SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index O, page 14
Transaction Code - O
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 OVSJ C SD Table T178 "Mat.Cond.Group" SAPL080Z
2 OVSK C SD Table TVPR Commission Groups SAPMSTBM
3 OVSL Pricing groups for customers SAPL080Z
4 OVSM C SD Table TVAV Buying Habits SAPL080S
6 OVSO C SD Table T137 "Mat.Indust.Fld Sel"  
7 OVSP C SD MS Material Types SAPMM03C
8 OVSQ C SD Table TSAB Departments SAPL080S
9 OVSR C SD Table TVPV Decision Authority SAPL080S
10 OVST C SD Table TVLG Weight Groups  
11 OVSU C SD Table TUMS "Material Status" SAPL08OH
12 OVSV C RV Customizing Product Hierarchy RVPHCUST
13 OVSW C SD Table TVBR Call Frequency SAPL080S
16 OVSZ C SD Table Field Sel.Mat.Field Grp.  
17 OVT0 C SD Table 077D "Accnt Grp Customer" SAPMSTBM
18 OVT1 C SD Table 142 Storage conditions SAPMSTBM
19 OVT2 SD Table 143 SAPMSTBM
20 OVT3 C SD Table 023 "Material Groups"  
21 OVT4 C SD Valuation Classes Materials SAPMOMS0
22 OVT5 C SD Table 077K Vendor Account Grp SAPL0F04
23 OVT6 View V_TVRL  
24 OVTH C SD Table T079V "Screen Selection" SAPMSTBM
25 OVTL C RV Del. item cats: Transp. relev.  
26 OVTP C SD Table TVFK Billing Procedure  
27 OVTR C SD Delivery Type: Transport.Relev.  
28 OVTS C SD Reason for Shipment Block  
29 OVTVT_CA Maintain Planning for Fwdg Agents  
30 OVTY Transport Categories  
31 OVU0 Condition Type: Optimize Access  
32 OVU1 Optimize Access: Revenue Acct Detrmn  
33 OVU2 Condition Type: Optimize Access  
34 OVU3 Condition Type: Optimize Access  
35 OVUR Revenue Realization: Unbilled Rec.  
36 OVV0 C SD Tab. TVCPA Order Copying Rule SAPMSTBM
37 OVV1 C SD Tab.VCPL Delivery Copying Rules SAPMSTBM
38 OVV2 C SD Tab.TVCPF Billing copying rules SAPMSTBM
39 OVV3 C SD Table TVFS Billing Block SAPL080F
40 OVV4 C SD Tab. TVFSP Billing Block Reason  
41 OVV5 C SD Tab. TVSA Collect.Doc.Parameter  
42 OVV6 C SD Tab. TVSA Collect.Doc.Parameter  
43 OVV7 C SD Table VSA  
44 OVV8 VSA  
45 OVV9 C SD Table VSA  
46 OVVA C SD Table VSA  
47 OVVM Group for Freight List  
48 OVVR Group for Invoice Lists  
49 OVVX Collective Document Types for SD RV080VSA
50 OVWA Condition Maintenance Goods Issue  
51 OVX1 C RV Tab. VBUR "Sales offices  
52 OVX2 Business area->Plant/Division RVOT134G
53 OVX3 Company code -> Sales organization RVOTVKO
54 OVX3N Company code -> Sales organization  
55 OVX4 C RV Tab. VKGR "Sales group  
56 OVX5 C RV Tab. VKO "Sales org.  
57 OVX6 Plants->Sales org./ RVOTVKWZ
58 OVX6N Plants->Sales org./  
59 OVX7 Loading points  
60 OVX8 Check Report Organization Sales RVOCHECK
61 OVX8N Check Report Organization Sales RVOCHECK_ACC
62 OVXA Division -> Sales organization RVOTVKOS
63 OVXAN Division -> Sales organization  
64 OVXB Divisions  
65 OVXC Shipping point -> Plant RVOTVSWZ
66 OVXD Shipping Points  
67 OVXG Define sales areas RVOTVTA
68 OVXGN Define sales areas  
69 OVXI Distribution channels  
70 OVXJ Sales group -> Sales office RVOTVBVK
71 OVXJN Sales group -> Sales office  
72 OVXK Distrib.channels->Sales organiz. RVOTVKOV
73 OVXKN Distrib.channels->Sales organiz.  
74 OVXM Sales office -> Sales area RVOTVKBZ
75 OVXMN Sales office -> Sales area  
77 OVXT Transportation planning points  
78 OVXZ C SD Table NLS "Nielsen ID SAPL080S
79 OVZ0 SD Cust.AvCh/Req forEach Sched.Line  
80 OVZ1 C SD Tab. TMVFP Avail.check criteria SAPL080C
81 OVZ2 C SD Tab. MVF Avail. check control SAPL080C
82 OVZ3 C SD Tab. TMVFU Avail.check criteria SAPMSTBM
83 OVZ4 C SD Factory Calendar SAPMOMS0
84 OVZ6 C SD Maintain User Profile V_SD_All  
85 OVZ7 C SD Tab TVLS Deliveries: Blocking  
86 OVZ8 Avail.Check Procedure by SchLineCat.  
87 OVZ9 SD Cust. Control Availability Check  
88 OVZA C SD Number Ranges/Product Proposals SAPMSNUM
89 OVZB C SD Number Ranges/Material Master SAPMSNUM
90 OVZC C SD Number Ranges/Customer Master SAPMSNUM
91 OVZD C SD Inactive !!! NR contact persons SAPMSNUM
92 OVZE C SD Number Ranges/Vendors SAPMSNUM
93 OVZF C SD Number Ranges/Sales Personnel SAPMSNUM
94 OVZG SD Customers: Requirements Classes  
95 OVZH SD Customizing: Requirements Types  
96 OVZI SD Cust: Assignment Req/Transaction  
97 OVZJ Default Values for Availability  
98 OVZK Procedure per Delivery Item Category  
99 OW00 Default values for fields in views RWVIEWPF
100 OW01 Ref. plant per distribution chain  
101 OW12 Maintain V_WEWU for 01/02  
102 OW16 V_WEWU maintenance for 01/06  
103 OW21 V_WEWU maintenance for 02/01  
104 OW22 V_WEWU maintenance for 02/02  
105 OW31 V_WEWU maintenance for 3/01  
106 OW33 V_WEWU maintenance for 03/03  
107 OW41 V_WEWU maintenance for 04/01  
108 OW53 Maintain V_WEWU for 05/03  
109 OW54 Maintain V_WEWU for 05/04  
110 OW55 V_WEWU maintenance for 05/05  
111 OW63 Maintain V_WEWU for 06/03  
112 OW64 Maintain V_WEWU for 06/04  
113 OW65 V_WEWU maintenance for 06/05  
114 OWA1 Configuration: Generate Foll.Docs AT SAPMV76A
115 OWB1 Trading contract: Status, groups  
116 OWB10 Number range maintenance: WB2B SAPMSNUM
117 OWB2 Trading contract: Item categories  
118 OWB3 Trading contract: Purchasing group  
119 OWB4 Trading contract: Sales group  
120 OWB5 Trading contract:Trad. contract type  
121 OWB6 Trading Contract: Purchasing Group  
122 OWB7 Trading contract: AppStatGroupApplSt  
123 OWB8 Trading contract: Incompleteness  
124 OWB9 Trading Contract: Incident.Cost Type  
125 OWBA Trading Contract: Inc. Costs Sales RWB2OWBA
126 OWBB Trading Contract: Incid. Costs Applc  
127 OWBC Trading Contract: Incid. Costs Purch RWB2OWBA
128 OWBD Trading contract: Locked fields  
129 OWBE Customizing Release Trading Contract  
131 OWBF Customizing Copy Control  
132 OWBG Customizing Assign Exp. TC Type  
133 OWBH Condition Groups Sales  
134 OWBI Trading Contract: Open Status/Delive  
135 OWBJ Trading Contract: Open Status/Delive  
136 OWBK Trading Contract: Profit Simulation  
137 OWBL Trading Contract: Profit Simulation2  
138 OWBM Trading Contract: Profit Simulation2  
139 OWBN Trading Contract: Profit Simulation2  
140 OWBO Trading Contract: Open PO/delivery  
141 OWBP Trading Contract: Profit Simulation  
142 OWB_EXP_1 Trading Contract: Incident.Cost Type  
143 OWB_EXP_10 Grouping of Expense Classes  
144 OWB_EXP_2 Expenses: Class  
145 OWB_EXP_3 Expenses: Customer/Vendor  
146 OWB_EXP_4 Expenses: Vendor Billing Doc.  
147 OWB_EXP_5 Trading Contract: Posting Types  
148 OWB_EXP_6 Expenses: VBD Type DetMeth  
149 OWB_EXP_7 Expenses: Assign Classes  
150 OWB_EXP_8 Expenses: Accounting Types  
151 OWB_EXP_9 Grouping of Expense Classes  
152 OWCBM Condtn Contract: Cond. Group Purch. RWCBOWCBV
153 OWCBV Condtn Contract: Cond. Group Sales RWCBOWCBV
154 OWCB_CC10 Number Range Maintenance: WCB_CC SAPMSNUM
155 OWD1 Maintain rounding profiles SAPL0WCL
156 OWEA Output Determination, Mat. Maint. RTLABELC
157 OWEB Delete Label Messages (GR) RTLABELE
158 OWEF Labeling: Field Catalog  
159 OWEK Labeling: Conditions SAPMV13B
160 OWEN Labeling: Message Types  
161 OWEP Labeling: Partner Functions  
162 OWES Labeling: Output Determ. Procedures  
163 OWET Labeling: Condition Table SAPMV12A
164 OWEV Labeling: Processing Program  
165 OWEZ Labeling: Access Sequences  
166 OWIA Purchasing: Opt. PO-Based Load-Bldg.  
167 OWKW Group for Picking Wave  
168 OWM1 Competitor: Price Entry  
169 OWNA1 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.  
170 OWNA2 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.  
171 OWNA3 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.  
172 OWNA4 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.  
173 OWNA5 Change Doc. Item for Message Categ.  
174 OWS0 Batch Management MENUOWS0
175 OWS1 Assortment List: Sales Conditions  
176 OWS2 POS Outbound: Sales Conditions  
177 OWS3 POS Outbound: Sales Conditions  
178 OWTEST Test  
179 OWTY Customizing Warranty Processing RWTYIMG0
180 OWTYA01 Account Determination: Create Table SAPMV12A
181 OWTYA02 Account Determination: Change Table SAPMV12A
182 OWTYA03 Account Determination: Display Table SAPMV12A
183 OWTYA04 Field Catalog for Warranties  
184 OWTYA11 Access sequences  
185 OWTYA21 Condition Types  
186 OWTYA31 Calculation Schema  
187 OWTYA41 Account Determination  
188 OWTYAP Action Profile  
189 OWTYBT Pushbutton Profile  
190 OWTYCU WTY Tabstrip Customizing RWTYATAB
191 OWTYM01 Condition Table: Create (Messages) SAPMV12A
192 OWTYM02 CondTab: Change (Messages) SAPMV12A
193 OWTYM03 CondTab: Display (Messages) SAPMV12A
194 OWTYM04 Field Catalog for Warranties  
195 OWTYM11 Access sequences  
196 OWTYM21 Condition Types  
197 OWTYM31 Calculation Schema  
198 OWTYMR Reference Objects/Equipment for WTY  
199 OWTYP01 Create Condition Table (SD Price) SAPMV12A
200 OWTYP02 Change Condition Table (Sales pr.) SAPMV12A
201 OWTYP03 Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.) SAPMV12A
202 OWTYP04 Field Catalog for Warranties  
203 OWTYP11 Access sequences  
204 OWTYP21 Condition Types  
205 OWTYP31 Calculation Schema  
206 OWTYP41 Condition Exclusion Group  
207 OWTYP42 Condition Type for Exlusion Group  
208 OWTYP43 Cond. Exclusion Procedure Assignment  
209 OWTYP51 Document Type Maintenance  
210 OWTYP61 Maintain Cond. Types per Claim Type  
211 OWTYSC Customizing for WTYSC RWTYSCIMG0
212 OWTYSC01 Maintain view types RWTYSCC01
213 OWTYSC02 Maintain document types RWTYSCC02
214 OWTYSCCU Warranty workbench Layout RWTYSCATAB
215 OWTYSC_PROF Maintain Profile RWTYSCC03
216 OWV0 Customizing Pricing MENUOWV0
217 OWV1 Maintain pricing document type  
218 OWV2 Cond. types for doc index  
219 OWV3 Allowed pricing levels  
220 OWV4 Cond. Types for Doc Indx Int.Supply  
221 OWV5 Determination procedure (Purchasing)  
222 OWV6 Determination procedure (Sales)  
223 OWV7 Price point groups  
224 OWV8 Texts for list fields  
225 OWV9 Pricing strategy  
226 OWVA Cond. types for doc indx  
227 OWVKP1 Selection Variant  
228 OX01 Company Code -> Purchasing Org.  
229 OX02 Customizing: Company Code Setup  
230 OX03 Customizing: Business Area Setup  
231 OX06 Controlling Area: Basic Data SAPMSVMA
232 OX08 Define Purchasing Organization  
233 OX09 Customize storage locations  
234 OX10 Customize plant  
235 OX14 C MM-IV Valuation area - val. level SAPMOMBD
236 OX15 Define internal trading partner  
237 OX16 Assignment co.code->Internl.trad.ptr  
238 OX17 Plants -> Purchasing organization  
239 OX18 Assignment Plants -> Company Code  
240 OX19 Controlling Area: Assgn. to CCode SAPMSVMA
241 OXA1 List: Service Master Records RIOCUS00
242 OXA2 Field Sel. Service Indiv. Processing  
243 OXA3 Field Sel. Service List Processing  
244 OXK1 Coding Block: Maintain Subscreens RBKNTSTA
245 OXK2 Display Coding Block Subscreens RBKNTSTA
246 OXK3 Coding Block: Maintain CustomerField RBKNTSTB
247 OXK4 Coding Block: Display CustomerField RBKNTSTB
248 OXT4 Extension Scenario Maintenance  
249 OXT5 Task Type Maintenance  
250 OXT6 Task Sequence Maintenance  
251 OXT7 Knowledge Database Maintenance  
252 OXT8 Postprocessing Maintenance  
253 OXTEXT Task Type Maintenance  
254 OXTTASK Task Type Maintenance  
255 OXW1 Object to be Generated: WEB Purch.  
256 OXW2 Catalogs per Mat. Group: WEB Purch.  
257 OY01 Customize: set up countries  
258 OY03 Define currencies  
259 OY04 C Decimal Places for Currencies RUMTCURX
260 OY05 Factory calendar  
261 OY07 C Configure Countries (T005 - Basis)  
262 OY09 Countries: Mobile Phone Properties  
263 OY13 SEPA Country Settings  
264 OY17 Countries - field checks  
265 OY18 Table history RSTBHIST
266 OY19 Customizing Cross-System Viewer SAPLSCT1
267 OY20 Authorizations Customizing  
268 OY21 User profiles Customizing  
269 OY24 Client maintenance  
270 OY25 CS BC: Set Up Client  
271 OY27 Create super user Customizing  
272 OY28 Deactivate SAP* Customizing  
273 OY29 Technical Writer  
274 OY30 Technical writer  
275 OYC1 C SAPcomm: Server location T164O  
276 OYC2 C SAPcomm: Server selection T164P  
277 OYC3 C SAPcomm: exceptions T164U  
278 OYC4 C T005K country dialling code  
279 OYC5 C SAPcomm: Server assignment T164C  
280 OYC6 C SAPcomm: Inbox distributor T164Y  
281 OYEA IDoc administration RSEADMIN
282 OYEB Event coupling for IDoc inbound RSEINBEV
283 OYEC Delete codes for process technology RSE2XDEL
285 OYM1 C Report Recipient  
286 OYM2 C Reporting Country Indicator  
287 OYM3 C Country Indicator Assignment Rules  
288 OYS1 Maintain Number Range: EDIPORT SAPMSNUM
289 OYSM Number Range tRFC Port SAPMSNRO
290 OYSN Number Range IDoc SAPMSNRO
291 OYSO Number Range R/2 Mailbag SAPMSNRO
292 OYSP Process codes <-> standard tasks RSEDF46A
293 OYSQ Number range for R/2-R/3 linkage SAPMSNRO
294 OZCMLST Cusmtomizing MiniApp Milestones SAPLPLM_PS_MA_MLST
295 O_BBP_USRCUS Maintain BBP flags (HR, manager)