SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index W
Transaction Code - W
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 W10E SAP Retail: Goods Receipt MENUW10E
2 W10F Store retailing MENUW10F
3 W10M SAP Retail MENUW10M
4 W10T SAP Retail main menu replcng S000 MENUW10T
5 W3CUSX Customizing Parameters for MiniApps  
6 W3DEVMINI Device Assignment for MiniApps  
7 W3DEVTRAN Device Assignment for Transactions  
8 W3WEBAPP MiniApp Maintenance  
9 W3_SEARCH Search in Internet Server Objects W3_SEARCH
10 W4E5 Maintain No. Ranges 5-Fig. Wt EANs SAPMSNUM
11 W4EM Maintain No. Ranges for Weight EANs SAPMSNUM
12 W4EN Maintain Number Ranges for EANs SAPMSNUM
13 W4EO SAN Maintenance  
14 W4EQ Maintain EAN Prefixes  
15 W4ES Maintain Number Range Categories  
16 WA/1 Create Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc Notif. SAPMV12A
17 WA/2 Ch. Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc. Notif. SAPMV12A
18 WA/3 Displ. Mess. Cond. Tbl, Alloc Notif. SAPMV12A
19 WA/4 Maint. Access Seq. (Mess.) Alloc Tbl  
20 WA/6 Maintain Mess. Schema, Alloc Tbl  
21 WA/7 Assign Doc. Type/Schema, Alloc Tbl  
22 WA/8 Ass. Mess. Type/Proc. Log, Alloc Tbl  
23 WA/9 Requirements for Messages, Alloc Tbl  
24 WA/A Mess.Deter., Alloc Tbl: Creat.Cond.R SAPMV13B
25 WA/B Mess.Deter.,Alloc Tbl: Chng Cond.Rec SAPMV13B
26 WA/C Mess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Rec SAPMV13B
27 WA/E Ass. Mess.Type/Proc.Log Alloc Tbl Gr  
28 WA00 Allocation Main Menu MENUWA00
29 WA01 Create Allocation Table SAPML01A
30 WA02 Change Allocation Table SAPML01A
31 WA03 Display Allocation Table SAPML01A
32 WA04 Alloc Tbl Processing: Plant Reply SAPML01A
33 WA05 Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate POs SAPMW03A
34 WA06 Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Deliveries SAPMW03A
35 WA07 Alloc Tbl FDG: Generate Wrhse Orders SAPMW03A
36 WA08 Generate Alloc. Table Follow-On Docs RWWGENFB
37 WA09 Deletion of Allocation Tables RWSDEL1T
38 WA09H Allocation Table Emergency Deletion RWSDEL2T
39 WA10 Generation for PO and OAPAC RWRF_AT_GEN
40 WA11 Message Bundling, Allocation Table RWSNASTV
41 WA12 Create Reminders/Accept Plnd Qties RWSMAHNG
42 WA14 Reply, Plant SAPMWRUECK
43 WA15A Mess.Deter., Alloc Tbl: Creat.Cond.R SAPMV13B
44 WA15B Mess.Deter.,Alloc Tbl: Chng Cond.Rec SAPMV13B
45 WA15C Mess.Deter.Alloc Tbl: Displ Cond.Rec SAPMV13B
46 WA21 Create Allocation Rule SAPMW02A
47 WA22 Change Allocation Rule SAPMW02A
48 WA23 Display Allocation Rule SAPMW02A
49 WA30 Allocation Tables for Objects RWSAVI1T
50 WA31 Allocation Table List RWRF_AT_LIST
51 WA35 Allocation Instruction RWSOPAAW
52 WA40 Adjust Alloc Tbl After Entering GR RWAUFNWE
53 WA50 Generate Allocation Rule RWAUREGE
54 WA51 Reassign Gen. Alloc Rules/Plant RWAUREFV
55 WA52 Alloc Rule Lists RWAUFR00
56 WA53 Create Selection Variants RWSVZUKT
57 WA54 Generate Alloc Rule / Test RIS-L RWSARGEN
58 WA56 Generate Allocation Rule (SAP BW) RWSGENAR
59 WA60 Create Selection Variant for PO RWWAGENB
60 WA61 Create Sel. Var. for Del. Generation RWWAGENL
61 WAA01 WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr) BUSSTART
62 WAA02 WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Genrtr) BUSSTART
63 WAA03 WA Display (Auth-Apprvd Waste Gnrtr) BUSSTART
64 WAA04 WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Waste Gener.) BUSSTART
65 WAA10 WA Create (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr) BUSSTART
66 WAA11 WA Change (Auth-Apprvd Waste Dispsr) BUSSTART
67 WAA12 WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Dispsr) BUSSTART
68 WAA13 WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Disposer) BUSSTART
69 WAA19 WA Create (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.) BUSSTART
70 WAA20 WA Change (AuthApprvd Waste Transp.) BUSSTART
71 WAA21 WA Display (AuthApprvd Waste Trnsp.) BUSSTART
72 WAA22 WA Extend (Auth.-Appr. Wst Transp.) BUSSTART
73 WAA23 WA Create (Authority) BUSSTART
74 WAA24 WA Change (Authority) BUSSTART
75 WAA25 WA Display (Authority) BUSSTART
76 WAA26 WA Extend (Authority) BUSSTART
77 WAAP Number Range Maintenance: EWA_APPROV SAPMSNUM
78 WABCM1 Reconstruction of Credit Mgmt Data RWLFCM001
79 WAB_CANCEL Cancel Agency Documents RWLF2055
80 WAB_CLOSE Complete Agency Documents RWLF2057
81 WAB_PRICING Mass Pricing for Agency Documents RWLF2054
82 WAB_RELEASE Release Agency Documents RWLF2056
83 WAB_REOPEN Reopen Agency Documents RWLF2058
84 WACB01 Define Document Types  
85 WACBA Archive Posting Lists RWLWRPLS
86 WACBL Restore Posting Lists RWLF5002
87 WACBLR Delete Posting Lists from Archive RWLF4002
88 WACCIA Archive Customer Settlements RWLWRCINV
89 WACCIR Delete Archived Customer Settlements RWLF4006
90 WACLA Archive Remuneration List RWLWRILS
91 WACLF Restore Vendor Billing Documents RWLF5001
92 WACLFA Archive Vendor Billing Documents RWLWRINV
93 WACLFR Delete Billing Documents frm Archive RWLF4001
94 WACLR Restore Remuneration Lists RWLF5003
95 WACLRR Delete Remuner. Lists from Archive RWLF4003
96 WACM01 Define Doc. Types: Disp. Processing  
97 WACM02 Define Doc. Cats for Follow-On Fctns  
98 WACM03 Define Operation Types  
99 WACM04 Define Follow-On Functions  
100 WACM10 Material Type/Inventory Mgmt Active  
101 WACM30 Parameters for Purchasing Management  
102 WACO02 Waste Workbench RMWBP00
103 WACO02OLD EHS: Edit Waste Code SAPLC100
104 WACO03OLD EHS: Display Waste Code SAPLC100
105 WACO04OLD EHS: Waste Code - Subs. Info. System SAPLC100
106 WACRL Restore Settlement Request Lists RWLF5005
107 WACRLA Archive Settlement Request Lists RWLWRSLS
108 WACRLR Delete Settle. Req.Lists frm Archive RWLF4005
109 WACS1 Partner Type Customizing  
110 WACS2 License Type Customizing  
111 WACS3 Condition Type Customizing  
112 WACS4 Proof Type Customizing  
113 WACS6 Define Object Types for Integration  
114 WACSIA Activate Expense Settlements RWLWRSINV
115 WACSIR Delete Archived Expense Settlements RWLF4007
116 WACZR Restore Settlement Request RWLF5004
117 WACZRA Archive Settlement Requests RWLWRSMR
118 WACZRR Delete Settlem. Request from Archive RWLF4004
119 WADC Number Range Maintenance: EWA_DISWAY SAPMSNUM
120 WADI Number Range Maintenance: EWA_WAA130 SAPMSNUM
121 WAE01 Create Entry Document SAPLEHSWA_100
122 WAE02 Change Entry Document SAPLEHSWA_100
123 WAE03 Display Entry Document SAPLEHSWA_100
124 WAE10 Easy Entry EHSWAR_115_100
125 WAEA Number Range Maintenance: EWA_ENTNAM SAPMSNUM
126 WAFS Send Merchandise Category to AFS RBDSEMCD
127 WAGE Number Range Maintenance: EWA_WAA100 SAPMSNUM
128 WAHD1 Load Alternative Historical Data RWAHD001
129 WAHD2 Change Alternative Historical Data RWAHD002
130 WAHD3 Display Alternative Historical Data RWAHD002
131 WAHD4 Delete Alternative Historical Data RWAHD004
133 WAK0 Promotion management MENUWAK0
134 WAK1 Create promotion SAPMWAKA
135 WAK10 Send reply f. promo. for each plant SAPMWAKA
136 WAK11 Display promotion for each plant SAPMWAKA
137 WAK12 Maintain promotion items SAPMWAKA
138 WAK13 Promotion Change Documents RWAKT400
139 WAK14 Report RWAKT310 (Promo for mat.) RWAKT310
140 WAK15 Report RWAKT320 (promos for plant) RWAKT320
141 WAK16 Price activation in background RWAKT200
142 WAK17 Batch Allocation Table Generation RWAKT210
143 WAK18 Batch Promotion Listing RWAKT220
144 WAK19 Batch Promotion Announcement RWAKT230
145 WAK2 Change promotion SAPMWAKA
146 WAK20 Batch Supply Source Determination RWAKT240
147 WAK3 Display promotion SAPMWAKA
148 WAK4 Delete promotion SAPMWAKA
149 WAK5 Initial screen - Subseq. processing SAPMWAKA
150 WAK6 Initial scr.: overv. prices margins SAPMWAKA
151 WAK7 List promotion materials for plant SAPMWAKA
152 WAK8 Plant - materials in promotion SAPMWAKA
153 WAKC Maintain promotion themes RWMFA003
154 WAKN Output bundling promotions RWNASTVP
155 WAKT_ARCHR Read Promotion Archive W_PROMO_ARCH_READ
156 WAKT_SARA Promotion archiving  
157 WAKV Promotion announcement preview RWAKT009
158 WAM01 Create Disposal Documents SAPLEHSWA_200
159 WAM02 Edit Disposal Documents SAPLEHSWA_200
160 WAM03 Display Disposal Documents SAPLEHSWA_200
161 WAM04 Find Disposal Documents SAPLEHSWA_200
162 WAM05 Disposal Documents List Display SAPLEHSWA_200
163 WAMC Number Range Maintenance: EWA_MNANOC SAPMSNUM
164 WAMI Number Range Maintenance: EWA_MNINO SAPMSNUM
165 WAMR Number Range Maintenance: EWA_MNANOR SAPMSNUM
166 WANP Number Range Maintenance: W_PARTNER SAPMSNUM
167 WAO_QA32WP QA32 -Call from Workplace/MiniApp WAO_RQEEAW10
168 WAO_QM10WP QM10 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp WAO_RQMELW10
169 WAO_QM13WP QM13 - Call from Workplace/MiniApp WAO_RQMELW20
170 WAO_QPQA32 QM iView Selection Variant Insp.Lot WAO_RQVQA32
171 WAO_QPQM10 QM iView Selection Variant Notificat WAO_RQVQM10
172 WAO_QPQM13 QM iView Selection Variant Task WAO_RQVQM13
173 WAP1 Edit Appointments Worklist RWAPPT10
174 WAP2 Change Appointments RWAPPT01
175 WAP3 Display Appointments RWAPPT02
176 WAP4 Appointments: Overview RWAPPT04
177 WAP5 Appointment, Departure RWAPPT01
178 WAP6 Change Appointment(Indiv. Maintnce) RWAPPT05
179 WAP7 Appointments: Plnd/Actual Comparison RWAPPT06
180 WAPRL Settlement Request List - ApplStatus RWLF9005
181 WAPZR Payment Docs for Application Status RWLF9004
182 WAR Worklist for Manual Corrections REA_WORKLIST
183 WAREP001 Update Report for Quantity Update EHSWAR_SETUP_APP_QTY_UPDATE
184 WAREPL Material Replacement RWRF_RWARTREPL
185 WASM100 WA: Create Generator BUSSTART
186 WASM101 WA: Change Generator BUSSTART
187 WASM102 WA: Display Generator BUSSTART
188 WASM109 WA: Extend Generator BUSSTART
189 WASS100 WA Control: Applications BUSVIEWS
190 WASS101 WA Control: Field Groups BUSVIEWS
191 WASS102 WA Control: Views BUSVIEWS
192 WASS103 WA Control: Sections BUSVIEWS
193 WASS104 WA Control: Screens BUSVIEWS
194 WASS105 WA Control: Screen Sequences BUSVIEWS
195 WASS106 WA Control: Events BUSVIEWS
196 WASS107 WA Control: GUI Standard Functions BUSVIEWS
197 WASS108 WA Control: GUI Additional Functions BUSVIEWS
198 WASS110 WA Control: Matchcodes BUSVIEWS
199 WASS111 WA Control: Assgnmt Scrn Fld->DB Fld BUSVIEWS
200 WASS112 WA Control: Field Grouping Criteria BUSVIEWS
201 WASS113 WA Control: Role Categories BUSVIEWS
202 WASS114 WA Control: Role Category Groupings BUSVIEWS
203 WASS115 WA Control: Application Transactions BUSVIEWS
204 WASS116 WA Control: Tables BUSVIEWS
205 WASS117 WA Cust: Field Grouping - Activity BUSVIEWS
206 WASS118 WA Cust: Field Grouping - Role Cat. BUSVIEWS
207 WASS119 WA Cust: Authorization Types BUSVIEWS
208 WASS120 WA Cust: Field Groups for Authorizn BUSVIEWS
209 WASS121 WA Cust: Screen Configuration BUSVIEWS
210 WASS122 WA Control: Activities BUSVIEWS
211 WASS123 Field Control  
212 WASS124 WA Control: Data Sets BUSVIEWS
213 WAST Copied to CBWABDT (Copy BP Config MENUWAST
214 WATR Number Range Maintenance: EWA_WAA160 SAPMSNUM
216 WB/0 Assignment partner / mess. promotion  
217 WB/1 Sub. cond.,cr. tab, promo announ. SAPMV12A
218 WB/2 Sub.cond.,change tbl, promo ann. SAPMV12A
219 WB/3 Sub. cond., disp. tab, promo ann. SAPMV12A
220 WB/4 Maintain sequence (mes.) promotion  
221 WB/5 Maintain message types,promotion  
222 WB/6 Maintain Message Deter.Schema,Promo.  
223 WB/7 Assignment promotion type / schema  
224 WB/8 Ass. mess.type/pr.proc. promotions  
225 WB/9 Message requirements, promotion  
226 WB/A Message deter. promo:create cond.rec SAPMV13B
227 WB/B Mess.deter.Promo: chng conditon rec SAPMV13B
228 WB/C display cond. rec. SAPMV13B
229 WB/D Maintain output types promotion grp  
230 WB/E Assmnt mess.type/ promo.  
231 WB00 Subsequent settlement MENUWB00
232 WB01 Create plant SAPMWBE3
233 WB02 Change plant SAPMWBE3
234 WB03 Display plant SAPMWBE3
235 WB06 Archiving flag, plant SAPMWBE3
236 WB07 Change plant/customer assignment SAPMWBE3
237 WB08 Change plant/vendor assignment SAPMWBE3
238 WB20 Global Trade MENUWB20
239 WB21 Trading contract: Create SAPLWB2A
240 WB22 Trading contract: Change SAPLWB2A
241 WB23 Trading contract: Display SAPLWB2A
242 WB24 Trading contract: Coll. status proc. RWB2B001
243 WB25 Trad. contract list: Contracts lists RWB2B001
244 WB25_COMP Trad. Contract List: Contracts Lists RWB2B001
245 WB26 Trading Contract: Document Flow RWB2B002
246 WB27 Trading contract: Standard analysis RWB2B002
247 WB28 Trading contract: Change history RWB2B004
248 WB29_OPEN TC: Status/Quantity Overview RWB2B007_OPEN_CONTROL
249 WB29_PROFIT Trading Contract: Profit Simulation RWB2B007_PROFIT_SIM
250 WB2B_CUS Customizing Global Trade RWB2OWBCUS
251 WB2B_MOD Customizing Global Trade RWB2OWBMOD
252 WB2B_NETUSER Create User For TradingContract@Net WB2B_CREATE_TC_USER
253 WB2C Messages - Target Group: Customer RWBNWT01
254 WB2GTS1 Export: Blocked Trading Contracts RWBGTS001
255 WB2GTS2 Import: Blocked Trading Contracts RWBGTS002
256 WB2GTS3 Incorrectly Transferred Documents RWBGTS003
257 WB2GTS4 Transfer Documents Again RWBGTS004
258 WB2L Long Short Analysis RWB2MATPOS01
259 WB2M Messages for Management RWBNWT02
260 WB2R Global Trade General Control RWB2BCUST01
261 WB2SEL_AB Agency Document Selection (seltool)  
262 WB2SEL_AB_LST Agency List Selection (seltool)  
263 WB2SEL_AC Accounting Document Selection  
264 WB2SEL_IV Inbound Invoice Selection  
265 WB2SEL_MD Material Doc. Selection (seltool)  
266 WB2SEL_OD Delivery Selection (for seltool)  
267 WB2SEL_PO Purchasing Document Selection  
268 WB2SEL_SI Customer Billing Document Selection  
269 WB2SEL_SI_LST Customer Billing Doc. List Selection  
270 WB2SEL_SO Sales Order Selection (for seltool)  
271 WB2SEL_TC Tr. Contract Selection (for seltool)  
272 WB2SEL_Z1 Selection for Add-On z1  
273 WB2SEL_Z2 Selection for Add-On z2  
274 WB2SEL_Z3 Selection for Add-On z3  
275 WB2TEW_FULL Dummy for ALV Variants (Fullscreen)  
276 WB2TEW_HEAD Dummy for ALV Variants Header  
277 WB2TEW_ITEM Dummy for ALV Variants Item  
278 WB2V Messages for Vendor RWBNWT03
280 WB30 Mass maintenance MG to plant RWWMASMG
281 WB31 Trading Contract: Fincl Documents RWB2B006
282 WB35 Layout overview RWWROLAY
283 WB40 List analysis for classes RWWKLASS
284 WB50 Plant group, create alloc tbl SAPMWBE2
285 WB51 Plant group, change alloc tbl SAPMWBE2
286 WB52 Plant group, display alloc table SAPMWBE2
287 WB53 Plant group, delete alloc tbl SAPMWBE2
288 WB54 PG Maintain allocTbl, plant to class SAPMWBE2
289 WB55 PG AllocTbl, maintain class to class SAPMWBE2
290 WB56 PG AllTbl, maintain plants in class SAPMWBE2
291 WB57 PG AllocTbl display plants in class SAPMWBE2
292 WB58 PG Alloc tbl display class to class SAPMWBE2
293 WB59 PG AllocTbl display plants in class SAPMWBE2
294 WB5N Stock in Transit (Consignment) RWRF_TRANSFER_QUANTITY
295 WB60 Plant group, create promotions SAPMWBE2
296 WB61 Plant group, change promotions SAPMWBE2
297 WB62 Plant group, display promotions SAPMWBE2
298 WB63 Plant group, delete promotions SAPMWBE2
299 WB64 PG Promotion, maint. plants to class SAPMWBE2
300 WB65 PG Promotion, maint. class to class SAPMWBE2
301 WB66 PG Promotion, maint. plants to class SAPMWBE2
302 WB67 PG Promotion, maint. plants to class SAPMWBE2
303 WB68 PG Promotion, displ. class to class SAPMWBE2
304 WB69 PG Promotion, displ. plants in class SAPMWBE2
305 WB70 Create assortment class SAPMWBE2
306 WB71 Change assortment class SAPMWBE2
307 WB72 Display assortment class SAPMWBE2
308 WB73 Delete assortment class SAPMWBE2
309 WB74 Maintain assortments to classes SAPMWBE2
310 WB75 Maintain classes to classes SAPMWBE2
311 WB76 Maintain assortments in class SAPMWBE2
312 WB77 Display assortments to classes SAPMWBE2
313 WB78 Display Class for Classes SAPMWBE2
314 WB79 Display assortments in class SAPMWBE2
315 WB80 Create plant group Other SAPMWBE2
316 WB81 Change plant group Other SAPMWBE2
317 WB82 Display plant group Other SAPMWBE2
318 WB83 Delete plant group Other SAPMWBE2
319 WB84 PG Other, maint. plant to classes SAPMWBE2
320 WB85 PG Other, maint. class to classes SAPMWBE2
321 WB86 PG Other, maint. plant in class SAPMWBE2
322 WB87 PG Other, displ.plant to classes SAPMWBE2
323 WB88 PG Other, class to class SAPMWBE2
324 WB89 PG Other, displ. plants in class SAPMWBE2
325 WBB0 Assortment list applicatiom menu MENUWBB0
326 WBBA Assortment List: Analyze Dates RWBBANAS
327 WBBR Reorganize Assort. List Versions RWBBVDEL
328 WBBS Display Assortment List Versions RWBBSHOW
329 WBBS_ALV Display Assort. List Versions RWBBSHOW_ALV
330 WBBV_HPR Assortment List: Version Management RWBBVCRE_HPR
331 WBBV_HPR_ALV Assortment List: Version Management RWBBVCRE_HPR_ALV
332 WBDEMO Workbench Demo: Template Interface WB_USER_INTERFACE
333 WBF1 IS-R: Stock Overview, Empties RWBEF100
334 WBF2 Display GI/GR Diff. for Stck Trans. RWBEF200
335 WBG1 Maintenance  
336 WBGT_SLG2_INDEX Delete Log Global Trade Management  
337 WBL1 Create posting list manually SAPLWLF2
338 WBL2 Change posting list SAPLWLF2
339 WBL3 Display posting list SAPLWLF2
340 WBL4 Release blocked posting lists RWLF2009
342 WBLMC Mass Change to Posting Lists RWLF9076
343 WBLR Create posting lists using report RWLF2010
344 WBLRB Posting Lists for Remuner. List RWLF1013
345 WBLRN Create Posting Lists Using Report RWLF2052
346 WBLRO Create Posting Lists Using Report RWLF2059
347 WBLS Posting List Cancellation SAPLWLF2
348 WBOLI Condition Overview RWB2B011
349 WBST SAP Retail: Inventory Management MENUWBST
350 WBSXPD Progress Tracking:WBS REXPDSEL_WBS
351 WBTE Export plant data (file transfer) RWBTRAEX
352 WBTI Import plants (file transfer) RWBTRAIM
353 WBUDG01 Activate Budget Type RWRF_BUDG_ACTIVATE
354 WBUDG02 Transport Budget Type RWRF_BUDG_TRANSPORT
355 WBUDG03 Reorganize Budget Type RWRF_BUDG_REORG_BUDG_TYPE
356 WBVK Subsequent settlement MENUWBVK
357 WBWF Trading Contract: Workflw Workbench SAPLWB2_WORKFLOW
358 WB_NEW_WINDOW Workbench: Opens new window WB_NEW_WINDOW_START
359 WC01 Edit Characteristic SAPLCTMV
360 WC02 Number Range for SP Calculation SAPMSNUM
361 WC03 Number range, allocation rule SAPMSNUM
362 WC04 Number ranges, Promotions SAPMSNUM
363 WC05 Number ranges, allocation table SAPMSNUM
364 WC06 Number Ranges Status Tracking SAPMSNUM
365 WC07 Number ranges for free goods SAPMSNUM
366 WC08 Number ranges layout promo/plant SAPMSNUM
367 WC10 Batch Worklist for Pricing RWVKP008
368 WC11 Batch Changes, Assortments RWSORT07
369 WC12 Batch Settlement for Arrangements RWMBON01
370 WC13 Batch List Output for Arrangements RWMBON02
371 WC14 Batch Vendor Bus. Volume for Arrngmt RWMBON03
372 WC15 Batch Detailed Stmnt for Arrangement RWMBON04
373 WC16 Batch Extension Val. Period/Arrngmnt RWMBON05
374 WC17 Batch Update Vendor Business Volume RWMBON06
375 WC18 Batch Check Open GR Qty for Arrngmnt RWMBON10
376 WC19 Batch Stat. Recomp. Vendor Bus. Vol. RMCENEUA
377 WC20 Batch Stat. Recom. on Individ. Lev. RWMBON07
378 WC21 Batch Reorg Data in LIS RMCVISCP
379 WC22 Batch List Rtl Changes for Material RWVKU001
380 WC23 Batch IV, Immediate Cyclic Check RMBABG00
381 WC24 Batch POS Outbound RWDPOSUP
382 WC25 Batch Assortment List/Shelf-Edge Lab RWDBBUPD
383 WC26 Batch Forecast RMPROG00
384 WC27 Batch Requirements Planning per Plnt RMMRP000
385 WC28 Batch Set Central Block RWWLOCKD
386 WC29 Batch, Alloc Tbl Message Bundling RWSNASTV
387 WC30 Batch, Promotion Message Bundling RWNASTVP
388 WC31 Batch Preparation of Adv. Tax Return RFPUMS00
389 WC32 Batch POS Outb. Ini RWDPOSIN
390 WC33 Assortment List: Initial. & FullVers RWDBBINI
391 WC34 Batch repeat terminated upload RBDAPP01
392 WC35 Batch repeat incorrect upload RBDMANIN
393 WC36 Number range for revaluation  
394 WC37 Number ranges, group message  
395 WC38 Number ranges, document flow  
396 WC40 Number range markdown planning  
397 WC41 Batch worklist for doc. index RMEBEIN4
398 WC50 Matchcodes for Assortments  
399 WC60 Number ranges, layout  
400 WC61 Number Ranges for Replenishment Run  
401 WC62 Market-Basket Pr. Calc. Numbr Ranges  
402 WC63 Number Range for SP Calculation SAPMSNUM
403 WC64 Catalog code number ranges  
404 WCA1 Output control by customer  
405 WCAA WCM: Archiving: WCM_WAPI  
406 WCAE WCM: Archiving: WCM_WAP  
407 WCAY WCM: Archiving: WCM_WCD  
408 WCBDELWORKLIST Delete Billing Worklist RWCBRETO02
409 WCBDISPLOG Display Log Subsequent Billing RWCBRETO03
410 WCBINDEX Subsequent Billing RWCBRETO01
411 WCB_SLG2_CC Delete Condition Contract Log  
412 WCB_SLG2_INDEX Delete Subsequent Billing Log  
413 WCB_SPPFP Selection/Processing of Actions  
414 WCB_UI Web Channel Builder Transaction COM_LAUNCH_WCB_URL
415 WCC Technical SAP Customizing RWCBWCC
416 WCC1 Maintain Conflict Rules RIWC0003
417 WCC2 Assistant for Model Selection RIWC0012
418 WCC3 Generate Basic Settings RIWC0013
419 WCC4 WCM: No. Range Maintenance: WCNWAP  
420 WCC5 WCM: No. Range Maintenance: WCNWAPI  
421 WCC6 WCM: No. Range Maintenance: WCNWCDOC  
422 WCC7 WCM: No. Range Maintenance: WCNTGNR  
423 WCC8 Assign Technical Objects RIWC0001
424 WCC9 Assign Operational Conditions RIWC0002
425 WCCA Generate Print Settings RIWC0014
426 WCCB Create/Delete Applications RIWC0015
427 WCCD WCM: Change Mode-Dependent Tagging SAPLWCGU
428 WCCE WCM: Display Mode-Dependent Tagging SAPLWCGU
429 WCCF WCM: Number Range Maint.: WCNLINEUP  
430 WCFA WCM: WCA (Field Selection)  
431 WCFC_CDS_MAINT Central Data Source Maintenance  
432 WCFC_MSG_FLD_MAPPING Define Message Field mappings  
433 WCFE WCM: WAP (Field Selection)  
434 WCFI WCM: Application (Field Selection)  
435 WCFV WCM: Lineup (Field Selection)  
436 WCFY WCM: WCD Header Data (Field Sel.)  
437 WCFZ WCM: WCD Items (Field Selection)  
438 WCF_AC_PROV Maintain Action Providers  
439 WCF_AC_PROVC Maintain Action Providers  
440 WCF_CC Upgrade Tool Central Check  
441 WCF_CC_LOG Upgrade Tool Result List  
442 WCF_CDS_COPY Copy CDS attributes from SAP  
443 WCF_CDS_MAINT Central Data Source Maintenance  
446 WCF_FA WebClient UI: Field Label Analysis BSP_DLC_FIELD_ANALYSIS
447 WCF_FAV_SETTINGS Edit settings for Favorites  
448 WCF_GENIL_COMP Web Service Consumption Tool  
449 WCF_ICONS Maintain SAP icons  
450 WCF_LTX Transaction Launcher integration SAPLWCF_LTX
451 WCF_ML_FIELDS Maintain Fields for Mixed List  
452 WCF_MSG_FLD_MAPPING Define Message Field mappings  
453 WCF_RT_COMP Comparison of Runtime Repositories  
454 WCF_TC_SETTINGS Edit settings for Tag Clouds  
456 WCHAIN1 Create Transportation Chain SAPLWRF_PSCD_TRANS_CHAIN
457 WCHAIN2 Change Transportation Chain SAPLWRF_PSCD_TRANS_CHAIN
458 WCHAIN3 Display Transportation Chain SAPLWRF_PSCD_TRANS_CHAIN
459 WCI1 WCM: Check - WCCO RIWC0008
460 WCI2 WCM: Check - WCCOR RIWC0009
461 WCI3 WCM: Check - WCCO <-> WCCOR RIWC0011
462 WCI4 WCM: Check - WCCA RIWC0007
463 WCL1 WCM: Change WCD Template RIWCWD02
464 WCL2 WCM: Display WCD Template RIWCWD02
465 WCL3 WCM: Change Operational WCD RIWCWD02
466 WCL4 WCM: Display Operational WCD RIWCWD02
467 WCL5 WCM: Change WC Applications RIWCWA02
468 WCL6 WCM: Display WC Applications RIWCWA02
469 WCL7 WCM: Change Applications RIWCWA02
470 WCL8 WCM: Display Applications RIWCWA02
471 WCL9 WCM: Change Work Approvals RIWCWW02
472 WCLA WCM: Display Work Approvals RIWCWW02
473 WCLB WCM: Multilevel List Processing RIWC0010
474 WCLC WCM: Change Work Clearance Documents RIWCWD02
475 WCLD WCM: Display Work Clearance Docs RIWCWD02
476 WCLE WCM: Multilevel List Processing RIWC0010
477 WCLF WCM: Operational Log RIWC0017
478 WCLG WCM: Change Operational Lists RIWC0020
479 WCLH WCM: Display Operational Lists RIWC0020
480 WCLI WCM: Lineup Template RIWCWV01
481 WCLJ WCM: Lineup Template RIWCWV01
482 WCLK WCM: Operational Lineup RIWCWV01
483 WCLL WCM: Operational Lineup RIWCWV01
484 WCLM WCM: Change Lineups RIWCWV01
485 WCLN WCM: Display Lineups RIWCWV01
486 WCLO WCM: Change Work Permits RIWCWP01
487 WCLP WCM: Display Work Permits RIWCWP01
488 WCM Work Clearance Management MENUWCM
489 WCM1 Define CM area of responsibility RWWCATM1
490 WCM2 Display worksheet for CM RWWCATM2
491 WCM3 Display CM area of responsibility RWWCATM3
492 WCM4 Delete CM area of responsibility? RWWCATM4
493 WCMA RIS: OTB - Selection RMCW1500
494 WCMB RIS: OTB - Selection RMCW1500
495 WCMC RIS: OTB - Selection RMCW1500
496 WCMCP Category Manager Workbench - Example MENUWCMCP
497 WCMD RIS: OTB - Selection RMCW1500
498 WCME RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - Selection RMCW0300
499 WCMP_MASS Mass Complaints Processing CMP_MASS
500 WCMP_PROCESSING Complaints Processing SAPLWCMP