVSB "Shipping Cond." SAPL080V
498 OVSG C SD Table TINC "Incoterms" SAPL080H
499 OVSH C SD Table TVBO Rebate Groups SAPMSTBM
500 OVSI C SD View V_T189 "Price List Categ." SAPMSTBM