SAP ABAP Program SAPMV12A (Module Pool for Generation of Conditions)
BBPCRM (Software Component) BBPCRM
   CRM (Application Component) Customer Relationship Management
     CRM_APPLICATION (Package) All CRM Components Without Special Structure Packages
       VKOK (Package) Application development R/3 conditions: customers
Basic Data
Program SAPMV12A Module Pool for Generation of Conditions  
Program Type 1 Executable program  
Application V Sales  
Authorization Group  
Logical database D$S Processing without database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Transaction Code
Transactions reference to this program
# Transaction Code Short Description
1 /DSD/VC_B_CT1 Create Condition Tables 
2 /DSD/VC_B_CT2 VL Messages - Change ConTab 
3 /DSD/VC_B_CT3 VL Messages - Display ConTab 
4 /SAPHT/DRMRLC1 Create Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
5 /SAPHT/DRMRLC2 Change Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
6 /SAPHT/DRMRLC3 Display Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
7 /SAPHT/DRMRUH1C1 Create Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
8 /SAPHT/DRMRUH1C2 Change Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
9 /SAPHT/DRMRUH1C3 Display Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
10 /SAPHT/DRMRUH3C1 Create Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
11 /SAPHT/DRMRUH3C2 Change Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
12 /SAPHT/DRMRUH3C3 Display Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
13 /SAPHT/DRMRUH4C1 Create Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
14 /SAPHT/DRMRUH4C2 Change Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
15 /SAPHT/DRMRUH4C3 Display Condition Table (DRM Rule) 
16 0100 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order 
17 8KEA Create Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr) 
18 8KEB Change Cond. Table (Price/Prof. Ctr) 
19 8KEC Display Cond.Table (Price/Prof. Ctr) 
20 CACSCOND0002 Condition Table: Create (Price Comn) 
21 CACSCOND0003 Condition Table: Change (Price Comn) 
22 CACSCOND0004 Condition Table:Display (Price Comn) 
23 CACSCOND0012 Condition Table: Create (Valuation) 
24 CACSCOND0013 Condition Table: Change (Valuation) 
25 CACSCOND0014 Condition Table: Display (Valuation) 
26 CACSCOND0022 Condition Table: Create (Price Comn) 
27 CACSCOND0023 Condition Table: Change (Price Comn) 
28 CACSCOND0024 CondTable: Display (Price Liability) 
29 CMPC2 CondTab: Create (Campaign Determ.) 
30 CMPC3 CondTab: Change (Campaign Determ.) 
31 CMPC4 CondTab: Display (Campaign Determ.) 
32 DRC1 Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient 
33 DRC2 Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient 
34 DRC3 Create Cond. Table: Deriv. Recipient 
35 DSC1 Create CondTables: Derivation Sender 
36 DSC2 Create CondTables: Derivation Sender 
37 DSC3 Create CondTables: Derivation Sender 
38 EANC2 CondTab: Create (GTIN Mapping) 
39 EANC3 CondTab: Change (GTIN Mapping) 
40 EANC4 CondTab: Display (GTIN Mapping) 
41 GJQA Change Condition Table (CRP) 
42 GJQB Change Condition Table (CRP) 
43 J/43 Create cond.table for comm.settlemt 
44 J/44 Change cond.table for comm.settlemt 
45 J/45 Display cond.table for comm.settlemt 
46 J/63 Create cond.table for HDel.settlemt 
47 J/64 Change cond.table for HDel.settlemt 
48 J/65 Display cond.table for HDel.settlemt 
49 J/P0 Create cond.table for postal settlmt 
50 J/P1 Change cond.table f.postal settlemt 
51 J/P2 Display cond.table f.postal settlemt 
52 J1BO Output CondTable/Create Nota Fiscal 
53 J1BP Output CondTable/Change Nota Fiscal 
54 J1BQ Output CondTable/Display Nota Fiscal 
55 J4GA ETM: Create Conditn Table (PrcList) 
56 J4GB ETM: Change Conditn Table (PrcList) 
57 J4GC ETM: Display Conditn Table (PrcList) 
58 JB49 Create SD Condition Table 
59 JB4A Change SD Condition Table 
60 JB4B Display SD Condition Table 
61 JF87 IS-M/SD: Create Rev.Acct Det.Table 
62 JF88 IS-M/SD: Change Rev.Acct Det.Table 
63 JF89 IS-M/SD:Display Rev.Acct Det.Table 
64 JHD7 IS-M: Create Condition Table (JD) 
65 JHD8 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JD) 
66 JHD9 IS-M: Display Condition Table (JD) 
67 JHE0 Account Determination: Display Table 
68 JHE1 Account Determination: Create Table 
69 JHE2 Account Determination: Change Table 
70 JHEB Account Determination: Create Table 
71 JHEC Account Determination: Change Table 
72 JHED Account Determination: Display Table 
73 JHG1 Create Condition Table (JC) 
74 JHG2 Change Condition Table (JC) 
75 JHG3 Display Condition Table (JC) 
76 JHK8 Condition table: Change index (JA) 
77 JHKD Condition table: Change index (JC) 
78 JHKE Condition table: Change index (JE) 
79 JHKJ Condition table: Change index (JD) 
80 JHN1 IS-M: Create Condition Table (JK) 
81 JHN2 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JK) 
82 JHN2JM IS-M: Change Condition Table (JK) 
83 JHN3 IS-M: Display Condition Table (JK) 
84 JHPA Account Determination: Create Table 
85 JHPB Account Determination: Change Table 
86 JHPC Account Determination: Display Table 
87 JHT1 Create Condition Table (JA) 
88 JHT2 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JA) 
89 JHT3 Display Condition Table (JA) 
90 JHT4 Create Condition Table (JC) 
91 JHT5 Change Condition Table (JC) 
92 JHT6 Display Condition Table (JC) 
93 JHTB IS-M: Create Condition Table (JE) 
94 JHTC IS-M: Change Condition Table (JE) 
95 JHTD IS-M: Display Condition Table (JE) 
96 JJF2 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JF) 
97 JJF3 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JG) 
98 JJF7 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JA) 
99 JJFM IS-M: Change Condition Table (JH) 
100 JLW7 IS-M: Create Cond.Tab.-EAD HDel. 
101 JLW8 IS-M: Change Cond.Table-EAD HDel. 
102 JLW9 IS-M: Disp.Cond.Table for HDeliv. 
103 JLX7 IS-M: Create Cond.Tab.f.ExpAccDet. 
104 JLX8 IS-M: Change Cond.Tab.f.ExpAcDet. 
105 JLX9 IS-M: Disp.Cond.Table f.ExpAccDet. 
106 J_03 Cond.Table: Create (Sales Price) 
107 J_04 Cond.Table: Change (Sales Price) 
108 J_05 Cond.Table: Display (Sales Price) 
109 KE49 Create Condition Table 
110 KE4A Change condition table 
111 KE4B Display condition table 
112 KK05 Create Cond. Table (Price Overhead) 
113 KK06 Change Cond.Table (Price Overhead) 
114 KK07 Display Cond.Table (Price Overhead) 
115 KPRI Define Price Tables 
116 KSAG Maintain condition tables 
117 KSAH Display condition tables 
118 M/03 Create Conditions Table (Purchasing) 
119 M/04 Change Conditions Table (Purchasing) 
120 M/05 Displ. Conditions Table (Purchasing) 
121 M/13 Create Condition Table (Service) 
122 M/14 Change Condition Table (Services) 
123 M/15 Display Condition Table (Services) 
124 M/56 Messages: Create Cond. Table: RFQ 
125 M/57 Messages: Change Condition Table 
126 M/58 Messages: Display CondTab: RFQ 
127 M/59 Messages: Create CondTab: Pur. Order 
128 M/60 Messages: Change CondTab: Pur. Order 
129 M/61 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order 
130 M/62 Messages: Create CondTab: Del. Schd. 
131 M/63 Messages: Change CondTab: Del. Schd. 
132 M/64 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Del. Sched. 
133 M/65 Messages: Create CondTab: O. Agmt. 
134 M/66 Messages: Change CondTab: O. Agmt. 
135 M/67 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Outl. Agmt. 
136 M/70 Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh. 
137 M/71 Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh. 
138 M/72 Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh. 
139 M/N2 Create free goods table 
140 M/N3 Display free goods table 
141 M703 Output: Create Conditions Table 
142 M704 Output: Change Condition Table 
143 M705 Output: Display Conditions Table 
144 M811 Create Message Condition Table (IV) 
145 M812 Change Message Condition Table (IV) 
146 M813 Display Message Condition Table (IV) 
147 NACQ WFMC: Maintain Condition Tables 
148 O5BAPRDE2 Cond.table - SSR Group output 
149 O5BAPRDE7 Cond.table - SSR Group output 
150 O5BAPRDE8 Cond.table - SSR Group output 
151 O5BEAD2 SSR CH Det. : Create tab. 
152 O5BEAD3 SSR CH Det. : Change tab. 
153 O5BEAD4 SSR CH Det. : Display tab. 
154 O5S1 Output - Cond.Table - Scheduling. 
155 O5SA Output - Cond.Table - Change TD Load 
156 O5SJ Output - Cond.Table - Del. Confirm. 
157 O5T7 Maintain condition tables - NOM 
158 O5T7_TKT Maintain condition tables - Ticket 
159 OCMAC01 Create Condition Tables 
160 OCMAC02 Change Condition Tables 
161 OCMAC03 Display Condition Tables 
162 OD70 Create Conditions Table (DMS) 
163 OD71 Change conditions table (DMS) 
164 OFP5 Condition table: Pack.obj.determin. 
165 OFP6 Condition table: Pack.obj.determin. 
166 OFP7 Condition table: Pack.obj.determin. 
167 OJIN1 Maintain Cond. Table: Sum. JIT Call 
168 OMA1 Create Cond. Table: Batches in MM 
169 OMA2 Change Cond.Table: Batches in MM 
170 OMA3 Display Cond. Table: Batches in MM 
171 OMA6 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion D 
172 OMA7 Condition Table: Add Index 
173 OMA8 Condition table: Change Index 
174 OMHA Cr. Vol. Rebate Cond. Table (Purch.) 
175 OMHB Change Volume Rebate Table: Purch. 
176 OMHC Cond. Table: Display Rebate (Purch.) 
177 OMK4 CondTable: Create (Batches, WM) 
178 OMK5 CondTable: Change (Batches, WM) 
179 OMK6 CondTable: Display (Batches, WM) 
180 OPLB CondTab: Create (batch, prod.) 
181 OPLC CondTab: Change (batchs, prod.) 
182 OPLD CondTab: Display (batches, prod.) 
183 OQZ7 Create cond. table for certificates 
184 OQZ8 Change cond. table for certificates 
185 OQZ9 Disp. cond. table for certificates 
186 ORLRS1 Create Condition Table 
187 ORLRS2 Change Condition Table 
188 ORLRS3 Display Condition Table 
189 OV05 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion A 
190 OV06 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion C 
191 OV07 Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion D 
192 OV08 Condition Table: Add Index 
193 OV09 Condition table: Change Index 
194 OV10 Condition Table: Display Index 
195 OV16 Condition Table: Material Substit. A 
196 OV17 Condition Table: Material Substit. C 
197 OV18 Condition Table: Material Substit.D 
198 OV20 Condition Table: Create Rebate 
199 OV21 Condition Table: Change Rebate 
200 OV22 Condition Table: Display Rebate 
201 OV46 Condition table: Cross-selling H 
202 OV47 Condition table: Cross-selling Ä 
203 OV48 Condition table: Cross-selling A 
204 OV61 Recon. account det.: Create table 
205 OV62 Rec. account det.: Change table 
206 OV63 Rec. account det.: Display table 
207 OV71 Cash account det.: Change table 
208 OV72 Cash account det.: Display table 
209 OV80 Acc. det.- credit cards: Create tab. 
210 OV81 Acc. det.- credit cards: Change tab. 
211 OV82 Acc. det.- credit cards: Displ. tab. 
212 OV90 COPA project: Create table 
213 OV91 COPA project: Change table 
214 OV92 COPA project: Display table 
215 OVELOM01 Maintain Condition Tables 
216 OWET Labeling: Condition Table 
217 OWTYA01 Account Determination: Create Table 
218 OWTYA02 Account Determination: Change Table 
219 OWTYA03 Account Determination: Display Table 
220 OWTYM01 Condition Table: Create (Messages) 
221 OWTYM02 CondTab: Change (Messages) 
222 OWTYM03 CondTab: Display (Messages) 
223 OWTYP01 Create Condition Table (SD Price) 
224 OWTYP02 Change Condition Table (Sales pr.) 
225 OWTYP03 Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.) 
226 POTAB Define Portfolio Tables 
227 POTABC Change Portfolio Tables 
228 POTABD Display Portfolio Tables 
229 T_03 Create (shipment costs) 
230 T_04 CondTab: Change (shipment costs) 
231 T_05 CondTab: Display (shipment costs) 
232 T_09 Condition table: Change Index 
233 V/03 Create Condition Table (SD Price) 
234 V/04 Change Condition Table (Sales pr.) 
235 V/05 Display Condition Table: (Sales Pr.) 
236 V/12 Account Determination: Create Table 
237 V/13 Account Determination: Change Table 
238 V/14 Account Determination: Display Table 
239 V/56 Output: Cond.Table - Create Orders 
240 V/57 Output - Cond.Table - Change Order 
241 V/58 Output - Cond.Table - Display Order 
242 V/59 Output - Cond.Table - Create Dlv. 
243 V/60 Output - Cond.Table - Change Dlv. 
244 V/61 Output - Cond.Table - Display Dlv. 
245 V/62 Output - Cond.Table - Create BillDoc 
246 V/63 Output - Cond.Table - Change BillDoc 
247 V/64 Output - Cond.Table - Display BillDc 
248 V/65 Output CondTable/Create SalesSupport 
249 V/66 Output CondTab./Change Sales Support 
250 V/67 Output CondTab/Display Sales Support 
251 V/77 Output -ConditTable- Create Transprt 
252 V/78 Output -CondTable- Change Transport 
253 V/79 Output -CondTable- Display Transport 
254 V/93 Output -CondTable- Create Packaging 
255 V/94 Output -CondTable- Change Packaging 
256 V/95 Output -CondTable- Display Packaging 
257 V/C7 CondTable: Create (Batches, SD) 
258 V/C8 CondTable: Change (Batch, SD) 
259 V/C9 CondTable: Display (Batches, SD) 
260 V/G1 Output CondTab/Create Group 
261 V/G2 Output CondTab Change Group 
262 V/G3 Output CondTab/Display Group 
263 V/N2 Create free goods table 
264 V/N3 Display free goods table (SD) 
265 VBKB Bonus Buy: Create Condition Table 
266 VBKC Bonus Buy: Display Condition Table 
267 VK03 Create Condition Table 
268 VK04 Change Condition Table 
269 VK05 Display Condition Table 
270 VNE1 Output: Create Cond.Tbl-Ship.Notif. 
271 VNE2 Output-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif. 
272 VNEA Output: Create Cond.Table - Rough GR 
273 VNEB Output-Cond.Table-Change Ship.Notif. 
274 VSK5 Create Conditions Table (Services) 
275 VSK6 Change Conditions Table (Services) 
276 VSK7 Display Conditions Table (Services) 
277 WA/1 Create Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc Notif. 
278 WA/2 Ch. Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc. Notif. 
279 WA/3 Displ. Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc Notif. 
280 WB/1 Sub. cond.,cr. tab, promo announ. 
281 WB/2 Sub.cond.,change tbl, promo ann. 
282 WB/3 Sub. cond., disp. tab, promo ann. 
283 WWN1 Create cond.table Subs.Sett-SettlRun 
284 WWN2 Chng Cond Table. Subs.Settl-SettlRun 
285 WWN3 Displ.Cond.Table Subs.Settl.-SettRun 
286 WWR1 Create cond. tab. messages Agen.Bus. 
287 WWR2 Change messages Agency Bus 
288 WWR3 Display messages AgencyBus 
289 WWS1 Create CondTab. Subseq.Settlement 
290 WWS2 Change CondTab. Subseq. Settlement 
291 WWS3 Display CondTab Subseq. Settlement 
292 WWT1 Message Cond.Tab. Create Trading 
293 WWT2 Message Cond.Tab. Change Trading 
294 WWT3 Message Cond. Tab. Display Trading 
# Screen Short Description
1 0100  Kondition generieren: Anforderungsbild 
2 0110  Generate condition: Field selection screen 
3 0111  Generate Conditions: Attributes 
4 0112  Generate Conditions: Field Attributes 
5 0120  Generate Conditions: Technical View 
GUI Status
# GUI Status Short Description
1 A0  Initial screen 
2 E0  Initial screen 
3 F0  Initial screen 
4 P0  Initial screen 
5 T0  Initial screen 
GUI Title
# GUI Title Short Description
1 AA  Display Condition Table (&1 &2) 
2 AA1  Display Condition Table for &2 
3 AH  Create Condition Table (&1 &2) 
4 AH1  Create Condition Table for &2 
5 AV  Change Condition Table (&1 &2) 
6 AV1  Change Condition Table for &2 
7 EA  Features of Table 
8 EH  Features of Table 
9 EV  Features of Table 
10 FA  Field Attributes 
11 FH  Field Attributes 
12 FV  Field Attributes 
13 PA  Display Condition Table (&1 &2): Field Overview 
14 PA1  Display Condition Table for &2 : Field Overview 
15 PH  Create Condition Table (&1 &2): Field Overview 
16 PH1  Create Condition Table for &2 : Field Overview 
17 PV  Change Condition Table (&1 &2): Field Overview 
18 PV1  Change Condition Table for &2 : Field Overview 
19 TA  Display Conditon Table (&1 &2): Technical View 
20 TA1  Display Condition Table for &2 : Technical View 
21 TH  Create Condition Table (&1 &2): Technical View 
22 TH1  Create Condition Table for &2 : Technical View 
23 TV  Change Condition Table (&1 &2): Technical View 
24 TV1  Change Condition Table for &2 : Technical View 
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